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Enhance Your SaaS Offerings

Start offering a full-stack business management platform to your user base and increase ARPU. Tap into our API for endless opportunities and create the custom setup of choice to make your users stickier than ever.

White-Labeled API
Integrate our tools into your existing platform with ease. When a new user signs up for your service, automatically create a new sub-account in seconds.
Accessible Website Builder
Offer your consumers the ability to instantly create customized, industry-specific websites by leveraging your CRM data.
Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
Your users can create personalized forms for websites and landing pages to capture lead data in seconds.
Customer Relationship Management Perfected
Import, export, organize, and create contact data with ease. Managing business relationships doesn’t get any easier.
Modern businesses require modern solutions. Leverage our software to deliver your clients a seamless experience that synchronizes our data with your platform. Together, our SaaS solutions are a combination for success.
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Invite Unlimited Users
There’s no limit to the number of sub-accounts you can invite to the platform. Signing up is free and users can purchase the plan that makes the most sense for their needs.
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Manage Client Applications
Customers can manage their own integrations or you can handle it on their behalf. Our smart platform allows you to mirror sub-account data to your dashboard with no risk or loss of privacy.
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Comprehensive App Documentation
Leverage full-fledged guides to access and white-label all of our software. Expand your offerings at no additional cost, while taking advantage of the additional revenue earned per new subscription.
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Flex Your New SaaS Capabilities

Learn why more teams are partnering with DashClicks to deliver users an all-in-one software solution…

Your Company

Our Platform

Leverage Tools at No Cost
It costs nothing for a business to manage its basic needs with our platform. Upgrade when the need arises.
Seamless App Communication
Any work you perform in one app instantly communicates with all other software on the platform.

Our Services

Choose Your Limits
Take advantage of four different software plans. Our software services can scale with you.
Add-On Purchases
Leverage the entire platform for free. Purchase additional support and services on a client-by-client basis.

Our Team

Dedicated Chat & Email Support
Lean on our customer support team for remedies in troubleshooting our software.
Partner Onboarding
With our white-glove partner onboarding, we’ll help set up your entire account over Zoom.

Our Process

We Meet Your Pressing Needs
We’re always listening and strive to constantly create the dynamic solutions your business requires.
Support for Your Clients
We won’t leave your customers in the cold. We develop white-labeled platform guides and tools for your sign-ups.
Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide