Agency StartUp Masterclass
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 03:11 PM

Agency StartUp Masterclass


Want to create a successful marketing agency? There are five steps you need to follow. These steps apply whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been going for years. They apply no matter the industry you’re involved with, how many cold or warm leads you have. These are the five steps you should follow if you want to make money marketing!


But what nobody is doing for some reason, it’s freaking cold calling. Nobody is sitting there and saying, you know what’s more morning? I’m gonna wake up at 9:00 AM and my goal is to make 200 phone calls tomorrow. I want to dial 200 numbers. Okay, now the secret to co calling in case you don’t know once again is numbers. It’s a numbers game.
What skill? We know marketers mindset. What’s going on? Dashers how we doing? Everybody? Let’s drop a two oh seven in the chat. We’re about to get this going live right here. Right now. Two Oh seven in the chat. Let’s go. Let’s get the other gs way up. Two Oh seven. What’s going on? Christians. Blake, Jerome, Alisha, Eric, Jeremy, Kenton, David, Damien. Let’s go to oh seven in the chat. Patrick, Landon, Scott. Let’s go. Everybody Call Christina Dunkin. Yo, Yo, Yo, yo. Yo, what’s going on everybody? Hey I guys, today we got a special episode and I’m not just saying that because every episode is special, but today is a special one. It’s, it’s an actual agency masterclass, right? So it’s a Webinar. Just like we always do, but it’s a masterclass. Okay, so what I want them to know guys is we’re going to let a bunch of people jump on as usual would give them a couple minutes.
In the meantime, I’ll sing, I’ll strip, I’ll do some crazy stuff for you guys is to get you guys engaged and to do anything to get you guys some drops, some numbers in the chat. First and foremost on the count of three, do not do it yet on the count of three. One, two, three. Okay. That’s how it works. On the count of three, I want everybody to do this all at the same time so we can build that momentum. Okay? On the count of three, go ahead and drop in where you are from in this world. One, two, three, go, go, go. Minneapolis, Huntsville, Toronto, Jacksonville, Ottawa, Cape Town, Atlanta, Maine, Minnesota, UK, Latvia, Idaho, Toronto, Orange County, Miami, Norway, South Carolina, Los Angeles. What’s going on everybody? Calgary, Alberta. Oh, see Michigan. We got people from all over the world. I love you guys for a lot of day. What’s Michigan for? A lot.
Where else are you guys from guys? There’s more of you in this chat and do not make me come into the panelist. Amsterdam, Connecticut. I love it. We got barely from the Netherlands. What’s up brother? Amazing. Melborne awesome guys. So just to talk to you guys a little bit to tell you guys, for those of you guys, a lot of new people who met this might be your first webinar or attending with us. I am ha we have multiple cameras going on right now. OK guys. The first camera that we have right here is right here. Point of view right in front of me. That is our main camera. Then we also have a side camera. Can we get a little side action? You’re going to be right there on the side camera. Okay. Then we got the GoPro right up there.
You’re right up top. What’s going on? No pro. And then as you can see if I’m on the go, probably got my side monitor right here where all your comments are coming in. So every time I ask a question, it’s going to go here. Every time I have to drop a number, it’s going to go here. Any responses or any chance that you guys send in anywhere from zoom or from, from our Facebook lives? Everything is going to be right in here on this side. Monitor. Okay guys, so let’s go front face. Then we also have our monitor here, which is our touchscreen. K. We get a little touchscreen action. Bam, Bam. Look at that. Boom and when that happens, I’m going to be right down here on the right hand side. Okay, everybody cool with that? Seven oh seven in the chat. Let’s go.
Seven oh seven in the chat. Let’s go. Seven oh seven on the Chet, Heather Dunkin, Rory Kenton, Jerome, Lyndon, Eric, Patrick, Danny, Damian. Thank you guys for engaging. I know there was a lot more of you. Woo. All right, beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. All right guys. I got an announcement to make and then we’re going to get started. Okay. I got an announcement to make and then we’re going to get started. For the most part. This is a stupid question. I’m going to ask it anyways. Who has a dash clicks and count dropping number one in the chat. Do you have a dash mix account? Drop a one in the chat,
Drop a number one in the chat if you have a dash clicks account. Very simple. We’re going to play what we call an engaging game. Okay? Super simple. I’m gonna ask you a couple of quick questions. You guys are going to gauge you to me and drop a number in the chat. Okay. This is how we do it here on the markers mindset episodes. Okay. Now I’m going to ask you another question. Have you ever, have you ever made any type of purchase from dash clicks, whether it was a course or dash accelerator course or tools agency, website fulfillment? Go ahead and drop in number two in the chat.
A lot of you guys. Wow, awesome. I love it. What’s up side camera? You didn’t think I see you there? You didn’t think I see there? I see you. Let’s see. You don’t think. Are you creeping? I see you. I see. All right, I see you. Okay. All right, amazing. So we got two’s all across the board. Last question I have for you, who is ready to make a lot of money with their agency using the tactics and techniques I am about to show you on this live number three in the chat. Number three in the chat. I love it. All right, now everybody is fully awake. Do I have everybody’s attention? I believe so. I guys, I was speaking with the team earlier before we started and I said, we ha we haven’t done some crazy shit in awhile. We haven’t done anything insane in quite awhile.
Okay? It’s been a little lonely. I like insane. I like crazy. I liked that high momentum. I liked that high energy. I got to always have something insane happening in my life around us. It gets stagnant. Okay? Now who wants to see me do something insane for in the chat right now? Love it. Love it. All right, good. So we’re, we’re getting some engagement going here, people. Alright, now we’re all awake. Good. So this is what I’m going to do and be a trace. We’re about to go in right now. Okay? Not yet, but we’re about to go in. Okay. Can we get hit the go pro really quick. Awesome. Be Trees. Can you put your hand up real quick? Just wait to the turn maybe to the GoPro. Say Hi. Say Hey guys. Can we get a number 70 in the chat for being trees?
Who’s on the ones and twos that’s controlling this entire session for us guys? Seventies across the board. Thank you Beatrice. We appreciate it. All right, let’s go front face. Awesome. Now you guys understand the setup. You understand the engagement. Now it’s time for me to do some crazy shit. Something insane. Something that I haven’t done in awhile. I might need to come around for this shit. I’m even, can we go right here? Let’s get this camera. You want to see something saying right? Yeah. Let’s get right here. Let’s get right here. You want to see something sane, right? Yeah. Let’s go. Let’s go right over there. Let’s go. Let’s go up top real quick. You want to see something insane over there, right? Instagram, you want to see something insane, right? All right, we’re going to have to do it. All right? We’re going to have to do it.
Ah, we’re gonna have to do it. I don’t want to have to do it and then I want to do it and it’s like screw or let’s go show it on the screen. 50% instant site expiring tomorrow at 11:59 PM Est. I am doing something insane. I do not care to lose any money. I want everybody in the world to be able to use this amazing tool called instant sites. We just released new templates. We got a solar template. We just released a real estate template in there yesterday who is excited. Drop a 90 in the chat, nine zero nine zero in the chats. Love it. So it’s pretty simple, guys. This is the way it’s gonna work. Let’s go p and p really quick. Once you log into your dash clicks account, once you log in your dash x account, you’re going to go to agency tools in the main menu.
You’re going to click into sites, you’re going to purchase any plane that you want, preferably since you’re getting 50% off, you go and you get the premium plan, okay? Once you actually get that, you’re going to be sent to the court. All right? You’ll be sent to the cart few car. There is going to be a coupon code here. You are going to drop in the coupon code insta 50 I n s t a five zero when you are checking out in stuff 50 in the coupon code when you are checking out. Now guys, keep in mind this is going to expire tomorrow night, which is Friday, June the 21st 2019 at 11:59 PM e s t which means at 12 o’clock it will not be available if you go try and do it tomorrow night. Okay, so everybody needs to be aware of that. A couple of different things.
Also, this will only work for people who have never used or purchase or I’ll never purchased an insight subscription, so if you already have an instant site subscription, unfortunately obviously that won’t work for you. It’s only available for new people coming on and that have never purchased an instant site subscription. Okay, second thing. Second thing, this will not work on the SMS credits. It is just for insights just for the subscription. It is also only for the first month, so as an example, and I’m going to need a mathematician here, if we, if let’s say you go and you purchase the two 97 premium plan, which is the top plan that has all the features, what is 50% off of $297 drop it in the chat, jumping in the chat, 50% of $297 somebody dropping in the chat and not a mathematician here, I need some help.
I need some help. Somebody dropping in the chat, $143 and 50 cents that’s what you will pay for the first month of instance sites on the premium plan. Then every month after that, it will go back to the regular rate of two 97 so you can all take advantage right now. Use insta 50 at checkout. This will expire once again. Do not DM me. Do not open a support ticket that you saw this late. This is only for people who came here and take engagement and the people who are watching this after. So what we’ll do is I’m going to sing a song for about a minute and a half. I’ll give you guys some time to go out and get your insert site subscription before we start the masterclass. Okay? I will sing a song for about a minute and a half. I’ll let everybody open up a new tab. Whoever is going to take advantage of this right now, 50% off of any insights subscription in Sussex.
Sing the song, seeing the Lionel Richie Song. Hello, is this or is there leave you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes. What does the instasize do? That’s actually a good question. Let’s Go pee and pee real quick. Let’s go p. And p. All right, so I’m going to go to agency tools or give you a one minute demo and then we’re going to get started. Okay, so I can go to, I’m single instance sites builder. I go over here. Okay. So instasize is basically a website tool that allows you to build and allows you to build websites instantly for prospects, right? So I’ll go over here and I’ll say this is Bobby. Oh God. Well you’re not pre-filled. Amazing. So all you gotta do is learn. Call me. You’re Bobby the painter, you putting in the phone number, put in the email address, put in the address, put in the first and last name.
Bobby Fischer. I’m going to go on and I’m going to fire off an email. I’m gonna select a let’s see. New Template for Chad. We’ll do this outreach template, right? Cause I can set up custom automation, right? And this is for Bobby, the painter, right? He’s a painter. Bobby the painter. I’m going to go out and I’m gonna select painters. We just added solar. We just added real estate. We’re going to be adding some more this week as well. Click that. It’s going to go ahead and build it into the site. We’re going to do a little shake down. Bam. We’re done. We are done. So what I’m going to do here now is, so once you’re in the insight section and once you build an actual insights, all you need to do is just go to prospect, refresh it. We’ll do a little refresh, fresh, fresh, do a little refresh. There it is Bobby the painter right there, and then we’re going to go to preview. So it instantly built Bobby, the painter, and this was probably like a 60 page custom website. Okay. So you can imagine how crazy this would be sending this to a customer or an actually a prospect and actually using this as a sales tool. Okay. So now you can go and you can say, Hey, I just built your website completely free of charge. I want you to check it out and see what it looks like.
Landon said, it’s associated for benefiting from today’s mastermind. No, it’s just needed in general to be able to get new clients and scale your agency. I think it’s an amazing tool. All right, who’s ready to roll? 79 in the chat. 79 in the chat. If you guys are ready to get started on the master class.
79 and the Chitty Chitty chat. 79 in the chat. All right, I hope you guys like my singing cause if not sucks cause I like saying it’s, I’m gonna keep going. 79 check. Hi. Beautiful. Beautiful. Let’s get started. All right guys, so let’s Go pee and pee real quick.
So here’s the, here’s the through the [inaudible], right? Here’s the issue with agency owners now, everybody likes to make things so complex. Okay. Have you ever seen or have you ever done this where you’re like okay, I gotta do this and then I gotta do this and then this is going to equal to these coins. And then 78 excel sheets. We’re going to go right here and then I’m gonna create a Zapier and Zapier is gonna settle leads on my active campaign. And then my active campaign is going to automatically create a retargeting list. And then I’m going to go here and then these people are going to get on my second email sequence. And then my second email sequence is going to go to Bobby and then Bobby then is going to answer the phone, right? I’m going gonna have a phone call with Bobby. Oh. And then by the way, if he doesn’t answer, he goes back to here. And then another phone call happens here with 78 text messages here. And then another lead opt in right here for form. And then when he goes over is that like, rarely does it really need to be that complex?
Does it really need to just be straight up guys? Have you ever done this? Just go ahead and put a 20 in the chat where for some re I d ips do that shit all the time. When I was starting my business. You like to overcomplicate everything. Everything has to be like a get chart or something in saying with like 49 different integrations and 20 complex solutions and algorithms.
I shouldn’t have said that. Right. I shouldn’t have said that for it. I should have dropped it. Can we go on the GoPro real quick? What the fuck? Alright, now if you got it out all right again. Yeah. Got it out of my system.
How would you, like if I can just show you the most simplistic process that I take, which is not confusing at all, how would you like that? 24 in the chat? Five steps, the five steps, some super simple, super easy. It’s not crazy integrations or automation. You do not need to be technical at all. You don’t need to be an it genius or a marketing guru or an email campaigns specialists. You don’t need to be anything.
24 in the chat, 24 in the chat and you want me to show you just these five quick little things. Okay. And then what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna draw five boxes over here on the board. And then after that we’re going to go into each box and I’ll go into a little bit more details.
All right, so let’s see if I can count first. So we’re going to do one, two, three, four
And we’ll drop one right down here. We’re going to do fine. Okay, so this is gonna be number one. This is gonna be number two. This is going to be number three. This is going to be number four and then this is going to be number five. Five things, five things, okay? Do not complicate shit. I promise you, the more complex you make things, the less money you will make, okay? Because you’re so focused on every little thing looking perfect in having the automation right and getting, and meantime people are building these crazy systems. They’re like building a freaking algorithm that’s going to launch them into outer space and you’ve got zero clients, so why are you doing that? Why don’t you focus on maybe getting some clients first? Can I get an amen for that? Can I get a 200 in the chat? If you guys agree with me, all these agency owners, all these people that I’m speaking to, everybody is trying to build this complex system with zero clients. They think that if they can make it more confusing and more complicated and add more integrations, that they’re going to get more clients. When in reality that shit doesn’t work. I’m starting to break it to you. Okay. It’s the simplistic stuff. It’s keeping things simple and and keeping an actual process. Okay, so we’re going to go through this right now. Okay? First one.
By the way, everybody keeps telling me a shitty handwriting, so I’m going to try to slow this down and write comfortably. All right, so we’re going to do Lead generation
First one. That’s the first thing, okay? Lead generation. Everybody cooled that. Put a one in the chat. If you understand that the first thing you need to do is generate leads for your business, okay? For your agency. That’s the first thing that you need to do. That’s the first step in making money and getting clients is lead generation. There’s hundreds of people on and there’s like 10 people that put a one. Let’s take a step back really quick. I’m going to pause. Can I get a one in the chat? If you guys are on the same page as me, guys, you guys got to wake up. Let’s go. If you’re not taking action, if you’re not taking action, you can just step out of here. This. This webinar is not for you. This webinar is for people who want to make money, this webinars for people who want to scale their agency and go to the next level. This is five simple stuff, simple, simple stuff that you need to do, okay? One great. Who’s ready for the next one? Converting Wins.
Converting leads. Okay. Once you get Aleen you need today, convert the lead into a sale. Is everybody on the same page? Drop a two in the chat, dropping number two in the chat. Pretty simple, okay. Pretty simple. I’m not doing anything complex here and I have not built any crazy algorithms. Okay, next one, fill the orders.
Pretty simple, right order. We can even do orders orders like orb derbs. Okay? First thing we need to do is generate a lien. Second thing that we need to do is convert that lead into a sale. Make an actual sale out of it, okay? The third thing we need to do is after the sale goes through is we need to fulfill the orders. Can I get a number three in the chat as we’re all on the same page? Three in the chat if we’re all on the same page. Okay. Three in the chat. Nothing I have said is complex. Nothing. Okay. You don’t need to be coder. This is not crazy shit. Okay. Ready?
Client communication. We’ll do here touch points and customer service, which I’ll make that comma and then we’ll just do cc so we can just fit in the box. Okay, so number four is client communication, touch points and customer service. So the first thing I’m doing is lead generation. I’m generating leads. The next thing that I’m doing, number two is I’m converting those leads into sales. The third thing that I’m doing is fulfilling those orders. The fourth thing that I’m doing is making sure my communication, my touch points, and my customer service is on point with my customers. Okay. Can I get a number four in the chat if we’re all on the same page here for the chat, if we’re all on the same page. Number four in the chat on same page. Quatro, love it. Now we get in Spanish. It’s actually quite thorough, right? Via trace or am I wrong? Quatro with the Lola Caturra I awesome. Number five.
Upsell o l Appelle. All right, we’ll put a little less over there. We’ll put a little less. Okay. Upsell number five, upsell. So you generate the lead, you convert that lead into a sale. You fulfill the order, you manage the quiet with communications and touch points and good customer service. And then number five, you upsell them five in the chat. If you guys are on the same page as me, five in the chat. There is so many things that we can do. Okay. We’re going to start with, and I’m going to open up a new one here. We’ll leave this bad boy on here.
We’ll, we’ll lower this. Awesome. We’ll get this down here. Okay. Can we go here? Let’s open up a new one of these bad boys. Cool. You know what I’ve never done before? What I would like to do, I just found out this freaking teammate could do that the other day is Bam. That’s halo. Cool. We’ll get this yellow too. Awesome. Hey, check this out. Look at this. Oh my God. There’s a way we can do it. All right, cool. I love it. Hi, beautiful. Five in the chat. Five in the chat. All right, so the first thing that we spoke about, what was the first thing that needs to be done? First thing that needs to be done. Drop it in the chat. I dropped in chat. Yes.
Great. Everybody’s favorite. You know, it’s crazy. I think the number one thing that agency owners will love to do, the thing that gets them excited, the thing that makes them the things that make them want to wake up in the morning is lead generation. Hello, is it leads you’re looking for? I can see it in euros. Five camera. I see you stop messing with me. I see over there. Tricky little side camera. You’re tricking a little side camera. I lead generation, lead Gen, [inaudible]. Cool. Lead generation. Oh, don’t, don’t don’t do that to me. Bored. Bam. Lead generation. So I’ve met some lead Gen who wants to know some lead gen stuff. How do I generate leads? How do I generate leads, leads, leads, leads, leads, leads, suddenly done. Chuck 79 in the chat. 79 the chat and I’ll show you how to generate leads. Like this is the way I do it. I’m just gonna show you, okay? First thing, but one that everybody loves a cold calls, cold calls. You’ve seen me do it. You’ve seen me preach it. You’ve seen me teach it. You see me? Love it. See me, mess up on it. You see me succeed at it. Something. It’s the one thing that people love to do. It’s the one thing that people hate to do, okay? Cold calling
Is not for everybody. Cold calling is only for people who want to make money. I will repeat that. Cold calling is only for people who want to make money. How do you say that in Spanish? All I had there, I said Vinita. [inaudible] You heard it from me and Beatrice. Okay. I want to make sure everybody’s on the same page. Cold calling is only for people that want to make money, okay? Now, when I started my agency, the first thing that I would do is pick up the phone and dial. It’s not rocket scientist. Okay? So the way that cold calling works is cold calling. It’s just all a numbers game. Okay. It’s a numbers game through that and then maybe we can drop like a little less. It’s a numbers game. Okay. There’s nothing fancy. There’s nothing crazy about it. Everybody’s got their own techniques.
Everybody’s got their cold calling scripts and their fronting scripts. Right. Everybody’s got all that. That’s cool. Okay. But what nobody is doing for some reason is freaking cold calling. Nobody is sitting there and saying, you know what? Tomorrow morning I’m going to wake up at 9:00 AM and my goal is to make 200 phone calls tomorrow I want to dial 200 numbers. Okay. Now the secret to cold calling in case you don’t know once again is numbers. It’s a numbers game. It’s not rocket scientist, okay. The formula to cold calling is to have a pretty decent script. Okay. And then just call as much as you can. Decent script call as much as you can. Okay. Now there’s tons of things that can speed that up. Okay. Like getting systems in place and softwares, which it’s in the, actually, I actually have a whole lesson on that and the dash accelerator.
Okay. He’s getting a system in place to speed that up. Instead of making 200 calls a day, what have you been making? Like a thousand calls a day or some crazy shit like that, right, and he’s just 10 x 10 x everything that you do, right, but cold calls, guys, it’s all about the number of phone calls that you make. Okay? Now guys, on this lesson, I know there’s a lot of startup agencies or a lot of people that are literally, they just started their agency or they’re in their first year of their agency. I don’t want to make this lesson, this entire [inaudible] agency masterclass. I really don’t want to make it confusing, okay? I want to make it as least technical as possible so you don’t get scared, okay? Because I want you guys to go out and actually do this. So cold calling, it’s just a numbers game. You go out and pick up the phone, call as many people as you can. Pick a freaking niche. Okay? Go Call as many plumbers as you can, as many plumbers as you can. Okay. These are the type, by the way, these are the types of things that you can do. We’re gonna talk about strategy in a second, okay? Hold onto your underwears. Okay. Next thing that we can do.
Lock-Ins this is the second thing that we can do walk-ins. Has anybody ever walked into a business and asked for their business? Drop a seven in the chat, seven in the chat. Has anybody ever walked into a business to ask for their business? Yeah. Good. No. A lot of you guys have. Cool. So the second thing that allowed me to accelerate my agency is walk-ins. Guess what guys?
What do you think the secret to walk in this cause? Anybody guess? Can anybody guess? Dropping in the chat? What’s the secret to walk-ins? Thank you, David. It’s the same freaking thing. It’s a numbers game. Okay? It’s a numbers game. Some people are like, Yo, and you’re walking. So I walked into a place yesterday, they told me they weren’t interested, so I went home.
Really? Really? Dude when I was doing walk-ins. Okay. I used to park and somebody just said it there. Joe Butler, et Cetera. Yeah. You’ve been on a couple? Yeah. You’ve been on a couple of Joe Butler Angel yet. So when I remember backing into hire the guy, he would literally be on a vesper with his helmet and his Hawaiian shirt. Okay. And he used to ride around two plazas and he would work from 9:00 PM and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM okay. With an hour lunch break or half hour lunch break, whatever it was in the middle. Okay. And he would literally walk into a pauser pork, his vest bar, and go from business to business to business to business in a walk the entire plaza. Okay. It’s a numbers game guys. He used to do the same thing in office buildings. He’s a little big ass office building with like a hundred offices.
Park his freaking vesper, walk into the office and go to Suite 0110210310 (410) 567-8910 and hit a hundred freaking walking places in one shot. Okay. Walking’s it’s the same thing as cold calls. It’s just you’re doing it in person. Think about it. When somebody picks up the phone, you’re like, Hey, my name is Chad. You know, I want to look a marketing company down the street and want to see if you can, you know, you need any marketing services, whatever. Okay, let’s just say that that was the script. When you walk into a place, you do the same thing. You’re just live in person. Say, Hey, it’s Chad. You know, I own a local marketing company down the street and want to see if you needed any services. It’s the same thing. However, with walk-ins, with walk-ins, you actually have a higher closing percentage. Okay? And the reason why is your in-person, okay? A lot of the times when you’re calling somebody on the phone,
Hey Bobby, can I fail you? Something Phil just said it. Walking you’re face to face, they are less likely to tell you to fuck off and they’re more likely to listen to you. And what happens there is you actually have a higher percentage rate because I can tell you one thing, at least about me, if I got 10 people and I call 10 people and I walked into 10 people to their businesses, I closed a higher percentage when I walk in because I’m a likable person, my energy is way up. They can see me, I’m super good looking, right? It’s like a perfect match for everything. Okay. And then I come in and I’m like, Eh, you need some marketing and I’m going to tell you why you need some marketing and this is why. And then I dropped the hammer. Right? Whereas a phone call person doesn’t see me, my tonality when I’m on the phone with somebody different. Okay. Because when I’m speaking to somebody, you can seem, I like to speak with my hands and the movements that get y’all excited right into bunch of BombBomb, right? All that. Right. All that. It’s harder for people to say no in person. Thank you Phillip. That’s actually a great point. Okay, so we’ve got cold calls and we got walk-ins and they’re both guess what numbers game. Okay. Another cool thing that I do and I did this shit the other week and you guys saw me do it is
And stuff. Graham, automation, automation, whatever. I mean who saw the video from last week? How fire veterans can I get a nine in the chat if you liked it and it’s helping you, not in the chat if you’ve used it and it is actually helping you neither the chat. Good. Couple of you have. Amazing. What do you think?
Is the determining factor on how many leads you’re going to get from using the Instagram automation automation? What is the guys? It’s a numbers game. Okay. You guys seeing a trend here? Are you guys seeing a trend here?
Numbers. Numbers? Okay, so we’ve got cold calls, walking, Instagram, automation. I’m not going to talk too much about Instagram automation, Instagram automation. We did a whole Webinar last week on that using insta Nobel and my strategies go out and generate a shit ton of leads. It’s actually in the marketer’s mindset Facebook group. So if you’re not in the Facebook group, I definitely recommend you open up a new tab hitting marketers mindset by Dash. Clicks in the search bar in Facebook and you’ll see my sexy face doing like something like this. And then that’s the group who just joined the group and we’ll let you and probably later today. Awesome. So that’s Instagram automation. Okay, I’m not going to go through that because we went through that last week. That’s a whole thing on its own. Awesome. Next one, and I’m gonna draw two squares here.
Now obviously if you don’t have any clients, there is nobody to refer. I’ll repeat that. If you don’t have any clients, there’s nobody to refer. Okay? People who use you usually refer you to other people. Therefore, you should not be focusing on referrals if you don’t have any freaking clients. Okay? Well you shouldn’t be focusing on is getting your ass on the phone and doing cold calls or getting your ass outside of your house and jumping into your car on a vest for walking into a plaza or a building and trying to get business through walk-ins or setting up some Instagram growth automations to generate incoming leads. 79 in the chat. If you guys agree with me that these are things that definitely work. 79 in the chat, 79 in the chat. Good. And then obviously there’s a shit ton of other stuff. Okay. A shit ton of other stuff that you can do. Okay. In fact, in the dash accelerator program, if you guys have not taken it we go over tons of different shit that you can do. So if you guys like the Instagram automation one,
You need to get into dash accelerator. Okay? So that’s the first thing. Lead generation. So what this does, this is all a numbers game. Okay? So for those of you guys that are using it and you’re like, oh, I did try everything for like two hours and nothing worked. Chad. Like those are, those are the freaking tickets that I get. I tried to call four people and nobody answered, so I just stopped and allied come here and I can’t have any leads. I can’t generate any big names or [inaudible] [inaudible] or hair grow up. This is a numbers game. People. Business is a numbers game. The more you do, the more proactive you are, the more money you will make. The more money comes from getting more clients to sign up with you to pay you. Okay? Is everybody on the same page? Can I get a five in the chat real quick? Five minute chat. Let’s go. Everybody fighting a check bone breaking down. Five the chat. Let’s go
Lead generation. Let’s go. Ready? Let’s go here. Really quick.
Lead Gen and production. Lead generation. Oh yeah. All year. Look at that. That’s pretty cool. How can we never use this shit? Right? Let’s, can we go a PMP, right?
Okay. Look at that. Look at that. Okay, so the first one we need to do, let’s get this bad boy over here. Awesome. I love it. I love this TV thing. Cool.
So that’s the first thing that we need to do. Okay? Lead generation number one.
Guess what guys? Can we get that little cool thing at the bottom?
See that right there. This is the lead generation tool that I used for the last three years to generate leads for my agency. Okay? Now think about this really quick. You got a lot and you do lead generation. Okay, now one of the lead generation tactics, it’s cold calls. Okay, so you’ve gotten to do cold calls. What is the best thing to pair with it? A freaking free website, man. A freaking free website. Like think about how that changes your numbers and a number game. Hey, I’m calling, my name is Chad. I just build a free website for you. I’m just gonna send you over the link real quick. You want to check it out. Shoots up your conversion rate. High, high, high, high, high, high. Next thing is walk-ins. Imagine walking into places. Imagine walking into places as you’re walking into a fricking real estate office with like 40 realtors.
Okay? Being like it. Go to the, go to the, the person who owns a brokerage be like, hey, I want to give everybody in this bitch free websites. You gotta to be like Oprah. You get a website, you get a website, you get a website, everybody gets websites. Can you imagine that? And you just build all the realtor is a free website. Everybody, Instagram automation. We went over a whole thing last time, a whole session last time on how to target realtors and roofers and plumbers. Now what if you set up your Instagram automation and you started that conversation and from that conversation when they said yes, they’re Roofer, you piggyback that with, that’s awesome. I want to go ahead and build your free website. What’s a good email and or, or maybe your phone number, I can just text you a link. Let me show you what it looks like. Insights, just go out and build insights is not the answer to all of the questions. It’s not insights is not going to do all of the sales for you in society’s the tool that you use to add literally gasoline to the fire. Okay. And accelerates everything that you do.
Everything that you do in society. We’ll add flame too. We’ll add gas to the fire. Yeah, something like that. We get Carlos. Go pro. Hit the GoPro or we get Carlos. Carlos walked in here. What’s going on? Crossing in the building. 79 for Carlos. 79 for clothes in the building. Somebody said, what’s The Facebook group name? Marketer’s mindset by Dash. Cliques. Marketer’s mindset by dash clicks. Okay. Now we’re going to go over number two. Number two, give new notice. Bad Boys. Bad Boys, bad boys. What you gonna do? Chicken do. All right, cool.
Let’s go to all right. Beautiful. What was number two? Who can tell me what number two is dropping in the chat. Who can tell me what number two is dropping in the attack tat. Well, some of these words today that I’m saying King speak right? You guys are making me nervous. Converting leads, converting leads and you want to convert them,
Into sales. Converting leads into sales. Converting leads into sales. Here we go. Three main ways right here. One, two, three. Check this shit out. You guys are hearing me seen. You’ve seen me preach it, you’ve seen me do it. You’re like, oh my God, this is the best thing since bread pudding. I don’t even know if anybody likes bread pudding. It’s like one of those things that you got on a cruise converting leads. How do I actually get that person that I just spoke to that I just built an insight to? How do I get them to actually buy from me? How do I get them to turn into a paying customer? Because guess what guys? I got a newsflash for you. Something that you might not know, something that you might not know. Okay, and people are going to be like, oh my God, Chad. Like you told me, you told me that this was going to happen.
Guess what? A lead is not a sale. A lead I will repeat is not a sale because you went today in generated 20 leads. That doesn’t mean you made money. That means you made zero. That means you spoke to 20 people. Congratulations. You can go into a club tonight and go speak to a hundred people. Just walk around. Okay? Does it mean that you made any money unless you convert that lead into a sale? Okay. You convert the leads into a sale, convert the leads into a sale. 67 in the chat. If you guys agree with me that a lead is nothing, all it means is that you got somebody interested, you’ve got somebody excited and that’s like you go to a bar and saying, hey, and I’m saying, hey back. You’re like, oh, I just slept with her. No it doesn’t. That doesn’t work that way.
Doesn’t work that way. You got to close, you got to close the deal. Okay guys, all on the same page. 67 like, come on like couple people dropped the 67 we’re gonna pause real quick. I’ll do a water break. 67 in the chat. If you guys are on the same page, it’s a little bit more Ma. More like, okay, you should know by now. You’re not dropping numbers. When I say it like I’m gonna stop talking like I need to engage with that 67 that you just dropped, gets my energy going and gets me all excited. Okay guys, here we go. First a. So one, two, three. Okay. First thing, pain points. Find the pain points. Find the pain points as number one.
Number two
Kilo solutions. And yes, I keep looking down it cause I wrote a bunch of shit down cause I wanted this to be somewhat organized.
So how do you convert a lead guys? You find a pain point, you give them a solution for that pain point and you set expectations. Okay. Now I want to just stop really quick and I want everybody to understand something. How’d that any point during this agency masterclass with something super technical for you? Can you say yes or no? Was anything on this masterclass super technical that you needed to go to Harvard to get a two year degree for, to figure this all out? Yes or no? Go ahead and drop it in the chat. I’ll pause. I’ll wait. Yes or no. You guys are just holding everybody else up by not participating, not participating. You’re holding everybody else up. Okay. How’d your wife, how’d your kids? Yes or no? When the chat is anything that I’ve said so far confusing be trees. I see that often. How’d you want to talk to kids?
It’s not confusing. Okay. Stop making shit confusing. Keep it simple and I promise you you will be successful. Keep it simple. Okay, so all you got to do is find a pain point. We went over this a hundred times in my master crosses and the webinars and I preach this. Go out and find an extreme pain point in that person’s life right now. Okay? And guess what? Their business, if they’re a business owner is their life. It’s their life, okay? A business owner is life is their business or yeah, right. That makes sense. A business owner’s life is their business. Okay. And most of you guys like Chad, I’m gonna put that shit on a tee shirt. Well I’ll see you cause it’s going to be trademark by the end of the night. Okay? So guys, very, very simple. Find the pain point. Pain points can be multiple different things.
Okay, I’ve given a bunch of examples. Okay? Or restaurant cannot get business between the hours of 12 to three o’clock. Their lunch hours suck. Run A Facebook campaign. That’s a solution. Easy solution. Okay. Run a Facebook campaigns and guess what Bobby? The restaurant owner, I can get you people to come eat lunch in your restaurant. That’s what it’s like making your heartbeat. That’s what’s making you not sleep at night. That’s what’s making you struggling to send your kids to private school and you’re sending them to public school. That’s what’s doing all of these things for us was you can’t afford your car payment because of that. Like I can fix that problem for you, Bobby. Okay, so the secret is to finding the pain points and most of you guys are like, oh, I found some pain points whose logo wasn’t pixelated correctly on his website? The guy’s going to be like super pissed about that.
I can solve that right now by creating them a vector from fiber and putting that on his website. Nobody gives a shit about that. Okay. What people care about is money. The guy who’s not making money, we’ve got to fill up leads in his restaurant. That’s how we solved the problem. Okay? That’s how we solved the problem right here. Boom. Find the pain point. Make sure it’s extreme. Make sure it is something worthy of even pointing out to that person. Okay? Cause if you come at them with some bullshit, they’re going to be like, oh great. It’s another one of these dumb marketers that thinks I’m going to buy a new logo designed for $800 Angel said, this dude is super funny as hell and smart at the same time. Well thank you sir. I appreciate that. Yeah, finding an extreme pain point and give a solution. Okay, now don’t stop there. There’s one more step. Okay? And I know it’s probably crazy. You guys like Chad. This is going to get intense. Guess what it is? Look at this. Once you give a solution, set the proper expectations so they can stay with you for life. Okay? Don’t just find a pain point. Give them a solution, get their money and just that’s it. Set expectations. Sets expectations. Everybody say s e and the chat because I don’t want to make you guys type it out. S e and the chat set expectations and the chat set expectations in the chat se. Oh, by the way, guys, I forgot to tell you something. Let’s go from face real quick. Yeah. Boom. Don’t forget about that shit right here. Down here, 50% offense sites use insta 50 coupon at checkout and get 50% off in society. It’s going to expire tomorrow night. It can only be used for people who have never purchased an instasites subscription before. It’s a fucking bad ass tool to go get it. Okay, let’s go back here. We can keep that on cause that, that she gets me excited and you just keep it on. Keep it on. Okay, here we go.
Everybody, everybody get that like are we all on the same page? Find an extreme pain point and give them a solution. Set proper expectations. Check out our dad isn’t going to do here. I’m ready for this.
One, two, three, one, two, three. Look at this. Look at this. What’d you just look at it? Sort line. Oh, yellow labels. Look at that. Look at that. All right, so we’ve got one, two, three. Okay. And I know they’re out of order, but screw it because this thing doesn’t know what the order they should be in. All right? So I’ve got one, two, three. Cool. Amazing. This is awesome. Okay, now the next thing, let’s open up a new notebook sheet.
Cool. Let’s get this going. What’s the next thing guys? Dropping in the chat. What are you going to do after you make a sale? What do you have to do after you make a sale?
What do you got to do after you make a sale? Everybody said fulfillment.
Well, Phil, brilliant. Great. Hopefully that’s spelled right. Fulfillment. Guess what?
You actually don’t have to do shit. You don’t need to do anything. We’ll fulfill the orders. Warning. Okay, and guess what? If you’re using insights, which is right here, that little thing right there, right there, down below, that’s 50% off right now. Shit’s automated. It’s like you don’t get to do anything. You can start banging out website sales. Okay. Fulfillment. That’s Craig’s does all the fulfillment for you, which basically means we’re going to skip this shit cause you don’t even have to do it. It’s not something that you need to do. Okay. Who knows what the next one is? Who knows what the next one is?
Who knows what the next one is guys? Come on. Bang, Bang, Bang. Chitty Chitty Bang. Bang. All right, here we go guys. Here we go. Alright, number four.
Oh, what did I do? Cut. I’m wiping this. We’ve got to get these slides. Perfect. Come on. [inaudible]. Great. There we go. By period by period. Why pen? All right. Number four. Let’s just call this a client. Can you Nicki Chans. Cool client communications. It’s amazing. Can I get medications? We’ll go CC client communications. Okay. Now guys, client communications is split up into three things and I wrote them down here. Okay. It’s touch points. Customer service and reporting.
Touch points. Customer service. Touch points. Customer service and reporting. Can I get a 99 in the chat? If everybody is cool and everybody’s on the same page and everybody is understood. Everything that I’ve said so far, it very important. 99 in the chat. I’ll tell you a little sweater. This water, 99 in the chat.
See what’s going on on Facebook. Nine and nine in the chat. In the chat. Guys, come on. You got to wake up. You got to be more awake than this. Like you have to be more awake than this. Like this is this. This is a wake. This is a wake. I’m going to start shipping you guys out. Monsters before you join this live video. Get you some monster energy drinks people. All right, cool. Now I got this going. All right, we’ve got the Facebook up too. All right, beautiful. 99 touch points. Guess what guys? How frequently? For those of you, if you do have any customers, how frequently do you speak to your clients? Drop it in the chat, drop into the chat and I’ll say your name, which will get you excited. Okay. Dropping into the chat. Damien said weekly. Jeremy said at least once a week. Cancun said weekly. Shawn said weekly. David said weekly. M A. C. I said not enough. What else we got guys? How often do you speak to your customers? Dwayne’s that every two. Justin robbers,
Rogers said no clients he had just starting. Awesome. You’re in the right place, man. Angel Lopez said one month.
All right guys, the answer to this is weekly. Mostly you guys got it right. You should be speaking to your customers at least once a week and I will tell you why. Okay? I will tell you why it’s so important that you speak to your customers once a week because that will avoid you from getting those phone calls where it’s like you’re doing anything on my account, HUD and spoken to you in a month. Just want to make sure you’re okay and you get doing [inaudible] and that’s what you’re going to hear. Do you want to hear that? That’s annoying. Nobody likes to hear that Shit. Okay. Solved that by speaking to your customers weekly and you’re probably like chat, but what am I going? What the hell am I going to speak to this guy about every week? Well speak to him about his campaign. Let them know some stuff that happened.
Let them know some little bit of touch points. Hey, we got four leads, five leads, 12 leads this week. It looks like our average cost per acquisition. That’s right around 15 bucks, right? I’m looking in the reporting section. Okay. Yeah, just, just, and these don’t have to be like for our phone calls, this can be like a five minute phone call. Say, hey Bobby, I just want to give you a heads up. You know, we did, we did a couple of changes on the campaign this week. We did a, B, and c. It looks like it brought down your cost per acquisition about two bucks. And we’re going to keep continuing to do, I just want to give you a heads up. Hope all is well. Thank you. Have a good day. Boom. Five minutes. Okay. Quick touchpoint. Now touchpoints can be done multiple different places. Okay. You can do a touch point through a phone call. You can do a touch point through a text message, through a Facebook message, through a Skype, through a slack, through an email. There’s multiple different ways you can touch somebody. The best way to do it honestly is through the phone. Okay? Because you can get your point across. You can speak to them back and forth to a lot easier. Okay. Phone’s great. Next one, customer service. Now, customer service is usually inbound.
It’s usually happens inbound. Okay? This means that the customer is asking your questions. The customer is asking you questions, so what do you do when somebody asks you a question, you respond back to them and you try to make that response as quick as possible and as detailed as possible so you can help that person out as much as you can. Okay. Customer service. If they call you and they want to get an update on their campaign or what’s going on, or they want to make a change or something, guess what? You pick up the freaking phone cause they’re paying you. Okay? You guys get on the same page 48 in the chat, 48 in the chat. Let’s roll people 48 in the chat. If we’re all on the same page, reporting once a month, one time a month. Obviously you don’t do reports every week because things don’t change drastically week over week. They do change drastically month over month. Okay. Therefore, if you’re running a Facebook campaign or a Google adwords campaign or you’re doing SEO or whatever it is that you’re doing, it’s great to report once a month your customers. Okay. Now if you guys are using dash clicks, the C for this, there’s multiple different touch points that you can get. Okay. The cool part about Dallas food, because your client has a dashboard, okay, which alleviates a lot of this shit. It alleviates a lot of the inbound customer service. It makes your touch points a lot shorter. The case, instead of having a 20 minute phone call, it’s like a three and a five minute phone call. The reporting instead of the whole whole hour about the reporting, they’re already up to date because they can log into their claim reporting dashboard every single day and see updates in real time. So this is done once a month. Go over everything with them. Set proper expectations for the next month. Okay, this is number four, client communications. Super simple guys.
Super simple. Let’s set up number five. Who knows what number five is? Go ahead and drop into the chat. If you know a number, five minutes, if you dropped it in the chat, I’ll say your name,
Everybody’s like, Oh, I love when he says my name in front of hundreds of people on a live Webby Christian said upsell Patrick’s that upsell. Jeremy, Rory, Susan, David, Jake, Damian. Not Retention. Sorry brother. But everybody else set up. So Shawn said, say my name, charge, say my name. Say My name. Laurie. Yay, my name. All right, cool. So number five is upsell, upsell, upsell. So what’s cool about this is their mo. There’s multiple ways that you can upsell, okay? Multiple ways that you can upsell. Now I’m going to give you guys from recommendations, okay? Recommendation number one, if you are using dash clicks, use what we call upsell mode.
Usually when we call up cell mode, it’s a feature inside of your dash. Clicks account that will basically show your customer when they log into the dashboard, let’s have you sign them up for an SEO campaign. It will show them data sample data from all of the actual services that we provide inside a dash clicks. It’ll show them data for like for paper click, it’ll show them data for listings and show them everything. A bunch of crazy shit. Okay. But well, what will happen is when they go to click on that page, like if they’re in SEL and they’re doing Google ads, if they click on Google ads, that button will be there for them. It popups going to come up and say, hey, it looks like you haven’t signed up for Google ads, but we’ve added some sample data into your platform so you can just see what it would look like if you did get Google ads with us. And if you do want to get Google ads with us, you can just reach out to us here and then Bam, the leaves your agency information. So the system will actually go and it will upsell for you. Automatic upsells. Swing that customer back your way. Next one.
Usually depending obviously on what you sold to them. A good way or a good wait time to upsell is about two to four weeks. You don’t want to up sell somebody, you don’t want to tell somebody Facebook campaign and then go back to them three days later and be like, Hey, you want to buy Google ads campaign? Like your shit just started. Why would they want to do that? Two to four weeks. Okay. Depending on what they bought, depending on what they bought. Okay. Guys and the next one, make sure it’s systemized. Who knows what this is?
Who knows what that is dropping in the chat. Thank you. Patrick. Value Ladder. Use the value ladder approach. Okay. When you are escalating, somebody’s up to higher packages, you are escalating somebody up the higher packages. Now in the past, if you’ve watched any of our past webinars, you will know. You will know that the value ladder is the best approach you can make and I’ll use it in society as a perfect example. Okay. By the way. For those of you who have still not purchased, ranks the sites right there and get 50% off your subscription right here, right now. You can just open up a new tab and just do it while I’m talking, okay? It’ll take you 30 seconds, okay, now go out. When you sell an instasize charge that person three, four, 500 bucks for a website, it’s nothing. It’s peanuts for like a three, four, $5,000 value.
That website, right? And you go back and you sell them directory listings or social media and you go back and you sell them SEO and you go back and you sell them a Facebook campaign or a Google ad words campaign, right? You bring them in, you escalate them up the ladder. Now when you’re doing a lot of value ladder, the cheapest shit is right here. The stuff that costs lessons right here, then it goes higher and higher and higher and this is the big daddy of them. All right? So make sure you are using the value ladder approach. Okay? Make sure you are using the value ladder approach. All right. Let’s do something cool. Let’s get out of this. Cool. Go ahead and screenshot this guy’s screenshot time. Can you, can you go a full screen for them here? Yeah, take me out of there. Screenshot.
All right. Awesome. Let’s go back. PMP. Hey, I’m here again. Oh my goodness. Hey there. Hey there. All right, cool. I’m right here. I’m right here by the way. I’m right here. I’m Bo. Yeah, I’m right here. I’m right here. Okay, good. Awesome. Awesome. All right, let’s get out of this real quick. Cool. You guys got that? If you didn’t get that screenshot, we’ll shit. You’re too slow. Hi Guys. Let’s do some Q. And. A. Let’s get into some Q. And. A really quick. Let’s get some Q. And. A. What questions you guys have dropped in the chat.
What questions do you guys have? Dropped them into the chat below or on the side, however you guys are watching this.
That’s good. Yeah. All right. Patrick has a question. See what I did though. I said your name. Patrick. Patrick. Wilkis. Should we send proposals or just agreements after closing? Okay. What I would recommend doing is it depends on what you’re signing them up for. If you’re signing them up for a longterm contract, like three months, six months, 12 months, then yeah, you’re definitely going to need a contract. However, what I recommend doing is get the credit card information, charge them, and then send them out the contract to sign so it doesn’t have like a wasted time because a lot of the times you’ll send out a contract. Then they get cold feet. Then a week goes by and like, oh, I spoke to my wife about it and she doesn’t want to do it a right. Yeah, forget about all that shit. Okay. Now if you’re doing month to month plans, don’t send them anything. Just get their credit card, Bill them and keep it moving.
That’s it. All right. Let me, why did miss out so I can see your guys’s name here in this chat? All right. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. All right. Who’s next? David.
I’m not going to try to pronounce her last name. Should I always call with insights 100% the best way to use in society is to build a site, or actually, excuse me, the way that we did it is call them first, generate the lead, then build the site, send it to the customer,
Then call them. Or if you can do it on the spot, that’d be cool too, but most likely you’re going to call them back. Okay. And then you’re gonna close the deal. You’re going to convert [inaudible] into a sale. That’s the second process. So what instasites does is sites helps you attach one and two, which in my opinion is the hardest thing to do in an agency. It’s to convert a lead into a sale in society allows you to do that because it’s not an expensive product, it’s a high valued product. It’s a product that everybody needs, which is a website. Okay. It also looks Badass, will probably beat their current website that they have. Okay. So there’s multiple different pluses from using insecticides. Okay. Does everybody get that? Want to make sure everybody’s on the same page here?
Let’s see what we got next.
Said sales skill to close deals and get client signed up. For that, honestly, that’s a whole nother topic. I recommend watching our youtube channel. So if you go to youtube and you just type in dash clicks, you’ll see the little circle with our logo on it. Go to the youtube channel. We have like a shit ton of videos that I did just on that sales topic. Okay. I also recommend if you’re watching this and it’s on youtube to subscribe, there’ll be subscribed button right down here somewhere. Just hit the subscribe button and you’ll get all of our videos that come out like this, which will help you scale and grow your agency. Sean said, just want you to say my name, Chad.
Right. The little silly laugh. Gentleman said, how do you make your agreements slash? Contracts? we have all of our contracts, actually all of the contracts that we have that we use in our retail agency, they are all uploaded in the dash accelerator program. So if you not, if you have not gotten access to dash accelerator, you can go in and enroll. Right now it’s three 97. It’s on Promo, it’s on Promo. You can get it right now through 97. It’s 21 and a half hours of video content of like fired shit. Then it’s a bunch of swipe files like contracts sales scripts templates for slide decks, a bunch of crazy stuff. Okay. Also a, how good is a performance of dash leads? Facebook ads? It’s amazing. It’s amazing.
I don’t know what else we got. Susan Pailin said is the 50% off our monthly subscription or the cost of a client site? The 50% off. Just to make myself clear and I’m happy you asked that question. I wrote that a bunch of notes here. So if you’re using this code right here, okay, this code, which is we’ll give you 50% off of just the insta sites subscription. It will not include SMS. It will not include if you buying an instance site for a customer, it just your actual in society subscription, it will take off 50% of your insight subscription for your first month. Okay. This can only be used also for new people who have never purchased an insight subscription, so if you haven’t used insights previously, you can go into dash x right now you can purchase in society, use Code Insta 50 at checkout and get 50% off of your entire order for that first month and then for the second month it’s going to go back to regular price. Also, keep in mind, and it’s right here down below, this will expire on six 21 2019 on the dot. That’s hoping happens automated in our system at 11:59 PM est, which means after that, guess what? You can’t use a code anymore. The it’ll. You can try to use it and we’ll tell you that it’s invalid. Okay. All right. Let’s see what else we got.
Where do you have your contracts and agreements drawn up? We just answered that. That’s all in the dash accelerator program. If you’re that Sean said, clients want exclusivity on insights or competitors don’t have the same sight. Dude, I promise you we’ve sold hundreds if not thousands of Vincent sites. We’ve never had any issues. Don’t even worry about it. Okay. That’s making things so complex. Just I promise you just keep rolling. You will be get Justin that Roger said, where do we find training on global text? I’m having to set up on this time on the Toba. I know there is a better method. Yeah, so we do have a bunch of training videos on the actual, if you’re talking about the ACA, a website on the agency website section, there’s a bunch of training videos there. I have one that I created that actually touches on that.
It’s called agents who website walkthrough and it’s like a 30 minute video of going through that. Let’s see. Jeremy said there was a video chat, there was a video where you talked about offering social media posting. What would a value ladder look like for that? So the first thing that you want to do is we never really called and started offering social media posting. That wasn’t like our way in our way in that we’ve been using for the last three years as in society. That’s the approach that we took. We’ve sold millions of dollars in digital marketing. Taking that approach. I’m just telling you guys what works cause that’s what we did, okay? It’s not a rocket scientist. You get into side right here, 50% off of you don’t have it. You can take it off right now, Selby instance site first. Then you go back to them. Okay, one week later, whatever it is, whenever you feel comfortable week, two weeks later, okay. You go back to them and you sell them either our listings program or you can sell them social media posting. Then you go back to them a couple of weeks later after that, sell them SEO. Then he’d go back to them a couple of weeks later after that, you sell them Facebook and Instagram ads or Google ads, right? You’d go up the value ladder. Okay, go up the value ladder.
Let me roll over to Facebook really quick cause we got something.
All right. What other questions we got? What other questions do we get? One of the questions, we’ve got double the chat. I now want to jump in the chat right now while you scroll down.
Angel said, what if the leads business is not part of insight yet? Is there a way to do a work around what if the leads business is not part of the insert yet? Is there a way to do to work out? I’m not sure what you meant. If you can rephrase that, I’d be more than happy to answer for you. Oh, you’re talking about like a lead business template? Yeah. So Jay, I guess just to just speaking in general, right? I tune a bunch of people do this and it actually people have gotten creative. If for some reason you and Gavin’s been doing this a lot, which is actually really smart. If you have, if there’s a template for some reason in there and you want to build a website and you want to use our web builder and our platform, the whole automation and all that you can actually purchase an insight with another template. Okay. And then just modify that template for whatever that industry is and then sell that. So hopefully that helps. Jay Blake said, did you ever did you every lead with a building and I’m a sales funnel first and then traffic for website? No, never. Nope. The approach that we’ve been taking for years, the approach that we use in our call centers, the approach that we’ve been using literally for everything is we’ve, we start off with an insight and then after that we work our way up the value ladder.
Let’s see, Sean said listing is not available outside of the USA. Will you still do the Google listing plus content replace? Yes, Sean. We will. 100%.
Damian would love to hear your quick upsell pitch should take a customer from insight SEO basic purchase. Actually and it’s like a whole nother thing. I can give you a little quick one, but we have five closing calls that actually do that inside of the dash accelerator program. So if you’re not in the dash accelerator program, you can jump in. There’s five live sales calls that me and my team have done that actually show you how to go from an insight site sale to an actual higher level sale, which we have one where we up sold them for Google adwords. In other words, we’ve done social media posting listings. There’s a couple of them that are in there, but what I usually do is I call them back and I’ll say, hey, Bobby this is Chad from customer service. You never say you’re from sales, right?
Because then he sounds spammy. This is Chad from customer service. I know we activated your in society looks like about a week and a half ago. I just want to make sure that you’re enjoying your new website and everything’s okay. Yeah. Chad, I can tell you like, I’m really enjoying it. It’s so awesome. You guys have been great and like, oh right. And then you get them all excited, right? Say Hey, by the way it looks like currently I did some Google searches and you’re not ranking yet. I think we can actually get you ranked for specific keywords, your local market, right? So if you’re a painter in Fort Lauderdale, if I type in painter in Fort Lauderdale right now, you’re not showing up. Now the website that we built for you will help with that. Obviously it’s long term, but I want to be able to accelerate with that with an SEO campaign.
Okay. By doing that, we do x, Y, and Z. And this is what includes is the pricing. And then band. We go from there. But like I said, if you are not in the dash accelerator program like that, that program is fire. Okay. And if you’re not in that program, that Shit’s going up to nine 97 very soon. Okay. Get it right now it’s three 97 to get everything, 21 hours of content, swipe files, all the sales recordings, like everything is in there. Okay. Rasheen said, is there a way to save an instance like templates so we don’t have to modify it again? Unfortunately not. Yeah, sorry about that man. Bobby well we receive a recording of this amazing class. This actually be live on our marketers by mindset Facebook group. It’ll be in the feed and it’ll be in the announcement section for probably the next couple of days and it’ll also be in our youtube channel.
So make sure you go to dash clicks his youtube channel and you can get that all right there. Patrick said what other insights are in the works industries? We actually have the list that we’re going to be releasing soon. A small list of stuff that we’re constantly working on. I know yesterday we just launched real estate and I think like a couple of weeks before that we launched solar. I have to check with the T. I’m not sure what they’re working on, but I know there’s some pretty bad ass ones coming out soon, I think. I think one of the next ones actually is a landscaper, so I know that’s, that’s one that they’re actually working on right now. What other questions do we got? Drop them in the chat. Drop them in the chats, jot them in the chat guys. Oh by the way, I don’t know if you really noticed this, but this is theirs.
We’re doing 50 50% off insights. Okay? They shit is gonna expire tomorrow. 50% off into sites right here. Use Coupon Code, insta 50 at checkout, which basically means you go into your dashboard. Can We go pee and pee real quick? You go on your dashboard. Okay. In your dashboard, you click agency tools in the main menu, click insights. You Go, you purchase whatever subscription you want. I’m obviously on the premium subscription because the badass subscription, once you actually purchased that, there’ll be a little green bar at the bottom that tells you to check out. Okay. I’ll just go to the store real quick there. I can show you what it looks like. Basically, it’ll be here. Let’s just add anything to the cart really quick.
I already bought it already bought it. Cool, and you go here, you click proceed to checkout. Okay? This is the page that you land on adversary. I’m just purchasing SEL as an example, but you just put your coupon code right in here, coupon code instead 40 it will only let you purchase insta sites subscription only for the first time of you purchasing into site subscription ever right here. You just apply it and then we’ll literally knock off 50% off of your first month for insights. Which means if you have never tried this insane tool, now is the time to try it because you only have to pay half of it, half for it. Does that make sense guys? Like 50% off. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Okay, one of the questions we got dropped in the chat.
Rolling. Dropping them in chat, drop it in the chat. What other questions do we have the drop it in the chat.
What are the questions? Do we get, Dwayne said, can I hire any of you closers to work for us? Unfortunately not, but you can keep watching these videos and be a bad ass Emmy. He said, if you’ve already purchased the dash accelerator, where are the scripts and swipe files? So once you log in, let me see if it’s active on here on demo.
Oh cool. It is. And we know p and p real quick. So check this out. If you’re inside of the dash accelerator once you log in, you just click this little thing. That’s his bonus and swipe files and then you click contracts. All of our contracts are right here. Website design, social media posting, directory management content writing, SEO, ad words, Facebook campaign, like all the contracts and right here. Then here you click scripts and keynote template or front sales script or closing sales script or cold calling. Sales scripts are referral sales scripts or keynote speaking template with just like a hundred freaking page, a Google slides doc. Then check this out. We got bonus calls. So we got front end calls, which is we have five frontend calls and five closing calls. Okay, so we’ve got a, there’s a bunch of shit in here, guys. Aside from all of the freaking videos and the accelerator days and all the crazy stuff, which I can’t show you cause he gotta get it right. It wouldn’t be funny to everybody else. Where is it? If we purchase it at the original two k a it should be in the same area. It shouldn’t be right over there. This is actually duplicated from the live event.
Alright, what else we got dropping in the checks. What other questions do we got? Drop it in the chats. Chat chats, guys. By the way, I’m not sure if you know this, but in some sites it’s 50% off instead of 50 instead of 50. You get it right now when you check out 50% off in society, 50% off insights. Oh, in case you didn’t hear me, by the way guys, I’m right here. We’re running 50% off insecticides. Okay. Yeah, just use insta 50 at checkout. Okay. What other questions we got? Drop them in the chat job. I’m in the chat chat. Drop them in the chat, drop them in the chat chat. That’s gonna be my new theme song. Jumping in the chat, jumping in the chat chat.
How does hosting fee work for insights? Good question. So once you actually activate, let’s say once you go out and you go to step one, which is lead generation, then you get a lead and then you sell them and you convert that lead into a sale. Okay. Let’s say if it was a painter or a plumber, whatever it is, a plumber. Okay, are actually paying us. He’s Bobby the painter. All you do is just go into insights. Go right here. Can We go pee and pee real quick? You go to agency tools, you’ll click in society, you’ll go to my insights. Okay. And then here’s the one that I just created for bobbing the painter, right under purchase, you click add to cart, you go here to complete your order on the bottom. Oh, let’s get this SEO thing here. So basically the price to purchase an instance launching sold it is $25 a month.
This includes an SSL certificate and it includes hosting and it includes access to the drag and drop website builder, which is all built right into the dashboard. Okay. So the client will log into your dash clicks account, which is completely white labeled and they’ll have full access to edit everything. Then you can also put them in upsell mode and sell it more shit. Okay. And then it’s also one time a set up fee, $97 pretty much to activate everything out. So you just go in there and check out and you’re done. And then you just got to point your domain name over k point your domain name over. I’m also, by the way, somebody asks where is the a tutorials for that. If you just go to agency website and you scroll down, there’s a bunch of web tutorials right here. The one that you want to watch is where here, agents who website walk through to 20 minute video.
But there’s, there’s a bunch of them down here. Okay. And same thing guys. Also if you’re like, oh, I don’t want to Blaine’s insights cause I don’t know how to use this crazy tool one, it’s not crazy. All you do is you freaking fill out a form. You select the notifications that you want to send to, whether you want to send an email or an SMS, you select a template and you click build in society and you’re done. Okay? And if for some reason that seems complex to you, we’ve created a shit ton of tutorial videos that you can watch right here under the tutorial section in the insights account. Okay? There’s a bunch of videos, bunch of videos, okay. Really simple stuff here guys. Nothing that I like to do is crazy. I don’t like to make things complex. I don’t like to get super technical. I like to keep things basic because guess what? Basic makes a lot of money. The confusing shit takes too much time and does not make a lot of money. Okay. One of the questions we got dropped in the chat.
Oh by the way, guys, I forgot to tell you something very important. Okay? in society is 50% off. So right here you can actually just get 50% off your entire sites. You just use coupon code instead of 50 at checkout and then it’ll take 50% off of your first month subscription events and sites. Just thought you should know that. What else do we got? Drop it in the chat. Drop it in the chat and you go drop it in the chat before we close out. I’ll stay on for a couple more minutes. Let’s see if people are on Facebook. If people on Facebook are people on the face of the book. Let’s see. What do we got? What do we got? What do we got? Get got. Who’s got questions? Drop it in the chat. All right. Nobody, nobody’s got questions. Nobody’s got questions. Nobody’s got questions. Any plans for mobile app development as a service? We do not have plans for that. No.
Alright, we’ll be Teresa, I think we’re done. We’re done. Wrap this up. Oh, something I got to tell you guys before you guys leave. Insta sights is 50% off. So right over here, you can just use coupon code instead of 50 at checkout and get 50% off of your first months in society subscription. Just thought you guys should know that. All right guys, my name is Chad Kodary. I’m the CEO and founder of Dash Clicks. This has been another marketer’s mindset episode. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for coming. Thank you for engaging. As always, make sure that you hit the subscribe button. There’s going to be one right over here somewhere. Make sure if you’re on social media, you click the like button right there and make sure as always dropping your comments below. See you guys on the flip side. Have a good one.

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