New DashClicks Features: Onboarding Services, Affiliate Program, User Permission
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 09:04 PM

New DashClicks Features: Onboarding Services, Affiliate Program, User Permission


Which DashClicks feature are you looking forward to using the most?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about many of the new features now available on DashClicks; including onboarding services, affiliate program, user permission, and more!


First topics that we are going to have is what’s new and dash clicks. So I want to go over some new features that we launched in that we’re about to launch inside of Dash Clicks. So most of you guys have been asking me, you know what a client logs into the platform. What do they see? Okay? So when a client logs into the platform, they can actually see one of two options and you can control what you want them to see, right? So if I actually go to, and I’m in a demo dashboard that we have, right? If I go to test company, you can actually go to your company’s profile right here. So let’s say you have a company, it’s called Bob’s plumbing, okay? You go to Bob’s plumbing, you click on settings, you click on company profile. Once you come up here, there’s this little beautiful ticker that’s called upsell, right?
And they can either be on or it can be off. Now what’s cool about Dashclicks exists, we’re all about sales and getting more sales from the current customers that you already have, right? So if this is off, what will happen is if this customer only purchased SEO from you, that they will only see the actual SEO tab right up top, right? But if they didn’t purchase anything else and they won’t see anything else. Now if I go to a new company, which is test company to which we’ve already set up for you guys, let me swing back over here. Go to test company cause company, come on. There we go. Now if I go over here and I go to company profile, you can see that upsell mode is on in here. Now what’s going to happen in this particular situation is your customer is going to log into the platform.
Once they log into the platform, you can see that this same person bought SEO. Right now what’s going to happen when they click on, let’s say, let’s say they go to Google ads. Oh, would you just look at that? It says, Hey Chad, unfortunately the Google ad service is not activated on your account. In order to activate this service, please contact your project manager at, and then there’s a phone number there. That phone number is going to be your phone number and chat is going to be your customer’s name and then it’s going to say in the meantime we’ve added some sample data as a place holder so you can see what it would look like if you activated Google ads on your account, right? So if I go here and I click on this, it’s actually going to show them sample data of what it would look like if they actually activated their Google ads account.
And it says right here, the service is not active. The data you viewing is just sample data, contact your account manager and it’s going to have your phone number on there. Who thinks that? That’s cool. Drop a one right now. If you think it’s cool when you dropping a client, they buy one service that the system will automatically sell them other services for you. Who thinks that? That’s amazing. And now for those of you guys who don’t want your clients to see that information, that’s okay. All you’ve got to do now is go to company profile and you’ve got to shut this off, swinging it off. Come on. Oh, too many times too many times. All right, well I’m going to whiteboard there. We go off now it’s off. Now look what happens. Everything disappears. You see that here on the submit. So now when the client logs in, they will only see the services that they bought from you.
But if you have upsell mode on by, flip it back on, boom. Everything else at the top comes alive, right? And it’s automatically going to upset your customers. So upsell, upsell, upsell, always be upselling guys. Okay, new feature number two. I don’t know if most of you guys have seen this. We have now what’s called Dash Clicks University. So if you log into your dashboard and you click on university and you click on marketer’s mindset, you will actually see that every episode that we film right here in Dash Click studios is being uploaded into the actual marketers mindset platform inside of Dash Clicks. So you can see we have episode one that was shot on 1217 2018 we have that episode two that was shot on 1224 2018 and episode three is going to go right on top of that in a couple of days. New feature number three product. Pretty much a lot features that we’ve been waiting to launch for a long time is our onboarding center.
And what that basically is, is a center where your customers can create and not create, can actually fill out their onboarding documents. Okay. And the system itself will automatically notify them every single day if they don’t. Okay. And what that does is it makes our production team move faster. It makes us create the campaigns and build out the campaigns and launch campaigns faster. Okay. And it releases the amount of time in between going back and forth and trying to collect information from the customer. Okay. So how it’s gonna work is pretty simple. You’re going to go to the store, you are going to go in here and you’re going to purchase, let’s say Google ads. You go over here and you want to add Google ads to the cart, I will select a test to a attitude. Current customer. Okay. You go in here, you proceed to checkout, you checkout right here.
After you actually check out, there’s going to be a one, two, three step pretty easy wizard that we’re currently working on. Developing. Step number one is it’s going to take you to your order confirmation page. Step number two step number two is it’s actually going to allow you to add your clients to the dash clicks platform on the spot and it’s going to be completely white labeled. Okay? Step number two. Step number three is you’re actually going to have all of the onboarding documents and emails going to go out to these people, sending them a link where they can click on the link and jump in and fill out their onboarding documents in your platform. All white labeled, everything is under your agency. How cool do you think that that is guys? Everything, all services, any service that a client purchases from you in the store while that you purchase for your clients, excuse me, through the store, they’re going to get an email with onboarding documents with a link to fill out their onboarding documents live inside of the platform.
Okay. And they can go and they can fill out half of their onboarding documents and let’s say if they didn’t finish, they can click save for later on. They can come back tomorrow and fill out the rest. Okay. And if they don’t fill out the onboarding documents, the system will know if it’s complete or not because we’re smart and we have validation inside of all of the forms. So if they didn’t complete all of the documents or if they’re missing information, the system is automatically going to send them an email every single day, every single day, reminding them to fill out the onboarding documents. Okay guys. So I think it’s a pretty cool update. Right? And that is going to be coming out hopefully around January 15th guys, it’s about less than two weeks away. We’re hoping to push that live. So that’s a new update that’s coming out. Next update guys, and I know I’ve spoken to you guys about this before and I’m going to preach about it again because we’re about three weeks away from it guys.
If you have not purchased your agency website yet, it is 2019 okay? It’s 2019 it’s time to step up your game, okay? We’re going to actually be giving you a website. It’s going to look very similar to this, so this is a mock up that we have of how the website is going to look like. Okay? So if you think that this is cool and you want a website just like this, well guess what? You can have one on February 1st okay guys, you can have it on February 1st it’s going to be about a 25 page website. It’s going to be fully synchronized with your dash flicks account. So if you go to dash clicks and you go to here and you’re going to agency profile or system is automatically going to pull all of the contact information from your agency profile. It’s going to pull your branding information from your branding center inside of the dashboard, and it’s automatically going to inject that inside of the website template that we’re going to build for you.
It’s going to be a 25 page website. And if you guys can see, look at all of this stuff. Look how beautiful this works, who we help, and what’s cool about it is you can completely customize the website exactly to how you want it. You can go in and you can add new pages. If you offer services that dash clicks, that’s an offer. You can remove services. If you don’t want to provide services that dash Skrillex offers, you can change the colors, images, content. It’s all done through our easy drag and drop platform, guys. So look at all this. Look at all of this services, all of this technology, right? So if the customer’s like, Oh, what happens when I purchase from you? We can say, oh well, check it out. When you purchase from us, this is exactly what you’re going to see. You’re going to get a client dashboard, which looks exactly like this.
And you’re going to be able to see real time reporting and your porting is gonna look like this, okay? And it’s all going to be branded under your brain, guys, okay? You can, you know if we’re doing call tracking, you can see called tracking. This is what the call tracking looks like, right? So you don’t even really need to demo the platform anymore. Visitors who are coming to your website are going to be able to see everything. Guys, they’re going to be able to see everything that we offer. So if, excuse me, if you have not purchased her agency website, we’re going to do this once again. If you purchase agency website right now, before we end this Webinar, we’re going to send you out a free swag bag with some goodies, okay? We’re going to send you out a teacher marketer’s mindset tee shirt.
We’re going to send you out a bag. We’re going to send you out a mouse pad. We’re going to send you out a metal pen. We’re going to send you up all these goodies. If you purchase your website before the end of the live right now, guys. Okay? All right guys, so that’s going to be coming out February 1st so for those of you guys who are pre-purchasing your agency websites, you will get your own website on February 1st which is in about three or four weeks away. Guys, you need to have this in your hands so that when you could go to a customer, you can make this sales. It’s going to be so easy. Your conversion rate is going to be so much more higher, okay? You’re going to be able to close with confidence. You’re going to look like a legitimate agency, okay? So if you’ve had not purchased your agency website, guys, all you gotta do, all you gotta do is go to Bam. When you log into your dashboard and go to store, bottom left hand side, go to agency website, go here, click add to cart, create a new company,
Your email address, click add to cart and checkout. It takes five minutes, not even like 30 seconds. Actually our next feature, which is coming out hopefully on February 15th or right around there. That’s our goal to hit it by is our affiliate program. It’s our affiliate program, so something that everybody’s been asking about and it’s something that you can make so much money so fast. Okay, and I’m pretty much going to show you how it works right here, right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right guys, who’s ready for the affiliate program? Who first and foremost knows what an affiliate program is, right? Who knows what an affiliate program is. It’s pretty simple. You refer people to us, you make money when they buy. It’s pretty simple. Okay guys, I’m going to show you guys how our affiliate program is going to work, okay? And we’re going to make it really simple. You are going to have a link, so when you log into your dashboard, there’s going to be an affiliate dashboard that we’re creating and there’s going to be a unique link that we are going to give to every person who is signed up to dash clicks. They’re going to get a link, okay? You give that link to a hundred people.
Pretty simple. Now most of you guys have email lists of like 5,000 people. Most of you guys are friends with people on Facebook that all know, you know, like I’m on my Facebook page, I have like, I don’t know, 2000 people that don’t agencies, right? Most of you guys are in a network with people who are likeminded. Most of you guys go to events. Some of you guys are running ads. Some of you really have the affiliate marketers, right? So you give that link to a hundred people. Now let’s say out of those hundred people, 25 of those people actually create a free dashclicks account. So you’re not selling them anything. You’re saying, hey, check out this really cool software, it’s called Dash Clicks. You can go in there and you can get a free dashboard. You can get like, like, come on, like here’s a link where you can go and get a bunch of free shit. Here’s the link where you can go and get a bunch of free shit. You if a hundred people, if you’re sending this link to a hundred people and those are all like-minded agencies, a hundred people should be signing up. It’s that simple guys. Okay? I mean you’re signing up to the platform, it’s free. You saw how easy it is, right? You send them your link. Okay, 25 people sign up. Our system is going to track those 25 people, okay? It’s going to track those 25 people and not only are they going to track those 25 people, but it’s going to put a cookie and it’s going to actually attach their account to your dashboard. So anytime that these 25 people make any purchases from dash clicks for life, I don’t think, I don’t call, it sounded like they heard me for life. Okay. For Life. Which means if 25 people signed up your account, if they buy anything from us, and most of the services that we sell a recurring based services cause it’s marketing, you guys get 5% of anything that they buy from us for life. Which means if you send a hundred people, only five people sign up for their free dashclicks account.
Anything that they purchase from dashclicks for life, you get 5% of that. Okay? We already have, we did a Beta test with about three affiliates in the last three months since we opened. We already have one affiliate that is doing two grand a month. He’s doing two random month and it’s recurring and it’s only gonna get better and it’s gonna stock up more and more and more. Not only that, we’re actually going to track everything inside of the dashboard. So when you log into the dashboard, it’s going to show you your monthly recurring revenue of how much you’re making. It’s going to give you a list of all the people that bought from you, what they bought, how they bought, how much it was, and you’re going to get an email notification every time somebody buys something that’s going to say, hey Bobby, from Bobby’s agency, you just made 150 bucks because this sale just happened. And all you have to do is what send this magical thing that’s called the link to somebody to get free stuff.
I mean how easy is that? They don’t have to buy, you’re not selling them. It’s not a hard sale. Right. Eric said it can add up just like Amazon affiliate program. Yeah, it can. Right. So this is our affiliate program. It’s launching. We are hoping February 15th okay, next topic. Here we go. Here we go. All right, last one on my lists and then we’re going to jump into some really good value is our customized user permissions. So a lot of you guys have clients that are accessing the dashboard. A lot of you guys might be agencies with employees and project managers inside of the dashboard. You are going to be able to set [inaudible] to set specific roles and permissions on a per user basis. So if you want Bobby, your project manager, not be, not be able to see the store or not be able to update credit card information, you can completely do that. All you got to do is go to Bobby’s account, check it off. Okay. Customize user permission. This is going to work wonders for those of you guys who are really in control, like to have control over everything. You’re going to be able to fully customize the way that your clients, your managers, or actually acting and what they can see inside of the dashboard platform.

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