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White label social media posting fulfillment service

Trusted by thousands of agencies across the world to provide best-in-class social media posting services, combined with a stunning agency platform.
Multi-channel posting

Social media posts will automatically be posted and syndicated to 5 major social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. No more wasting time copy and pasting posts, our system does all the work automatically.

Engagement and following

Our social media posting experts will post highly engaging content on your clients social media channels to bring up engagement and followers. Our creative posts will capture the eyes of many to ensure a successful campaign.

Posting frequency

We offer a selection of posting frequency options within our fulfillment store. Whether you want three, or seven posts published per week, no problem we got you covered.

Re-Sellable Plans
  • Huge Profit Margins
  • Select from Multiple Services
  • Automated Ordering Process
White-Label Platform
  • Custom Branded Dashboard
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Branded Emails
Dedicated Team
  • Assigned Project Managers
  • Certified Experts
  • Multi-Person Team
Real-Time Reporting
  • Client Reporting Dashboard
  • Multi-Channel Reporting
  • Optional Upsell mode
Rockstar Customer Service
  • Fast Response Times
  • Organized Ticketing System
  • Live Chat & Phone Support
Agency Resources
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Campaign Case Studies
  • Online Training Courses
White Label Social Media Posting Services | DashClicks White Label Social Media Posting Services | DashClicks

White label social media service crafted for success

With over a decade in the agency space, we bring together the best technology, processes, and creativity for maximum impact.
Super Fast Onboarding

Our white label platform makes client onboarding fast and efficient. Visit the fulfillment store from the dashboard, choose your preferred plan, and add it to your cart.

Once you check out, our system automatically onboards your client to get fulfillment started. We’ll help you address all of their concerns and build a healthy relationship, all from within a single white label dashboard.

Professional order fulfillment

Following client onboarding, our social media production team starts working on fulfillment. You’ll have full access to social media experts, content creators, and a dedicated project manager.

We work directly with your agency to create posts that grab attention and stand out in the noisy and crowded social feeds of your target audience.

Working our magic

Our team is dedicated to your social presence. We’re trained experts in the platforms we offer social media for, which is why you can rest easy knowing we’re prepared to help.

We are on the same team as you, working hand in hand throughout the campaign journey, from post creation to publishing.

All in One Social Health Indicator

Highlight your accomplishments with multi-channel reports that provide detailed information while also being easy to understand. Use our white label dashboard to find top-performing posts, break down results by channel, and instantly share results with clients.

Upsell and scale your service offerings to happy clients with our optional upsell mode, which can be found within the dashboard.

White Label Social Media Posting Services | DashClicks White Label Social Media Posting Services | DashClicks

Frequently Asked Questions

Your agency saves significantly on the workforce and expertise it must otherwise hire and pay to manage clients’ social needs. The white label unified solution (platform + dashboard) automates client onboarding, fulfillment, and reporting, making things simple every step of the way.

All of our Social Media reseller plans are inside the dashboard. Create a free DashClicks account and visit the fulfillment store inside the dashboard for details.

White label social media posting services act as a power booster. With an invisible fulfillment partner, the agency has time and resources to focus on other critical business areas such as scaling their agency, improving the customer experience, and so on.

No, our platform is designed specifically for digital agencies. You don’t have to worry about us stealing your clients away because we don’t engage in any form of communication with them.

White label social media posting services are daily or weekly social posting services that agencies resell as their own. Agencies can help clients boost brand awareness and engagement effortlessly.

No, white label social media teams never communicate directly with the agency’s clients. They work internally with the agency. Any new opportunities, strategy changes, or updates are communicated strictly to the reseller, who then imparts this information to the client.

White label social media management is a unified solution for agencies to seamlessly monitor, track, and optimize their clients’ social media presence. No extra tools or softwares are required.

Our white label platform is syndicated across five major social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Depending on the posting frequency plans you choose, we will automatically schedule and publish posts for your clients’ social audience.

White Label Social Media Posting Services | DashClicks White Label Social Media Posting Services | DashClicks

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