Best Campaigns to Run for Catering Companies – Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Both?
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 02:28 PM

Best Campaigns to Run for Catering Companies – Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Both?


Catering PPC is all about finding leads who are ready to party. But where are you most likely to find them? Learn about Facebook ads for catering companies, Google ads and more.


So Yash asked, what is the best campaign to run for catering companies at Google ads? Or is it Facebook or is it both? The answer to that, yeah, she is actually both are pretty good for a catering company. And I’ll tell you why. Most catering companies they, they cater to events, right? Specific milestone events that are happening. Could it be a wedding, a bar Mitzvah abutments, a Kincenieta or a corporate event? It could be any type of those things. Usually when an event happens, a person who’s throwing that event, right? Like maybe if it was a wedding and it was a, a couple that was getting married, they’re going to go and they’re going to go into Google and they’re going to start searching for catering companies, right? So using Google is definitely an intent based search is amazing. Now on the flip side, if, let’s say you also are catering company and you’re focusing in your gearing, your energies towards throwing wedding events, you can actually run a campaign on for people on Facebook that actually just recently got engaged and you can say, Hey, congratulations on getting just getting engaged.
We’re actually a local catering company. We’re here x, Y, and z. We offer x, Y, and z services, and we’d love to work with you. Hit us up for custom quote or whatever it is. Right? So there’s definitely both ways of going at it. You know, Google is more of an intent based campaign, whereas Facebook is kind of like putting it in your face while you’re searching on face or while you’re flowing through Facebook, you’re not necessarily searching for it. Right. But both definitely do work for that industry. So hopefully that helps you.

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