Best Services to Provide for a Gym New to the Market
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 05:13 PM

Best Services to Provide for a Gym New to the Market


Typical gym marketing strategies may not work for a new gym. What if it doesn’t have the cashflow to support a big PPC strategy? Find out our recommended 3-step strategy.


Tyrone asked a great question, what would be the best solution for a gym just starting out that no one knows about?
And maybe it may be a new type of gym style or things of that nature. The best approach would be to obviously build a foundation for, so you want to have the business owner obviously set up all of their business profiles as well as start to put in, fill out all of their pages what their business information and then start posting on their social media profiles organically. Now at the beginning of the, of a business owners startup process, right? They sometimes don’t have the budget to invest into advertising methods like Facebook or Google ads. But in this case, what you could do is you could do a consulting package where you can teach them how to build a foundation by maybe using social media posting, right?
And you can add social media posting to their list of services that you recommend. And then as they start to build a foundation and start to get customers to the door, you reinvest that money into something like a paid advertising campaign like on Facebook, which would then be in serve as your predictable method of generating new clientele for your gym and as you go, and then you would start to solve a bigger problem like SEO and content marketing. So you can build more brand awareness online, organically through Google. So that would be the steps that I would take first as the foundation, maybe with social media postings, and then even Google listings, right? To put them on the map so people can actually find the gym. Secondly, Facebook ads. And then lastly, closing out with SEO for more of a longterm solution. That way they can really rank organically and be found as the authority in the area.

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