A Trick you Can Use in DashClicks to Create a Prospecting Demo Account
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:56 PM

A Trick you Can Use in DashClicks to Create a Prospecting Demo Account


Will you be using DashClicks to create a prospecting demo account?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks shows off a trick that you can use in DashClicks to create a prospecting demo account today!


What’s going on and there about eight. What’s going on guys? I want to show you guys a little trick that you can use actually inside of the DashClicks platform where you can actually go and you can create a kind of like a dummy account, like a demo account. I’m going to walk you through how to do it. I’m going to share my screen and let some people hop on minimums, share my screen. Let me show you this crazy trick. Can you can go and you can use it right now. You go and you can use it right now. So I’m gonna let the company you guys jump on so you get little engagement here. Then I’ll show you something cool. So I’m gonna share my screen with you. Let me block this out. What’s going on, Andrew and Chris. Angel, Leo, me.
Hey guys, how’s it going? So I’m going to show you guys this cool trick. I’m gonna share my screen with you really quick. So for those of you guys who have, who are using dash lights, I just want you to know you can use dash clicks to actually like prospects. So when you’re on like a sales call or a consultation, you can also say, Holy Shit guys. By the way, when you sign up for our Facebook ad service or when you set up for SEO Service, you can actually use your, or sorry, when you set up our Facebook ads, you’re set up for SEO Service. You can actually have this platform like you can log into and we’re going to give you a reporting tool. Bobby the painter, and you can come in, you can log into your account and you can see everything. But like during that time you want to actually do that as a demo. You want to demo that, right? So I’m going to show you guys exactly how to do that. So let me share my screen with you really quick. Let me share my screen with you really quick. All right, let me actually pull it up. Give me one sec guys.
What’s going on, everybody? What’s going on, Chris or Keene column here. Cool. What’s going on? Alright, ready? Here we go. Here we go. All right, let me share my screen with you. And I’m actually gonna open up safari. It’s a lot easier to use. So also for those of you guys who have logged into the dash fleets, what is this bar up here guys get in the bootcamp? All right. Is that bootcamp with this a lot to talk about that, but essentially this is really what you gotta do. Okay. what’s going on here?
Okay. So this is really what you should do. So you can use it to like a little workaround trick that you can use. So sometimes when you’re doing when you’re using dash lights and you don’t want to actually show like all of this type of stuff and this type of stuff to your customer, right? That’d be pretty awkward during call. So what you can do to actually get around this and do like a little work around is you can actually just go to your account, just click my agency, then you click manage users. And then you want to click add new user. And then once you do that, you can actually Abby user. So let’s just call it Bobby. And we’ll call it here, Bobby painter, whatever. We’ll put, you know, but let’s see [email protected] Cool. And this isn’t gonna fire out like a new invitation or anything about me. This is just an example. Okay. And what I recommend doing guys is creating one for yourself though. Create one for every person that you’re demoing. A discreet, like a generic, but I’m just putting in random information here.
To John, John let’s just use a password and we’ll drop in a phone number to drop, dropping a random phone number and I’ll confirm the password again, right in Trump and first and last name. So this can be like you put anything in here, you can say you know, just put it, this can be your first and last thing, right? So whenever your first and last name is dropping in here, really all you’re doing here guys, is you’re just creating like a demo account that you can use. That’s going to show client access and [inaudible], right? So all this can be the same. Use your personal email, use whatever email is that you want. You can even upload a photo of yourself here. Put your email address in here, right? So when you’re creating these, you can, you can either use your name, it doesn’t have to be an email.
By the way guys, I just like to use it. Username is an email and I put the same thing in, right? And then you want to go over here and you can even leave this blank. You don’t even have to put an address, but the main thing is right here, right? So the actual roles. So what you want to do here is assign this as a client role. You want to assign this as or you want to put places as active. And then you want to put this as demo. You want us to like demo as Demo Company, okay. And then once you do that, you click add user and now it actually added that user. So I’m in the demo account, but you guys can just see here the new user that I just added, Bobby, John, he never logged in, right? So it’s not going to fire off an email.
So I’m going to do anything like that. So what you’re going to do right now is I’m, all you’re going to do is, you know, I can log into this and I’ll log in under that user so you guys can see what it is. Right? Let me just remember what I put. Yeah. So this is, give me my user name and then the password that I put. So I’ll log out right now. Right? And then they’ll, you know, come in, come here. And this will all be white labeled obviously. Right? So you come in here, now you log in under your white account. What am I doing? It’s works. Oh, I think I put, I forgot what I put as the password. I’m an idiot. All right, let me log back in. Or actually no, I think I had it right. Yeah, I mean there’s space there.
There was a space here. Okay, cool. So now what’s going to happen is you know your client, you don’t have all that stuff. You see what’s going on here at the top. So you don’t have any of that stuff at the top. You don’t have anything here that a car can see. There’s nothing here that is related to dash. There’s no education, there’s no onboarding documents, there’s no store. This is what the client sees when they actually log into their cal, right? So they’ll be able to go over here and now because you assign them the to the company Demo, they can only see demo, right? And what I’m saying guys is use this as a demo. Count you to pitch your clients so that way you don’t have to seam dash looks branding, right? So once you brand it, obviously your logo will be here and your domain will be here and all the custom branded and beautiful.
But this is what a client sees, right? And then you can go through the whole platform with them and say, hey, you know, when you sign up with us to SEO, this is what you’re going to see for SEO. When you sign up with us to PPC or Google ads, this is what you’re gonna see for Google ads and so on. And so you use call tracking, you’ll see this, right? This is what our CRM system looks like when all the leads come in, right? So this is like a perfect way for you to go out and use this. This is the demo account that you can create for yourself so that you can use it during prospecting calls and during sales calls, right? So everybody, did anybody know that you can do that? Can you drop a one on one if this is completely new to you?
Drop a one on one real quick because a lot of people keep asking me like in the platform, oh, this is my customer. See this. And you know, what should I do when I’m doing a demo? Like, how do I hide this information? Right? So we can drop a one on one, hopefully like this actually helped you. And what I’ll do is I’ll probably reshoot this video, create like a whole health doc out of it after this. So hopefully that helps you. So that’s a little cool trick, little cool tactic that you can use. And that’s pretty much it. I just want to come in here and give you guys a little cool tip that you guys can use inside of that space. So I’ll see you guys later. Bye guys.

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