What Industries you Should Target for your Agency
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 04:09 PM

What Industries you Should Target for your Agency


What are your target industries for your agency?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about the different industries that you should try targeting for your agency! This video is a highlight from the fourth video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


Who’s ready to go crazy on this episode of marketer’s mindset? Drop the one in the comment box. Let’s go people today we’re going to make money together. Drop one, drop a one. Let’s go. People, Hey, if you guys are watching this live on social media Hashtag live if you’re watching this after hashtag replay by the way, guys, one thing that I really, really love is when you hit the like button on social media. If you’re on the zoom call, I really, really like when you engage people get rewarded for stuff like that, so if you do it, we might send you a swag bag, so make sure that you stay engaged with us kids today. Guys, I want to be completely honest with you all. Speaking of Carl’s, before we jumped on, I have no clue what’s going to happen today. My point is to literally jump on here.
I’m going to write a cold calling script live in front of you guys and you guys are going to get to pick the industries that I write you to them. Then I’m going to literally go here. I’m going to show you how to audit website took on a business is online to try to find ping points. And then on top of that I’m going to do something even crazier. I’m going to do something even crazier. I’m actually going to do live phone calls and try to close the deal right here in front of you, or at least try to set up some really qualified appointments. So who has to see that guys drop on one in the comment box. If this is something that you’re like, Holy Shit, I got to see this. I got to see this. I got, is that something that I got to see?
If you’re on social media, I’ll drop it too. Drop it to Instagram. Drop a three. Let’s go people. We’re gonna wait about 30 [inaudible] 30, 60 seconds. What? We’ll wait about a minute. Also my energy as you guys know, it was always super high. It’s going to be even higher today, so I’m gonna try to get to like right here for you guys. I’m drinking a monster. I need to stay awake today. It’s been a really long day. I need to tell me to just wake me up. So who’s ready to go live guys? If you’re ready. [inaudible] Learn how to make money online and have food, but on your family. [inaudible] I have money to make. Be able to close contracts on a monthly basis. Be able to do this over and over and over like clockwork. Drop a five in the chat, right? Just getting the social media popped up.
By the way, guys, I’m two different things. Cute everything. So I want to announce first thing is, is if you are on social media, probably means you’re not in dash clicks. If you are not in dash plagues, unfortunately you’re not going to be able to win some prizes today. Okay? So if you are one thing to win some prizes you wanting to engage, I really recommend if you’re, if you haven’t done it already, it might be too late. But on the next episode, make sure you go to-leaks.com you register at [inaudible] dot com it’s 100% free and you join our weekly webinars where we do this live every single week. I’m going to do crazy stuff like this every single week. Two different things that we’re going to talk about today. First thing that we’re going to talk about is we are going to be doing a raffle giveaway for the first time ever on marketers mindset.
I want to reward some people for coming in here and showing support and actually learning, right? So isn’t a cool, you can come to a place, learn something and get some gifts. I mean, if you think that’s cool, drop a 333 if you think it’s cool. Joppa, three 33 for your boy, that guy. So anyways, just so we can move forward. Anybody who orders this pre-ordered agency website, if you’ve ordered it, your name’s already in the box. If you have not ordered it, Stephanie, we’ll actually cut your names or comes in like two seconds after and dropped your name into this box right here and you’ll be entered into the raffle to win a Yeti. I know, it’s pretty cool. Susan said, do the clients have access to your live chat? No, the clients don’t ever have access to reach out to dash clicks and there was no live chat on the agency website.
If it’s something that you want to add, you can add it by using a third party like Zopim or Zendesk or something like that. What’s up with the mic? I thought you were going to get a new one. Static. I know. Damn this Mike, but we’re going to continue going guys. It’s me moving. I’m actually going to pull it down a little bit. See if that changes anything. Well, I hope to God that it does. I’m going to try to not move as much. Okay. I’ll go in slow motion for you guys. Alright. Oh, now that I’ve toned it down, let’s bring it back up. Here we go. People. So we’re going to go here and anybody who ordered your agency website guides and let’s move on to the next one. Who is ready too? Watch me write a script. Live like a cold calling script library here in front of you.
Who’s ready to do that? Can you guys get the GoPro real quick? You needed to go GoPro. Who’s ready to see that? Me. Why don’t you give him a thumbs up? We got Tammy in the back of the room too. I mean they can’t see you. Tommy’s giving me a thumbs up. There’s your thumb foul me. Woo. We got a couple of people in the back of the room watching many some cameras. So No, I’m not in here being loud alone. I’m not a weird guy. If this is something that you want to see me to how to do, can you drop a 455 in the chat right now and show me some love if you’re on social media, can you hit the like button and can you hit the share button and can you drop a 455 in the chat and show me some love.
All right guys. I’m going to do something crazy. So I’m gonna have a little disclaimer before I do this. And none of this was, none of this was scripted. None of this is like, we didn’t pick any industries, we didn’t call any people and say, hey, we’re going to do some cold calling. I’m gonna call you and try to book a deal and just play along with us. And okay, this is all going to be from what you guys tell me to do. Okay? So this is going to be done live so you can learn. And this is real life shit, which means some calls are going to go good, some calls are gonna go bad and we’re gonna make the best of it. But we’re going to use it as an educational lesson for you guys to understand how I do things. So if that is fair enough for you guys, can you drop a four in the chat right now?
If you understand what I’m saying here. Let’s make it really cool. I’m going to let you guys pick the industry that we’re gonna go after. I’m going to let you guys pick the people that you want me to call. I’m going to let you guys pick the websites that you want me to audit in the businesses that you want me to do an all night audit for. Tell you how I think what I’m trying to do, my cold calls. So let’s start off with industries. Go ahead and drop in names of industries. Go ahead. Drop ’em in realtors, dentists, core dealerships, massage, Spa Jeweler, crossfit car dealership, mortgage brokers, pornhub, Daniel said plastic surgery damage, restoration and mold, fire, water, dentist, hotels, Kairos. All right, cool guys. So I’m going to teach you a little secret. When I like to cold call, I look at two different methods.
All right, let’s pull out, let’s Go pee and pure real quick, Carlos. I guess what I’m thinking about doing cold calls, I’m thinking about two different things. The first thing that I’m thinking about is who can I get on the phone? The majority of the time I want to speak to the business owner. I don’t want to speak to the gatekeeper because the gatekeeper sucks. All they do is just leave messages for the person that you really want to speak to [inaudible] and because it’s a cold call and that person doesn’t know what to you, they’re probably never going to call you back. Right? So the number one thing that you can learn right now by just sitting here and watching me [inaudible] oops. [inaudible]
An industry. Does everybody agree with me? Does everybody agree with me that if you’re going to be doing cold calling, that you want to pick an industry that will actually pick up the phone? Does anybody agree with me? If you agree with me to drop a six in the chat, if that’s something that you think might make sense, right. I’m going to sit here and make a hundred phone calls right now. I kind of want to speak to people that’ll pick up the phone. Cool. I’m going to show you guys what to do, wants to know what industry is. I would want to call if I’m cold calling, would you want to know that that’s something that you think might be good idea for you? Right. I’ll just show you what I do. No, I’m going to give you guys a little background and not to bore you, but because we made a lot of money doing it. I’m like, Shit, you’re here to learn how to make money. I’m going to show you how, right? So we had a call center. Okay. can you do me a favor and go let’s go real quick.
The room that I’m standing in, what room did it used to be for all of you guys for watching the marketer’s mindset meetings every single week. The salesroom call center? Yeah. So we had this call center filled up with about 15 people. And you can see on your left side of the screen, there’s already one cubicle. It’s kind of sliding out. Where Carlos is, girls is mainly in the computer right there. No, this used to be our calling center, our call center. What we used to do is we used to do basically what I’m about to show you guys, but we like [inaudible], right? We would do this and we had 15 people in here doing cold calls and doing this exact same thing, exact same thing that we’re doing right here. We would just do it times 15 people.
So we did that and we did that for about, I think it was like two and a half, three years till we got to the point where most of our leads now, we’re now inbound, which is a dream for any agency owner. So I’m going to get back in. I’m gonna show you guys going to do this. Let’s Go pee and pee real quick. So let’s talk about some industries. All right guys, why don’t you guys help me out here? What industries do you think would be good if I decided to right now? Cold call somebody and get them on the phone. What industry would you be good for? That person had their cell phone in their pocket. What industry would that be?
Roofing, HVAC, home services, plumber. A realtor. Cool guy. Junk removal. Let’s write some of these down. Realtor is definitely one. Okay. What else did people say? Plumber is definitely one. What else? We got? Cool guy. So let’s say cool. We’ll say maintenance, right? What else? We got pest control, electrician, electrician. My handwriting sucks. So bear with me guys. I’m a computer guy. Not a novelist or a book writer, whatever you call it. Mortgage lenders maybe, but mortgage lenders also at the same time, Walter most of the time have ensure a, a receptionist. I want to look for guys who really don’t have receptionist or gatekeepers, right? Locksmith Alanson.
Now some of these companies do have receptionists, the larger ones, but a majority of these companies also smaller, you know, family, mom and pop shops. So when you call and you’re like, hey, your website sucks. Who can I speak to about it? You’re already speaking to the person that you need to speak with. You can completely cut that out, right? Restaurants wouldn’t be good one because the owner is not going to probably answer the restaurant or the phone. That’d be one of the waiters or waitresses or managers or whatever the case may be. Painters. Susan said good. What else can you guys think of?
Oh, roofer. What else? What else can you guys think of? Tattoo Shop Derby said a two shot might be a good one. Promissors there might be. I want to, I want to [inaudible] I like to do it all and I’ll just get straight to the point here. Flooring contractors, molder, mediation, tree service. So the, the, the industries that when, when I like, or when we were doing cold calling you know, when you think about it and you have, you know, 10 or 15 people in the room and they’re all just island out people, right? And you’re talking about making hundreds of calls today I’m s, you know, 10 people as an example. Each person makes 200 calls a day. [inaudible] Making 2000 calls a day. Right. and all of these niches afford the service. Good question, Mike. We’ll get to that in a second. So what I like to do is I like to make sure, once again that that person that I’m calling, I would want the probability to be as high as possible that their cell phone, there’s going to be inside of their pocket because it means that they’re going to answer, don’t need to get through a gatekeeper, don’t have to leave messages and drop them into a pipeline and call them back 50 times to get them on the phone.
Right? Well, I wouldn’t want to go with battle in that war with somebody just to try to get them on the phone. That’s like, I haven’t even pitched him yet and I’m spending an hour just trying to get this account on the phone. Right. Does that make any sense guys? You think that makes sense? But it makes sense to, are you to waste a hundred phone calls on somebody who’s probably not going to be there? Well, I didn’t think it made sense and it worked for us. So I’m going to show you guys what we did. We used to cold call these guys. These were actually our target demographics when we were doing our cold calling right now, every industry, not every industry. Every type of marketing to generate leads for your agency style and those styles or get different industries, right? So when you’re cold calling, we would go after these types of people.
When you’re running maybe Facebook ads and you’re trying to do lead Gen on Facebook and get client acquisition on Facebook, well, target different people, right? Cause it’s more of like an inbound style lead. Are you getting the information then you’re calling them too, set up an appointment and try to sell them, right? You don’t have to go through the whole process of getting them on the phone, warming up a little bit. That’s what Facebook ads does for you. It does that for you. Right? So for those of you guys who are going to do cold calling, which I recommend you do, right? Especially if you’re on the beginner side and maybe you might, you might not have money to run Facebook ads and spend that kind of budget on it. You can do this, okay, if you do have money to run Facebook ads, which is pretty much what we do a lot now I wouldn’t, I would recommend doing this, but eventually you’d want to supplement it with incoming leads.
I just think that incoming leads is a lot better because, well, people don’t understand. And I think we’ve actually run like a cost analysis on this. And that’s where one of the reasons why there’s nobody here in this room anymore and we turned it into an actual video room is your time do go out and let’s just maybe not say your time. Let’s just say you had an employee. Okay. Because your time is priceless and it can be valued at anything, right? So let’s say you had an employee and that employee may 20 bucks an hour, right? Hour and appointment, 20 bucks an hour, but that employee works eight hours a week. Well, you gotta multiply that like eight hours a day. Sorry. And then I’ll multiply that bye a days a week.
You also do the math for me. What does that equal? Who wants to be the mathematician? What is $20 an hour times eight? Eight hours a day times five days a week. Tinderbox that’s expensive for a sales person. Just spend cold calling all day, right? The thing about this for a second, no. Instead of spending $800 a week and what’s 800 times four for, let’s go backwards here. That was four. What does that equal? Who’s gonna do it? And who’s going to be the smart one? 3,200 that’d be 200 bucks. 3,200 bucks for an employee. You go out and do cold calls for you. Hopefully try to close deals. Okay, that’s expensive guys. Right? Okay. And I’m going to teach you guys some secrets on how to bring all your costs down and how to do this really, really cheap. So don’t worry, I’m gonna get you excited and a little bit, well, let’s just go over the basics.
This is, we’re just covering the foundation of you, understanding from the business perspective as an agency owner, what you should be doing, how you can do it and how to actual deploy that shit and make a lot of money and still leave a lot of profits. If you want to hear maybe some of those things. Can you drop a 55 in the chat for your boy? Yeah, we got some Carlos just in the background telling me that we got some people [inaudible] what are the agency website? Congratulations. we’ll get you dropped into this. Ralph will here in a couple minutes. Definitely working on it. So I’m going to bring you guys in my mind and even though my mind is crazy and it’s fully energies and I’m LACOE right? But I’m gonna bring you guys into my mind so you can understand how I think when I’m running a business, 3,200 bucks, right? You know this really quick, let’s get out of it really quick on the screenshot. This come back to it, Eh, let’s go. Okay, 3,200 liquid with this number. 3,200 her sales rep.
Okay. And most of you guys are like, man, 20 bucks an hour for a sales rep is crazy expensive. That’s insane. You want to have like a really good sales rep that actually knows how to close deals. It’s really not insane. Okay. And let’s do cocoa. Oh, call it. That’s how much it’ll cost you. And then multiply that times over many reps that you want to get, or you just take 1000 bucks, 1000 bucks, drop it into Facebook ads. Okay. And get these people, actually, I don’t even want to do a box. I want to do these. Yeah. These people.
Good call. Yeah. Then you just reversed it. They went from you calling them, you spending money on getting somebody to call them and go through the process of warming them up, introducing them to your company. It’d be sending them some like freebies of like ebooks or documents or whatever the case is, case studies and then book a call, go through the presentation or you just do this and you can do it the reverse way and you can get people to call you instead. Pretty good idea, right? You think that this is a pretty cool idea. Drop a 10 in the chat. So this is mainly what we’re doing right now in our agency. We used to do the cold calling. We don’t do it as much anymore because the cost is high. However, I’m not going to tell you not to do it because I’m going to give you secrets that I’ve done in the past 10 years that got me to lower my costs.
Okay? And on top of lower my car, I mean we still made millions of dollars in sales. I’m not going to tell you not to do it, do it shit, it works. It was profitable. We made a lot of money and that’s how really we skyrocketed our agency. I think it was from cold calling and then Facebook would just one of those things where we saw where, you know, the cost to acquire a client was cheaper, running Facebook ads and doing some other forms of marketing. Okay, so this makes sense to you. You know, I don’t want to go off topic here, but if this makes sense, he should think about running some Facebook ads. And if you want to run some Facebook ads you can message me in the live chat and I’ll help you out and tell you a little bit more about it.
But this makes it a little more sense, right? So let me ask you one quick question here. If I gave you, if I offered, I see, hey, you mean $250? I’m going to give you a client who’s going to pay you 1000 bucks a month. Would you do it? Yes or no? Drop it in the chat. I gave you $250. If you gave me $250, they gave you clients that they’re going to pay you 1000 bucks a month. What’d you do it? Yeah, of course you would do it. No brainer. So why are all of you scared to run Facebook ads or to do any paid advertising? Because the concept is the same. You run ads. Okay. Even if it costs you, let’s say, I dunno, even if it costs you 35 bucks a lead. Okay, cause you 35 bucks a lead, you get five. Let me open up a new docker. Okay, 35 bucks a lead times leads. How much is that? What’s the math on that? Somebody helped me out here. [inaudible] Have you calculator guys. How much is that?
How much is that? 35 bucks a lead times five 35 times 51751705175 thank you Joseph. When somebody five right? One 75 the $175 you get five leads in. If you close just one lead, then you pay $175 get a client like intentionally, potentially. Hey, you one came up. Okay. Facebook ads. Okay, let’s get out of this. Let’s go back. The cold calling. Just dropping a little bit of knowledge on you. All right guys, so we’ve got industries, we’ve got realtors, plumbers, pool maintenance guys has control. Electricians, locksmiths, painters, roofers. Out of this list right here. I want you guys to pick one that is your favorite. Just go ahead and drop it in the chat out of this list right here. Go ahead and pick one. That is your favor. Ritz said realtors, realtors, realtors, boy, we got a lot of realtors, realtors. Did anybody have anything other than the real occurs? [inaudible] Realtors, realtors, electricians, lawyers, plumbers, Zaid. Lawyers is not on here. Out of this list. [inaudible] All right, I think we’re all on the same page. Realtors. It is. All right, realtors. Bam. Here we go. Okay. All right guys, out of rotors.
Can you guys tell me, I know this, but obviously we’re going to do the little play action here and you guys tell me what realtors struggle with. What are the main concerns of a realtor? Chris said stopping all the marketing agency calls from Co clogging, Meir, owner email, right? Well, we’re going to show you how to get past that. Mr Chris McCoy, we’re going to show you how to do it. Low quality leads, low quality leads, low quarterly leads, lead costs, lead costs. It’s 90 days for results. What service would you guys offer to a realtor? What service would you offer to a realtor? Mike says SEL and there’s the Facebook ads. Facebook ads ads, Facebook ads, SEO, Facebook ads, and SEO is what I’m seeing. Facebook ads and SEO. Good. So we know that a realtor.
All right, so, oh, where’d you go on me? Come on. All right. We know that issues with the realtor is they can’t get leads, right? They need to get leads. Okay. Some of you guys said get leads. Some of you guys said low quality leads. Well, let t lead. Okay, what else do we got? What else do we got? We had low quality leads, getting listings, cost per leads. These are too expensive. I like that. Yeah, let’s say two drink too damn expensive. Are they so expensive? Please? Right follow up. I think this is pretty much a good list to start with. For one. If I’m a realtor and I’m Bobby the realtor and I’m servicing my community selling homes, and it’d be really hard for me to get leads cause the only way for me to get leads if even my sister selling her house, right, well maybe from running ads on Zillow or realtor.com right.
It’s just going to be really difficult. Do you agree? Right. Do you agree that, I think I’m, I think realtors are so saturated in the market that everybody decides to just get their real estate license to have a real estate license. And everybody calls themselves a realtor, but not everybody’s using their real estate license. And most of the time it’s because people who think that they’re going to do these, this whole real estate thing, they’re like, man, I can, I’m gonna go out and get a house a month and I’m gonna buy me a mansion with all my commissions. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that because there’s tons of realtors that go and get their license and can’t get any listings it. Right. And what if you were the superman to go in there and be like, Hey, I’m gonna get me, get you some leads.
I’m going to do it. We’ll get you some leads and I’m going to get you some high quality leads, not low quality leads and I’m gonna make sure your leads are not expensive. I’m going to make sure it was possible. Right. Well, sort of how to write a script for this drop a 77 in the chat. Sometimes with me guys want to do coke calls. I like to connect to the person that I’m calling with. Okay. And I feel like my body and my mind, I don’t do it on purpose. But sometimes I talk like the people that [inaudible] I’m on the phone with so I can connect with them better. It’s weird. And it’s like, you know, sometimes you’d get on a phone call with somebody like, hey, how are you doing brother? And you’re like, Oh wow, this got to call me brother.
It’s just like, this is a different level of conversation. It’s not sir, it’s brother. Right? So your whole conversation changes and you’re like, oh hey, what’s going on brother? How you doing? Hey man, you catch your dolphins game. Do you see how that was? All right, so the whole conversation changes or we’re going to get to that and cold calling and you’re going to see me do that live here and hopefully I don’t bust on you guys. Okay? Hopefully I can get some leads and some sales, but before we even get there we got to write some scripts. So the pain points for realtors is they can’t get leads. There is the lead quality is too high and they’re too expensive. Okay. And we’re going to have some intuitions.
Okay. The solution is I’m going to get you leads. Yeah, more leads, which is the first one. Now these leads can be seller leads, fires, all rentals. Now, if I was the world tour and I was doing advertising most of the time I probably don’t want to do rentals unless I’m renting some crazy mansion. Because rentals as a realtor and you need to understand the industry that you’re calling before you jump on the phone with them. Because if you’re going to jump on the phone, you’re going to go spend a whole time writing a script and you start jumping on the phone with these guys and you have a conversation with them. If you can’t answer their questions and relate to their specific service or industry that they’re offering, why, why would they use you? Right? Why would they use you? Does anybody agree with that?
Can you drop a five in the chat if that’s something that you agree with me on, right? Like why would I buy from you if you don’t understand anything that I do? What makes you feel superior? Right? So I know, I know just from dealing with tons of realtors in the last 10 years at rentals, a lot of people don’t want to do, they don’t want to spend money on rentals because it’s not a high ticket item for them. Okay. Buyers, a lot of times they cannot do, cause they don’t have anybody. Yeah. Once the actually sell their house, they don’t have any sellers. Right. So would you guys agree with me that all realtors want to get, like their music thing is people to sell their homes. So me as a realtor can, I can go take their home. I can list it on this magical thing called the mls and then sell their property.
Does everybody agree with me? Can you type in a yes? Do you think that sellers leads are better than buyers and rentals? It is. Right? Good. We’re all on the same page. Next thing is the lead quality or the, the quality of the leads is too low. Okay. The quality of the leads is to low an issue. Some of the, as they say, the lead quality is too low. Why? Right? Somebody, you know, in my opinion, [inaudible] I’m a realtor. Oh, I don’t want to list a property that’s $50,000 because what’s a commission on a realtor? Does anybody know? 3% 3% it means if I sell a house, I sell a house, it’s $100,000 I get three grand. That’s my commission. It’s actually 6% but the realtor, like if that realtor is one buying and you’re the one selling, right, he split it and he’d get three and 3% that’s how real estate works.
Okay. Which means if I go out, can I get a a hundred thousand dollar home for sale commission? Six grade, I split it. 50 50 it’s 3% each. It’s three grand each, six grand total and commissions. That’s what I would call a low quality lead because me as a realtor, I’m going to have to do all of these lead generation tactics and advertising and everything to be able to get this lead. What Shit, I really don’t want $100,000 homes. I want the houses that are more like 300 grand, the 500 brand or you know, $1 million obviously, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Start off small. Right? Because if I sell a house that’s let’s say 300 grand, what’s 300 grand times? 3% did anybody do that math? I am gay. Nine K [inaudible] on selling a $300,000 home. It’s 3% I put nine grand in my pocket.
It’s more like it, right? That’s more like it. So what if I can go up to a realtor and say, hey, what if I can get you one? And this is, and we talked about this in the last episode of marketers mindset on how to like set expectations properly and not shoot yourself in the foot. Okay, what if I can get you one lead a month, the one that actually closes with you and lists or house with you. Is that something that you would be interested in? And I’m going to focus on getting you high quality leads and we want to get listings that are above 300,000 okay? So I want to get listings that are above 300 k okay, I want to get that.
Does everybody agree with me here? Everybody Click drop any? Yes. If you’re on the same page with me and I want to just get you one listing every month, let me just get you one listing a month. I want to give you at least one $300,000 listing every single month. That’s all I want to do. I can get you more than that. I’m going to do my best. I’ll try, but my goal is to get you one, one listing. Okay? Now let’s go back to the question is if I gave you thousands, if you give me $1,000 and I give you $9,000 back, would you do it? Drop a 555 what’d you do it? Good. Let’s go to the next one. Too expensive. That’s when you need to speak to the actual rotor and explained to him what a real expense is for lead. You’re going to get realtors, they’re going to speak to on the phone and be like, man, $2 a lead.
That’s crazy. That’s too expensive for me. I don’t want to do that. You should walk away as an agency. You should walk away. Okay? Realtors need to understand the cost of a lead. Okay, so something in their mind that might be too expensive actually might not be too expensive. It might be really cheap. Right? So I can get you a lead at $100 I’m just throwing a number here. [inaudible] Elite at $100. Would you think it’s expensive, like a good quality lead? So pain points, they can’t get leads. The leads are really low quality and they’re too expensive. The solution is I want to call a realtor and I want you to say, Hey, I want to get you more seller leads, but I want to make sure I can get you at least one listing every single month and I want to make sure the property is over 300 grand and I want to make sure that my lead cost doesn’t go over 100 bucks or 300 bucks or whatever it is. Okay. That’s my goal for today. I want to do, Bill says that happily pay $5,000 per conversion. Yeah, cause you make four grand on it. Makes Sense. Right? Even if you gave your broker’s fee or whatever it is. Okay. You’re still making money and the point is in the problem that most realtors have in my opinion is realtors. Realtor is essentially, or you know, a lot of people use.
A lot of people will work with realtors based on like family relationships or friends because realtors is so saturated in the market that everybody knows a realtor and they’ll just use that and, right. This is very hard as a realtor to go out and get these leads online is a lot of people that are struggling. Okay. All right. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Now. When you’re writing a script, sales script here, yeah. You got to think about two things before you start writing a script. How are you actually going to do the sales cycle? What is your, what is your objective of the phone call going to be? People are probably like, man, I don’t want to close the call. Ron. Now I’m a closed deal right now on the spot right now on the spot. I’m going to close this deal.
I’m going to call this guy and he’s going to sign a contract, three grand on the spot a month. He’s going to pay me that right now in the six minute phone call. That’s what’s going to happen right now. When I jump on this phone call, what’s your objective of the phone call guys? Can somebody in the chat drop? When have you ever done a phone call? What was your main objective of the call? [inaudible] Drop it in the chat. Acquire Info, set up a strategy call, get an appointment, get your foot in the door, give value. Damien said, set up a meeting, get another call to learn. If they have a problem, qualify them. Set up a discovery call that up strategy call. So basically what I’m hearing or seeing [inaudible] there’s really like two or three main things. One is you’re going to jump on a phone call, you’re going to introduce yourself and you’re going to try to set up a follow up phone call where you can do a presentation.
Option number one, option number two, you’re a total badass and you’re just going to jump on this phone call and you’re going to run over this guy and close the deal and set him a contract and you’re going to get a credit card on the phone right on the spot. Option number two, my opinion is probably not going to happen. And if you’re doing that, I don’t know what your conversion rate is. Okay. You can call this guy and you can say, Hey, just want to let you know, took a look at all of your information online and I think it can help you out and this is how I can do it. These are the issues that I’m seeing with your business is what I can do. You want to see if you were maybe interested and and we have jumped on a strategy call together, right?
Once again, scheduling a strategy call or some type of booking appointment, but going a little bit further into the call. Yeah. So there’s tons of ways to do it. Okay guys, what I like to do is depending on my sales cycle and how I’m doing it, so if I’m just by myself, okay. If your business is, I’m by myself. So if I’m the only sales person in my business and it’s just me colon, then what I would probably do is I would call, I would interrupt, I would make sure that I have a really good, like in the first 10 seconds introductory, a little a piece of content that I’m going to drop some knowledge that’ll just boom plant in their brain and open their minds up and let them speak to me. We’re going to do right here, right now. I’ll show you how to do it.
And then I would take that sales call and I would book a follow up appointment. I would just use it, the plaintiff seat. I would just plant a seed. I would share a little bit of information. That call might be five minutes, 10 minutes, yeah, a little bit of information and then drop a fo a drop, a follow up and into the calendar. You can use schedule once for this. You can use Calendly, you can use whatever it is that you guys want. Set up a strategy call in that person’s calendar, send them a calendar invite and get your presentation ready. Okay. That’s what I would do. Do you guys agree with me? Do you think that that might be a good idea? Just drop a 33 if that’s, I mean that sounds like a cool idea. If you’d want to do that.
Let me ask you guys a quick question. If I called you right now, I’m like boom, Bob, the realtor, I’m going to say some leads right now. If you want to buy him, you want to buy those leads right now, I’m sell them to you for $100 a pop and say some leads in and I’ll you over over contract right now. Can you sign that contract? Get it back over to me right now while I’m on the phone with you. I’d appreciate it. Okay, I’ll wait for the contract to be signed. I’m waiting on the phone. He’s going to do that, right? [inaudible] Like who would do that? Right? Or if you call Bob and say, Hey Bob, my name is Chad, you know, actually locally and right down the street for you. And I work with a getting realtors leads. You just wanna introduce myself and this is what I’m going to do and maybe book a followup appointment.
I found a bunch of issues around with your online presence. I like to present it for you, see how maybe if you’re interested in doing anything and then and then on the second phone call you get another phone call to do that presentation. And then you might ask, you might not close on the second phone call. People are like, Holy Shit, I gotta call this guy three times to make a deal. That’s crazy. It’s crazy. It call somebody more than twice for them to give me three grand a month or a thousand a month or 500 a month, whatever it is. Okay. Yeah, you got to do it. Also, one thing I recommend you guys do, just play this in the back of your mind. If you’re going to be doing cold calling, get a CRM hype drives pretty good. That’s what I used to use.
There are pipe driving. It’s like 12 bucks a month. Every person that you speak to, you drop them in a pipe drive and he create a sales pipeline. So when you log into pipe drive, you have your pipeline on the homepage and just move them over and your sequences should be called, spoke to the person presentation, follow up negotiations. One are closed deal. That’s what my pipeline would look like, right? That means I have like six touch points, five touchpoints, whatever it is, all the way until I actually close the deal. Does that make any sense to you guys? Can you say yes? If you think that calling somebody five times to ask them for some money and win their trust that, I mean, does that make sense? It does, right?
Mike said, how can you close the deal on the first call? I don’t know if you can just be as skilled as me, Mike, but we’re going to try to do some things over here. Now I’m going to try to do it. I’m going to show you guys some stuff. I usually don’t like doing that, but I’m gonna do some live phone calls after we write the script and we actually, you guys had to do the audits. And I’m going to see how far I can go into that sale sequence while I have somebody on the phone. Now I’m not a magician, I’m not going to say that. I’m going to close the deal on this half hour of me doing live phone calls with you guys. Probably unrealistic butts. Your boy’s a boss and I’m gonna try to do my best. Okay, so just stay with me.
By the way, guys, for those of you guys who are on social media, take a little break real quick for 30 seconds Hashtag live for those of you guys watching the replay. Hashtag replay for those of you guys watching on social media. Once again, hit the like button, hit the share button, add some comments, engage for those of you guys inside of the zoom call, can you draw a 397 for me and get me lit up right now because I am on a monster and I drank a coffee this morning and it’s only 2:56 PM and I am fully awake and ready to rock and roll and I don’t even know why anybody in their world would do live cold calls because it could be like a complete bust or con could be complete wind. So I either might be a complete winter today or I might look like a complete loser in front of you guys.
We’re going to see what happens. Then at the end of the day, I don’t care because this is education people, this is education people in whether I closed the deal or I don’t. You’re going to learn, okay, you’re going to learn on new techniques. You don’t want to new tactics. Well, one cool new things that you can do. You’re gonna learn how to speak people in different languages. You don’t learn everything. Okay? Okay. So let’s start by writing a script and we go p and p. All right guys, I’m gonna turn around a little bit. Get my station set up over here.
Turn around a little bit. Let’s get set up over here. We’re going to do some writing today. We are going to do some rotten today. I’m working, I’m working. I’m working. Alright guys. Quick thing really quick. Who’s ever who’s ever written a sales script before ends up, put your hand up even if you’re alone. Make it awkward to put your hand up in your room. Just put your whole hand up, your hand up. Drop it. Yes. Who’s ever written a script and sometimes steered away from the script while they were on the phone call. Drop it. Yes. Put your hand up and drop it. Yes. So one thing I want to say to you guys is we’re going to write a script, but this is to guide you. This is not to sound like a robot because every person that answered the phone, the calls might go a different way, can be a gangster, and you can write multiple versions of your script.
And when we had our call center, we would literally have, if this person says yes, yes, say this, if this person says no, it is, we would literally have a guide for every single rebuttal that a person can possibly have. We would have an FAQ section. We would have everything for our sales reps, right? So what we’re gonna do here is we’re going to start by writing an opening script. Okay? And rebuttals, you’re going to have to get, okay, we’re not going to have time to rebuttal to that. Cause that shit takes a long time. I’m going to start by writing an opening script. Well, to help me out, I have a three 33 if you wanna help me out guys, just so you guys know, we are all digital marketers. We are all in this together. So one thing that my shirt says is, can anybody read?
What does my shirt say? What does it say? Bye backwards. But what does it say? Nobody can read my show. Oh boy. Marketers unite, which basically means guys, we can work to get there. We’re not enemies. We’re here together. We are here to unite with each other and learn from each other. There’s enough people in this world to sell to. Okay. We’re not in competition with each other. Anybody who agrees with me, can you drop a two in the chat? Shit, we knew this and I’m showing you guys had to do it. I’m showing hundreds of people how to do the same thing that I do. And it’s crazy cause I do it every week. So it’s like I’m giving out all my secrets. Everybody [inaudible] speaking. So we’re here to help you guys. All right, let’s do it. Let’s get straight to it. Okay. And then we’re going to do some cold calls.
So that’s where it’s going to get real fun. Okay, so let’s do this really quick. So as a realtor, I know, I know as a realtor, my goal is I want to try to see if I can get them seller leads because I know I can run maybe some Facebook ads to get them some seller leads to see if people want to sell their house. Okay. I know I can get them into a listings program, which is super cheap, right? Maybe 200 bucks a month. I can charge them, get them into a listings program with [inaudible] 70 plus listings, getting a Google business listing, get them all set up locally in their area. One really run PPC for I wouldn’t run out of Google ads for Realtor, right? So my main objectives probably is to see if I can sell this guy and I like to do this and this is up to you guys.
You can do whatever you want. I like to start off small. I would like to sell them a small package. When we had our call center, our go was, if any, does anybody, have you ever heard of the value ladder drop a 330 if you’ve heard of what a value ladder is. So inside of a value ladder, you sell them something small and then you work your way up the ladder. So you sell them something for 10 bucks. Here you sell them some for 20 bucks, dirty, 40, 50, a hundred, whatever it is, and you kind of bring them up your value ladder, right? Exactly. Dot Com secrets says it. You know, you hear a bunch of marketing people talk about it. So a value ladder is, it’s 100% sure, right? So it’s easier to sell somebody a really small product to gain the trust and show them the service and build the rapport and relationship with them and then go up a notch, some something else, and then open out again.
Something else. It’s really hard to sell somebody a service that’s like three grand off of a cold call. It’s very hard. Okay. And I’m just going to be honest with you. So when we were thinking about in our call center, we realized that we were only closing maybe one deal per week, two deals per week, maybe in our call center per rep. Right. But then we switched it, you switch it over. And then we put on a dialer, we did a predictive dialer, we did a bunch of really cool stuff and instead of closing two a week, we were like, all right, let’s not sell packages for $1,000 a month or two grand a month or three grand a month. Let’s sell packages for $99 a month or one 99 a month or $499 a month. We started closing like one or two a day per rep and that’s when it got really crazy.
So my recommendations for you is probably not to be greedy. Try to bring somebody in, dude, bring him in. Bring him, throw him into dash cliques. Okay. Get a listing, get them to buy listings program. Okay. Throw them into dashclicks you know, well, I think we charged 99 bucks a month for our listings program. And I meant to dash glace comes with the Google business listing 70 different listing. They can log into the dashboard. Dana says the easiest way to get started with SEO. SMM. Yeah, I mean, but some small service first. And then working with the ladder. Small Service. Work your way up the ladder. Okay. So what we’re going to do is I think I’m going to take that approach today. I’m going to set them up with something small and I’m going to find their pain points and then we’re gonna go from there.
So who’s ever done a cold call and, or who’s ever been in cold call before and like, hey, how are you doing? Is Bob? Yeah, this is Bob speaking. How’s the weather today? Click? Who’s ever done that? Like, how did the weather today, why would anybody give a shit about the weather today? Nobody cares about that. All right, so I’m in a sales call, you probably have about five to 10 seconds to get somebody’s attention because people’s attention spans are slim to none. People are busy, they’re doing a lot of stuff. You might be calling them during the meeting, you might be calling them doing a lot of stuff. Okay. So we’ve got about five to 10 seconds to gain their attention, which means the first thing that I say to them, it’s probably going to be the most important. [inaudible] Say, hey name [inaudible] also I like to call people that are locally and you’re going to see this during my script writing.
I like to call people that are around my area. So if I want to I can meet up with them or they can meet up with me. That’s number one. I can also talk about, you know, local landmarks in and have some type of rapport with the customer and talk about things that are happening. Maybe talk about a sports team that we both share the same interests in whatever the case may be. Right? So I like to call local people. There’s so many realtors in a 10 mile radius of you. There’s no reason why you should be calling a realtor in a different state. Okay. That’s just my opinion, so I’m going to say, Hey, my name is Chad.
Another thing I don’t like to do is telling them that I’m from a company. I don’t know why, but it seems a little bit sleazy. I said, Hey Chad, I’m calling from social agency. They’re like, damn man, hanging up on this guy. Just be a person. Say, Hey, my name’s Chad, my name is Chad. I was looking or a local realtor in location and it will drop in the location there. I was looking for a local realtor in what calls Miami or whatever it is. Okay. Okay. And right. Yeah. To scroll to page three to find you.
I’ve, okay. [inaudible] I’ve been working with realtor and guys, keep in mind when you’re writing a script, you just jot shit down and then I’m going to tweak this. Okay, so just roll with me here. Okay. I’ve been working, oh, come on spelling. I’ve been working with realtors for the last, I’ve been working with realtors for the last 10 years, focusing on getting them seller leads. Actually instead of seller leads, I want to be more blunt with them. I’ve been working with realtors for the past 10 years, focusing on getting them people Ooh, want to. So their homes four. Okay. That are 300 k plus.
Yeah. All right. Now let’s tweak this a little bit and then we’ll keep adding [inaudible]. Hey Bob. My name is Chad. I work, Oh hey Bob. My name is Chad. I was looking for a local realtor in Miami and I had to scroll and Pastry to find him out. I’ve been working with realtors for the past 10 years, focusing on getting them people who want to sell their homes for $300,000. Alright, I’m going to rewrite this again. I’m going to leave that up at the top and you’re going to have to do this a couple of times guys. Okay. So this is getting your foot in the door script. Okay. I’ve organized for the past 10 years and then wanted to see if you had any interests.
I wanted to see if you had any interest in me helping you with that. I wanted to see if you had any interest in me helping you with that, so I’m gonna tweaking stuff. Hey Shit. I was looking for a realtor. A local vacation has to be to find you. I probably might take this out completely. It’s usually, sometimes I do that for more of like plumbers and stuff like that. The realtor, I might change that up a little bit. Hello, my name is Chad. I’m working with realtors for the past 10 years, focusing on getting the people who want to sell their homes. There are 300 k plus. Okay. Let me make this sentence more medically correct. Hey Bob. My name is Chad had been working with realtors for the past 10 years, focusing on getting them people who want to sell their homes that are 300 keep art. I work with realtors in the [inaudible] Miami area. What were the realtors in the Miami area? Kidding. I work with realtors in the Miami area.
I specialize in getting people who are looking to sell their homes that [inaudible] I specialize in. I specialize in getting people who are looking to sell their homes. I work with real truths in the Miami area. I specialize, specialize in people. Right. Did you write this? What about the realtors in the Miami area? No. What I’ll do, actually, I like doing, and I do this a lot. I’m just going to call somebody and I’m gonna create my script off of that. [inaudible] Do that. Who wants to let me just do a quick cold call really quick and just have some fun with this and call somebody and then create my script based off of how the flow works. Everybody thinks that’s good. Let’s go.

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