Click Profits Hits $6M In 8 Months. Selling Education Products Via A Franchise Model
Chad Kodary
Oct 20th, 2020 at 01:00 PM

Click Profits Hits $6M In 8 Months. Selling Education Products Via A Franchise Model


Blake Nubar, founder and CEO of Click Profits has sold $6M through a ClickFunnels landing page in just 8 short months with a unique franchise model twist on the education space.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

00:25 What is Click Profits program and how does it work?

01:24 How many clients are you serving right now in your company?

02:07 What is the pricing model for Click Profits?

04:55 What is your business model?

06:40 How are you actually driving traffic?

07:36 How much money are you spending right now on paid advertising in your business?

09:22 What’s the number one automation that you have that essentially saves you the most time?

10:04 What’s your sales process?

10:57 How many people are on your team right now?

14:26 How much revenue has your company generated in the last 12 months?

16:50 What’s the number one tip you can give to newly started businesses?

17:05 What’s the number one favorite software tool you’re using in your business today?


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What’s going on everybody. We got Blake Nubar from Click Profits here from Orlando, Florida. What’s going on? Blake. Can you do me a quick favor? Tell the viewers and listeners what it is that you actually do and how you generate profits for click profits.

So what’s up, Chad? Thanks for having me, man. I’m pumped to be here. What is up everyone? My name’s Blake Nubar and I sell info products. I teach people how to start a profitable digital products business online. Awesome.

I mean, what would be your ideal avatar? If you can strip everything away, who would be your ideal client to bring on to your coaching program or your essentially your program?

Sure. Yeah, so I love working with, with first time entrepreneurs, people that they might be in a nine to five, they might be working on something, but things aren’t really sticking the way they want it to. I love working with people and showing them that you can generate income using the internet. So these are the first time entrepreneurs that are shifting to the internet to make money. Okay.

And it can be a CRA does it matter the niche that they’re in? So can I see if I’m a realtor or if I’m a financial planner, does it

Doesn’t matter? No. Any all walks of life, anyone can do it.

Awesome. So you’re essentially shifting and taking people now that either one have a business and want to move their business online or two don’t have the business and want to get into the online space. Does that make

That is exactly it.

Awesome. And how many clients are you serving right now in your company?

Yeah, so right now, I mean, we’re dealing with, we have a bunch of, we call them partners, you know, that’s, they’re partnered up with me. We have a few, few thousand of them in terms of like an agency side of things. We’re not really going that route right now. But we are working with thousands of partners inside of the programs that we have. Yeah.

Just want to make sure that I understand. So the viewers understand too. So when you’re saying partner, this is essentially somebody that’s coming on and joining your program, right. You’re calling that partner a couple of thousand people, essentially that your company is serving. Yes, exactly. Cool. Okay. Awesome. And what is your pricing model look like? So if I want to come in and work with you guys, what does it cost?

We just charge our pricing model is pretty simple. We charge, you know, it’s either a thousand dollars to join. We have a payment plan option as well. We have some higher ticket programs as well. That’s a little more intimate, a little more hands on, more coaching, things like that. So it’s all different types of prices.

We’re going to get deep into the whole value that our approach here in just a minute, we’ll talk about those other products and stuff that you have. And if, if you want it to send out a message tomorrow, like, and you’re like, okay, I got something to say, if you can collect your entire audience or email list, your chat bot, subscribers, your Facebook group, if you have one, whatever it is that you have, how many people do you think you would serve? How many people would see your actual message?

I would say, Oh, you know, over a hundred thousand of people. Yeah, for sure.

And when I always ask this metric, because people are always curious, right? Yeah. Let’s just talk about your email is purely, let’s say you send 50,000 emails as an example. Okay. What’s your open rate?

A 25 to 30%.

Thanks. That’s pretty high. That’s actually on the higher end. That’s good. That’s good. I know average is about like 15, 20%. Some people are higher. Some people have, some guy came on here and said it was like 10% or 5%. I was like, you gotta change up your audience, man. You gotta change up your audience. And okay, well, that’s good to know. Let’s let’s actually now dive into the value ladder. Okay. Let’s talk about that really quick. So it is the first product that you’re offering me a thousand bucks, or am I going into like a mini trip wire type thing and then kind of going up there, walk me through that

Tool funnel. Yeah. So the first funnel that we offer coming into the door is going to be a trip wire funnel. We’ll bring in people up, offering them products to help them transform their Facebook and social media profiles to generate leads and sales. They go through that series, you know, purchasing whatever products they want, adding more value at each step. That is the front end funnel. That is where I drive all of people, you know, coming into my ecosystem.

How much would I pay to jump into one of those little smaller products? Seven bucks, seven bucks. Okay. So it’s a trip wire style. We have the same thing here, a dash six, we have one that’s 17 bucks, and then it goes into like some courses. And then we have the higher ticket stuff at the far end. Would you say that? So it goes from $7 after the $7 is the next offer you’re making them a thousand dollar offer.

Yeah. So now in that, in that same funnel, is that what you’re referring to

In your, I guess your whole value process as a business, right?

There’s a few products in that funnel ranging anywhere from seven bucks to a couple hundred. But after that, you know, we sent, we want to send our customer now to our core offer, which is our thousand dollar product. Gotcha.

And what am I getting for? I give you a thousand bucks a day. What do I get?

Walk me through basically an entire white label franchise rights to my current digital products business.

Very cool. And what do I do with that? Explain to the viewers or just don’t understand for some reason what that is. Break that down a little bit, peel the onion back. What is that exactly.

So I have a business right now that generates a few thousand dollars every single day. I’m selling digital products to all different types of business owners. Recent discovery. I realized I can’t serve all these different types of business owners, but this product is universal. It works for any type of person trying to generate weeds and sales doctors, dentists attorneys, you name it. If you’re a business, you need to be leads to sales. This is it. What this program does. It gives you the ability to clone my already successful online business. And I teach you how to niche down to sell these products and services as your own to different to different types of business owners.

Would you say that it’s like agency selling digital products or is it people selling physical courses?

It’s people selling digital products. So all of my partners are selling digital digital products from courses, things like that.

Gotcha. Is it your digital products or are they you’re teaching them how to go out and create their own and then sell those?

No, it’s already done. That’s one of the beautiful things about is you don’t have to call it from scratch.

Well, that’s a pretty unique business model. I like that. What would you say is the biggest needle mover for you and your business? The one thing that you did, the one shift that you made that literally started pouring in the dope, right? That you made the most revenue from? What was it? Yeah. You got to launch things. You have to let the world know that you have something. So if you just go and build something, you have to really make a big deal about it. Because if you truly believe in your products and services, you need to be wowed about them. So every time we’ve launched something, that’s basically the big revenue shift in anything that we do. So you do a lot of launches, right? You’ll do like big launches where you build up the momentum and then you’ll do it. You’ll open the doors for a couple of days, couple weeks, whatever it is and close it down.

Correct. Okay. Awesome. And then so we spoke about the, the funnel itself. How are you actually driving traffic? What are you doing to get people to go through the funnel bill for your process, get into your business, get into Blake’s life. Yeah. So there’s really three primary sources of traffic. I would recommend all of these, a dream 100, be affiliates and see paid media. All right, let’s go through each one of them really, really quickly at a high level, obviously dream 100. I’m familiar with it. I know what it is. But for the people who are not familiar with what the dream 100 is, what is that exactly? Oh, dream 100 started by Chet Holmes. It’s basically a concept when you want to reach out to do business with people to form joint ventures, AKA channel partnerships, you have a product, they have a market, you come together, everyone makes, makes a success from it.

So I’m looking for people like that, that I would love to do business with. And it’s called your dream 100 and you hopefully one day get through and you, you work a deal with them. I love that. And then obviously, number two affiliates we get with that is for the most part, I think everybody knows what affiliate marketing is. And then what’d you say the third one was again, paid media, paid media. Let’s talk about that really quick. Is it I’m assuming Facebook. Youtube ads. Yeah. Yeah. You got to run ads. If you want to scale any business, you need to be running ads. Yep. Okay, awesome. And how much, how much money are you spending right now on paid advertising and your business? I’m over six figures a month. Okay. Got you. And so you’re driving a lot of traffic to this. I’m assuming it’s a landing page funnel.

I see the two comma club award back there too. So I’m assuming you’re using ClickFunnels. We are, yeah. We have the eight figure one on the ground here to congratulations. We just got ours after like six months of waiting, man. Congratulations. Thanks. And so obviously you got a lot of traffic coming to the funnel. I’m assuming people are filling out an opt in form or something to get into your world. They’re buying a product, that information that’s gotta be stored somewhere. I’m sure you have a team that’s doing some type of outbound or maybe getting some application forms filled out. Where are you storing all of this data? I’m sure it’s not in ClickFunnels. Is it? We actually use Kartra to store all for our kind of like our management system parts on the back end to kind of handle all that got you.

These also Kartra is like, almost like a form of a CRM. What’d you say? Yeah. In a sense. Yeah. It handles everything. Click funnels handles all of our funnels. Kartra kind of handles the backside of things. Yep. That makes sense. Okay, cool. And it’s pretty cool that you, you married the two, cause most people will not marry click funnels and Kartra, those are like the enemies and the spirit of do what’s best for your business. Oh yeah. No, I agree with you a hundred percent. So that’s pretty cool. Okay, awesome. Yeah. Just out of curiosity, why not? Cause a lot people or a lot of people in the space, they are moving from ClickFunnels to Kartra and vice versa. Right? Why, why not use Kartra for your landing pages too?

Because I’ve been through all of the landing page softwares currently and in my opinion, ClickFunnels still has the most intuitive editor out of all of them. Okay. Fair enough. My personal, yeah,

We use click funnels too. So yeah, just, I was just curious. And so orange, 20, 20 automation is a big hit right now. Right. People are trying to automate their whole life. Right. what’s the number one automation that you have that essentially saves you the most time?

Oh man. Gosh, I wish I could pinpoint it on one. Honestly, probably it’s the ability to give people their products after they purchased it. It’s like the most standard automation, but like it’s a necessity. Yeah.

I agree. And if you’re selling thousands of them, it, can you imagine somebody manually writing up an email and setting up their user accounts and everything and that makes perfect sense.

Yeah. Okay. Awesome.

And talk to me about your sales process. I want to, I want to kind of dive deep into that and what does that look like? Obviously, if somebody’s buying a trip wire it’s low, it’s no touch. You’re not touching them at all. Right. But what happens when somebody is ready to go to the next level or are they filling out a form and then you’re jumping on a call with them?

Let me through that process. Yeah. So we send people from that trip wire funnel by nurturing them and letting them know a little bit more about me, what I do enter into my world. And then we invite them to the 90 minute presentation, which is delivered via a webinar format to eventually, you know, the idea is to provide enough value and show them the prosperity of this program and get them into the next level, which is the core offer. Gotcha.

And let’s talk metrics real quick. Let’s say a hundred people come in and fill out an application and they want to do a call with you. How many of those people are?

What’s the show up rate? Well, if they’re coming up to the webinar, we’re probably because it’s an automated webinar to show up rates pretty high. It’s like more in the 70, 80% just because it’s happens right then and there. So most people that sign up are seeing the webinar.

I missed that. So you’re actually sending people to a what? They’re not even speaking to somebody they’re going through the webinar. Yeah.

Yeah. Practiced. I practice. We practice what we preach. Like we do digital products, our entire business model is all so no touch. How many people are on your team right now? There’s about 16 of us.

Okay. That’s awesome. Good. And what’s, what’s broken down. Is there any sales reps or not really?

Yeah. We actually just hired an amazing company. That’s like worldwide for sales. So we’re putting that infrastructure in place to start going our high ticket route, which is our backend offer. That’s about, that’s about to release. So we have that in place. So yeah. There’s just all different types of people handling different things.

Cool, man. Very cool. And then, so a hundred people come into your funnel they, a hundred people come into your funnel. They watch the webinar, they get to the 90 minute webinar page. How many of those are converting

Your conversion rate? About 20%.

20%. So essentially if a hundred people come in 20 grand, right. Because a thousand bucks a pop. Sure. Awesome. What are you doing with the 80 that don’t convert? Walk me through your whole remarketing strategy. Yeah. I seen you by the way before in a cast, somewhere running around my place.

Yeah, we have. So there’s a bunch of touch points we have after it, a bunch of different angles. We want to really touch on. If we weren’t able to communicate that effectively during the presentation. So we go into like, objection, handling. We go white. Is it the cost? Is it the time we go into different ways, we can show you the value, different ways to communicate the business ideas. We have a very strong post webinars sequence in place to present value to you on different levels. And by that alone, we’re probably getting it. We probably double back another 20% from that. Gotcha. So you’re getting about 20% off the backside really double. So it’s just like any traditional webinar. If you’re selling, you’re going to do about double your sales from the replay, from the followup.

Are you doing any type of like encores or like laundry, like relaunches or anything like that? Or is it just purely webinar and then replay

Webinar and replace? Yeah. If you couldn’t make, if you didn’t stay to the end, we have different formats of the webinars. So we have shortened versions of the webinar. We have objection, handling versions of the webinars. So there’s all multiple formats of that current webinar just because not everyone wants to sit down through an entire presentation.

Yeah. And you know, I want to form, I want to ask a question that I think a lot of people are curious about something that I’m curious about too. A lot of people who are using ClickFunnels will use like third party, you know, webinars tools where you can jump in and get like the live experience. It looks like, like you’re actually lied. You’ve got the chat row going. Or they’re just flat out putting like a Vimeo video or YouTube video, whatever. They’re just embedding it on the page. What are you doing? Are you just doing the basic process? Cause I heard that that works better.

I’m currently doing the webinars software, but I’m shifting to direct to the video. Every time you put up a page to get people to the presentation, you’re creating friction and that’s no good. Like you’re going to lose people no matter what. So the best thing you could do is opt in straight to the video.

And what, what just curious, what webinars software are you using right now? I’ve been our jam and webinar jam yet. So we were going to use webinar jam. Actually we’re trying to create some evergreen stuff. We’re gonna use webinar jam. Then we just tried this new software by Anthony Morrison, webinar fuel, not you’re familiar with that. We tried that it had some issues. There was a lot of friction where people just couldn’t even get into the webinar and they were like, emailing us. Like I’m trying to get in. I want to watch it. So these are like die hard people that are trying to buy from us and they can’t even get into the webinar. So that’s why we’re, we are actually reverting back to just, let’s just drop a video on the frequency.

Yeah. That’s what we’re doing.

So, so we did that less friction and honestly works better in my opinion. All right. Awesome. So I see, obviously you got the two the two comma club for those of you guys who are listening on the podcast, there’s a two comma club right behind, right behind Blake, which means obviously sold more than a million dollars through a funnel. Right? How much revenue has your company generated the last 12 months?

In the last 12 months we’ve done about 6 million.

Wow. So $6 million and that’s purely low touch education style stuff. Right. That’s amazing, man. And this is all done through a funnel through click funnels, all through funnels, all automated. Wow. That’s crazy. Congratulations on that man. That’s that’s really awesome. And where do you see yourself? Fat? Let’s say fast forward 12 months. All right. Where do you see that revenue goal than hitting 12 months from today? And then obviously you can’t just do the same thing and expect the same result, right? Well, you got to do to change to actually make that big difference. Make that big. I don’t know, man. Honestly, I don’t

Like I don’t have like a 12 month, like, you know, when it comes to like projections on stuff, it’s just, it just, they usually never work out. Right. Like we’re terrible as humans at estimating and guesstimating.

Okay. So I don’t, I don’t want to call my shot yet on it. I have some, you know, in the back of my head I would have, what do you want to be at? Where’s that number where you’re like 12 months? I think we could do like 10 million, I think

Probably in the next 12 months. And then, you know, in the next 12 months get to ten first, $10 million a year, I would say

Fair enough. Fair enough. And this is probably another question that I forgot to ask you at the beginning, but how long have you guys been open for

Really Mo this, this core offers been open since about it launched in January, closed down to fulfill and really get through the, the entire process and then open back up like March. Gotcha.

So you’re saying it’s been less than a year? Yes. Wow. So you generated 6 million through the phone less than one year. Yes. That is crazy off that one core offer. Good for you. It’s a different one too. Cause this one was

Been for about six to eight months. We had other funnels generate revenue in the top before this main offer.

Yep. Now doing those large amounts of revenue number, obviously you’re sending a shit ton of traffic to the funnel, right. So you’re running a lot of ads. You’re you’re at the point where you’re scaling ads really, you know, who’s your favorite audience to target on Facebook ads? What’s the sexy sweet secret. What does that audience

You’ll have to talk to my ads guys. Those are the jeans.

Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough. And if you could give one tip to a brand new business owner who’s starting which seems to me like, you know, you do have a lot of brand new businesses. What’s that one tip that you give them to kind of make them leap forward and save just a lot of time wasted stuff, trial and error, things like that.

Get really good at the thing you’re focusing on because honestly, that’s what really matters is that you have the best thing available of whatever it is that you’re doing. Okay.

I love that, man. And aside from click funnels, I’m me ask you out of the box question here, aside from ClickFunnels what’s the number one favorite software tool you’re using in your business today?

I’d have to go with Kartra. Just cause of the backends, everything it does in the business,

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard a first Blake Nubar from click profits all the way out of Orlando, Florida generated $6 million in revenue, literally in the last year of being open, which is incredible and tremendous. Blake, Thank you so much for jumping on and hopefully we can get you back on here in the near future, man. Appreciate Chad. Thanks for having me. You’re welcome. Have a good one. Bye you man.

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