Stop Recommending The Wrong Services to Your Clients
Chad Kodary
Sep 30th, 2019 at 06:58 PM

Stop Recommending The Wrong Services to Your Clients


In this video Angel Pichardo breaks down what you need to know to offer the right services for your clients and how to diagnose to validate verify that it’s the right fit.


As a digital marketer, it can get really crazy out there when you’re going out and offering services to businesses of all different types. In this video, I’m going to be breaking down. How do you know what digital marketing service is going to be the best fit for a business as well as how to go in and diagnose to see if it’s actually going to be a right fit.
All right,
So for this, what you’re going to really want to do is make sure that you know the business model of the actual industry that you’re wanting to help, right? So for example, give you an example. Let’s say you’re speaking to a roofer. You have to understand their roofer’s business model. So how does a roof for get a client from start to finish? Knowing that answer’s going to allow you to understand better the psychology of a new customer for that business, which is going to in turn, give you a clearer picture on what Avenue’s going to be a best fit. So for example, the easiest way to understand is if you’re going to purchase something of a high ticket value. So, for example, anything over $500, typically you already know you’re going to purchase something or you have the intention to learn more about that specific product.
So in that case, Google ads would be the recommended solution. One thing that you can do to actually validate that is by simply typing in let’s say roofing on Google. And if you see Google ads running for roofing companies, right, you will be able to actually get a proof of concept on your hypothesis of Google and actually confirm that, right? Another thing that you can do is if that business page has a Facebook account, you can also go in through info and ads and see if that business is running any ads. Now ideally you should know that because it’s a higher ticket item, like a roof that can be easily five, 10, 15 $20,000 investment, that that specific type of purchase is something that they know they need, right? Whether it’s because they have a leak in their roof or they have hail from snow or whatever it is, that customer knows that that investment is involved in that purchase.
And so that’s why Google ads, someone with the intention to purchase that roof is going to be the best fit for a roofer. Now you have clients, so you’re asked, you know, clients like you know, a gym or you know, a med spa, something that you know, you can offer in that arena, like a free personal training session or a free massage, right? You don’t necessarily need to have the intention to, you know, to be in the market for that specific service because everyone has pain and everyone’s most likely out of shape. So why not go get a 10 day free trial or why not get a massage for free? Because you know, I see this ad. So what an opportunity this is, right? That’s called interruption marketing. And you’re going to see that there’s going to be very specific industries that work better than others.
And typically there are low barrier of entry services that are going to be a better fit for Facebook ads. So like teeth whitening, like teeth cleaning and massages you know, 10 day free trials for the gym. You know, a free appetizer for a restaurant, right? You know, maybe a free estimate for a, you know, consultation of some sort or something like that. Something free low barrier of entry. You’re not exchanging a lot of you know, value. I mean, you’re shading value, but you’re not going to be asking for a lot from the person that you’re advertising to on Facebook. So those two things you gotta be very clear on. Now, SEO is going to be a good fit for every single business, but more on the longer term of things because SEO isn’t something that’s going to get you quick results.
Some like Facebook or Google will where SEO can get your results anywhere from three to six months, which for a business owner, typically they’re asking you for marketing help because they don’t have enough business coming through the doors. And SEO isn’t going to be the best fit solution for that. So you’re wanting to recommend as an expert what that best solution is to actually get new customers coming through the door as soon as possible. And ideally that’s going to either come from, you know, Google maps, right? So you can put these businesses if to have a physical, physical location on Google maps, that should be your step number one. And the second thing is then figuring out, is Google or Facebook going to be the best top of funnel strategy? And ideally, the easiest way to figure that out is by their ticket price or what they’re actually advertising as a service. So that’s basically the best way I can put it. And that way, you know, once you have a clear understanding on that, you would be able to actually basically recommend a marketing strategy for any business under the sun. Once you understand their sales process and how their business runs from, you know, from a new customer to a sale. And once you got that clear that down you should be able to have more confidence going out there and recommending solutions for businesses from all.

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