7 Figure Agency 2.0 Paying $15 Per Appointment Set by Commission Based Reps
Chad Kodary
Oct 6th, 2020 at 01:00 PM

7 Figure Agency 2.0 Paying $15 Per Appointment Set by Commission Based Reps


Michael Laurens, CEO and founder of 7 Figure Agency 2.0 pays his appointment setters $15 per scheduled appointment that actually shows up.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

00:19 What is 7 figure agency 2.0 and how does it work?

01:29 How big is your team size?

01:57 How many people are using 7 figure agency 2.0?

02:51 What’s your pricing model look like?

03:55 What does your value ladder look like?

05:04 What was the one biggest needle mover that made you the most money?

06:16 What are you doing to generate leads for your business?

10:41 What does your sales process look like?

11:47 How much revenue has seven-figure agency 2.0 has generated in the last 12 months?

13:43 What is your favorite software tool you’re currently using in your business?


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What’s going on, everybody. We have Michael Laurens from seven figure agency 2.0 all the way out of UK.

Michael, what is it that you actually do? How do you generate revenue? Yeah, so we do a couple of different things. You know, we’re obviously in the agency space, seven figure agency, 2.0 is a coaching program. We, we work directly with agency owners to kind of help them sprint out their sales process and their sales system. We like to keep things extremely, extremely simple. You know, no gimmicks, no tricks, no hacks. We actually, you know, primarily we use appointment setters and ads, the goal of any client acquisition funnel, right? You want to achieve, you know, a couple of different things. Number one is you want to be getting on the phone with as many decision makers who have given you their permission to sell who have their credit cards out and as high volume as possible, get yourself a great sales team and just start closing deals. And we do this, we fill up our books with appointment setters cold-calling appointment centers, go back to basics and Facebook ads.

It might go, how big is your team size right now? Can you break that down for me? How many people you got on your team and what are they doing as little as possible? It’s kind of the best way to answer this, right? So, you know, I’ve got my head of ops, who is my right hand, man. He’s the one that’s kind of my day to day huddle, buddy. You know, the problem solver with me, you know, we’ve got a couple of great guys on our sales team. You know, we, we obviously work in terms of, you know, commission-based appointment setters and all of that, you know, immediate buyers kind of any, any project based work. You know, we have big the team size that, you know, five, 10 people on a, on our culty on our core team, five max, just, this is really the runners of the business.

And then, you know, we’ve got, you know, we w we managed between five and 10 appointment setters at any one point in time. We’ve got you know, our, our we’ve got three sales reps on board full time right now. Yeah. And a bunch of, you know, a couple of virtual assistants, that kind of stuff. Awesome. Awesome, man. And, and obviously, you have a coaching program. So how many people right now are activated in your, in your a seven figure agency, 2.0 program we’ve actually had over 300 members collectively with, you know, the first version of this program and, you know, the version that it’s in now yeah, we’ve had over 300 members go through this program. We’re super, super excited about the results and kind of the ability of, of, you know, to be able to duplicate these systems and just the oldest community that we have have a man. And how big is your audience size? Like if you could collect your emails, your social media followers, your YouTube subs, chatbots, subscribers, whatever.

Yeah. You can take all those. If you want to wake up one morning and send them

Message out, how many people are, are you going to send them? That’s a good question. I’d say, I guess, you know, it probably in total off the top of my head, about 10,000 you know, we, I, you know, we’ve, we’ve kept it the super lean, you know, we’ve got our email list. Well, I’ve got a Facebook group that I own. So yeah, it’s on a traffic that we own in a, in a really nice, you know, straightforward, simple lean community of, of you know, positive legends, amazing man. And what’s your pricing model look like? Let’s say I want to jump into your coaching program. What are the fees? What am I looking at? Yeah. So, you know, w we’re a high ticket program, you know, it’s, it’s you know, 5k for the full seven K for the full investment. We do offer, you know, a ton of kind of a ton of benefits and discounts for, for action takers. That’s the people that we like to work with. And then we have a ton of, you know, kind of smaller products, little things you know, from T sheets and masterclasses and, and smaller products that can kind of help a lot of beginners get started. You know, if they’re not looking to kind of make that full, full leap into, into really taking it

Seven K’s that is that like a six month program, three months a year. How long is it

Our, our, our members in the seven figures, each 2.0 program go through a very, very intensive six week sprint. So it really the best way to, you know, you’ll, you’ll obviously have lifetime access to our programs, course content and materials, and, and live a lifetime access to our group and private members group, what we like to call the family. And then, yeah. Cool.

And what’s I know you’ve heard the term, we’ve all heard it value ladder, right. W what is your value ladder look like? I’m assuming

Is the coaching program, obviously the main point of your business, but is there anything on the front end or on the back end, like lower ticket and even higher than that? Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, the, and the goal with kind of any value ladder, obviously you want to be able to, you know, if someone’s not able to kind of, or look into it to take that full step, you know, they want to be able to you know, take those stepping stones. You want to be able to help them out with one problem at a time until they can’t afford your, your, your higher investment programs. So, you know, we, I you know, we have a, an older version of this program that we still do at a lower ticket. What’s the cost of that? So nine 97, four for the entry level, and this is really just a starter kit. It’s a great, you know, kind of way for people to dip their toes into the industry land of first couple of clients kind of build a real sense of,

Is it nine, nine, seven, and then let’s say around seven K for your middle tier product. And then is there anything higher than that?

Do you have like a, Oh, so yeah, at seven key, are you really getting full access to me and the team love it, man. All right. Good. And if you could take, if you could spread and push away and peel back the onion and, and in your business, what would you say the biggest needle mover for you was, what was the one thing that you did that made you the most money? Right. I’m going to, I, you know, off the top of my head, really the one, the one thing I can really credit a lot of my success to actually, let me, let me give you two on this. Number one is really being able to investing in yourself, learning from those directly who have done what you want to do. And the second kind of like, you know, in depth in my funnels and the way that we client acquisition, I’ve got to say that customer research is King. Just it’s, it’s the easiest way to sell anything to anyone is not makeups and product and try and sell something, but get feedback from our audience, ask them what they want and then put it together for them and sell it to them. Gotcha.

So you’re essentially when you’re crafting your courses or your training or your education products you’re going out there and collectively collecting information

And then products based off that versus vice versa, 100%, everything from the info, the VSLs in the sales scripts that sell these products as well. Every little piece of it comes down to customer research, we guess, anything that we say or do or sell love, man. And what are you doing right now to start conversations? Like, what are you doing to generate leads? Obviously, starting conversations is the biggest thing in every business. Talk to me about some marketing campaign, some outreach, what are you actually doing to get people in the top of your funnel? Yeah, 100%. We’re very, very big on automation. We’re very big at being able to do things at scale. So kind of being able to you know, paid acquisition, paid client acquisition sources are really truly the number one, they’re the only source of scale into.

So, you know, primarily we’re using Facebook ads and commission only appointment centers. And you know, just building that, that initial appointment is really all you need building a targeted initial appointment with some level of interest is really all you need. And yet Facebook as an appointment setters, have you dialed it down on it? Cause obviously, you know, in the coaching space we have coaching programs too, right? So we can relate in the coaching program space that we, the major thing to look at is application cost, right? How much does it cost you to actually get an application filled out if you’re running paid ads? Absolutely. Well, here’s, here’s the best part about running with you know, conditionally appointments centers is we pay our appointment centers, fixed $15 per appointment set and showed up, which is an amazing, amazing way to run it. You know, like I’m very, very pro on ads and ad spend you, you know, it’s really an easy way to scale up a business, but going back to kind of the basics of it and working with appointment commission only appointment centers, the best part about it is that, you know exactly what your next call is going to cost you.

Right? And if you can get the metrics, right, if you can get the metrics of the rest of your funnel down, it’s very easy to make projections and scale, right. So let me, let me just, I want to make sure that the audience that’s watching this is understanding it. So instead of obviously taking, you know, cause application costs $50 one day, $150 the next day you can go back and forth. Right. Right. So you’re saying, forget about all that. I know my cost is $15 to get somebody on a phone with me. So what’s your process in doing that? Do you, have you said you have three sales guys or do you have like a team that’s going, like, how are they actually getting people? Absolutely. So, so we work with commission, only appointment center is really, really easy to hire. It’s not a low, it’s not a very high, skilled labor job.

You need to be cool, calm, confident you need to be a good person vocally. Right. we’re going out there with simple hooks, you know, at the end of the day, what we’re looking for, you know, if you’re, if you, if you are an agency that works with chiropractors, what you’re looking for is chiropractors that are able to take on an additional 13 to 15 longterm care practices. Right. But where where’s like the source, are you going? Cause then you have a Facebook group. So do you have these guys going into your Facebook group and deeming people? Like, what are they actually? Great question. Great question. So, so we use we use what do you call them? Like data miners off of Upwork. So we actually hire data miners that are able to mine us. So, you know, they will have their trick.

And this is literally off of Upwork off of, off of online jobs, pH right. It’s, it’s really high, extremely low skilled labor. We get our, our call sheets built for 10 cents a contact. And this is way, way, way superior to doing any kind of what do you call them? These, these scrapers that can [inaudible] lead finder and all of them. Let’s see, let’s say you’re wanting to go after Jim’s right. You know, it’s a space that we work in heavily gyms was one of our bread and butter niches. You want to go off to Jim’s if I did a search for Jim’s and [inaudible] lean finder, it’s going to give me, it’s going to give me yoga studios, it’s going to give me mom and pop gyms. It’s going to give me it’s going to change. Right. And what I can do with a data miner is not just get lists, lead lists built for super, super cheap, but I can get somebody I’m like, I want, I want companies with this level of employees.

I want to, you know, 18 to 50 employees, I want XYZ, XYZ, XYZ, and I can get a very, very, very hyper-targeted list for super, super cheap. And then our appointment setters are just it up down the list. They’re dialing, they’re dialing off lists and getting people to get people. This is to get agencies into your coaching program. Yeah. So for our coaching program, specifically, we’re running ads to add webinar funnel as well for the program and the way that we’re scaling agencies for kind of smaller businesses is we’re just picking up the phone and dialing and running ads. And then for our coaching program, which is running ads classic weapon, our funnel, just kind of given that free training away, got you basically running ads to probably a VSL type funnel. Exactly. Fill out an application. What’s the application costs costing you right now to get an application for your coaching program.

Like just rough amount. Good question. I can actually, I can actually open up my little dashboard, but I know we’re getting cost per call booked for 200 bucks. And we use, we use very, very kind of high friction on this. We want to make it very, very kind of a process to get through to our application. We want very, very high quality leads coming through on this. So our cost per call books about 200 bucks with a, with a show up rate of 70% of the closing rate of 20%. So that’s good on the phone. Yeah. The phone has been performing really well. Awesome, man. Awesome. And what is your sales process look like? So somebody goes, they book a call. What are you, what are you doing? Is it, you know, how long does it call? Are they it on zoom? Is it a phone call? What are you, what are you doing there? Yeah, exactly. So there’ll be booking a zoom call with one of my sales reps. And then we like to flood them with a ton of like little bonuses and goodies right before they booked the call, get them on super warm with their credit cards up.

I love that. And then obviously we know that everybody buys, right. So what are you doing? You know, the 80% of people that don’t buy from you, what do you put them on the list you got? What do you, what’s your followup method? Absolutely. I have a very strong opinion on this. You know, obviously having automated followup systems, of course, they go into an email sequence, they learn, we, you know, we try to answer questions that we might’ve missed. Right. but I’ve a very big opinion on this. The number one most effective form of a followup is a phone call, right? If your sales reps are actually taking action and not trying to duck the system, pick up the phone and freaking dial, right. The easiest way to get someone on the phone is to pick up the phone and duck, or I agree with you a hundred percent did. And, and in your business, a seven-figure agency, 2.0, how much revenue have you guys generated in the last 12 months? Last year? Probably around 700 K for the program. Oh, that’s awesome. Wow. That’s great, man. And where do you let, so let’s say if you look 12 months from today, right. Michael’s like, okay. 12

From today based on my current trends and what I’m currently doing,

Where do you kind of forecast yourself at, in 12 months from today? So how much sales do you think you’ll do from today and then in 12 months? Yeah. That’s on this funnel on this funnel specifically

In the, in your, and not just in the funnel, but in the whole age seven figure Institute,

2.0 product. Right, right, right. Yeah, I mean, we’re, we’re definitely, you know, like I said, paid traffic is our number one. I think we’re definitely kind of in the space to kind of at least double the amount that we’re spending right now. So yeah, I mean, at least at least double and then, you know, obviously the goal is to kind of focus on you know, more high tiered kind of programs where I can work more closely with different members that come through. So definitely expand the value ladder, expand the product base and yet increased, increased spending. I love it, man.

And then what’s like the number one thing, edit everything that you, you, you see like that, you know, that you have to do in order to increase revenue and to increase productivity inside of your business. What’s the one thing that, you know, you’re going to have to change to get to that next level, right? I’m literally going to circle this back to the same thing I said before, in terms of importance, my customer research is number one, customer research is the Holy grail. You know, when I say that this is, we run a lot of different webinars and stuff like that. When I say that this is, you know, at least the 12th, 13th, 14th iteration of this webinar it’s because we obsess about, about, you know, kind of correcting issues and, and also knowing when to drop out, knowing when the market is telling you what they’re telling you. And this probably won’t be a scalable product. And knowing, you know, getting that feedback and finding where your wins are and just knowing exactly what your audience wants. Right? Cause the best way to serve is just know exactly what they want. And what’s,

I’m gonna wrap up with the last question here. What is your favorite software tool you’re currently

You’re using in your business? I’ve got to say I’m a, I’m a click funnels, fanatic, you know, shout out to Russell. I’m a, I’m a diehard click funnels fan. So yeah, click funnels for life. Hey,

I like ClickFunnels too. We use it too in our agency. I think

It definitely helps us build things faster and be super creative on guys.

Michael Lauren’s from seven figure agency, 2.0 all the way out at UK.

Michael. Thank you so much, brother, for joining us on the Marketers Mindset. We’ll see you next time. Have a good one.

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