Call Tracking Metrics Leads

Call Tracking Metrics Leads

Phone Call Leads

Boost Your Phone Call Sales Now

Identify new Call Tracking Metrics leads the minute they arrive. Automatically assign new deals to your sales reps without delay.

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Capitalize on Every Call Tracking Metrics Lead

Assign, notify, and contact your sales call leads immediately to boost your conversion rates overnight.

Call Tracking Metrics Leads
Call Tracking Metrics Leads
Call Tracking Metrics Leads
Call Tracking Metrics Leads
Call Tracking Metrics Leads

Build Your Call Tracking Campaign

Get your new leads delivered instantly to your Inbound app. Select your sales reps, create notifications, and get better results.

Call Tracking Metrics Leads

Automated Lead Notifications

Submit SMS and email lead notifications to your team automatically. Capitalize on hot leads to boost your chances of success.

Call Tracking Metrics Leads

Contact & Deal Creation

Automatically generate new deals for your pipeline and contacts for your CRM based on your Call Tracking Metrics campaign data.

Call Tracking Metrics Leads

Round-Robin Assignments

Distribute your workflow efficiently. Let your software automatically delegate new leads to the next available sales rep.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How many Call Tracking Metrics campaigns can I create?

The number of campaigns you can create in Inbound depends upon your current subscription plan. Free accounts allow you to create just one campaign. Our paid memberships (Pro, Platinum, and Elite) allow you to create 3, 10, and 25 campaigns.

How does assigning my sales reps work?

You can assign as many or as few sales reps as you would like to a campaign. If you assign one rep, they will receive notifications for all new leads. If you assign two or more, the system will automatically go to the next rep in line for future assignments.

Can I create Call Tracking Metrics campaigns for a client?

All integrations must be created within the primary user's account. You can send your client a free sub-account invitation at any time. Then, they can set up their own campaign and get direct notifications of their new leads without any delay.

How does DashClicks notify my sales reps?

When you create your campaign, you have the option to create SMS and email messages. Then, you can add or select phone numbers and email addresses for your reps. Any time a new lead appears, they'll receive these notifications instantly. You can edit or turn off these notifications at any time.

Can I turn off a campaign?

You can turn off a campaign within Inbound to prevent the app from receiving new leads. To truly turn off your campaign in regards to your audience, you will need to do so from within your Call Tracking Metrics account.

How many leads can I store at a time?

There is no limit to how many leads you can capture with a campaign. You can also add every new lead to your Contacts app instantly if you choose to do so during setup.

How is Call Tracking Metrics leads different than Call Tracking Metrics analytics?

The Leads integration is what interacts with your Inbound app. This software is for tracking all of your leads from all of your digital marketing campaigns. The alternate integration simply mirrors your campaign analytics within your Analytics app. Both are beneficial for gaining key insights regarding your performance.

What is lead freshness?

Lead freshness is our barometer to help you capitalize on hot leads. A "hot" lead is less than five minutes old. Those callers statistically are the most receptive to new offers. This means that you'll want to capitalize on these leads as soon as possible. Conversely, a "cold" lead is over an hour old. Tagging your leads this way can help you better prepare for the next call.

Can I edit a campaign?

Yes. You can currently edit the following: automatic contact card creation, sales rep assignments, sales rep notifications, and automatical deal card creation. You can also turn off a new campaign at any time to stop Inbound from receiving new leads.

How easy is it to disconnect an integration?

You can disconnect any integration at any time by accessing your account settings. Navigate to the app, find the integration, and hit "disconnect."

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