Agency Krusaders Signs Up 48 New Members & Generates Approximately $250k Under 4-Months
Chad Kodary
Oct 9th, 2020 at 01:00 PM

Agency Krusaders Signs Up 48 New Members & Generates Approximately $250k Under 4-Months


Nik Robbins, founder and CEO of Agency Krusaders, dives deep into sales metrics on how he signed up 48 new members into his agency coaching program and creating approximately $250k in revenue in under 4-months.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

00:14 What is it that you do or how do you generate revenue for Agency Krusaders?

00:58 What’s your ideal client avatar or audience niche you’re looking after?

01:27 How many people are in your team?

02:00 How many agency owners are using Agency Krusaders?

03:58 What does your pricing model look like?

05:10 How Agency Krusaders is different from the other coaching programs?

07:13 What’s your cost per application?

11:24 What was the one biggest needle mover for Agency Krusaders?

11:33 What are you doing to start conversations?

13:16 What’s the number one automation you have that saves you the most time?

15:40 What is that you do for retargeting the audience who didn’t buy?

17:03 Where do you see yourself in 12 months from today revenue-wise?

18:00 What’s the number one tip that you can give new entrepreneurs that would save them a lot of time?


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What’s going on. Everybody we have at Nick Robbins, from Agency Krusaders is all the way out of Boca Raton. You’re not too far away from your brother, Nick, what is it that you do? And how do you generate revenue for Agency Krusaders?

Yeah, man. So I do two different things. I run an agency, I have a multi seven figure agency that works with medical doctors. And on the side with Agency Krusaders, I have a coaching program that helps agencies scale grow and reach the next level.

Love it. So just, I want to make sure all the viewers who are watching this are on the same page. So Agency Krusaders is the coaching side is the coaching onto the business. Right. All right. So what we’ll do is if it’s cool with you, let’s fully focus on that. So when we ask metrics and stuff like that, people can better understand it. That makes sense. Let’s go. Just be tied to that. Alright, awesome. So I’m assuming that your target audience is agencies, so let’s just come to call it that. All right. So your ideal avatar, your niche, these are agents you have. Is there any specific type of agency owners that you’re looking to go after?

Yeah. So there’s really three different types of avatars for this number one, the agency owner who’s just gotten started. Maybe they’re at a nine to five right now. It’s a side hustle. They’re really looking for their first couple of clients. Number two is that individual, that freelancer type agency owner that I like to call it, who stuck between two and $10,000 a month revenue doesn’t have a consistent source of new clients. And number three, if you’re at that 30 to 50 K Mark and you need to learn how to scale and grow, we also work with those as well.

Love it, man. And break down the team size for me. How many people are on a team and what are they compiled?

Yeah, so we have seven members on our team right now. Okay. So we’ve got myself, we’ve got a paid ads expert and also co-owner some are Zuki. We’ve got a ad buyer and then we’ve got a generalist who essentially she does admin. She does, you know, VA style, work, billing, you know, that type of stuff. And then we’ve got two salespeople who will take the calls and get people into the program. And then we’ve got one more VA.

Awesome. And how many people are currently in Agency Krusaders? How many agency owners you’ve got in there?

So in this specific program, we’ve got 48 members inside the group right now. I’ve been working with agency owners the last couple of years and worked with hundreds of them. And I’ve also got a high ticket mastermind for seven figure plus agency owners as well. Well, most of them are seven figures plus.

Okay. So, but for agency and how long, I just want to make sure I know too, that the audience, how long has the agency krusaders been around this specific product?

So this specific product actually launched in may. Okay. So not too long ago. What is it? Three, three and a half months. Yeah. I’ve been doing agency coaching. I’ve been doing agency coaching for quite a while, but this specific product that I’m focused on, which is the main focus of what I got going on has been about three and a half months.

And the, the PR what about the, the program before that? Was there another program that kind of led you into this newer version? What was the older program?

Yeah, that’s a great question. So basically this program was born out of my high ticket mastermind. I sold a good chunk of my agency that I brought up in the beginning to my business partner. I was still co of that. I still own a piece. I still consult, but I started a high ticket mastermind. And the results out of there were insane, right? There’s 14 agency owners that joined into that group. 11 of them are at the seven figure run rate or beyond none of them were at it before we had actually started working together. And I was like, man, I got to work with more agency owners in a different capacity here. So that’s what this was born out of. Gotcha. Okay, cool. And if you could take all your entire audience, I’m talking about your Facebook group, your email list or chat bot subscribers or whatever it is that you have.

If Nick Robbins wanted tomorrow morning to send a message out to the world, how many people would you actually reach? What’s your, what’s your, what’s your reach right now? So I got 22,000 Instagram followers, 4,100 and a Facebook group, about 4,000 on an email list, maybe 800 on mini chat. And a lot of my stuff has been grown word of mouth, man. But yeah, that’s, that’s a bit about the the region I got about 500 YouTube subscribers. Alright, well, that’s good there. You have it. And what is your pricing model look like? So let’s say I’m an agency I’m interested in joining agency krusaders. What’s my fees. How many months am I going to be in the program? What does it look like for me? Yeah. So as of right now, it’s $5,000 to jump in. I’m going to move that up to 7,800 soon.

Cause even in the last couple of months, we’ve had just ridiculous results. But it’s $5,000. You actually get lifetime access to the coaching calls and the course training platform is delivered or the program delivered in three ways. We have multiple coaching calls a week that I’m on. I’m on two. We’re just about to add or add a third call. We’ve got a private Facebook Slack, or a private Slack channel where all agency owners can come in and talk nothing about agency that I’m in every day or answering questions. And then we’ve got the training platform, of course, which is where a core amount of the material is that you can go in and learn the step by step templates, SOP processes for straight from my multi seven figure agency, clone them straight in a years and be able to take that and scale up.

What is, what is the main D look cause there’s also, there’s tons of people in the agency space training agencies, right? Obviously the elephant is out of the room. We know that, right? What’s the big differentiator that you would say that agency krusaders delivers aside from every other guy selling agency coaching programs. What’s like, what’s the secret number one, the secret sauce. So there’s really, it’s one 81 B so one eight number one biggest thing is I teach people how to think for themselves and create a productized offer and differentiate themselves from the market. There’s the best thing about being an agency owner and getting started, especially if you’re newer, is that there’s no barrier to entry. It’s also the worst thing. And so if you’re just copying pasting, you’re doing the same thing as everybody else going after the same niches, everybody else, no differentiation trying to copy paste.

You’re going to run into trouble is prospecting and you can’t grow your agency without prospecting and, and you know, getting appointments on the calendar. So that’s one a and then one B is if there’s one thing I know how to do it sell and bring in new clients. So my sales system, my prospecting systems are ridiculous. I’ve sold over 500 medical clients and taught these to so many other people. My original agency coaching program was in 2018. We had hundreds of members come there and see ridiculous results from it. And I’ve just been growing on it. And I’ve taught these prospecting and sales methods to so many people.

Are you doing, are you teaching paid ads approach or are you going like organic style? Is it just

So we’ve got outbound, I’ve got outbound. I think outbound is where people should get started, but a heavy, heavy focus on paid ads. I buy all my customers in my agency and I think that’s where everyone needs to go. Okay.

Can I, I want to peel the onion back and dive a little bit deeper into that. Cause I think that’s what a lot of people want to know. Right? Most agency owners are looking to acquire clients. That’s like the biggest headache that every agency owners having, right. The prospecting side, the sales side is just basically getting starting conversations and getting people signed up. Right. So let’s talk about paid ads for a second. Cause obviously we know the organic approaches, you know, cold calling, emailing, DM, stuff like that. That’s all great. Let’s talk, paid ads really quick in your agency when you’re going out and acquiring these new doctor offices, or even maybe you can use another use case. Doesn’t have to necessarily be doctors. It can be just any niche. Right? What are you seeing on average of the cost per acquisition to actually acquire a lead through? I’m assuming you’re probably running Facebook ads for the most part. So what’s your cost per application? Cause I know it’s probably an application based I would assume, right. It’s an application based.

Definitely. Yeah. So it’s going to heavy very heavily based on the market. Medical is more expensive than roofers and home services, for example,

But ones that you’ve, that you’ve know that you’ve ran campaign or your you or your agency guys ever ran campaigns for. And you’re like, Hey, this guy’s getting leads for a hundred bucks.

You’ll get sub $50 Kohls. And the home services niches all day long. And that home services is HVAC, roofing, remodeling, flooring, landscaping, right contractors the medical offices, you’re probably about 150 at scale, right? You might be able to get one or two calls at 50 bucks, but you’re about 150 to $200 a call at scale for your orthodontist, your chiros, things like that. When I say at scale, I mean spending at least 10 K a month, if they’re spending less money on ads, you’re going to get cheaper calls. Cause you’re not in fluctuating market, but 50 to $150 per book call is somewhere in the range of where you can kind of expect to be knowing that there’s a lot of context that goes into play. What’s your offer? What are you doing? What, you know, risk reversals, that type of stuff.

Let’s dive even deeper. Let’s say I get 10 leads and they’re a hundred bucks a pop costs me a thousand dollars. I got 10 leads in my CRM. Alright. How many of those leads are we closing on average?

Yeah. So out of those 10 leads, you want to see at least 7.5, this stuff, people don’t really think about 7.5 of them. You want to show up. So you would have a 75% booking rate because just because you get a book call, it doesn’t mean they’re going to show up. So you want to shoot for at least a 75% show rate,

Which is actually pretty tight and good. It’s I know most, most like even for us a dashboard sometimes about 60, 65%, really, depending on what, you know, obviously what we’re going after, but 75% is great.

So there’s two ways and there’s ways that you can control that too. Right? So you can get appointment bookers to confirm the appointments at a time. And number two, if you put something like a video sales letter, which I love and which I preach and I teach everyone to do eventually is given you a sales letters they’re much more bought and much more likely to show. And then what is your text and follow up reminder sequence look like, right? Are you sending them a personalized video before the call? All that type of stuff you’re at 75% is on the higher end. No question. That’s our target. That’s where we want to be. I’ve never seen anybody above 80. And if we’re below 60, that’s when I tell people, Hey, we need to, we need to, we can work on this. Let’s backpedal 10, 10 leads come in.

They’re in your CRM, 75% of them. Let’s just say seven of them show up 70%. She’ll break out of those seven. That show up. What’s your close rate. So for me, I would close two out of those seven. Right. But yeah, I’ve been it for a long time. I was 30, 30%. Would you say 30, 35% close rate, which is high by the way, guys, for those of you guys watching and listening, everybody’s like, Oh, I’m closing every deal that comes my way. Like, let’s be serious. You’re not closing every deal that comes your way. You’ll be lucky if you close 10 or 15%. Okay. 30%. I was just going to say 12 to 15% of total schedules. Right. And that includes no shows and includes everything. That’s where you want to be no lower than 10% of total schedules. 12 to 15% means you’re doing good. If you’re 18 to 22% of total schedules, you are a fricking rock star, which is where like the highest end of I’ve been in my sales team’s event. So yeah, no, I I definitely agree with you here.

Yeah. So essentially 18 to 22% of total schedules. Right? And if you get 10 book calendars, if you’re closing 18 to 22%, you’re godlike. I mean, that’s top of the range you want to be at at least 10%, 12 to 15% means you’re doing really good. One thing that also comes into play though, is what do you charge? Right? So I charged chiropractors $10,000 over three months, which is three times the average of what people are at one point twice, as much as what the average person would charge it for them. Right? So that’s going to play a role in their closing factors as well. So you gotta keep that in mind when you’re continuing. And also, especially if you’re running paid ads, think about that. Cause it’s, it’s big. If you’re running paid ads, that’s a big number, two truck is okay. You’re closing deals.

How much are those deals? Am I covering my ad spend is the margins they’re working. Right. So big, big, big answer right there. Let’s go into the big things that have really made the shift for your business. Right. W what would you say for agency krusaders? What would you say was the number one needle mover for your company? What, what, what impacted the business? The most revenue generating wise, we’re talking about generating the most revenue is that one thing you did building an amazing product that people talk about and they shared others by far bar. None. There you go right there. And what are you doing to start conversations every day, aside from running Facebook ads, are you using Facebook ads also to get agency Crusader guys on? Absolutely man, I’m a paid ads guy through and through. There’s nothing more powerful than it. That’s really the main way that and referrals. I’m not doing a whole lot of organic marketing, organic stuff. Moment. Are you going cold though, with agency with the agency I’m cold, dead cold, straight to agency owners into an application to a phone call for my sales team into a call.

We’ll be targeting is if you don’t have to like, you know, Russell Brunson, Ty Lopez.

Yeah. A whole variety of things. So, you know, all of the standard interest targeting is a Frank Kearns, that type of stuff. We’ve got our email lists. We’ve also used tools like lead in force where you can scrape Facebook groups and you can get people in their lead enforces a great tool. And then we’ve got a lot of lead yeah. Lead in force, amazing tool where you can scrape Facebook groups and charge them. Awesome, awesome tool. And then could look likes custom audiences of our buyers, right? So we had like 500 buyers for, you know, my agency or my original agency sales crusaders program, you know, that type of stuff. So yeah.

What’s the number one converting audience you got?

Ooh, it’s got, it’s one of our custom look like audiences. So it’s a look like audience of our box.

We have the same. So we have one of our number one converting audiences is you would think it’s like if we get people to sign up for, so it would be, you know, lookalikes of signups, a dash flicks. It’s actually not. It’s a lookalikes of one of our webinars that we ran. One of our rubber re webinar registration pages, I guess the five or 600 people that registered to watch that webinar. We have them all on a list and we created a look alike out of it. And that one is just converting insanely. Well, I don’t know what Facebook did in the backend, as far as putting those people together in a bucket, but they did a damn good job. So let’s talk about automation really quick. What’s the number one automation you have that saved you the most time?

Boy, I mean, jeez, well, Zapier is the greatest thing in the history of the world, but Zapier Slack to a sauna like those, those three tools make our life run

That. And then what is your actual sales process look like? So we said that you get, you get 10 people that’s com comes into your CRM. 75% of them on average will show up to the actual call. Let’s just say out of those seven people, two will actually close. How are you closing those two people? Are you getting them on a call? You’re doing a slide deck. You’re doing a qualifying call. Break that down. Really

Great question. So when we’re, when we’re working with agencies, right, and they’re bringing them into the agency krusaders program, we’re doing a zoom call, no camera. And at the end of the call, it’s a one call close on that end. We are walking them through the course, the program showing testimonials, cause there’s endless amounts. That type of stuff. What’s that? How long is that? Usually about 45 minutes to an hour. Okay, cool.

This is the one thing I want to know. Is it scheduled for like a 60 minute call and then you bang it out in 45 minutes or is it 45 minutes scheduled call and you gotta go over.

It’s scheduled for 45 minutes and we go over. Okay.

Because we had the same issue with that, where we schedule, we do half hour calls, but then we need sometimes 45 minutes. You know, you have some last final questions. Somebody is ready to jump on board and then you go into the next call. But the problem is we have back to back calls that are literally scheduled without any gap time. So sometimes we’ll go over on a call and then we won’t make it to the next call, which sucks too.

We give a, we give a buffer. And when I’m pitching doctors at the medical agency, we always give a full for the demonstration and give ourselves plenty of time. So there’s no rush. So if you’re doing business owners and stuff like that, we give ourselves extra time just because we don’t want them to be jumping off.

Got you. So you’re saying 45 minute call on average, and then you’re doing a zoom share. You’re showing them in the course, you’re showing them all the goods that they get. What they’re basically about to give you five K for essentially you’re going through the whole program. Yep. Cool. Love it man. And what do you do? So going back, 10 people come into your CRM system, 75% actually book a call. Okay. I actually show up to the call to two of them, 200 the 10 by what do you do at the eight people that don’t buy?

Yeah, that’s a great question. So they get hit, they get hammered with retargeting.

Great question. Then throwing that out there. They’re amazing questions. Cause this is the marketer’s mindset pie. No, they really are.

So we got, we do multiple things right on a regular basis. So they get hammered with retargeting on YouTube and Facebook. They get put into a longterm email drip nurture sequence, which I have broken down to one testimonial and one value of video or one value email week every Monday and Thursday, they get two emails that go out. I often build YouTube videos that will also push them to YouTube videos, just constantly staying in front of them. Right. And then once we have certain numbers of people, we will do text blasts. And as a reminder, did you get back and jump on a call with us? So that’s why, what we do for reactivation. And I’m also about to bring in appointment setters because our list is getting big enough at agency krusaders to call up the old emails to your, their no showed or you know, didn’t buy or whatever, that type of stuff.

Yep. Would you say in the last you’ve been open for about three and a half months, right? You said you’ve got about 48 people on agency krusaders. I’m going to multiply that times five. K would you say the last three and a half months you did almost a quarter million dollars in sales that sound about accurate.

Yeah. And there’s been more than that just because I’ve got private consulting agency krusaders and the higher ticket mastermind in that. That’s okay.

Yeah. So there’s, there’s other parts of the value ladder.

Yeah, exactly.

Awesome. And what’s a realistic revenue goal. Let’s say you fast forward 12 months from today. Okay. For agency krusaders, per se, where do you, how much revenue do you see you got yourself doing or forecasting from today to 12 months next one year, how much revenue generating?

So here’s the thing. It’s I have different plans into scale this up to 5 million, but so minimum million dollars agency krusaders, but I’m looking to take this and leverage it into a couple of other opportunities in regards to starting new fresh agencies and also a done for you prospecting business for other agency owners. So depending on how you want to break it down, it’s going to be, you know, I’m looking for, you know, a couple million dollars, but at least a million dollars with this program, with this process alone. But I’m using this to as I don’t wanna say leverage, but to get really in with the agency network and have something else to move to the agency owners here over the next year. Okay.

Love it, man. Love it. All right. And last question that I have for you before we wrap up here, if you could give one piece of advice to a brand new business owner, entrepreneur coming into this space that will literally save a year’s of time of wasted time. Essentially. What would that one thing be that you tell them? You got them in a room. You got one thing to tell them what would it be?

Pick one business model, go all in stop overthinking. And massive action is

Ladies and gentlemen. You heard it first. Nick Robbins agency krusaders coming out of bumper. It’s on Nick. Thank you so much for joining us brother. We appreciate you and we’ll see you on the next marketers mindset podcast. Hopefully next year, when you hit the $5 million Mark, you got it by that. Thanks man. We’ll talk soon. Bye

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