Two SIMPLE Things you can do RIGHT NOW to Get a New Client for Your Agency!
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:13 PM

Two SIMPLE Things you can do RIGHT NOW to Get a New Client for Your Agency!


What do you do to get new clients for your agency?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about two SIMPLE things that you can do right now to get a new client for your agency! This is a live video recorded on the Marketers Mindset by DashClicks Facebook group!


We got the marketer’s mindset in the house. What’s going on people, guys, let me show you something really cool. I’m going to show you two quick tactics. They in one to two quick tactics that you can do literally right now to get clients. They don’t care who you are in this room. I don’t care what you’re doing. You can do these two things right now and stop getting new clients. So I’m going to let a couple of people pile in. I’ll share my screen with you. I’ll go over to quick tactics. I literally, I used to get new clients. It’s really simple stuff is like elementary stuff that anybody would just get up and go do right now. You don’t need to wait. You don’t need to have each team don’t even make millions of dollars. You can literally stop what you’re doing right now and just do this and you’ll start getting clients. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, drop a one on one to check. If you’re watching the slide hashtag live, you’re watching the replay. Hashtag replay for money guys, you build the rules, get with the program. So we’ll let a couple of people pick up and jump on in a, let me go ahead and open up my screen here. If you’d like, show me a little love just cause little things you can do. Love Button.
Hashtag oh the Hilda what’s going on in the [inaudible]? Dad’s was oven. Yeah. Ranted my enthusiasm. Like a shot of caffeine. I’m on a monster. So it’s like a big monster to me. What’s [inaudible]? What’s going on? Brought Angel. What’s going on people? What’s up guys? All right, now I’m going to wait. I’m going to get like maybe 1520 people on a, they should be piling in like in about a minute or two. So stay tight. I’m going to shoot you two awesome, crazy things that literally are so easy that you can go right now. Book $1,000 a month client. Do you want to see that drop or one-on-one in the chat? If you want to see that? I need you guys drop a one to one. I’ve got to get in the zone and that zone is that we love you guys. Show me some love. Christianne was you guys that are really good weekend.
My Lingo was pretty cool. And hopefully yours was too. So don’t go anywhere. If you want me to slide, like literally you don’t want to miss this. If you’re struggling with getting clients and you’re trying to figure out like new really quick way that you can just go back and pick up a quite like, this is how you do, I’m gonna show to you so you’d hang tight. Don’t go anywhere as sort of build up a little bit of momentum. We get to people alive. I’m so I’m doing this again because I know you guys are going to ask me questions. You’d be like, Oh my God, Chad this is probably one of the coolest things ever. It was so simple. How come I’m not doing this? My Agency y right? So I’m going to show you how to do it. So just hang tight right there.
Hey tide, I live in. Sing a song for you guys. [inaudible] Sing Chelsea Song for even meantime while we wait while we wait. It looks like, like every time I do like a fast moving. Boom. The camera just pixels out. So then you Logitech your shit together. Ah, this will just hang around. We’ll hang around, we’ll hang around a little bit. We’ll hang around. All right. Screw it. Let’s just go in. Who wants to see how to too easy, too simple, like super, super simple things they can do right now and go out and pick up quiet. Right? Who wants to see that? What? I want to chat one on one, one on one in the chat and one in the chat. One of the, one in the chat. One, one in the chat. Come on. People. Come on. People once play basketball. Who thinks they can beat me to get a basketball if you think you’d be mean again, basketball, two oh two right now.
And most of you guys like [inaudible] child, Chad stalling. Yeah, just don’t feel like doing this again. And I want to get it live with a bunch of people on to take time. But if he didn’t need to get a basketball a jump to a one, I’ll invite you out to south Florida. I’ll kick your ass at basketball. And if I can’t, I’ll give you a swag bag. How about that? Let’s say maybe we’re gonna use this little mini ball too old to Christiansen two oh two. Oh boy. We got some volume in here. We got some ballers in here. We got some real ballers. Damn Angel Energy. You come get it right now. You can get it right now until you’re in the office. You can come get it right now. I had guys, I’m gonna show you got some through really quick.
Real quick tips and tricks and awesome things that you can do literally right now. So most of you guys whether you have zero clients, which might be some of you, that’s completely fine, whether you have one client, whether you have 10 clients, it doesn’t matter. Like when I started my agency, we, this is what I did me like literally I used to go out and do this and he would get quiet and say, this is what I used to do. So the first thing that you can do, first thing most guys are like, wow, this sounds so simple. Why am I not doing it? Get in your core and go to a plaza or a place or place of business in literally drive Parker car walk to every single place. Okay, now I know what you guys are going to see. You guys are going to be like, all you lazy people are going to start with, oh, Chad.
And I don’t know if I have time to do that. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have the courage to get my car in drive and go speak to somebody. I shut up. Like if you want to make it to this agency, if you want to build a business, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to go out and take risks and go like stop sleeping. Like get your mindset, got to get the motivation, right. Like first thing I did, I used to get in my car and I used to go and I used to drive and just sit into entitle closet. I used to hit like 15 or 20 locations and I used to have a book. You know what? Let me see if I can actually find it here. I’ve got the book right here. This is the book that I used to use.
Who wants to see the book drop a 200 in the chat if you want to see the book. Okay. Drop the 200 in the chat. This is like, this is like the book. Okay. You guys want to see the book 200 in the chat. Do you want to see the book that I used? Well, I used to go out and actually get quartz wants to see that. Who wants to see that 200 and chat chuck 200 and the check. Let me get to the beginning so I could be like your life, the patient because it’s like a crazy ass book that I made that good day back in the day. Come on them from preacher. What does it right? There we go. So this is the book that I literally you see use. This is actually the exact book that I used to use. I used to use this.
I did such a good job in figuring out exactly how to actually do walk in some places that I hired by the six year old guy to do on a critical protocol process. And I’ve even this book, and this book probably calls me more than a million dollars worth of digital marketing sales. Don’t believe me like this is it right here? Once you guys are like, oh, you’re crazy chat, that’s it. This is it right here. This is over a million dollars in digital marketing sales from this right here. So this is all you got to do. It’s so simple like this can be done. You can get a graphic designer to create something simple like this for your day. I’ll go through the pages with you. Okay. So this was just the home page, right? And then we used to walk into place and we used to be like, hey, we’re going to do a complimentary report for you and we’re going to show you guys what’s wrong with your business.
And you know, we’re, we’re local, we’re in the area where you can even tell people straight up. Like, don’t be scared. I’m a new up and coming marketing agency. We just open and a, I’m doing something for the community and go around and do a free business reports. And this is what the business reporting you to look like right here. Like check it out, Bobby, the painter. Okay. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna run a report for you. I know back in the day we used to use a in Dasa run reports. They’re super expensive now. It’s not worth it. You can get like, you can use any, just go to like a tool on my, they have like SEO later is one tool that you can use. I think they have a free calorie. You just go like, just any tool that you’d know like plugging a website or plugging some information about the business.
And I would just go do an audit for no port for UK sex symbol. That’s all you need to do. Okay. So just go online. Find one of those tools. I know we used to use SEO maybe too, so if you fell it sounded like SEL or from the library from like that. That’s an awesome tool that you can use. But like literally this is it, right? So I said this or you say, hey, Bobby go into the community at this. This is what we’re doing where we’re printing out a report for you. Let’s go look like this. Okay. So just kind of have a front page. It’s going to tell you exactly what’s wrong with your business. It’s going to give you a score, right? And just hang tight with me guys. So the camera can lose focus. I’m just showing you like an example.
This is just a laminated like pdf report. Like this is, this is nothing crazy. So most of you guys would let it go. My God, Chad, I can’t do this. Like yes you can. It’s so easy. Okay. So easy to do that. It’s all I, you gotta do this. That’s right. So I used to go out, I used to be like, hey, we’re gonna create this, this amazing report for you. And it’s just a really simple report. We’re going to create it for you. And what I’m going to do is when I’m done with the report I’m actually going to call you and I’m going to email you a link so you can view the report. I’ll email you the pdf so you can view the report, come in and see exactly what it looks like, right? So literally like that’s, that’s all you have to do.
Like I even went, I even went like, I think I’ll show you guys more stuff too, right? So I even went and I started creating like bundles for my businesses. If you got, I’m going to go out, you can create like bundles for your businesses do. And I don’t know why. I don’t know. Why have you guys can see me if I’m chopping out for some reason, drop like two oh one from chopping out. If I’m not, I’m just gonna keep going. So anyways, I used to have like these things in here, race. I created, let little bundles see like little price guys in case somebody was like, dude, I been looking for harmony company. I wouldn’t show them this until like, they were like interested on the spot, right? Cause some people were like, Oh man, like forget about the report and just tell me what you got.
What do you got right? They used to pitch him on the spot. I didn’t care. I just pitch them right on the spot. So literally like I used to just go, I printed this at like office depot or if you’re in another country or wherever, you just find a place you can just print, eliminate this. You can have somebody on Fiverr create units for like 10 bucks and all you gotta do is just a spiral laminate and you just take this and you go to the stores. Are you going to places he partner plaza? You Parkman and office building and say, Hey I want to give you a report. This is what the report looks like. It’s going to look just like this and I’m going to show you exactly what trauma with your business online. What I’m going to scan your social media pages.
I’m going to scan your your website and let’s get a bunch of really cool stuff. It literally like that’s all you’d have to do. Just go there and like find it all my tool. We’re actually creating one now that’s going to go out there and create all these cool reports. Where you got to do is drop into mid phone. We’ll scan the report. It’s not ready yet, but in the meantime, Bill find number tool, pay like 10 or 20 bucks a month for the service. It is what it is. Okay. Hit the reports. I’m like, just go there and do that. But I used to do is I used to literally go and my goal used to be let me get 15 people to say yes to this report. I used to take that information and he’s go to my office. I used to go open my tool as a plug.
Those 15 people and all they used to do is I used to be like, great, you want to report? Like I don’t even want to take as much as, I don’t want even want to take a lot of your time. Just give me your business core. Cause usually everything’s kind of on the business card, like the address, the website of the business, the person’s name or email address or phone number, right? Like everything will be on a business card. Give me your business card, I’ll go back over a whole report. Completely complimentary. It’ll be like, I tend to be trees report’s gonna tell you everything about your business and I’ll just email it to you in a trinity and they’ll get on a call. I’ll even personally go over with you one by one because a lot of taking stuff and I’ll show you exactly how to fix everything and do everything right.
So like just go and it goes to be, go and get 15 people get into this tool. Do the tool and then I used to spend the next thing you need to do consultations, right? I used to call him and say, hey Bobby, the payment, you know what? I just went ahead and ran your report. I want to see if you have maybe five or 10 minutes to be by computer with me so I can literally just share my screen with you and show you the report. Nice. You I can share my screen, pull up their port and be like, hey Bobby, this is what’s wrong with your website. This is what’s wrong with your social media. This is why you’re not showing up at SEO. This is why your ad words campaign suck balls. Ah, these are all of the things that are wrong with your business and I want to personally show you how to fix it.
So this is how you fix this. Like if you want to get better engagement on social media, we should be posting more on social media. You can use our social media posting service. It’s x amount of dollars and that’ll help you out with that. You’re not showing up in Google listings, you’re not ignoring a Yelp listing. You don’t have this when you’re a local business and like what are you doing? You don’t have any this stuff. So we have our listings manager program that can get you into like 70 plus different listings. It, you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll just get you all there. We’ll syndicate everything and make sure everything’s 100% grit, right? Oh your website is not over responsible like where in 2019 Bobby and you know 85% of people are using or are searching from a mobile device. If your website’s on rolling responsive like you’re losing out on 85% of the business, right?
So you can use our, our a web builder or website design terms and we go, we can build you a new website. So like, like you guys just need to think about like all of these different things that can trigger like find a pain, come up with a solution, Bam. Get a sale, pain solution, sale, paint. You guys on the same page. You mean? I know you guys are watching this side, you’re on the same page as me. Can you drop in six, six, seven, six, six, seven if you’re on the same page as me and then we’re going to go over things like number two that you can do at six six, seven drop in the chat, go, go. Six, six, seven, six, six, seven. They’d like the house. Simple. Is that to just get go out there crazy. This little guy like like get, get somebody on fiber and go create this for you.
Cover that. All you gotta do is like do a sample report printed out of like just go to any company, do sample report printed out and take it office depot or take it somewhere where you can do some laminate it spiral, spiral it and you’re done. But that’s how easy it is. So it’s maybe like, I don’t know, take you like half hour, hour leaving to take the whole day to do. Just do it. Just go do it. That’s all you gotta do. You just go, they’ll do it. Stop sat like sitting there and like figuring out like, oh, how do we get clarification? Points is never going to happen for me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Just just go do it. I promise you. I promise you guys, it works. Like I’ve sold the shit ton of digital marketing services using this strategy.
I even went out in, you’re probably wondering like, oh my God Chad, like you did that, but I might eat Chad. I’m not a master Ninja Marker. You don’t need to be because I did this. I created a protocol for it and then I send out like a 60 year old bank x thing, robber salesman on a desktop to go do this and he did the same thing and all he did was he was the one who went out would go and whatever I did it got all the leads into this prospecting, right? Like that’s it. Like it’s so easy. Just show them the report, tell the travel the business and then you go and you fix it. It’s that simple guys. Okay. That’s number one. First thing that you can do to kick ass right now and get off your ass and go start getting sales.
Start getting leads. Start prospecting like hit the ball rolling. That’s what you guys need. You can’t sit down and down. Keep it moving guys. Guy, keep it moving. Okay, so thing number one that you can do thing number one. That’s where the capital team, okay thing number one you can do thing number two that you can do. Okay. Who’s ready for the number two John Eight two in the chat or everything. Number two, travel thing number two in the chat job thing too in the chat thing too. Here in the chat. If you want me to show you what’s to do second, really cool thing. What’s going on? How Keen Ryan, how the Inner Jessie Angel Bill Peach Atar and thi what’s up everybody, you guys are in this, don’t you want to see this crazy number? Phone number two. So simply just this thing you can do like right now, like literally you can jump off this chatty.
He is right that okay. And you’ll, you’ll start getting cons of starting to need to start getting people that are interested in your services. Okay. Job thing too in the chat and I’ll show you how to do it. In fact, I’m going to share my screen and do it live in front of you right now. You’re going to be like, Holy Shit Chad. This is like a two minute thing that it takes and it’s like, why am I not doing this? Right? It’s two minutes. That’s it. Two minutes. It’s all you’ve got to do and everything. Just so you guys know, it all starts with prospecting. It starts with the league. Okay? You can’t provide any value if you don’t provide value to the lead before you actually try to make it set. So what you do is you provide value, right? You find some solutions or excuse me, find some pain points.
You then you cope coping some solutions and then Bam, you go on with the sale. But you never go with the sale. I saw a video the other day, like from Gary v he was talking about like jabs. Yeah. Pilots, right? Or something like that, right? We’re talking about if you just can go in there, you start punching people in. What would that mean by punching people that you’re going straight in with the sale? Like, dude, you’re, nobody’s going to buy from you. Just going look to jabs, shove a little value, give them, run a report for them, show them some solutions. Then Bam, go in there with a punch going there with your sales. Drop it on and say, Hey, I showed you the gifts. This is exactly what’s wrong. This is how we need to fix it. This is what we’re going to do. A, B, c, d, and this is what I recommend you do and this is how much I charge to fix that issue and I can have that issue fixed fee right now and this is what we’re going to do.
Okay, so check yourself both and we go in and open up. Let me share my screen with you guys. Let me share my screen with you guys. Okay, here we go. Okay, let me share. Let me do a little screen shares with Ya. We’ll do a little screen shares with you. Most of you guys can be like, oh my God, and you’re crazy. This is so easy. Why am I not doing this? Guess what guys? Who knows what the Facebook is? You guys know what that Facebook is? Can you drop a 100 in the chat if you know what Facebook is? No. Facebook is one zero zero in the chat, okay? If you don’t know what Facebook is, I don’t know how you’re on this live stream with me right now. It’s really awkward, okay? Drop a one zero zero which means they should be telling you that are watching ride right now.
That’s drop a one zero zero one zero zero. I’m going to show you something that’s going to blow your mind and be like, wow, this is crazy. It’s that easy. Okay, who’s ready for it? One zero zero or a 10 or something with a one zero at the end of it. Brian said, I never heard of it. I know we need to, right? So there’s this cool thing. It’s on the web and it’s a, it’s this new, it’s a new platform that they just launched and that it’s called the Facebook, right? And I think soon they’re getting rid of that. That’s just going to be called okay. But anyways, it’s this social media platform where actual people or their, and you can communicate with them. You can get your message across even for free. I know. It’s crazy. It’s blown your mind. Right? So like there is this thing called Facebook where you can literally go and you can just go to your home feeds.
You go to the news feed and then there’s this little thing right here that says create posts. And most of you guys can be like, Holy Shit, I’ve never created a po. What is this thing that you’re doing? Chad, you’re going to create a post right now. If I go to my page, I’ve got my page. Most of you guys will see this little kid person. That’s my daughter.  And there’s my daughter with a lot swag that we took over the weekend. That was as a pool, right? But if you go to my page, okay, and if I go somewhere on my page, I have 2,394 people that I can talk to like the literally talked to these people right now. Okay? So look how easy this is. First thing that you should do is if you don’t have any friends on Facebook, you need to network a little bit.
This is like 2019 you got to build up your following just a little bit, okay? So if you don’t have any friends on Facebook and the only friend you have is chat theory and the only group that you’re in is marketers mindset, then this will not work for you. However, if you have friends on Facebook, I can guarantee you guys I can, first of all, all those 2000 plus people, a, I would say like 75% of them are people with businesses. That’s at least my network. Okay? Because I like to network with people that have businesses. The other 25% are people that I went to school with that mean really nothing to me. Like, I have no communication with them. It’s just friends who pass most likely get [inaudible] as a get close to hitting 5,000. Like I want to keep my network. And I don’t write and assuming talks about this a lot.
Like when Ryan Stewman, the hardcore closer came on and he did like a whole live Webinar for you guys. All marketers mindset like he was talking about like the leveling up and making sure that your network is right and making sure like the people that you’re hanging out with them and the people that you’re surrounding yourself with, you can actually benefit from them. You actually connect to them, right? And they will actually help you grow invite, right? So make sure you do that. Like that’s what Facebook is all about. It’s like those group of people that you’re going to be talking to, that you’re going to be putting your posts out to those, those, that group of people should be people that you can connect to, that you guys can equally benefit from each other as having those friends on Facebook. Right? So check this out guys. All you gotta do is you go to Facebook. Okay, now I know I’ll probably do this. I’ll get bombarded with messages. So I’m just gonna write this out and you know what? Screw it. I’m just gonna post it and then I’ll do another live video. We’ll see what happened after our poster, right? So under this, literally I say, Hey, every warm, actually what I’ll do is I like to do feeling, feeling. I’m going to do feeling feeling.
Let’s see what they got feeling. I’m feeling wonderful. That’s how I’m feeling. I’m feeling wonderful. A, I’m going to open up this and I’m just going to drop in this photo. Whatever. You drop it, like go, go Google. There’s this thing called the Google. Find the photo, like a catchy photo. I dropped them a little babies and welcome to the team, whatever. And just giving you an example. You can go drop the distract, grab any eye-catching photo. Hey everyone offering a free, actually the sue. This is going to work. It’s all about the copy guys. We should be very sure that you’re writing copy saying, so let’s do this. Let’s say I’m the attention business owners.
Ah, what am I doing? I want that capital tension business owners. What is going on? Come on, cap’s not working. There we go. All right, so I’m going to go pension business owners. Look how easy this is guys. I’m going to, dot and it’ll drop into Jif or I’ll drop into the Emoji. That is, it’s dropping it down their attention. Business owners can your attention. I just got this, I’m on foot only scream at everybody. I just got this awesome tool that lets me do a complete business or complete online. Let’s let’s say complete online business audit and literally a couple of minutes. I just got this awesome tool that lets me just, this book. This is a tool that I pay for pay a lot of money for, but I want to test it out with a couple of my Facebook friends that own businesses. If you want me to, this easy copy dies if you want me to run a complete online business and now is actually screw it. Don’t take all my business amounts of people like some people are super, do you want to just keep it down? Right?
Let me run this back. Hold on, hold on. I got to read it again. Attention business owners. I got this awesome tool that lets we do complete all my business audit and literally a couple of minutes. This is a tool that I, this is a tool that I feel a of for it, but I want to test it out with a couple of my Facebook friends that own businesses. This tool, oh, this report. Well show you exactly why you’re not making enough money online with your business or generating enough leads or not making enough sales for your ecommerce store. Okay? Get the quote, fix my spelling. This e port. This report will show you exactly why your you are. Come on, people get with the program. This program will show you exactly why you’re not making enough money and enough money on buying with your business or generating enough leads or not making enough sales for ecom store and etc.
If you have a business and want me to help you or actually no, if you have a business and what this free report, those comments
I think the chat below and I’m doing this and I’m telling people to come and meet the chapter though because I want more. The more people comment in the more other people see, right guys? That’s how social media works, right? When people come it what people engage while I wait till I tell you guys to all, we’ve jumped in numbers. Trump in the 303 right now in the chat. If you understand why I tell you dropping 303 in the chat, right? Builds engagement, builds momentum. Facebook loves shit like that, right? So if you have a business in want this report, just come at me in the chat below and I’ll send that your way or actually on that. I’ll send that your way. So I mean the chat below and Oh, the m you all that Info. Okay. All the info and I want you to do is you just a little bit in scarcity. You say p this tool is really expensive, so I’m only going to do this for the first 10 people.
Hey, easy enough guys that like easy enough, like, like screenshot if you want like attention business owners. I just got this awesome tool as we do complete all my business audit, literally couple of minutes. This is a that I pay a lot of my form bucks. I want to test it out with a couple of my Facebook friends that own businesses. This report will show me exactly why you’re not making enough money online with your business or generating enough leads or not making enough sales or not or not, or not generating enough leads or not making them sales for ecommerce or et cetera. If you have a business and you want this free report, just come in and meme a check and they’ll DMU all the info. P s this is really spent, this tool is really expensive. So I’m only going to do this for the first 10 people.
Bam. All you gotta do is click share. I’ll even add to my story share. Okay. Alright, great. Here’s my post tension business owners. That’s all I’m going to do. Okay, that’s it. That’s it. That’s all you gotta do getting. So I guarantee you guys that hey, I guarantee you guys that all start getting actually screenshot this. I’ll screenshot it and I’ll drop it into comments on actual posts. I’ll, I’ll probably do it tomorrow. I’m just so you can build up a little engagement. Give it some time, right? And I’ll show you guys how easy it is to just pick apart, it’s like you guys need to understand where in 2019 it’s so easy to get clients. The problem with you guys right now is you’re just not motivated enough to do it. You’re, for some reason, you’re scared to do posts like that.
Like I speak to people that are inside of that space and they’re like, yeah, but I don’t, I don’t have the confidence going into the store and speak to somebody. They just don’t. Right or I don’t, I don’t have the confidence of posting them down on Facebook because I’m intimidated by like all the friends that I went to high school with, like now they’re gonna think I’m doing this marketing thing. It’s like guys feel like, how do you expect to own an agency? How do you expect to run a business? How do expect to be an entrepreneur if you’re scared to do eight feet? See if you’re scared to do all this stuff. Like with me, like the only way I was able to accelerate and just keep going, like bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang is like don’t be scared. Just think of something. Go do it.
That doesn’t work. Move it to the side and just continue with the next thing. Right? Some of you guys are going to post right now and you’re not going to get any lead. You can be like, chat with says it. He told me to do this and it doesn’t work. Now everybody knows that I do. Margaret can swat guys now everybody knows that you do marketing and social media so pointed it right. You might not get it on the first post, but what’s going to happen is do that post, get in a couple of days and it just reword it and do something else. What’s gonna happen is like people are going to start realizing that this is what you do. You are a marketing guy. So if they need marketing, they’ll come to you, to your friends, they know who you are, you have them on Facebook.
Okay. Use that as a tool. Use that as an advantage to be able to sell to these people and actually help them that sell only sell but actually help them. Let’s go on Caillou and Chris. Chad saline. Right? So like it, just to throw this out there, this is like one that this is a little like tiny piece of somebody that would be teaching the boot camp, right? So on April 1st I know I see a couple faces in here that you guys have joined the bootcamp. Like this is like, these are the things that I want to go over. This is a one out of like a hundred things that I’m gonna go over. So he thought this was like so simple and easy. Like I’m going to literally do all of this with you and build your entire agency. So if you haven’t signed up for equals first bootcamp and I’ll draw it with a check here.
Like just go to that website and you’ll be able to sign up. If you signed up, you’re like, you’re gonna get all this stuff. This is just like some small, it’s like Freebie stuff that I give away, but like I’m talking about like pulling the curtains back and show you like the real shit that we do that we’re able to like, like really like scale it super fast. Matt, Ted, so much value motivation Monday. Yeah, you guys, I’d like to see something as simple as this like [inaudible] and this was just like something to like just put into your brain. Like this was really easy for me to fill out and do and just do this. Why? Because I do this all the time. I’ve been doing it for 10 years. I understand what happens that post, I understand what’s going to go down after I walk into the stores. Right. I get that. Right. So like for you guys, like all you really need to do all you really need to do is just like have motivation man. Like just go ahead and do it. Something scared of everything they said. It’s a software you recommend to do the amount of business analysis. It’s called SEO. I think we find it or I’ll, I’ll drop it in here for you guys. This is a pretty cool tool.
Yeah. And they, I think they have like a free, a free we see a pricing, it’s like five bucks. Like if you want to pay it, you go to some shit like that. Five Bucks, 20 bucks a month like is very expensive. Okay. Like that’s all you gotta do. Just go and like get as many people as they take it. Start and like, think about it. You’re giving away something for free. You are giving away a report that people are going to want. It’s going to help them show them exactly what’s wrong with their business. Now this report, if it took you time, that would cost you money, right? And then you can pay for a tool like this, which is like 10 bucks a month and you can just drop in a business and scaling or website. I’m like five seconds and just print that into 30 page report.
Then it doesn’t really take any of your type. And then you can provide value without really any of your tidying waste. So it’s like the ultimate value drop that you can have all people, right? So like that’s what you should be doing. Like find a way to provide value to people cause that’s your door, that’s yet your way into the door, right? You’re waiting the doors to provide value. You want get you your way to go. Actually bring down the guard gate when people, because people like, they’re always scared that you’ve already tried to sell them shit, right? So like you guys are gonna go and you’re going to post on Facebook and you’re like, oh, I started doing marketing. Anybody. Even marketing serves something that, hey, anybody want a free consultation, let me know like everybody in this free consultation, guys, enough to bs.
Okay. Like if you want all this stuff, let me know. Like, why don’t you go out, provide some value, like something like this. And I just posted like, hey, just want a free report. I just bought this new tool as really want to test it out. I give you free for, right. Just just come at me in the chat and I’ll send you over fruit. They’ll sell DME with the info that I need to be able to run the report for you. And then I’ll just email you the report. I mean, I’ll even go over with you to, I’ll go over, you know, show you the super technical right. You might not understand cause you only clothing business online. You may not really understand all that good stuff. I’ll go over with you. It’ll take like five or 10 minutes. I’ll just go with the report.
You you know, no problem. And then like during the report, you just, you build that momentum of that’s wrong. And we display everything that’s wrong and he tell him how to make it right and tell them what they need. Right. It’d be that consulted right? You’d be that person that guides him down the yellow brick road got to down that path. Right. He said, thank you for the amazing advice. I appreciate it very much. You’re 100% welcome. Like I hope I can provide value to you guys and this is what it’s all about, right? It you know for what you Chris Christie for, for Dave for like that like all you guys, if you guys want more of this, once again, like we are, we, we do our marketers mindset episodes and I’m going to go over a couple of quick updates. It’s going to be like, once again, blow your mind, cause I like to blow people’s minds a lot, but like if you’re not in the bootcamp, I really can’t stress this enough.
We have a couple seats left for the bootcamp and like it’s going to be insane. Like this is these or like that. Like something like this. It took me a long time to build and create and like go out on like tests and shit. This shit to me, like, like weeks to go out and do it right and not to build but to like build a protocol and process and what I’m going to say in the script and like how we’re gonna generate these reports and show them what softwares you use and like, so like all that shit takes a lot of time. Right? Like so like that’s that and then like what about like think about it just like how much time I can see you guys, right? It’s like the, the boot camp is, is essentially 10 years of my life and going out and doing r and d and testing all of these tools that I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on.
Okay. Right. I probably went through like a hundred of these tools just to find that one tool that I really liked, that I know work that, that it’ll connected with my audience or that I know export in like a really solid pdf, that it wasn’t expensive, that I didn’t take any of my time. So I can scale fast ratio, like all of these things. Each of the things that I’m going to show you guys inside of the boot kit. Okay. These are my secrets that I really don’t share with anybody. Like we do the marketer’s mindset videos. I do videos like this. I showed you guys all the stuff, all like the real, like the behind the scenes stuff. That’s all gonna be in there. Okay. Matt said, does this work well with any industries specifically for online business? Sorry, I missed the beginning of the video.
Yes. So this, this is actually what I used to use as far. I didn’t really use this for a prompt to be honest. Although you can, you can use that tool for ecom. But I used to use this business for local, I used to use a report that scanning tool for local businesses because that was just the, that was always my market. I used to just walk around and go into a place and say, hey, can help you just wanna run a free report for you. Like, it’s so easy, you don’t understand how easy it is. Like if you can just, if you can practice with your speaking skills and you don’t need to be a salesperson, like it’s just no one has to speak to somebody, man. Like you just walked into a restaurant or walk into a paint shop and be like, hey, Bobby and painter it’s pretty much dead in here.
Like where it’s all your customers. Anyways, I just, I’m a marketing guy. My is right down the street or whatever. I live right down the street. I just don’t want a marketing agency guys, as well as this really cool tool that I can run through your pores. You mind if maybe I run a report for you and send it to you? It’s like a 20 page crazy report that would just scale your business and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. Would you mind if I did that with me? I’ll do it for free. I know that it’s really expensive for me to, to run that report, but I’ll do it for free and I’ll send it your way. Then also, by the way, if, if you’re not technical I can go over with you, right? So like just once again that page that, that whole egg scenario, right?
So once again, getting the bootcamp, you’re another who can’t go, go, go. Okay. Seats are filling up. We’ve got a couple of left I and just getting the bootcamp and a, I’ll show you guys tons of crazy shit that you can do. Like this is the stuff that’s going to help you accelerate your agency. Any questions from you guys on anything? I’m going to go over with some updates. I’m going to have some updates for you guys on a couple of new things that we’re doing here at dashboards that I’m super excited about and proud about and I want to share with you guys. I want to share with the world people who were actually inside of dashboards. So you guys really know what’s going on in our community. So before continuing, you guys have any questions on anything or do you want to tell me anything?
Just drop in the comments below, like if you literally want to tell me anything. Well, let’s see. Yeah, so once again, I’m like 30 seconds delayed guide says I’m using be, live and be live for some reason has a 32nd delay because they can’t get their API shit right with Facebook. So be like, you need to step up your name, you need to have like instant trinitarian. So like when I tell you guys to drop a one on one, that’s why I pull up Facebook on the side. So not like randomly you’re looking over here. I actually have Facebook open here so I can see your comments somewhat live. It’s still a little delayed but it is what it is. All right, so anyways guys, we’re going to be doing like a bunch of really cool stuff in dashboards. We just hired a full time video person. Her name is Beatrice and she’s going to be inside. She’s actually in our office and what she’s doing is she’s taking all the videos that I’m creating, all these big like two hour segments, videos like this, which right being another hour, you know, she’s doing a lot of stuff like this.
Bring it from zero to 100 real quick. Anyway, she’s going to be doing stuff like this and she’s going to be building a video library for you guys. It’s going to be like amazing and it’s going to be all for free. It’s going to be inside of the dashboard is going to be a bunch of really cool videos. It’s not going to be the stuff that I’m going to show you guys in the bootcamp that’s a behind the scenes stuff, like really like intimate stuff, more likely to do stuff like this. And I share my screen, but it’s going to be like marketers mindset stuff, which is also really helpful stuff. If you want to watch some free content you can do that. And she’s basically gonna be taking like these two or 300 videos that we’re creating, chopping them up into like these mini series, organizing them, labeling them properly, putting them into different folders.
So like if you want to learn about Facebook sales and how to sell Facebook stuff, there’ll be like a folder that’s just dedicated to like all that stuff. So a lot of really cool stuff. We’re working on that, that thing that I’m super excited about. Also our affiliate dashboard. We wanted to enhance it a bit more to do a little bit more granular data reading and a little bit more APIs. And we actually decided to like live, we’re already integrated with stripe, but we decided to like do a little build a little further deeper into the integration. So is that easier for you guys to set up your strikes? An extra counts just takes like seconds now to do. So that’s the way that we pay you guys out until all secure. It’s through stripe and it’s all automated. Right? So that should be coming out.
I’m hoping that by the end of the suite. So that’s really exciting. That’s evidence. I’m pulling my fears cross like you get that going for you guys. So like a lot of really cool stuff happening inside of dashboards. So that’s pretty much it guys. I’m gonna get back to my job and I’m tired cause I let out a lot of steam and I get super excited when I speak to you guys and it’s all seeds cause I am super excited. So it is what it is. I like it. But if you guys have any questions about anything, I’m also another thing like I know a lot of people have had a doubts about the bootcamp, about some times with pricing. Why is the price for the bootcamp 1997 right? Why is it, it seems expensive, right? But if you really think about it, it’s not as if you go out and take a course easily the minimum price for courses 90 97 and that’s just the course, right?
That’s just some videos that you can watch. This is literally me holding your hand and like going through the whole process and like, like I’m sharing my screen. I’m like building this copy with you, building the systems with you. Like I’m actually going to show you how to go into these tools and like lay out all of the settings inside of each school because I know what settings work perfectly. It had an integrate everything when like Zac years, I had to be like all this crazy shit to basically automate your entire rate and no, I’m not going to say that, that automate your entire agency but automate a lot of the grunt work that you really don’t want to be doing to your agency. Right. a lot of really cool stuff. So that’s really what the bootcamp is about. What’s going on? Ideally Giovanni, Angelina was skilled when, no, Michael can you guys just joined right now?
Less up everybody. Right. So I’m just so really totally exciting stuff and we’re just kidding. We’re going to continue to excel where we keep hiring people inside of dashboards, which is amazing. I’m somebody that I’m super passionate about as you guys can see, I’m super excited about and I’m just really excited to just keep taking it to the next level. Like that’s our goal here. Fascinating. Just want to keep hiring. He building out these really awesome teams so that way, like these people like example be treats like the dinner video person. She is not here to do it for me. She’s here to do for you guys, to serve you guys and to create this awesome video, a library for you guys by complete for free. They can just go on there, watch all this cool stuff so that you can learn and you can educate yourself and you can go through that whole learning phase and it’ll just be easier to be more organized.
Right? So like, and I’d all like sometimes, and you know, I apologize, but it happens, it’s technical stuff and I’ve got a video personal marketer, right? We did the best we could, but now we have a video person’s going to make sure like the audio is clear, the videos and we don’t have any issues, weren’t broke alive and we’re broadcast and we don’t get cut off or whatever it is, right? It’s going to be like highly, highly professional. We just, we just going to keep stepping it up and that, that’s really what it’s all about. You know, we were realizing that there’s certain things that we want to make that we want to do better. So we gotta you gotta step out. We got a level up. It is what it is, right? So we’ve got to hire people that are going to be good for our teeth, actually go out and help us level up and sleep and keep bringing the fire grant.
And that’s all we gotta do. We just wanna keep bringing the fire. If you are down to just keep bringing the fire and keep taking the fire. Just drop it a five 45 in the check. Easy number. Really quick to spot. Enter goodwill five edger dropping a five. Well, what’s going on? [inaudible] What’s going on Kyle? Thank you guys for joining on. You guys are headed towards the end of it. By the way, if you guys are watching the slide hashtag lie from replete, they really want to see how much of you guys are watching live. If you’re watching this after you watch the replay, Hashtag replay, it’s that simple. It takes two seconds. It really helps us out when we’re doing our optimization. Rather we’re trying to figure out that kind of make things better. Like all these things, these comments helps with engagement.
It helps spread the word a little bit faster. You liking the posts really amps me up. I’m you saying Hashtag live makes me know that you’re alive watching this. And I get to see like how many people were alive and having the people watch the replay so I can figure out what the same. I could make it better. Right? So like if you guys can do that for me, like I take the time to go out of my way, you know, hopefully provide you guys with value. Give you guys a bunch of free content. All I asked you guys to do, just do simple stuff like Hashtag y like drop some comments really helps me out. So I’ll really appreciate it. And I thank you guys for that. So anyways, guys the, the group is building up, I think we’re gonna hit about a thousand users probably this week, excitedly group.
I want to probably Trevor Right now, let’s see. It’s pretty exciting. So I know we’re giving you shit 20 users every single day. We are at, we are at 842 members. Yeah. So we’ll for sure get a thousand users this week, which is exciting because I’m from all like this group talk in or within the whole thing with already Guesty which is like the king of groups we were talking about like how if you, once you hit like the thousand mark in the group and just starts accelerating. It just keeps going from there. When Facebook algorithms will show your group and a bunch of other like feature groups in other groups so like it’s going to be cool like this. This group is growing fast. I know it’s so small right now, but you know what? It’s cool. I like it. It’s like a little mini family with will.
Not many. There’s like almost a thousand people so it’s a pretty big accident. It’s a lot of people that feed. Right. But I’m, the group is growing, which is great. We’re not going backwards. We’re not not growing. Right. We’re getting new users and dash gets every day. All of those new users are converting over into members of the group. Slowly but chilly plus other people that are not in the dashboard’s community and don’t know anything about dash choice that are coming on board and also signing up back. Pretty cool too. So another way to do is drive people into dashboards, right? So hopefully that helps you guys. That’s pretty much it. So I’m gonna be out for the day. I appreciate you guys listening. Hopefully, like I said, up provides some good value to you guys and enjoy your rest of your day.

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