Client Retention Strategies to Make Your Clients Pay Forever (and ever)
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 01:42 PM

Client Retention Strategies to Make Your Clients Pay Forever (and ever)


What are your client retention strategies? Do you provide discounts? Provide additional services at no cost? Promise superior services moving forward?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks walks you through the process of making sure your clients keep paying you forever (client retention in 2019). This is the third video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.
Here are some of the topics discussed in this video:

  • How to use DashClicks (free marketing software) to make sure your clients never cancel (03:07)
  • How to improve your retention rate and retain clients forever (24:36)
  • How to manage client expectations from day 1 so they’re a client for life (35:03)
  • Live Q&A’s from the DashClicks community (1:43:35)
  • Plus much more!client retention strategies


The holidays and we’re like, guys, Hashtag wise you’re watching the slide hashtag replay if you are watching the replay Hashtag wide if you’re watching live and I showed replay if you’re watching the replay, if you are on social media and you’re watching this live, drop a one in the comment. If you’re on social media and you are watching this live, drop a one inside of the actual comic guys. Jeff for one, jump a one drive to one. Whoa, well what’s going on? Droopy. What’s going on Javier? We got people live. Oh boy. Here we go. We got a large audience today. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a nice large audience today. What’s going on with Philip? What’s going on in Nico? What’s going on Damian? What’s going on? Little rain guys. What’s up Eric? Let’s go. Let’s go guys. The more you hit the like button, the more you drop comments, the more you got extra explanation points.
Every, all that shit riles me up. I’m ready to go. Okay. The more you show love, the more I will show love. If you are watching this and you’re ready to rock and roll, drop a Hashtag live right now. If you’re watching live, you’re watching the replay. Hashtag replay. We’re going to get started here in a minute. We’re gonna let people roll on in. We’re going to let people roll on in. Guys, we got some exciting news for you guys today. I just don’t know if you’re ready for it, Carlos. I don’t know if I should tell him cost. Can we get the GoPro on the back? Let’s get the go pro going in the back. We got to go bro. What’s going on everybody? Hey guys, place places. So cool. Then I’m taking the other half of the office and I’m putting the actual office in here, right?
I’m doing it over the weekends. We’re pretty excited about that. Alright, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. All right guys. I know you’re ready to roll and that was 2000 and what 19 guys are brand new year. It’s a brand new year people. It is not only new, it’s about as new as you can get. Okay. It’s 2019 today is what I think is January 3rd 3:00 PM Est. We got people watching from all over the world. Those of you guys watching in Europe, those of you guys watching in the United States and Canada and Australia, we’ve got people all over. Guys, do me a favor. Go ahead and drop in the comment. This, this, this, this. Either the city that you’re from or the state or the country dropping your location, lets people know. Let’s, let’s see where you guys are. I’m pretty curious to see. Says Canada here. Denver. Dillon says Denver, Dallas, Texas, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Chicago. Whoa boy. Oh boy.
What happened Carlos, should I tell him to tell him shit, I told you guys we’re having a little bit of laugh problems. Oh, it’s snuck up inside. I did it now. All right, let’s go. Let’s go full mode. Let’s go. Fomo. Lets ready to get rock and roll guys. Let’s ready to rock and roll and I’m gonna be switching through guys. We’ve got Oregon, we got la in the house. Woo. All right, here we go guys. Let’s go. P and p. P. And p. P. And p. All right, so we got some pretty cool stuff we’re going to be talking about today guys. I got my agenda here so I came prepared. Okay guys, so here we go. The first agenda topic that we’re going to speak about today at Dash Click studios for episode three of marketers mindset. Oh boy. Okay guys. We’re going to talk about some new features inside of dash clicks first.
Then the second thing that we’re going to talk about is how to improve your retention rate and how to actually keep clients so they continue paying you forever. Who wants to hear how to keep clients paying you every single month over and over and over and never stopping. Drop a one right now, if that’s something that you think would be pretty cool, if you can get people to pay you every single month, right? Wouldn’t it be cool if you can just keep all of your customers forever and then you just keep stacking and stacking and stacking? Right? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I think it’s pretty cool. We do it all the time and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that. Okay guys. So that’s the first thing. Now we’re going to talk about some retention tactics, right? What happens when somebody wants to leave? What happens when somebody wants to cancel their account?
What do you do to keep them in? Well, I’m going to show you exactly what we do, okay? And then we’re going to do some live Q and A’s with the community where you guys can ask me any questions that you want and that will give you the answers right here live right now. So let’s jump into some first topics. Everybody. First topics that we’re going to have is what’s new in dash clicks. So I want to go over some new features that we launched in that we’re about to launch inside of Dash Clicks. So most of you guys have been asking me, you know, when a client logs into the platform, what do they see? Okay? So when a client logs into the platform, they can actually see one of two options and you can control what you want them to see. Right? So if I actually go to, and I’m in a demo dashboard that we have, right?
If I go to test company, you can actually go to your company’s profile right here. So let’s say you have a company that’s called Bob’s plumbing, okay? You go to Bob’s plumbing, you click on settings, you click on company profile. Once you come up here, there’s this little beautiful ticker that’s called upsell, right? And they can either be on or it can be off. Okay? Now what’s cool about dash cliques is we’re all about sales and getting more sales from the current customers that you already have, right? So if this is off, what will happen is if this customer only purchased SEO from you, then they will only see the actual SEO tab right up top, right? But if they didn’t purchase anything else and they won’t see anything else. Now if I go to a new company, which is test company to which you’ve already set up for you guys, let me swing back over here.
Go to test company, Test Company. Come on. There we go. Now if I go over here and I go to company profile, you can see that upsell mode is on in here. Now what’s going to happen in this particular situation is your customer is going to log into the platform. Once they log into the platform, you can see it, this same person, but SEO right now, what’s going to happen when they click on, let’s say, let’s say they go to Google ads. Oh, what’d you just look at that? It says, Hey Chad. Unfortunately the Google Ad Service is not activated on your account. In order to activate the service, please contact your project manager at, and then there’s a phone number there. That phone number is going to be your phone number and chat is going to be your customer’s name, and then it’s going to say in the meantime we’ve added some sample data as a place holder so you can see what it would look like if you activated Google ads on your account, right?
So if I go here and I click on this, it’s actually going to show them sample data of what it would look like if they actually activated their Google. I had to count and it says right here, their service is not active. The data you viewing is just sample data. Contact your account manager and it’s going to have your phone number on there. Who thinks that? That’s cool. Drop a one right now. If you think it’s cool when you drop in a client and they buy one service, that the system will automatically sell them other services for you. Who thinks that? That’s amazing. And now for those of you guys who don’t want your clients to see that information, that’s okay. All you’ve got to do now is go to company profile and you’ve got to shut this off. Swing it off. Come on. Oh, too many times too many times.
All right, well I’m going to whiteboard there. We go off now it’s off. Now look what happens. Everything disappears. You see that here on the submit. So now when the client logs in, they will only see the services that they bought from you. But if you have upsell mode on by, flip it back on, boom. Everything else at the top comes alive, right? And it’s automatically going to upset your customers. So upsell, upsell, upsell, who’s upselling right now? Guys, drop a one. If you’re currently upselling your clients, drop a one if you’re currently upselling your current clientele job [inaudible] drop a one. Don’t make me start seeing guys drop a one. If you’re currently upselling your clients, nobody’s upset on their clients. Oh boy. Oh boy. Well that’s gonna bring me to my next topic. Oh there we go. One, one, one. Always be upselling. Always be upselling guys.
Okay, new feature number two. I don’t know if most of you guys have seen this. We have now what’s called Dash Clique’s university. So if you log into your dashboard and you click on university and you click on marketer’s mindset, you will actually see that every episode that we film right here in Dash Click studios is being uploaded into the actual marketers mindset platform inside of Dash Clicks. So you can see we have episode one that we shot on 1217 2018 we have that the, so two that was shot on 1224 2018 and episode three is going to go right on top of that and a couple of days. Who has seen this before? Drop a one. Have you seen this in dashboard? Drop a two. If this is new to you and you didn’t even know that that was there.
What if you’d seen this before too? If this is the first time that you’ve seen this and you’re like, Holy Crap Chad, I didn’t even know that this was here. This is amazing. Two good one. One. One, two, two, two, one, one, one, two, two, two. Amazing. Alright, so looks like half of you guys didn’t even know that this was here. Okay. Javier says, is anyone else hearing a little bit of static? Yeah. Javier, we’re actually, we ordered a boom mic for office right now I’m wearing a lavalier and the lava leer keeps rubbing against my shirt. So there’s a little bit of static, but don’t worry about that. We’re upgrading from the next one. You won’t have that problem. So sorry about any static guys. I apologize. Be Away to static because we’re about to blow your minds with some other really cool stuff.
Okay. New feature number three product. Pretty much a lot features that we’ve been waiting to launch for a long time is our onboarding center. Okay. And what that basically is, is a center where your customers can create and not create, can actually fill out their onboarding documents. Okay. And the system itself will automatically notify them every single day if they don’t. Okay. And what that does is it makes our production team move faster and makes us create the campaigns and build out the campaigns and launch campaigns faster. Okay. And it releases the amount of time in between going back and forth and trying to collect information from the customer. Okay. So how it’s gonna work is pretty simple. You’re going to go to the store, you are going to go in here and you’re going to purchase, let’s say Google ads. You go over here and you want to add Google ads to the cart.
I will select a test to a attitude of current customer. Okay. You go in here, you proceed to checkout, you checkout right here. After you actually check out, there’s going to be a one, two, three step, pretty easy wizard that we’re currently working on. Developing. Step number one is it’s going to take you to your order confirmation page. Step number two, step number two is it’s actually going to allow you to add your clients to the dash clicks platform on the spot and it’s going to be completely white labeled. Okay? Step number two, step number three is you’re actually going to have all of the onboarding documents and emails going to go out to these people, sending them a link where they can click on the link and jump in and fill out their onboarding documents in your platform. All white labeled, everything is under your agency. How cool do you think that that is guys? How cool do you think that that is guys?
Yes. Thank you. Phillip said, will this be the same for the website? Exactly what I was thinking. Yes, guys. Everything, all services, any service that a client purchases from you in the store while that you purchase for your clients, excuse me, through the store, they’re going to get an email with onboarding documents with a link to fill out their onboarding documents live inside of the platform. Okay. And they can go and they can fill out half of their onboarding documents and let’s say if they didn’t finish, they can click save for later and they can come back tomorrow, fill out the rest. Okay. And if they don’t fill out the onboarding documents, the system will know if it’s complete or not because we’re smart and we have validation inside of all of the forms. So if they didn’t complete all of the documents or if they’re missing information, the system is automatically going to send them an email every single day, every single day, reminding them to fill out the onboarding documents.
Okay guys. So I think it’s a pretty cool update. Right? And that is going to be coming out, hopefully around January 15th guys, it’s about less than two weeks away. We’re hoping to push that live. So that’s a new update. That’s coming out. Next update guys, and I know I’ve spoken to you guys about this before and I’m going to preach about it again because we’re about three weeks away from it. Do me a favor guys who has purchased their agents of site yet, who has purchased your agency website? Drop a one in the chat if you’ve purchased your agency website yet, guys, job one, one in the chat, drop a one in the chat. If you went to the store and you’ve clicked on agency website and you’ve pre-ordered your agency website that’s going to be going live on February 1st go ahead and drop a one in the chat.
One in the chat, one in the chat. Matthew says one yes. Lorraine says one Phillip says one guys, if you have not purchased your agency website yet, it is 2019 okay? It’s 2019 it’s time to step up your game. Okay? We’re gonna actually be giving you a website that’s going to look very similar to this. So this is a mock up that we have of how the website is going to look like. Okay? So if you think that this is cool and you want a website just like this, well guess what? You can have one on February 1st okay guys. You can have it on February 1st it’s going to be about a 25 page website. It’s going to be fully synchronized with your dash clicks account, so if you go to dash clicks and you go to here and you got an agency profile or system is automatically going to pull all of the contact information from your agency profile.
It’s going to pull your branding information from your branding center inside of the dashboard and it’s automatically going to inject that inside of the website template that we’re going to build for you. It’s going to be a 25 page website and if you guys can see, look at all of this stuff. Look how beautiful this works, who we helped and what’s cool about it is you can completely customize the website exactly to how you want it. You can go in and you can add new pages. If you offer services that dash clicks sends an offer, you can remove services. If you don’t want to provide services at dash clicks offers, you can change the colors, images, content. It’s all done through our easy drag and drop platform guys. So look at all this, look at all of the services, all of the technology, right? So for customers like Oh, what happens when I purchase from you?
We can say, oh well check it out. When you purchase from us, this is exactly what you’re going to see. You’re going to get a client dashboard which looks exactly like this, okay? And you’re going to be able to see real time reporting and reporting is going to look like this, okay? And it’s all going to be branded under your brain guys, okay? You came, you know if we’re doing call tracking, you can see called tracking. This is what the call tracking looks like, right? So you don’t even really need to demo the platform anymore. Visitors who are coming to your website are going to be able to see everything. Guys, they’re going to be able to see everything that we offer. So if, excuse me, if you have not purchased her agents who website, we’re going to do this once again. If you purchase your agency website right now, before we end this Webinar, we’re going to send you out a free swag bag with some goodies.
Okay? We’re going to send you out of teacher marketer’s mindset tee shirt. Okay? We’re going to send you out a bag. We’re going to send you out a mouse pad. We’re going to send you out a metal pen. We’re going to send you up all these goodies if you purchase your website before the end of the live right now, guys, okay? Do me a favor. If you go and you purchase a website, just drop in the chat. I purchased my website just now and we’re going to go on and we’re going to send you out a free swag bag. Okay? Phillip says, still waiting on a swag bag filled. We actually just had a huge batch that went out, I think yesterday, so yours is probably in there. All right guys, so that’s going to be coming out February 1st so for those of you guys who are pre-purchasing your agency websites, you will get your own website on February 1st which is in about three or four weeks away, guys, and to have this in your hands so that when you could go to a customer, you can make this sales, it’s going to be so easy.
You conversion rate is going to be so much more higher, okay? You’re going to be able to close with confidence. You’re going to look like a legitimate agency, okay? So if you have not purchased your agency website, guys, all you got to do, all you gotta do is go to Bam. When you log into your dashboard, go to store, bottom left hand side, go to agency website, go here, click add to cart, create a new company, c name and your email address. Click add to cart and checkout takes five minutes, not even next, like 30 seconds. Actually, Dan said, I’m going to have a fat roll after websites, so I need a large t-shirt.
Damn. Did you purchase your website to all the smart people who are, here we go. Alright, is next feature that I’m going to talk to you guys about? Who’s ready for it? Who’s ready for it? Jump on one if you’re ready for the next feature. Show me some love people. Let’s go. Let’s go. We got to keep this alive guys. Drop a one drop of one drop a one, one, one, one, one, one, one. Let’s go. Let’s go. If you’re watching the Webinar and you have not dropped the one, something’s wrong. Something is wrong. Drop a Webinar. Don’t make me pick you out. If I see you not participating, I will find you and I will shout you out and call you out. We need to engage with people. Guys. If you’re not going to engage, you’re not gonna learn anything. Okay, so engage with me. Get me ready to go. Our next feature, which is coming out hopefully on February 15th or right around there, that’s our goal to hit it by is our affiliate program.
It’s our affiliate program. So something that everybody’s been asking about and it’s something that you can make so much money so fast. Okay, and I’m pretty much going to show you how it works right here, right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right guys, who’s ready for the affiliate program? Who first and foremost knows what an affiliate program is, right? Who knows what an affiliate program is? It’s pretty simple. You refer people to us. You make money when they buy. It’s pretty simple. Okay guys, I’m going to show you guys how our affiliate program is going to work, okay? And we’re going to make it really simple. You are going to have a link, so when you log into your dashboard, there’s going to be an affiliate dashboard that we’re creating and there’s going to be unique link that we are going to give to every person who has signed up to dash clicks. They’re going to get a link, okay? You give that link
To a hundred people, okay? You give that link to a hundred people.
Pretty simple. Now most of you guys have email lists of like 5,000 people. Most of you guys are friends with people on Facebook that all know, you know, like I’m on my Facebook page, I have like, I don’t know, 2000 people that don’t agencies, right? Most of you guys are in a network with people who are likeminded. Most of you guys go to events. Some of you guys are running ads. Some of you really have the affiliate marketers, right? So you give that link to a hundred people, okay? And let’s say out of those hundred people, 25 of those people actually create a free dash clicks account. So you’re not selling them anything. You’re saying, hey, check out this really cool software.
It’s called Dash Clicks. You can go in there and you can get a free dashboard. You can get like, like, come on, like here’s a link where you can go and get a bunch of free shit. Here’s a link where you can go and get a bunch of free shit. You if a hundred people, if you’re sending this link to a hundred people, and those are all like-minded agencies, a hundred people should be signing up. It’s that simple guys. Okay. I mean, you’re signed up to the platform, it’s free. You saw how easy it is, right? You send them your link. Okay, 25 people sign up. Our system is going to track those 25 people.
It’s going to track those 25 people and not only are they going to track those 25 people, but it’s going to put a cookie and it’s going to actually attach their account to your dashboard. So anytime that these 25 people make any purchases from dash clicks for life, I don’t think, I don’t call it [inaudible], they heard me for life. Okay. For Life, which means if it’s 25 people signed up your account, if they buy anything from us, and most of the services that we sell are recurring based services because it’s marketing. You guys get 5% of anything that they buy from us for life, which means if you send a hundred people away, five people sign up for their free dash clicks account.
Anything that they purchase from dash clicks for life, you get 5% of that. Okay. We already have. We did a Beta test with about three affiliates in the last three months since we opened. We already have one affiliate that’s doing two grand a month. He’s doing two random month and it’s recurring and it’s only gonna get better and it’s going to stack up more and more and more. Not only that, we’re actually going to track everything inside of the dashboard. So when you log into the bash board, it’s going to show you your monthly recurring revenue of how much you’re making. It’s going to give you a list of all the people that bought from you, what they bought, how they bought, how much it was, and you’re going to get an email notification every time somebody buys something that’s gonna say, Hey, Bobby, from Bobby’s agency, you just made 150 bucks because this sale just happened. And all you have to do is what send this magical thing that’s called the link to somebody to get free stuff.
I mean, how easy is that? They don’t have to buy, you’re not selling them. It’s not a hard sale. Right. Eric said it can add up just like Amazon affiliate program. Yeah it can. Right. So this is our affiliate program. It’s launching, we are hoping February 15th okay, next topic. Here we go. Here we go. Alright, last one on my list and then we’re going to jump into some really good value is our customized user permissions. So a lot of you guys have clients that are accessing the dashboard. A lot of you guys might be agencies with employees and project managers inside of the dashboard you are going to be able to set and to set specific roles and permissions on a per user basis. So if you want Bobby, your project manager, not be, not be able to see the store or not be able to update credit card information. You can completely do that. All you gotta do is go to Bobbie’s account and check it off. Okay. Customize user permissions. This is going to work wonders for those of you guys who are really
In control, like to have control over everything. You’re going to be able to fully customize the way that your clients, your managers or actually acting. And what they can see inside of the dashboards platform. Alrighty, now that we’ve got all that crap out of the way, who’s ready to roll? Who’s ready? First and value? Who’s ready for me to show you guys how to keep customers forever? Who’s ready for me to show you guys how to keep customers forever? Let me know if you’re ready for that. Let me know if you’re ready. Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready guys. Who is ready? All right guys. Let’s go through it. Let me get my agenda here. Okay. First thing that I want to talk to you guys about is this weird thing in this marketing world
And it looks like this. Okay.
And let’s see if I can draw here. Okay. And it looks like this and no, this is not a donut or a Bagel and there’s this little thing here.
And I’m a shitty drawer, but just roll with me.
Who knows what that is? Who knows what that is? If anybody can tell me what that is, we’ll instead, it’s a wheel. It’s a hamster wheel. You’re right, Lorraine. It’s a hamster wheel. So for those of you guys who feel like you’re stuck in this never ending hamster wheel, that just for some reason continues to go and you’re just stuck in a wheel who feels like sometimes you’re just stuck in a wheel, like you’re doing the same thing every single day and the wheels turning and you can’t get out of this wheel and you can’t scale and you can’t add more clients. You’re just stuck in this fricking wheel. Who feels like that? Have you ever felt like that? I felt like that for years in my business. Okay. If you’ve ever felt like that, can you do me a favor and drop a one? Lorraine says, Yep. That’s how I feel. Williamson is one. Janine says one, Damien says one, one, one guys, it’s normal and it happens. And the reason why you’re stuck in a hamster wheel is because you’re doing the same thing consecutively every day with out any help, maybe without any systems or processes or protocols. You got clients coming in.
And when you’ve got clients coming out,
And that’s all it’s happening. You drop into clients here and two clients come out two months later and then you’re back to square one again, right? Who’s that happened to? Right where you’re dropping in clients and they’re coming in and then they’re just leaving like a month later, two months later, three months later. And you, for some reason you’re like, shit, I can’t retain these guys. What’s going on? Who feels like that? Drop a five if that’s the way that you feel clients are coming in and they’re coming out, coming in and they’re coming out, drop a five if you’ve ever felt that way, guys, drop a thud if you felt it. Aaron Martinez says this is a legitimate hamster wheel. Chad, this slide set up is dope. Thank you
Guys, I felt like this for like the first five years of running my agency. No joke. And I’m talking about, I had maybe like 50 customers. Oh, I had 50 clients. Okay. And I had 50 clients and that will just have them drop off. One would drop off, another one would drop off, another one, another one. And I’m just sitting there and I’m like fighting and fighting. I’m trying to get that next client. I’m like, shit, I went from 50 to 45 I got to get five new clients. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can just go from 50 to 60 and then from 60 to 70 and then from 70 to a hundred and from a hundred to 200 to the point where you hit hundreds of clients when? That’d be awesome. Who wants to hear how to do that? Raise your hand. Raise your hand if you want to hear how to do that cause I’m going to teach it to you right now. You just got to show me a little bit of love. You’ve got to show me a little bit of love. If you’re on social media, smack that love and light button. Hit the share button. Drop a yes in the chat. Guys, if you’re watching this, drop a yes in the chat. If this is something that you want to hear, do you want to hear how to completely get rid of this hamster wheel? Do you want to know how to get rid of it forever?
I think you do, right? All right, well, time to drop some knowledge, so here we go. All right. Who here is, I’m going to draw this out. We’re going to use illustrations today, people, because I’m in a drawing and a singing mood. Who here? Yeah, we got the smiley face on that one. Awesome. Who here?
This is you. This is recording.
Who here loves their clients? Who here loves their clients? Full love. Eric says, who here loves their clients? Who here has actually built a rapport with their clients? Who’s done that? Who’s actually built a rapport with their clients? Guys, let me tell you guys something. This is the number one, number one, retention strategy. Everything. This is it right here, okay? It’s all about building a rapport and it’s building trust and it’s building a relationship with your clients. Okay? And I’m going to tell you guys something. You guys come here and you show up on this live webinar. You Watch me for some of you two hours, most of you have probably watched every single one of the live episodes. If you’ve watched episodes of marketers mindset in the past, can you drop a one really quick?
Can you drop a one in the chat? One, one, one, one, one. And it’s because why? I have a relationship with you guys. I’m building trust and building value. I’m building rapport. I know most of you on a first name basis. Most of you guys are friends with me on Facebook and you follow me on Instagram. And when you write a comment, I answer most of you guys. When you’re opening support tickets at three in the morning, who do you think jumps into help? Daddy does. Carlos is laughing, guys, build a rapport. Build a relationship with your customers. This is not just a customer, it’s not, it’s not just a customer. This is a real life like this is a human being. Okay? This is a human being. He has feelings, okay? And how he feels towards you will change the entire relationship of your business.
Okay? And this is not just one person. This can be all your customers. Let’s say if you have 10 customers, every single one of these people need to feel that every single one of your clients need to feel the love. They need to feel the support, okay? Because what do you think’s going to happen if their campaign for some reason might not be doing good and it happens? You know, you launch a marketing campaign and the first 30 days it just doesn’t do good. It happens. It happens to us all the time. Nobody’s perfect, right? Obviously you got to optimize and build it out, but what do you think’s going to happen if you don’t have any relationship with the customer? If you barely speak to him, if you have no relationship with him or her, if you know nothing about this person, it’s going to be so easy for them to tell. You know what? Just cancel my account, not interested. Just cancel it. It’s not for me right now. Campaign’s not working stuff for me.
But what happens if you have built a relationship with this customer and you know them on a first name basis and you speak to them all the time and you’re friends with them on Facebook and you email them happy holidays when it’s the holidays and you email them happy new years when it’s the new year and when you call them, you speak about how your vacations was and how your kids are doing now for this campaign doesn’t do good in the first 30 days. He’s probably not going to try to just cancel. He’s going to let you speak and figure out a solution so you can actually help him as a customer. Okay guys, so build a connection and build a rapport with your customers. This is the number one way to actually retain them and had this person pay you for forever. Okay. When I opened my agency social agency.
Okay, 10 almost 10 years ago. About the 10 years. Okay. I have my first customer, my first customer that I signed up for SEO and website maintenance. I have my first customer is still with us till today. Okay. He was actually here in our office last week, brought her, brought a bottle of champagne over, sat with me for a couple minutes, asked me how my new child was doing, spoke to him about how his wife was doing his, his wife was sick in the hospital. You know, sit down and actually have a real life conversation because this is what brings the value. Okay? This is how you make money. It’s about the people you know and how you treat them, okay? If you guys agree with me, can you just drop a one? Can you drop a one of this is something that you think would maybe help your business, right? Just drop a one if you think that it will help your business.
One, one, one, one. Guys, this is real life shit right here, okay? If you’re treating your customers like garbage, you don’t speak to them. You never call them. You don’t wish them. Happy holidays, happy birthdays. Don’t ask them how their kids are doing. You got no relationship, they’re going to cancel, okay? The only thing that is holding you tied into them is purely results and for some reason you’re not delivering, they’re gonna cut you. I’ve had so many companies that I personally work with and we didn’t deliver them results within the first month or two. And like I said, it happens guys. Right? But they stayed and it’s because I speak to them and it’s because they know me on a first name basis and I speak to them every single time that they call in. I take their phone call, I take the time out of my day. Okay. Damon says, this is real. It is okay. It’s not all about results. It’s about building a relationship with the customer. All right, next thing. Who’s ready for the next thing? Drop a five if you’re ready to drop off. Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready? Ready. Okay. Who knows what’s right in here? Let’s go. Who knows what to write in here?
I cannot tell you guys how valuable this statement is. You know what? I speak to a lot of people inside of Dash dashboards and their whole thing, you know, their whole thing is like how many leads can you generate me on a monthly basis? Do you think if the client spends $200 we can generate him 1,500 leads? No. And don’t tell your client that stuff either. Because what you’re doing is you’re messing this whole thing up. Be Realistic. Set realistic goals. Set realistic expectations, so that way when you hit those goals, you can go to your customer and say, Hey, we fit your goal and this is the next goal that we want to reach to. This is our next objective. Okay? I see so many people, so many agencies over delivering, or excuse me, not over-delivering, over promising and under delivering. Okay, they’re over there doing the complete opposite of this.
They’re saying, I’m gonna get you a thousand leads for 200 bucks. Then they run the campaign. They’d get them 20 leads. What do you think is going to happen? What do you think is going to happen? Guys? What do you thinks gonna Happen? Tell me what you think’s going to happen if that happened. Go ahead. Tell me what you think is going to happen if you over promise, bye-bye. Leave fired, quit. You guys are 100% on point and just think about it. It’s real life psychology, right? It’s just, it’s real life, okay? What happens if you go into, I dunno, let’s use an example. Let’s use an example,
I don’t even know what example to use, but just stop doing it. Okay guys, you need to set proper expectations, okay? If and if you need help with that, just jump into dash clicks and we’ll help you guys sit. Some have realistic expectations, okay? Because if you can set realistic expectations, then you’re able to hit the goals, okay? If you set unrealistic expectations, it’s going to be impossible for you to hit any goals. It’s just that simple, guys. Okay, so set realistic expectations, ways that you can do this. Who wants to know how to set realistic expectations?
Who wants to know how to set realistic expectations with customers? That’s something that you guys want to know. Something that you guys want to hear about [inaudible] maybe you can do the research. And this is what we do here at dash clicks. So let’s say you’re running a Google ads campaign, okay? You’re trying to sell somebody in a Google ads campaign. There’s this cool thing called keyword research, keyword research. You can do keyword research. It’s called the Google keyword planner tool. So if you’re running a Google ads campaign or if you’re trying to sell a solar company on Google ad words, you can literally go, I’m not going to do a demo on this right now, but these are some of the tactics that we use. You can literally go inside of the Google keyword planner tool. It’s free, okay? And you can actually type in the words, drop them in there, and there’s tons of tutorials on how to use Google keyword planner tool.
We’re not going to get into that now. And you can drop in and say solar, a solar company, solar companies local solar company, whatever it is, you can drop in different keywords that they want to rank for. Okay? And Google will actually tell you what the average cost per click is of that keyword. It’ll tell you might be $20 a click for that keyword. Okay? That’s what your expectations should be and you know what we do guys, sometimes we’ll do the keyword research and we’ll export the pdf because you can actually drop, you can export right in here inside of the Google Keyword tool, you can export an excel document and we bring it to the customer and we’re like, hey, Google says that it’s $20 a click average for these keywords. We can probably do better than that over time because we’ll be able to optimize your campaign and bring down your cost per click, which will eventually bring up your CPA, your cost per acquisition, or most of you guys like to say CPL, cost per lead, whatever terminology that you decided that you want to use.
It’s really the same thing. Now, don’t you think of 30 days goes by and the guy’s cost per click is $19 or actually $22 let’s say it’s a little bit over. You think he’s going to get mad? No, he’s not gonna get nine because you told them up front that it was going to be an average of 20 bucks and we’re going to work on getting it down. Okay. I don’t know if you guys, most of you guys know this, but in marketing, the first 30 days of a campaign is usually the worst 30 days. Does anybody know why the first 30 days of a brand new marketing campaign is usually the worst, not optimized optimization? Yeah. Guys, you’re starting a brand new campaign. These are brand new ads, brand new keywords, so brand new campaign. So what’s going to happen is you run the campaign for 30 days,
Okay? Actually let me open up a new sheet here. I’ll tell you guys how we do it. Shit, let’s just go into that. Let’s go into real lifestyle. This is our process. What we do here at dash place, who wants to know how we optimize campaigns with dashboards? You got to put your hand up. It’s okay. Don’t be scared, but that little hand up. Drop a one. Put the hand up if you’re on social media, hit the like button. Let’s go. I’m watching people on Facebook. I’m watching it here. Instagram. We got Instagram here. We got Facebook, we got zoom. We’re live on three different places. Jeremy says that Facebook algorithm needs to time to work. That’s correct. If we’re running a Facebook campaign, that is 100% correct. This is what we do.
We launched a campaign boom and I’m gonna try to draw something here. We launched campaign and this is not going to look good, okay? It’s a rocket. Okay. We launched a campaign. It’s not something else. Okay. We launch a campaign. We let the campaign run for one week cause we need to collect data. Okay? We’ll let the campaign run for one week. We start collecting some data and we see, we start seeing some trends. We start seeing that, you know, if we’re running a Facebook campaign as an example, we start seeing that some age groups are not working properly or not converting properly or we’re getting a really high CPL or high cost per click. We see that some of the demographics that we’re going after are not converting properly, are also getting a high cost per click. We own here and we optimize the campaign. Okay? I don’t know what this means. It looks like a Cinnabon, but we optimize a campaign. Okay. Then we let the campaign run again for another week. What do you think we do guys? Who’s going to guess? Who’s going to guess what we do? One week later, God dropped into the comments. What do you think we’re going to do a week later? Eric says scale Phillips has same thing. What do you think we’re going to do next week? Come on guys. What do you think’s gonna Happen?
Janine says, tweak.
Whatever. Optimize. Okay. We’re going to optimize the campaign again because we’re going to realize again that it ran and now that we started cutting off the crop that was here that wasn’t working. We’re running again. We’re optimizing the campaign. Okay? And we’re optimizing the campaign and it’s going to get better. Now, what do you think’s going to happen if we keep doing this week over week, week one, optimize. Week two, optimize three, four. Okay. And this is a never ending cycle. It just keeps happening. Okay? We keep optimizing, rinse and repeat, right? Obviously with strategy, we’re not just randomly, you know, rinsing and repeating. What do you think is going to happen after at least 30 days?
You’re going to have a pretty sweet campaign running, okay? Then you can run lookalike audiences and remarketing audiences and campaigns and a lot of really cool stuff. Okay? But guys, the reason why I’m telling you this is because these 30 days should not be the 30 days that the client judges your work. They should judge your work after these 30 days. Okay? So I’m setting proper expectations. So one of the analogies that I use when I’m making sales to a customer is running an advertising campaign is like wine. It just keeps getting better over time, right? So it just easy to understand. So as you’re optimizing these campaigns, Rez, we’re optimizing these campaigns. If we’re using dash clicks for your fulfillment, which you should be the first 30 days or crap, it just gets better and better and better. Okay guys. So let’s see those.
We had some customers that came into dash, ran a campaign, and a week later canceled it. It’s like the campaign ran for one week. What are you like, what, how can you gauge an entire build-out after running your campaign for letting it run for like four or five days? You can’t, it’s impossible. You need to let the campaign run a little bit to start generating some data. Okay guys. So first 30 days is the most important time for the campaign. Okay? So when we’re selling paid ads or selling SEO, we’re selling anything like that. We usually try to get the customer for a three month contract and we try to explain the customer if not three or six months. And explain to the customer that the first 30 days is always going to be the worst. I just wanna let you know that ahead of time. First 30 days is going to be the worst. That’s going to get better in month two and better month three and better month four and five and six. And then we’re going to start creating other really cool stuff and offering you more services on top of that. Right? So it’s really important that you guys focus on setting proper expectations. Okay, and under promising and over delivering, does everybody make, does that make sense to everybody? Can you drop 157 if that makes sense to you? I’m throwing out random numbers here. Drop 157 if that makes sense.
It makes, I mean, just think about it. If you were paying, it’s, I mean it makes sense, right guys, so it makes sense. Everybody else, Aaron says, optimize that bit. Can’t say the word because we’re live. Yes, you guys are 100% right and I’m just reading through the comments here. You’re 100% right. Okay guys, 100% right. Next one was setting realistic goals and expectations, which I think we pretty much dabbled into a little bit too. Right? Set proper goals and set proper expectations with customers. Here’s a big one. Who’s ready for it? Probably the biggest one of all. Who’s ready for it?
Who’s ready for it? Eric’s already dropping into one. We’re not using one this time. Guys were using 700 757 drop a seven 57 if you’re ready for the next one. That’s why I know you’re engaged because if you’re dropping into one, you’re just sitting there and with one hitting enter. Okay. I need to make sure you’re with me here. Seven 57 every time I say something, Eric just drops the one. Yeah, I didn’t even speak it and dropping the one seven 57 if you think that you’re ready for this. Next. Transparency, transparency, transparency with your customers. Guys being transparent.
Transparency. Okay. Being transparent with all of your customers. I see so many people that are managing all of their customers and they’re not being transparent with them. They’re not letting them know what’s going on with their accounts. They’re not speaking to them multiple
Full times a month. They’re just not on the same page. They’re not being transparent with them. Right. So if you as a consumer, we’re going to somewhere and you were buying something, wouldn’t you want that person to be transparent with you? Right. Let’s use it as, let’s use an example, okay? If you went to go buy a brand new car and he what? You stepped foot in the dealer, what did you want that per, what did you want to see? Like the car, fax report of the car. What do you want to take a test drive of the car? What do you want to look inside and out, right? What do you want to know? All of these things before you buy that car. Or even if you did buy that car, why don’t you, when do you feel comfortable if you just knew all those things, right?
And it’s that sales reps job to be transparent with you to either one have a better sale or to retain you as a customer, right? So some of the transparency tactics that we use, this weekly phone calls, shit, I have my team on my retail department at Social Agency every week, okay? Every week, jump on a phone, phone call, 15 minutes. Hey, how are you doing today? Bobby? Just want to let you know we a, these are some of the things we did to your account today. We’re going to go ahead and send you out a notification feed inside of the dashboard. We’re going to shoot you fire over an email with what we did, but you know what we did?
Same thing if they would buy something online and start wondering when it arrives exactly right there. That’s one thing that you can do. Phone calls. Believe me guys, that phone call alleviates every single piece of tension and transparency that there can possibly be. Jumping on a phone call with the customer once a week is probably the best thing that you can do for your customer. Let them know what’s going on because guess what guys? Let’s say you run a campaign. Boom, you launch campaign, campaign launches. Day One, you spoke to the customer, you get them all excited, you made the sale, they sign the contract, they deposited money, they went, they, you sent them a stripe invoice. You build them two grand, you launch a campaign, they want happens. Boom. As seen this before guys, and if you think I’m crazy, I’ve seen this before, then there’s silence, silence for 30 days.
What do you think that this customer is thinking during this? He’s probably what the hell is going on. I just gave this guy two brands and I don’t even know what’s happening with my account, so being transparent with the customer, one, showing them what’s happening with their account, giving them an overview on a weekly basis of how the campaigns are performing and what your goals are to do better if the campaign is not performing. Think about that. Let’s say you launch a campaign, boom, 30 days go by, customer doesn’t hear from you. 30 days go by and his campaign is not doing good. For some reason, Perry’s and campaign’s not doing it. He’s just going to call you. Be like, Hey, cancel my account. My campaign’s not doing good. I’m not seeing the ROI. But if you speak to him four times once a week before that, 30 days it’s and every single week you’re like, Hey, your campaign’s not doing so great, but we’re working on optimizing it here.
Hey, your campaigns doing a little bit better. We went from $5 a leap to $3 and 50 cents. A lead here went from $3 and 50 cents a lead to $3 lead. Boom, you’re going down, right? You’re explaining to them and you’re letting them know what’s happening throughout the process. So when you get here, when that monthly report comes, which is the next thing that you should be doing, which dash police does for you you just send them the monthly report and go over it. It’s like a 10 or 15 minute call. Say, Hey, by the way, just want to give you an overview of what’s been going on last 30 days. For us, we do reporting usually within the first week of the month and we report 30 days back, right? So we just hit January 3rd, right? We would go one month back. So we would go in December and we would run a report from December 1st to the end of December, whenever, whatever day that was.
And we would go and we would write a report and we would go over it with the customer. Okay? Transparency with the customer is huge. Please be transparent with your customers because this is how you keep them forever. Okay, so do this. Do this. It takes 15 minutes. Boom. Sometimes we jump on calls and it’s like a two minute phone call. Okay? The guy’s like, hey, I don’t have time. Just let me know what’s going on, but when we’re getting this, we’re getting this, we’re getting this, we did this, we did this, we did this. I’m going to fire you over. Quickie modes. Can you have a little view? Let me know what’s going on.
Lauren says, the client feels updated and comfortable about what’s going on. There’ll be more understanding. A hundred percent Eric says, same thing. If we buy something online or oh, sorry, dashboards. Dashboard gets rid of that. For us. Transparency issues are awesome. 100% guys. Okay, so perfect example. If you’re using dash clicks and you’ve got your customers and dash blitz. Okay. Your client can log into dash clicks and literally see everything that’s going on with their campaign. Okay. They can log in and they can see all the stats and they can log in 24 seven this is all in real time. They can check out anything that they want on any service that they purchase from you. They can just log in and check this out anytime that they want. Who think that? That’s cool. Can you drop a 343 if you think that that’s awesome. 343 if you think that, that’s awesome.
Are you guys doing this right now? Are you guys doing this right now or is dropping? Yes. If you’re doing this right now with your customers or be honest in dropping. No, and I’m going to start doing this with my customers. Good. Some of you said no. Erickson dash clicks is full transparency compliance. Yes, we are 100% and that’s the only way to keep the customers. That’s why we do it. It’s the whole point of creating the dash clicks platform in the first place. Customer can log in and see everything about their account. It’s like a beautiful thing. 24 seven whenever they want three in the morning, they can log in and check out what’s going on with their ads without even speaking to you. Those of you in dash clicks might be even saving those 15 minute phone calls a week. It might be doing them once every two weeks, but you can do that too.
That’s cool. You know it all depends on how your clients are. All right. Next one. Who’s ready for the next one? Who is ready for the next one? 783 if you’re ready for the next one. Drop it in there. Let’s go. 78037803783 sorry guys. I’m reading some of these comments instead of a Facebook and it’s making me laugh a little bit. Seven 83 boom, boom, boom. Seven 83 all right guys. I forgot what I was going to say. Prove your work. Prove your work. Prove it. Prove it. How many of you guys are proving your work? Come on. How many guys have proven your work to your customers? Prove your work. How many of you guys are doing this to your customers? I’m not talking about case studies. How many guys are proving you work?
One person said, hey, you mentioned free visibility reports in the first Webinar to gain a customer a, how do we get those? There’s tons of tools online. We’re actually building a couple, which I’m not really supposed to say cross Brag and get mad at me. But yeah, I mean you can eat some reporting tall softwares to go in and scrape a website and tell him what’s wrong with it. Prove your work. Let’s say you do something, you know our team, they’ll go out, they’ll spend three hours on optimizing a Facebook campaign. I’m just going to give you an example. Okay? They, you only spend three hours and then let’s just say you don’t notify the customer and you do it again next week. You spend another three hours, okay? Then you do it again next week. You spend another three hours and 30 days goes by and you spent 10 hours as an example, optimizing the client’s Facebook campaign, but you didn’t speak to them for 30 days. The client’s not going to know you worked 10 hours.
Prove the work that you did. Okay, and we do that to our activity feed. So inside of our actual dashboards platform, every time our team touches an account, they go into the activity fee and they submit exactly what they did in the task that was done and the client gets a white labeled email notification, letting them know exactly what was done. Sometimes I’ll get three or four emails a day. Sometimes they’ll get three or four in a week, but at least they know every time their comp, their campaign is being touched. Boom, check mark here. Boom, this was done here. Boom, we did this today. Boom, we’re going to be doing this. Boom, we did this. Hey, hey, wouldn’t it be cool? Like if you were like, look at Amazon as an example. Look at Uber eats as an example. You know why I order Uber eats and I love Uber eats?
Because when I order, I can watch that freaking car drive to my house. How cool is that? You can literally track and you can literally watch the car drive all the way up to your house. Okay? People like that. People like to know what’s going on. Okay. Prove the work that you’re doing. Be like Uber, be like Amazon, be transparent with your customers. Prove it. You’re doing the work already. Just prove it. Okay. And if you’re using dash clicks, we’ll prove that shit for you. So don’t even worry about it. Just drop them into dashboards. We’ll prove it for you. No problem. No problem.
Does anybody agree with me? 393 if you agree with me. Damian said accountability. Yeah, 100% who agrees with me? Who agrees with me? We’re gonna go into the next one, three 93 if you agree. 393 three 93 okay. Ooh. Now we’re getting into a scary topic here. Who’s ready for it? Who’s ever actually opened a report and went over the raw numbers and metrics with your client before, without being scared. Even if the campaign is doing completely horrible. Who’s ever done this drop a yes. If you’ve done this before, if you’ve actually taken the raw numbers from the campaign and have shown them to your customers who’s done this before, nobody’s done it before and it looks like I’m in the right crowd here. I’m about to teach you guys something.
What do you think this does? What do you think all this does? What do you think these things are here? All these KPIs and metrics, guys, these are the raw numbers. This is what your client should be seeing because they’re spending their hard earned money running a campaign with you guys. They need to know exactly what’s going on. Okay? And if something’s not working good, it’s okay. It can be fixed. We can optimize it, we can make it better, but if a campaign is not doing good, let the customer know that it’s not doing good and tell them why it’s not doing good. That’s what we did. I mean, we had a campaign that we launched I think like a month ago, okay? We launch the campaign and the website was not converting. We were sending, we’re running Facebook ads and we were getting clicks for like 50 cents, boom, sending tons of clicks to the website, zero sales, two weeks later, zero sales.
Not Good. Right? So what do you think we did? We installed a video tracking on the actual website using hot jor. Okay. We recorded screenshots sessions of people on the actual website. We zipped up like a hundred different screen sessions of people moving and doing stuff on the website. We zipped it up in a file, we send it over and we said, hey, it’s not the campaign that’s not performing at your website. And I did some screen recordings of people going on your website, moving around on the website and you can see exactly what’s happening. It’s not converting. We’re getting people who are interested to your website, which is our job, but your website is not converting them. It’s not actually making the sales and this is why. So if we want to make the campaign better, let’s make some quick adjustments to your website.
We can see here that the shopping cart button is not on the main menu, okay? We can see here that for some reason the description is overlaying on top of your image, okay? I can see here that this one person tried to check out and use a coupon code and that coupon code is invalid. Okay? There’s so many different reasons why. So if you take the time out of your day to find that out, which we do for you at dash clicks, then you can actually go to your customer and say, yeah, we know your campaign’s not performing well. We already know that, but this is what we’re going to do to fix it. Okay? So you need to find this solution to the actual problem. If you can’t find the solutions to the problem, then your customers are just going to cancel. You’re just wasting time. Okay? You’re wasting your time. Does everybody agree with me on that? Does that make any sense to you guys? Okay? Can you drop a 933 that you know, if that makes sense.
Carlos, you know what I’m gonna do. I think at the end of this, I’m going to give away swag back to whoever can add up all the numbers of your shirts that they’re dropping in. Some of them are already going to start with their calculated. You can get the calculator out and start calculating. Now guys, for real, like, I mean, it makes sense, right? I’m not the only, I’m not the crazy one here, right? It makes sense that if your customer is paying for something, they kind of want to know what’s going on. They want to be in the loop, right? I mean it makes sense. Okay. Give them the round numbers. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared, okay? It’s marketing guys. You’ve gotta be transparent. You gotta be open with your customers. You’re taking people’s hard earned money. You need to make sure that if the campaign is not running well, you tell them why it’s not and you fix it, man.
Okay? You tell them why and you fix it. Next one.
Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. What? I’ve got next on my list. Oh, alright. I’m a WHO’s ready for the drawing game ooze ready for the drawing game?
Who knows what this is? Who knows what that is? Phillip said it’s Ryan Road. It’s a road. Okay, so road. Who knows what that is? Who knows what that is? I know I’m not the best drawer, but who knows what that is. This is your competitors and this was you
Guys. You need to make sure, especially in this marketing industry where shit is changing daily, weekly, yearly, you need to always make sure that you are ahead of the game. He needs to make sure that you are at the end of the road driving past everybody wiping through your competitors. Okay, and how do you do that? How do you always have that forward momentum? How do you know what’s changing in the industry? Because there’s things that are like for every service there should changing every day. There’s stuff changing every single day for some services, right? How many algorithm updates does Google do on a yearly basis? That messes up the entire SEO campaign, right? So once you were running an SEO campaign last week and now all of the things that you were doing last week don’t work anymore, you got to re change up your strategy. Oh, what about Facebook launching new policies and updates of certain industries.
You can’t run ads anymore for and you are already running ads for that person. What are you going to do now? Right. Stuff is always changing, guys. We are in 2019 it’s always changing. It’s going to continue changing. It’s only going to get faster, okay? You need to make sure that you’re flying by your competitors. Okay? And you know what? I’m happy for you guys because you’re in the right place. You’re in dash clicks. So our team knows everything that’s happening in the industry. Guys, we do all the research for you. So every time something changed, boom, Google on is an algorithm update. We already know about that. Like a month. We knew that that was happening last month. We read tons of articles about it. We, it was coming. We already changed our whole strategy. So when that shit launched that day when they launched that Algorithm update, our whole team was already changed.
All the tasks in the system, everything was already changed. We know, we know what’s happening, right when Facebook is launching a new update a month from now changing the policies on running campaigns for certain industries, we know what’s happening. We go back to those industries and restructure a new campaign for them or a new strategy, right? Always be ahead of the game always guys. That’s how you make it in life. You always stay ahead of your competition. Stay ahead of the game. Okay guys, our team is fully aware of what’s happening in this industry. Okay? We know every single in and out, okay? Not only that, but these trainings and I’m doing for you guys cause hit the GoPro really quick guys, these trainings that I’m doing for you guys, I don’t do it just for you guys. Okay? I do it for my team too.
I’ll bring the whole department here. I’ll bring all the people in the Facebook department and I’ll line them up right here in front of me. If you guys have seen me on Instagram, you’ve seen sometimes I would live. I’ve done some, you know I’ve showed you guys behind the scenes of what’s going on in the agency. I bring my whole Facebook department in here. I’ll bring my team leaders in here. Okay? I’ll bring everybody in here in one room and I’ll say, this is what’s going on with Facebook guys. This is what’s happening. These are all the new updates that are happening and this is the things that we need to do to fix it. Okay, and I’ll get my operations manager to read you the task system to make sure that we’re following up with the new protocols and the new updates. I know Google is launching a new algorithm update in two and a half months.
I get my entire Facebook team in here. I get my content writers in here. I’ll get my web developers in here and I’ll say, hey guys, using medic keywords inside of your SEO campaigns doesn’t work anymore. We shouldn’t be using it. We’re wasting our time on it. We should be focusing on doing schema markup. We should be focusing on writing good quality content, right guys? Stay ahead of the game. That’s how you win, okay? You have to always be on top, okay? So I do this every single day home. I don’t just sit and watch TV. Honestly guys, I want you to videos. I read articles on, you know, all of these big platforms, you know, social media examiner is a good one, you know, or whatever. All the AMMAS, right? They have all these, you know, updates and blogs and stuff that’s happening in the industries where you don’t know what’s going on. Because when your customer asks you a question, you’ll be able to know how to answer them, okay? And you can give them a knowledgeable answer and that’s how you keep your customers. Okay? Guys, does anybody agree with me? Drop a 933 if you agree with me. 933 if you agree with me.
All Right, let’s Go pee and pee. Oh, this is a big one. Some of you might cry some of your babies out there and might cry, but this one, I don’t know. I don’t know if you’re ready. Not sure if you’re ready. Okay. Here we go. I think your customers ever give me some feedback. Anybody out there, any of your customers ever give you feedback on a campaign that you’re running on so much? The graphic that you did on the website that you built, right? You’d go out and you build a website and you give it your customers. Customers like, no, I don’t like that. I don’t like that website. I wasn’t ready for it. Guys, feedback is like the number one thing that you should be taking in. Okay. you ever hear that term that customers are always right? I know it’s really hard to let that sink in.
Okay, let that sink in guys. But you should really be looking at the feedback that your customers are giving you so you can be successful. Okay. If you’re building websites for your customers and the customers are telling you that you don’t, they don’t like the websites that you’re building, maybe you shouldn’t be building the websites for them. Maybe you should be outsourcing, get a better developer to build the websites. So you can have a better quality product and make more money. Okay. If you’re running SEO campaigns and you’re not ranking for clients and your clients coming back to you six months later and they’re like, hey, it’s been six months, we’re not ranking. You know, I’m not happy with the service and you’re, you know, you’re arguing with them, you’re like, yeah, but it takes time. It takes like 40 years to get your website ranked on the first spot.
Right. Guys, listen to the feedback. Sometimes they’re right, right. So we have a thing that we do in our office where all of the feedback that we get, shit, I think we did it the other day. It’s us, I think like a month ago we were opening the room, we were opening up marketer’s mindset and we sent out an email to everybody and we’re like, hey guys can you give us some feedback on some interesting topics that you’d want to learn about? If you’ve got that email and you responded, can you drop a 300 in the chat? If you got that email and you responded to us, can you drop the 300 in that chat?
Some of you guys responded to that. What do you think we did? 300 300 Eric’s at 300 million to 300 Damian citrate and guys, we took your feedback. Okay. We, we grabbed like 300 400 people left their feedback. We took all that feedback, we aggregated it and input it into an excel file. We what? We cleaned it up cause some of you guys said the same thing. Write case studies over and over and over, right? We, we, we took all that information, we filtered it out, we organized it based on priority and we started at the top and we’re working our way down. Cause it’s what you guys want to know, right? So get feedback from your customers and understand what’s wrong with their campus for, for you to make it better. Okay? If your customers are telling you that their target demographic and you think it’s females and you’re fighting with them, don’t fight with them. Split test it and prove to them that it’s females. Listen to their feedback and gain that knowledge guys. Okay. Very, very important. Does everybody agree with me on this? Everybody agree with me on this?
Yeah, right? I mean it’s simple, right? Yeah, 100%. Okay, one more. How often do you guys I know we’ve spoken about this previously, but this is what we do with our agency. Okay. It’s mandatory that everybody, depending on the customer, okay. Get one phone call a week. No. Ends up being five or 15 minute call five or 15 minute call. It’s mandatory because we know that it helps me know that it builds a rapport. We know that it builds trust, builds loyalty, customer understands what’s going on with their campaign. Customers are aware of the changes that we’ve been making to their campaign. They know that we’re working, right? We do that once a week. You might have some customers where you know, they don’t really need it maybe once a week. So you do it once, you let every two weeks, every two weeks, your one call do whatever, two weeks. Okay. You should be doing at least one or the other. Preferably the call every week. If you’re speaking to your customer every week, a couple of minutes, guys come little minutes,
You will see huge change within your agency. Okay? Now for those of you guys who don’t have customers yet, that’s fine, but you should still be laying this out in your internal protocol of what you’re going to do when you bring on your first customer and how you’re going to call them and build it into your schedule. Like for us, we have a project management system and the account managers have the task inside of the project management once a week to call the client and give them an update and they don’t just give them an update. They give them an update on the report. They give them an update on the progress. They show them the tasks that’s been done. They let them know what’s been happening with their account, they show them good results. If there’s good results, they show them bad results. If there’s bad results in a solution on how to fix it, right? It’s a quick phone call. I might sound like a lot, but it’s really not. You’re just looking at a report and say, hey, this is going good, this is going bad. Right? So that’s really all you need to do to keep your customers really simple. Okay? They’re, everybody grew with me. 394 drop it in the chat. If you agree with me,
Drop it in the chat. If you agree with me, drop it in the chat. Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop, drop. Drop it in the chat. 39043904394 good, good, amazing, amazing people. Amazing.
Yeah. Alright, here we go. Retention topics. Customer comes in, they’re like, well Bobby, it’s been 30 days and you didn’t get me my 30 cent leads, so now I want to cancel. Well, because we’re not even going to get into that, but it’s because probably what you told Bobby ahead of time, should’ve told Bobby leads, we’re going to cost him 20 bucks. He’d been more realistic. Alright. Customers like [inaudible] want to cancel my cat. Don’t think it’s doing good. What are some of the things that you can do to retain a customer once he’s at the boiling point, which is cancellation, once they want to cancel their account. All right, whatever. Cancel, boom. Once I want to cancel their account, what do you do?
What do you do?
Who wants to hear what we do when a customer calls and they’re like, I want to cancel my account? Who wants to hear that? Yes, those of you on social media hit the like button. By the way, guys, if you’re watching this now when you’re on social media, I’m Hashtag live. If you’re watching this live, hashtag replay if you’re watching the replay, if you are more than kind to me, I’ll be more than kind to you back to just hit that little like button. Hit the love button, hit the share button, engage, leave a couple of comments and this is awesome Chad, so I get excited the next time I do this right. Everybody says, yes, right guys, here’s the first thing. Sometimes it has to do with price,
And it has to do with price. You sold the customer a, B, and C for two grand a month, and now it’s coming back to you. And he’s like, man, it’s too expensive. I just can’t afford it. That’s probably the number one retention issue that we’ve experienced over the years. It’s too hot, priced too high, can’t do it, can’t do it, can’t pay any more. Fine. I still let me stop. Solution to the problem is just drop your price, knock off, cover 100 bucks a month, you’ll still make a profit and you’ll get to keep that customer long term, right? So if they’re paying you two K a month, we’ll say, Bobby, you know what? I see that you’re struggling with the price. Maybe you don’t see the ROI Right now, Bobby. But you know what, Bobby, we really, I really enjoy working with you and I really think that we can help your campaign.
So what I’m willing to do is take a hit on my end and maybe not be profitable for the next couple of months to keep you as a client, to show you that we can actually help you with your agency. So what I’m going to do, Bobby, is I’m going to drop your price to 1500 a month, okay? 1500 bucks a month. Bobby does dash with drop prices when that happens. No, we don’t drop prices and it’s because we’re already priced so cheap. Yeah, I’m talking about a retail side, guys. This is be for your agency. Okay? What’d you have to do? Drop the price a little bit.
Yeah, it’s called a down sale. That’s correct. Nicole. That’s right. Shot the price. Don’t be scared. Dropped the price a little bit. Okay? You know how many times we’ve saved customers just by dropping the price a little bit, dropped the price, a couple hundred bucks, a hundred bucks. Sometimes we drop the, like sometimes we, we chose customer thousand bucks a month. We drop $100 off 10% and we’re still profitable. Right? Maybe might not make an extra hundred bucks a month, but guess what? You get to keep the 500 bucks. Whatever it is, your margins are, right? You get to keep that every single month. Works like a charm. Drop the price. Okay. Number two, be smart about it. And throw in a free service.
Service service, go to free service. Okay, awesome. Free service to throw in is directories really cheap. Okay? You guys in Dash Clicks, you’re nine bucks a month for directories, so using that same example as last time, if the customer’s paying you two k a month, instead of dropping them to 1500 bucks
A month,
Right? Instead of doing this, just do this instead because there’s more value in the 99 bucks. I try it. Nico said, add value. Boom. Just throw this in. This costs you 99 bucks a month. Instead of dropping 500 bucks a month here, just pay the $99 and drop them in here and say that it’s a 400 or $500 value, whatever it is that you guys are charging them, right? Just give them an option. Say, you know what, Bobby, I’m really, I’m really sorry that the campaign’s not going the way that you want it to. I’m sorry that we’re not getting you 16 cent leads for your roofing company where you make 30 grand for every lead. I’m really sorry about that. You know we’re going to do, we’re going to throw in a free listings manager program. We’re going to get you listed into 70 directories and Bobby, I’m going to do it on the house for you. I’m going to do it on the house for you, Bobby. Okay. Because you’re such a valuable customer and love you. Okay? I’m gonna throw in this free service. Free Service. People love free stuff. Okay? People love free stuff. Oh, here’s a good one. Some of you guys might get scared from this one said, I don’t even know if I should say it, but shit, I’m going to say it anyways.
Who can guess where number three is? If you can guess where number three is, I’m throwing up. I’m sending a swag bag. Guess what number three is? If you can guess, I’ll send you a swag bag. Oh, Jeanine. Got It called. Can you write that down, Jenny? What’s your agency name? Agency lane. Shirt size. Name
Guys. Fremont medium.
Jamie, we’re going to send you a swag bag. Thank you for being smart and joining us today and learning and educating. We appreciate it. Free month. Some of you guys have been told your customers two k a month, $2,000 a month for services and it’s been like six months already, right? You’ve been charging them for six whole months and you actually smart and you do the math on this. You know if you’re using dash glyphs, you might be running a Facebook campaign for somebody and you might be paying fastworks four 99 a month to run a Facebook campaign for you. Okay? Which means you’re profiting 1500 bucks a month as your profit. Okay? You’ve been doing that for six months straight, six months straight. What? Six Times 1500 who can do the math for me? Six Times 1500
How much is that
Around nine. Six Times 1500 how much is that? That 9,000 is that what it is? 9,000 right? Carlos is holding his hand out. I know what it is. I’m just engagement. They’re all low engagement. That’s fine. Great.
You made mine room nine grand profit [inaudible]
Shit. You pay man grain crop profit of six months. You go by yourself. The core nine grant. Okay. Says what pricing, what service are you pricing for? Two ks in example. I’m easy. We have tons of people inside of Dashboards selling our basic Facebook ads program at $499, charging their customers two grand a month for all the time. I get that all day. So that’s pretty much how to do it. Nine grand,
Nine grand.
It says your services are marked up 50% not accurate. That’s correct. Our services are marked up 50%. That’s what our suggested retail rate is. However, you can sell your services for whatever you’d like, so you don’t need to sell it for 50% above that. You can sell it for way more than that, which most of the agencies inside the platform are already doing. Right. So let’s continue. Let’s say $9,000 a you made, would it hurt them
For you to pay Dash Clicks and other four 99 to possibly retain this customer? It’s a question. It’s a question. Would you do that? Let’s, let’s get the elephant out of the box. Williamson’s yes. If you would do that, put a yes in if you would possibly take a $500 gamble to maybe make another nine grand. What’d you do that all day? Yes sir. Damien said, Janine said yes. Matthew said all day it’s an option. I’m not saying that you have to do it. It’s an option. We’ve done it before in our retail agency in the past and you’d be surprised. We give a customer a free month. Give them $500 value free month. They stay with us for like another three years. Okay. It happens guys. Okay, so this is worth it to do some times. Okay, let’s go to the next one. Who can guess what the next one is? Number four. You can guess what it is. I’ll give you a free swag bag right now and you can guess what number four is. I’ll send you out a free swag bag. What do you mean number four is guys, what other retention method can you do to keep your customer in? What other retention methods can you do to keep your customer in fertile? 50% off. Nope, keep going guys. Give me a couple of seconds to answer.
What can you do? What can you do? Walking? You do paper leads, note, sponsor an event, gift bags. Nope. These are all pretty cool ideas, but not the one I got on my list. Let them try it on their own. Mathew said, nope. Alright. Nobody’s going to get the present here. Nobody’s going to get their little goodie bag. Give other service. Nope. All right guys, too late.
Did you restructure? So you know what Bobby, your campaign might not be performing the best. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to get my entire team in my office right now. We’re going to have a team meeting about your campaign and we’re restructuring your entire campaign and I’m going to lose money on this, Bobby, but I don’t care because I want you to campaign for performing. You should really do this. You should really restructure the campaign. Okay? Restructure the entire campaign. Create a new funnel plus that new Facebook ads. Come up with ideas for videos where videos can get shot, upload new videos, new ad copy, right? Restructure the entire campaign. Don’t do the same thing over and over and over. Restructure. We do it all the time and dash please. Okay. Usually every month we’re swapping out new stuff, creating new offers in ads and ad copy and split testing and optimizing it guys. Restructure, restructure the whole campaign.
It’s so easy. Okay guys. All right guys I want to do I keep getting tons of questions that keep getting tons of support tickets. I want to roll into two things. One has anybody our agency website during this call, if you’ve purchased your agency website, please drop in the word purchased my agency website so we can send you out a free swag bag. If you do it before the end of this live session, we will send you out a swag bag, which from really cool stuff. Alright, let’s do some Q. And. A. You guys can start asking me some Q. And A’s.
Perfect. Well said. Awesome.
Purchase my website, purchase my website. Amazing. All right guys, let’s start doing some Q. And. A. Let’s start doing some Q. And. A. And we’ve got a question here. When running ads with dashboards, do we pay for the ads and include ad spend retainer in our clients or do our clients pay for them up? Guys? Very good question. Your clients should pay for their own ad spend. You should never include the ad spin inside of your actual retainer fee. Don’t do that. If your whole thing is three grand and it’s 1000 in ad spin, you take two grand from the client and have your client spend $1,000 in Facebook, we’ll charge them directly. Once again, a transparency, you’re showing them that you’re spending the entire thousand dollars in ads. That’s number one. Two, it’s a less liability for you case a customer for some reason. Does it dispute on you or something like that that you don’t have to now eat another thousand dollars. Okay, so you need to do it separately. Okay? Any questions? Dropping your questions guys, drop it. Any questions that you have?
See what’s going on here. Let’s see what’s going on here. Let’s roll a little Facebook. Boom, boom, boom.
Got to have a dancer’s background in the future for white background and looking good. Got To have a dash codes background in the future for the Wa oh for the white board. Yeah. We’re actually working on a video that’s going to be like looping and stuff like that and the TV. Thank you.
Appreciate that.
Any other questions that you guys have for me? Any questions at all guys hit me. Yeah, there you go. Get this little thing out of here. Let’s go full screen so you can see my face. Do you include Messenger bots with the campaigns? Right now we are not doing messenger bots. It is a feature that we are going to be adding in the future. It’s on our features list. We’re going to be doing an API with many chat. We’re going to be working on that. We’re going to be offering message bots in a couple of months. It’s not something that’s out right now. However, there is people that we are currently running Facebook ads for that had built their own messenger bots and we’re just sending traffic to that Messenger Bot. So you can do the Messenger Bot for rights now we can build the campaign, send traffic to it. So that’s a good solution. A lot of people are using us for that right now.
Somebody said this is a mind blowing stuff. Thank you bro. I appreciate that. Lorraine said, pre-ordered the website but don’t have an agency logo yet. Do we get in with someone that can define how we want the site guys? Lorraine sites, pretty simple. A site is already pre belt belt. It’s going to look pretty much like the sample that I just showed you and it’s going to be sync to your agency dashboard, so whenever you do get a logo you can just boom, upload your logo on the agency dashboard and we’ll roll it over straight to your website. Plus on top of that, the agency website is fully customizable, which means you can use our drag and drop pop form right inside of the dashboard on February 1st when the website go live goes live and you can change anything that you want. You can change content, you can always change out your logo if you ever rebranded that your logo change colors, you can do anything you want. It’s fully customizable. You don’t need to be web developing, you don’t need to be a coder. This is something that says drag and drop. Boom, drag and drop, drag and drop. Really, really easy to use. Okay. does your team do Facebook dynamic ads? William said, yes, we can do that for you. We can definitely do that for you. We’ve done that multiple times in the past. What else? You guys hit me. Hit me with some questions. Let me start calling out some people in here. I’m gonna start calling out some people in here.
Brian, Chad Christian, a sin cell. Damien, Dan, Eric G, six cool names. Jay Blake, Janine, Lorraine, Matthew, Michael, Michael, Michelle, Philip, Rebecca, Tyler, William. C’mon guys who’s got questions? Who’s got some questions? So we add custom service so we can add, does your team do Facebook dynamic ads? So we can add custom services. I’m assuming you’re Rebecca, you’re referring to the custom a website agency website. Yeah. You can add whatever services you want. You can add as many new pages. You can turn it into a 25 from the 25 page website to a 500 page website. You can do anything you want. There’s no additional fees. So as an example, if you’re offering graphic design, which dash doesn’t really offer you can just create a new page under your services and just put maybe your portfolio of your graphic design work, right? Somebody says, I missed how much your website are eight and two website guys. Right now it is $249. This is a onetime fee, so you pay this one time,
Okay. This is a onetime fee in that, after that, it’s $25 a month. Ooh, all right, let me rewrite that. Oh, come on. $25 a month, okay. This $25 a month includes hosting. It includes an SSL certificate, let’s just say sir, okay? And that includes access to our drag and drop editor. Now, if you look at a guy’s hosting is anyways, about five or 10 bucks a month, you gotta pay that if you have a website. Okay? And SSL certificate is like 100 bucks a year. Okay. And then you don’t have a drag and drop platform and if you do, it’s not as good as ours. Okay. And this whole thing is integrated into dash clicks. It’s also a hosted on Amazon web services, which means your website are super fast, like super fast. Okay guys, your websites score, like if some of you are running wordpress websites right now, guys, we run your, go to Google, go to Google speed test, run your wordpress website through there.
Okay. It’s probably like a 40 or 50 or 60 out of a hundred. Our websites are like 98 99 out of a hundred super fast. Okay. Lightning speeds. Okay. And not, no, it’s not. WordPress is built on our web builder platform, Rebecca. So it’s just a simple drag and drop platform. If you’re familiar with the mix, it’s kind of like, what’s that like wix. But it’s kind of like whips. You can just drag and drop, easy to use. Right. according services, let’s see, is does the purchase charge receipt show the dashboard’s logo or my agency brand? Nico said the purchase or charter seat I’m not sure what that means. I’m assuming when you pee, when you’re the only one that’s able to purchase from us, your clients can not purchase from us. So it would show the agent like dash clicks and you’re sending your receipt for whatever you purchase that will never go to your customer’s though your customers never see anything about dash clicks ever in their entire history.
That’s like the whole point of our program. The whole thing’s white labeled. Phillip said, what’s your close tactic to get clientele? Any industry? I recommend Philip M I did a couple of really good, I think in episode one. I’m not gonna you know, you can just go watch a, but if you go into if you go into dash clicks, log into your account, click university up at the top, that can marketers mindset button. Go to episode one and episode two, I talked about tons of tactics on what we do to get clientele. So I recommend watching that. Those are really, really good for you. Okay. Damien said, what might a Facebook ads campaign for an agency look like? Strategy targeting different industries, right? You can target dentists, accountants, chiropractors, right? There’s tons of the list of services that you can go after essentially running Facebook ads to a funnel generating leads for yourself and then you actually going and scheduling the call and making it, you know, making, right?
So that’s what I recommend doing. They mean if you haven’t purchased your Facebook ad services yet, you can do that in the store. We can definitely do that for you and help you out. Let’s see. Let’s keep going. We’ve got some questions here. Boy, you guys got a lot of questions today today. All right, let me get this full with Michelle. So are we building it or are you offering images of the templates? Michelle? We actually deliver a product. The whole thing is built out all of the graphics, all of the content, the layout, everything is ready, ready for you to use. That basically means on February 1st you’re going to have a new website that you don’t need to do anything too. Okay? Now if you want, you can go in there and fully customize the whole website. It’s completely up to you.
Okay. Hopefully that helped. Nico says Amazon Web Service, SOC servers or ish. Okay. Thank you. Or The ish? Yes, they are. They’re fast as hell guys. OK. Phillips says so once the site is up and we send clients over to the site, they can buy your customers cannot buy from you on the website. It is an information, a website. It’s not like an ecommerce store or anything like that. Okay. It’s an informational website that basically shows all of the services that you offer in that we offer dash offers and it also showcases all of the technology on what they’re going to see when they purchase services from you. And they logged in. It’s basically like an awesome website for everything. So hopefully that helps. As far as my agency getting paid, yeah, that’s pretty my debt. Let’s keep going. I’m going to give away a couple swag bags in a minute, guys, to stay tuned.
Don’t go anywhere. Don’t go anywhere. I’m a throw away. Some get A’s. Is this a promotional? This is a promotional price. It will be good until February 1st. After that, the price is doubling to $499 one time fee, and then $25 a month if you buy your website. Now, before I close out this session, which takes about 30 seconds into the store, click agency website preorder, they’re on a spot. It’s 249 bucks plus $25. It comes down to 274 bucks, which covers your entire website and covers your first month of service. Okay. Push Channel price. It’s happening and it’s a preorder. Those, those are for all the preorders. So if you do that right now, not only are you going to get the website on February 1st, we’re also gonna send you out a swag bag, which a bunch of goodies too, which alone is probably worth about 50 bucks itself.
One of the questions we got, one of the questions, do we get, let’s go to Facebook. Those were all over Facebook. Dean said pre-qualifying qualifying script for HVAC clients to get cold calling. I think I did a whole script thing in episode one. And if I didn’t, I’ll actually add that to the list. I might be a good one. I’m best initial bill for residential HVAC client and example Facebook ads. Yeah. So for, for HVAC clients guys I wouldn’t run Facebook ads. I would run Google ads and that’s for, you know, if somebody’s looking for a AC repair your ac is not always broken, right? It might happen once every couple of years, right? So somebody who’s looking for AC repair, they’re going to go to Google and search for it. So that’s where you want to be and you want to show them the ads and be number one there.
So that’s definitely 100%. Susan said, how do you get past what the client wants? You know, what’s wrong and what you should be doing for Facebook ads. Guys, I’m assuming if your question is they want Google ads, but you know, they should be running Facebook ads and stuff instead, if that’s your question straight up, I would just tell them that. I would say, Hey, I don’t think this campaign is going to be a good fit for you. And it’s like, I’ll give you a perfect example for the AC industry. Facebook is not a good campaign to run because if my ac is broken, I’m going to go to Google and search for an AC for a company. That’s where you want to be. You don’t want to be on Facebook showing ads to people because you can’t target people whose AC is broken. It just doesn’t work that way. Right? So that’s what I would recommend doing less. Can you Roman? Alright. let’s see. Ooh, we got a couple more.
All right. Matthew said when driving traffic to an agency funnel where you have a prospect schedule via schedule once or Calendly you can include that option. It’s not recommended because the reason why it drives up the cost per acquisition, the cost per lead really, really high. If you can do the outbound call, it’s a lot better, right? So if you can generate the lead and then do the outbound call and schedule that in or just pitch right there on the spot up to you. The cost per lead will be really, really cheap. Okay, so I recommend doing that. Michelle says, will you be uploading it with the new features as you roll out or we have to do the updates. Question is something that we’ve spoke about. We’re not 100% sure yet. It’s gotta be custom coded into the platform. I don’t have the answer for you right now. Sorry about that, Michelle.
Well, do we got, what else do we got? What else do we got? I’m going to flip back over social media. Let’s see what else we got. Got Dean said word. Niko said best use Google. Let’s go lego. What else we got? What else we got? Well, what else do we got? All right, let’s give away some swag bags. Let’s have some fun. Let’s have some fun. Carlos, why don’t you come on up here. Carlos, what questions should we ask them? I want to give away some swag bags. What questions should we ask them? Let’s do some fun stuff. Let’s see some fun stuff. Calls. He’s thinking really hard calls. Hit the GoPro really quick so they can see things.
Oh wait, Michelle had a question while you’re thinking. She said, Ken, our kind of, you could hit leave the GoPro. That’s fine. You get it from for Carlos. How can your clients, how can our clients use your leads? Will they be emailed to them or notify them? And there’s actually an entire CRM system. So as a lead comes in, it gets put right into the lead section into their dashboard and they get an email notification. So that’s how they get their leads and your clients can log right into the platform and boom. See everything. I did some math, 5,000, the same 5,002 was a total number added up during the Webinar to keep us active.
You’re hilarious. Alright. Let’s do some trivia. Get Tom in here. Get Tom in here. Let me get Tommy in here. Tommy’s always good with the trivia questions. Tom, when did you end your Tommy? Let’s go.
Tommy’s on a call. Tommy goes on the calls. Get Gil here. Let’s get guilt. Let’s introduce Gil to this live world. Guys, who’s working with Gill? Who’s who’s who, who’s currently has any accounts and has worked with Gil. Drop a one in the chat. If you have an account with us and you’re working with Gil or you’ve worked with Gil, here’s one of our project managers. Drop a one in the chat. Drop a water in the chat. Drop a one in the chat. Nobody’s worked with Gil Shit. We’re getting the wrong person in here. We are getting the wrong person in here.
Oh, is everyone busy? What is going on in here today? Being here? I’ve been here. I screwed. I’m going to do a trivia question. Tommy’s bomb. Crows is bomb. Gill is bomb. Dean said, thank you for that dean. We appreciate that. We appreciate that. Hey guys. All right, let’s do let’s give away swag bag. What year was social agency opened a retail agency. Who knows what year was social agency opened our retail agency, 2009. Fill up, get a swag bag, fill up. What size are you and what agency are you? Philip, what size are you and what is your agency name? Carlos, can you rate? Phillip is a large, Phillip just won himself a nice little swag bag once your agency named Phillip, we can look you up in the system. Affluent Marketing Agency. John, Philip,
Congratulations Philip. Let’s see. Let’s, let’s do another one. Let’s do another one. You know what, Carlos, can you grab the wheel spin? Let’s have some fun. Let’s have some fun right over there. Let’s have some fun. We’re going to have some real fun. I’m gonna get the wheel spin out for you guys. Now, I don’t do this for everybody. You’re a special group. Let’s get this wheel spinning. Can you go? I’m front facing on the camera. Boom. Here we go. Here we go. Let’s get a wheel spin going. Let’s get a wheel spin going. Who wants to do a wheel spin? Drop a 303 if you want to do a wheel spin 303 if you want to do a wheel spin 303 if would like to do a wheel spin 303 if you’d like a wheel spin right now.
303 alright, 303 first person who can guess the closest number. Then I’m going to write down on the back of this sheet. It is from one to 50 [inaudible] first person who can get that number we get close to against the wheel. Spin right now. 25431620630 seven bone William, 37 then Duran 33 both of you guys get a wheel spin. My number was 35 well you can’t see it but it’s 35 all right, so this is the way that we are going to play the wheel spin. Now forget about what it says on the wheel spin. Okay? Then Moran, go ahead and pick a color for me. Pick a color, Dan. I’m going to spin the wheel and if it hits that color, we’re going to send you off. We’re going to say off the swag bag. Then the red, pick a color for me before you go to the next person. All Right, William, go ahead and pick your color for me. Dan. Darren said Blue Williamson red. Alright, let’s roll.
What do we got? Well, the we got, what do we got? Oh, what is that on? That’s a red. Who said red? Read William. Boom. William. What’s I sure do you and what’s your agency name? William. What’s I show to you and what’s your agency name? Media. I’m in. His agency name is strike media. We’re going to do another one. Let’s do some trivia. Who knows what my favorite movie is? I’d said this, I think in episode one or two, drop it in first one. First one to drop it in. Favorite movie. Who knows what my favorite movie is? Nope. It’s not rocky. Now, Deadpool, my godfather favorite movie. Who knows what my favorite movie is? By the way. Those of you guys who are on Facebook, you should be in the live webinar or the live webinar are the people who are winning the prizes and not looking at Facebook. So, or Dan Duran said the wolf of Wall Street dander and pick another color. Pick another color den. [inaudible] What color are we doing for your brother? How about this? Pick two colors. Red And what else? Give me one more red and give me one more colored in. Blue lands on a red or blue. We love you.
What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing now? Oh, what is that?
That’s the yellow. Then we’re sorry about that sir. No winter. No winter guys. No winter. Let’s do another one. Let’s do another one and said what the hell? Let’s do another one guys. In episode one of marketer marketers mindset, what was the three prospecting topics that I went over?
Episode one of Marketer’s mindset. What were the three topics for prospecting that I discussed and showed you guys how to do?
What was it? Take a guess. People take a guess. Top three prospecting topics. What was it? Was it, what was it? Cold calls. Walking’s and cold emails. Michael. First one. Michael picked two colors. Michael, pick two colors. Michael, pick two colors. Mike, go.
Let’s go red and green. Let’s go. [inaudible] Baby red and green. Red and green.
Red Or green? Red. Oh, we gotta read people. We gotta read. Michael Agency name and shirt size please. Agency name and shirt size.
Guys, I’m going to do one more thing.
Dan’s, that it’s rigged. Michaels is Michael. Aiden media. Michael Alden, media large.
Guys, I’m going to do one more thing here. If you have
Purchase your agency website before this call ends, we’re going to stay on for another five minutes. If you purchase your agent to website in the next five minutes, I’m going to send you out a swag bag. Okay guys. Swag bag is going to have mouse pad, pen bag and a tee shirt. Marketer’s mindset tee shirt like I’m wearing right now. And on the back it says limitations. Limitations are only in our mind, oh, limitations live only in our mind. But we’ve used our our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless and that is damn true people,
If you think about it, Dan, I love you too, man.
All right guys. Let’s do a little bit more Q. And. A. The Dean Dean said, I’m here. I switched from Facebook. All right, we’re going to do one more. One more just because Dane came back. All right, we’re gonna do one more. Let’s talk about one more topic. What’s the number one selling service dash clicks has in the last three months? First one. See Nell said Facebook. C, S. Nella. C. S. No, I hope I’m pronouncing that right. See us now. Go ahead and pick a color. Pick two colors. Go ahead. C S Nell Snell. Pick two colors. Blue. Red. Here we go.
Hey, can we show one on one or one on one? I want to check in. Did I win? No one, no winner. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing? You said blue and red, but it’s not. It is actually purple. Wow. Maybe I’m the next one. Maybe on the next one. Maybe on the next one, guys, one thing I want to stress out is it’s 2019 it’s a new year’s. Okay guys, those of you guys who are agency owners, some of you guys might be trying to get your first client, okay? Some of you guys might be trying to hit six figures this year in 2019 okay? Some of you guys might be trying to hit seven figures. You know, realistically, some of you guys, you know we have some customers and dash clicks that you know they have 40 50 60 clients that they’re servicing, right? In 2019 I want you guys in the chat and even if you’re on social media, drop in what your goals are for 2019 for your agency. Go ahead and drop in what your goals are and the best goal is going to get a wheel spin. Go ahead and drop in your goals for 2019 what is your goal for your agency, Dan? Darren said a hundred k dean said $1 million. Michael Aldean said a hundred k a month by July. William conics is 500,000 what else we got?
What else we got? Nobody else had a go. Eric said 10 k a month. Phillip said growth to service the business. Expand. Okay. Snell said, I’m trying to make five k a month. J bike a billion month. Well, $100,000 a year. I have a full time job and two kids in coach AAU basketball, so I’m busy. Snell set. That is busy.
You know what? Who else? Who else?
Mr J Blake, pick two colors. J Blake. Lorraine said, replace my current income. Leave mine on a five and helped my business expand. Lorraine, pick two colors too. J Blake said red and green
Role. People those grow people. Red Or green.
Oh, what is it? Red Boom. Jay bike agency name and shirt size. Agency name and short side J. Blake, congratulations. You’ve won yourself a swag bag. Agency name, agency name and size. Maureen said j Blake’s agency name is JB media one and he’ll take a large Lorraine, let’s go purple and blue.
Her Paula blue. I love you.
Purple or blue? Purple. Oh, unfortunately Lorraine, it was a red unfortunate marina. It was a red. Alright guys, next week we’re going to be doing marketers mindset. We’re going to be trying to do this more often. Like I said at the beginning of this a Webinar, I’m actually going to be moving my entire office into this studio. So hit me with the GoPro really quick, Carlos. So what you guys see on the actual GoPro is only half of this space. There is a whole other half behind that camera, which is pretty, it goes down pretty long. Okay. So I’m going to be moving in here for a reason. Let’s go a full face. I’m moving in here for a reason guys, and it’s because I want to be able to create more educational series. Okay? I want to be able to provide more value. I want to be able to go live more. I want to be able to teach more. I want to be able to speak with you guys more, right? Let’s go full screen on Micros
That’s my goal for 2019 to be able to educate and through education people buy. Now, I’m not sitting here trying to sell you guys, but I’m saying it’s part of life, right? If we can educate you and we can help you guys be successful, it’s a win win for both of us. Okay? So for those of you guys who have not yet added a client into dash clicks, even if it’s for your own agency, okay, I highly advise you to just jump, just jump in and put one coin and see what happens. See how that one client or even dropping your agents, you see how that can change your life, okay guys, see how that can change your life, okay? Also, for those of you guys who are watching the replay on social media or for those of you guys were watching the replay inside of the Dash Clicks Dashboard obviously you’re here, right?
So marketers mindset is every single video that we create, we’re going to upload into the dash clicks platform and we’re going to be uploading them a couple of days after we go live. And the reason for that is not because we can’t upload it the same day, which we can, but we are on the live session to get all the cool promotions to get the swag bag promos, to hear all the new features that are happening before anybody else because you guys took the value in the time to sit here with me today. And because of that, you guys should get first served at pretty much anything. Okay? So if you didn’t get a chance to watch this live and you’re watching it in the dashboard where you’re watching it on Facebook or you’re watching it on Instagram or you’re watching it, wherever the hell you are in this world, I highly recommend the next time that we send out an invite that you guys go, it’s completely free and register for the event. Okay guys, because when you’re here live, you can ask questions, you can interact, you can get your questions answered that some of you have bottled up that you don’t know the answers to. I’ll be here to help you guys. I’m here to support you guys. It’s what I’m here for. Okay? So if you have those questions, just let me know, man. So guys, happy 2019 this was episode three of Dash Clicks by marketers mindset. Thank you once again for spending your time with us and I’ll see you on the next one.

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