YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Grow Your Channel Faster
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Oct 19th, 2022 at 08:20 AM

YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Grow Your Channel Faster

YouTube analytics is critical to YouTube marketing strategy. If you use YouTube for business, you must know how to deep-dive into YouTube Analytics.

Irrespective of whether you use YouTube as a marketing platform or plan to earn money directly from your YouTube videos, you need to understand what’s working and what’s not.

When you dive into different YouTube metrics, you get to uncover important details. This information includes traffic sources, keywords users use to find your videos, and audience demographics. In all, you gain valuable insights that help you refine your content strategy with the passage of time. It simply makes sure people continue watching your YouTube videos.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to use YouTube Analytics to grow your channel. Let’s begin:

How to Use YouTube Analytics?

Before you learn to leverage the benefits of YouTube Analytics, you need to know where you will find the data. Here are the steps you can follow for the same:

How to View Analytics on YouTube?

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Click on your profile icon. You can find it in the upper right corner.
  • Select “YouTube Studio”.
  • You will be shown a few summary metrics. For even deeper analysis, click on “Analytics” or choose “Go To Channel Analytics.”
  • Now, you can easily toggle between Reach, Audience, Engagement, Overview, and Revenue. You will find different metrics in each of these tabs (talked about in detail in the next section).
  • To see an exhaustive breakdown of your channel analytics, you can choose “Advanced Mode.” Here, you can also dive into the detailed metrics for each video.
  • In the “Advanced Mode,” you can also choose “Compare To.” You can find it in the upper right corner. Once you click on it, you can check how your videos perform against your entire channel and even the year-on-year growth of your channel.

How to View Analytics on YouTubeSource

How to View YouTube Analytics on Mobile?

Here are the steps you need to follow to see YouTube Analytics on your mobile device:

  • Download the YouTube Studio app.
  • Sign in to your account. You will come across some summary metrics.
  • Toggle between Reach, Audience, Overview, and Engagement. Here, you can find different metrics in each tab (discussed in detail in the next section).

YouTube Analytics on MobileImage Source

All About YouTube Metrics

Now that you know how to see YouTube Analytics, here’s everything you need to know about YouTube metrics.

YouTube Channel Analytics

You can find these metrics by choosing the Overview tab. You can use such metrics to identify average trends and chart your complete channel performance.

YouTube Channel AnalyticsImage Source

1. Realtime Views: The number of views that your videos got in the last 48 hours. You will see this data in the form of a bar chart with estimated hourly views.

Tip: This data can help you know how your newly updated videos perform on YouTube.

2. Subscribers: The number of individuals who subscribed to your channel over a particular time period.

Tip: Check how this information compares to your usual subscriber growth. If you note a shift from the average, look for the reason behind it.

To determine the cause behind the shift, you can check if you posted less or more videos than usual. Also check the performance of all your videos to ascertain the cause.

3. Channel Views: The number of views your complete channel received over the time period you choose.

4. Top Videos: Your top-performing videos on the basis of their views over a certain time period.

5. Channel Watch Time: The total time individuals spent watching all your channel videos, in hours (calculated over a particular time period).

Tip: Select a 28-day timeframe to compare this information with your average watch-time.

YouTube Reach Metrics

These metrics help you know how people are discovering your videos (in and outside of YouTube). These insights help you make any necessary tweaks to your strategy.

YouTube Reach MetricsImage Source

1. Impressions: The total times your video thumbnails were displayed to YouTube viewers.

2. Impressions Click-Through Rate (CTR): The percentage of individuals who clicked on a thumbnail on YouTube to watch your videos.

A high CTR signals that you have done a great job with your keywords and thumbnails.

Listen Up: Check for similar patterns in videos that have low or high CTR. Doing so will offer you insights into what prompts your viewers to click.

3. Top YouTube Search Terms: The top search terms individuals entered in YouTube search that led them to your videos.

This information gives you an idea about your current YouTube keyword strategy. It helps you understand whether you need to make improvements to it.

4. Traffic Sources: Where and how individuals are finding your videos.

Examples of YouTube traffic sources include suggested videos, browse features, search, and playlists.

Traffic Source TypesSource

Listen Up: When you take a look at traffic sources, you also learn about potential collaboration opportunities. You can check “Suggested Videos” to know which channels are driving traffic to your channel.

YouTube Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics help you know how individuals interact with your videos.

YouTube Engagement MetricsImage Source

1. Average View Duration: The amount of time your average viewer sees your videos before they click away.

Listen Up: A low average view duration means people watching your video are not getting what they expected from the video after clicking.

2. Top Playlists: Which playlist has the highest watch time overall.

Watch Time by PlaylistImage Source

Tip: To increase the performance of your lower-performing playlists, you can always reshuffle the order. Find the video in the playlist that has the highest average view duration and move it to the top position.

YouTube Revenue Metrics

You can go to the Revenue tab to track your earnings (if your account is eligible for YouTube monetization features).

1. Estimated Ad Revenue: The estimated revenue for AdSense and DoubleClick ads for the chosen parameters.

2. Estimated Revenue: The net revenue your channel earned over a chosen time period from all Google-sold ads and transactions.

3. Transaction Revenue: The estimated net revenue from transactions such as Super Chat or paid content for your chosen parameters.

YouTube Audience Metrics

YouTube audience metrics help you gain insights into who watches your videos. This helps you devise effective content strategies.

YouTube Audience MetricsImage Source

1. When Your Viewers Are on YouTube: This is a bar chart that shows the times and days most of your channel viewers are on YouTube.

Viewing this data will help you schedule your video uploads at the best time.

2. Unique Viewers: An estimate of the total number of individuals who watched your videos over a particular period.

3. Returning Viewers: People who have watched your channel’s video in the past and have come back for more.

High returning viewers mean that your content is striking a chord among people.

4. Audience Demographics: The gender, language, location, and age statistics for the individuals who watch your channel videos.

This crucial information helps you plan your content according to your audience.

Note: Learn how to create a YouTube content machine that drives insane traffic.

5. Watch Time From Subscribers: The total watch time that comes from your channel subscribers.

If you notice that the watch time from your subscribers is low, you can consider creating a consistent posting schedule and making sure they know about it.

YouTube Video Analytics

You should also track metrics for specific videos. From the Analytics overview screen, click on a video to check its stats.

You can use the Engagement, Reach, and Audience tabs for each video to see different metrics for the video.

1. Views: The total times your video has been viewed (includes repeat views from the same person).

2. Watch Time: The cumulative amount of time individuals have spent viewing a particular video.

Note: Watch time is a major ranking factor in the YouTube algorithm. Videos that have a higher watch time have more chances of showing up in recommendations and search results.

3. Average View Duration: The estimated time (in minutes) watched for each view of the chosen video.

4. Video Subscribers: The number of individuals who subscribed after viewing a video.

This metric is extremely important because it signals if a specific video connected with the people who watched it.

Note: You can also view the count of subscribers lost because of a specific video. This information can also help you ascertain what went wrong because of that particular video.

5. Advanced Mode: Take a look at the “Advanced Mode” reports to know how individual video stats compare to the complete performance of your channel. These insights will help you produce future videos that will definitely show a great performance.

Popular YouTube Analytics Tool

You can also use a reliable YouTube Analytics tool to know about the performance of your channel. A great example of this tool is Analytics app by DashClicks.

Set up YouTube tracking in Google Analytics for an in-depth look at how individuals reach your channel.

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Armed with the knowledge of different YouTube metrics, you can now gather a wealth of information about your YouTube channel and take your YouTube game to a whole different level. YouTube Analytics is extremely important for your business as it helps you grow your channel at a faster pace! Ensure you use the data gathered to create awesome content and gain more customers. Good luck!

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