Can B2B Appointments be Generated Via LinkedIn?
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 03:46 PM

Can B2B Appointments be Generated Via LinkedIn?


Does LinkedIn marketing work? Can an automated lead generation campaign work? Find out by watching the video!


Rafael asked, has anybody actually generated leads and made sales and generated business from B2B, linkedin prospecting?
The answer to that is yes, 100%. We actually have a whole section in our dash accelerator program that talks about creating an automated linkedin generation campaign or a lead generation campaign where the system will automatically go out on Linkedin, target specific business owners within specific niches, reach out to them. There’s a whole automated conversation campaign that happens, right? And growing your network and growing your following. And that’s the right way to generate leads. So rough El, I highly recommend joining our dash accelerator program if you have not been in there yet or anybody watching this that will literally solve your problem for all of your B2B linkedin generation campaign. So hopefully that helps you out.

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