Best White Label Facebook Ads Reseller Services | DashClicks Best White Label Facebook Ads Reseller Services | DashClicks
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White label Facebook Ads fulfillment service

Trusted by thousands of agencies across the world to provide best-in-class white label Facebook Ads services, combined with a stunning agency platform.
Facebook Ads campaign interface

Our Facebook Ads integration displays granular level reporting for campaigns and ad sets. Instantly analyze multiple pieces of data to find which campaigns are performing the best, top performing ad sets and much more.

KPI reporting and monitoring

Get the KPIs that matter the most with the click of a button. With multiple KPI metrics, you can easily drill down and find top performers within seconds. No more tedious reporting and analyzing, we’ve integrated everything into one hub.

Facebook and Instagram integration

With our beautifully designed interface there’s no more guessing or pulling multiple reports, it’s all available at one glance. Report on Facebook and instagram metrics at the same time.

Re-Sellable Plans
  • Huge Profit Margins
  • Select from Multiple Services
  • Automated Ordering Process
White-Label Platform
  • Custom Branded Dashboard
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Branded Emails
Dedicated Team
  • Assigned Project Managers
  • Certified Experts
  • Multi-Person Team
Real-Time Reporting
  • Client Reporting Dashboard
  • Multi-Channel Reporting
  • Optional Upsell mode
Rockstar Customer Service
  • Fast Response Times
  • Organized Ticketing System
  • Live Chat & Phone Support
Agency Resources
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Campaign Case Studies
  • Online Training Courses
Best White Label Facebook Ads Reseller Services | DashClicks Best White Label Facebook Ads Reseller Services | DashClicks

White label Facebook Ads crafted for success

Facebook ads are an excellent lead generation strategy for many clients. We offer fast and easy fulfillment, reduced customer churns, and campaign traceability.
Start by placing your order

Visit our fulfillment store and go to white label Facebook ads services. Explore and compare multiple Facebook Ads reseller plans. Select the best plan for your client, and add it to your cart.

Continue adding services for more clients or checkout. Our system automatically onboards clients into your white-labeled dashboard to get fulfillment started.

Professional order fulfillment

We don’t waste time; our production team gets your ad campaign up and running ASAP. Once an order is placed, you’ll have instant access to a project manager and our certified Facebook and Instagram ads experts.

We work directly with your agency to deliver the best white label Facebook advertising service, turning campaigns into business success stories.

Working our magic

Whether you purchase a basic or premium white label Facebook Ads plan, we are dedicated to your campaign’s success. Our ad copy team, customer service reps, and our Facebook ad experts work as your agency’s extended arm.

Like a perfect compass, our process meticulously moves your campaigns forward for a completely immersive and transformational experience.

Real-time reporting dashboards

Transform client reports into a perfect sales pitch with our white label client reporting dashboard. You’ll have the Facebook ads reporting dashboard for your agency and team. Every client also gets their dashboard to manage the success of their campaigns.

There’s no need to use multiple tools and reporting documents. Instantly showcase campaign success to clients with ready-to-share reports from one single white-label dashboard.

Best White Label Facebook Ads Reseller Services | DashClicks Best White Label Facebook Ads Reseller Services | DashClicks

Frequently Asked Questions

Reselling Facebook Ads to your clients allows your agency the freedom and flexibility to scale services on demand. It also allows you to add new marketing services to your portfolio and rapidly expand your customer base.

All of our white label Facebook Ads reseller plans are inside of the dashboard. To see pricing options, all you have to do is create a free DashClicks account and visit the fulfillment store. Inside the dashboard, you’ll find all the information you need.

By allowing top Facebook Ads campaign experts to do the work for you, your agency can consistently deliver quality Facebook Ads campaigns to clients. Furthermore, this service allows your agency the time and resources to focus on better prospecting and scaling your business.

We do not charge any cancellation fees. Simply cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid any charges to your account and you’re all set. We want you to work with us because you want to, not because you’re obligated to.

The white label Facebook Ads platform makes client onboarding and reporting fully automated. All you have to do is select from the multiple Facebook Ads reseller plans, fill in the details, and get fulfillment started.

No, our white-label platform is designed specifically for digital agencies. In fact, this is why we never speak directly with your clients: we want to protect you and ensure there is no doubt.

White label Facebook Ads reselling means outsourcing the fulfillment of your agency’s Facebook Ads services to a more competent and experienced white-label partner. The white-label partner does all the work; you simply resell the services as your own.

Each agency is assigned a dedicated Facebook Ads manager, as well as a project manager. Our DashClicks white-label platform then makes it as easy as possible for you to review the work, promising transparency at every level, from setup to reporting.

Best White Label Facebook Ads Reseller Services | DashClicks Best White Label Facebook Ads Reseller Services | DashClicks

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