3 Secrets That Get My Agency 80 New Paying Clients Every Month…
Chad Kodary
Aug 14th, 2020 at 05:39 PM

3 Secrets That Get My Agency 80 New Paying Clients Every Month…


If you are trying to get 80 new paying clients every month for your agency without any sales skills or large investments, then keep reading…

I’ve spent the last 11 years decoding what separates success stories from the folks who struggle and fail…

The truth is, people who achieve their goals understand the importance of “The Irresistible Sales Formula”…

This video will go over “The Irresistible Sales Formula” as well as uncovering the 3 secrets that can get your agency 80 new paying clients every month…

✅ How to craft an offer that’s so irresistible you don’t need to sell anything and people will just buy…

✅ How to create traffic to get your first 12 clients in the next 30 days, then double that number every month after…

✅ How to spend less than $120 in the next 30-days to make this all work…

 …and more, all in my latest masterclass 3 Secrets That Get My Agency 80 New Paying Clients Every Month…

Hope you enjoy the valuable content!

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What’s going on, everybody. Hey, how are we doing everybody? Hey guys. Really, really quick. Thank you so much for joining us on today’s masterclass. If you guys can hear me, if you guys can see me drop a 300 in the chat, really quick, 300 in the chat. Really quick, 300 in the chat. Really crack what’s going on. Break the chat. Everybody break the chat, break the chat. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. I love it guys. I love it guys. While we let some people jump on while we let some people jump on, let’s go ahead and do something really quick. I want everybody who is live. Everybody who’s live really quickly drop into the chat. Where in the world are you from Gill jumping the child, wearing the holder that you guys from. We got Rhode Island, Canada, Tucson, Scottsdale, Nepal, Utah kid, a Holy moly. There is a lot of you guys. We got London, UK, India, Missouri, Kelly, Ontario, Montreal

Makeup, each town, Florida. Wow.

Well, she goes from, break the chat, drop it on the chat. Utah, Chicago,

Mary land Australia.

Love it, guys. Love it, guys. Hey, for those of you guys who have never attended one of our webinars, I want to do a quick 32nd cap for you guys to just give you a little tour of the room to make sure that we are on the same page. So by the way, guys, this right here is our front facing camera. You’ll probably see me here a lot. Okay. Then we have our side camera, which is going to be right over here. What’s going on side camera. As you guys can see, we are alive inside of the dash clicks headquarters in our office here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And then we have the GoPro up top. What’s going on, GoPro and guys on the GoPro. You’ll also see this side monitor here we are in the dash fleek studios. This side monitor is essentially where I’m going to see all of your chats.

Let’s go to the side camera really quick. Hey guys, let’s do a quick poll really quick. If you guys can hear me, if you guys can see me drop a number one in the chat, go break the chat. Number one, number one, number one. All right. I love it guys. We got John, Alex, Kelly, Ramon. One of the check guys. Break the check. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go Gina. What’s good. Alright. Awesome. I love you guys. I love the energy guys. I love the energy you guys. All right, so let’s go front facing. Alright, cool guys. So today we’re going to go straight into it. Um, we’re going to go pee and pee really quick. By the way, guys, you will see me down here on the right hand side. So this is going to be a slide deck presentation. It’s going to be a visual presentation.

I want to make sure that you guys can visually see everything because if you’re like me, you’re probably a visual learner and you need to see things to kind of make the whole picture clear and to get really get that clarity, right? So I’ll be right down here on the right hand side throughout the webinar today. And today, I’m going to talk to you guys about the three secrets that get my agency, 80 new paying clients every month and how you can do the same faster and without any sales skills or large investments. If that sounds good to you guys, and you guys think that that would be something that you’d be interested in, go ahead and drop a number two in the chat really quick for me jumping number two in the chow break the chat for a really quick, you guys are going crazy in the chat.

Holy moly. By the way, guys side note, there is a lot of people on here right now. Okay. Let’s go from face for one second. There’s a lot of people on here right now. Okay. So if for whatever reason you are dropping chats in the system and I don’t acknowledge you, are you dropping in questions? It’s probably because it’s getting buried in the chat. Okay. So I do apologize ahead of time. I’m going to try to get to everybody’s questions and everybody’s comments, uh, here, uh, in an organized fashion, as best as I can guys. So just bear with me. There’s a lot of people here on this webinar. Okay. Let’s go back PNP. All right. Cool guys. So three secrets that get my agency, 80 new paying clients every month and how you can do the same faster and without any sales skills or large investments.

Okay. Let’s go over. Today’s agenda. All right. So the first thing guys is I want to make sure that you guys have a proper mindset because I feel like anything in business, doesn’t matter what business you’re in, anything in business. If you do not have that entrepreneurial mindset, if you do not understand what it’s like to open in a business, run a business and scale a business, you will fall flat on your face. Okay? So I want to make sure that coming into this webinar, you guys have a proper mindset. Okay? I want you to understand how this whole process works. And in order for me to be able to kind of share that with you, I need to share a little bit of the backstory too. So we’re going to really, really quickly go over that. And then I’m going to go into secret number one, which is how to craft an offer.

That’s so irresistible. You don’t need to sell anything and people will just buy. And then I’m going to go into secret number two, how to create traffic to get your first 12 clients in the next 30 days. And then double that number every month after that, okay, then we’re going to go to secret number three, how to spend less than $120 in the next 30 days to make this all work. And then finally guys and very, very important. Okay. I want you guys to put your wallets away. There will be nothing to buy here. At the end of this webinar, I will not be pitching anything. Okay. Go ahead and take your wallets. Put it away. In fact, what I’m going to be doing is at the end of this webinar, unlike other webinars, we’re actually going to be giving out a bunch of free bonuses.

Is that cool that you guys say yes in the chat? If you guys want a bunch of free stuff at the end of the call, say yes in the chat, love it. Okay. Everybody likes free stuff. All right, cool. Let’s continue guys. So if you guys stay until the end, there’s a couple of things that I’m going to give you guys. The first thing is our proven prospecting systems course. Okay. This is an entire course that teaches you guys different prospecting systems and routes that you can take to scale your agency. Okay? Now this course is valued at $997. You will get it 100% for free at the end of this webinar. Okay. Plus, I’m going to give you guys a mystery bonus, which is even better than this course. Okay? So stay all the way until the end guys stay all the way until the end.

And you guys will get all of this for free. Okay? Somebody said, I already bought this yet. You guys can see there’s a lot of people who have probably bought our products before. So I will give it to you guys for free to stay all the way until the end. Okay. Let’s keep going now guys. Um, I want to start this webinar off by crushing the biggest rebuttal that you might have and the biggest move. Remember we spoke, we said about mindset right now. Most of you guys would probably be like, well, Chad, what you’re going to teach might not work for me. Right? This might not be a good fit for me in my agency. Okay. So before you even have thoughts of this, not working for you, I’m going to show you some quick screenshots of people using these exact methods every single day in their agency and having success.

Okay. So we have deals here thousand 1090 $7 payment. Okay. Management and listings, $2,144 payment. Okay. Hundred and $98 a month payment plus some setup fees. Okay. $497 payment thousand $97 payment, almost a 3000 here, $3,000 a month contract three month minimum. Okay. $594, $1,100. Okay. We can keep going through this guys. Literally sit here all day, going through screenshots of how this actually works. If you implement what I’m about to teach you correctly, okay. Keep going. $3,000 payment, $1,500 payment. What? These are all from different people guys. Okay. Look at this $2,700 payment, six 98 a month for six months, $4,000 a month. Okay. Now guys, one thing I want to be very clear of, and I’m a very straight shooter. I want to make sure that you guys are as transparent as possible and the results that you can possibly make from watching this training.

Okay? Okay. So let’s go through this really quick. This will not work for you if okay. This will not work for you. If you don’t actually put in the work, this system will not work for you. Okay. You’re trying to create a, get rich quick agency. This will not work for you guys. If you believe in the two hour work week, this will not work for you. Okay? You don’t want to invest in software. This will not work for you. Okay. Side note. All right. You’re also not going to get 80 clients in the first 30 days of using this framework. Okay? In this training, I’m going to teach you how to go out and get your first 12 clients. Now guys picking up 12 clients in the next 30 days. If that would change your life, can you just drop a number one in the chat for me really quick 12 brand new clients added to your agency in the next 30 days. Would that not be amazing for you? Okay. Awesome. So this training is going to teach you how to do that. And I want to set proper expectations to get you there within the next 30 days. And then I’m going to show you how to basically double that number every single month after that.

Okay. Until you get to the point where you,

He didn’t like me, like almost 80 new clients every single month added to your agency. All right. So first, okay. Like I said, in the agenda, let’s quickly understand the backstory so you can understand what I had to go through in order to get to this point. Okay. Well, Delaware, I’m, I’m literally going to deliver you the goods, so you don’t have to go through all of it. Okay. So guys on September 13th, 2009, this is basically where I started my agency. And it might be like probably you watching. Um, I was in my room, uh, at my parent’s house with literally computer and chair. Okay. That’s where I started my agency four years later, August 2nd, 2013. I moved into my first office. Okay. This wasn’t even my office. This was, I shared an office with one of my good friends. I traded him doing some SEO services to get basically two offices in his bigger office.

Okay. So two little spaces for some people to sit. All right. And what you’re looking at is that’s my office. And outside of that window, over there, um, is my first employee that I hired and her name is Angie. Okay. And she was basically our fulfillment manager. She was doing all of our fulfillment. And then we had Bruce, which is our sales guys. So you can see four years later, only four years after owning my own agency was able to build my first team. Right. Which is me doing sales Angie in the middle, doing fulfillment and Bruce on the right hand side, doing prospecting. Okay. Then one year later, October 20th, 2014, I expanded, opened up a bigger office. Okay. We’re going to go through this really quickly guys. I ended up hiring a bunch more fulfillment staff. I hired and built out a sales team of five people.

Okay. We had a beautiful office here as you guys can see, that was my office. And it was a storefront too, which was pretty cool. Okay. Then we go to year seven. Now, October 1st, 2016 guidance has seven years after I decided to open my agency. We opened an expanded and got into our, another brand new office. And this was kind of a, a party that we threw in here on our first day to integrate the new office. Right. And this is what it looked like. Right. More employees, more space, more expenses, uh, but definitely more growth. Right. We even had a full blown call center, uh, in the office as well. This is seven years. Okay. Let’s keep going. Then on February 9th, 2017, I had a dream. Okay. And the dream was to build the best dashboard for agents, for agencies in the entire world. Okay. And this is what my vision looked like, uh, on February 7th or February 9th, 2017, pretty crappy vision. But this was me trying to become a UI designer, uh, overnight. Right. Uh, and then on October 1st, 2018, about a year and a half later, my dream really became a reality. And we launched

The first ever dash

Clicks platform. Okay. And most of you guys, if you guys are newer, if you’d never heard of doctors, who’ve never seen or heard of me, uh, before, uh, essentially really quickly in about 30 seconds, I’ll tell you a dash six is, dashboards is basically an agency dashboard for you to go in and manage your clients. And then we also offer a bunch of things like white label fulfillment, right? So if you’re an agency owner, you don’t need to do your fulfillment. You just go in here and get all of your orders fulfilled through the dash clicks team and a bunch of awesome prospecting tools as well to help you go out and get more clients. Okay. But enough about that, then we kept going, okay. Then 10 years after we opened on July 1st, 2019, I get a phone call. Let me go back to this picture and get a phone call from my CFO.

He said, Hey, Chad, the office next door just opened. They just moved. I want to take the office and expand yet again. Right. So you guys can see, this is like a 10 year period in like two minutes and I’m showing you guys, right? Um, so you’re 10, July 21st, 2019, we go through and we expand. And now we create a lobby. We get recreate more offices, hire more employees, right? Expand, get bigger and better. These are just a couple of the new offices, um, from within the new office that we opened. So offices within offices. Right. And that’s 10 years later. Right. So if we fast forward to the current day really quick, so what do I have? I have a growing business and this is what might a lot of you guys might want these things. Right. But it took me 10 years to get to.

And that’s why I want to make sure that your mindset is correct before we go into the training. Okay. So I had a growing business. I’m obviously making a lot of money. Okay. I’m my own boss. I service thousands of customers throughout our companies. Okay. We have full time employees. We’re up to about 50 full time employees now, a dash clicks. Uh, we have a huge office space here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I bought my dream car, uh, and my beautiful wife, which is my rock, uh, which literally helps me keep my head on my shoulders. Right. So this is my current day. This is pretty much like, okay, well this is now my life, right? So let’s keep going guys. I’m not now, most of you guys are probably watching this be like childhood. Why are you showing all this stuff? So I’m not saying this to brag, but what I really want you to see is the vision.

Okay. I’m simply showing you that your dreams can become a reality because when I started here 10 years back and then, okay, I’m able to literally go on stages and speak in front of hundreds and thousands of people, okay. Go in front of rooms and be invited to these massive events, right? Have people actually fly down and pay thousands of dollars to come tomorrow to come to our office for trainings on how to actually scale their agency. Right? Here’s some more photos. Right? So that’s what I want to, that’s what I really wanted to make sure that you guys understand real quick. Can we go front face real quick? So for those of you guys who are on the same page as me, just understand that owning this business, going through this entrepreneurial journey, it is going to take time. If you guys get that, can you just drop a number two in the chat from a really quick dropping number two in the chat.

If you understand that growing a business and then scaling a business does take time. It’s not an overnight thing. Okay. Drop a two in the chat from a really quick side note. Guys, I want to make sure that this webinar, because we put a lot of energy into our live webinars. I want to make sure that this webinar is like the most engaging webinar. You get the best experience, right? Cause when you’re alive on this webinar, the second that that chat starts up, right? Everybody starts getting excited. So we’re going to try to do this one more time on the count of three on the count of three. If everybody can drop in a number one in the chat and drop it in multiple times. So we have one enter one enter. I want to break the chat. Okay. One, two, three, go. Let’s break the chat guys.

Let’s break the chat. Break the chat. You guys are awesome. Uh, break the check. Keep going, keep going, keep going. I love the guys. All right, let’s go PNP. So try to stay, engage with me guys. We’re going to be going through this very fast, but I’m also, I’ve simplified this webinars so you can digest the information and literally leave here today with multiple things that you can put into your agency that really take it to the next level and hit your next milestone. Okay. So what I’m about to share with you guys is literally the three secrets that resulted in my success. To be honest with you. And if that’s cool with you guys, once again, drop a number one in the chat. Let’s see that engagement build up dropping number one in the chat. If you’re ready for that. Right. Awesome. Let’s start with it.

Secret. Number one, the offer, right? How to craft an offer. That’s so irresistible. You don’t need to sell anything and people will just buy. Okay. That is like an entrepreneur’s dream. It’s a business owner’s dream to not have to literally be that salesy person. How many of you guys do not like being that real salesy person drop it to in the chat really quick? How many of you guys hate being that like super salesy person trying to shove like that? Almost like that car salesman guy. Right? I mean, I hate doing that, right? I like to go to value better. Right? So what I’m going to teach you here in the secret is how to craft an actual offer. That’s a resistible, so you don’t need to sell anything, just buy from you. Okay. So let’s get straight into it. I pulled an actual stat here, and this is a stat from HubSpot, which is a huge company.

Okay. They did a poll inside of their CRM system. And this was the result of the polls had 42% of sales pros say prospecting is the hardest part of their job. The rest say it’s closing, which is 36% are qualifying, which is 22%. But look at that number 42% of people say prospecting is the hardest thing to do in their business. Right? How many of you guys agree with that? Say yes. In the chat, do you guys agree with that? Let like prospecting is really, really hard and it is, it’s really hard to get qualified people, to be interested in what you actually have to sell. It’s the hardest thing to do. Right? So prospecting guys, I want you to, and I saw this, Jeff and I had to add it in here. Like, look at these Jeff, you see this really big domino, right?

So what a lot of people think actually, when looking at this is they think that the big domino is actually sales. It’s like, well, I got to close deals, but guess what, guys, you can’t close any deals. If you don’t have prospects in your pipeline or prospects in your calendar or people who are interested in your services that want more information, right? You don’t have that. So prospecting is the most important thing in your agencies. Okay. It’s the first domino that needs to be tipped over or else all else fails. Okay. But prospecting only works with a strong offer. Alright. So most people fail at prospecting. Not because they aren’t a good, not because they aren’t good at it, but it’s because their offer isn’t of any value. Right. Let’s go through a couple of these real quick. Okay. So how to create an irresistible offer, that belief needs value, right?

The literally is so much value that it’s like bleeding value. Right? So number one, the offer has to stand out and be 100% unique. Okay. Don’t say the standard free consultations as an offer. Nobody likes that stuff. Okay. That’s like the old school tactic of getting people interested. Let’s do a free consultation. Right. Please don’t do that. Number two, the value of what they’re getting has to be worth more than the price they pay. Write this down, guys. The value of what they’re getting has to be worth more than the price they pay. Okay. Number three, the prospect has to get a delivered fast plus without you, the agency owner, the sales rep, the person who’s prospecting, right. Spending any time on it. So it doesn’t actually cost you. Okay. The four though hook has to real people in within the first five seconds. I’m sure you guys heard of that before.

And when you’re doing any type of advertising and guess what? Prospecting is a form of advertising, right? And we’re going to go through that here in a second. Okay. The hook has to real people and within the first five seconds, the initial offer has to connect with the first in your value ladder. Okay. Screenshot. This guys is really important. Let’s keep going to the next one. So I want to give you guys some examples. This is what I currently see agencies doing, which was what I call the no value offer. Okay. And let me know if this sounds right to you and engage with me in the chat. If this is like, Chad, I’m kind of doing this or our team is doing this or our reps are doing this, let me know in the chat. I really I’m really curious. Okay. Does your prospecting script sound like this?

Hey, I’m calling from XYZ was wondering if you’re interested in getting more leads. Hey, my name is Bobby. Who’s in charge of the marketing for your company. Hey, I wanted to see if you were interested in getting an additional 432 leads in the next 24 hours. How many of you guys have heard of like crazy scripts like this? Where people are promising the world, right? Any of you guys say yes in the chat, you’ve heard of stuff like this before. It’s crazy. Right? All right. So the right approach is not to come off sales driven at first. Okay. This is the secret sauce here. The right approach is not to come off sales driven at first. Okay. Let’s do a quick poll. How many of you guys would buy from this guy? Or how many of you guys would buy from this guy? Say left or say right?

Who would you rather buy from? The guy on the left or the guy on the right quick poll. Come on, guys. Who would you rather buy from? The guy on the left or the guy on the right. Okay guys, let me teach you a little secret. People don’t enjoy being sold. They actually hate it. They hate when people try to sell them. How many of you guys like to walk in to a car dealership and be sold? How many of you guys like to walk into a clothing store and be sold? How many of you guys want people calling you and trying to immediately sell you something? Your guard automatically goes up. It does not work. Guys. I’ve tested this for 11 years now. It does not work. Okay. So here’s some examples of what I call a high value. Offer something that has obviously a lot of value.

Okay. Hey, I’m calling from XYZ and our team just created you a brand new website for free. Who can I send the preview link to? Here’s another one. Hey, my name is Bobby. I just created you a fully functional website for your business for free. Where can I send the preview link to? Or how about this one? Hey, I wanted to see if you were interested in viewing the brand new website I just created for your company. Same offer three different variations of the script. Okay. Offering something of value. Okay. Now look what I’m doing in here. I’m one. I have a tangible product in there. I’m telling them I built them something and I want them to see all right, too. I’m not coming off as trying to sell them anything right off the bat. In fact, I’m trying to give them something for free.

Okay. And we’re going to go into the psychology behind this. Okay. And PS, for those of you guys who are wondering how to actually do this, I’m going to show you guys towards the end. I have a whole section in here. It’s going to show you how to fulfill the website, offer within seconds towards the end of this. Okay? So don’t worry about that right now. What I want you to worry about is just the concept and the psychology, right? So the sales psychology behind this one, nobody likes to be sold. Everyone loves free. It’s pretty self explanatory to build trust, credibility and authority upfront. Okay. Three, delivering a visual product. That’s custom for their business before the sale will skyrocket your conversions. Okay? Number four, creating hooks like this in your offer. Leave people wanting more information. Okay? I’m telling you guys this, I’ve tested this in literally hundreds of thousands.

If not millions of different strategies, as far as or different conversations. Okay? Whether it’s phone calls, emails, Facebook ad campaigns, you do bad campaign. Whatever it is that we were doing, the offer was always there. And I’m telling you guys, if you just switch this one little there’s one little change. It’s night and day. Okay. Let’s keep going here. Here’s another really cool stat that I found the sources from Salesforce. Some of you guys might be familiar with them. 51% of top sales pros focus their efforts on a relationship building. Why do you guys think that is go ahead and drop it in the chat. Why do you guys think it’s so important to focus on relationship building and not actually focusing on the sale? Why do you guys think it is actually important? Right? So we said, build trust, longterm connection leads coming from sales, repeat business, trust know like, and trust people buy from you builds authority, right?

A lot of you got a lot of you guys are chatting. Okay? Yeah. But it’s, it’s pretty self explanatory. Right? All of you guys are correct. Right. At the end of the day, builds, trust, builds, rapport, builds all those different things. Okay? So guys, this secret offer strategy results in the following one, not needing to be the top sales person in the world. I hate, I hate having to be the Wolf of wall street. I hate it. I don’t like to be the T I don’t want to be the top sales guru in the world. Okay. Because guess what guys, when you actually out, when you actually replace yourself and you go and you try to build a sales team, do you know how hard it is to hire the best salespeople in the world? It’s not easy. Okay. I’m telling you guys this, because I literally worked with hundreds of salespeople in our company.

It’s not easy. Okay. So it’s easier to just have a better offer because then you don’t need to sell. All right. Not needing to be pushy or salesy during the call. Once again, I don’t like that. I want people coming to me. I want people saying chat. I’m interested chat. I want more information, Chad. That sounds freaking awesome. All right. I mean, where can I get the info three? Not having to deal with dozens of rebuttals. When you go in a way that’s not salesy. People don’t have that gate up. They don’t have that guard gate up. And what actually happened, the result of that is they have almost no rebuttals to tell you they’re just fully interested. And the clarity is there and they want to listen to everything that you have to say, okay. Number four, not having to be super technical or a marketing guru.

Okay. I’m going to repeat this. Okay. Cause a lot of you guys are probably fitting this exact, how many of you guys are not the techie person or the marketing guru? You just a really good salesperson or you just want to build your business. You don’t want to have to be the super techie guy. Say me in the chat really quick, right? Say me in the chat. Yeah. A lot of you, a lot of you guys. Exactly. Right? It sucks. Number five, not having to close high ticket deals to brand new prospects. Guys. I know we all want to close high ticket deals, but guys and gals, how many of you guys walk in to a place and literally says, Hey, give me your credit card for $5,000 a month. Let’s just try it out. This is the first time we’ve ever met. Give me your credit card.

Right? It’s really, really hard to close high ticket deals. Okay. It’s a lot easier to close lower ticket deals and then move up the value ladder guys. Okay. Move up the value ladder. I’m sure you’ve heard that term before. Value ladder. All right. Let’s keep going. Let’s talk about secret number two. And this is actually my favorite one. Okay. How to create traffic to get your first 12 clients in the next 30 days, then double that number every month after that. Okay. How many of you guys want to do this? Say me and the chat. Say me and the chat. How many of you guys want that? Somebody said me. So he said no,

A lot of you guys. Oh, chapter crazy. The chat is going crazy. All right. Cool. I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do it. Okay. Let’s go. Now guys, let’s talk about this really quick. What does traffic really mean? Okay. I’m sure you’ve heard the term traffic. And a lot of these courses are marketers talking about traffic or people on the internet talking about traffic. Right. And you’ve heard you definitely heard the term traffic before, but what does traffic actually mean? Okay, let’s go through this really quick. Traffic can be generated from multiple sources and I’m going to go through a couple of them really quick. Okay. Cold calling as an example is a form of traffic, right? It’s a form of traffic. When I think of traffic, I’m like, how can I start conversations? Right? How can I get people to my website?

Right? How can I get people to fill out a form? How can I get people to call me? These are all forms of traffic. Okay? But the outcome of the form fill or the phone call or the live chat that whatever your end goal is, the form of getting people to do that. That’s where the traffic really is. Okay. So cold calling as an example is a form of traffic. Facebook ads, as you guys know is a form of traffic. I am sending people from Facebook to a landing page or from Facebook to message me on Facebook messenger or from Facebook to my website or a funnel or whatever it is that you’re trying to do. It’s a form of traffic, right? We pay Mark Zuckerberg to send traffic to wherever the hell we want to send traffic to. Right? Well, let’s keep going. Google ads, the same thing.

We pay the boys over at Google to give us traffic. Okay. We want, when somebody types in certain keywords on Google, we want to be listed at the top. We want that to go to our website. We’re sending traffic. We want a phone call, click to call. That’s a form of traffic. Okay guys, let’s keep going. LinkedIn outreach. Even though you are doing the outreach, it’s another form of traffic because that outreach is sending them to do something. Whether it’s like, Hey, go here and download my ebook or go here and schedule a call with me or go here and watch the free webinar, whatever it is, the intent of the LinkedIn outreach. Okay. Or the intent of the cold calling is to get people, to take an action call to action, right? Same thing here. You can do the same thing on Instagram. Start deeming people, Facebook outreach go into groups, posts on your homepage.

Started damning people on Facebook. All right. Send them to somewhere. YouTube videos, create quality content on YouTube, posted on YouTube. Guess what? People go into the description. They click links. It’s a form of traffic. Once again, you’re sending them somewhere to do something. SEO is a form of traffic. People are finding you online. They are clicking your website. It’s traffic coming into your website, blogging. You’re writing really quality blog. You’re writing really good quality blog articles. People are finding them, they’re reading them. And then you’re sending them somewhere or you’re having them do something like opt into your email list, right? Or get your free trial of this, or schedule a call, same concept, mass emailing. You got to listen to a thousand people. You shoot them off an email blast. You say, Hey, go here to do this or go here to get this is everybody on the same page.

So far. See me in the chat. If you’re understanding kind of what traffic really is. Cause a lot of people are, you know, when they hear traffic like, Oh, Facebook ads, that’s traffic. That’s me sending traffic. Well guys, that’s not the only form of traffic. In fact, it’s one of like a hundred different forms of traffic. Okay? Local trade shows is a form of traffic. It’s a physical interaction. Somebody sending them to do something or sending them somewhere too, do something right. Facebook groups going in there and post good quality information for other people. All right. Guess what are they going to do? They’re going to click on your profile. They’re going to look to see who you are because you’re the authority. You provided all the value. Okay. And now you’re sending them somewhere or they’re going to DMU. That’s a form of incoming traffic.

Okay. Call center, which is one of our favorite ones. Okay. Cause we built a call center. It’s a form of traffic. We’re calling people once again and getting them to take a specific action. Okay. And we’re sending traffic, which is phone calls to our sales team essentially. Okay. Next one is business. Walk-ins once again, you’re walking into a business, getting them to take an action. It’s a form of traffic. Last one speaking, right? Going to the vet at the end of the event, everybody’s like, who’s this Chad, guy’s amazing. His presentation was so awesome. They go look me up on social media. They follow me. They go to our website, they buy stuff, right. They opt into our, uh, newsletters. They opt in for promos. They create their free dash clicks account, whatever it is that they’re doing, we’re getting them to, to, to literally go somewhere and do something.

Okay. All right. So let’s go through this really quick. Simplicity is the secret here. Okay. Less confusing and converts higher. How many of you guys would be less C level that would like to be less confused and actually convert higher, say yes. In the chat. How many of you guys would like to do something that’s less confusing and get better results, right? It’s pretty self explanatory. Hopefully everybody in here says yes. Yeah. The chat is going crazy. You guys are amazing bloke. The chat love it. Right? So here, here’s this the most simplistic way to look at this whole picture guys. Now what you want to do is you saw all those traffic sources, right? You want to send your traffic to your offer. Okay? These are the two most important things that you can do. If you can create a really good offer and you can send traffic to that, offer people will buy, okay.

People will buy, let’s go front face for one sec. I’m telling you people will buy because of experience. Also guys, I want you to know that I’ve sold multiple million dollars, millions of dollars in digital marketing services. Literally I was in your shoes. You saw the pictures at the beginning, right? Talking about mindset and going through my whole journey. I sold millions of dollars taking these types of approaches. And I take in they’re really crappy approaches at the beginning, which didn’t work for me. Okay. And then I changed what I did change my offer, changing my source of traffic. Then it again, found out that it wasn’t working the best went and optimize. It changed my offer. I must have changed my offer a hundred times before I finally found a really good quality offer that worked all right. And traffic sources just always firing off on all cylinders. Okay. Let’s keep going here guys. How many guys are enjoying this so far? Say yes. The chat. If this is resonating

With you in any way, right? Just say yes on the chat. Just so I know that we’re all on the same page. Tell me you said yes, Chad. I love it. All right. Awesome guys. Thanks for blowing up the chat for me. You guys are crazy in the chat.

Keep going. All right. So this is,

This is what my business looks like or businesses technically. Cause we have two businesses, right? Um, which are both marketing companies by the way guys. Um, so here’s all the traffic that I just showed you guys. And this is what we do. We take all that traffic and we send it to one offer. Okay. One core offer all the traffic we have in the world. So if we’re doing cold, calling Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn outreach, integrative outreach, Facebook outreach, YouTube videos, SEO, blogging, mass emailing, local trade shows, Facebook groups, call center, business, walk, ins events speaking. And literally the hundreds of other things that are probably not on here that we do as well or that you guys might be doing in your business. But where you might be failing is you’re not sending them to one offer. You have multiple different offers. You’re trying to sell the same person, the same avatar as we call it multiple different things.

You’re confusing the crap out of the person. Who’s actually trying to buy something from you. Instead of just sending them to one, offer one offer, wins it all. Okay. We’ve tested this one. Offer wins it all. Okay. Let’s keep going here. All right. To make sense of all this traffic talk. I want it to do or show you guys better yet. Um, uh, one of the traffic sources that we did, anyone want to see how we generated traffic using our call center? Uh, this was one of the biggest needle movers for me, probably sold millions of dollars just in the call centers. You can see some videos here on the left and right of our call centers. Um, just dropping number one in the chat. If you guys want to see that, if not, I’ll just get through it. And um, and we don’t have to see it.

I’ll just skip through the slides. I just want to make sure everybody here wants to, to drop a number one, one, one, one, one, one. Okay. One person said skip and like a thousand other people said one, so we’re gonna keep going. All right. Uh, so guys, before we even go into it, so this is what some of the daily results look like in our call center. Okay. So as you can see here and look at the time, the times are most important here, right? And this is what the same offer that I was talking to you guys about the free website offer, uh, which will make a little bit more sense to you towards the end of this. So hang tight. Cause it’s all gonna start clicking, uh, towards the end here. Okay. So 11:38 AM, 11:44 AM another lead. Now, now everything that you’re seeing here is basically scheduled calls, uh, on our calendar.

So at 1138, we had a scheduled call. Somebody who’s interested, 1144, uh, another scheduled calls like 10 minutes later here, uh, like 15, 20 minutes later. And another scheduled call, uh, 20 minutes later, another scheduled call. Right? And you can see some notes in here right now. Here’s the first one call back at 1:00 PM for free website. He driving at the moment. Second one spend $2,000 for three page website. And doesn’t like it. He’s expecting a call from us by 4:00 PM, hopefully to help him. Uh, here’s another one he’s interested to receive through website. Doesn’t have a current website is expecting a call from us within 30 minutes from now. Right? It’s a good qualified right here we go. This is what the total look like from one of the days, the end of the day, we get a little total. So 22, uh, new appointments on our calendar, uh, with three people working as you can see our Mon genie and Francisco, uh, those are the people who are working there, uh, on that day.

And you can see that Armand got five booked calls on our calendar. Uh, Jeannie got eight and Francisco got nine total of 22 new book appointments of people who are interested in our service on our calendar in one day. Okay. How many of you guys think that this would be life changing for you? Just say me in the chat. If you can get like 22 people, if you get 10 people on your calendar every single day that were actually interested in what you had to say and knew that they were not coming in to be sold their freaking Lamborghini. Okay. They were just calling cause they were interested in the offer that you had. Okay. Did you see me? Love it? Okay. The chat is blown up. All right. So a lot of you guys are resonating with me. Okay. Now here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to show you guys the five step framework really quick for building a traffic generating machine. Okay. Using a call center. This is just really quickly. I kind of just threw this into the middle because I want it. I showed you all different traffic sources. I want it to give you just an example of one, which was our call center. Okay. So let’s go through this really quick and I’ll kind of guide through this as fast as possible for you guys. Okay. But I want, I want you guys to understand everything because it’s important. Okay. These are just one. Keep in mind guys. This is just one of the sources. Okay. So let me go back really quick. One second right here. So those 22 calls are just from the call center. Okay. We also do a bunch of other things as well as you can see, this is just one of the traffic generating sources that we have. All right. So step number one, team building.

Okay. Let’s talk about

The difference between fronters okay. Which is what is a fronter. Okay. Let’s go back really quick. What, what, what is a fronter okay. You’ve heard the term before. You’ve might’ve seen it in some articles or watch some sales videos and you heard a fronter a front door is really just another term for an appointment setter. Really? This is the person whose responsibilities have nothing to do with sales. In fact, their responsibilities are literally to memorize their pitch and rebuttals to be conversational and not robotic. Okay. To make as many calls as they can in a day or email send as many emails, right. This can be done. And also you can think about this as pretty much any type of fronter, right? It’s just an appointment center, right? So whatever type of traffic they’re doing, you can apply these towards that. In this case, I’m talking about calling because this is from our call center, right?

Three, get people slightly. Here’s the word slightly interested in your unique offer. Then schedule a call for the closer they do not close these people. They do not try to close their goal is to get somebody interested, to get more information and hear what you have to say. And then they’ll schedule a call with the closer and the closer we’ll take from there. Okay. Now the closer’s responsibilities. All right. Once he gets him on the phone, after they say, yeah, I’m interested. Uh, yeah. You know, schedule called me tomorrow at two 15. Right? Awesome, great. Closer jumps in that day, two 15. He introduces the offer now in further details. So now he’s going through the details and the frameworks and basically what the offer actually includes is unraveling this offer. Right. And that he’s going to handle any rebuttals or objections if there is any, because he’s the closer, right.

And then he’s going to close the deal and take a payment. So this is the most simplistic way that you can look at the difference between a fronters responsibilities and a closer’s responsibilities. Okay. I want you guys to be very cautious of this because a lot of see a lot of agencies out there that have one guy trying to do both closing and fronting and like it’s, it’s crazy. Right? It’s try to split this up. If you can get VAs, uh, to do the left side, that’s what we did. Okay. Uh, we got VAs and we got people in a call center, uh, to do the left side, which is a fronters. And we had our closers here in the United States actually closing the deals. So you guys saw, when I was talking about my backstory, there was a picture of a call center. Well, that call center is our closer room.

Those were the guys closing deals. And on the left side of the picture before there was another call center, uh, there was two, I was kind of in the middle. There was one of the right one on the left. The left side is our fronters. They were out of the United States. Okay. So once again, fronters, let’s talk about foreigners really quick. Okay. Finding data. Okay. Where do you get the data from? Right? Because if you’re, if you’re opening up a call center and by the way, guys, when we did this call center, we were completely virtual. We did not have a call center here to start. Okay. We did not spend thousands of dollars once again, this is just an idea for you guys, so you can understand traffic. Okay. So we used to go out, we used to purchase data. This was option number one, or you can get it subscription to data, or you can scrape data, right?

Purchasing data costs around, I don’t know, uh, you know, 1 cent to 25 cents, pretty much if you’re going to purchase data. And by the way, guys data, for those of you guys who don’t know what data is, this is like, Hey, give me a list of a thousand plumbers in Florida. Right. And you’ll get the data, right. That’s just a quick example of what I mean by when I say data, alright, subscription data can cost about $25 a month. There’s a bunch of softwares out there where you can subscribe monthly and do a bunch of searches and get data, right. Or you can go out and scrape your data, which, I mean, at that point, it’s practically free. You have a machine that’s scraping your own data, right? And then you want to make sure guys here, uh, very important that there’s the valid data sources.

Uh, you want to make sure that they are verified and UpToDate data sources. And you want to make sure that you get the business name, the phone number, the website, and having definitely having a contact name is a plus. So when you’re doing these outbound calls, you can address a person by their first name. So you know who you’re speaking to, you have to say things like, Hey, he’s a marketing manager in, right? And then obviously you need a downloadable, um, a version of it. And it has to be industry segmented, which is super important. Right? You have to make sure that the industries are segmented. See if you want to get a list of a thousand plumbers. Great. Then you get a list, separate list. A thousand roofers is an example. Right? Alright. So let’s keep going. So we did team building. We talked about finding data a little bit.

And then if you really want to get into the call center game, let’s talk about dialing options. You can hand dial average person can make about 150 calls per day. All right. Power dialer, about 400 poles calls per day. And a predictive dialer is about 1500 calls per day. Can we go front facing really quick? Hey guys, I really want you to also understand, um, forget about this. Being a call center. Look what I’m doing here. Look at the points that I’m making. Okay. Look how I know my numbers. When I’m doing this, it’s very important for you to know the exact same thing. So when you’re building your business and when you’re building your agency and you’re planning on going on, actually scaling your agency, you know, your numbers and you know, the exact ways you have to do things in order for your actual costs, not to be so high.

Okay. Because once you know your numbers, your costs really drunk. All right, let’s go back in here. PNP. Now guys, hand dialing. Once again is one by one, a power dialer is one by one by, but it’s done by a software. So you can take your hand out and you don’t need to save time with just hand dialing shit, right? Oh, it’s not a predictive dialer. Dials will calls at once. It’s also done by a software as well, right? And each rep can get 1500 calls per day or dial out 1500 calls per day, more or less. This is a pretty cool stat that I wanted to share with you guys as well. 69% of buyers accepted a call from a new sales person in the last 12 months. Something to pick up and put in your head. 69% of buyers accepted a call from a new salesperson.

So cold calling definitely works. Okay. And I’m telling you this from experience because we’ve literally done millions of cold and sold millions of dollars worth of digital marketing services doing it. Okay. So we did step one. We spoke about that. We talked about finding data. We talked about the dialing software, and then we go back in once again now into the whole pitch and schedule, right? So this is really important. So we said that step one, you pitch, right? Step two, you get it. Yes. You get somebody who says, yes, I’m actually interested. So this goes to the offer. You are pitching that offer, right. Or the beginning of that offer where you’re getting the interest built up. Right. And then you get somebody who says, yes, I want more information. All right. And then all you do is you just schedule a call. So this is pretty much what a fronters job looks like.

Right? They go, they pitched and I guys keep in mind, this can be done in any format. If you’re cold calling, while you’re pitching over the phone, you’re getting them to say yes. And then you’re scheduling a call. If you’re sending out mass emails, you’re pitching through an email. You just gotta have really good copy. You get them to say yes. And then you schedule a call, right? If you’re doing LinkedIn outreach, okay. You’re sending DMS to people and you’re getting them to say yes. And then you’re scheduling a call. This can literally be done in any format. Right? Facebook ads, your ad is a pitch. Right? You get somebody in their mind to say, yes, I want more information. They click the, get the learn more button. Right. And they go, and they schedule a call there, go through your VSL funnel and they’ll go through and watch your whole webinar.

And they’ll schedule a call with you then. Right. So it’s a pretty simple concept, but when the numbers Brazil, right. And when the offer is right and when the traffic sources, right. You make a lot of money doing this. Okay. So we’re going to keep going into, and dive a little bit more into this right now. Um, the, the pitch here, this is, this is a tactical sales pitch used to get a prospect, slightly interested. Okay. Tactical sales pitch. Okay. And I’m going to, we’re going to go through that here a little bit more, more depth here in the next couple of slides. Okay. Get a yes. The prospect has to say, yes, I’m interested in hearing more. If they say, ah, he knows like I’m not really in the market for doing this. Or like, uh, you know, they start giving you like a thousand rebuttals.

It’s probably not going to turn into a sale realistically. Right. Um, you want somebody to say, yes, I’m interested in hearing more. And the only way you can do that is by having a solid foundational offer, which is your pitch essentially. Okay. And then once they say, yes, that’s when you, it, you do a call directly with the closer, at the earliest available time, because as time goes on your leads die, unfortunately. Okay. Can we get me by the way, back on the bottom right there, I am bang surprise, surprise. So we talked about team building, finding data, dialing software, and then like scaling the machine. So what we did in our calls manner, well, what did we do? We hired more fronters at that point, it just ended up being a numbers game. Once we knew what our numbers were and what our conversion rates were, right.

We hire more fronters uh, we go through now quality assurance phase, where we make sure that the fronters are actually doing their job. All the calls are recorded. We have one person full time, just listening to phone calls, making sure that the pitches are right, that the offer is right. That we’re getting good quality leads. Those 22 leads that were coming into our pipeline that I showed you guys before were good quality leads. Right. Very important to have that at scale. All right. Then we hired more closers and we built out our call center here. Like I showed you guys and we had more closers. So there was about 13 people here in our call center here. So 13 closers working deals all day. Okay. So once again, a hire more foreigners. You want to do this once you’ve perfected the system with at least one to two fronters you now have the opportunity to hire more reps and duplicate your process.

Quality assurance. Like I told you guys start listening to recorded from our calls daily and work directly with your reps on how to generate or get more optimal results, higher closers. You should be the one closing all deals during the trial period. Okay. Once you’ve perfected the system, then you can remove yourself and high recloser. Don’t go out guys and try to hire a closer, like, try to learn this stuff yourself, close deals yourself, and then actually replace yourself. It’s so important. Okay. So, so important. Let’s keep going. All right. So that’s, that’s the five step trial machine framework for literally building a call center. Um, I know it’s a very quick, uh, quick rendition of that, but I wanted you guys to understand the approach and you guys should be doing this for every single one of your traffic sources. Okay. You should have like a mind map like this. All right.

Let’s keep going. Alright.

Here’s another cool stat. I get this question all time. Chad, what should our close rate be? Right. So once again, HubSpot did another study and they, they did a survey to their audience, right? And they have millions of users using their platform. Probably, uh, the average close rate for all industries is about 19%. Now I know some of you guys are going to say, Chad, well, mine’s 23% or Chad, mine’s only 10%, right? This is the average for across all industries. Okay. So this is just a number to look at and to set some type of goal or milestone for yourself. Okay. You guys, are you guys anybody close to this number? Put a 19 in the chat. If you’re close, what’s your better yet? What’s your actual, do you even know what your closing percentages? Can you drop it in the chat below? Right. And closing percentage is very simply calculated. You get 10 leads, one closes. That’s a 10% close rate, right? If you get 10 leads and foreclose, that’s a 40% close rate, right?

Um, uh,

To 20, 25%, Scott said 15%, uh, Aaron said 100%, uh, damn Erin, uh, I don’t know how you’re doing that. Uh, Felix said 15%, right? How many of you got, how many of you guys what’s your close rate? Drop it in the chat, right? I’m just curious, right?

A lot of you guys.

Yeah. So like, think about that guys. It’s just a number to put in your head. Okay. Let’s keep going. Now guys. Here’s the results of stacking your offer with traffic. Okay. Number one, start scheduling tons of qualified appointments by the masses. Okay. This is, what’s going to start happening if you can do this, right. Okay. Number two, you’re going to start pitching to people who are actually interested in your offer. Number three, you now own a running prospecting faucet, which you can literally turn on and off as you need more traffic. Okay? Think about that. We wanted more leads on our calendar. We just hire more fronters and we go from 22 leads a day to 50 leads a day, right? So you can control this once you have it dialed in. That’s the important piece here for the ability to scale fast, without any confusion, you just have a bunch of traffic pushing directly to one offer.

I can tell you how much this was a guest go front face for one sec. I can tell you guys how much this was a game changer for us. When we started actually building out a team, right? For those of you guys who are just a one man show, that’s fine that this, you know, this can get easy. If you want to get super technical, then once you start hiring fronters and hiring closers, I just building your sales team, right. Going through training and finding super technical people. People that are super salesy, right. And that combination together is practically. It’s very, okay.

It’s a very impossible task. I’m telling you. This is from experience, right? It’s really, really hard to find those types of people, especially to find those types of people to work for you. Right? So if you can create an offer, that’s irresistible that people actually want more information on, and it’s not technical where the person selling it or pitching it doesn’t have to be a technical person. Right. And there’s less rebuttals. So that means they don’t have to be super salesy and like, try to figure out how to be like the grant Cardona of this, right? Like that. These are the types of results that you’re actually going to get. All right. Let’s go pee and pee again. Let’s keep going here guys. How many of you guys think this is valuable? So far drop a yes. In the chat. If you guys think that this is helping you out in any way, shape or form, go ahead and drop a yes. In the chat for me really quick.

A lot of you guys, both the chat, pull up the chat, pop the chat, go, go, go, go, go. I love it. Oh my God. The chat going crazy. Love you guys. All right. Let’s keep going. Secret. Number three, the system. Okay. The system. Let’s talk about this really quick guys. This is the most important piece of the puzzle. Okay? How to spend less than $120 in the next 30 days to make this all work. How many of you guys would like if I showed you how to spend literally next 120 bucks in the next 30 days to get your first 12 clients, how many of you guys would like that? Would that be cool or what to say? Yes. In the chat. Say yes. In the chat book, the check, go, go, go. Let’s get the side screen going here. Pull up the chat. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go pull up the chat. You guys are going crazy. I love it. All right. Let’s keep going.

Alright, let’s go. Alright. Another sales stat that I thought was insane. Check this out, guys. It’s going to blow your mind. Okay. So another, a one done by HubSpot. Okay. 66%. Look at this number. Okay. Salespeople spend 66% of their day on administrative tasks, which mean they’re not even freaking selling. How crazy is that? Can you imagine hiring a sales person? And literally you’re paying him for an eight hour shift and like two and a half hours of those shifts he’s actually selling and the rest he’s not selling. He’s just doing admin tasks. How is this not mind blowing, right? Say yes. In the chat. If you think that this is crazy because when I saw this, I was like, Holy shit. This is like a true, this is insane. Okay. It’s crazy. Right? Say crazy in the chat. It’s insane. Think about that. Right?

This is what I thought. This was like my face. Right. Um, did you say two thirds of my day, two thirds of my day gone to doing grunt work and administrative tasks when I’m supposed to be closing deals. Okay. Now multiply two thirds of my day. Okay. What’s two thirds of my week or two thirds of my month. Let’s even better. Let’s do that two thirds of my month. Okay. Let me see if I have four weeks in a month. Okay. That is, I don’t know, like a week and a half. Okay. Off. Right? That means I’m literally spending like a week and a half doing sales or whatever. It might be a little higher, whatever, two and a half somebody said, okay, one and a half. I don’t know. Whatever it is, whatever the number is. I’m not a math guy, but what I’m just saying is it’s crazy.

Two thirds, right? Multiply that by days, weeks, months, years. Can you imagine how much time we are losing as salespeople? It is absolutely insane. Okay. But what if you could automate 66% of your day? Wouldn’t that be cool? If you could just automate 66% of your day and you didn’t have to worry about that. Right? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that. Okay. And at the same time, I’m going to show you how to automate your core offer at the same time. Okay. Somebody said, give me 20 days of month, my month back. Right? So I’m going to show you guys how to do that right here. Right now. All right. So remember guys, first of all, dropping number one in the chat. If you want me to show you how jumping number one, let’s get some engagement going here.

The check, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Let the chat, roll, go crazy. What in the chat, everybody go crazy. Let’s go. Everybody break the chat. I want, I want to, I want to get a phone call. I’ll just see you broke the chalk. I can’t even chat anymore. Right? I love it. Thank you guys for that. Thank you. Love it. All right. Now guys, let me actually go back one slide really quick just to make sure we’re on the same page here. Okay, cool. So let’s talk about automation real quick. Okay? I showed you the numbers is 66% of your day. If you’re a sales person and you’re watching, this is literally going to grow at work. Okay. Now guys, I’ve also told you that at the beginning of this, I’m gonna show you how to do this whole thing for less than 120 bucks.

Okay. Less than 120 bucks, you can do all this stuff. Right? So check this out really quick. Okay. So once you get a yes. When somebody says, Chad, yes. I’m interested to hearing more about the free website offer. Let’s use that as an example, because that’s what I showed you guys ask some examples here at the beginning of this presentation, right? Step number one, you’re going to go to Calendly and you’re going to schedule the call. Okay. Now, if you’re not doing the fronting work, which we talked about that too, right? If you’re not doing the appointment setting, then your appointment setter is going to go to Calendly. And they’re going to schedule the call for you the closer or your sales person. Who’s going to be closing that deal. Okay. Now County guys is like eight bucks a month. Okay. You just get the basic package or you can go up and it’s like 12 bucks a month. You get the higher plane. Okay. By the way, guys, no affiliate links or anything on here. I’m not trying to sell you guys anything. Okay. Just go to cali.com and get that. That’s what we use.

Okay. And it works great. Alright. Secondly, building the website. Okay. Insta sites. This is one of our softwares. Okay. Just to be transparent with you guys. This is our website. Building software insight is one of our tools, which we have many tools inside of dash clicks. I’ll show you guys a little bit more on that here in just a second. But this is the tool that allows you to basically build a website within a couple of seconds. So you don’t have to spend any time on literally doing any of that stuff. We can automate the whole thing. All right. And then third is a CRM system to control all this stuff and be able to manage all of these leads that are going to be coming into your pipeline. Right? Which I recommend pipe drive. It’s like 12 bucks a month. Okay. Now, if you add all this up together, it’s less than $120 a month.

If you take the $8 from Calendly, the $97 a month from InstaSize, which is the software in DOT’s Wix to build the websites and then to go to the CRM and 12 bucks a month for your CRM system. Okay. So that’s not 120 bucks a month. Okay. Now guys, I told you at the beginning, if you didn’t want to pay for software, this is not the right place for you because you can’t, you can’t automate and do stuff without paying for software and using software to your advantage. Okay? Because think about it. If you can pay 120 bucks a month, you can automate 66% of your day. Okay. So is that worth it to you do the math on that times 30 days, $120 divided by 30 days is I don’t even know how much then times that by the time you’re losing, it’s insane.

Okay. So I love software. I invest in my companies heavy into software and automations to allow us to do stuff like this really, really quickly. Okay. How do the guys like software say yes on the chop say yes, I love software, right? Yeah. It does. He like automates and makes the world a better place to be honest with you guys. Okay. So once again, guys, all these softwares, a total less than 120 bucks a month. So it’s not a really big pill to swallow here, but you can literally get started doing all this for less than 120 bucks. Okay. So I’m going to show you how to do this. Yeah. Aaron said $4 a day. It’s pretty crazy. All right. So step one, Calendly. Right? Somebody raises their hand during the pitch. Now maybe they saw a Facebook ad. Maybe they saw, uh, you know, I don’t know a DM from your Instagram, right?

Maybe you did a cold call, whatever it was. They said, yes. I’m interested in hearing more about this whole free website thing. Right. I’m interested in it. And what you want to do is you want to get that fronter that appointment setter account, the account is going to go into counseling and the county’s going to look just like this to page, schedule a book, a 30 minute call, super simple name, email address, company name. Okay. And, uh, you can, you can customize the form if you want to gather more information, right? But the name, email and phone number is totally fine. And then you want to drop in very important, get SMS reminders you want to put in the customer’s SMS, a customer’s phone, a mobile phone number there so they can get SMS, which will highly increase your show up rate for these people that actually show up on calls with you is at the end of the day, if you’re doing all this work on the front side, to get people, to schedule a call with you, you want to make sure that they show up to that freaking call.

Okay. It’s very important. Okay. Pro tip here, pro tip here. Okay. Something that you guys should know. Okay. Doing mass outreach and stuff like this to get a massive amount of appointments per day. All right. You’re probably going to have about like 30, 40% no show rate. And that’s pretty normal guys. Cause stuff happens in people’s lives. Right? So the money’s all in the followup. You gotta make sure you have a really good followup game. That’s where your CRM is going to come and play here in a minute. All right. So really simple here guys. Somebody says, yes, I’m interested in this free website offer. I’m interested in your offer, whatever your offer is. I’m just using the free website as an example. Okay. All right. You just go and you schedule them right here into Calendly. All right. Great done. That’s number one, step number two, if you’re going with the free website offer.

Okay. Which I highly recommend you do. That’s what we did. And we sold millions of dollars doing it, literally in insights. This is what it looks like is just a form. You just fill out this form and ask you the required fields that you need to just a business name, phone number, and email address, city state. And that’s it. Those are the required fields, which you can get on anybody’s website. You can get on anybody’s Google business, listing, Yelp, listing, whatever it is, this information is public pretty much everywhere. Right? So you can literally build a website for any business. Right. And the cool thing about insights without acting or trying to sell you guys on this, obviously I’m addicted to this tool because it made me so much money. Right. So I love it. And I’m going to talk to you guys a little bit about it, but like we have, I think over like 150 or 160 templates, industry specific templates.

So if you’re like, Chad, well, I can’t do this because I target, um, uh, day spas and you don’t have a template while we do, like, I can guarantee we do have a template for your niche, right. Or whatever niche you’re going after we have over 150, 160 different templates. And we add more templates every single week. Right. And the process is really, really simple. This is what it looks like. You just literally go in there, you fill out the form, you press the button and in five seconds you get a website like this. This is a gym site that I built. I just did a quick screen video for you guys. Literally five seconds. Okay. So why what’s the importance of this chat? Well, how long would it take you to actually build a website? Imagine if your offer took time. Remember I told you your offer, can’t take any time.

Can’t take any of your sales reps time. Okay. Can’t take any of your prospecting guys time, which are your, fronters your appointment setters, right? It has to be something that’s free. That takes no time. Okay. Really, really important. Okay. So literally how long would this take? Less than 15 seconds to build an entire website and the websites are fully customizable right there. Drag and drop. Okay. Now enough about this, cause I’m really not trying to sell you guys insights and there’s no promotions or anything that I’m trying to run on here, but this is a badass tool obviously for you to use. So I’m just going to continue really quick. Okay. And if you want, if you want more information on insights, then you can go to-clicks.com and uh, and uh, check out in society. You could create a free account and you can try it out for free.

If that’s something that you’re interested in. Okay. Um, step number three, add to erm, pipe drive. So look how cool this is guys. This is what we do. There is Zapier. You can get a, go get a free Zapier account. It doesn’t cost you anything okay. Until you scale up and then you need larger limits and it’ll cost you like, I don’t know, 10 bucks a month or something like that. But you can go up in a free count and do this right now. So you want to find this actual Zapier where it’s connecting Calendly to pipe drive, right? So this is where the automation comes in to automate. Cause we don’t want to do stuff. I hate doing stuff. So this is the zap that you’re going to want to take. You want, probably want to screenshot this. This is what you’re going to do.

Okay. On the left. When an invitee create a, when an invitee, basically when a new appointment is scheduled in Calendly, okay. It automatically takes that person’s information and create a deal for them in pipe drive. And it puts it in wherever you want, whatever state you want in your pipeline. Obviously we put it in the first stage all the way to the left, which is appointment scheduled as an example. Right? So, um, that’s, that’s probably what you’re going to want to do. And this Zapier is really easy to create. You don’t have to be super tech or anything like that. Uh, this whole thing will take you like less than three minutes to create. And then guess what this does guys. That’s automates us having to go into the CRM system and now put in all the information manually, which takes time. Right? So I want to go back really quick.

So what did we automate here? Right. One with Calendly, we automate, uh, the actual booking portion of this. So what this is going to do once this, once an appointment is booked, is it’s going to take that appointment and this Calendly, you integrate to your Google calendar, right? Right. In through Calendly, it takes one second. You just log in and bang it, hooks it up. Right? So once a, once a calendar, uh, once an appointment is booked, uh, this literally goes straight onto your sales reps, Google calendar. And you can even like, if you have a sales team, we have like a round Robin where it just round Robins it to multiple salespeople and just drops it on their calendar. Right. Very simple. So it automates the whole appointment booking literally by filling out a form once again, less than 30 seconds, copy and paste their name, email and phone number and company name and bang.

Okay. Does that, and it takes all of that information. Okay. And then it puts it over into pipe drive automatically because you have the Zapier created. So the second that you had that blue button that literally says schedule event, all this information goes straight into pipe drive. And the whole thing is just sitting in your pipe drive account. And when your sales rep picks up the phone that day of the scheduled call, they don’t need to do anything, but just log into pipe drive. And that, that is already assigned to that specific sales rep. So you can even assign it to the specific sales rep as well. If you have multiple sales reps, okay. Then in society, what did we automate here? Well, we probably automated like three weeks of building a custom website for somebody by five seconds of just filling out a form and pressing a button, socking, a template and pressing a button.

And by the way, you can also send a, if you guys want there’s, um, pull me out of the bottom, right? Carlos real quick. Um, there’s two buttons. There’s send email and send us a mess, which are also automations. So even if your appointment set or wanted to send them the link, you can literally toggle those on. Right. And it will not only build the website, it’ll build a website and it will send them an email, which you can customize on one of the plans, depending on the plan you’re on within sites. If you choose that you want to upgrade, um, and get a paid version of it. Uh, same thing with SMS, you can send an SMS message with a link to their website. Think about how cool is that. So literally like, imagine I get off the phone with a guy, Mike, Hey Bobby, I’m going to go ahead and send you the website right now. Give me, give me five seconds. You go, you fill out the form real quick. You toggle the send email on you, toggle the SMS on and you press build. The system takes about five seconds to build the site. And then all that happens in the background. That’s it? Bobby gets his website. Hey, Bobby gets his tangible item in his hand, which is what you want because having a tangible item and a product to physically look at will literally triple your income. Okay. I’m telling you guys this from experience. All right. Let’s keep going.

All right. So there you go. There, you build the website and he added to pipe drive. Right? Pretty cool. Right? Here’s another stat that I thought was really awesome. Check this out guys. 92% of sales pros give up after the fourth call. All right. This is follow up. Trying to sell, trying to close the deal. But 80% of prospects say no four times before they say yes. Think about that conundrum really quick guys. That means if you’re doing this and you’re not doing followup calls, you’re literally not making any money. It’s like what? That means pretty much. That’s what that statement meant to me. Okay. So 92% of sales pros give up after the fourth call. Isn’t that crazy? Somebody say yes. In the chat. If you think that that number is crazy, think about that, which means you better be following up at least four times, say yes. In the chat. If you follow up more than four times in your business with your prospect, say yes in the chat.

Let me say Cray. Cray. Yes. Crazy. At least four times. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. One and a half years. Yeah. A lot of you guys is the chat is blowing up. All right, cool. Let’s keep going here really quick. All right. So guys really quick, who wants to see what using these frameworks did for my two companies dropping number nine in the chat, right. By doing these two companies. If you’re a nosy person like me and you want to start seeing numbers drop a note in the chat. You’re like, Chad, show me the numbers. I don’t care. I want to see what it did for you. I want to see what did for you. All right. Cool. Well, I’m going to show you guys that right now, let’s go through it really quick. All right. So my results from using these three simple frameworks to maximize our sales, um, this is one of our other companies called social agency, which is a marketing agency.

Just probably like you have right. Standard old, good old marketing agency selling, you know, SEO, PBC, Facebook ads, Google ads, websites, all that good stuff. Right. So we started doing this method in about 2015 ish. Uh, so $588,000 in sales for the year. Uh, then in 2016, we just kept going and refining our myths, our our message, which was our offer and our process right. Created an added a bunch of automations, um, tipped off the year at about 817,000. Then in 2017, uh, we tipped over a million dollars in sales. So 1.2, $3 million in sales, uh, 2018 was 1.47, $2 million in sales. So about almost $1.5 million in sales. Once again, refining every year and growing and scaling, it’s using the system right then in 2019, um, uh, 1.6, $4 million in sales, uh, not too crazy for jumping that’s because we started our company dash clicks during that time.

And a majority of our focus had switched over from our agency, uh, over to DAS fix. And I’m gonna show you the dash six number here, uh, in a minute. And then you can start adding those two and be like, Holy shit, Chad, this is crazy. Right. Um, so once again, guys, I just want to throw this down here at the bottom, uh, results. Like this will not happen for you unless you work for it. And that was the first slide that I showed you guys. When you came onto you, remember I said, this will not work for you if, and then I listed out a bunch of those things. If you were like one of those people that says, Oh, like, I only want to work an hour a week. Like this won’t work for you. This is like full time business. Right. So have you guys like, would you like results like this in your agency?

Say yes. Okay. Don’t worry, guys. I’m not trying to sell you anything. Just say yes. I just, I’m curious. Right? Awesome. There’s no pitch here. Put your wallets away. Okay. Promise you guys. All right, cool. So let’s keep going. Um, here’s what 20 months of doing this? Uh, these strategies resulted, uh, for our other company dash clicks, which is our software company. Once again, remember at the beginning, I told you guys, we have a software company, um, that essentially we a shit ton of agencies using actually 20,000, uh, agencies use our platform, right. And the last 20 months of doing stuff like this, um, same frameworks, right? Sending traffic to one offer, same concept, just apply to a different business model, right. Which is software. Uh, we do, um, software and education, uh, essentially is our business model and white label fulfillment. I’m sorry. Three things.

Um, so, uh, we’ve activated almost $2 million in recurring revenue. Um, we have, uh, about a group Facebook group of 4,200 plus people, right. Uh, we get about on average of about 15,000 plus monthly website visitors to our website and that’s from our blogs and from right traffic sources who are members. I talked to you guys about traffic sources say yes, in the chat, if you remember that, alright, we heavily reside on search engine optimization. We kill it with SEO. So if somebody goes and they’ll search for like, um, you know, white label, agency, dashboard, or agency platform, things like that, like we’re always up at the top on the first page. Right? And that brings us a lot of traffic, same thing with our blogs. We optimize our blogs. That brings us a lot of traffic. We also run Facebook ads that brings us traffic.

We do run YouTube ads that brings us traffic. All right. We do email campaigns that brings us. So we do a lot of different things that brings us traffic and those traffic, as you can see results in real live numbers, pretty crazy. Isn’t that crazy? Can you go see, uh, crazy in the chat? Uh, it’s pretty crazy if you asked me, right? Yeah. A lot of you guys. It is crazy yesterday. It’s go crazy in the chat. Print the chat, go, go, go, go, go. All right. Let’s keep going guys. Um, here’s also, um, I just want to show you, uh, three other people, um, which, uh, I work pretty closely with. We’re also crushing it right now using the same frameworks guys have Gavin Taylor from Highline leads in the last two months closed 150, $1,000 in sales using these frameworks, uh, TJ, um, from the social funnel network closed $11,000 in the last two weeks of using this framework.

And then Danny Flores, who’s completely crushing it. Net net metering, uh, California close 250, $2,000 in the last three months using these frameworks. Right. So it’s like, all I did was just change the approach of how they were doing things and literally it changed their business. So that’s, that’s really what it does. Okay. So let’s quickly recap really quick. And then I’m going to do some bonuses. I’m going to give you guys all the bonuses that I spoke to you guys about, and then I’ll do a QA session two, and I’ll answer a bunch of your questions. Okay. Um, so we went over secret, number one, how to craft an offer that sores, the stubble that you don’t need to sell anything and people will still buy okay. Right. Just creating a good crop, crafting a really solid offer. Okay. Secret number two, how to create traffic to get your first 12 clients in the next 30 days, then double that number.

Every month after that, I gave you an example of how we did that with our call center. I also gave you like 15 different examples of like other traffic sources that you can do, um, as well and implement into your agency. Okay. Secret number three, how to spend less than a hundred. This actually should say $120, how to spend less than $120 the next 30 days to make this all work. Right? So all you need is an $8 a month County account and $97 a month insights plan and dash clicks and a $12 a month pipe drive plan. You can do this whole thing for less than 120 bucks. Okay. Let’s go to next. Let’s do a quick team exercise really quick. And then I’m going to give you guys some bonuses and we’re going to do a, um, uh, some Q and a I’ll help you guys out for any of you guys, uh, who did not have a question. Right. Um, so really quickly dropping number three, some of you guys were, I go crazy. I didn’t even say anything. Right. Uh, I just, I like to do these quick polls at the end of our live webinars. So you can, like, I know you can’t

Physically look over at the person next to you, cause this is a live virtual webinar, but you can see all of the other people in the chat who literally are agency owners, just like yourself, who are trying to have the same goal, same mindsets. Right. And you can kind of see what people are struggling with, what they’re not struggling with and things like that. Right. So let’s just really quick poll really quick. We can, then we’re going to do some bonuses and Q and a let’s go pee and pee real quick.

All right. So God is a team exercise dropping off

Number three in the chat. If you’re facing any of these issues while I’m listing them out. So I’m going to list out a bunch of different issues here. And if, if it relates, you drop a three, if the second one released to you again, drop another three. Right. And let’s build up the chat so we can see this. Okay. So drop a number three. If getting predictable and qualified leads into your pipeline every day is an issue for you. All right. Drop a three in the chat and be honest guys, because as you can see, the chat is blowing up. You’re not the only one, if that’s you.

Okay. Uh, number three in the chat,

You’re having an issue consistently closing new deals every week, like clockwork dropping number three in the chat, if that’s you. Okay.

Okay. Drop number three in the chat of no

Knowing the exact services and bundles to offer potential prospects will actually get them real results. Three in the chat. Go for it guys. Yeah. The chat is blowing up a building, a company with steady growth. You’re not always stressed for incoming revenue, drop a three in the chat,

Right? Creating it,

Truly transformational experience for yourself, your team and the clients while running your business, dropping number three in the chat. Yeah. That you guys can see that you’re not alone. If you’re having any issues with this stuff,

Guys. Okay. Scaling your agency.

Dozens of paying clients, not just a handful

With three in the chat. If that’s you,

We’re having an issue with that. Cool guys, you’re not alone. Let’s let’s do another one really quickly. Okay. Another quick team exercise this time. I want you guys to drop a number five in the chat. If any of these things will actually change your life. Okay. If having any of these things on here will change your life. Okay. You guys are dropping fives and I have not even, I haven’t even said anything, but I’ll take it. That means maybe I’m changing your life in any way, shape or form.

All right. So you were getting leads into your pipeline.

I find every day that we’re interested in your services, would that change your business? Number five in the chat dropping number five in the chat. If you could charge more for your services, right? Which is a big one, you can charge more for your services, drop number five in the chat. If you know exactly what systems to use and how to use them

Dropping number five in the chat,

You had an entire team working for you. So you can enjoy your life and only worry about higher level tasks. Spend more time with your family, right?

Dropping number five in the chat. If you never have

To worry about losing clients because your service and process will be perfected, literally you will kill the churn, kill the hamster wheel, drop,

Having the chat, right, dropping number five

In the chat. If you can make enough money to support yourself and your family without being stressed, all the, this was probably the

Biggest thing for me. And this is the biggest needle mover for me, of why I needed to step up in my agency and in my business and in my entrepreneurial journey. So I can literally feed my family and not have to be stressed all the time. Right. So here’s what

We’re going to do guys, by the way, guys, any of you guys feel like this right now,

You always drop a six in the chat. Last one

Compensation champion, like Chad, the information.

It was insane. Okay. I have taken golden nuggets. I will go in and start implementing this stuff in my agency. I feel more motivated.

My mindset is right dropping number six.

That’s you just blow up the chat really quick. Awesome guys. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Love it guys. Who wants some free bonuses? Right?

Who wants a bonus? And say me in the chat. You guys want all the freebies, once again, take your wallets, throw ’em in the garbage. Okay. You don’t have to buy anything from me. This is literally purely here to help

You guys. Okay. We did this to honestly help our brand dash clicks. So if you like us, you know, hopefully we’ll see you in the dashboards platform in the near future. Um, so once again, guys, you don’t have to buy anything from us. Um, this we’re, we’re here to just help you out. Okay. This is just some good information they can use, start implementing, right. And curating. Okay.

So I bought a sign. I’m a special, thank you for joining

During the training. Um, as promised at the beginning of this, um, presentation, I said I was going to have two bonuses for you. Okay. The first bonus that I’m going to have for you guys, and this is probably a memory, I said a mystery bonus. Um, this is probably the best bonus that you can ever get. Okay. So literally what we’ve done is we’ve taken a couple of agency owners who are using our platform, um, who are highly successful. Okay. One of those, um, being one of the guys, uh, Gavin Taylor, who I showed you on there, who in the last, I don’t know. I think it was like two months. So like 150 grand I’m using these methods. Right. So, um, what we’ve literally allowed them, somebody said, I have a call with Gavin yet. So what we’ve literally allowed, uh, them to do if we’ve taken a couple of those specific agencies and we basically created calendar events and put the actual events on their Google calendar.

Right. So fingers crossed, um, because they’re probably going to get booked out with a lot of calls. So, um, we’re going to give you guys 30 minute, basically what we call a free coaching session to help you guys out. And, uh, just so learn more of these frameworks to ask any questions that you have. Uh, maybe, like I said, there’s, there’s, there’s hundreds of people on here, guys, and the chat is going crazy. If I didn’t get to your questions, you can definitely ask them. So it’s a free 30 minute coaching call. It’s going to be done through zoom. So it’s a one on one face to face, really super interactive and in depth. And they’re going to go into your agency and they’re going to break down all the stuff that you’re currently doing. And in 30 minutes, they’re going to give you as much golden nuggets as they can on things that you can do right now to literally break the barriers and stuff.

Scale your agency. Would you guys like that say yes.

If you guys think that that would be valuable, I mean, shoot, it’s free, right? Say yes. If you think that that would be awesome. Right? So 30 minutes one-on-one with somebody who’s in your shoes is already successful. You literally get to pick their brain and ask them whatever questions that you want. Okay. Next, we are going to give you

Our free proven prospecting systems course. All right. Previous free proven prospecting

Course, which is valued at $997 guys, we are going to give that to you 100% for free. And inside of that course is literally three training videos, uh, that talks to you guys about three traffic sources. Remember we talked about traffic sources on here. So he says Christmas, remember we said, we saw, we said traffic sources, right? I showed you guys like a bunch of different traffic sources. These are three of my favorite traffic sources that you can do without any additional money. So like no paid ads or anything like that. Like just organic stuff that you can do is start generating literally, um, income for your agency right now. And it’s, it’s really easy digestible content. I think the whole course is maybe like three or four hours. So it’s really not that difficult. You can watch the whole thing

Three. Right? So you guys good with that? If I give you guys both of these things for free, say freedom

Chat, if that’s you and you guys are okay with that. So let me say, let me give you a

Is pump free, free, free, free, free break the child with free. That’s cool if you guys all right, cool.

So here’s what I’m going to do guys. Now

The 30 minute free session,

I have to go to these guys, uh, to these agency owners and literally begged them to open up their calendars because they’re doing this for free and it’s their time. And that that time could be spent on their agency versus honestly, sitting on a call with you for 30 minutes in trying to help you with yours. But they’re doing it as a favor for me. And really, really just trying to help you out and build the better name for our company. Now it’s clicks, right? So here’s what I’m going to do. Okay. This is a limited time thing here, and it’s only going to be available for a couple of minutes. Okay? So what I’m going to do is in just a second, I’m going to drop a link right down here on the bottom. And two things are gonna happen. One, there’s going to be a timer with a button somewhere around this page.

I don’t know where it’s going to be. There’s just going to be a big button that says, schedule a call and that’s going to open up a new tab. You’ll still be inside of webinars. So don’t worry. It’ll open up a new tab. You’ll be able to go. It’s a Calendly page. All right, you’ll be able to schedule a call now, guys, if that, if you click on that button and you see available times, that means that this offer is still available for you. And you can go take at it right now and you can book a call and speak to somebody and also get the course for free. Okay. Um, so what’s going to happen is I took a couple of these agency owners and I basically told them that about 250 of these calls that I’m able to basically give away for free.

Right? So first when I dropped this link, first 250 people to click that button, that’s going to be anywhere on here. It’ll open up a new tab, click that button, schedule your call. You’re going to get the free 30 minute essentially coaching session, which is what we call our agency breakthrough session done via zoom. And then at the end of the call, they’re going to give you a link, a secret link that you can go to, uh, and you’ll get full access to this course as well. Okay. So it’s going to be available to the first 250 people. All right. Who’s ready for it. Say yes in the chat. Say, give me the link, give me the link. Say, give me the link, the chat that’d be going crazy right now. Say, give me the link. I, uh, um, Carl Sigma to the bottom, right?

Really quick. All right guys. So here is the link that keep in mind guys, uh, 250 people, or when the timer hits zero, the calendar link is going to shut down. We have somebody from our team here. Who’s going to be shutting down that calendar, like, okay. Cause we, we can’t overload these guys. This is a limited time thing. It’s free stuff. Okay. Um, so all you’re going to want to do is once again, available to first 250 people, that schedule is go here right now. Okay. So it’s B I T dot L Y slash agency dash call. Okay. Once again, the button or the link is somewhere around here. Okay. Don’t worry about leaving the webinar. This is going to open up into a new tab. All right. You’re not going to leave the webinar. The webinar will still be open. What I want you guys to do right now.

And there’s literally a five minute counter somewhere on this page. Um, when that counter hits zero, that calendar is not going to be available anymore. Okay. Or when the first there’s hundreds of people on here, guys, when the first 250 people schedule their call, that’s it. Right. And at the end of the call, once again, that’s when they’re going to give you that free course too. Cause we don’t like to give away free stuff because honestly it pulls revenue away from our company. Um, but we’re doing it to help you guys, but we only want to give it away for free to people who are actually serious about it, because then it messes with our metrics and numbers and stuff in the backend. All right. So we’ve got the timer on here. The timer is going to be running. Um, what I’m going to do in the meantime for the next couple of minutes is I’m going to just open up the table for a little Q and a.

Um, and um, if you can pop me back on the bottom, right? Let’s see if it takes over the link to that page. Um, perfect. Cool. So that’s the link guys. B I T dot L Y slash agency dash call. Once again, the button is around here somewhere, right? So just go ahead and click that button. You will get a free 30 minute agency breakthrough session, which is essentially a coaching call for your agency to really help you out. Dive deep into your business, done with people who are already crushing it in the agency space, um, and are using our platform dash clicks obviously, um, in our part of our community. Right. And then we’re also going to give you the free course proven prospecting systems. Um, so that’s going to be pretty awesome for you. Okay. So guys, go ahead. And if you want, in the meantime, while this is up, um, go ahead and drop in some questions, guys.

I’m going to go ahead and answer a bunch of questions for you guys. Uh, we’ll do a quick little Q and a, and then I’m going to jump off here just to respect your time. Um, and um, I’m interested in the call center. Do you provide any help with implementing that? Um, uh, we don’t really have any like public courses for call center, stuff like that. We do have, uh, like higher level, um, um, training. Um, I’m not going to offer them on here if that’s something that you’re interested in, uh, you can speak with, um, uh, some of the guys who are going to jump on a call with, uh, and if they want, they can go over that with you. But, uh, yeah. Uh, if you’re going to give away a site, how are you turning that into a cell? Uh, Stacy said very, very, very good question.

Right. So what we basically used to do is say, Hey, the website’s totally free. Um, and this is what we have, like our value ladder, right? So that the site is totally free. Um, all we do is we’re just a web building, a website builder platform, just trying to grow our user base. So we’re not going to charge you anything to build the site, which, you know, building like a 30 page website like this with content and images and all the craziness can be like three grand, two grand, a thousand bucks, 5,000 bucks. Right? Um, we’ve seen crazy price for website. You’re not going to have to paint any of that stuff. In fact, all we’re going to do is we charge you a one time setup fee. And that just is for our tech team to set up your campaign, not your campaign, just basically set up your website and get it all set up.

It’s a one time fee of 199 bucks. So it’s really inexpensive. It’s not a big pill to swallow. And then we charge a monthly fee of 49 bucks. And that includes hosting. It includes an SSL certificate, includes access to the drag and drop builder inside of your very own marketing dashboard. Right? So things that you’re going to have when you have a website, you have to buy things like hosting and an SSL certificate and all that stuff regardless. Right. Um, so that’s, that’s pretty much the flip to that and it works literally wonders. We’ve sold thousands of those sites. Um, and then after that, then you can slowly go up the value ladder and start selling them higher end services. Right. Um, let’s keep going here, guys. I’m going to go through a bunch of questions by the way, guys. I don’t know if the timer has a zero or not, but if, if you see that timer, I highly recommend, uh, once again, going a bit dot L Y slash agency dash call, um, it’ll open up a new tab. It’ll leave this webinar open and you can actually go book a call there. Okay. And then you get free access to the free, uh, to the proven prospecting systems course. Okay. Alright.

By the way, guys, I’m going to say this again. There is hundreds of people on this webinar.

Okay. And the client that the comments are flying in fast. Okay. So I can’t get through every single comment you can ask some of these questions also, uh, during your, your agency breakthrough session, if you’ve booked up, there’ll be helpful. They’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have, um, to really just point you in the right direction and guide you. But I’m going to go through some of these questions. There’s just a lot on here guys. So bear with me. Okay. Um, I really need help getting, uh, getting clients. What is the fastest way? Do you have a script that you use for cold emails? Charles said? Um, yeah, so essentially what I would recommend doing is I I’m personally a big call center guy or cold calling guy. You don’t even have to open up a call center. You can just start cold calling.

I like to just pick up the phone and start dialing, right? So that’s the, if you want the fastest way to start picking up clients, the fastest way to start conversations is actually just by picking up the phone and calling people. And then you can use that little script that I showed you guys here in this presentation. Right. And that script can be like something super similar. So one or two liner, it’s a hook, right. Where you bring them in, say, Hey, I’m Bobby, I’m calling from social agency. Um, my name is Chad. Uh, I actually just went out and built you a fully functional, beautiful website for your business, Bobby, the painter. Uh, where can I send the link to, I just want you to check out the website. It’s just as, as literally as simple as that, it doesn’t have to be realized that the simplistic stuff makes more money than the confusing stuff.

Okay. Um, uh, let’s see. I’m a CRM. I thought it was already built in the initial website. Uh, no, it’s not. Uh, let’s see what else we got here. Uh, Don, where’s the link for the course somebody asked. So they’re going to give you at the end of your phone call, they’re going to give you a secret link, uh, once again, to go out and get your free course. Uh, you just put in your name and email and it will automatically open up the Gates and let you in our education portal and you’ll have access to the course for free 100%. You have to pay anything, no credit card, nothing like that. No trials, you have full access to it. Um,

All right, let’s see. Uh, let’s see. Did you, did you did somebody said, wow.

So there’s a lot of questions in your guys’. Uh, somebody said, uh, where do you get the calling list from? Right. Uh, so you can get, uh, you can get, and that’s data. We spoke about that previously. Um, there’s tons of different data softwares, and I want to point any ones out specifically, cause it might not be a good fit for you. Um, but if you just put in like business data or things like that, there’s tons of different data softwares, uh, that you can actually use. Then you can pay monthly fees or you can buy data, um, or you can scrape your own data and you can get a bunch of data to go out and let can be your data source for your traffic sources. Right. Um, um, Matthew said, uh, what software do you recommend for prospecting? Uh, essentially if you’re talking about like outbound, um, that really depends on what type of outbound to be honest, Matthew, um, we recommend insights obviously, which is the tool that you need to do.

Our framework that we teach. Um, uh, Brian said CRM tool name, uh, please pipe drive is the CRM that, um, is, is really good. Um, what resources did you use to help you get better at closing? Um, honestly I think closing is once again, the biggest thing for me is that when people, when people start getting confused, uh, that actually let’s go front face really quick, really quick. And, um, by the way, guys, um, I don’t know if that link or not as gone, but regardless, um, to answer your question, the most, the biggest thing that you can do okay. Is to not make what you’re doing. Confusing. What I see is a lot of people in the agency space, they’ll go out and they’ll try to be really confusing and technical over the phone call to make them sound really cool. But what that actually does, it kills your conversion rates.

If you’re just one-to-one with a person and you’re on the same, like if their is here, the best thing for you to do is to beat on the same level as them. Same thing with the technical level, they don’t have a technical level. Don’t start talking to them about like H HTML sources and, and, and marketing CTS. And like, don’t, don’t do that. Cause what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna throw them off. They’re going to be lost. Right. You need to get on their level during a sales call. So the biggest thing for me that I did, um, was literally to just get on the same level as the person. Okay. So most important thing. Okay. Um, let’s keep going.

Uh, when did you have just one template for your niche and sell three different, uh, three different biz? Are they going to have the same website design? We have tons of different templates. In fact, uh, some of the templates that we have emphasized, like some of the niches have multiple versions of the templates. Right. And there’s different, um, um, content because we inject the information, uh, inside of the content, on the website as well. Um, so it’s always someone different and then it’s a drag and drop builder. So you can always just move things around and customize everything. Right. Uh, Joe said, are you targeting people that don’t have websites to offer them, uh, the free website? No. Uh, in fact that’s actually a good question, Joe. Um, in fact,


Two different ways. So the people who don’t have websites, obviously they’re going to be easier to sell to. But the problem is, is the fact that they probably don’t have a lot of money for marketing because they don’t have a website. They’re probably not in business or haven’t been in business very long. All right. That’s just like that specific avatar, someone who’s got a website is a little bit more established. We, we actually used to like selling the people with a website more. Right. And what we used to realize is that when you actually sell it to somebody with a website, the upsells from there actually a higher percentage actually convert and buy higher stuff. So if somebody has a website, the best thing for you to do is put the two websites side by side and say, Hey, this is what you got right now.

This is our website. And guys keep in mind, like, just go to [inaudible] dot com, get a free account, play with insights. It’s free. You don’t have to put any credit card information. Once again, our company is purely value based if you like the tools and you like, um, the stuff that we’re offering you, and it actually helps you in growing your business, then you’ll want to buy from us. And that’s kind of our philosophy, right? And it’s also our philosophy for sales. If you’re an agency and you give a good product and to give you good value, then people are going to want to buy from me. Right. So that’s kind of been our whole thing and it’s, it’s worked out really great for us to be honest. Right. So I’m going to do, um, uh, one, uh, one last question. If anybody has a final question and then I’m going to jump off here, uh, once again to respect everybody’s time.

Cause, uh, we’re at almost about an hour and 45 minutes into this, and I’m sure this was amazing for you guys and hopefully you guys got a lot of content that was valuable for you. Like I said, the most important thing is value. Um, alright. So, uh, let’s see, uh, sorry. I missed a steak. So it’s a lot of people are asking to see about replays and stuff like that. Um, so, uh, uh, I think what I’ll do is I’ll have, um, off somebody from my team, fire, you guys off an email, uh, after, so you guys can watch the actual replay of this. Um, but the replay is only going to be up for a certain amount of time. Cause we don’t like to have the replays up forever. Um, cause sometimes we sell the content like this, like at a, at a later date.

This is you’re lucky to be here. This is a completely free webinar. Um, so, uh, if you do get that email for the replay, we’ll leave it up for, let’s say 24 hours and you have 24 hours to watch it, take down whatever notes and stuff that you have and then we’re going to pull it out. Okay. Um, all right guys, I’m going to leave it at that. Um, so thanks for all your comments in the chat and um, that’s pretty much it. Thank you so much, guys. We appreciate you and we’ll see you in the future.



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