Recommended Services for a Commercial Roof Recovery Client
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 03:57 PM

Recommended Services for a Commercial Roof Recovery Client


What’s the best channel for commercial roof marketing: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or SEO? As a bonus: what should you do if your client has been burned by Google Ads in the past?


Hey, what’s going on? Landon asked, I have a roofing company that’s done Google ads in the past but has not really seen any results from it. Unfortunately. Now he’s doing cold email.
My answer to you Landon, what I would recommend doing is try Google ads. Again, maybe that experience that you had with Google ads, maybe it just wasn’t a good fit or the ads weren’t built properly. Google ads usually works really, really good for roofing companies. We run a ton of roofing company campaigns. I would highly recommend doing that versus going the route that you might want to take, which was building a funnel and doing like Facebook ads and driving traffic there. I highly recommend going the first route, which is Google ad. So my recommendation is try it again, rebuild the campaign. You can even use dash clicks to build a campaign for you. And that would definitely be my answer to you. So hopefully that helps you.

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