3 Proven Prospecting Systems That Predictably Birthed Two 7-Figure Marketing Companies
Chad Kodary
Mar 4th, 2020 at 07:36 PM

3 Proven Prospecting Systems That Predictably Birthed Two 7-Figure Marketing Companies


Our Proven Prospecting Systems were not built on guessing games or assumptions…
These aren’t methods we made up…
These are real systems we’ve battle tested in BOTH our 7-figure marketing companies…
It’s literally what changed our lives forever…
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All right guys, before we get started, um, what I want to do is I want to talk to you guys a little bit about me for a second. And uh, I want to talk to you guys about the whole backstory of, for most of you guys, if you’re, if you’re new to dash flicks, um, if you’re old to dash clicks, whatever it is that you guys are and whatever your experience has been with us, um, I want to talk to you guys a little bit about two different things. One, you guys know that we have two companies, right? We have dash glitch, which is a seven figure software, which is a SaaS company, um, a white label fulfillment center and an education center. We got dash clicks to over $1 million in recurring revenue in just under one year. Can you guys drop a one in the chat? If you guys think that’s crazy, just one year guys, over $1 million in recurring revenue that’s booked on Stripe. Can we get a number one on the chats? Number one in the chat, if that’s exciting and insane. Guys just drop a number one in the chat.
It is exciting. It is exciting.
Another thing that I want to talk to you guys about is our retail agency that we’ve had. Okay. So most of you guys, some of you guys know, some of you guys might not know this, but I started in the same exact place that almost every one of you guys are probably sitting in right now. Um, I started in 2009. Okay. September, 2009, I opened up my marketing company called social agency. Um, and throughout the journey for my first couple of years was really, really tough. Um, I want to do a quick poll and I want to just make sure that we’re all open and honest with each other so that way I know how to kind of steer this conversation and help you guys as best as possible. Because at the end of the day, I’m here to provide value to you guys and if I can do that, amazing. So let’s do quick, another quick poll. Um, if most of you guys right now having an agency and you have under five clients, can you drop a number five in the chat? If you have under five clients, can you drop a number five in the chat really quick?
Awesome. Okay, a lot of you guys. Good. Let’s do this poll one more time. If you guys are an agency and you have under 20 clients, can you drop a 20 in the chat
now guys, once again, for those of you guys to just drop the five, this is a trick question. You should be dropping a 20 here because we have under five and here to 20 Getty. See what I did there. See what I did there. I’m making sure that you guys were on the same point. Moral of the story guys is I was in the exact same place as most of you guys in 2009 when I’ve realized over my decade of experience. And I know you guys probably hear a lot of these gurus. You see ads online. Um, you see people talking at shows, right? Or events and these are the gurus in the space, but in reality, I’ve actually lived, breathed, like everything that you guys can even imagine about owning a business and owning a marketing company and a marketing agency, dealing with clients, signing up clients, hiring people, firing people, growing a team, having a massive payroll, okay.
Having a big office, taking really big risks in life and making sure that you’re always trying to navigate left, right? Right. You make sure that you’re always going down the right path, right? So I literally have been through the exact path that most of you guys have been on. Okay? And I’m going to be real with you guys. Most of the gurus right now, all they’re doing is they’re making, it seems so easy to go out and start a marketing agency and scale your marketing agency when in reality it actually takes a lot of hard work, okay? When in reality you actually have to put in hard work, dedication, hustle to actually grow out. There’s no such thing as a love laptop lifestyle as that lavish thing that we all imagine, right? If you want to, um, if you want to live the laptop lifestyle, but like you don’t like people can’t make up their mind on what they want to do.
Okay. So let me hear what you guys are saying real quick. I mean so much help with prospecting, do chat. It’s just huge man chat. The last what’s going on everybody? So like what I’m going to teach you guys today and I’m talking to you guys very slowly and very calmly and usually I’m at like level 1000, which I’m about to get to in about 30 fucking seconds, but I want to be straight up with you guys and um, I need you guys to know this. Okay? Starting a marketing agency is not easy. Starting a marketing agency takes hard work and dedication. Starting a marketing agency takes big bowls and if you don’t have balls then it takes something else. Okay? But you get the point, okay? You need to actually have proven systems. Okay. What I’m going to go with through with you guys today is three proven prospecting systems that literally produced two seven figure companies. Now, I don’t know about a lot of the gurus that are online, and I’ll just be honest with you guys. I’m talking to guys from real arts experience and I’m telling you guys that I did not only start one seven figure marketing company, but two okay? And the way that I did it was I use these three systems. These are of the systems
that I used, which allowed me to predictably scale my marketing companies, okay? And I want to go through them with you guys today. Oh, you guys come with seven, seven, seven in the chat. Do I just pitch up and get started? Seven, seven, seven the chat, everybody wake up enough from the drama shit we’re about to go in right now. Who wants to make some fucking money? Seven, seven, seven in the chat. Let’s go maybe seven, seven, seven. Come on, come home. Don’t, I’m glad you guys are on the same page as me. So let’s go pee and pee real quick guys. You see the screen right here?
You see the screen right here? Three proven prospecting systems. Okay? Now, obviously we have to make really sexy names for the used to make it attractive, okay? But the first prospecting system is the influencer method. Okay? This essentially is the way this is. This is number one, was how we sold over a million dollars in recurring services for dash clicks. Okay? It’s called the influencer method, and I’m going to walk you guys through that. Number two, the never end of the never ending flood of leads. How would you guys like it if you guys had leads coming into the first step of your pipeline in dozens by the day? Drop a number five in the chat if that’s something that you might like.
Number five in the chat. The third one is the content multiplier system. This was a way for me to distribute my content professionally and in a way where I could literally syndicate the same piece of content across multiple different sources to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Let’s go from face real quick. Okay guys, these were the three things, three major shifts. So most of you guys have, you see people at conferences or you, you know you’re watching webinars. A lot of you guys are asking the question, Hey, what was that main shift? What was, what was this thing that you did that like took you from zero to 100 real quick? Right? These were the three right here. Number one was the biggest one for dash clerks. Number two was the biggest one for social agency and number three was the biggest one for both of them. Okay, so guys, how many of you guys have the engine scenes in here? Can I get an a in the chat? The letter a in the chat, the letter a in the chat if you’re the marketing agency, it’s another fucking trick question. Of course you get a marketing into, this is a dash clips webinar. Come on guys. I’m just kidding.
Somebody said last six agencies. Chad. Awesome. So guys, what I want to do is I’m going to start with number one, the influencer method. I kind of want to break down the psychology behind this really quick. Okay. The influencer method was a way for me to become an influencer, but at the same time, get incoming leads into my pipeline every single day and at the same time generate revenue from it, which allowed me to scale my agency. Okay? And by the way, guys don’t want to throw one thing out. All three of these things here on the board are done without zero are done without $0 million in ad spend. Who wants to spend $0 million in generate leads? Put zero in the chat, $0 million in generate leads in ad spend. $0 million just work. So you got to do this work. Awesome. Who doesn’t have a massive team? Put a number one in the chat. You can do this without a massive team at all. In fact, most of these things I did at the beginning of my career, I didn’t have any team.
Awesome. And who here hates the techie shit? Who you’re hates the stuff that super techie for some reason you can’t just figure it out. So you just give up dropping number three in the chat, guys, you’re using these three methods, okay? You spend $0 million in that spin, you have zero tech experience and it’s just you and your team. You don’t even massive team. Okay? Now guys, I know most of you guys that are in dash clicks, that’s kind of the bucket that you guys are sitting in. You don’t want to spend any ad spend. You want to try to do things organically, which is fucking awesome. I love doing shit organically cause that’s how you make more money, right? When you have to spend a lot spent, okay? And not only that, most of you guys don’t have a massive team and all these resources, right?
So that’s totally cool. So guys, these things right here, we’re going to walk you through the whole strategy right now, 78 in the chat, seven in the chat. If you want to go crazy with cha 78 in the chat, if you want to go crazy with Chad, awesome guys, can we throw a banner up real quick? Guys? Whoever stays until the end of the webinar, whoever stays until the end of the webinar, drop the banner, Carlos, drop the banner. We’re going to have something insane for you. Okay? I can’t tell you guys what it is because that would ruin everything, but if you guys stay all the way until the end of the webinar, I have something insane for you, something that we have not released to anybody, something that nobody has seen before and shit, you’re going to get it right here on this webinars, but it’s only going to happen at the end and if you don’t stay until the end, then shit. Rattler. Okay, so stay until the end of the webinar. We’re going to hook you up with something crazy. Something fucking crazy. Y’all crazy saying st Mitchell. Insane in the brain. All right, cool. I’m glad you guys are on the same page as me. Awesome. I love talking about the influencer method. Yuck.
Flute en SU, nothing. Okay guys, most of you guys, this is the easiest, probably step that you can take right now to accelerate your agency as fast as possible. Okay? Some of you guys, man, seen a web that had done about it in the past, okay? It’s a method, but when a little bit of a twist, anybody ever heard of this crazy thing called Facebook? Say yes Chad or no, maybe, I don’t know. Maybe you guys don’t know. Okay, so we took Facebook and we wanted to Facebook groups, Facebook groups, and we generated over $1 million in sales. And then what we also did from Facebook group is generate over, what am I doing here? I’m about to do it. The minus sign, 10,000 users in dash clicks over 10,000 users in dash LinkedIn over $1 million in revenue has literally been resulted from this method right here.
Okay, and I want to talk to you guys about the psychology of it really quick. So front face guys, I know most of my webinars are whiteboard style, but really what I want you guys to focus on is the strategy here. And if you guys are okay with that, we’re going to talk a lot of strategy during this webinar because I want you guys to understand that there’s things that you can do that doesn’t have to be a burden on you. There’s things that you can do to actually accelerate your agency, which is the complete different and the complete opposite of what all of your competitors are doing. Now, when I asked you guys this question, how would you feel if you were in a world with no competition? Can I get a number three? Number three in the chat? If you were in a world where there was zero competition? Yeah, it’s crazy. Most of you guys drop three. It’s fuck. Yeah, it’s crazy, guys. That’s how I feel when I’m using these types of methods, so I want to talk to you guys. We’re going to go back step a little bit one more time because you have to understand where I came from to really understand the methods and the madness that I have behind everything that I do. So 2009 that opened up my marketing agency for first three
years of my marketing agency. Most of my time was spent doing R and D and following all these other companies, these Goliath in the space that were doing marketing. And what I realized, okay? What I realized is everything that these guys were doing was the same thing that everybody else was doing. All they had, the only difference that they had was a mass influx of money and a huge team that they could put behind it. And us small guys, me sitting in my room in 2009 10 11 sitting in my room in my fucking boxers working at my mom’s house. I could not compete with these guys. Do any of you guys feel that way where there’s such large companies like, dude, like how am I going to get the market share, man? Like is this really possible? Seems impossible, right? If you feel that way, dropping yes in the chat.
Only a couple of you guys. Okay, well I felt that way. Now a lot of you guys. Okay, so you guys get excited quick. So what I realized was if I want to compete with these guys and I want to really take things to the next level, I have to do shit differently. It has to be done differently. Okay? So the methods for prospecting, okay. That I created, they had to be different because if I was doing cold calls or I was walking into a place or I was damning people, okay, if I was doing these things and I was doing the same thing that everybody else was doing, who am I? Who’s Chad? Who social agency, right? How, what’s my marketing itch? Right? And what am I doing that’s completely different, right? So let’s go bang, bang. So I want to talk to you guys. Let’s go a little further into that concept, okay? We’re going to draw the funnel really quick, okay? Cause obviously we all know what a funnel is, okay? So the first thing in the funnel,
this is how I envision a funnel in my mind, okay? And when you’re thinking about a funnel, you’re probably thinking prospect, you’re probably thinking why. These are the different stages that they’re going to have to go down, right? These are the different landing pages, okay? But most of you guys, you need to understand that a funnel is also the way that you run your business, okay? Forget about these being landing pages and shit like that, okay? Think about this as a business. Think about this as your business, okay? So the first thing that you need to do, okay? It’s prospect. You need to get people to go down your pipeline, okay? Because if you can prospect, what happens here next is you start generating sales, okay? And then what happens here is you’re able to upsell those. And then after that you grow what everybody wants, which is a scalable agency, okay? Now, most people and most agencies where they actually fail is right here. This is the hardest thing to do for marketing agencies. And you’re probably like Chad, well how do you know that
shit? Cause they ran a fucking marketing agency for 10 years and I struggled with this shit almost half my life. Okay? It’s the hardest thing to do. And if you actually pull back the curtains and you look at any other business, it’s the same shit. Whether you’re a jeweler, you’re a gym owner, you’re a spa, you’re a fucking realtor, whatever it is, prospecting, which is the way of generating leads, okay? It’s another term of lead generation. Prospecting is the hardest thing. And the thing that offers the most people, the biggest struggle. How many people here are struggling with prospecting? Can you drop a 19 in the chat? How many here cannot get at least five people every single day to say yes to their offer just so they can hear the freaking offer? Okay. How many people here
cannot get enough leads every single day into their pipeline? Almost? I think probably everybody that was in here dropped to 19. Okay. Or said me, which is awkward because it asks you to drop a 19. That didn’t say drop me. So that just makes things awkward. Now you mess up the whole flow for everyone. Okay? I’m just kidding. Um, so guys, what happens here? What happens here is if you can’t do this, let’s section this off really quick. If you can’t do this, you can’t do any of this. This is nothing. Nothing happens. You’re done. Ask the Lavista baby. Close your doors, okay? Put back on your PJ’s and go to sleep. All right? If you cannot figure out the prospecting game, how the hell are you going to make sales? You’ve got nobody to fucking speak to. You’re speaking to yourself, dude, you can’t figure out the prospecting game.
You can’t up sell anybody because you haven’t made any sales. And in business, everything is a domino effect. Okay? And that first domino to do that tip, the first tip, that domino, you can’t, you can’t have, is that what it’s called? The whole fucking domino trail? Is that what it’s called? It’s dominoes, right? The domino effect, right? I thought it was going crazy for a second, right? The domino effect, right? Where you have all these fucking dominoes, okay. Any of vis domino right here. This little fucking guy that’s sitting right here. And it’s like if we can’t push this guy over,
these will never tip over. Ever tip over. It’s not possible because hasn’t been pushed
over. But the second thing, you push this over, all of these guys will fall down and then you will start making money and you will start scaling your agency, okay? But it all starts with prospecting. So the reason why I’m focusing on this so much and this whole training is focusing on prospecting, is because most people are focusing on this and that drives me crazy. They’re focusing on sales and upsells and their methods and their scripts to close deals and all the Zapier’s that are going to happen and when they close the deal in, it fires out and then it goes to the fulfillment company and then all this crazy shit happens. It’s like, dude, you haven’t even spoken to anybody who is interested in your services and you’re taking courses and buying trainings on how to fucking do a demo the proper way. Like who the hell are you going to demo? Do you guys get what I’m saying? Like I know I’m being a little bit like straightforward here, but I have to man, because the reason why most of you guys are failing and I’m going to tell you to your face is because you haven’t figured this shit out. Okay? You haven’t figured out the prospecting game, man. It just, you haven’t done it, man and everybody else. All these other gurus who are going to teach you like how to go out here and make sales. Well, that’s pretty cool.
well who do they? Who are you going to sell? Right? So let’s be straight. Let’s be honest with each other. Okay? If you are here on this webinar because you want to learn how to figure out the ancient problem that has literally been killing agencies, okay? The prospecting problem, drop a number 27 in the chat and we will solve that problem right here today.
Yeah. Oh yeah. I’m going to awkwardly drink. You fucking know it. You know it. I wouldn’t do a mic drop. Can we get a mic? Can we get the GoPro real quick? Can we get a mic in here so I can do Mike drops? But one that’s not expensive so we can break it now. Nothing getting my, okay. Awesome guys. So what I’m, what I’m saying here is this is what we’re going to talk about today. Okay? So I have to kind of draw it out for you guys. Still want to make sure that you guys are on the same page as me and all of you guys who dropped in at 27 it’s about to go down in this bitch. Okay? So let’s talk about prospecting now. Now that we understand what the word prospecting means, okay, let’s talk about prospecting. Actually, let me whip open a new one of these real quick and then set guys.
Cool. Okay.
Who’s ever heard number numbers game? Well, it’s all a numbers game, right? Who’s ever heard that say yes, it’s a numbers game. It’s all numbers game. Everything in life is a numbers game. Well that’s cause this is the damn truth. It’s 100% the goddamn truth. Okay? Everything in life is a numbers game, okay? So we start off at the small end. Here’s your calendar. Let’s drop calendar, okay, calendar. Awesome. You got the calendar and you got all the days of the week. Okay, whatever. We’ll drop another one here and then hell, well drop another one in here for those of you boys and girls who work on Sunday. Okay, so let’s just say that this was your calendar. Okay. And this was today, this was here today, right here, and you’re all happy and jolly, okay? And you come in and you’re working all your calendar. You’re like, well, Hey, my goal is to get one person on my calendar today.
I just want to get one person to say yes. Okay? It’s a numbers game. One person, awesome. Okay, one person here and you get another person here and you get another person here. These are not deals, by the way, guys, we’re not here on this webinar to talk about sales, okay? And we’re not here on this webinar talking about closing deals. We’re here on this webinar to learn how to fill up your pipeline with people who were interested in your products. So then you can go out and actually make the sale. That’s where you can, when you can use your $67,000 course that you bought are teaches you how to make sales with cool demos and shit like that, okay? But for right now, this is what you need to focus on, okay? Now, when I was in in 2009, I had to slowly fill up this pipeline.
Okay. So when I set expectations and you can do different things, you can do cold calling, okay? You can go out and do LinkedIn automation and Instagram automation and all the shit that you guys love to do because you want to automate the world. Okay. But for me, back in the day I was doing cold calls and I was doing walk-ins. Um, those are really the two main things that I was doing. Okay. And my main goal was how do I get people in here? So if this week my goal was to get one new person every day. Did you say? Yeah, Chad, you know what, I’m interested in what you have to say. Um, let’s schedule a call and uh, tell me a little bit more about it. Okay. Well, awesome. I just fucking broke down the guard gate now it’s me and you speaking and um, I’m going to have a session with you tomorrow, uh, Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST and then we’ll do a half hour quick demo.
I’m gonna show you exactly what my offer is, what my services are, how I can help your business, right? So most of you guys right now, and another thing that you guys are failing at, and today we’re gonna talk about failure a lot, okay? Because we don’t talk about failure. You can’t win, okay? You gotta fix your shit. So another reason why you guys are selling this, most people are like, Oh, I’m going to do one call closes. I’m the fucking God of one call closes and cause I’m so cool, everybody is going to want to do business with me. So I just need to call them one time and then they’re just going to give me their credit card information at the end of the call, right? Well dude, it doesn’t work that way, right? There’s a process to sales called the sales cycle, right?
And in a sales cycle, this is what it looks like, okay? And then you guys ever used a CRM system, right? You go to stage one, okay, then two, then three, then four. And in stage one it’s called lead in, right? These are all your leads. They go right here. So basically all these guys that were so happy when you called them or walked into their appointment or shot them a DM or did a mass email blast or whatever the hell that is that you did, they said, yes, you bang and you got your pipeline full. Okay? Then the next thing right here, number two is actually going out and doing a demo. Awesome. Then right here is the followup game then, right? Here’s where you make the sale, right? This is the sale process. Most of you guys think you’re just so fucking cool that you’re going to jump right in here and stop number four and you’re gonna take over the world, right?
If you just beat organized, I promise you, if you have a system, an organized system to actually take people from step one to step two, to step three, inventive step four, and you’re able to duplicate this so you’re able to copy this over and over and over. And to be honest with you guys, as I started drawing that, I didn’t think it was going to look like copies. Um, I dunno if it does, but that’s what I mean just to copy it. Right. It’s a process. Right? So that’s, this is a CRM system guys. This is like basic shit. One on one CRM. Okay. Put your shit in the CRM. Okay. Now when I was starting guys call 10 15 people walk into some fucking restaurants.
Barbara salons, whatever it is. My goal is to get people to say yes because I knew that the outcome of this might be this and this isn’t $1, this is one client that signed up. So I spent maybe an entire week moving the sky over. Okay. And that was like, okay, this is pretty cool. Okay, this is pretty cool. This works. Let me try to do it again. But this time, how do I get these numbers up? How do I get them up? Right? Cause I can’t, in order to get this number up, I have to get these numbers up so there has to be something that I can do, right? And then I figured it out. Well, it was just more work. Right? So what I would do is set up getting one person to say, yesterday I was interested. I was getting maybe three people a day.
Awesome. Three people a day that turned in to three paying clients. If you got your metrics right, you’re using the CRM and you know what your actual sales cycle looks like. Now there’s three people a day. I literally three X right here, I three X my business, okay? And then I did a lot of other cool things. But obviously this is a calendar. This is like week by week. This wasn’t something that actually happened week by week. This happened maybe every couple of months, right? One of the biggest things was me starting a call center because I literally went from doing this by myself. So you get to a point where one person can only do so much and you cap, right? So you might get to a point here where you’re, you’re, let’s just say, and I’m just going to give you a random number. Let’s just say gets to five or five people a day, are interested and you can generate five scheduled appointments a day.
On your calendar. Awesome. Okay. You cap out as a human being, so if you want to scale your agency, by the way, guys, something insane is happening. For those of you that just walked in something right here, something crazy, insane. I can’t tell you guys what it is. I know a lot of you guys are shooting me dams and shit. You’re like, Chad, just tell us your life. Just do it. Be crazy. I can’t do it because I told them that I wouldn’t do it. It’s just stay until the end. We’re going to give you guys something crazy. Okay, so scaliness right? How did I do it? Well, that comes with building a team. The problem is most of you guys can’t even do this. This is where you’re struggling, okay? So we need to figure out how to multiply and how to get, how to maximize the most amount of your time.
How can I shove in and get as many people that say, yes, yes, Chad, I’m interested. I want to do it. I want to speak to you. Put me on your calendar. This is the best thing I’ve ever heard of in the last 27 demo calls that I did. Let’s do it. Just put me on. I got to speak to you. Then I might even give you my credit card made. Okay, so how do we do that? Okay. Triple a shit up. Triple his shit up. Okay. I’m gonna show you guys some shit right now and then I keep backpedaling here, but I feel like most of you guys, I got to like start from square one. I want to make sure that everybody understands. I don’t want to cancel this out. Okay, cool. Awesome. So we’ll move these things around. Amazing. So everybody understands what a funnel is, okay? Everybody understands why it’s important to fill up your calendar and then everybody understands that right now. Now we’re going to go over the influencer method. Okay? All right, let’s talk about the influencer method. Okay? Prospecting tip number one. Now that you guys understand everything.
Now that you guys understand everything, I’m going to give you three things that you can do to go out and actually fill up your pipeline, which is literally fill up that first column in the CRM system, which right now for you based on the poll we just took is the most important thing and the most important action taking item that you need to do right now without any hesitation. You need to do it with extreme momentum without all the turbulence and time suck. You need to move as fast as possible to get this done if you’re really planning on growing your agency, because if not, then what will happen is you’re not going to close any deals and if you do, it’s going to be super freaking slow and then you’re probably going to either one give up because you’re not making enough money or two, you’re just going to end up going broke and then you’re going to close your agency and go back working a job or doing whatever it is else is that you do that you don’t like to do. Okay, so this thing has to be done. The momentum, the needle, you’ve got to move. The needle has to keep moving, okay guys, so how, how do we generate $1 million in sales in 10,000 users into dash clicks organically. Okay? Now guys, okay?
This doesn’t have to be a big team, okay? I’m going to draw this out for you guys real quick. I’m gonna show you guys how this whole shit works, awesome, okay? First thing that you guys need to do is make sure that you have a Facebook account, okay? This is action item number one. Make sure that you have the Facebook account, okay? After you have the Facebook account, you’re going to want to go to groups,
okay? And you’re going to want to go to groups and you’re gonna want to find all the groups that are in your specific niche, okay? It’s not crazy. Go to Facebook in the search bar, type in the niche that you’re going after, okay? If you’re going after roofers, type in roofers. If you already have to realtors, type in realtors, okay? I want you guys to go there and I want you guys to join every single group, every single group possible. I want you guys to join, okay? And then what I want you guys to do is I want you guys to go to the admins of the group, okay? The admin of the group, and I want you guys to send them a friend request friend request. We’ll do fr because I’m lazy. Shit, okay? Then you’re going to sell them a frontal ques, okay?
Then when you’re going to do is you’re going to find a way to provide value, okay? And to find a way to provide value. I like chat. I don’t know how to provide value. I’m not a valuable person. Well, you’re going to need to be a valuable person in order to provide value. So this is the way that you do it, okay? Little secret. Here’s the golden nugget you can grab real quick. Throw it in your pocket and run, okay? Give shit away for free. Do stuff for free, okay? So if you’re joining a real estate group, the first thing that you can do is maybe have one tactic that you can help realtors generate more leads for their company. Or one tactic that can maybe make realtor social media pages look better. Or one tactic that maybe doing a small change to their website will actually help them their rankings in search engines.
One thing, think about one thing that you can do, okay? Make it your one thing that you’re really good at. Okay. Provide value in. What you want to do is you want to go live in these people’s groups, okay? You want to go live in the group, okay, and in order to go live, you gotta go message the actual admin. Become a friend with them. If possible, message him and say, Hey, I want to go live in a group and provide a shit ton of value. Would you be cool with that? I think it helped a bunch of realtors that are inside a group. You’re going to say yes, they’re going to say yes. Okay. The shit works cause I’ve been live in probably over like a hundred different groups. Okay, this shit works. I promise you, okay, you’re going to go live in the group and then guess what?
You are not going to make money. You’re not going to make money. The channel. What the fuck is the point in doing this? Like why teach me to do her shit and I’m not going to make money? Like what’s the point of me even coming onto this webinar? Like this is crazy, right? Well yeah, because the point is when you provide value, you don’t ask for money. Okay? The money actually comes to the value. So it’s this way. Okay. When it comes to value, okay, so you go live in a group, you provide something amazing. You become the expert in that group like dog to see this guy freaking Chad when in the group and was talking about the one crazy thing that you can do to increase sales. And then I did it and I increased my sales and this guy’s a freaking genius.
There’s gotta be other shit that he can do. He’s got to help me run my whole business. I’m just gonna make him a 50 50 partners. Amazing, right? That’s the feeling that they’re going to get when you do stuff like that, okay? When you don’t ask for money, you provide value. Now, pros and cons, cons. This is time consuming. Most of you are already going to fall off because you’re lazy, okay? What you need to do is not be lazy. If you want to go this way, okay? You want to go backwards, be that lazy person, sit in your bed watching Netflix, eat kernel corn or whatever the hell it is that you eat and be awkward and that’s going to be your life, okay? But if you want to go this way, okay? You want to go this way? You’ve got to run as fast as you can.
You gotta run as fast as you can, okay? I’m going to do a quick little recap, quick little recap, okay? And guys, I’m going to give you guys things that are quick tidbits you can take right now. Run, okay? Quick little things, okay? Here, create a Facebook account, go to Facebook, type in any niche, type in roofers in the search bar. Go to the groups tab, jumping and join every group friend requests the admin. Ask the admin if you can provide value in their groups. Provide one piece of value, whether it’s a free PDF or you want to go live in the group and do something crazy. Basically here you’re going to make yourself the expert and then everything comes to you. Okay? So what happened guys? What generated with this? Well, we did this for one year straight, so it’s not something that you do one time.
Don’t be lazy. Okay. Told you guys, don’t be lazy. You’re going to be lazy. Get off. This is not for you, okay? What do we do? Here’s a case study. It’s like Chad, show me case studies while we did 1 million in revenue, I’m sorry. And 10K users, you 10 K use, which is a user. Okay, 1 million in revenue. Recurring revenue actually, sorry, which makes it even sweeter. Okay. This is recurring, which means that should comes, keeps coming. It doesn’t stop. Keeps going. Okay, so we did 1 million in recurring revenue on 10,000 users into the dash six platform. All I did was going to Facebook groups and I did this exact strategy. Super simple right here and I figured I would come on here and I’ll show you guys shit that it’s like stuff that you can take away right now. Okay? Something you can do right now. Let’s quick, doesn’t cost any money, don’t need a big team. Crazy camera equipment. Nothing going. Go do this. Okay. Lane bucks. Bang. That’s what happened, Liam bucks. Okay. Yes. Cool. With that, we’re going to go onto the next one. Sales chat. Simple. Say yes in the chat. Super simple. Say yes in the chat. Yes. I mean he’s seeing what it’s going crazy. Okay, awesome.
You know the sad part is I think about all this. We can get this to freaking work. Okay. We can’t get it to work. All right. All right, 12 we’re stuck on the screen.
well that makes it fun guy. So yeah, here we go. Carlos kit, that little handy dandy in there hit the X guys. You know the crazy part about this, you can restart it if you want. Got it. All right, cool. The crazy part about all this is is you’re probably saying Chad, well you know what, you did it because you have experience in doing it right? Or you did it because you have a massive team or you did it because of this and all you’re going to do is just going to give yourself excuses, dude, right? So like I promise you if you just, these are quick three quick, quick, quick things that you can do to go out and literally fill up your entire pipeline and promise you guys by doing this, okay? By doing this, this generates new users every day because what happens guys, think about this.
Where does video lie? Video goes on Facebook. That shit’s going to stay there in the group and they take those videos. Most people in, they drop it on YouTube to grow their YouTube channel. Now it’s on YouTube. Now talking Google, right? Those videos stay around forever. Content, it’s all about content. Keep building content, okay? Keep building content. And he said, I’m terrified of going wide. You’ve got to break that barrier, man. Once you do it a couple of times. Dude, I’m an introvert and I think you guys like chat. That is not possible. I don’t like speaking to people. That’s why I do this shit in the webinar. Okay? I’m being real with you guys. Okay? I don’t like going live and I don’t like doing stuff like that. Had to break of that shell. You have to do it guys. I promise you it’s something that needs to be done.
Okay, let’s go here real quick. Okay? Okay, so we talked about the influencer system. That’s great guys. Now we’re talking about the never ending flood of leads, which sounds freaking amazing. Guys who wants to talk about the never ending flood of leads dropping 97 in the chat, 97 in the chucks, 97 in the chat. If I don’t get at least 97 90 sevens, we’re not going to continue. So we can sit here all day and you guys are gonna make it awkward. Now he sevens in the chats 90 sevens in the chat. By the way, guys, hold all your questions till the end. I promise you I’ll get to all of them. Okay. Although your questions until the end, I promise he’ll get all of them. Okay. And by the way, guys, in case you’re coming on right now, um, something insane is about the album when you dropped the banner on real quick, that’d be awesome.
Something insane is gonna happen. Um, something crazy. It’s going to right down here. Um, we’re going to be giving you guys something wild at the end of this webinar. So just stay until the end. We’re going to be done in probably the next, maybe 20, 30 minutes. Okay. Stay until the end. Maybe even shorter. I don’t know. But right here, something insane is going to happen. Wait until the anti promise you guys not want to leave because it’s only going to happen right here. Live on this webinar. Okay? Let’s keep going. Okay, too. Let’s talk about the never ending flood of leads. Okay? Let’s go do a little storytelling real quick because this is honestly it. Of all three things that are on here. This was the main one. This was like the main trigger for my agency side, right? So the first one works for agencies cause I did it for my agency too and it also works for dash blitz tremendously. We just our software, um, while we were filming all that stuff. But for agency, like for you as an agency owner, this was the number one thing that I did. Literally number one thing. Okay. Ready for it?
You’re ready for it? Oh, you’re ready? 79 in the chucks. 79 the chat guys. 17 Chitty chat, 79 and the Chitty chat chat.
Awesome. All right guys, I’m gonna draw a calendar again.
Cool calendar on the right hand side. All right, this is my calendar, Jane. Awesome. My calendar. Okay. How many of you guys have a Google calendar?
how many guys have a Google calendar? Put a one in the chat. One of the chat. Awesome. How many guys have any calendar drop a one in the chat too.
Good. This system’s going to work for you. Congratulations. It’s going to be awesome. Okay, so you need a freaking calendar. Okay. The goal here is I had a problem filling up my calendar. Okay. I was at the point, my agency, and as you guys, for any of you guys who have employees or for any guys who have office space or for any of you guys have real expenses and your real expenses can be different. Your real expenses can be like, Hey, I’m working out of my house, but I got a mortgage to pay for. Okay. And to put food on my table. I got kids, I got school, I got an insurance, whatever it is. Right? Right. So my, my, my experience at the time might’ve been a little bit different than yours. Okay. I was trying to go out and scale my agency and I had business expenses and I had personal expenses. So I had like a hybrid of the two. Okay. So for me, my issue was is I couldn’t get enough people a day to see. Yes. I couldn’t get enough people to date every single day to say yes to what I was offering. Okay. Now guys, how many of you guys have heard of insights and in job number three in the chat, if you’ve heard of insights and you know what it is,
just let me know. If you just know what in society is, just drop a three in the chat really quick. Do me a favor guys, you got to do a quick poll to make sure that we’re all on the same page. Okay?
It’s three, three threes, okay. For those of you guys who don’t know what insight is, I’m not trying to sell you guys insights. Relax. That’s not the crazy thing that’s happening. They should spin out and should be using it. Okay. Insights is, um, it’s a, um, uh, agents who told that we have, by the way, guys, we’ve dropped in, I don’t think I’ve even told anybody, but we dropped in three new templates this week. Pet boring massage and pest control, I think movers do, which is pretty crazy. We’ve been dumping in these templates, right? So insights is a way for you to go out and fill out one form and create a whole website. 10 page website, 50 page website. Crazy. Right? So remember the thing that I told you, the beginning where I had to make myself completely different than everybody else. Okay. Totally different.
So my strategy with a never ending flood of flood of leads is that that right there, that statement, that never ending flood of leads, that was actually the results of what happened when I started using a specific strategy within society. Okay. And I’ll tell you why somebody said, I love insights. I’ll tell you why. Okay. Because nobody else was using it. Nobody else that had a marketing company was calling clients saying, Hey, I just created a free website for you. It’s like a 30 page website. I just want to send you the link so you can see what it looks like. All I’m trying to do is grow my user base here for my platform and we’re looking for plumbing companies to pick up comings your niche. Right. That’s all I used to do. Okay. And for those of you guys who also don’t know, insights was a tool that we built when we had our agency running full force.
Okay. We built this tool like five years ago. Okay. And we were running, maybe it’s more than that, I don’t even know. Somewhere around five years ago. Okay. And then we were launched it into dashboards for everybody else to use because it was just such a fucking bad ass tool. And we had to launch it and then build out more niches. But if you guys see right here when we were using InstaSize, you see all these templates that look really similar. Locksmith painting, roofing, plumbing, towing, electrician, HVAC, all the ones that kind of have the same layout or just in different colors, content, images. Can we go pee and pee real quick?
So these right here. Okay.
These were the industries that we were going after. Just like Chad. What are the best industries? How’d you make so much million dollars in sales and digital marketing? Well, these were the guys that we were calling. Okay. I started off Coke calling these people and I used the approach of, Hey, I built you a free website. Here’s how the phone call went. Angel, you come up here real quick. Let’s go, let’s go. I want to show you guys how easy this is. Ready for this? He doesn’t even need a mic. He’s good. Let’s go front face real quick. Give it up for angel plus. Go. All right. Let’s do this. You ready for the star wind? Do a little telephone bro. Business owner. You’re the business owner.
Hello, this is Bobby landscaping. Hey Bobby. How are you doing? This is Chad calling from social agency. I just wanted to let you know that I’m, I’m working with landscaping companies within a 25 mile radius of my business. We’re trying to grow our web business or trying to grow our web platform, whatever the fuck it is that you want to say. Okay. We’ve tried to grow a web platform and what we did is we went ahead and we actually built you a completely free website, totally free. It’s like a 30 page website. I would love it. I would love to just send you a link. I can send it to you in an SMS. We can get it right now in your pocket or can send it to you in email. Is that okay? It’s a 30 page website. Even if you already have a website, what do you mean it’s free?
What do you mean totally free? All we’re trying to do Bobby is just build our user base so I took the time. I had my team go out and build you a com complementary website. That’s it and Bobby, don’t worry if you have a website, this website is going to crush it out of the park. Once again, I’m not trying to ask you for a credit card here. I’m just trying to give you all I need to make sure is I’m going to verify your phone number to make sure that I can send you a quick text message so that way you can get it right now in your pocket. Open it up, seat on mobile and then I’m going to verify your email. All right, awesome. Is your phone number? (954) 333-7744 that is great. I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to shoot you over a link right now to view the website and then let me just verify your email before you go really quick.
Bobby is an info Bobby’s landscaping.com amazing. I’m going to do the same thing there. I’m going to go ahead and send you out an email right now. Okay. I’m gonna send you an email right now and that is going to be also, once again the link. You can click it up and you can open it up and you can look at it on desktop, desktop, tablet, all that good stuff, but way, way, way. Bobby, before you go, I know you’re busy. Every website that we built has an actual account manager that’s attached to us. If you like the website, these guys are going to be the guys who are going to help you activate that website. Set it all up. Bobby, what’s a good day and time that
we can schedule an appointment for you? I’ll 15 minutes. I’m super busy right now, but I was tomorrow 3:00 PM 3:00 PM sounds better. Okay, awesome. Bobby. What I’m going to do is I’m also going to take the same information that you gave me, your telephone and your email. I’m going to schedule you right now in our scheduling system. You’re going to get an email and an SMS message again from our scheduling software, just reminded 24 hours, one hour and five minutes before the meeting cause I know we all get busy just like me and just like you, Bobby. And then that way just make sure, by the way Bobby, then you can be by computer if you can. Preferably. If not, it’s okay because you can still view the mobile website on your phone. What I’m going to do, Bobby’s, I know your time is valuable.
Thank you so much for your time. I’m going to send that SMS and I’m gonna send you an email right now with the link to the website. Check it out and we will speak tomorrow at 3:00 PM Bobby, thank you so much and have a great day. Thank you so much. I got to get that mic dude. I really gotta get that mic drop. Okay guys. Thank you angel. Guys, this thing works proven. Okay guys, the proven system I guys, so that was literally right there, what you saw me and angel do. That’s what I did for like, I dunno, three months straight by myself. I did that. I just called random businesses. Okay. And what I did was I created a script that was almost perfect, which is kind of similar to that, and I made it work and I made it work to the point where the whole goal of this was when I get somebody on the other line, how I’m spending all this time, I’m filing these leads, I’m going out and I’m doing everything in my power, taking so much time out of my day and I’m only human. I can only make maybe 150 calls a day, right? I can only make about 150 calls a day. Okay? How can I get the majority of the people?
Okay, how can I get the majority of the people to say yes? Which was my most important thing. I’m a numbers guy. Okay. One thing that you should know about me is I’m big on my numbers. Okay. Super big on my numbers. So if I’m calling a hundred people a day, okay, if I’m calling a hundred people a day as an example,
I need to make sure and guys keep in mind this strategy also works. If you’re emailing, if you’re dealing, you’re doing any of that stuff. It’s the same concept. Okay? It’s the same concept. A hundred people a day now on a regular cold call and on a regular cold call. Let me know if this sounds like you guys ready for this shit. Oh, Hey Bobby, my name is Gary. Um, I’m with Gary’s consulting and uh, I really, I was just looking at your website. I think there’s a lot of changes that we can do to make it better and I also think that I can help you really grow your business and um, I think it’d be really valuable if we both jumped on a call together because I can really help you grow your business. I was wondering if you wanted to do a, I know I shouldn’t even fucking said free consultation.
Would you be interested in doing a free consultation with me tomorrow? At 2:00 PM because I really think that I can help grow your business, Gary. Right? I just really think, yeah. Oh, you’re not interested in growing your business, Gary, here’s the salesperson rebuttal. Oh, okay, but what if I get you more leads? Would you be interested in that? Gary? What if there was a way where I can actually get you more leads and then I can help you grow your business? Would you be interested in doing that? Like what the fuck, man? That’s what everyone, I can’t even do this shit anymore. I promise you this. I promise you this shit. I can’t even do this shit anymore. That’s fucking you. You need to step it up and that’s a problem. Even the big companies, this is what they were doing. The problem is, the reason why they were successful is they had the money to back it up, to do it on a major scale, which [inaudible] me and you.
We couldn’t, we can’t do that shit every call. Every call that we take, it’s time and time needs to be transferred into money. I need to make sure my time is transferred into the most money that I can possibly make. Okay, so the whole concept of insights guys, and maybe you use it, you didn’t close deals and you cancel your subscription. Don’t even renew your subscription. I don’t care. I’m not here trying to sell into sites. Think about the concept, man. Think about it, okay? The concept is if I call a hundred people, if I go the Gary route, okay? And I, and I try to do a free consultation to get more weed for the business. I’m like, get fucking one person that’s interested. Okay? I might get one PP. Touch. Okay. One person that’s interested, okay? But when I was doing this shit, I am not even joking with you guys.
I would speak to a hundred people a day and I wouldn’t get like 10 to 15 and these people would go straight on my calendar, straight on my calendar, man. And there was every single day. Okay, now let’s talk about what happened when I get off them on the phone. This is a crazier part. Let’s go to Gary route first. Let’s just say you’ve got this one person, okay? And then you start emailing everybody and you put up a screenshot. I got one guy who’s interested, we’ve got a scheduled call tomorrow, 4:00 PM it’s going to be insane. And like everybody in the Facebook group that you’re in, they’re like, Oh my God, they’re all going crazy. So I go, Oh my God, it’s going to be the best demo call ever because you’re going to do a free consultation and you’re going to show Gary how to get more leads. It’s going to be crazy. And then people come and they’re like, Oh, how’d your car go? Oh, he never showed up to the call like what the fuck? Of course he’s not going to show up because you provided zero value. Zero.
Okay. Which leaves you once again at C K did we at a high show bring listen to this shit. Okay. When we used to give them, send them a beautiful website with all this because they have a tangible item in their hand. You can’t, what we realized over 10 years of research and spending millions of dollars in doing all this shit is when somebody in even you has a tangible item in their hand. Okay? And I’m not talking about a pen in my hand. I’m talking about, it could be a PDF, it could be a website, it could be a report, it could be anything. And I have something tangible in my hand, my value meter on what you just gave to me. It goes like this. Okay. When it’s an insight and it’s fresh as hell and it’s responsive and they get it on their phone after five seconds of speaking to you instead of going like this, which is great, we fucking like, I couldn’t even do it.
I’ll break my shoulder. Okay, I’ll break my shoulder if I go back and show you how much fucking value we were providing. Right? So what we were doing. Okay, what way? By the way, Casey, you didn’t know something crazy is happening here soon and just a couple of minutes. Stay until the end. We’re about to give you guys something crazy. Okay? Stay until the end. Staying until the end. Okay? Almost done here. Stay until the end people. What happened was we used to get high volume phone calls booked on our calendar every single day. Guys, what did this do? Well, let’s look right here at the funnel. Let’s go back to the photo. You guys literally just said, we took a poll. Okay, so unless you were lying to daddy, which you know you’re not allowed to lie to your parents, okay? This issue that you had, that you dropped the 19 or whatever the number was, this was your issue right here.
You couldn’t get enough people in your pipeline. They said, we’re giving you the solution. This is what you need to do to go out and do it. This is what we did, and then what we did was to make it even better. We ended up 10 X in the game, okay, we’ve served, you know what? I can’t even say 10 X anymore because grant Cardone is going to be watching your shit one day and we’re going to get a cease and desist. Okay, so what we did was guys, and I know it sounds crazy, but we 11 exed everything that we did, okay, I’m T we 11 X everything that we did, our bang, boom all the way over. Okay. How did we do it? Well, we started our call center and we took this exact strategy, exact strategy, literally, and we had more people doing it, so instead of me doing it, I had 10 other people doing it and shit got crazy.
Okay? My calendar literally started looking like this, okay, this is what my calendar looked like and these are all booked appointments guys. These are not more days because I cannot create more days in a week. Unfortunately, I’m not God, but this is what my calendar looks like. Thanks guys. Who wants her calendar to like this? Can you drop a 73 in the chat? If you want your calendar to look something like this, phone appointments every day you wake up, there’s 10 scheduled calls on your calendar. You can’t do shit because you’re so busy. 11 X in your life, okay? You’re so busy. 11 X in your life that you can do anything.
Simple guys, insights,
call, email, DM, do a bunch of crazy shit, okay? Whatever it is that you want to do. Strategy, build the website, high value upfront. They end up showing up to the phone call because they’re actually interested because you gave them an actual asset, okay? You gave them an asset and then and then, Oh my. That is going to have to do it for you. Ready for the bottom job, ready for the banner job. Goddammit. Switching through these windows. We’ve got to get something faster than this shit. It’s losing momentum,
okay? Then this becomes effortless, becomes effortless, man. Doing the sale,
doing the upsell becomes effortless after you can provide so much value up front. Okay. That was step number two, the influencer method. Okay. Or sorry, never ending flood of leads. Awesome. Let’s go through this. The content multiplier system number three, who wants to find out how to create one piece of content and literally throw it down? A never ending pipeline to just keep making money over and over every day.
Wants to do that. 72 in the chat. 72 in the chat. 72 in the chat. 72 in the chat. 72 and the child, 72 and the child probably like child. This is glitched up. It’s not 72 in the chat. 72 in the chat, 72 in the chai, 72 and the child 72 in the chat.
All right, amazing. We got the point here. Okay, we got the point here. Okay. Hit the GoPro real quick. Once you got to look at this, this is a pretty big production. Okay. What we’re doing here, we got, I’m Cho. Put your hand up. I’m chilling right there with those big guns. We’ve got Carlito. Go ahead and put that little hand up right there. Perfect. Amazing. We got daddy right over here. Okay. We’ve got this big studio. You’re like, Chad, well, I can’t do this. Go from face real quick. You’re like, Chad, why can’t do it cause I don’t have a studio and I don’t have Carlos and angel to help and I don’t have big production and I don’t have all those cameras and shit. I can’t do that shit. Awesome. I’m going to show you guys how to do it. Who wants to find out how to do it for under 100 bucks? Actually under 150 bucks. We’re going to go upscale here. We’re going to go crazy. Okay. Say yes in the chat. Say that’s on the chat are also not going to show you. I’m going to fucking leave and I’m not going to give you your surprise at the end and then it’s going to get awkward cause all you guys are sitting here waiting for it. Can we, by the way, put that up on the screen. I to tell you guys
something crazy right here. Something crazy, something insane is about to happen all the way at the end of this video, which is literally probably gonna be like five minutes away. So just stay right here. We’re going to give you guys something crazy. I can’t tell you what it is, just stay, just please stay. Don’t go anywhere. I promise you, you don’t want to miss a shit if you leave, you’re gonna leave with nothing. Okay. And then it gets even more awkward. Okay. Cause then you like, you were there for 45 minutes and then you open up a support. You like Chad. But I was on there for 57 minutes and then my cat shit on the floor and I had to go clean it up and I missed the whole thing. It’s like, well then that’s, you’re going to be your problem. Okay. So stay focused with me five or 10 more minutes and we’re going to give you guys something crazy.
It’s right down here. It’s going to be right here. Carlos fucking put the show on the screen. God Carlos, right here. Okay. Right here. It’s gonna be right there. Okay, so just hang, hang tight. Okay. Five minutes. It’s all I need from you cause I’m going to show you another way to make 1 million bucks and then I’m going to give you something crazy. So if that’s okay with you. 74 in the gun. They’re in chat right now cause we’re about to go in this bitch. 74 in the chat. 74 on the Chitty chat, 74 on the chat, chat, chat. Amazing. Let’s go. All right. Content multiplier system. Most of you guys like Chad. Sounds cool. It sounds cool and sure as hell does sound cool. It sounds like something that I would like to do. Sounds like something that would be good fit for me. Sounds like something that I can do with a partner. Sounds like something I might be able to do alone. All right, cool. Great. Killed enough time here. Awesome. So, Oh, it’s patchy on there. Let’s not forget something crazy is happening in a couple of minutes. Hang tight people. Okay, so let’s just say if we can create one video and I know what you’re thinking, Chad, your drawing skills are on point.
I know. Okay. Now let’s just say we can create one video. Okay. One video and then we can redistrict
the one video as 11 videos. Oh, hold on. We can also distribute it. That’s 11 blogs. Oh, hold on. We can also distribute it. It’s 11 podcast, huh?
Yeah. How many of you guys are like 11 new blog articles on your website? 11 new podcasts and 11 videos on your YouTube channel every single week. Don’t you guys seen that? That’s the way to fucking drum up some content. Say yes in the chat. Yes in the chat, yes in the chat better.
Somebody said Gary V is going to hate you. You them, right? Awesome guys. It’s called content syndication with a little bit of a twist actually. It’s called the multiplier content multiplier system. I’m sorry, what? A little bit of a twist. Can you go front face real quick? All right. First thing for those of you guys who are not subscribed to our YouTube channel, you can just open a little tippy tap. I’m go to dash clicks and YouTube and just click the subscribe button. Okay? Cause you get more shit like this for free. Okay? But the way that we do this, guys, and if you, the reason why I’m telling you to go to our YouTube channel, you’ll see me have hundreds of videos, almost 2000 subscribers. So every time we release a video, 2000 people get updated that are exactly in our niche. They can buy shit from us.
Okay? We also have a podcast. If you go to our website, you’ll see the same thing you hit. If you go to our website, fuck it. Phew. Yeah. Let me just show you guys examples of what I’m talking about so it makes sense to you, okay. Because if it doesn’t make sense and nothing ever works, and then we do this for no reason and there’s no point in doing it, okay? You got our website and get an education. Okay? And then you go to video blog. You’re like, Chad, Holy freaking moly. There’s a lot of stuff in here, right? You go, Holy freaking moly. So those strategies, right? Lot of strategies in here. Cool stuff. We gotta get some video fixed. It’s all good. Um, Oh, let’s go back. I awesome. Right now we go to tutorials. Oh look at all that cool stuff, tutorials.
And then we go to webinars, right? Webinars, webinars. Awesome. We got a bunch of webinars, bunch of webinars here too. Okay, let me get to Q and A’s. Oh, look at that. I’m talking about guys, there’s like hundreds of these so they can see one, two, three, four. If I go to three, it’ll probably turn into six, right? There’s tons of this shit. Okay, look at that. Bang, keep going. Go to five. Oh, maybe they’ll go to 10 guys. So what I’m saying is content is King. Who’s ever heard that content is King. Drop a 17 in the chat, 17 in the chat contents case. You heard about that, right? It’s true. I didn’t realize it was true until I realized it was true. Okay?
It’s true. Okay, so what we do is we’ll go out and we’ll create a webinar like this. Okay? Just go back. Wait for forward. Awesome. Okay, so the strategy is we’ll go out, we’ll create one video. Okay. Now guys, keep in mind when you do this structure in the video, okay? Make sure it’s structured. Structure, the video in topics. Okay, so if I’m doing a webinar that’s two hours or an hour and a half, which I usually do, I’ll structure the videos. We’ll talk about 20 different things throughout the video. Okay? Now, if I talk about 20 different things, let’s just for the sake of this, I don’t have to redraw the shit. Let’s say it’s 11 okay? Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, for those of you guys who are on this right now, something insane is happening in literally five minutes. Stick around. We’re just going to give you something crazy. Okay? Let’s go back to that. All bang goes off. Cool. So let’s just say I shoot one video, okay? And in the video, have 11 topics, topics. Awesome. Okay? Would delay or delay, but we’ll let it ride. Okay. One video, 11 topics. I can then go to chop that up, create 11 mini videos out of that. And then what I did
I do is I create 11 blogs. So I transcribe those videos and create the blogs out of them. Okay? Then what I’ll do is I’ll create 11 podcasts out of them cause they’ll pull the audio from the video, create the podcast. Okay, and then we syndicate it
one video. What’s a funny people? I got my team laughing at me here. What’s so funny guys, is that simple enough like I want these to be laying little tidbits. People have information that’s going to be freaking amazing I guess come with that. 17 a chat. 17 in the chat is that simple? It’s that simple. The more content you can get on the web, the more content will be out on the web and then the more people will find it and then they can reach out to you because you’re the authority figure. Okay, we do it. It generates us new leads every single day. I promise you this. Okay. Hi guys. It’s about that time to drop the mic guys. Who’s ready for something crazy? Who’s ready for something? I made you put a 22 in the chat, 22 in the chat. I need at least 220 twos 20 twos in the chat in order for me to drop something crazy in order for me to drive something monumental. 220 to 20 twos Hey guys, we got a new program that we have never released or never shown anyone, okay, and it’s called the proven prospecting systems. Okay, let’s go pee and pee real quick. It’s a proven prospecting systems. Can you take me off the bottom
guys? We’re going to be sung this course for about a thousand bucks and literally talks about the three topics that I spoke to you guys about today. The never ending flooded leads the content multiplier system, the influencer method plus bonuses of sales calls and recordings, okay? If you go to www.provenprospectingsystems.com instead of charging you $1,000 I am going to charge you $17
today. Only 17 bucks. It’s a one [inaudible].
I’m all for guys. You guys are going to get everything here in detail. Now guys, this is never before seen stuff and you’re like, Chad, what about dash day, right? Oh by the way, guys, when you guys signed up for the $17 product, you’re going to be inside of our brand new membership area, which no one has ever seen as well, which looks and feels amazing, which also is available on mobile, so you can start watching all your stuff on mobile. Now when you’re on the go, you’re, there’s also in the app that you can download, okay? Because we use Kajabi and we put it all in there and make your lives easier. So before we release it to the public at $1,000 everything I spoke to you guys in here today, okay? This is basically the exact system, so we’re going to go in detail on the never ending flood of leads.
I’m going to show you guys everything from a to Z on the exact strategy. You’re also going to be able to hear seven calls from our actual call center and myself doing this live recorded. You’re going to get the content multiplier system where I’m going to show you guys exactly how to create the content, how to duplicate it, where to put it, what to use to transcribe your content, how to create the like everything. Okay? You’re also going to get the influencer method. I’m going to show you guys another way on literally step by step on how to go out, find the niches, how to email the people, what to say to the people, the admins in the groups. I’m going to show you guys literally everything. Okay? It’s available for a limited time only. It’s 17 bucks is cheaper than a tee shirt and it’ll probably make you $1 million.
17 bucks guys. Now here’s the cool part. Go to proven prospecting systems.com somebody says, I can’t open the link. Well that will get awkward quick. Oh no, it works because a bunch of people are going there. www.theprovenprospectingsystems.com now guys, as you go through the funnel, there is going to be other one time and limited time offers that we’re going to be giving you guys, which attaches to this, which is also never before seen stuff that we have not given away. Okay, so kudos to you. That’s also at a discounted rate. Now here’s the even crazier part of where this whole thing kicks in. Can I go pee? Can we go from face real quick or PNP? Actually, let’s go PMP. Here’s the crazy part, three people. What we’re going to do is we’re going to raffle. You see this little raffle box, whoever purchases the proven prospecting systems for $17 whoever purchases the proven prospecting systems for $17 Monday at noon EST, we’re going to go live in the marketer’s mindset group and I am literally going to drop your name and phone number in this box.
I am going to pick three people. I’m going to call those three people from my cell phone and invite you out for free. You have to just pay for your travels, but you get a $500 comp ticket on us, okay? $500 comp ticket. You’re going to come out to Miami and hang out with me all day and angel, we’re going to teach you guys had grown scale your agency, it’s a $500 ticket. Three people are going to get it totally free. We’re gonna drop you right here in this raffle box and if I call you Monday at noon and you don’t answer the phone, I will be calling the next person in the raffle. So not only the first three people that I pick from here because people might not answer the phone and it’s going to get awkward first street people who answer the phone.
You are going to get a $500 ticket to come to dash day all the way to Miami, Florida on January 17th spend the entire day with us and we’re going to teach you how to really take your agency to the next level, okay? Once again, guys, go to proven prospecting systems.com you pay $17 and you get everything that we talked about today for one hour, okay? We’re going to go in depth. There is no way you’re going to figure it out on your own. This is the indepth. This is like my formula. This is my systems. It’s our proven prospecting systems, hence the name proven prospecting systems. Okay, so what you guys want to do, got a proven prospecting systems.com guys, take your time going through that funnel. There’s some other offers and goodies there that we’ll offer you along the way. If it’s something that you’re interested in, really getting upper level education on how to grow your agency.
If this whole shit isn’t enough for $70 is going a couple of weeks, guys, we’re going to drop this bomb on everybody. It’s probably going to be 1000 bucks, nine 97 something like that. You can pick the whole thing up right now for 17 bucks in our brand new membership area that’s on mobile so you can watch it from your phone. And guys, if you bought the $17 off and you’re still watching and you’ve hit the next pages in the funnel with other offers, hang tight. Okay, hang tight. I’ll see you guys on Monday. And the marketers might say, group, get this offer while it’s still alive because it’s going away soon. 17 bucks cheaper than a tee shirt, cheaper than a tank of gas. Cheaper than four cups of coffee. For most of you guys who drink cups of coffee at Starbucks, cheaper than Sandoz, cheaper than a chair, cheaper than a shopping cart, cheaper than bread.
If you’re buying high quality bread, it’s cheaper than everything that you can possibly get that will actually go on, help you scale your agency. Guys, with all honesty, this is probably one of the most structured trainings that I’ve ever done. Um, and you guys are obviously here. You dedicated your time coming out here. Um, 17 bucks. Dude. You know what? I actually had a whole fight with angel before and I was like, he’s like, dude, don’t get away for 17 bucks, is way too much value and you’re going to devalue yourself. And I said, angel, how can we provide
value without Kim value my brother? Okay, 17 bucks guys, go to proven prospecting systems.com once again, guys, these literally are the three proven prospecting systems that we took to grow to seven figure marketing companies. Go through the funnel carefully. There’s other things in the funnel that you might get offers on which are totally up to you. You can get them as well. Okay? They are discounted products, hence a little note. There’s one thing in the second step of the funnel after you get the $17 offer, one thing it’s called the influencer or no, sorry. It’s called the irresistible sales formula. It’s even better than, and nobody’s ever had it because it’s a brand new training that we did and it comes with all of our updated proposal documents that are all graphic design. That looks so sexy. It comes with some crazy stuff guys. Okay?
Once again, that can get you enough to get the $17 offer. Just know that this is going to be over a thousand bucks, around 1000 bucks in the next coming weeks. Um, so what you gotta do is you’ve got to step on up. If you’re literally hesitating on purchasing a $17 product, um, this is going to get awkward really quick. Like, come on guys for real 17 bucks. Don’t make it awkward for me. Don’t make it awkward for you. This is a product with value. These are proven prospecting systems. These are three systems that I used to sell millions of dollars. Digital marketing services. Guys, who’s on here, still purchased? Jumping yes in the chat if you purchased, just so I can see. So we get some social proof for all these other guys. Like, Oh, I don’t want to spend the $17 if no one else spent the $17 looking at the shit, everybody that was on your purchase, man, you’ve got to step on up if you’re thinking about it. And if you’re one of those guys who has, do a quick bank transfer for the 17 bucks, do it while you can. Man. This is going to be it right here. Do it while you can. Somebody said I bought it three times will damn God. Damn you liked it that much. You bought three times. I appreciate the support my brother.
Yeah, as if, if you’re not buying this for yourself to scale your agency, what I highly recommend you do is buy it for your friend. Okay. Buy it for a friend. Buy it for somebody cause this shit ain’t happening ever again. I’ll tell you that much. I’m not going to be giving away this much value once you guys buy it. By the way, keep in mind once you to thank you page, um, instantly within a couple of minutes you’ll get a welcome email welcoming you into our brain new education center. That just looks so fucking good. Um, and once you get that, you’ll be able to get it. You get straight to your emails. It’ll happen within a couple of minutes. Also, side note, check your junk or your spamming. I’ll make sure the welcome email didn’t go in there just in case. Okay? We should get that email right away and you get instant access to join right away. And I can see right here that a lot of you are taking advantage
and um, well I applaud you for that. Okay? So what I’m going to do guys is I’m going to get out of here. I’m going to let you go through that funnel. Take your time, go through the funnel. There are offers in there that we do not offer anywhere else. Take your time, go through the funnel, really think about it. Higher end education. We’ll see you guys Monday for the raffle. Peace and love and joy. Your weekend guys.

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