Build A Multi-Million Dollar Call Center
Chad Kodary
Nov 11th, 2019 at 06:11 PM

Build A Multi-Million Dollar Call Center


Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks is going to walk you through the exact process on how to build a call center worth millions.
Chad has sold millions of dollars in digital marketing sales via cold calling and call center strategies.
You can simply copy and paste this exact process into your agency, even if you’re starting at sub-zero.


What’s going on marketers mindset. How we doing? Oh boy. We’re going to have a big crowd. Everybody. Four for four in the chapel low. Let’s go people four, four, four in the chat below. We’re going to have a lit session right now because shit, we got something fire coming out. We got something amazing. We got something spec doc. You loud. Look. Oh, you guys don’t even know what’s about to happen. Hit me. Went to go pro baby. We got everybody in the room. We’re going to let a bunch of people join. We got people from all over the world wearing this beautiful world. Are you from? Go drop it in the chat. Where in the world are you from? San Diego. Dallas, Kenya, Huntington beach. Guys. You know what? I want to do something crazy. Let’s go from face real quick. Let’s go from facing real quick.
Everybody stopped typing for one minute. Everybody stopped typing for one minute. What we’re going to do, guys is I’m going to go live on Instagram, okay? And I’m going to do a quick story and I want you guys to be as loud as possible. Now I know you probably want to real chat. How the hell am I going to be loud? You can’t hear me in the chat. Okay. I’m going to ask you a question and everybody if you can just pour it. I just want to see tons of comments go right, so give me a second. I’ll ask the question and then you will drop the comments in the answer. We’re going to go crazy. We got something. Ooh, you guys don’t even know we got in store for you today. All right, let’s just say that what’s going on bonkers mind cell was going on Instagram.
Guys, we are the [inaudible]. I live right here right now and I want to flip the camera around. I want to show you guys how amazing our audience is. We’ve got people here from literally all over the world, all over the world. Check this out. All right guys, and in three, two I want you to drop and aware of the world you from. Where are the world? Are you guys from? Go drop it on the chart. Where in the world are you from? Licking all of this San Francisco. Woo. You stay in Columbus, Texas, CT. Holy moly. We got people from all over the world. Cuba coming guys, keep it coming. Let’s go line up the chat. Wow guys, we just got started. We already got about 120 people on here and we that’s just live on zoom baby. That’s yours live on zoom baby. Oh boy. This is going to get going soon guys. What’s going on everybody? First and foremost, I need some water guys. First and foremost, who has heard of what Insta reports is? 419 in the chat.
Well damn it Carlos. Well that’ll make it awkward. You know, drop things during life for 19 in the chat. What’s going on everybody? So today I’m going to do something pretty cool and you guys know me. I like to do crazy shit while in life because it just makes the moment so much better, crazier and more intense. I also like to put a lot of pressure on myself. For those of you guys who probably already know that, and in this slide I’m going to put a shit ton of pressure on myself because I’m going to do stuff to get outside of my comfort zone to be able to help you guys. Are you guys okay with that 300 in the chat? If you guys are just okay with that 300 in the chat, but it’d be, let’s go. We need everybody to wake up. Amazing boy, we got a big audience today. We got a beautiful, a bunch of beautiful people from all over the world. So guys, today I’m going to show you guys how to build a six figure agency in just under 30 days by using or instant reports prospecting tool. Do you guys think that you can do that? Can you say me in the chat? If you guys think that that might be you, that person to hit that six figure agency and literally you 30 days she’s dropping me
Bobby, the Insta report. Somebody said jumping me in the chat. Amazing guys. So the first thing that I want to do and we’re going to, I’m going to talk to you guys about kind of how this this live is going to happen, okay? And there’s still a shit ton of people joining so it’s only going to get more intense and more crazy and extreme and extravagant. And I can’t think of any other words. There’s going to get intense in just a minute. Okay? So what we’re going to do is we’re going to jump into this screen in about for about five minutes. I’m going to show you guys and demo [inaudible] portrait real quick for those of you guys who have never seen it. Then after that, I’m going to talk to you guys about the exact strategies that you can use right now with zero money in your bank to literally go out and do this to get to a six figure digital marketing agency. Okay? The third thing I’m gonna do is prove that shit to you. Here live. I’m most likely going to take my cell phone, start calling people live right here in front of you, creating insert reports. Show you guys, the scripts, the process, the craziness. Are you guys cool with that? 376 minute chat? Let’s go baby. Three 76 in the chat. Whew.
Yeah guys, this is going to be a really good webinar. There’s a lot of you guys on here. I think there’s one of the biggest webinars we had yet. Let’s get it, baby. I asked. Let’s go pee and pee real quick guys. First and foremost, for those of you guys who do not know what instant reports is, instant reports is a prospecting tool. It basically allows you to create a multichannel report that pinpoints every single issue with a person’s business like instantly seconds. Okay guys, so instead of the old school way of doing sales where you’re like, Oh, I want to do some Facebook ads for you, and maybe we can do some Google ads and I might, I might do some listings and maybe I’ll help you rebuild your website. Like instead of going that route, which is like being a whiny baby and just trying to shove services down people’s throats. If you’re that person, can you drop in a tomb in the chat? Don’t lie to yourself, just dropping it to, it’s cool. You just want to shove services down. Well guess what guys? And so some people dropped the two. I wasn’t expecting that. Thank you for being honest right here on this live chat. Go. Let’s hit the go pro. We see you’re laughing at people. You’re loving. You’re people in the live chat.
I so like that’s the old school way of doing shit. Okay, let’s go pee and pee really quick that, that, that is the old school way of doing shit. The new way of doing it is to actually sell them stuff that they need. Do you guys agree with me that actually being able to show somebody that they’re in pain and then giving them an exact solution for what that problem is, is way better than just shoving shit down someone’s throat? Can I get an amen in the chat?
Can I get an amen in the chats people?
Amen guys.
Insert reports was like a six months, six month development project. Okay. It took a lot of time. It took a lot of manpower. It took a lot of mindset, a lot of strategy, a lot of meetings. Literally a lot of everything. Our dev team, let me go hit the GoPro really quick. One more time. I want to give a shout out to Carlos, which is our lead developer for insert reports. Carlos is the person who created this for you guys to be able to use along with Herardo, our other developer. Can we get a four 76 in the chair for our dev team for killing the game? Four 76 in the chat. Let’s go
Guys, not only does our dev team, but our entire team cares about your success. Okay? We know that in order for you to win, well, in order for us to win, you have to win, right? It’s gotta be a win win scenario. Okay? So when we are creating these tools for you guys, we’re really thinking about like we’re taking ourselves behind the development and the strategy concept and we’re really focusing on, okay, if I’m an agency owner, how do I make this work? And the cool shit is we are an agency so we know exactly what to do to help you guys out. Isn’t that, don’t you like think like agency guys, build agency tools that it would probably be a good tool. It makes sense. Right? So insert reports for me. I’m going to tell you guys a quick backstory on how I created it, why we created it and where kind of we’re going with this.
Right? So back in, I want to say about like 2015, 16, I used to use another tool that was somewhat similar to this which a similar style reporting which reported on a couple of different things. Not as granular as ours obviously. And it’s cool cause we’re the shit. But we did a lot of different style. It did, it did a couple of different styles of reporting. What I would do is the strategy that I would take is I would literally print out the report, a sample report. Right. So I would have actually, angel, can you do me a favor? Can you pass up? There’s a spiral binder right there. White spiral binder. Yeah. Pass that shit to me. Most of you guys like, Oh, Chan’s lawyer. He never did this shit before. Oh, you’re just talking shit like, no, I did this shit before.
Like this. This is what it was. Here was my binder. Here’s a report. Okay. All right. So I would literally use this. This is our retail agency. Okay. And I would take this, there’s a sample of the reporting here, which is an insert report. Okay. And then there’s also all of my plans and bundles and packages that we used to sell. Obviously we don’t sell this stuff anymore. We’re fully focused on dash clicks. But when we’re focused on our agency, this is what we were selling. This is what we were doing, right? So I would literally go and I would take this and I would walk into every single business. I had pork in a Plaza and now guys, they shit doesn’t work for you if you’re not a hustler. This shit’s not gonna work for you if you just want to sit back and do nothing, okay? This shit right here. This shit right here. This is for winners. This is for people who want to go out and hustle. This is for people that want to change their lives, change their businesses. Guys, if you guys are on the same mindset as me right now and you’re okay with doing work, can I get a five in the chat really quick?
Okay, good. I wanted to make sure that you guys are on the same page as me. I’m going to make a quick announcement before we start. If you are the person that just wants to sit back and do nothing and think that building an agency or building a business is completely automated, this webinar and dash clicks, aim instant reports is not for you, unfortunately. Unfortunately, that is not how businesses work. You need to be in your business. You need to be working in your business. You need to be focusing on what’s gonna make a difference in your business in order for you to actually be successful. So if you think that just going out there and buying insert reports and creating a bunch of reports and like letting the whole thing be automated, it’s never going to work. Don’t even buy it. We don’t even want you guys to buy the tool.
Okay? We want to show you how to use it the right way, which is the way that I used it is the exact ways I’m gonna show you way and ways that I’ve used this report to create over seven figures in digital marketing sales in the last couple of years. You guys want to see that 500 in the chat below if that’s something that you want me to share with you guys, like literally my exact process. Cool. Awesome. So I’m going to share that with you guys, but what I’m going to do in here really quick is we’re going to go P. And P. I’m going to jump in into insert reports really quick. I’m going to show you guys the report. I’m going to show you guys the process really quick, okay? That’ll be about five minutes. And then I’m going to jump straight in and we’re going to talk strategy.
I’m going to go crazy and start whipping out my phone and calling people and like literally booking instant reports live. Okay, so you do not want to miss out guys. And also we’re not going to bore you guys with a three hour webinar. We’re going to do it super quick. We’re going to chop in and out of the most important shit that you need to know right now to go out and build a six figure agency. Okay? So I will not bore you. I’ll make sure that this is fully jam packed with amazing this okay. And some entertainment along the way. Okay. Cause I want to get you guys born. A Christian said screen is kind of zoomed in. It looks like it’s stretched. Okay, we’ll figure it out. Everybody else seen me again. Can you guys see me? Amazing. Just drop a yes in the chat. I want to make sure we’re good.
Looks fine to me. Okay, cool. Christian, maybe you need to update your zoom. All right, let’s roll. Let’s go. P and P. All right guys, so I’m going to be, I’m going to be real with you. Instant reports. There’s a free version. The free version is really not going to take you too far. You can build one insert report per month and it allows you to report on four different reporting modules. So I am going to be completely up front with you. At the end of this webinar. You should be going and purchasing an instant reports plane so you can actually use this and benefit from it. Don’t be that guy to like wait until next month to create a report. It’s not really going to do much for you. You’re not going to build the business that way. Okay, so let’s go. So there’s three, four different packages we have.
We have the light version, which is completely free. It allows you to build a one inch report per month that allows you report on for reporting modules, which is listings, reviews, social and website. And then we have a basic package. It’s $97 a month. It’s under 100 bucks a month for a whole tool. Allows you to build six reporting modules, listings, reviews, social media, website, SEO and Google ads. Okay. Now we have, plus for one 97 allows you to build a hundred inch reports per month, seven reporting modules. So basically everything that’s in the basic plus Facebook ads and then premium, which basically gets you everything in the plus a G lets you do 150 reports instead of a hundred plus lets you create a custom, a SMS notification email notification. Basically personalize your whole campaigns. Okay? So guys, any package or whatever is right fit for you. The best thing for you to do is start small and work your way up if that’s cool.
Okay. Now when I, when I was doing this, I was building on average when I, the old school tool that I was using back in the day, I was building on average of about five to 10 reports a day, okay. And that was just me alone building above five to 10 reports a day. Okay. So kind of gauge those numbers. And see what, what might be a good fit for you. That’s for one person. If you’re a whole team, obviously you want to jump into the premium plan because you’re going to be building way more than that. Okay. How are the plans different? For instance, sites and it’s reports. Yes, two different, two completely different tools. And what we’re going to do guys, we’re going to do a whole Q and a section at the end of this. So if you have questions, just hold them really tight until the end.
And I’ll, I’ll go through every single question. I, I won’t leave until I get every single question answered. Okay guys. And that’s pretty much it. Okay. The rest of the stuff you can like literally just go here and read. I really want to get into the nuts and bolts here. Okay. So first thing that I want to do is I want to show you guys what an this report looks like. Okay? So this is actually what an insert report looks like. This is what this is like ripping the curtains off this behind the scenes of what it actually looks like can in case you guys want to revert back to this for some reason there’s a view sample report button right here. Okay, so you see over you my aunt’s reports all the way the end, this view sample report button, you just click on that and that’s going to open up this sample report in a new tab.
Okay? Once that opens up, this is just a sample report. It’s going to show you guys exactly what it looks like. Okay, so one thing that I want to show you guys, one thing that you need to focus on is your logo. Over here on the top left it says my marketing. Okay. In your dash directs account, that’s going to pull directly from your agency profile in your brain being inside of your dash six count. You don’t do anything, okay? The domain name domain name is going to be completely white labeled. If you’ve set up your domain name and your dash base account, this is all integrated into your dash because the is going to work the same way guys. Okay, a bottom left. Any right here. Okay, so any person, okay, on your team that’s going in and running a report. So let’s say as an example, if you have five people on your team and all five users all five people are have user accounts on dashboards.
Maybe it’s like account managers as an example. All five of you guys can actually go out, okay? All five, you guys can actually go out and do that, okay? You can go out and prospect and you can make sales. And what’s cool is if you are logged in, let’s say I’m Bobby the salesman and I log into my dash licks account. When I log in and I created this report, my information is going to be on the answer report, not my colleagues or coworker. You understand guys? So every count is basically sectioned off. Whoever creates the incident report that sales reps information is going to be on that instant report. Okay? Guys, somebody says, can’t see your whole screen. What can’t you guys see? Just making sure Bobby, the marketer, he said, I’m going to keep going cause I’m, I said I can see the whole screen pretty much perfectly.
Left side, far left. Let’s talk
Maybe this hold up, hold up, hold up. Wait a minute.
Let’s try that because of your video video on the corner. Cause of what cause of your video box on the corner. Zoom.
Oh, okay. Cool. All right, let’s keep rolling guys. On the left side you’re basically going to see the things that we report on. So the first thing that you’re going to see is the business. His name, which is the person that you’re running the report for. In this demo we ran a report for roto Rooter plumbing and water cleanup gain. That’s our address. Now. Roto Rooter had is a franchise plumbing company. They have like 500 locations all over the United States. It’s, it’s a crazy company. Okay. And in the left rail you’re basically gonna see the overall score, the listings, reviews, social media, website, SEO, Google ads. And Facebook ads. Okay, so you guys are going to see that literally right here on the left bar. Okay? Now guys, we wanted to make sure that the people who you’re sending the report to, we want to make sure that it’s easy for them to understand. How many of you guys agree with me and just by maybe quick show of quick poll, just say yes or no. How many guys agree with me that an average plumber or restaurant owner or roofer or locksmith or whoever it is that you’re going to be running these reports for? Do you think that they understand your marketing lingo? Just say yes or no in the chat real quick. You think that they understand your marketing lingo?
Yeah, they sure as hell don’t they have no clue what you’re talking about? They don’t know what metrics is. They don’t know what conversions is. A, they don’t know any of that stuff really. Okay. All they know is the stuff that’s literally spelled out to them in black and white says, Hey, this is it and this is it. Like, like just super basic knowledge and terms. Okay. So what we did is in every single section you’ll see videos, right? You see video here under the overview section, then you’ll see another video here under the listings, right? Then another video there. And what we did is we basically created these like little animated videos, which you might not hear it, but you can kind of just see what’s going on here. We created these animated videos, which actually shows them what that specific section is all about, right?
So we have one that’s an overview video, which literally tells them, Hey, this is basically what we did on your entire account, right? Or on the entire report. This is what the report is about, a two minute video, right? But then for the one that’s listings, we’re talking about like specific percentages. We’re talking about like how listings can benefit your business. We’re talking about like the differences between this listing, right? So we’re, we’re actually telling them and we’re kind of like pre-framing them on why this is so important to make sure that this information right here is accurate and fixed and why you should make sure that you get an a. Okay. Next downloading the report on the top right of the report, you can download a PDF of the report, which we’ll try to do it here. I’m on the screen. Okay. You can download a PDF of the report or you can even print the report.
Okay. The download takes up to about one to two minutes to download because it’s like a 20 page report. The print is pretty insane. You just click the print button and then print it, and then you can actually like literally printed out, take your handy dandy book and like literally walk into Charlie’s office and start pitching some shit. Okay guys. So that’s still downloading. We’ll let that download in the meantime. So basically section is sectioned off. It’s organized. And what’s like one of the biggest things in marketing? Okay. Personalization. Right? So if we’re going to send this report and I’ll just look super generic. It’s not gonna, it’s not gonna like that person that’s opening their reports, not gonna feel like it’s theirs. Right? So what do we do? And here’s the report, guys. We’ll show you guys what it looks like. So look how beautiful this report looks.
This is like a downloaded PDF version. Like imagine like sending this to somebody. Okay, this is crazy. Okay, we can just go on here for days. Like it’s telling them like everything that’s wrong with their business. Okay guys, does that make sense to you? Okay, so yeah, we’re good. So the next thing that we did is we actually personalize it with their data. So when that person logs in, they’re going to literally see pictures of their images. We’re going to see pictures of their team, their their trucks. If there are a fricking plumbing company, right? What do you think going to happen? The second that that person opens the report, they’re automatically going to feel like this is for them, right? So I know most of you guys would probably like chat. This is such a dumb shit. Like why are we even talking about this?
But guys, when you’re talking about marketing and you’re talking about like SAS and tools for agencies and stuff like that, this is the way that we need to think in order to create a successful tool for you guys. We need to think like what’s going to work the best because if these agency owners are going to spend all day sending out instant reports, I want to make damn sure that when somebody gets that insert report we have the highest conversion rate possible. Okay, can I get an amen real quick to that shit. I want to make sure that if you guys are using the tool that you guys are going to be able to make sales. Okay. That’s the way that we think here. A dash place. Okay, so let’s keep going. Next, what we do is we actually focus, this is an overall score section.
So, and if you ever went to school, most likely you ever got a report card most likely, right? So if you actually think about the way that that works is pretty much a grading system, right? So we’re not telling the person, Hey like there’s 38 metrics and then he divided by this and let these, you get to some of this and 94 7% happens here and like you don’t have your pixel on it. Guys were just saying like, Hey, you got to see for listings, you didn’t do a good job and we’re going to show you why you got it. Now we’re gonna be able to help you. We’re making it super simple. We’re not trying to confuse shit because confusing shit doesn’t sell. Simple shit is the shit that sells. Okay? Simplifying your business model, simplifying your prospecting, simplifying your sales. Like this shit doesn’t have to be confusing.
This is not brain science. Your shit’s fucked up, man. We’re going to help you. This was, we’re going to show you what’s going on right here, right now. Okay? So as you can see on this sample report, this person got an overall score of 50% and by the way, guys, you can always click on these and it’s going to show you guys exactly, exactly how we’re doing the calculations for each one of these sections. In case your company of your company asked, okay? So first thing is you’ll see listings. They gotta to see reviews, they to be social media. They got an a website, they got to be SCO. They’ve got an aid, Google ads. They got to see now guys, if this person has an a in social media, am I gonna freaking waste my time trying to sell them social media? They’re already killing the game.
Do you understand how this also focuses now on like veering you like in the right direction of like what you should even be talking about during this conversation? Like if you’re killing it in SEO, why am I going to offer you an SEO package? You’re already killing it, right? So think about it without having anything like insert reports. You’re going to go into the conversation trying to sell somebody SEO and they’re already killing it in SEO and that’s why you’re not making sales because you’re not focusing on what they actually need. They don’t need SEO, they don’t need social media. They’re already killing it. What they need is listings. They need some Google ads. Hell, they need some help with their website. They need some review monitoring. You guys see where I’m going with this? 67 in the chat. If you guys are on the same page as me, real quick, 67 I want to make sure everybody in this pitch is on the same page 67 in the chat. Let’s go.
Yeah, you guys were on the same page. It makes sense, right? So let’s keep going. Now guys, they got a C for listings, okay, why? Well, we’re going to show you, Hey, your listing accuracy is 60% okay? We found 45 listings out of the available, 53 listings and 43 of them have errors, which means pretty much almost every listing that we found has an issue, okay, and here’s the listing accuracy overview, guys, we made it simple. 75% of the the, the directories have a correct business mate name. That means 25% of the business directories that we scanned don’t have the correct name, okay? 47% had the correct address. That means 53% of the business listings that your company has is incorrect. Does this make any sense to you? If you’re a restaurant and you’re drunk and I’m going to freaking Yelp and you’re sending me to the wrong address, do you think that that’s going to be good? When I get there, I’m going to be fucking pissed and I will never come to you again guys, you guys understand this. You guys understand this. Is this making sense? Just say yes.
Yeah, it does.
Same thing with the phone number. Look at this. 58% of these listings have the correct phone number, which basically means 42% of their listings or wrong, they don’t have the correct phone number, guys. Like, think about that really quick. Yelp, this is a plumbing company, okay, up. This is a fricking plumbing company, okay? Which basically means let’s, let’s scroll down really quick. This is a plumbing company, okay? Phone number is eight eight eight eight five 81 80 okay. But everywhere else it’s (305) 461-9915. So that’s the correct phone number. So you’re telling me now on my Yahoo listing and don’t even say I’m lying to you cause I’ll open this shit up in a new tab. We’re going to prove it to you right here, right now Bobby. Okay? You’ve got the wrong freaking phone number. All your Yahoo listing, that means all of the 97 year old grandmas who use Yahoo are not going to be able to use you for their plumbing services.
Okay? You got to step up your game. So what, what are we doing here guys? We’re like literally focusing, we’re focusing on the exact elements that are incorrect with their business. Guys, I see a shit ton of people going out and a going on with questions, which is great, but we’re going to hit all the questions. I’ll hit Q and a at the end. OK? Cause I’m going in, right? And I want to show you guys exactly how to use this. Okay? So we’re literally going through every single listing. Think about this, guys go through every single listing. Great. Now we get to reviews. Now we scanned from three major review sources, Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Okay. Three major review. Several sources were literally pulling in reviews, okay, we’re showing you how many reviews you got. We’re also comparing it to the industry average.
Okay, so if we keep scrolling down here like we see it on Google, a hundred reviews are found. Yes, they do have reviews in the last six months. The average review score is 4.7 but check this shit out. Guys. Look at this shit. This is some nasty shit right here. They got a one star review on Yelp on October 29th I can guarantee your ass the business owner doesn’t even know about this review. Okay? One star review on Yelp. Guys who like what you’re doing here is you’re literally opening up your eyes. You’re allowing your eyes, you’re opening up the business owner’s eyes and showing them exactly what’s wrong with the business. Which in sales is the most important way of actually selling your product. You show them what’s wrong with it, especially in services, right? Show them what’s wrong. Fix the problem. Let’s keep scrolling down here, okay, let’s go down social media. How many page likes average put, like look at this shit guys. They’re 35,000 page likes. Okay? This is once again guys, a franchise. It’s one of the biggest plumbing companies in the United States. So they’re obviously a big company, right? 35,000 page likes. They’re doing an average of about 23 posts on their Facebook page every month. They got about 349 likes per post on average. Average post it gets shared 139 times. Guys, let’s be real and answer this question, yes or no. Do you think that they need your help doing social media?
What do you think this conversation’s going to go like? He’s just wasting time, right? They don’t need your help doing social media, man. They’re already killing it. Focus on a different angle. And so the way you can get in man, kit that back door. Let’s go down a website. Okay. And by the way, guys, you see Facebook here, we’re also working on adding Instagram. Instagram should be coming soon. So we’re going to be scanning their Instagram accounts as well. It’s going to be coming in the next coming weeks. We’re just waiting on API approval for Mark Zuckerberg. Carlos, he got laughing on that one, Carlos. All right, cool. Next is website guys. We go out and we are literally hooked into Google page speed tool, which is a PSI tool that Google uses to actually find out what’s wrong with websites and to make them better. So this shit is not even us.
This is Google’s from Google’s mouth directly to the business telling them, Hey, you got some shit wrong with your website. Okay, here’s some food. Here’s some issues that you can fix right now. Like literally we’re telling them what the issues are and why they need to be fixed and why they’re important. Okay. These are issues you should consider fixing. These are some issues that are actually, we scanned them. They’re good, right? Because their reports shouldn’t be only bad shit. It’s okay to have some good shit too. Okay. But nothing is perfect and that’s where we can come in as a marketer and a marketing gangs. He guys like if you want perfection, if you want to get this score up to an a, I can come in and I can help you. I’m a freaking pro web developer. I can come in and fix this shit right now, or I can get you listed to all these listings and fix all that stuff.
Or I can do this here. Social media and pulse more and getting you more engaged when you see what’s happening here, right? Let’s keep going. SEO. Okay. The big boy SEO, now we’re talking about one. We’re taking their website, which is right here at the top. It’s the first link and we’re comparing it to all of their competitor websites because we obviously know what psychology does to people, right? People want to be just like their competitors. They’re nosy, they’re nosy people. They want to know what their competitors are doing all the time. So what better way to put them against their competitors. And in most cases, obviously this is the biggest plumbing company in the United States, but I guarantee you, you run one of these for like a local restaurant or locksmith, like they’re going to be like, shit out of luck. They’re going to have shitty, shitty scores compared to all of their competitors.
Okay? So this is how you actually go out and sell it. Show the pain points, right? So you can see, or like we’re showing the domains, the domain and all their competitors are top 10. The overlap. Okay. Which is the percentage of basically how many to how many similar keywords we have against all of these competitors, which is actually why is it, why even puts them as competitors? Okay. The keywords. Okay. And by the way, guys, on all of these, there was a little, there’s little tool tips. They shit doesn’t have to be confusing. Okay? So not only for you but for the people, your customers. We’re looking at this report. Okay. So let’s keep going. Then we actually go out and we find keywords. We find the top 10 keywords, the kid that they’re ranking for and we show their positions. We show the possible search volume that they can get on a monthly basis.
From that results keyword difficulty. We even show you the page that it’s ranking on, so we show you the specific keyword in the page on Google that’s ranked, that’s ranking for that specific keyword in the position that it’s in and how much search volume thinking you get. Now, once again, guys, this guy got an a in SEO. We’re not going to have an SEO conversation. I can tell you that much, okay? But guys, like I guarantee, once again, you run this for a local business. It’s not like the biggest franchise in the world. You’re not going to happen. You’re not going to have a perfect one of these. Okay? Let’s keep going back links. Okay? We do a whole backlink analysis and showing them exactly where their doc links are. Okay? Which ties directly into SEO, which Y you might not be ranking. Right? Does that make sense?
Let’s keep going. Google ads. Now we’re actually taking some data here based on a bunch of statistics that we gather and we say that, Hey, you most likely are trying to, or you’re, you’re in your Google ads account. You’ve got about 3,100 keywords that are showing up for ads. So I can type in 3,100 different keywords and your ads will pop up, okay? And on average, you’re getting about 15,700 visitors to your website every month from your Google ads campaign, and you’re spending about almost a half a million dollars in Google ads, which just makes sense because once again, this is the biggest plumbing company in the United States and they’re doing ads for like 500 franchisees. So it makes sense. Okay, who wants this account? Right? Can I get a year? And the chap who wants that account, that’s a big daddy account right there. Boy, that is a big daddy account right there.
Let me get a yes. Everybody wake up. Yes in the chat. Let’s go. Let’s go. Yes in the chats. Come on guys. We got to wake up. I’m about to do some cold calls here in a second. I’d love to do some cold calls here in a second. Same thing here guys. Now we got their metrics, right? My shit, let’s stack it up against our competitors. Let’s do the same thing. Let’s compare you to all the guys who were right around the same location as you. Okay? So if you’re Bobby the plumber, don’t you want to know what Sandy the plumber’s doing and what Jason the plumber’s doing. You’re nosy. You’re a business owner, right? So compare that shit. Put it right in front of them. They got no, they have no way to tell you no. Okay. There’s no way. Let’s get to the cream of the crop. The Quran. Della clap. Who does Facebook ads in here? Anybody pitch Facebook ads? Can I get a one, two, three in the chat if you pitch Facebook gods to a, to a customers, one to three in the chat. Shit, I’m going to do another quick poll just cause I’m curious. You can only type in one service. Don’t be that guy. Okay. Go ahead and type in the service that that’s your, the main service that you pitch. Like what’s your main service? Just type it in as an SEO type in SEO, Facebook ads. They’ve been Facebook ads. Just go ahead. Let’s go everybody, everybody together. Drop it in the chat.
Facebook ads, Facebook ads, a lot. Pretty much goddamn like 90% of you. You guys should all join together and start a Facebook ads community. Oh wait, there is one, it’s called the Ashley’s. I a lot of you guys doing Facebook ads. Right? How cool would it be to actually be able to pull in that all of their active Facebook ads right here on the report. Okay. Now guys, mostly guys, if you’re running, depending on the size of the company, if you’re running a report for company, who do you think this report is going to go to? Especially for this size company is going to go to like the marketing manager, right? It’s going to go to the marketing director or somebody like that. Right. What about if you’re running a port for a report for a mom and pop shop? Okay. I can guarantee you the plumber doesn’t know what freaking Facebook ads are running for him, okay?
I can guarantee the restaurant owner has no idea what the hell is going on. They pay a mortgage agency thousand bucks a month and they’d deal with that shit. Okay. Now what if I pull up these ads and they look like this? Look at this shit. God damn roto Rooter. This is some embarrassing shit, okay? You have, you spend $500,000 on Google ads yet for Facebook ads, which you should be doing a shit ton of remarketing. If you’re doing Google ads, look at this shit stuck disposal first. Let’s try the reset button. Hashtag first try this hashtag again, then call us. Hashtag stuck in the disposal with you. I can guarantee you they’re probably spending like 10 K a day on this shit. Like this is embarrassing, right? Where the hell do you think my conversation is going to go next? Right? Look at these shit. Okay. Maybe the ad is okay, man. Maybe it’s not. I mean it’s a shitty picture. Probably that they got from Shutterstock. I mean, it just looks like shit. They copied and pasted that. Let’s see where there, let’s see what their landing page looks like.
Oh, this is great. You’re taking, you’re like a freaking FAQ page for a Facebook ad. What in the world is wrong with you? Do you guys see what’s going on here? Like this is, what are you doing right? Some of you guys are going to be calling Rhoda and be like, Hey, I just want to let you know I ran a quick insert report and without even using any credits, I know a lot of you guys like I just run a quick a report in your sentiment. Dashchle X-linked, step it up. Come on. People. Come on people like, think about that. Let’s go back to the report here. Okay. What you think’s gonna happen here?
Dude, this is what I need to do for you. You’re spending 500 K a month in Google ads. Just give me like 10 K a month and let me kill that shit with some Facebook ads because your pixel is already fired up with a $500,000 in advertising that you’re sending fucking 16,000 people a month to your website from Google ads. Let me create a bad ass remarketing campaign with videos and like jifs and cool stuff. Not this fricking nine year old bullshit that somebody created you from. You’re a head of marketing department. Like this is sad. Okay, this is sad. Okay, so this is the power of his reports guys. It’s being able now. Yeah. Let’s, let’s pause for a second. Maybe I can use 900 tools and probably get all of these metrics. Yeah, I can probably do that. I can go find an SEO tool, pull some SEO metrics.
I can find a Facebook ads tool, pull that I can find a Google arts tool, pull out scrapes from social media shit. Maybe I’ll just do it myself and I’ll put together a PDF report and only take me 17 hours. What do you think about that? That might be good, right? Or you can literally just go here. You can go to builder. Okay. And you can just type it in the business name in here. Go ahead guys. Dropping any business name, any business ain’t drop one in any business name. Go ahead and think of anything that you want. Whatever the hell you want said Bobby, the painter, a click funnels side effects inc. Give me like a local like, like a restaurant or something.
Eduardo’s Mexican grill. Shit. Let’s try this shit. Okay. I don’t even know how to spell that. People stop typing your Eduardo’s. Oh, look at that shit. That’s the first one there. I’m just going to click on it. Holy shit. It filled out all the information for me. I don’t even need a VA anymore guys. ECL, easy to shit. It’s like, that’s all I need to do. Okay. It’s all I need to do and then I can call it Waldo or I can freaking go to Edwardo’s website, which this is pretty sad. His website is his Facebook page on his Google business listing. Right. So we’re actually integrated directly with Google, which basically means we pull in everything from their Google business listing, which is basically all this shit. The only thing that’s left is their email address. Okay. Their email address, would you just put in whatever email address you want this report to go to? Okay. Then you drop in their Facebook page ID. Okay. Which either you can go to Facebook, search the business name, copy and paste the link, or you can literally just go to their website and click the Facebook icon. Like every website has copy and paste and drop it in. Okay. Then you go here and you select the business category. Okay. This is, I’m assuming Mexican food, right?
Here. Right there, restaurants, Mexican. And these guys are obviously doing local. Goddammit. Chad, get out of here with your fricking messages. Awesome. Got pretty much everything I need here, Mrs. Johnson example, so that I can go in here and I’m like, screw it. I’m sending into [inaudible] an email and I’m gonna send them a text message straight to my phone and I’m gonna pick Chad’s template with all of Chad’s information on it or whatever it is that I want because they created it using my premium. It’s just a reports account. Okay? And I’ll click this and then I’ll literally just click agree and I’ll click build instant report. Okay. I didn’t fill in the email, so that’s why it’s not doing it. Okay. That takes literally one minute. One minute. Okay.
Then every single report that you run is going to go right here in the my InstaSize insert reports tab. Okay? So as you can see guys, I run a couple reports today. You’ll see here on the created column, okay? You’ll see I’ve created a bunch of reports today. You’ll see here in the viewed column, this is basically showing you when that person viewed the report, which is another cool thing that we did. Okay? So I’m going to go out and I’m going to send the in store report to a prospect. And the second the taper can open that report, guess what? You get notified, we’re going to send you a notification email letting you know, Hey, Eduardo just opened up your insert report, but I get on the phone, we call a water right now. That shit is hot, right? Not only that, so we’re gonna show you the day and time that they actually opened the report and then we’re going to prioritize the lead, okay? We’re going to give it a star value. So the stars that are higher basically means that the report was just recently open case. It’s going to give it three stores as an example, okay? Or if somebody went on here and actually filled out the form to get in touch with you after you send them out,
Those two things are going to trigger the lead priority. Okay? So let’s just say I go out and they call this company and I’m like, you know what? Dammit, this guy’s not in growth, not just going to go ahead and add a quick note. I’ll just use my light little CRM system here. Make life easy. What’s that squeaks doing? If I want to get all their information, I can just click this little icon button, get all their information. Okay. Oh, if I want to filter by sales rep, I’m like screw it. I only want to see the reports that Chad Cadery ran, which is our prime sales rep. Right guys, I need a sexy tier right now. Is any of the sexiest healthy you can we get a 17 in the chat real quick? Let’s go. Let’s go from facing real quick, Carlos, let’s let them loosen up guys, can you see the power of insert reports? Do you guys see the power of ins reports? I’m going to do a quick poll real quick at the end of this webinar or even right now, cause that should takes two seconds. Who’s planning on getting a paid instant reports subscription and taking action on this shit? Drop a yes in the chat you say yes. Why? Yes, yes in the chat.
I think pretty much every single person in here. Okay guys, this, this is like this, like is literally, let me put this down really quick and let me like talk to you heart to heart real quick. Okay. This tool was built from another tool that I used to use, which is an old school tool. We built something that’s better, more powerful, cheaper, right. Built right into your dash X account. Okay. This is literally what I used to do. Okay. Let me actually, let me come closer to the screen here. Okay. Can I see this real quick? You see that date on there? April 27th, 2015 is when this report was created.
2015 April. Guys, this is some, somebody said throw back. This is some throwback shit. Okay, so when I build something and when my team built something, when we’re going out on, we’re building these tools, we’re not building shit. That’s not going to work. It only doesn’t work because you are not making it work. You can go out there. Literally, I built my entire company using two tools, Insta sites, Insta reports. These are the two tools that I built my entire company on over seven figures, multiple million dollars in digital marketing sales in the last 10 years doing this. This is what we were doing, okay? So if anybody in here says, I can do it,
Get out of chat right now. Let’s not for you
Guys. This works with anybody. This tool works with any location, any country. It’s mobile responsive. There is zero limitations with this tool. The only limitation is your, it’s your mindset, okay? For those of you guys who need a mindset push, I highly recommend joining our dash university. You can also get that shit. It’s $1 for 14 days. Just type in the word dash dollar at checkout. We’re just going to insert reports account and to insert reports. Can’t go on your dash six account and go to education and a hit up the dash university. Guys, let me ask you a quick question. Who wants to see me do this shit live right here, right now in front of you? Who wants me to whip my phone out and do this shit live right here right now? No scripts right in front of you, in front of hundreds of people, hundreds of people.
You guys want to see me get lit right now? You know I love doing shit like this. I don’t give a shit if I fail live. And that’s what, that’s what you gotta focus on, man. Like who gives a shit? If you fail, who cares if I don’t close it? I’m not going to close a freaking contract right now. I know that. But if I just have one phone call that maybe the script that you’re listening to or the things that I’m saying changes anything in the way that you do it and helps you. It’s worth me sitting here for 20 minutes making cold calls. Can we decide cam real quick?
I know you guys see right here, right? So this is a TV right here. You guys are probably see this right here, which is the live chat, right? By the way, for those of you guys who are not following me on Instagram, if you guys wanted to see that shit that I did, you want to see behind the scenes of what actually happened on my phone, like this whole chat, just go to Instagram and type in Chad Cadery and just follow me. All my stories are behind the scenes. It’s stuff like this, things that I do dumb stuff to. Just for some reason it’s going to help you. I don’t know why, but everybody messages me on Instagram and some stuff that I does just really clicks with them, right? Yeah. Somebody said shameless plug. I have no shame. I don’t care if I fail, I fail. It is what it is. At least I tried.
I can’t succeed without trying. That’s for damn sure. All right, let’s do some calls, baby. Let’s do some calls. Bay Bay. Who’s ready? [inaudible] Ready. 97 in the chat for the price of the basic insights. 97 in the chat. All right. What I’m going to do guys is two things. One, I’m going to set up over here. I’m going to open up Yelp and I’m going to get myself set up over here, which is going to take me about one minute. Okay. Now I asked the question before and I said who’s ready to take action? Who’s ready to actually accelerate their agency? Okay guys, we got a close instruct ports for a couple of weeks after we hit 200 subscriptions. I think we’re probably close to halfway there. Okay. We’re going to close it for a couple of weeks, have like a closed beta environment to make sure that we can release all bunch of cool stuff and like work closely with you guys. So if you guys haven’t gone in yet, I’m going to take a one minute literate little intermission. I’m going to start setting up over here and then I’m going to fucking unload some magic on you guys with these cold calls and doing the shit live. But go ahead and drop in a yes if you’re going to open up a new tab right now and at least get any insights subscription so you can get in and start taking action. Just drop. Yes. Okay. Carlos, can we go pee and pee real quick?
So for those of you guys are going to do it all, you really have to do, we made light super easy for you. You’re going to see a big red bar at the bar at the top. Kate says, create multichannel business reports on the fly for your prospecting campaigns with a new instruct ports tool. Try it now. You just click that, try now button going here, select any campaign or any a subscription that you want and literally you can check out within one minute. Okay, I’m going to start setting up on my end. I have Stripe connected to my phone. If I see you, what I’m going to also do is I’m going to actually do something cool, which I’ve never done and this was pretty much on the fly. There’s a shit ton of you guys on this live webinar. There’s a shit ton of you guys on Facebook.
Okay? What I’m going to do is anybody who purchases their Insta reports subscription, I will call your name out. And then what I’m also going to do is I’m going to create a separate private, okay? I’m going to do a private class for one hour with everybody who purchased insert reports, and I’m going to sh, I’m going to flip through some shit that you’ve never seen before. Okay? So I’m going to be able to Q and a. Any questions that you have, help you guys with some mindset stuff personally, answer all your questions. Now this can be max 200 people, okay? So even if you go in there and you purchase the basic insights plan or you purchase the one 97 plan, some of you guys said, I already bought it. If you already bought it, that’s not a problem. You’re going to be able to join there too.
I’m going to do a privately hosted webinar where it’s going to be different from this. I’m going to literally be at my computer and I’m going to share my screen and I’m going to work with you guys. Okay? And I’m gonna show you guys how to use the instant reports and take it to the next level. We’ll do that in a couple of days. We’ll set a date for that. Okay, so for those of you guys now let’s take a quick two minute intermission. You want to open up your new tab and actually go out and purchase and then just right, right, purchased in the chat. So I know, just write purchase in the chat. So whether you’ve purchased before or you’re about to purchase, go ahead and just write it in the chat purchase. So a, I can see kind of like where we’re going with this and how many people were about to cap out. I remember we’re capping out at 200 people. Okay. Angel purchase. Travis purchased Peter, Tom Curtis,
Paul [inaudible],
Jerry Vonte, Lori Kenton, Damian, Sean, John, Mike, Jason, Sean, Jeff, Robert, all of you guys purchase ins reports. Yeah, I see them coming in. Okay guys, let’s keep going. I’m going to get set up here. I’m going to show you guys how to sell this shit. Whoever purchases Insta reports, we’re going to do a private session, so of $97 to jump on a call with me and everybody else who actually put up their money and put their money where their mouth is and purchase insert reports. Imagine one type of conversation. That shit’s going to be,
Let’s go guys.
All right, so I’m going to set up, give me about a minute and I’ll let you guys continue. I’m just going to open up a, actually, fuck it. I’ll open up Google. Let’s go straight to Google maps. Who else purchased a lot of you guys. Wow. Maurice Francis Albert, Megan, Lynn Christian on odd. Jane Nicolas, Robert Taylor said, is there a 30 day money back guarantee? There’s not a 30 day money back guarantee. Dude, it’s 97 bucks a, you’re getting a killer software and an hour with me. It’s priceless. I’m Jasmine.
Leshawn alright, cool. Let’s go to Google maps. For those of you guys who are still doing it, feel free to still do it. Let me check Facebook really quick because I completely forgot that we’re live on Facebook too. So we’ve got Joe, Aaron, Angelina Clifford. All right, so there’s a bunch of people on Facebook. Sorry you guys, I forgot you were here. Shit, you should’ve been in the webinar. We got about 20, 80 you guys on Facebook and about another 200. Are you guys on zoom? Shit’s getting real here, baby. Shit is getting real.
Who else? Who else can I say Joshua? All right, cool. Beautiful.
All right guys. So this is literally, there’s a couple of different things that you can do and there’s a couple of different ways that you can transition this. Okay? The first thing that you can do if you want, the quickest way to do this is literally straight up to go to Google maps. And also from the years of doing sales and selling digital marketing services and having a call center and going through that whole route, the best thing to do is also start local K the best thing that you can do is literally start local. Okay? So literally just go to Google maps and I’m just gonna type in plumber. Yeah.
Come on, Google, load up. All right, awesome. So these are literally all of the plumbers that are right by me. Come on, here we go. All right, so these are literally all the plumbers right by me. Okay. So you can do this or you can do it like Yelp. You can go anywhere you want. I’m literally all you have to do to run an insert report is just get a business name. Now if you’re using Google my business, if you want to like save a shit ton of time a Richard and Tom purchase Joshua purchase. Thank you guys. Cool. I’ll see you guys on that call. The cool part about doing it this way is these are all going to be pulled directly into insert reports. So you don’t really have to do anything. All the info is already there, right? All you gotta do just go into, into report. So let’s just use as an example. Let’s see, like here, green team service Corp, right. Let’s click on this guy really quick.
All right. Green team service Corp. Cool. All right. So like if I just go here and I go to insert reports and I go to builder.
And I just typed in green team service like right there. You guys see how easy that was? I literally just ripped all his information. No copy and paste, no BS. Just like literally pulling all his info in one shot. Okay. Now I’m going to go here. I’m actually gonna go back to Google. We’re going to run a quick report on this guy just for the hell of it. Let’s go to his website. I want to grab his Facebook. Cool. There it is right there at the top of the page. It’s like they knew I was coming. This shit is so hard to copy and paste.
Damn, it’s paced.
Email address. Let me get this disgraceful. Roto Rooter ad should be ashamed of yourself. Rotor ruder. Ah, all right, let’s go here. Who to contact us? All right, right there. Info at green team service Corp com, info at green teen service Corp com.
First name and last name. A lot of the times you can like literally just go to a bout and I’ll look at, meet the team. Hmm. I wonder who’s going to be there. Look at that. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Where are you at? Where you at? All right, it’s not working. Come on. You tell you one thing and they need a new website.
Alrighty. Just scroll up a little bit so I can see. There we go. All right, James. Terry, look at that. Like James Terry. Cool. What industry are they? Well, they’re a plumber. I’m just gonna type in home services. Plumbing a, these guys are local. They got a local plumbing company. Okay. cool. So I got all their information here. I want to go ahead and I want to send them an email. I use a default template for now cause I’m actually gonna send it to this guy and I’m going to send them an SMS message and I’m going to include literally every single thing that’s on here and I’m just going to click buildings to report. Okay. And by the way guys, just so you know, in case your dash looks account is not 100% white labeled, our system detects that and we’ll give you a little warning like this and let you know, Hey, you didn’t upload your logo or you didn’t set up your custom domain yet. Please do that before moving forward. So that way everything’s white labeled. OK? In this case, because we’re just running a test, I’m going to click proceed and click yes. And in bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Leaving. Gentlemen, we are all done. Let’s get this guy to call, huh?
Oh, let’s go here. Alright, contact us now guys. Usually I’m going to recommend something. I wanted to show you guys obviously how to go out and build a report. But usually what you’re going to want to do is instead of wasting your insert ports credits and just building fucking reports for everyone without even speaking to them, call them first. Okay? And literally, I’m just going to say nine five four zero four one zero zero. And this guy’s name is James. Okay. Can you guys hear me? Just say yes in the chat.
Good afternoon. It’s a Gregory Green team. Marie speaking. How can I help you?
Yeah. Hi, how are you? Do you know if James is in mining chains?
No, he’s not here. Okay. I can take a message if you like.
Sure. Do you know by any chance the, the email info add green teen service Corp? Does that come to you by chance?
It does. I’ll take you information down and I can pass it along. What is your name sir?
Okay. My name is Chad [inaudible].
Yup. And you’re calling from work Chad? I’m calling from social agency. We’re actually right here down the street. We’re in Fort Lauderdale.
And what is this in regards to the chair?
I went ahead and ran a re a quick online report for you guys. It’s like a 20 page report and I just wanted to send it to you guys and you guys can look at it. It just basically shows you guys some improvements that you can make online. I created something, a custom for you guys.
What is your phone number? Tell me your phone.
It’s nine, five, four two five one six two seven, six, seven, six. What was your name again? So I can just come merely, Hey Millie. Okay, awesome. Millie, what I’m going to do also just to, just to make life easier for you as well. I’m just going to go ahead and email the report to you. And then my contact will also have my contact info will be on the report as well. And then I’ll, I’ll just follow up with you guys another day if he’s not in, I don’t want to bother anybody.
What, what kind of report is this, Chad?
Yeah, so this is basically an online visibility report and so what we did is I ran a report on your website. It’s a fully customer port, so it took me a long time to create this. But you guys are local and we like working with local companies. We specialize in working with plumbers in the South Florida area and we’re in Fort Lauderdale’s. We’re right down the street from you guys. So I basically ran a report on your website, your SEO, your Google ads, Facebook ads your listings, social media and that’s pretty much it. So it’s, it’s about a 20 page report. It’s an in depth report that shows you guys everything that’s happening within your business and also shows you guys like a bunch of things that you can do to help, you know, increase revenue in marketing, maybe some errors that you have on your website that you can fix. So it’s just a report where we can have a conversation about it and we can do one of two things. One, you guys can take the report and obviously I wish you the best of luck and hopefully it’ll help you guys and whether somebody doing it internally or externally, you guys can fix those issues to make sure that you’re gonna, you know, better the business or to I can offer you guys some services where we can help you guys do that on behalf of basically our company.
Okay. I’m going to forward your information to the owner and if he likes, he can call you. How’s that? Okay. Check. Okay.
Sounds great. And what I’ll do, yeah, what I’ll do, Milly is I’m gonna I’ll, I’ll just, I’ll send it off right now and then I’ll, I’ll, I’ll just follow up with you guys in a couple of days to see if it’s sounds good.
Well, let him call you first because the office is going to be closed for the next few days, okay. Oh, okay. No problem. All right. Have a good one. Bye bye. You too. Bye bye.
No, no, no, no, no Iranian guys. We, we, we’re not selling they shit right now. But guess what? I’m think it was guys, everybody hear me say yes. If you hear me. Did you guys hear me? We’re going to do a couple more of these. Don’t worry. Say yes if you hear me. All right, cool. Now guys, I already created this report and here’s the report right here. It’s so let’s
Open this bad boy up and let’s see what it looks like. Green team service Corps. Woo hoo shit. These boys need some help overall scores, 35% they are failing listings. They got good reviews. There aren’t. There were no kids. Social media, their website definitely needs a revamp. Okay. And SEO and their Google ads is horrible. Holy shit. Okay. Okay. Okay. We can do something with this. We can definitely do something with this. All right ladies and gentlemen. So what I’m going to do, ah, let’s do this. Are they running any Facebook ads? Nope. And by the way, guys, if they’re not running any Facebook ads, it’ll look like this and that’ll basically say, Hey, we’re not finding any active Facebook ads. We couldn’t find any active Facebook guides for the business page, creating a professional Facebook ads campaign. We’ll let your business create predictable revenue and then basically call to action. Says, Hey, we can create one for you. Right? So I’m going to go back here and let’s go right in here. Green team service court. I’m going to write a quick note. [inaudible]
Spoke to Millie. The admin was hard to get through. Call on her back. I’ll call them Friday.
Cool. I’ll go ahead and I’ll add that. Bang. All right, beautiful. Done. And guess what guys? The second, the second that they actually go and they open the report. I’m going to get an email knowing exactly when they open the report and guess what, what do you think I’m going to do? Well, hello there. Millie. Looks like you guys just opened the business report I sent you. Is now a good time when we can chat you guys see how we do this? 497 in the chat. Who wants to see me make more calls? Four 97 in the chat.
Is this fun?
Do you guys like seeing me do crazy shit like this? You do. Yeah. Right. You do. Alright, awesome. Let’s keep going cause I like you guys. Let’s keep going guys. By the way, during this whole thing quick poll, who purchased her entire site to kind of drop at three, three, three in the chat? It’s a report’s not, it’s the site’s God damn it with these names. Three, three, three in the chat. If you have purchased your instant reports account and you are going to take action today. The second that you get off of this live a lot of you guys. All right, well at least like 30 40 you guys. Woo. By the way guys, we have people coming in and out. So if you guys go and purchase your instant report account today, by the end of the day I’m going to be doing a live webinar with all of the people who purchase her instant reports account and I’m going to do some really behind the scenes stuff.
I’m going to get really up close and personal with you guys and help you guys actually use instruct ports to actually go out and create a successful six figure agency in just under 30 days. I’m going to do an hour phone call with you guys and bang out any questions that you might’ve not got answered on this webinar and a bunch of other personal stuff in between. So go ahead. And if $97 or one 97 or two nights of whatever is worth it, jumping on an hour call with me. Plus getting an amazing software plus being in that community for an hour with everybody else that put up money to be successful. Then go for it. We got a couple of minutes left. I’m gonna do some more calls and then we’re going to hit up some Q and. A. All right, so what I’m gonna do here guys is instead of creating the report, cause you obviously see a, how easy district create a report. I’m just going to start calling people
Well that’s cool. Let’s call the next day on the list. Alright. Plumbing. All right, Scott, does anyone have a website? Let’s call
Customer service. May I help you?
Yeah. How are you doing? I want to get help with fixing my toilet. Who can I speak to
And take a message at? Somebody call you back.
Hmm. Now my toilet’s leaking. There’s literally crap coming out of it and it’s like speeding somebody now.
Okay. The best I can do is take a message and get it right over to somebody and goes over to him right away. Yeah.
Okay. I’m going to try to call the next person on. Thanks so much. Bye. Ah, yeah, that’s an answering service. I’m not going to go through that shit right now. There’s shit coming out of my toilet. I’m going to speak to somebody. ACP. Well, we can take a message for you and pass it along to the business owner. Do you don’t use services like that please, guys? It’s like so embarrassing and weird. I hate you like that. All right, let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. This shit works. Why doesn’t this damn thing work?
All right.
Bang, bang, bang. Duh, duh, duh, duh. Come on Charlie. Swain plumbing. All right, let’s try to hit this guy up. Let’s try to hit this guy up. Alright, cool. Here we go. Here we go. We’re rolling. We’re rolling. Bang, bang.
Remember guys, you can walk into, you don’t need to only be doing this shit. You can [inaudible]
Deputy interesting appointment. I’ll be you. Yeah. Hello? Hello?
Yeah. How are you doing? Who can I speak to that’s in charge of the, the marketing that you guys are doing?
That was their corporate office.
Oh, corporate office. Okay.
I guess I have an email here on the site. Is it okay if I shoot them over a quick email? Okay, awesome. And what was your name? I’m sorry. Crystal. Cool. Crystal. Thanks. And do you guys have, I mean I’m right here down the street from you guys. I mean I’m on Sterling and Fort Lauderdale. You guys have, is it, is it too low? I see you guys have two locations, South and North Korea and they, Oh, you guys are in Lake worth too. And then what is your other locations in Miami? In Boca, Boca, Hollywood and like work Boko. So three locations. Okay, cool. What I’m going to do is maybe I can send it to you. I don’t know. You can let me know. What’s your a positioner cool. Okay. and I don’t know if I can send it to you or maybe the right, maybe a person to send it to, but we’re right down the street from you guys and we have a marketing agency and we work directly with plumbers. I created like a 20 page custom report for you guys. That shows you guys like a bunch of stuff that’s wrong with your website and like your reviews and social media and all that stuff. And I’m not trying to sell you anything. You can just take it and you know, use that to help your, your business. But who would be the right person to send that report to?
Okay. Charlie, same Awesome. And then what was your name again? I’m sorry, I’m just writing it down again. Crystal. Cool. All right Chris. So I’m going to go ahead and I’ll, I’ll send that out and we’ll let you know if that’ll come to your inbox by chance. Oh, amazing. So I can boss the whole office and one email. [inaudible] I’m just kidding. All right Chris. So what I’ll do is I’m just going to fire it over and if it’s cool with you, I’ll just follow up with you in a couple of days. All right, awesome. Thanks so much crystal. Have a great day. Bye bye guys. So the point, I mean I’m not going to sit here and create another report cause this shit’s gonna just burn time. But the point of me doing this, and I’ll make a couple more phone calls, is with every phone call there’s an opportunity.
So for those of you guys who like, I see a lot of people posting in the marketer’s mindset group and shit like that, and they’re like, you know, I ran through like 300 phone calls and nobody would speak to me. Well maybe because you’re not talking, right? Maybe cause you’re just not being friendly. Maybe because you don’t know how to actually get to what you’re trying to accomplish, which is like an actual goal, right? What’s the goal of the phone call? Right? So many people call them, they have like 50 goals. They’re like, Oh, you know what, if it goes this way, can we go from face real quick, Carlos? Cause this isn’t deep shit right here.
So most of you guys most of you guys, when you calling your, you’re calling with like all of these different goals in mind, you’re like, you know what? I’m gonna, I’m gonna try and make a sale here if I can, or I’m going to try to get their contact information for the report or I’m going to try to do this and there’s like 700 things that you’re trying to sell se right now. This guy’s SEO sucks. I Googled them. They are on the third page. He needs me. I’m selling an SEO before I get off this call, dude, like you need to have a goal in mind. What are you trying to do here? Right? What are you trying to do? The goal here is if you stay consistent and you have the same goal, right? So when we did it, we had two goals.
We split it up into two different people. Okay? In this case you can do that shit yourself. Then we get big enough, you split it up and you split that up and you split that up, right? All right. It’s called the call center, right? So what we used to do, and I did it first, and it’s the same approach whether you’re walking in or you’re doing a phone call or any type of sales, whether it’s door to door on the phone, it really is the same thing, right? You’re just going to have the goal. So when I was doing this the golden I had, can you guys see me, by the way?
Can you see me? Can you just say put a yes in the chat if you can see me? Yes. Cool. Okay. Nevermind. A freeze on my end for a second. All right. So the goal that I had was when I was doing the walk-ins on April 27th, 2015 this was one of the years where I got super close to doing $1 million in sales. This is exactly what I was doing. This thing right here, right? What I would do is I personally would go, I would walk into a Plaza and my pitch was, Hey I’m actually right down the street from you. I’m right off right off the road here about five minutes away and we’re local marketing agency and I created what I do is I work with local businesses and I create them reports just like this. And when something’s visual, that shit is a game changer, right?
I create them reports that look, they look just like this. And I was wondering if it was cool with you, it wouldn’t take any time on your end if I could create this report for you and then maybe we can schedule a call just to go over it together. It’ll show you kind of what’s happening in your business. They’ll show you where your ranking, like SEO, it’ll show you all your reviews, your social media. It’s basically like a 20 page report. Like literally just like this, you know, you usually charge to this report. But honestly, I’m just trying to get some business from the local area. And we can go one of two options. I can run the report and you can take it and love it and do everything yourself or to we do offer services where we can help your business and we can basically provide you with some solutions in here.
So either way, but I’d love to create a report for you for free. So my goal in there was I’m not trying to sell shit. Okay. I’m not trying to sell shit. What I’m trying to do is I’m trying to get them to say yes to letting me run a report. I’m shaking their hand first. It’s the first thing that I’m doing. I’m shaking their hand, I’m getting my foot in the door because once they say yes to letting me run this report, Holy shit. What happens when I run the report and I actually do that consultation calls. Okay? So what I would do is I would walk into a Plaza and my goal was how many people can I get to say yes to this? How many people? Okay. Like I told you before, I was doing about five to 10 yeses a day.
All right. I would walk into maybe like 40, 50 locations and about five to 10 people said, yeah, sure. Fuck it. Run the report. I’m not, it doesn’t cost me anything. Yeah, I’ll take the call with you, run the report, I’ll take the call due to half hour phone call. I, like I said, it’s just gonna help your business. If it doesn’t help your business and shit, keep, here’s the report. You can just keep it, I’ll email it to you. You can keep it right. So that’s what I did and I did that for months. Okay. And what I realized was as I started doing that, started making sales and closing deals, right? So out of this report I would sell, let me see if I can get some stuff on here for you. Let me walk up here really quick. Here’s some of the stuff.
This was in 2015 guys. So here’s some of the stuff. This is like your screenshot on time. You’re like, Oh Chad, what are you doing? So like we used to do, dammit. So we used to do shit like this. And you know, we used to do things like when I listen old shit in here, like we don’t even do half the shit anymore. Ah, look at this like video SEO who we used to get like your videos ranked on YouTube as and charge 299 bucks, hundred and $49 one time set up fee. And this was a six month contract. So we used to always do contracts and buy. Somebody said, can I get a copy of that PDF book? Who wants a copy of this book? Anybody want a copy of this book? Yeah, a lot of you guys do awesome.
What I’ll do guys is first, this is from 2015 so I gotta find this shit, but worst case scenario, if I don’t find it, I’ll just have somebody on my team skin every single one of these pages. And then you can use that. Would that be cool with you? Just say yes in the chat. Would you guys want that? Awesome. So anybody who purchases their insert reports plane when we jump on that call together in a couple of days and I’ll schedule that with you guys. You’ll get an email blast and, and a notification from me. I’m also gonna give you this report as well, this book. And this is like a bunch of just Plains and bundles and shit like this. I think I’d probably have the PSD file somewhere too, so I might even have the editable files and if I can find them, I’ll give you guys that shit too.
And you guys can go in there and edit it, right? So you guys can have that too. Okay. So you get this, you get into reports and you get an hour with big daddy LA literally, I’m just going to help you out. Carlo, stop laughing. Why did Carlos last? Every time I say daddy, I’m so like, let’s go back to the prostate. Used to like take this book and I used to walk in and every day my goal was to get five to 10 yeses. That was like a conversion rate in my head. I knew, I was like, Hey, if I spend eight hours and I’d go out on the road and I do this I know I’m going to get five to 10 people to say, yes, cool. I know what my numbers are. Right? and then like now it was like the second step.
Now it’s step two. It’s like, okay, all right. Now those people that they said, yes, I’ve got to follow up with them and get them on a phone call. And a lot of the times I would follow up with them and they’d say, I’m busy. So I would call them again the next day and they would say, I’m busy and I’ll call them again the next day until they actually said yes and I, and I did my half hour demo and that I would literally take this and this was an online version. And I used to go through just like insert reports, right? I used to go through each section, say, this is what, this is what’s working, this is what’s not working is that we can help you fix it. Right. and I used to do that. And what I realized was at the end of every month I was closing about 10 to 15 deals month.
Okay. And what I was doing is I was charging like you guys see like here, let me, let me go back in here really quick. I have like website, this is some old school shit. Like I had like a website packages. Look at this shit. This is some old shit right here. I had I had like our marketing bundles with, which is like this I head, obviously this is 2015 you guys can charge a lot more for this shit now. Let’s see, like here’s some like some like business listings and Google places and backlinks and videos here, like shit that I don’t even do anymore. Right? So I would literally like have this whole thing and I, and I would basically say, Hey, and I knew, I knew where I was going with the Kohl’s when I was on the calls because I basically had the roadmap.
It was show me exactly where to go. Right? So I would just like say, Hey, you don’t, you don’t need like social media, don’t worry about that. Looks like your, you and your team. We’re doing a killer job. But you do need some SEL and maybe new website because your website’s super outdated and you’re, you’re driving all this traffic to it and it’s not converting in like, it’s not mobile responsive. It doesn’t look good. It’s not modern. We can like revamp your website for like twoK and then we can also get you into an SEO package for like, maybe like six 99 per month. It’s a six month contract, right? So like everything that you see here, you saw in his book,ueverything was also like contracts, right? So like if I go here, let me swing back over and I used to, I even have like these, which are like the details of like what that six 99 plan included.
So you can see that, right? I know we’ve got the light here and like one time set up fee, six months, you see that right there on the other side or here? God dammit, I right there. So all I used to do is contracts, right? So what I would do is I would literally do that and then at the end of the 30 days, I close like 10 accounts. I would do that every single day, five days a week. All right? I kept my weekends to myself. I’m, I’m human. I used to do that five days a week or five days, five days, five days. A month later I realized that I close 10 accounts in each account on average was between four 99 to six 99 per month, and they were closing for six months. There is a six month contract and there was $149 setup fee. So I’d want an extra hundred and 50 bucks on 10 accounts that can somebody do the math for me. And let’s, let’s just go super general here. Let’s say it was 500 bucks was right in the middle, okay? It’s between three 99 and 6,000. Let’s just say 500 bucks, okay? What’s $500 per month? Times 10? What’s 500 times 10 can somebody do the math? Just drop it in. I’m not a math guy. Just wrap it in real quick. It’s 5,000 right? Awesome. And what’s 5,000 times six.
30 grand. Right? So in 30 days I was literally doing 30 grain on the books, contracting, plus set up fees, which is like another couple thousand bucks, right? And it was fluctuate up and down.
Right? And then what I would do is I would do that shit again the next month, but this time I didn’t do it alone. I hired a sales rep and I gave him my proven process. I gave him my booklet and I said, listen, your goal is to park in plazas, go to locations, go to office buildings, and want you to walk into every single place in. All I want you to do is just get them to say yes to taking this report. And this is what you’re going to say. You’re going to say, Hey, we’re right. We’re local right down the street from you. They were coming. It’s called social agency. Here’s my business card. We run local reports just like this. It’s like a 30 page report. For your business. I’m going to show you the ins and outs of maybe some ways that we can increase in business for you.
This, this report looks just like this, right? Would it be okay if I ran a report for you? All I need is your business card. That was back in the day. Now you don’t need shit. You just need the name of the business and an email address and a first and last name and you can literally run an inch report in a second. Okay. so I used to say, Hey, I need this and this is what this is like really what I’m trying to do. Right? So then he would come back and then he would come back with five to 10 yeses per day and then I would go out and I would close my deals, right? And now we’ll do the same thing again. I would close 15, 20. And why did that go up? Well, I was focusing all of my time on followups in closing because keep in mind the first 30 days I didn’t have no time. I was freaking out on the street, right? So I would maybe take like one day off to do all my calls. I would get maybe to the office like 3:00 PM out, two or three hours to like jump through all my calls and follow up with people, right? Cause I was out on the street and I was getting yeses for this. Right? So get yeses for this. Then you get yeses for people to buy this. Does this make any sense guys? Can we get a 300 and the chat real quick?
300 and the chat really quick if this makes any sense guys.
So like the reason, the reason why, what irritates me a lot with the marketing industry is people like to overcomplicate things. They’re like, Oh fuck this. I’m going to get my Zapier and it’s going to go into a chat bot funnel. And the second time he even clicks on the link before he even clicks on it, there’s a whisper message. You just going to whisper in his ears and then when he hears it, there’s another Zapier that’s gonna go into a funnel and it’s going to drive traffic to my website. And then I’m going to remark it him and there’s going to be 3000 like, what the fuck man. Just walk in there and just get this person to say yes to this and that’s it. Like he just see this, this is just yes. Say, yeah, you want this, it’s free. It’s like a 20 page report.
And by the way, I can get it to you right now. I can literally leave here and like within like an hour or half hour, however far you are from the officer computer I can get this for you right now and then I can follow up with you and we can get shit done. Right? So like this is like, this is why this, this is why this for one touches the heart for me and supports is because it’s a tool that I use in the past that I decided to take and make 10 times freaking better. Make it easier, make it amazing and attach my story and my skillset to it. As an agency owner, selling millions of dollars in services and giving it to you guys inside of dash clicks for a cheaper rate than any other tool that’s better, that’s more affordable, that’s faster, that does everything that you would want from an agency prospecting tool. Now guys, I’m going to go through some Q and a here in just a minute. Did anybody else, I’m going to do another quick poll because I know every time we keep coming in and out and I still got Facebook that I didn’t even look at. Quick poll just dropping 900 in the chat if you have your instant reports subscription 900 in the chat.
Okay. By the way, guys, for those of you guys who are coming in and out whoever gets the install reports subscription today, today’s October 15. So don’t be that guy to like message you in a year and be like, Chad, where’s our one hour phone call? You promised it to me, right? So whoever purchases their instant reports subscription and if you haven’t done so yet and you want to take action, you want to use my methods I’m going to show you about two other ways that you can use insert reports in a private phone call. Okay. With only the people who have purchased an instant report subscription could purchase any insert reports subscription you want. You’d be $97, one 97, two 97. You can upgrade, you can downgrade and you can cancel at anytime. You’re not locked into anything. Okay. Use a software as you need it.
So I’m to go through the list really quick here. So we got Jasmine, Farhod, Peter and Mike. John nickel is Joshua. Another Joshua on Dan, Richard angel, Rob Albert, Devin, Tom will, we’ve got a bunch of people and you know, very cool. We’ve got some people on Facebook too. Don’t think I don’t see Facebook. Let’s roll over to Facebook real quick. Aaron. Greg, angel. Clifford. Miracle. Fareed. Yeah. All you guys. Awesome. Somebody says, how do I purchase the instant report subscription? Can we go PMP? Real quick calls you guys. It’s pretty simple. So all you do to get this literally right now, we just launched this, it just launched today. I’m just log in your dash six account. If you don’t have a dashes account, just go to [inaudible] dot com and get an account. Once you’re inside of your dash roots account, all you gotta do is for one.
You can even just click up here on the red bar up here. We have a little message. You should click try it now, but just in general, you gotta agency tools and then you can click into reports here. You can click it in the sub menu. It’ll take you here and you can purchase any one of these subscriptions. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. And if you purchase any one of these subscriptions today, by the end of today, which is October 15th. So at 11:59 PM EST, which is our end of the day, I’m going to take all of you guys who purchased, we’re going to have a private call. It’s not going to be one on one, it’s going to be in a group with all the guys who purchase and it’s reports. I’m going to give you a couple more strategies on the way that you can use in reports in a super personal environment.
I’m going to try to find the actual editable docs for this booklet that I use. I’m going to give that to you guys too. So this was probably like a couple thousand dollars, cause this shit took me forever to make. So I’ll give you guys that and then we’re going to jump on a call, like I said, and we’re going to do everything together. So let’s, let’s let’s go into some Q and a here. What questions you guys have for me? Nicola said, what will the special call be recorded if we can’t make it for yeah, I’ll record it for you guys if that’s a good question. Actually Nicholas. So if for some reason you cannot make that call, the special call, if you purchased your answer reports subscription that call will be recorded and I’ll fire it off in an email to all you guys and you guys can rewatch it a, your own time to a Joshua said a call next week, Monday or Tuesday.
I’m most likely it’ll be early next week. It’ll be a one hour phone call and shit, you already know me. I over deliver. It’ll probably end up being freaking two hours, but whatever it is, whatever I can do to help you guys. What other questions we got? Paul said, can you do a couple more calls? If I’ll do a couple of calls live in that personal phone call, but I did a couple today. Just wanted you guys to get an understanding of how to actually go out and pitch. Okay. did you use a simple report in the physical books or actual report? What was your average expense for the physical books? So I did not give these away. This is just actually a sample report. So what I did is I ran one company that pretty much had like really shit reports and I knew it.
And then I printed the report, I laminated it and I put a spiral binder on it, on this whole thing cost me like maybe 20 bucks. I dunno, you can go like a local office Depot or Kinkos or wherever country or into just get something like this printed. And that’s all I did. And this was the same thing. So this is what I would use to walk into the places and to get that, yes, I was not giving these away. Okay. does the report, our insert reports principal 100% printable. Can we go P and P real quick? Carlos? Yeah. Top right. Of the report, you’ll see a download and you’ll see a print button. So you can actually download a PDF of the report and do whatever you want with it. Or he can print it literally right there on the spot in your printer and then go create like a booklet like this or a binder or whatever it is that you wanna do. Does this report work with eCommerce? Not so much e-commerce to be honest. It works better with like brick and mortar stores. However you can run like a you actually, you can technically because for Facebook ads, for Google ads, for SEO, things like that, it’s
Social media. Even like all of those things can be used for eCommerce. So yeah, 100%. Let’s see what else we got a is listing section U S only? No, it’s not us only. I think we were doing it in multiple different countries. So PR, a lot of the bigger countries, which are probably in when are we having the instruct port success party? If you’re referring to that one, a one hour phone call for anybody who purchases or it’s reports planned before the end.
Yeah, a lot of you guys, it looks like a lot of you guys are taking action. So a lot of you guys are taking action. A lot of you guys, which is great. We’re going to have a fucking badass call and I’ll let you guys up on that call. You think that $97 ain’t worth it? Wait till you see what I do with that shit. It’s probably gonna be early next week. Paul. A Winston, if you can’t attend, we’ll have a recorded. Is there a way to embed the input form on our site to autogenerate a report? Can we get the go pro real quick, Carlos? Hey Carlos. Everybody say, Hey Carlos guys, this is actually on the features list. So soon we don’t know how soon. We’re going to be able to embed a form on your website. There’ll be able to fill it out and maybe create an insert report and do the same thing for instance, sites. So it is something that we want to do. We don’t know when it’s coming out yet. Hopefully in the near future. All right, let’s go back. P and P or as front fee. Sorry.
Zach says, so you used, you used it to book appointments. Were you? Yeah, basically it uses you just walk in and get a yes to, to do the report Sean’s had just purchased. Amazing. We’ll see you on that one hour call. How does insert reports know which version of the business name and address or the correct version? That’s a good question. Let’s go pee and pee real quick.
So if I go to the builder section, so if you’re referring to maybe a business that has multiple locations or whatever it is, so if I just type them out, let’s say I type in olive garden as an example. Like, you know, literally show me a bunch of different olive gardens. If I just want to type in the zip code, I can get that exact olive garden. If I want to type in the city, let’s say olive gardens in Miami, I can get all of the olive gardens that are in Miami. You see what’s happening here. So it’s literally going to, you can pinpoint it any way you want.
Let’s see. Jasmine said, how about real estate? Yeah, you can definitely do the shit for real estate. We used to, I used to do that shit all the time for real estate. If you walk in and they want you to create an insert report, are you able to do it instantly on an iPad to show them? Not yet at insert reports. Is reports dash clicks in general is not available on mobile or tablet yet? It is something on our features list. We’re going to be working on it very, very, I can’t give you guys a deadline of when it’s going to be because we are working on a bunch of different things. But in the near future they’re in near you will be able to do that.
Does this work for daycares K through 12 private schools? Yeah, sure. I don’t see why not sure. What happens when you reach your subscription limit for the plan. Let’s say you’re on top of the plan. I want to go over the limit. Right now unfortunately the max plan that we have is 150 insert reports. That’s just the max you can go per month. We are planning on doing some type of like enterprise style plan if you get over that. If for some reason that happens, if it happens only don’t just like randomly open up a support ticket. If you’re like maxing out 150 every single month, I just open up a support ticket. We’ll see how we can help you. Okay. does it auto publish? I’m not sure what that means. But yeah, it’s pretty, it. The whole thing is automated.
You literally just type in the business name. Just click one of these and that’s it. Like you’re done. Like you just press go. Let’s see what else we got. Do you consider dash clicks the click funnels for agencies while I share? Do, maybe, yeah. What would you suggest for using would, what would you suggest for using this? With insights? Yeah, 100%. Like what you can even do is if you run an insert report and you see that their website is shit, guess what? If the industry is available, go run them. In instance, sites Sapphire said purchase. Awesome. We’ll see you on the one hour phone call. Joshua said works on my iPad. That’s new. Does it work on an iPad? Carlos? Maybe it depends on the resolution. All right, that’s cool. I didn’t even know that.
Why doesn’t the demo report show any great for the Facebook ads? Good question. So unfortunately we can’t get like specific backend metrics like we can get for all the other stuff. So with Facebook we can only see the ads, but we can’t tell like what their ad spend is. We can’t tell like how much they’re spending, what their conversion rate is, what their frequency score is. Unfortunately, in order to be able to do that for F within the Facebook API, the user itself has to log into their Facebook account and approve it. And when you’re building an insert report, you’re obviously not gonna be able to do that with the client. Right. So that’s the only reason why.
Let’s go back, back, back, back, back. Can I use it into reports if I’m overseas? Yes. I believe it’s worldwide. We don’t have any limitations at the moment. Can we move unused audit two next month? No, the credits do not roll over to the next month, unfortunately. It’s subscription base. So once you’re done with the, once that month is over, it’ll roll over the next month. Best thing I can tell you to do is hustle and use all your credits throughout the month. Just pace yourself out. Landscape mode. It’ll work, I’m assuming for this mobile. So that’s pretty cool. Paul said, does this do this stuff is legendary. Well done to the whole dash quick steam. Thank you Paul. Appreciate that. John said, what level do we need to purchase for Facebook ads reporting that is available in the plus and premium plans? Yeah.
So the plus in the premium plan with just one 97 and two 97, you’re able to do a seven reporting modules, which is Facebook it listed right there. So the basic claim doesn’t do Facebook. Yup. And by the way, guys, like I said, if you guys maybe bought the basic plan you want to upgrade to plus or premium, you can upgrade at any time. You don’t need to wait until the end of the billing cycle. You just go on your your dash X account. And these buttons will either say upgrade or downgrade, right? Right here, right. It’ll show you what plane you’re in. A, if you hit upgrade, the system will automatically do all the calculations, the calculations, and you just pay the difference in upgrade. You don’t need to worry about anything else. You won’t lose any money or anything like that.
So Lori said so on your plumber example, if we’re talking to the local franchise for a large company, is there a way to have the result populate for local franchise instead of the franchisee in the demo? It seemed like part of the data was local, but ads. Yeah, unfortunately, not yet, but that’s pretty cool. Maybe we’ll, we’ll have that as a future release in the near future as well. Unfortunately, yeah, w it would be pretty much whatever the website itself. So sometimes though a lot of the franchisees don’t have their own domain names for websites. When that case it will be different.
Ah, let’s see. Francis, I purchased an agent’s website already. Does it update the features on my website after I purchased an instant port? No, it really doesn’t have anything to do with each other. He said we need an unlimited reports subscription. Ah, well guess what? If you max out on your reports and a bunch of guys are doing it, then we’ll look into it for you guys. 100%. Paul’s a need to upgrade worth it though. Yeah, 100%. Let’s go to Facebook. We got some more questions, a bunch of questions over here. Let me hit some of these guys up. You guys can keep going. Ask a bunch of questions. I’m here to help you guys. Okay.
There we go. In pauses, you mainly focused on companies you could sell an insight to Greg ass. No. Anybody, anybody that can buy digital marketing from us, it doesn’t matter. What about if their website is bad, isn’t an in society. We can make a website for them. Yeah, you can either make a website, he these dash clicks and outsourced that definitely Johnson purchase. Awesome. John, I’ll see you on that one hour phone call with everybody you purchase insert reports. You’ll also get this, you’ll get a bunch of cool strategies and you’ll get into reports even better than all that shit. Clifford said, why not build an unlimited report plan? Maybe we will in the future, five or 10, if you walk in and they want you to create an insert report, are you able to do so? And I think somebody asked that question. You can’t do that yet, but very soon
Williamson, how can we use it within society? No, it’s cool actually. So something that we spoke about and it’s not, it’s not something that’s going to happen, right? But we want to, we’re going to eventually merge insights into insert reports. So let’s say if you’re running an insert report, like that person is available within the templates, we might actually put something where you can like click a button and it’ll say, Hey, your website’s complete shit. By the way, we actually made a new website for you that bang, shove them a link to the new website. So that’ll be pretty cool. There’ll be tied together. Let’s see what else we got. What else we got? Who you guys are going in today. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Can it be implemented into the agency website? No it can’t. Not yet.
Will you update into reports with more metrics? Example robots that text optimize X, my thoughts, stuff like that. Yeah, I think it’s reports, just like any software tool that we build, we’re always going to be adding more features and making it better. So this is just the beginning. We’re gonna eventually do some crazy ass shit with this and see what else we got. Pulse. Soon. There will be no work left for us to do in our own agencies. Laugh that loud. I hope not. Man. You be gotta be yes, they working man. Oh, I already said what are the top five or so industries you found the easiest to close? Using inch reports. Restaurants. I used to do a lot of home services. So like your plumber is your electricians, locksmiths, people like that. But when I was doing it, I was doing a lot of brick and mortar stores where I was like literally walking into the business. So think about like when you go into plazas, it’s mostly like restaurants, clothing stores, places like that.
Chris said, how do you fix our listings? We offer a listings program with, and by the way, guys, all of the actual issues that we’re actually presenting, the solution is available in dash clicks. The only one that’s not is I think reviews, which is just like maybe like a review management software. Something that what you might come out with in the future. Who knows? Let’s see. Can we limit on the service we show on the report? Yeah, actually you can, can we go PMP real quick? So yeah, when you’re actually building a report right here and you can, you can select what modules you want to include. So like, let’s say if you know that their social media is bad ass and you would just take off the social media report, you don’t have to do that. Let’s see. I didn’t hear what you said about the basic plan.
And Facebook does the, the basic plan does not show Facebook ads only the plus plan and the premium plan do so you can upgrade at any time. If you just bought your basic plan. No worries. You can literally upgrade today and the system will do all the calculations. You just pay the difference for your billing cycle. You won’t lose any money, so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime guys. OK. If we’re working with the client, will the data change over time or will or WW have to? Oh, well we have a, no, the data doesn’t change. Once you run the report, it goes into pools data from like a thousand different places. Pulls it all in, goes through our algorithm. Our filtration system creates his bad badass report and then bam, Shazam and then it stays there. So it doesn’t actually change.
The report is I think it’s called static, right? Maybe. Yeah. If we’re working with a client, we’ll [inaudible] I just read that Hey Chad, I’m already prospecting and purchase a plus here for answer reports. But the Facebook toggle wasn’t active. So there, if it’s not active for some reason, just make sure that you’re actually putting in, we’re here. Yeah. And make sure that you’re actually putting in the Facebook link here. If you don’t have the Facebook link you, you won’t, I don’t think it’ll run the report for you. And if for some reason that doesn’t work, feel free to open up a live chat. We’ll get that fixed for you.
A rerun report are we, if a client we’re working with with a report chains, we’re completing deliveries, we have the option to run the reports to get it updated. That’s actually a really fucking cool feature. That’s cool. I think we can, and it might be a new feature that we’ll add to the roadmap because you thanks. Well maybe we’ll have like a little circle button that says rerun report or something like that. That would be co-option it’ll probably take, it’ll definitely take another credit cause we gotta pull from all the different APIs. But yeah. Paul said, I feel like I owe you a beer. Can I buy you a beer? I don’t see why not ship it to dash clicks. Thank you brother. I’m all fucked up on the next webinar. Thanks Paul. Shawn said, okay. Curious.
Why doesn’t the basic show Facebook ads? We’ve segmented it because we pull from a lot of these different API APIs and a lot of these APS costs us money. So that’s kinda how we tiered out our plans. Albert said, thank you. Thank you. Ivan does that mean we can or cannot use this to send a follow up report to show improvement? You, you technically can’t. You just have to go in and like run another report. You can’t do it off the same report. So you cannot do it off the same report. But if you want to like showcase a new report, then you can go out and do that.
You’re going to turn down a beer if they go down to the office. I can’t even mention it. Maybe. I can’t guys, how about this? If you guys all follow me on Instagram, just go to Instagram. Just go to Instagram or whatever. Fuck it. Just go to Instagram and type in Chad Kadarian. I think I’m the only Chad Kadarian in the world. Just go to, just go to Instagram, type in Chad dairy and later tonight I’m going to have a special announcement for you guys to give you guys a little sneak peek at something even cooler that we’re going to be doing very soon. You might have a chance to come by our office and hang out. Mike says, does this only work with businesses that have set up their Google business listing? Fucking awesome question actually does not.
So there’s two options that you have to create a report. The first option is you can use this Google search bar. For some reason the business doesn’t have a Google business listing and you just click entry and you just manually enter all their information and you can run a report that way. Silly question. There is no silly questions. I need help setting up a sub domain. I already have my sub domain pointed to my insight. Try, we have tons of like support docs. Try to do that first. If for some reason that doesn’t work, open up a ticket, we’ll try to help you out. I haven’t said cool things. I see a road trip in the near future for beers. Okay. Awesome. let’s say it’s a basic and easy way to get in. Yep. I hear you. Good question. All right, let’s see what else we got. Let’s see what else we got. All right, let’s keep going. Cause I’m freaking still excited and
She had actually have a live, when’s my next life? I’ve been going live guys in groups like a lot today. Okay. We’ll do like five more minutes. What are the questions you guys got? Who guys do quick poll, cause I know people are coming in out. All this crazy shit is happening. Just go ahead and say me M E if you have your in stuff reports subscription and you will be on a personal phone call with me and everybody who purchase instant reports early next week for one hour, probably more than that. And I’m going to give you, hopefully you’ll find all the design files for all this crazy stuff. So you get this booklet, you get an hour phone call with me and you get instant report. You get everything literally handed to you. All right, me, me, me, me, me, all the people who already purchased just bounced. They’re already like building reports and going crazy. A, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. I lost some. Awesome. All right guys. Once again if you have not purchased your answer reports subscription, just log in your cat. You literally just go to agency tools, insert reports, select a plan. Checkout takes about 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Once you’re done checking out
You’re getting into reports a, once you’re done checking out at the end of the day at 11:59 PM, I’ll have somebody from my team go in and we’re going to tag all of you in our system who ever purchased today, which is October 15th before 11:59 PM EST. If all of you guys, whoever is in that group in whoever purchased, we’re going to send you guys a private invite next week to another webinar, which is going to be more personal. Everybody who purchased in society. I’m going to do a one hour session with you guys, show you guys a ton of cool stuff, and it’s not going to be like this to actually going to be where we can, like you can show your face and you’re going to see everybody’s faces, right? So it’d be like a hundred or 200 people in there. It’s gonna be fucking crazy.
And then everybody can like interact and network and share ideas with each other. And like, it’s like if you even purchase the basic version of this, so you get $97, you’re able to build 50 inch reports, you get access to answer reports. You’ll this file, which I’ll find for you guys if I can find it in like the editable version or the PDF version. If not, I’ll scan and I’ll send it to you guys. So you guys can have like somebody on Fiverr do it for like a dollar 50. And and you get an hour phone call with me where I’ll be able to go in there and like literally help you guys with everything. So like, that’s like a pretty crazy bundle just for like 97 bucks. If you want to get into the basic plan or if you want to be a boss you get into the plus or premium plan, you can report more, take more action, and do a lot more cool stuff.
Oh and you actually gonna to get that one hour recording as well. So if you missed it, good shot angel. If you missed that recording somebody said where there’ll be a replay. If you miss a recording you’ll actually get the one hour recording as well. And what you can do with that one hour recording is you can like literally watch it on your phone before you go to sleep every night for the next six months. And that’ll definitely give you some motivation to go out and kill it. You know, but with all honesty, guys, like like I said, this tool is, it touches my heart because it changed my life. It changed my agency. I’m like, literally, you see it like started on April 27, 2015. We’re now four years later we have a massive agency, tons of employees, software company like, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without pretty much this strategy right here, like it’s reports.
So it’s reports and insights. Those are the two things that literally changed my life. Change your life of all the employees in the office. We’re able to scale, we’re all able to grow together and it’s pretty cool. So once again, guys for those of you guys were coming in and out, you’re going to get a one hour private phone call with everybody you purchase, insert reports you’re gonna get this and hopefully like a PDF or if I can find the editable documents or just a copy. This is like an old ass file. I’ll see what I can pull up from our servers and get this for you. You’ll get the one hour replay of the call. I’ll probably make it two hours because I just like to over deliver, but I’m not going to promise that shit, but I’ll probably do it anyways. And then you’ll get your answer reports plan. So you literally have everything you need to be successful. So I want to do one last question. Is there anything that’s holding you back from purchasing your insights subscription right now? Can you go ahead and just drop it in the chat for me so I can handle some objections? I can do some objection handling. You guys can learn some more shit.
What else you guys got? How much is insights? There’s three different paid plans. It’s $97 one 97 or two 97 per month. Now you can start with the $97 one upgrade, downgrade, cancel at any time. Just something John said. Priceless. yeah, I mean technically it is if you think about what you can get out of it, right? So most people, I think, and I think when most people are thinking about like buying like these softwares really what you’re looking at is like the software costs versus the outcome which are actually going get out of it, right? Most people are like, okay, I’m going to go on paid like 97 bucks for sulfur. But if you really think about and especially in almost like we’re in 2020, like what software is and how it actually works and benefits you, right?
Thinking about like these crazy softwares that are out on the web, right? So like insert reports. This is something that can actually change your entire life. It can change the way that your agency works. It can change the way that you operate, changed your sales approach, changes your prospecting approach. It literally will have a massive impact on you and your agency only if you go out and take action. If you’re just going to buy the tool and you’re not going to go out and take action, then you’re probably just going to lose 97 bucks and then you’ll cancel and then you’ll be in the same situation where you’re at right now. To be honest with you, right? You’ve got to take action. Robert said I, I deal primarily with e-commerce and like you said, I only have a portion of the answer report tools would be applicable.
I’m also focusing on messenger bots right now. So the pitch is different. Okay. That’s fair. What I would say though is it will still work on e-commerce. Like I said, Facebook ads, bunch of eCommerce people are on Facebook ads. Google ads will work for them. SEO will work for them. Social work for them. Really the only thing that it really won’t work for is like listings and maybe reviews, but that’s pretty much it. Then you can just talk with that off. Yeah. And you don’t have to have that. Caleb said, do you think I should drop click funnels and try using insights insights instead I’m working on a tight budget. I’m 16 and trying to start my own agency. I actually respect that. Caleb, go ahead and open up a live chat. Open up a live chat in dash clerks in your account.
I’m going to give you a free month of insights and insert reports on me. You get a free month of both cause I respect that man. 16 year old out here hustling, man. So good for you. Is cold calling the best way to offer a, an insert report? Actually when I did it, I was walking in, so I was doing walk-ins. So I was literally like I said, like this, this is it guys. It’s like April 15, 2007 2015 or April 27th, 2015, like, this is what I was doing. Then obviously I started doing Coke cause I realized that it might be easier to do cold calls right. Instead of me like having to get out and go out and do all this shit. Right. so yeah, 100%. Robert said if I sign up for the $97 plan that since I’m doing mainly inc e-commerce, can I swap out listings for Facebook, add reports?
Unfortunately, no. It just, the system doesn’t work like that. It’s all coated in. It can’t be changed. I’m sorry about that ma’am. Ivan said I appreciate what you guys doing for the 16 year old. Yeah. 100%, man. Anything we can do for the community can I also get a free month of instruct port please? I’m not going to give out everybody. It’s reports. I just honestly liked what he said. And he hit me in the heart and I really just wanna help you out man. So I’ll do it one time. And he was the winner. If you can recommend one software first, which would it be? It’s report or in society? Dame you ed gaming. I was going to ask, I knew I was going to get asked this question. You know what? I’m not gonna fuck God dammit.
Dammit. They’re probably gonna end up creating a Jiff out of this shit. I don’t know cause it’s two different things. Okay. And I’ll tell you why. So insights insights was a way for me to get my foot in the door a lot. So it’s, it’s two different like strategies answer sites. I used to go on and I used to actually sell these insights for super cheap and I used to escalate them up the value ladder, right? And then I would come in with the instant report and I used to bang him in his SEO for like the higher end stuff. So it’s, it’s, it’s a little bit different. In this case right now I’m going to say insert reports because it literally just came out and I’m super excited about it. Yeah, but it’s definitely multiple opportunities. Like angel said, a hundred percent, man.
I’m Richard said make it a combo. You might have something up our sleeves coming soon. Chris, do, do you cold email prospects with its reports to? I wouldn’t do that man. I would, I would like literally make sure you speak to somebody like I was doing just making a couple of calls, speaking to people and then telling them you’re going to make a, send them out an insert report and that’s the best way to do it, man. Bro just did an insight and going in with reports. A nice dude. Who did you talk to when trying to do walk-ins? Like try to hit the owner if you can definitely do it. If not speak to the manager. That’s the next one down. The manager is not in speak to the freaking secretary because what’s going to happen is when you speak to the secretary, you’re going to send this report to them.
Guess what? They don’t give a shit about this report. They’re going to give it to the owner. Okay. And then you’re going to have to work your way up the ladder to try to speak to the owner. Right. what else we got? Let me flip over to Facebook cause we’ve got some fucking good questions here man. A lot of these questions are also driving like new ideas and stuff like that. Will scripts be in dash university? Yeah. Actually I think there is scripts and shit in there, right? Or are we adding them? Not yet, but we’re adding them. Yeah. Not this one. Next month. Next month is the sales one that we’re going to be. Angel, get your ass over here. This is, this is a a dash you question. So
What’s going on fam? Are we doing, how we doing is happening? We’ll script’s me in dash university. Great question. So next month is going to be our prospecting month. Where we’re going to deep dive into how to use not just one strategy, but multiple strategies on how to go out and get clients. So there’s going to be a, a section on, it’s the report. It’s a section on InstaSize, a section on just different ideas, right? That you guys can just literally pick one and run with it. So there’s no one way fits all solution, right? So it’s just, that’s basically next month and then the month after that, after we figure out how to, you know, prospect right, efficiently and effectively, then we’re going to dive into the sales month. Where are we going to take all the prospects who are raising their hand? Yes, I’m interested. And we actually then close them into a paying client.
And so that’s going to be the structure. So guys, if this is going to be something that you’re gonna really take seriously, which I really think you guys should, this is like a no brainer type of prospecting method. Jump into this, get your feet wet practice, you know use the information that you got in this video to just start taking action. Start failing forward, right? Get feedback. Right? And then next month when we dive into the prospecting module in dash you, you guys are going to get a real deep dive on how to do it, how to effectively do it, how to do it with confidence and get, you know, everybody basically that you encounter with interested in hiring you as an agency. So that’s something you guys are interested in. Definitely jump into Dashu as well. It’s only a dollar for the first 14 days after that. It’s only $97 a month. And it’s going to be honestly the best investment you guys make when you use all of these different moving parts effectively, which is the goal
A hundred percent brother. Thank you man. [inaudible] Seven seven, seven, seven, seven, seven in the chest
Are just warming up. We are going to drop the fire for you guys in the next couple of weeks. And guys, I hope to see so many of you at six figures and a lot of you guys can even accomplish it by the end of this year. So
You guys have what? It’s like a good two solid months yet the rest of October in two solid months after that, allow that. You guys can easily hit 10 K. You guys take massive action on that. Louise, I’ll talk to you guys soon. You guys have any other questions? Jump in the chat and I’ll take care of you guys. Love it. Thank you angel. We got a couple more questions. Caleb said when selling solar, do you prefer insights or insert reports? Both. You can use both. Zach said, do the insert reports use our agency domain? Yes. 100%. They’re fully white labeled. Everything that we do is always fully white labeled. Can we use this on LinkedIn for peach, for a peach? I don’t know what that is but I’m going to say yes. Anyways, that sounds cool. A angel helped me in our sales calls with phone sales. Thank you. Awesome. Joshua a Timmy a when all the fall reporting be available for Facebook.
It’s, I’m not sure what you mean, but if you’re talking about like maybe deeper metrics and stuff like that, Facebook doesn’t allow it as far as yet, so it’s up to Facebook. If you send Mark Zuckerberg an update, we’ll figure it out.
Would you be, where’s your cold call approached me with InstaSize when you hit right off the back of the poorest who’s from, where does it report, what do you call? That’s a deep question. KLM but if you purchased ins reports, I can cover that on the private call where there’s less people and more personal because a lot of questions to answer. Can we get a sample script? I will do that if anybody purchase its reports. We’ll create a script live and I’ll give it to you guys as well, so I’ll throw that in as well. I’m going to tell you, I’m going to go on for two more minutes and then I’ve got another lie that I’m doing in another group after this. So for those of you guys who are in Rob Quinn’s group after this slide, if for some reason you want to watch this whole thing again go to Rob Quinn, social media SMMA group six figure SMMA group, I’ll be in there going live with Rob as well.
If we were to give you $1,000 to spend on Facebook ads, what would you do? I’m not sure that’s like another deep dive question to be completely honest. I haven’t said you just sold the bunch with the [inaudible]. Yeah, if you guys want scripts, it’s not a problem. I can create you guys a script. Like I said, so I’m going to close out here guys because I got to run to another live for once again, for those of you guys who have not purchased your answer reports account, if you go and purchase your Interport subscription today, only October 15th before 11:59 PM EST, I’m going to give you guys this booklet, which is like a crazy 20 page PDF. I’ll create a sales script for you guys live. I’ll make a couple of phone calls for you guys live. We’re also going to have the one hour group phone call with everybody who purchased instant reports. That phone call will also be recorded. You’ll also get that and you’ll get access to your whatever subscription for insert reports that you purchase. So guys,
Can we get like a nine, nine, nine, nine, the chat that was, that was an unloading session right there.
Nine, nine, nine, have a chat. No, no, not in the chat
Guys. I love you guys. This video, there will be a replay, a in the marketers mindset Facebook groups. If you’re not in the marketer’s mindset Facebook group, just go to Facebook in the search bar, type in marketer’s mindset by dash lakes. You’ll see a blue little icon that says jump in. We’ll let you in the group, the live repo be on there. That’ll also be on YouTube probably in a couple of days. And we’ll also add this in the insert reports training. So if you want to go to like insert reports and then go to the training stab it’ll be in there as well. So hopefully that helped you guys out. I love you guys. Thank you for joining me for this episode of marketers mindset. And then the next one.

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