Live Cold Calls Using Never Before Seen "Million Dollar Strategies"
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 02:18 PM

Live Cold Calls Using Never Before Seen "Million Dollar Strategies"


Cold calling sucks. You know it, I know it, we all know it…
The question is: how do we make it work anyway?
I thought about just telling you. This is a webinar, after all. But then I realized I wanted to do something bigger, something bolder, something a little more honest…
I wanted to make some cold calls…
And I wanted to make them live.
Did I have a script? No. Did I pick a niche beforehand? Nah, I let you all pick it.
Did I go crazy? Maybe!
But the results were fascinating.
If you watch one video today, you GOTTA make it this one!


The goal is to get them in the door so that you can solve a bigger problem as now you’ve built, whew,
Right angel spreading the fire. People, I don’t know.
Build that trust. Build that credibility. Let them like you and trust you so then you can then solve a bigger problem for them.
Yeah, we’re no long dash cookers. How are we doing? Everybody? Drop a 374 lead shot. If you’re ready to rock and roll today, today’s going to be a big day. Today’s going to be a big day. Three 74 in the chat. Go [inaudible] what’s going on everybody? Now, the things I want to speak to you guys about today, two things I want to speak to you guys about today. One, there is a mole on my chest. As you can see, there is a big mole on my chest and the reason for that is because we want to make sure that the audio gets right today. Okay, so there’s a big mole on my chest. This thing, number one, I don’t want to just let out me here. Okay. You probably like Chad. Why do you have a mole on your chest? It’s just to clear the audio. Okay. Is Number one. Number two. Number two. You probably are wondering, Chad, we haven’t seen you in like a week. Where the hell did you go while I was growing this beard? Okay, so now everybody, we’re on the same page. What’s up everybody? Can we get the energy real high? Four 89 the chat. Let’s go. Foreign line in the chat. Let’s go forward on the chat.
Let’s go everybody. Woo guys, this is going to be a good webinar. Just give me a good webinar. Hi Guys. We’re going to as always wait about one or two minutes. We’ll let people piling. Do me a favor guys. Do me a favor guys. Go ahead and drop in the comments. I want to know where you’re from this world. Go ahead and drop in the comments. Go, go, go, drop in the comments. Where are you from? Where are you from? One thing you think, wow, you guys are going so fast. I can’t even see. There’s a lot of people on here. Belgium, Dallas, Dallas, upstate New York, Philippines, Long Island, Cape Como, rally New Jersey, Ohio. Whew. That’s going on everybody. Toronto, western Florida. Your anus. Someone said, that’s great. I hope that’s a real place. Indiana or India or I don’t even know what that is.
What’s up everybody? We got to get that. We gotta get like everybody. Do me a favor real quick. Go ahead and stand up wherever you are going and stand up. We’re going to do a quick exercise together. Get up out of your seat. Get up out of your seat. Okay? Get up out of your seat. Go. I’m not going to stop. I see you. You got to get up out of your seat. Okay? Don’t want to get up out of your seat. And I want, I want you to do two things. The first thing we’re gonna do is put your hands out like this. Okay? Put your hands out like this and just shake it. Shake it. Get it out of your system. Shake it out. Because we’re about to learn and I’m about to drop some fire on everybody. Just shake it out.
Now, the second thing I want you to do is put your hand up. Okay? I want you to put your hand up really quick and now look at your head and say, why the hell am I alone? Shaking and dancing and putting my hand up. What’s going on? Everybody? Seven 87 in the chat. Let’s go. I want to make sure everybody’s up and awake. Seven 87 and the check go seven 87 and the chat seven 87 in the chat. I, beautiful. Beautiful. All right guys, so today I am going to be going over my million dollar cold-calling secrets. Okay. These are the secrets that I have not shown you guys yet. These are the ones that have been under wraps. These are the ones that have made me millions of dollars selling digital media marketing services. Now I said to myself, I can go at him, I could whip out the whiteboard and I can do a whole presentation and show you guys exactly how I do all this stuff.
Or I can just freaking do it live. Who wants to see me do it live 27 in the chat, 27 in the chat if you want me to do this live right here in front of you guys, live right here in front of you guys. 27 and the chuck go. All right, good. So a couple of you want me to do it live. All right, so maybe I’ll do it live now. I’ve got a couple of announcements to make. First announcement that I’m going to make is something incredible. It’s, it’s something truly amazing. It’s something that I’m scared to say because I don’t know how the community will react. Okay? It’s an insane offer. Okay? Now I want everybody on here to know that today, whether it’s right now, whether it’s during the Webinar or whether it’s at the end of the Webinar or after the Webinar, you are going to buy something from us today.
Okay? And I’m saying that with confidence and I’ll tell you why in just a second. You’ll understand, okay, who’s ready to buy something from us? Go ahead and drop an 88 in the chat. Who’s ready to buy something from us? Go ahead and drop an 88 in the chat. Be Honest. If you came here to watch, it’s cool to lot of 80 eights fly to 80 eights now. Who’s ever heard of our new software tool that’s called INSTA sites? Go ahead and drop a 55 in the chat. If you’ve heard of insights, go ahead and drop in the check. 55 have you heard of in societies? Lot of you guys have heard of sites get. Now most of you guys are probably wondering if you have it or you didn’t drop a 55 what the hell instasites is. Okay, so I’m gonna just show you really quick what into sites is we’re going to go pee and pee real quick.
So insights is a automated website building tool. Okay? It’s a prospecting tool that you can use for your agency. Now, most of you guys wondering, Chad, we just started, why the hell are you trying to sell something already? While I’m not, because this ladies and gentlemen is a tool that I use any used both to sell millions of dollars in digital marketing. And I’m going to use that tool today to show you exactly how to do it right here, right now, live in front of your face, okay? Now most of you guys are like, Chad, you’re crazy. What if you don’t sell anything? Well, that’s part of life. Well, let’s just hope that I do, okay? Now I’m going to say something and I’m going to say a little disclaimer. I most likely will not sell something. In fact, I am not going to sell anything today, okay?
And the reason for that is you never try to sell something on the first cold call. It doesn’t work like that. It’s not like you gentlemen, you know, you walking into a bar, you don’t start making out with a girl right away. It tastes a little bit of time. Take some schmoozing, give your phone number, buy her some dinner, okay? And then you can go and then you can go make out with her and take her to third base. Do whatever you want, okay? Now that’s the way that what we call the value ladder. That’s how it works, right? He got jumping. Get them all excited, okay. Schedule a call where they have time, right? Cause you’re cold calling them, okay? You’re cold calling them. They might not be available to talk right now, okay? So what we’re going to do today is that prospecting cold call, that cold call to gain interest, to gain value, to open up that person’s eyes, to allow them to speak directly to you.
And then we’re going to schedule a call at a later date, whether it’s later today, tomorrow, and a week from now, whenever that person is available, hopefully the closest that we can get that date, okay? And then on that call, we are going to make the sale. Okay? Now most of you guys are probably like, Holy Shit Cha. Well I’m already doing this. Well, I’m gonna teach you how to do it the right way and I’m going to teach you how to do it. The way that I opened up a call center that had 21 employees. We had a call center in Philippines fronting. We had a call center in Tijuana, Mexico fronting, and then we had a call center here which was actually doing those sales. So both of those call centers in Tijuana, Mexico and in the Philippines. We’re going out and we’re doing what I’m about to do today. They were doing the fronting, the prospecting, the schedule booking. They are getting an appointment that for some damn reason is so hard for all of you guys. Okay, I’m going to show you guys the way how to bring down that door and how to book multiple appointments, multiple appointments that can turn into millions of dollars in revenue cause did for us right here, right now. Now who wants to see that? Go ahead and drop it. 87 in the chat. 87 in the chat.
A lot of people want to see it. A lot of people want to see it. We got angel in the room, special spectator. Andrew, aren’t you? Step on up your brother, get on up here, brother Angel’s the back. He had his shirt off. He had to put a shirt on before he came on here. What’s going on Bro? How are we doing? And you just got free for some calls. For those of you guys who don’t know this is Angel Picardo, he runs our dash connect department. He’s the leader of that department. Some of you guys were in dash connect. Some of you guys have applied for dash connect. This is the guy that you need to shoes to be able to get inside that program. Okay. Now Angel, can you just drop a quick word and hopefully I know you’re not locked up or anything. No. Tell us a little bit about insights and like what your thought process, cause you have your own agency. Yeah. You’ve been doing this practice prospecting thing for months here as you’ve been doing it for a long time, right? How does insights come into the market and completely change the game?
So, so basically like if you’ve had a demo with me, priority heard how this is going to gain to be a game changer for your agency because this is going to allow you to literally come into a business and be like, Hey, I got all of this value for you. You don’t know who I am, but I did this out of, you know, the love of helping your business, check this out. Where would you like me to send it? As simple as that. And so it was like when you get this random call from somebody who did this out of nowhere, right, with no intention and it’s like, I made something for you. Right? How do you think that other person is thinking? Like like who is this Chad person who built this site? Like, and he built it for me, custom for me, like out of no reason, right? Like, and he’s going to be like in his head, like think of someone saying that they made something
Before you. So hold on, wait one second, one second. I just gotta get this right. So you’re saying that with insights, I can go right now and I can cold call somebody, build them a website within seconds and give it to them on the spot. And that’s it. Just like that. Just by filling it out,
He gets even better than that. This out is getting crazy. Imagine if you found that guy site on yellow pages. Oh, and you got that guy’s number from yellow pages where you, oh, this guy had his site built on yellow pages and you call this guy and said, hey, you know, I happened to saw it. See your site. And you know, I look, you know, I saw that. Can you use some improvement? And I actually just went out of my way to build you this site. And I was just wondering where would you like me to send it
And think about that. No, the only thing I can think of when I hear of something like that is, hello, is it leads you’re looking for? I can see it in your insights. I told you boys, I was gonna sing it today. For those of you guys were in the market. His mindset group, let me get a 78 right now in the chat there. It is very use Lionel cadery in the house.
So the goal, the goal here, right guys cause cause in the society isn’t going to be how you guys make $10,000 from your client. By the way, [inaudible] you guys, I’ve talked to some of you guys, you’re like hey yeah we can avoid, you know doing a custom website for these. You just built a $97 site and and that would be, you know, you’re not going to sell this site for $10,000 guys, this is going to all you could be sure. Remember the goal is to get them in the door so that you can solve a bigger problem as now you’ve
Right angel spent in the fire people, I don’t know,
Build that trust, build that credibility, let them like you and trust you. So then you can then solve a bigger problem for their business. Like what? SEO. Then you got content marketing, then you got PPC, Google ads or Facebook ads, depending on what type of industry.
Tell him if you want to go small and just get them in listing social media. Nothing crazy. We’re just going to get a little bit from you. We’re not going to get a lot. We’re not going to, you know, just look a bit.
Okay. And for those who have taken the devil with me, I’ve shown you how powerful this is alongside our up sell feature that we have inside the dashboard that does all the upselling for you. So you just focus on volume, connecting with more people who can get these insights so that way then you can help out with dashboard to upsell them naturally. And all you have to do is answer the phone and talk to them about how to act. Know what, see,
I’m going to do some crazy right now. I didn’t tell you about it, but I’m just going to do it. It’s, it’s hard for me to say this. Okay. Because when you work with, you know when you work on something and it’s a long time and Carlos’s was shaking a little bit for this. Should we do it? Carlos? Can we go? Can we do the GoPro? Carlos is sweating. Okay. Carlos just got back from eating enchiladas and now he is sweating. Yeah. Okay. I want everybody to know that. Okay. I don’t know if we should do it. Maybe should we do it and give it to them now or maybe the end? We should that we should ask. Drop it to two too if he wants, if you want to, you want this now? Where do you want me to give it to you at the end? Oh, they’re pumped. Oh Man. There might have to do this shit now. They’re pumped. All right. Can we go front facing real quick? Can you hit him with it?
No baby guys, we’re doing this for the next couple of hours. This is going to expire tomorrow, 40% 40% off any instance sites plan right now you can go right into the dashboard and use coupon code, insta 40 to get 40% of any insights plan. You get the $97 the one 97 or the two 97 now, I remember at the beginning of this, I told you guys that you were going to buy something from me either at the beginning, at the middle, at the end or at the very after maybe even watching the replay, but you are going to buy this, okay? And it’s not for life. This is off your first month. We want everyone, we want everybody to try this, okay? But we know some of you guys, you know it’s not, it’s the price. You guys keep thinking about the price. So we said, you know what? Screw it.
Let’s just do something insane, okay? And give everybody 40% off right now. Okay? So you can go into your account. I’m going to show you how easy it is to do this. Can we go p and p Real quick? Let’s go p right quick, and by the way, guys up in the top, you will now see a bar that says purchase in society and get 40% off. Use Coupon Code instead of 40 at checkout. Okay? So all you guys gotta do. Now I’m going to count the Maria as an active plan. I obviously recommend shit if you’re going to get the 40% off, go bigger, go home. Okay, go get the two 97 plan. Get 40% off. Now I’m not a mathematician, I don’t know what that is. I just know that it’s a freaking big discount, okay? So all you gotta do is just go here, hit premium, hit add to cart, okay?
Then you’re going to see a green bar towards the bottom. Once you do that, okay, all you gotta do is just click that green bar. It’s going to bring you to the checkout page, okay? Once you’re at the checkout page, you just put in the coupon code, the 40 click apply and it’s going knock 40% off of that order for you, and then you can just check out, okay? That’s how simple it is. So you can literally do that within 60 seconds. Okay, 60 seconds you can go and you can do that right now. Okay. [inaudible] Go do that right now.
Maybe drop a seven 88 if you’re going to take advantage of this discount is by the way, guys, all you need to do to get one to get this to be profitable for you is one is the site sale. Because guess what, the value ladder after you’ve made that initial sale is a much larger number than what you’re paying. For instance sites, whether you’re going for the basic package or the premium package. So it’s all about taking massive action. This is going to be the moment for that. Go for the 40 because literally one sale makes me make sense of this purchase.
Yeah, exactly. 30 40% off your first month. That way you can give it a try and then have a run for it. Enjoy life. Okay, now guys, that was my little welcoming message. Okay, so if you want it, take it. People have been paying full price the entire last couple of weeks since we launched. If you want the 40% off, take it now. I’m going to leave this as the bottom of the screen for the rest of the evening here while we’re here together. And what’s going to happen is multiple different things. The first thing that’s gonna happen is you’re going to be a scholar and you’re gonna take advantage of this offer right now, which means you’re gonna open up a new tab, you’re going to go to dashboard, it’s going to take you 30 seconds. You’re gonna get it right now and you’re going to walk away happy man or woman. Okay? Second thing that’s going to happen is you’re not going to get it now because you’re still not yet over the edge. Okay? Marty said, what’s that link again? There is no link. There’s a coupon. Yeah, just a coupon code log in your Dash. It’s a cal click agency tools in the main menu and then click ins to sites, add whatever plan you want to the court checkout and use the coupon code. Okay.
Is that the top on the top bar of your dashboard? You’ll see it up here. Just go ahead and go a PMP. It’s a new, it’s a new bar that appears at the top that you’ll see now,
Right here, agency tools, guys right here. Agency tools in society. Bam, you’re in. Okay. You can also use Carlos. Can we use this coupon to upgrade to Plus me guys that are in any of the smaller planes in 97 plane or the one 97 plan. You can also use this coupon code to just upgrade. How about for the a SMS credits? Nope. Doesn’t work for that. No. Yeah. Just 40% off insights. Alright, cool. So now we got that out of the way. Okay. yeah. Alex, no affiliate links in the chat please. Thank you. All right guys. Cool. So we got that out of the way now. We said you might buy it now. That’s cool. You might wait until you hear me cold calling and see how awesome this tool is. That’s cool too. You might wait until after, right? Because you’re that skeptical and say, you know what?
I’m just gonna see if Chad can get any like deals lined up with this tool. Let’s just hope you do it yet. Let’s just hope we can do it. I think now as a disclaimer, guys, as a disclaimer, this is not scripted. I don’t have any papers in front of me. I’m actually going to allow you guys to pick a niche and that will go after it. And I’m going to Google some shit and we’re going to call random people and I’m going to show you guys how easy it is to sell some freaking to sites. Now do you guys want to see that? 408

Somebody said, don’t try this at home folks. Don’t try this at home folks. Furrowing the chat. I think we’ve got to get it to them. I think we did too. Alright, here we go.
It’s obviously gotta be a niche that we have an insight for. Yep. For this specific example. So out of all the niches that we have, every company, what do you think about the one that we want to do? Roofing, painters, painters, roofing painters. You know what? I like painters just because of Bobby, the painter. I’m going to stick with painters and this one, man, I’m going to sit with painters in this one. We should just call Bobby the painter. Should we call it Bob? You should just file the pope. What do you guys think? Should we call it Bobby? The painter? You guys let me go out to the painter. I know Bobby, the painter who wants me to call Bobby the painter. Right? Freaking now finally deserves a call. I mean we’ve, let’s do this. You should just create him as a mascot.
A nationally. What do you guys think about Bobby’s painter dashboards? So I’ll be the painter. I’m coming for you brother. Oh, you go to yellow pages? Yeah. Yellow pages for old people were yellow.
I’m probably not in spelling this right, cause I can see the hell’s going on here. I’ll be the painter. Oh Shit. It’s rough right now. Bob Ross. Okay. But there is a Bobby the painter and he’s right here and I’m gonna call him right now. Screw it. I need my phone. All right, let’s see what his website looks like. Where’s this website? I’ll please tell me you don’t have a website. Bob is the painter. This is gonna be too easy for me. Oh, Bobby, the pain. And you’re doing this to me right here. Right now in front of everybody. Oh, Bobby, the payment. You’re about to get it right. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let me know if you guys can hear this. I mean, if you have audio on your end here, the phone, let me know. Let me know if you guys hear the phone one. I want to, you hear the phone? [inaudible] Let’s go from phase
Hello. You reached about to fan. Oh Bobby, don’t do be message and I’ll get back to you soon. Okay. Bobby [inaudible]. Bobby, this is what happened to, to leave a voicemail indulgence. Please recruit each chat to leave a voicemail. [inaudible] Recording. You may hang up or press one for more options.
Bobby, how you doing brother? This is actually Chad calling from social agency down here in south Florida. I actually took a look or I was trying to take a look at your website bobbing. I was looking on Yelp, I found you. And I’d see that you’re in the the San Francisco area. Now I was looking at your actual Yelp profile. I see that you don’t have a website, so I decided to just literally take it upon myself and my team to just build you a beautiful website. So if you can just go ahead and give me a call back. You can look me up just by typing in social agency. And that’s pretty much it. I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to give you a free website. All right, Bobby, thanks. Now guys. Obviously I’m not leaving my phone number here. All you guys can send me naked pictures. But I just have to get that out of the way. Okay. We’ll use that as a joke. We gotta get that out of the way. Okay. I had to just cold call Bobby the painter one time my life. Alright, thank you Bobby. Thank you. Bobby.
What do you think by the way guys, what do you think Bobby’s going to say or he or think when he hears that message?
Excuse me, a fake cheese. Well Jesus, Chad, well Chad, I didn’t know that you can do this. Chad. I’m going to swing this back
More right up here. Watch out. Skewed out as is Yelp the best search engine to find people without websites. It’s just a good search engine to find people that are actively looking to put their business in a place where they can find customers. So Yelp is going to be one of the most popular ones with any business. But it’s a great place to have search for local businesses. And then there you might find some that have websites or might not have websites, but it’s just one of the many places that you could search for a business.
Let’s do Fort Lauderdale. We’re going to go home, town, Baby. We going hometown here tonight, baby. We going home town. All right, cool. Do you guys want me to call? I’m going to scroll down. You pick somebody, go ahead and you see them. Let me know who. Let me know who I’ll call anybody you want. They can see. Oh, they can’t see. Can We go pee and pee real quick guys? Thank you. Let me know who you would like. Make this bigger.
Say one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, four, four. All right. Somebody said four. All right, let’s go to for true color contracting.
This guy looks like he’s up. Waterproofing and painting. Carpenters. All right. All right. Oh boy. You got a website. Oh, you got a website? Oh, this is actually a pretty nice website right there. Don’t you think he’s a winner? He’s a winner. Hmm. Let’s see. Let’s see right here. Let’s see right here. All right. Let me show you guys what to do with somebody with a nice website. Who’s ready for it? App Site Services. All this guy is on point. Yeah. Oh, this guy’s on point. Well, I’m a call desk anyways. We’re going to sell some stuff today, boys. Alright, let me get this out of here. All right, here we go. Somebody said Pixel. Somebody said Pixel does a coupon work for the 97 launch fee? A No, it doesn’t. It’s only for insights point. All right, so what’s going to happen here is this guy already has a really nice website. Okay. Now, chances are when I call him, I already know what his rebuttals are going to be. He’s going to tell me that he’s already got a website and it’s really nice, which I agree with him on. So I’m going to do some other things. Okay. Watch the spin off to this. Okay. Nine seven three five six zero zero. Let me see if I can find this guy’s name. Usually about us. It’s still about us page.
Come on, come on. Sorry.
Thank you for calling true colors, contracting. If you would like to schedule an estimate, please dial one. If you know your party’s extension you wish to reach, please dial it at any time. Okay.
I hate companies like this. You guys pick the hardest one? Damn it.
Hi, good afternoon. Thank you for calling [inaudible] colors. Fan Tracking.
Yeah. How you doing? Who can I speak to? That’s in charge of the your website that you guys have regarding the website. Yeah, the true colors. Contracting.Com AU.
Okay. Give me one second. And who am I speaking with?
My name is Chad. I’m from social agency. I’m actually right down here in south Florida. I’m in Fort Lauderdale. I think I’m right by you guys. Yep. Yeah. So you guys are working with a top 10, a website marketing. But I was looking through the site and actually just, I just went ahead and I took the time to just build you guys’ brand new website. And that’s complete for free. Just want to send you over the link to it. So I just want to know who would be the right person to speak to cause I want to make sure it gets in the hand of the right person cause I worked really hard on it.
Laurie would be the one to speak with. But she’s not in the office.
She’s not. Okay. Got You. And would you mind I guess what would be maybe a good email to send her?
I’m sorry.
Well, I guess what would be a good email? Cause I can just email her the link.
Yeah, you can email it to her at m e as in Edward, e as in Edward, s as in Sam, t as in Tom, I as in Igloo. Yup. M as in Mike.
A is mapple. Okay. P as in Tom, right? Is it estimate? Yes. [inaudible] Yes.
[email protected]
Yeah, it’s true. But that’s take the dash.
Gotcha. So the [email protected] is that what it is?
Yes. True Dash called is
All right. Are you sure it’s not m [email protected] because that’s where your current website is.
True Dash colors contract.
True. Gotcha. Okay. So true dash colors con Great. and what was her name again?
Her name was Laurie.
How do you spell that? L. A. U. R. I. E. No,

  1. O. R. I. C. What they always those lorries, those lorries are always so tricky the way that they spelled their names. Right. What was your name? Country La. Consuela in Suelo. That’s probably one of the best names I’ve ever heard today.

I appreciate that. [inaudible] Son. My Love. My name is Chad from social agency. And hopefully you can pass this message along to Lori. Just tell her to check her inbox when I hadn’t built her a brand new. It’s like a 50 page website. I think it’s like a 60 page websites. It’s crazy. I’ll just go ahead and I’ll just tell her to check her inbox and that should be there soon. Okay.
Okay. Not a problem. Thank you.
All right. Thanks so much. Have a good one. Bye Bye. You guys think I’m going to build this website and crazy. Check this shit out. Boom. Check this shit out. Let me ask you think about that call. Simple, simple things. I’ll do that same thing. Drop dropping me mind two or three in the gym. That was okay. Let me talk to you guys about this shit. That was like the worst case scenario that you can get for an instance. Sides Call. Okay. That person had a bad ass website. Okay. I got a hold of an actual automated attendant. Okay. It wasn’t in that person’s pocket, their cell phone. Right. I spoke to the receptionist, but I was smart enough to get myself out of that situation and understand what their rejections are going to be already. I know that they’re going to tell me that they already have a site and now they’re going to tell me it’s nice, but I need to speak with the person in charge of them. Okay, so watch what I’m going to do. Check this out. Okay, so now what I’m going to do here, I’m going to build this website. Now I’m out on my desktop. Guys, this will take a lot quicker files on my computer. I’m on a touch screen monitor. So instead of five seconds it might take me 60 seconds. Okay, so check this out. Okay, so they are, so let’s see here. True colors, contracting. Let’s go here. True colors. Contracting. I’ll go there. Bang.
Okay, hold it. Hold it. You hold it. You hold it. Carlos Truco is contracting. Oh, let’s get their phone number. What’s it going to be? A lot easier on the damn computer. This is going to get awkward quick. People were like, Chad, you’re wasting time here.
We’ll get that bad boy out of the way. Now I know her email was estimates at troop dash color’s All right, so I’m going to do s the [email protected] true. Closed Let’s get their street address real quick.
Skip that bad boy in there pumping Oh beach three, three zero six nine. So we’ll do that. Bam. Sweet. And it’s a palm. Clint, no. Beach, Florida three three zero six, nine. Oh, what am I doing here? Yeah. Three, three, zero six, nine. The country can be the United States of America. Now her name is Lori. That’s all I got, but that’s okay. That’s all I need. I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna fire off a quick email to Lori and I’m going to pick the template, which is my new tempo. I’ll show you guys how to build a template in a second. So these, these are automated. These are merge tag, custom template notifications. Okay, so check this out. So I’m going to go out and fire that off and I know that they’re painter, so I’ll go ahead and fire that off on my check.
This bad boy. I’m going to go ahead and build this into site. One, two, one, two, three, four, one. We’re done here. We’re done here. Okay, we are done here. Okay. Now can we get a quick, could I get an amen in the check? Can I get an amen in the Chet? Amen. Amen. Now check this out. Okay. An email is going to get fired off to Lori at estimates at true colors, okay, and the website’s already ready. Here. It is true colors contracting. You can see their phone number, their email address in the prospecting stage and it was just built. I’m going to go ahead and take a look at what their website looks like. Oh, a true colors contracting in a qualified painter, true color contracting can help phone numbers in the button. Look at this trusted painting services in pumping o beach, Florida.
Phone numbers everywhere. What do you think Lori is going to say when she sees this shit? Okay. Now most of you guys are like, but Chad, they already have a website. What am I going to do with this? Okay, what am I going to do with this? They already have a website. Well, guess what guys spin off that we used to do is, hey, your business, you know how many other companies have multiple websites to drive? Try to drive a local SEO traffic. The website’s free. Just take the website. The website’s free. Okay? Is a one time activation fee. So $199 to activate the site and then it’s just $49 a month after that. Okay? And that’s gonna include hosting what you gotta pay anyways. It’s gonna include an SSL certificate, what you’re going to have to buy anyways, okay. And includes access to our dashboard. Okay. In case in the future, want any of our other marketing services that we offer, you can get that. All right. They’re organized for your business right there in the center and you’ll get access toward drag and drop website builder. Okay. Building value. Okay, let’s try this again. We’re done with that. That’s how quick it is to build the website. Okay, let’s go to the next one. I’m just going to go down the list here. Kids who can get somebody on the phone.
Wow. One day painting Miami.
I want somebody that’s like Michael Angelo pro painters. Chances of the votes to change. This guy’s name being Michael Angelo. That’d get awkward quick. Oh, this guy is going to get it from me right now. Oh, this guy is going to get it from me right now. Would you just look at that? [inaudible] Michelangelo. Here I come. All right. First thing I want to do is I always want to go to the about us page if I don’t have his name. Now, if you are, if you are not in the business to purchase data, okay. Ah, fuck it. That business owner, Louise Kosta has been working as a painter. Well, there we got a call. We got to call Louise. Okay, let’s give Luisa call. Now. If you’re not in the you’re not planning on buying data to get actually the owner’s first and last name and information. It’s as easy as just going onto the website and just getting the about section. A lot of times it’s right there in the about section. Right. So I’m going to try to call this guy and see if I can get ahold of him.
Now you guys are going to see a completely different pitch once I actually get the owner on the phone. Okay.
Hi. Thank you for calling me. Come Angelo propane or is this is Vanessa? How may I help you? Hey, Vanessa is Louisa no, he’s not at the moment. Is there anything I can help you with?
Yeah. do you know when he’ll be back by any chance?
No, this is actually the office number. Do you, I’m sorry, who is this? My name is Chad. Yeah, Chad, may I ask and as regards to what you’re calling yeah, sure.
I spoke to him a couple of weeks back. I found, I’m actually a local web designer here in Fort Lauderdale, so right down the street from you guys. And I actually found his website couple of weeks back and realized that it was just an outdated site and I want to help you guys out. So I actually just want to hit him at that. You guys use a brand new website? It’s like 60 pages and I wanted to actually, I was so excited to show him it today but he’s not in a do you know, I guess where I can send the website to, is there a specific email or anything like that? [inaudible]
Yeah, you can send it to his, it’s l e y. Z.
Let me just go in and write this down. Bear with, what was your name again? I’m sorry. Vanessa. Thank you so much Vanessa. I appreciate your time. So it was l u I [email protected] p And what I, what I can do also Vanessa is just so I can make sure that it gets it, cause I know we’re all busy, especially with emails and stuff. What’s a good cell phone number? I’m just going to text him the link to, cause I know he’s expecting it.
You can text it to this number. Perfect. Okay. This is a cell phone number. Yes.
Awesome. Okay, so I’ll go ahead and I’ll do that. I’ll send an email to [email protected] and then I’m going to go ahead and send a text message to this number, which is a nine five, four eight six five seven one three two. And what it’s basically going to be is it’s going to be a, just a link to a website and we built the website for you 100% for free. We’re just trying to build our user base for our new website platform and we’re actually down here in south Florida so it works hand in hand. So when would be a good time where I can follow up and just kind of go over the website with you guys. I’d love to like, I want to like see how excited you guys get when you see it.
Maybe sometime next week. Okay. He’s been pretty busy. The space. Cool.
I guess just so I can put it on my calendar and if he’s not available I can, you know, like I’ll reschedule. But what day and time do you think might be good for me to call back?
I’d probably say right sometime around Monday, maybe around six. Monday 6:00 PM or 6:00 AM 6:00 PM 6:00 PM for cause I was going to say 6:00 AM that’s how much does he admit that? Tell him getting swollen. I’m just kidding. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to send that information over. And then I’ll speak to you guys on Monday. Okay. All right. Thank you. Cool. Thanks so much. I just remember my name by the way. It’s Chad from social agency. Okay. All right. Thanks. All right, cool. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Hi Guys. What are we doing there?
Okay, what did we do there? Once again, getting around to get the information that we need. Okay. That I would drop in my pipe drive calendar or sorry, my pipe drive. For those of you guys were using a CRM system, just freaking open up a account with pipe ramp like 15 bucks a month until we launch our agents here and hit the GoPro. Carlos hit the go pro. Cross cross. Put your hand up Carlos. We are building the agency CRM system. Yes we are right. Yes. Bam. Hand up crosses getting excited. Okay. Now guys let’s go back from face real quick. Now basically what I did there guys was I knew that I wasn’t going to speak to the owner because that’s the gatekeeper. She wasn’t gonna let me get past, right? So somebody said build rapport Max in rapport with the gatekeeper. I built rapport with the gatekeeper.
I dropped in some jokes about me going to the gym and getting swole. As you can see, the same thing I did with Khan swell on the other line, right with the cute name and it’s the best name I heard today. Get to what’s going to happen guys. When I call back on Monday, I’m saying, Hey Chad, I remember me, the gym guy who built the guys the website. I’m so excited to show Louise the website. Can I speak to him really quick? So that’s what you guys gotta do you have to now every call I’ve made except for goddamn Bobby, the painter who doesn’t ever want to answer my phone call Bobby, I’m coming to you in California. Okay, we’re going to have dinner together and buy a new steak. Now listen to me guys, this is what you need to do, not want you.
This guys want to do the same thing again here. Okay. Now this time I’m going to go ahead and just hit enter over here so I can save that information. Enter on there. Now what I’m going to do over here, guys is before I build this out, I’m going to set up a new template. Okay? I’m going to go ahead and set up a new template and I’m so inside of inside of your, on the premium plan, what you can do is you can actually set up your own custom email and SMS templates. Okay? Now, what I like to do and what we did when we had our call center is there’s really a couple different ways that you speak to people, right? Like a couple of different ways of call can go, okay. The first way that call can go is you might speak to the receptionist or you might speak to Lewis in this case, right?
And you might actually tell him about the website. Okay? First thing, now that, that’s, that’s one style of messaging, okay. That messaging is going to be different from this messaging, which is beep, which is for those of you guys who might want to do it like the crazy way and just go buy data, bulk, upload the list. If you’re on the premium plan, just fire out, okay. I don’t recommend doing that. Okay. Unless you have a strong followup game, okay? You want to go out and do a bulk upload and fire out, make sure you call every single one of those people, okay. If you don’t call every single one of those people, you’re just wasting time. Okay. We’re going to guess. All right, cool. All right, so this is what, this is what I’m gonna do. Like, Hey, I’m going to build a brand new template here and I’m going to say new website for, and I’m going to drop in the business name. Okay. New website for business name. And I always liked it. For some reason you guys probably seen all my email. I just like to, Dot k and I’m going to say, Hey, now I know I got this person’s name. Okay. It’s probably going to drop it in here. And Carlos, by the way, I saw that here and we go first name and yeah, it’s cause of the touchscreen. But there was a way to fix it. I did this before and then I did this. That didn’t do it.
Damn you touchscreen. Carl isn’t going to do it manually. First name. Yeah, there we go. Thank you sir. Yeah, it’s a touch screen guys. You shouldn’t be doing this on a touchscreen by the way. It would get Lockwood. Okay, so I’m gonna say, Hey, first name, cause I know the first person’s name is [inaudible]. Now this is for somebody who I know that I spoke to. All righty? Okay, I’m gonna say, Hey, first name. It was so nice speaking to you today, okay? Alright. Appreciate your time. Now guys, for those of you guys, I’m going to be talking while I do this, okay? Most of you guys, the issue that you have in the issue that you’re facing and the reason why you’re not selling or making money is because you’re treating this as a blast, okay? You’re treating this as Lumi load in 3000 people in blast everybody and see if somebody’s going to call me.
It’s not going to happen, okay guys, you want to do this? This is the way that I did it. This is my million dollar secret. This is how I went out and built a call center. This is the way to do it, okay? You don’t need to do it any other way, okay? Because the end goal is you want to make more money for your agency in scale. Now I’m telling you the way to do it, just do it this way and you’ll make money, okay? You see me? I did three calls. First guy didn’t pick up the phone, the other two I’d got the information, built them a website and fired it out. So free guys are telling me that, oh, I’m calling everybody and I’m not getting a hold of anyone or I’m calling people and they’re just not interested. Like it’s because it’s not kids. They’re not interested. You’re not making them interested. Okay. Can I get an amen?
We’ve got some biblical people here. Amazing. Great. Hi. It was so nice speaking to you today. I appreciate your time.
I’m gonna throw a smiley face in there. [inaudible] Our phone conversation here is the new website I built for business name that works for some reason. The first one doesn’t work. I don’t know why. For business name.
All right. Then we’re going to drop in the preview link right here. Now guys, most of you guys are like, what the hell are you doing Chad? A, you’re doing some crazy shit where you’re hitting shit and it’s like checked in, get in, and it’s like, oh, oh, until you gotta be a coder to do this. No, you don’t gotta be a coder. Just watch. Look how simple it is. Okay. I’m gonna do this one more time. You can probably gonna be like, it’s magic. It’s not watches. Okay, you ready? Let’s go. And real quick. Come on. Come on with me guys. Let’s go check out. Easiest this, look at this. All right, I’m going to delete this. Okay. Look at this. All you gotta do is this watch watches.
I was trying to do the David Blaine thing. Did that work? But then blind thing that didn’t work right. That’s it. That’s how easy it is. Just little use your finger. Okay, well in this case I’m using my thing. You gotta use your mass. Okay, so then what’s going to happen is it’s going to drop in the preview link. It’s called a merge. That really simple. All it really means is whatever information I select from here at the bottom, it’s just going to integrate that. Okay? It’s going to take whatever field that is from the forum and just drop it into your messaging. Okay? So I dropped in the preview end.
Looking forward to our follow up call. I hope you love the website as much as I do.
Smiley face. Okay. Smiley face. Okay. Then I’m going to say best regards
And then I’m going to drop in my name. Say Chad.
Okay. And then I’ll leave my agency name. I’ll leave my agency phone number. Oh, sorry. I hit it twice by accident, phone number and my agency email. Okay, cool. Alright, great. So now let’s take a look at it again. Huh? Let’s pretend like this was going to Bobby. Hey Bobby, it was nice speaking to you today. I appreciate your time. Per Our phone conversation. Here’s the new website I built for Bobby, the painter, and then it’s going to drop in the link so they can view their website. Looking forward to our follow up call. I hope you love the website as much as I do.
Okay. Check this out.
It took me forever to bill.
Just making sure we try and do the day of blank thing. I’m trying to do it multiple times. I don’t think it’s working. Guys, can we wake up? Everybody stand up. Everybody stand up really quick before we find this out. Stand up. Put your hand up. Say
Oh hi.
Say Hi. Go ahead. Say it. Say it. I know you’re in a room or you probably by yourself, your house. Stand up your head up. Say Hi
Will not
Cold email people and not follow up with them.
Say I will not
Randomly text message people and waste my SMS credits. You need to either do one of two things. One, which is the way that I did and if you want to make millions of dollars, you do. The way I did it. Okay is this is the way you do this right here. You just take the same thing. You pick up the phone, you get somebody all excited, you send them it, that’s it. And then you follow up with them and drop them into your pipe drive. Okay. Follow up with them. Put them in, put them in demo schedule. Schedule them like I did for Monday at, I don’t know, whatever she told me like 6:00 PM or whatever it is. Okay. I’m like, I’ll call her on Monday at 6:00 PM or actually I won’t, but whatever. You get the point. Okay. You should call her Monday at 6:00 PM okay. I hope you love the website as much as I do. It took me forever to build. Okay. Now what we’re doing here is we’re building momentum. I’m gonna actually do something cool too.
Watch your shit. Ps, first name
Local in. Look at that shit. I ain’t even got to be there. I’m just gonna jump in the city name. I don’t even got no one city I met. I’m jabbing the city name in there. Okay. I’m local and I’m local. Okay. I’m local and I’m local. Now guys, for those of you guys who don’t know and you’ve been running a digital marketing agency, I have never seen 99.9% of my clients. They don’t know where the hell I am. They don’t know where I live. They don’t know where our offices, all they know is they just got a freaking brand new website in their inbox. Say whatever the hell you want to say. Okay? That’s what I’m saying.
Bobby, I’m local in San Francisco. All right, so check this out. Now obviously you can tweak it however you want it. I like to start off calling local people. So I know this is going to fire out. Okay. I can even do something like this where I’ll go here and I’m going to say the reply to meal email is, is whatever my email here g-mail dot com. Okay? That’s where you’re going to put your email in, okay? Cause the system is going to go and it’s going to send off an email to that person. And if that person likes it so much, they’re going to hit the reply button. Once they hit the reply button, gets whose email they’re going to reply to your email. Whatever email you put right here, it’s that simple. Okay guys, now I like this template. I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to click save. Okay? And it’s gonna ask me to input a new name for the template. Now what did I do here? What, what type of template is this? One type of template. Is this, go ahead and drop in the chat.
It’s a custom template. It is. It’s a local template. Yes it is. Bob After call. Email. Yes, so check this out.
Follow up local
Okay, that’s it. I’m done. I just created my template. I’m done. It was that simple. Okay, that’s it. Now I can create unlimited templates from in the premium plan. I can go unlimited. I go crazy with this shit. Okay, and I create a hundred templates if I want every for every style phone call that I want, which I recommend you do. Take a couple of hours. It took me like 15 seconds to write freaking template. Take three hours, go build yourself 20 templates for both email and now we’re going to do one for SMS. I’m going to create a brand new template here,
So I’m going to say, Hey, first name, thanks for your time today. Here is the new website, built some for business name
Preview link safe.
And it’s not local. I’ll just call it follow up. Bam. All right, cool. Now Yama templates here. Follow up there. Followup locals there. Let’s go on and build this website from Michael Michelangelo’s. Alright, so I’m going to go here. Let’s go to let me get out of this bad boy. Let’s get this guy’s info. So I’ll go here. I’m just going to copy this really quick.
Cool. Go here.
Bam. Michelangelo’s pro painters. Awesome. Now his email is Lewis at m m or sorry, m p Phone number. I have it here
Or actually I have it on my phone. It was the same number that I just called. It’s right here. Okay. That guys, make sure when you’re doing this, if you know you’re going to fire off an SMS. Did you hear how I asked for the mobile phone number? I asked for the mobile phone number because I know that I need to send them a text message. I want to make sure it goes to a phone. Okay. If it goes to, if it’s a landline, it’s not gonna work. Okay. If it’s a landline, it will not work. Can you doesn’t have an address here. Okay, let’s go to his website. Maybe he’s got an address on his websites, the chances are this guy might be working out of his house, which is cool. A lot of painters do do that. Okay? That’s why the address and not mandatory, but we’ll see if we can find one here. Maybe he’s got like a peel ball just to have the cool like that. Okay. Take the time guys. Take the time. Do not treat this as a random person. Okay? Treat this as a legitimate business owner. All right? He doesn’t have one. So we’ll do this. Okay. he’s in Boca Raton. I know that. Okay, so we’ll do this.
We’ll do Boca Raton, Boca Raton, and we know he’s in Florida, obviously Florida. And what’s a Boca Raton Zip code?
Let’s get any Boca Raton frequency. Three, three, four, two, seven. Okay. We can always change this out for, it’s not a big deal.
Three, three, four, two, seven. From a c u s and d. And now I know this guy’s name,
Who’s Louis, and I think on his website it said his last name too. So I’m just going to go. You see how I’m not being lazy people, Louise Kosta, I’m not being lazy people. Don’t be lazy,
Okay? Do not be lazy. If you’re lazy, you’re not going to make any money. Louise Kosta, was it Kosta? Yeah, it was Costa. Right? All right, cool.
Hi. Now I want to fire off your email. What email do you think I’m going to pick guys?
Followup local. The one that I just created. What? SMS Message. Follow up one that I just created. This guy’s a painter. Okay. Shimmying it out. Shimmy it out real quick. Shimmy it out real quick. Done. Now most of you guys are like, Chad, you’re a freaking goddamned magician. Okay. Your damage issue. I don’t know what you’re doing over there, but you’re doing it. Okay, now check this out. Let’s go back in the screen here. Okay, so cute. Let’s go to prospect cause we’re already done now. Bam, and moved it over into my prospecting tab. Okay. I’m going to preview the website really quick. Make sure we get to go here. Oh Damn. I hit the wrong template. I built a Matone website. Backs in it. God bless America. Okay? Whatever. Thank God. This is just dummy sample, okay? But that’s what you gotta do. Now we’re going to keep calling, okay? Now what I’m going to do, guys, is just for the sake of time, you
See me build the websites, it’s hard for me to build this shit on a touch screen. I’m not trying to sell websites here. I’m trying to educate you guys on how to sell websites, okay? So what we’re going to do is very simple, okay? I’m just going to pick up my phone and I’m going to run through some numbers. Who’s with me? Who’s with me? Who wants to have the skill set to be able to get people on the phone and sell them? Shit. Drop a five zero zero in the chat.
I liked that. I liked that. I liked that. I liked that. Most of you guys like chatting. Why are you at spring? Well, try to do some DJ Khalil Shit. No, some say chat. Give me that lead, Bro. Kimmy, that lead Bro. Or we live in the group Carlito Woo. Nope, we’re not. We have not. Nor are we live. All right, we are. All right, so maybe I’m looking at the wrong one. Let me refresh my shit here. Let me refresh my shit. What’s going on people? Everybody wake up. 497 in the chat.
Four 97 in the chat. Four 97 I don’t see it here on my end.
It’s an inside the offendable. Isn’t that splendid? That’s a first. Who should? It is. That’s pretty fucking cool. I didn’t know that. All right. That’s probably why no one’s watching it on there cause they’re all on here on zoom. Everybody’s on two. Yeah. Alright, here we go. Boys and girls. Let’s start selling some shit right now. All right, let’s go. I was going to go down the list. Okay, I’m going to go down the list. Construction painters DNA. Oh Huh. Oh Huh. Painters DNA. Come on. Painters DNA. What’d you got here? Let’s check out your site. Please give me an ugly one. Oh, oh my God. Oh, for the love of God, I’m going to get a heart attack with these sites. This guy, the 1987 go daddy. Template builder.
For the love of God. Okay. Mother of God. Here we go. Mother of God. Okay, let’s go to about, let’s see who this is.
President and operator, many fellows, many novelettes been young but we’re gonna try it. Okay. Two 43.
Let’s see if I can get my Spanish tongue going here. Hello.
Thank you for calling DNA down to was science. I’m sorry we missed you. I got it down to sunny. Talk to you soon as possible. You can also contact, that’s all mine. Other web [inaudible] on your website. Definitely. You’d dot Pinker’s DNA. Perfect person. This is what I call follow up. Definitely. You ww. Dot got a person. Can’t wait to speak to you. You went to speak to you two wonderful day.
Gain attention many. How you doing brother? This is actually Chad Quaderia calling from social agency. I’m actually on your website right now and I’m actually right here. I’m in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I see you’re local here too. So I decided that I wanted to just build your brand new website. We just launched our new software platform and we’re looking to pick about 30 local painters in the area in the south Florida area and we’re just building them free websites. So I went ahead. I built you like a 50 page painting website, fully responsive. It’s got pretty much every service you can think of. Ah, I just want to show you what it looks like. So whenever you get a chance, if you can just give me a call back to this number what I will do is the second call me, I’ll just send you a link to the website. I have it right QC for u k. Looking forward to speaking with you. Thanks. Have a good one meeting. Bye Bye. Quick voicemail. What do think I’m gonna do this guy, I’m dropping straight into pipe drive. Okay. This guy needs a new website. Okay. This guy needs a new site.
All right, let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. We’ll get into some fun stuff now we’re getting into some fun stuff now. All right, let’s keep going. Wow. Painters. I wonder how wild they can truly be pro ads. Painters, Florida painting and design. Oh, this looks like a family owned one. I love family owned businesses. They don’t even have a website. Oh, you’re going to get it right now. Let’s do it. Let’s do nine five, four, four zero zero
Now most of you guys are like, Chad, you’re cold calling. But how a lot of people are picking up the phone. Welcome to the life. A cold calling. Okay. All you need is one person to buy from you and you already had a great day.
Okay. Remember that? It’s a numbers game. People. It’s a numbers game.
Hello. Hello. Hey, how you doing? Hi, is this Florida pain design? Yes, it is. Oh, hey. How’s it going man? What was your name? Sorry. Nicholas Nicholas. Hey Buddy. I’m, I’m on Yelp right now and I’m actually, I’m located here in Fort Lauderdale, but I see that you guys don’t have a website. So I went ahead and I built you guys a website for free. I’m just wondering if I can send it to you, if it’d be cool so you can take a look at it like right now. Oh, okay. Well I mean I went ahead. We have a local a website design company right here in Fort Lauderdale and we just launched the software platform for our website designs and we’re just giving some fruit painters. We’re looking for some painters who that’s what we specialize in. So we’re giving out some free painting websites. I bill you like a 60 page website. Was wondering if it cool if I could just send you the link to it and you can check it out.
It’s all good man. I gotta try that again. One was for quite a while now. I appreciate it.
Oh, you are a year and a half. I’m sorry. You already have a salt you said.
Yeah, just, it’s not as great to have it already had a built out in there.
Well, keep, keep in mind, because I know you guys are local in Fort Lauderdale. I’m, I’m in Florida too. I know competitive painting can be raised. A lot of painters. You can use this site for anything that you want. It’s already fully optimized, prebuilt with SEO inside of it and injected in it and it’s a 50 page website. I mean it took me like two weeks to build out with my team. I love to just show it to you if you’re interested. I mean it’s not going to charge you anything.
I appreciate it man, but I’m not interested. Thank you.
Gotcha. Alright man, I appreciate it brother. Thank you so much for your time.
Oh, thank you man. Right? Have a good one. Bye.
Can’t I? Them all people. But you’ve got to rebuttal. Can’t win them all. Let’s keep rolling. Let’s keep rolling. See, most of you guys might’ve given up when he said, I’m not interested. You’ve got to try to flip the script. Okay. I tried. It is what it is. Welcome to the life of cold calling people. We’re going to keep rolling here. The captain, you’re number one, the captain, captain, the painter. Oh, the captain painters. Got a website right here. The captain painter. You can use a new site. We can have some fun here. It’s actually not that bad. I take that back. Alright, we’re going to call you anyways. We’re going to use some fun.
Being an affiliate, what am I going to fill out of your painting company? That’s pretty crazy.
Do you want to join their affiliate program fellows? Right.
Hi. Hi. So goose. Hey, all good. Still Man. Your name, the captain [inaudible] contact me by text message. [inaudible] Silence call. So text me. What type of information? June. [inaudible] enrolled in euro fairly soon. Thank you very much. See you soon. Bye. Bye.
Let’s stop. Eh, Eh I want to add an I made you a 60 page website. I want to have an I looked that was on your the captain I really need to speak to you because I want to show you what the new website looks like. It’s about a 60 page website. So if you can just give me a call
Back. I want to send you the link to what your new website looks like. Okay. Looking forward to speaking with you. Thank you so much. Have a good one. Bye. Alright, let’s keep rolling. We’re rolling. Rolling. Rolling. Let’s go to plumbers. Let’s do plumbers. Let’s change this up a little bit. Let’s have some fun plumbers plus owners. Oh, let’s get out of all these. Fort Lauderdale plumbing. That’s the name of your company. Western plumbing. Amy’s plumbing. At least I know what your name is. Let’s do this one. I always like to look for people with, cause a lot of people for some reason like to name their business. Imagine if dash lakes was called Chad. That’d be awkward. Right? so a lot of people for some reason like to name their companies, their name. So like the easiest way to find, oh, I can’t do this again. Can we go P and p?
People of Narnia. Listen to me right now. Okay. What are you doing here, Amy? Okay, what is going on? Amy? We’re going to call you right now. Let’s get this going.
Cause before I make this call, I want to do some psychology here. Okay. do you really think that if Amy wants to pick up the phone call right now with this website I want, can you just go ahead and show that website real quick? Carlos, let’s go ahead and smack that website right there full screen. Okay. Now do you think of Amy with this website? If I called Amy and said, Amy, I built your brand new website. Do you want to check it out and see what it looks like? What do you think Amy’s going to see?
What are they just going to say? Go ahead guys. Drop it in the chat. What do you think Amy’s going to say? Somebody said it looks like a myspace page is calling me. I miss my space. No of these had Mitzvah. Hi, is this Amy?
Yeah, this is Bruno.
Oh, hey Brianna. How are you? Do you know if Amy’s going to be back in?
I don’t know if she’ll be back in today. Try again tomorrow. Okay, cool.
Are you the, are you do you, do you work there? What’s your position there? I’m sorry.
I think I leave the questions for Amy. If you don’t mind doing
Cool. Yeah, I can call her back. So what time do you think she’ll be back in tomorrow?
I believe so.
Okay, cool. I the, and sorry for I guess barging on the call. I just want to let you know that we’re actually right down the street from you guys in Fort Lauderdale. And I went ahead and I built you guys a brand new website. I just wanted to send you the link so you guys can check it out.
All right, I’ll let you know. Thank you.
Okay, cool. Thanks so much. What I’ll do is I’m going to go ahead and if it’s cool with you, I’m just gonna email Amy. I think the email is on the site, if that’s okay with you.
That’s fine.
All right, awesome. I’ll email service at Amy’s Thank you much, Brianna. I appreciate
It. All right. Bye. Bye. Briana. I ain’t having a good day. She thinks it’s Friday. Okay. So what I would’ve done there is I would’ve just fired off a website. I want to build our website 500 off, put her in pipe drive, and I would’ve kept following up. Okay. When we had our call center, we had a strict followup method. Okay? There’s two options until you stop calling somebody.
One, they buy from you too.
They tell you to go fuck herself. Those are the two options that you have or you continue to call. Can I get an amen? Go ahead and drop it in the check.
I remember the same thing came from, but I like it. Very simple. Two methods. Okay? Very simple. Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. Keep going. Hello? Thumbs plumbing. Let’s go down. Let’s go dumb. What do you think is, what do you think his name is? Tom’s plumbing corp are done. Oh, I like this. All right. That’s pretty cool. Dumb. All right. Let’s see what we can do with this. Let’s have some fun.
No, it’s funny. How can I help you? Hey, what’s going on at diamond? Yeah, this is dumb. Yes sir. Well, hey man, how’s it going? My Name’s Chad. I’m calling from social agency. I’m down here in Fort Lauderdale. I’m demos on your site. I’m actually on your site right now. And I went ahead and I actually just had my team built you a brand new website and I know you have a site. But I was wondering if it was cool if I could just shoot you over the link so you can check it out. It’s a brand new like 50 page plumbing website. And you’re, you’re probably wondering why is this random guy calling me with a website? We’re, we’re a local back as I can. I can take a wild guess. Yeah, go for it. Maybe. Let’s see if you’re ready.
Hopefully it’s a good guess, but no, seriously, I would all seriousness. I’m, we’re, we’re a local software company and actually in Fort Lauderdale. So I see you’re in Hollandale. And we specialize in working directly with plumbers and we’re just trying to build some plumbers websites for free just to get it out into the market to see if it’s a good fit. So I bought you like a 60 page website. If it’s cool with you, I’d love to just shoot you over the link to the website. You can check it out. I mean yes they send you the, go ahead. Yeah. Cool. Yeah, I got you. Got You. A DMS plumbing Corp Com and then your, is this a good, is this a cell phone number? I can text you the link to. I know you’re not my social security and everything. I don’t, not me. Rather if I had your social security, what are you doing? What were you saying though? How long have you been in business for them? A year. A year. Cool. And I see that, I mean I am on your site right now. The dorms, Plumbing Corp site. How long have you had? That’s a pretty nice site.
I’m going to town square and interactions for like a, like seven months.
Seven months. Okay. Do you like the site or do you think that maybe you can get better?
I some stuff but like they’re waiting on me. Like, I need to fix some company photos and send some more like a I gotta I’m not, it’s kind of my cart. I got, I got surgery.
Oh shit man. Well, I hope you’re definitely feeling better. What’d you get surgery on? Okay. All right man. Well I hope you do better. But anyway, it’s like, what’s cool about this site that I’m going to send you over to you is it’s built, like I said, it’s on our software platform, which is a drag and drop software platform. So you can actually go in and you can make changes on the fly whenever you want. Like give, you got photos and you’re like three in the morning. Yeah, you can do it. You don’t need to be a web designer or a coder. It comes with hosting. It comes with an SSL certificate. It comes to the full dashboard, which will give you access to, and the website’s completely free. It’s usually, you know, we usually charge like four or five grand to build like a huge 60 page website to just check it out if you like it.
What I’ll do is I don’t want to take too much of your time cause I know you’re busy and I’ll go ahead and I’ll fire off a link to your phone, which is this number is your cell phone. Yeah. Cool. So I’ll send you a text message here and then I’ll send you an email to that email that I had. It’ll be a link to the site and then when’s a good time where I can call you and we can just go through the site together. I really want to see what you think about it.
You can call me back in like an hour or two.
An hour. Two. Okay, cool. What if I send you the website right now? We can jump on the phone. I’m like 10 minutes. You can do it on your mobile phone too. It’s fully responsible. All right, so take a shower, go ahead and take a shower and I’ll call you maybe like 15, 20 minutes. And no hard feelings if you don’t like to cite, that’s okay. Just I want, I want you to thought, don’t want your thought. Press him. What you think? Tertiary, tertiary. Cool, Bro. All right, cool. I’ll give you a call back in like 15 minutes. Okay. All right, cool. Bye.
Shit Ladies and gentlemen, you might be in for sale. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go ahead and listen down the website. Can I get a four 78 in the check for 70 in the chat? Let’s go. What does that like the fifth call? Six calls, something like that, right? Fifth call, right? Something like that. Right? All right, cool. Let’s do this. Let’s get this bad boy young. So Dom’s a plumber. All right, we’re going to go here and we’re going to go single into sites. Now, there’s no way in Hell I could had that phone call without insights cause there’s no way in hell I’m going to build them a 60 page website for free. Okay? So check this out. All right. I’m so damn. I’m just going to type the shit in there a lot. Don’s plumbing. What does it plumbing. Yeah. Plumbing. Dom’s plumbing.
Two zero zero two three nine three.
Okay. Two, three, three
Email. Let’s get out of this.
Dom’s plumbing core posh shit. That wasn’t his email. Might be on his website. I think it was on his website.
All right, well I’ve got a cell phone number anyway. That doesn’t matter. That’s what I wanted. I’m gonna send it straight to a cell phone. That’s good. I think an email too. Let’s do you know what shit, we’re going to call don back.
All right, good.
I’m smiling. How can I help you? Hey Buddy, it’s chat again. I’m sorry to bother you, but for some reason I didn’t have your email actually. What was your email? I’m going to fight it off. Nightmare. Plenty corporate g now at Gmail. Okay, cool. Thanks for, I’ll speak to you soon. Thanks. Bye.
Oh, that’s sweet. 15 seven
Ooh, it’s seven what?
Seven or eight. All right.
I don’t know. Beach three three three zero
Three beach Ford a three three.
No, I’m just want to make sure that’s right. Cause this is actually, sky’s gonna get sold
Dom was his last name here. We don’t need it, but nope, that’s cool. All right, so dom, fire this off to you. I’m going to pick the templates. This is followup local. Follow up here and then we’re going to select paint or no, he’s plumbing. Almost did that shit again. That would’ve been then.
All right. Bam.
Let’s go. People fall 97 in the chat. Let’s go. Four 97 in the chat. Everybody wake up. Let’s go. Four 97 in the chat. Everybody wake up. Everybody wake
Up. Four 97 in the chat. Come on guys. Let’s go. Stand up. Stand up. All right, cool. We’re done. Tom’s plumbing. Bam. We get that shit. Thumbs plumbing. There we go, baby. There we go, people.
All right,
Dang thing. Then it. Hey Man. Alright, cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool. Everything looks good. Look at this shit. Ah, Don, don’t got this. Damn does not have this. I’ll tell you that daddy. Dom does not have that. [inaudible]. They get that. We’re dropping pins on maps and shit. All right, here we go. All right, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to leave that open. We’re going to have some fun with that. About 15 minutes. Okay. Anybody? Let’s do a quick Q and a really quick and then I’ll jump back in and we’ll call dom. We’ll keep this going. Anybody got any questions? First and foremost, before you drop your questions, hold up. Who took advantage of the 40% off offer? Go ahead and drop in 40 in the chat right now. If you took advantage of the 40% off offer.
Couple of you did. A couple of you did. Problem is there’s over a hundred people on here, which basically means you haven’t been sold yet, which means you don’t think that this can do your business any good? Well, we’re going to try and sell some dump some shit right now. Okay. Said I already got it boss. All right, so I presented that I can’t get out of demo mode. You’re not in demo mode. Demo mode is just a demo count that we add into your account in the middle. How do you transaction fee from free to activation fee? I feel like that would be a common objection. That was actually our number one objection that we had when we had our call center. And the easiest objection is we act as if it’s a setup fee or sorry, an activation fee where it’s just pain because we get hit with fees when we have to activate the site.
It takes us a little bit of time. So what we used to do is we used to be the one to actually go and help them, like set up their domain name and push it over. And that takes like five or 10 minutes, right? So what we did is we used to charge him $199 activation fee just to activate the site. Okay. It’s not a lot of money. If you’re a real business and you have a real business, I’m like, it’s a 60 page site. It’s really not a lot of money. Okay. And then what we say is, hey, by the way, like you know you got a website right now, you know that you’re paying hosting and all that stuff on it, right? So what we do is we have a better version of hosting. We host you on Amazon to make sure you get 99.9% uptime and it’s laser fast.
You can run a Google page speed test on your site and it’s like 99 out of a hundred okay. It’s fast as hell. Okay. That’s the first thing. Okay. Second thing is that your website’s fully responsive. It always come with all the content. It’s come with everything. You don’t need to go out and build it yourself. Okay? Third thing is it comes with hosting four things. It comes with an SSL certificate. Okay. Fifth thing is it comes with access to the dashboard. What’d you can log in? Like dom just said, oh, I can change everything on my own. I don’t need to be a web developer. Yeah, dom, you can do everything on your own. You don’t need to be a web developer. Okay, so if dom has an age man, is there any way to add additional page? Herschel said yes. 100% you can add pages, you can remove pages, you can do anything that you want to the website.
It’s fully customizable. Okay. And the best part is is you should be the one charging dumb to do it. Okay. If dom is too busy and he doesn’t have time to do it, okay, you should be going onto, hey don, we want to make any changes to the site. Now I know Gavin’s probably on here with Gavin is doing is actually unique and also, okay, Gavin is doing it for free. Gavin’s doing these changes for free, which might take them like two hours to do, but he signing them up for SEO at like 1000 bucks a month. Okay, so he’s giving them a free website. He’s not charging them anything. He’s rolling all those fees just into the SEL and he charged them like 1000 bucks a month for SEO. Zach said, how do you guys process the payment cc over the phone stripe invoice. We don’t send out any invoices that should have done right over the phone.
If Dom’s ready, I got my credit card form, write it right here on my desk. I’m filling out that credit card form. In fact, I probably don’t even have a form. I’ll just open up stripe. I’ll put that shit straight in stripe and charge of payment right there on the spot and make sure it goes through all I have dom on the phone because a lot of times you’re on a credit card, doesn’t go through, it’s going to be awkward to call them. Again. Bar didn’t get your credit card information. Right. Can I get it again? No. Don’t hang up. Get everything over the phone, give them a confirmation number, go through all that stuff. Mel said, are you going to upload a template for real estate in the near future? We are actually had that second on our list right now.
So a tumbleweeds that are becoming are going to be coming out as solar is coming out, I think next week, early next week you’re going to have a shutler brand new solar template and then the one right after that is actually going to be real estate. So probably in the next couple of weeks, maybe two, three weeks, you have a real estate template out. Our goal is to get you guys at least two new templates inside of insert sites every single month. And we can do more than that then. We will definitely do more than that for you guys. Okay. Teresa chat is on fire and that’s without an our people. That was with a y. I want everybody to know that. Okay. Do you run them on a contract? And we don’t do any contracts. It’s harder to close with a contract if you provide good service. And just so you know if anybody can guess this, I will send you a swag bag to your door anywhere in the world.
Okay. Swag bag with a tee shirt bag pan. Cool. A bunch of cool shit. Anybody can enter this. Okay. You dropping a number, first births to drop the Gregg number when the swag bag. What is the average year amount of a retention rate for a website? Chris, you want a swag bag bro? Chris Williamson. What’s Your Business Name? Agency name. Can you guys write this down real quick? Chris Williamson and do me a favor actually. Better yet. Just go ahead and open up a open up. I don’t need another swag bag buddy. Okay, well we’ll send you one anyways. You could give it to your friend. Okay. Open up a live chat and we’ll send you that over. Okay. Yeah. Seven years, guys. Think about that. Seven years, okay. Which basically means if you sell this person on a website, and even at the bare minimum, if he’s not doing any marketing with you, okay?
But he is the contact cause you’re billing him every single month, which means you can speak to them whenever you’d like because you have the authority to do so because you’re billing his credit card every single month. He will speak to you. Okay. Okay. So what’s going to happen is that website on average, now it’s not gonna say the Dom’s gonna keep his website for seven years, but an average study has shown that people keep their websites for seven years.K , which basically means you just sign up a customer that might be with you for seven years. Okay. Think about that shit. For those of you guys were selling any other marketing services. It’s usually not seven years after running Facebook ads with you consecutively. Okay? Let’s be real guys. Okay, so think about that. So you get them in on a website and then from the website, from the website, we’re going to do a quick little break here. I’m going to show you guys something, okay? Yeah, let me send him the Chuck Cup full 97 in the chat. Go.
I love you guys. You guys hyped me up, man? There’s over a hundred people in here, okay? Live watching this right now. All of you guys are agency owners, okay? A couple different things. One, if you’re not in the Facebook marketers mindset by dash clicks group, you need to be in there, guys. It’s a free group. It’s a private group where all the dash six users, agencies from all over the world. Imagine being in a room with people just like yourself that are likeminded, that all share the same values and goals. Okay? Just go to Facebook, go to the search bar, type in marketer’s mindset by dash clicks. You’ll see our dash flicks logo on a picture of me doing some random shit like this. Just join the group. Okay. That’s it. You join the group. It’s free. Okay. The group is awesome. You go in there and get tons of information. Okay. And I also do shit like this, like daily, usually in the group even though I haven’t done it in like a week and that’s how I grew this beard.
Coop is awesome. Somebody said somebody said the group is awesome. Alright. Screw it. I’m going to give you guys another gift. Who wants another gift? Seven 88 in the chat if you want another gift, seven 88 in the chat.
Seven 88 in the chat. Alright guys, I’m going to drop something. I’m going to drop a link inside and you can drop an affiliate link. I’m not dropping an affiliate link. Calm down people. Okay. I’m going to drop a link inside the group. Okay. I want to do a quick poll really quick. Let’s do a quick poll. Let me step up here and let me get close to you baby. Let’s do a quick poll. Go ahead and drop him a five zero if you have heard of the dash accelerator program, which was the 12 day boot camp that we did about three weeks ago.
A lot of you guys, right? So for those of you guys who haven’t heard about it, the dash accelerator was a 12 day bootcamp. It was a live boot camp that I did online through zoom. There was a bunch of people on there. Okay. and the way that it worked was I taught them all the way from the beginning of how to build an agency all the way to the end of how to actually scale and build a call center and all the tools to use. It’s 19 hours of footage of me live with agency owners just like yourself in a classroom style zoom meeting, just sharing my screen and building out a whole agency and going through that entire process. Okay. Did anybody, so a bunch of you guys had 500 500, 500, 500, right? A lot of you guys who knows how much people pay to get into that program.
Can you go ahead and just drop it in the check? How much do people pay to get in that? And this was a couple of weeks ago. Okay. Two k. Yeah, it was $1,997 plus it was $197 if you want it all the contract and s you know, contracts, proposals live calls of me doing this swipe files like a tons of shit. Okay. Tons of shit. Okay, so came out to about 2100 bucks if you were in that course. Okay. Now for those of you guys, can you do me a favor and drop it in the chat really quick and just be honest because I know what the answer is. I just want to make sure that I’m on the same page here. Why didn’t you join the dash accelerator program? Okay, go ahead and drop it on the chat.
Somebody said money,
Somebody said, because I’m an idiot. Broke as fuck. I’m new here. Money. Yeah, it was expensive. I’ll be honest with you guys. Okay? But I’ll also be honest with you guys, the people that were in that program, I probably changed their lives, okay? Because I taught them stuff that they didn’t know before and anytime that you have a mentor, you have somebody that can teach you things, okay? You gained value from that in your life. Okay? Now I’m not gonna sit here and try to sell you guys a $2,000 course, okay? What I am going to do is going to get you guys, if you are interested, the link is right here. Wait, do not click on it yet. I will drop it in here. Okay. That is the link. I basically took the 19 hours of those recordings plus all the swipe files and I’m taking it and I’m putting it inside of Dash Clicks. Okay? I’m taking it and I’m putting it inside of dash clicks and you’re not going to have to pay two grand or 2100 bucks. Okay? We’re going to release it to first hundred people for $397 you can go and take the whole whole thing, swipe files and all. Okay. Swipe files. We’re not going to get a seven 87 in the chat. Seven 87 and the chat, seven 87 in the chat,
That’s $2,200 $2,200 that tons of people just pay it a couple of weeks ago. Recorded the whole thing, organized everything or editor went in, edited all the videos. It looks beautiful. I’m going to put it right inside of the dashboard for you for one time, three a onetime three one time fee of $397 okay. It teaches you how to go out and basically scale your agency. It teaches you exactly how I went out and did stuff like this. Cone teaches you what call centers I used, I give you my call center. Okay. I give you all of the softwares that I use. Literally every single software was like 12 softwares that we use. I give you the names of each and every single one of them. I show you how I do my Instagram automation, how I actually go out and automate lead generation on Instagram. I show you how to go out and automate lead generation on linkedin. Okay? I give you all of my scripts. I go through script writing with you, okay? I go through my project management system and how to actually automate that and create systems and processes.
What does this for? I use cold email works great for me. It’s different. Okay. This is a dash accelerator program. Okay? So what’s going to happen is you’re not able to buy that right now, so calm down, okay? I’m all you gotta do is just click on that link and as always to jump on any of our waiting list programs, just open log in your six account, open up a live chat, open up a live chat and just say, add me to the list and we’ll go ahead and we’ll add you to that list. Okay? And on May 24th at 9:00 AM est, we will unlock it inside the dashboard. First hundred people that want to go out and purchase that $2,200 course can get it for $397 a one time fee and it will be in your dashes account forever. Okay? Now guys, do me favor.
Do not say, add me to the list if you really do not plan on purchasing it and I’ll tell you why you’re taking away from the other hundreds of people that want to get added to the list, okay? So be respectful of everybody if it’s something that you’re interested in and you want to accelerate your agency and take this bootcamp, okay? And you can take it at your own time. You can do whatever you want. You don’t get to rush through it and it’ll all be so of course that’s going to be inside of your dashes account. Okay? Yeah. Phillips said next Friday. Yep. Correct. All right. It was ready for me to call dom back seven 97 in the chat. Seven 97 in the chat.
Here we go. Woo.
I’m smiling. How can I help you? Hey brother, what’s going on with Chad? Chad? What’s up man? I’m doing a lot of shit. I, I got in the shower yet. Oh, all right man. I’m sorry bro. Give me a little bit man. The call in an hour cause I’m with the city and all this other stuff. Of course brother. You know what, I don’t want to rush you. What I’ll do, I’ll do this even better is how about I just give you a call tomorrow. I know today’s busy, you know what I mean? I’ll just give you a call back from long after five. I’m straight man. I’m going to, I’m done working. I just doing other shit, you know. Okay, cool. If I had some time because I, you know, I just had a daughter like seven months ago, so I like to spend time with the daughter after work.
But what I’ll do is if I get a chance to call your call, you know, if not, it’s not a problem. I’ll just give you a call tomorrow and we can schedule the good time to go through everything together. Right. Okay, thanks. All right, awesome brother. Thank you so much. Bye. Follow up. Sorry guys. That’s part of sales, right? But I guarantee you we’ll close him. Okay. I guarantee we’ll close him. All right, let’s keep rolling. Let’s keep rolling. Rolling. Rolling Room. Oh, what am I doing? What am I doing? I’ve got to get in here. They got to go in here. I got to do this and I got to do that and I’ve got to say Bang, Bang, and I’ve got to get out of this Dong. Thank you very much. Dumb. Let’s go back. Just keep going. Last, keep going. Tell Him we need this for content and training.
Somebody said, somebody said Tommy me for content training. I liked that. I liked that. I like that. How did TJ Collin do it? What does he say? He says I like that. Right, or something like that. Nobody knows what a DJ cal said when he whispers awkwardly. What did he say? Not we the best. He says like, I liked that or some shit like that. No, nobody. All right. Another one. We the best. Another one with an a at the end. Another one. See what he did there. He said another one after the one. I like that. Now you’re smart. Mind sharp man right there. I’m all right. Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going. Let’s hit up another one. John the plumber. Well, what do you think the guy’s name is?
What do you think the guy’s name is John the plumber. See, this looks like a big company usually, and I’m going to talk to you one thing before I jump on this call. Okay. usually the people that are the easiest to sell to and the people who you will probably have a very small life cycle with, with like the followups and all that. Those are the people that actually have their phone in their pocket. It’s not a big company. If somebody like dom, just a plumber, your local neighborhood plumber who can use some marketing and advertising, who will be well on to pay you 500 bucks a month. Maybe not right now, but in a couple of weeks once you go up the value ladder. Okay. And we’ll talk about the value ladder in a second. Okay. that’s like your eye. That’s the ideal client that you should be focusing on, especially if you have no clients are slim to none and you just want to pick up clients super fast.
Don’t focus on big companies like this. Like a company like this. He’s got 57 reviews. You can see here by like pictures, okay, he’s got like a whole team. Okay. This is not just John the plumber, this is John and Bob and Billy and Brad like it’s the whole gang. Okay, so this is going to be a harder one to get through on the life cycle is going to be a lot harder. Welcome to John the plumber. All right, so let’s, let’s not call him just for the sake of time, let’s try to call somebody that I can actually get ahold of.
Father and son plumbing. Oh, look at that. With the business card. You brought me Your Business Card. Pete. Pete, you brought me Your Business Card. Here we go. Far too far. Alright. My name’s Pete. Pete myther.
Well it’s this, we’re sorry. You’ve reached a number that is or is no longer. What the Hell is wrong with you?
Pete, what the Hell is wrong with you, Pete?
Perhaps y’all plumbing, arts, savage juice, orange, d docs, plumbing. I don’t want somebody with like 500 reviews. Want somebody that’s got like, you know, a couple of reviews. Look at this guy, any plumbing serving Tamerac in the surrounding areas. Hey, he plumbing. Oh, I can’t do this shit anymore. I can’t do this shit anymore. This is serious. Is this a real, is this real life Jason? Come on man.
Always go to the bottom of the website. People sometimes you’ll see that it’s as go daddy, you’re going to see who their web design company is and you can state that in the folks in the phone call.
All right. Hello and good afternoon. Hello. Hey, this is Jason. This is Jason. Hey Jason, what’s going on brother? My Name’s Chad. I’m down here in south Florida. And I’m actually on your website right now and I was wondering if it was okay with you. If I can send you just over a quick email. I had my team build you guys a brand new website and I just want to send you the link so you can check out what it looks like. Okay, cool man. Give me one second. I’ll just take down your info. I think I’m on your site so I have some of your info here. Want to make sure it’s right cause I don’t want to, I work really hard on the site. I don’t wanna like send it to random email. So I got your email here is a he plumbing. Yeah, [email protected] And then phone number is (954) 295-2554. Is that your cell phone that’ll come to you? Yep. Cool man.
There is also go ahead and I’ll send you a text message with the link. You can view it on your mobile phone. And just to tell you just a little bit about us, cause it was pretty random that I’m calling you and I apologize. I know you’re probably busy, but we’re, yeah, I know we’re, we’re a local, a software company that works with plumbers. And we just launched our new website platform and we’re just, we’re giving local plumbers free websites. It’s like a 60 page site. So I’m on your site right now. I know you can definitely, you know, you could probably use a website upgrade, right? It’s it, you know, our website will do wonders for you. It’s completely free. So would it be okay if I called you? Maybe. I know today it’s towards the end of the day. Maybe tomorrow towards the morning time so we can go through it together. Tell me if you
Can I be honest with you, I’m not really interested in it right now. I’m just a one guy show. I am so booked that I can’t even keep up with my work.
Oh, that’s definitely a good thing. But like I said, this, it’s not going to harm me just by having a really nice site up. She knows I can do any, anything bad for you, only help you out. If anything,
Man, he’d be calling us. I can pick up
That sounds fair. I, I’m usually free like towards the morning time. That is a morning bad for you or good for you cause I know you know everybody’s got their own time.
Learning is the worst time for them.
All right then. I’m glad I asked. So I’ll call you in the afternoon then if I can get ahold of you. Great. If you’ve got five minutes we can look through it together. Sound good?
Yeah, if I’m at the office cause I’d do everything. I’m not, most of the time I’m usually at the office in the evening and I don’t even know what time I usually get home.
Hey that’s, that’s cool. What else? What’s cool about this is all, all, I’ll just text you a link to the site. So even later tonight, whenever you get home you get two minutes. You can just click on the link. The website will open up, you can view it on your mobile phone too.
I thank you, I appreciate it.
Yeah, you got it. Jason, thanks so much. I’ll fall back up with you tomorrow man. Have a good one. All right bro. Bye. All right guys, another lead, another lead. Okay. So I could go right now, I’m not going to do it cause I don’t waste time. I’m going to keep calling. That’s another lead. How many leads did we generate? So for, I know I’ve been teaching and doing this whole thing, but we’ve made like what? Less than 10 calls for sure and probably have generated a pretty good like maybe three solid leads, right? Yeah. Jordan sent three solid leads. Okay. Out of 10 phone calls. Now I’m going to stop real quick. Who saw my last marketer’s mindset? With insights. Go ahead and drop a one one one. If you saw my last marketer’s mindset, what did I say? That our average scheduled booking rate was?
Go ahead and drop in the chat. What percentage was our average schedule booking rate? 30%. That was what it really was in our call center. And it just so happened to be so happened to be that this is 30% three out of 10 calls. Okay. Or something like that. Alright, now bowser for those of you guys, okay, I’m sitting here teaching you how to do this. We’ve been on how long we’ve been on for. You guys got a time there? Yeah, over 40 hour and 40 minutes. Right now I make 10 cold calls, valves by my computer, not on my cell phone, on my desk phone, even on my cell phone. Doesn’t matter. Okay. I can bang 10 phone calls in like 10 minutes. Okay. Or 15 minutes if I might, if I’m having conversations or 30 minutes if I’m having conversations, whatever it is.
I just want you guys to understand cause most of you guys are sitting here and you’re like I can’t do this Chad. I can’t make any money doing this. You damn sure you can. Okay. Because if I do this all day and I end up making 200 phone calls today, if I stop being lazy and I just picked up the phone, who saw the wolf of Wall Street? Just pick up the phone and dial. Okay. If I just pick up the phone and I dial and I make 200 calls today, who’s a mathematician? What’s 30% of 200 what’s 30% of 200 somebody said 66 come on. 60
That’s if I stick up my 30% rate, I have 60 leads that all have emails or text messages with a brand new website. Okay? Now out of those 60 leads, okay? Now that’s not saying 60 of them are going to be scheduled booked on the calendar like right? It’s going to take time. You’re going to have to put them into a CRM system. All these guys that I spoke to that were decent leads, I would take them and I would put them into a CRM system and I continuously call them until one of two things happen. Who knows what those one of two things happen? Go ahead and drop it in the chat.
One of two things, yes or no, they buy or not. One of two things is going to happen, okay? It’s not going to kill you. One of two things. They’re either going to buy from you or they’re not going to buy from you. Okay? That’s it. Bye. Your die Jaron said, yeah, buyer than gonna tell you to kick rocks. Okay, so why am I telling you guys this? Because a lot of times when people are going out there doing cold calling their momentum, they take it like so personally. Like, aw, this guy told me to go fuck myself. Or Oh my God, this guy told me he wasn’t interested or he already had a website. Oh no guys, forget about that. Wipe that out of your brain, okay? This is a numbers game, baby. Okay? When you’re cold calling, this is a pure numbers game. Take the emotion out of it, okay? The emotion doesn’t matter here. This is a pure numbers game, okay? All right. Remember that pure numbers game, okay? If I go out and I make 200 calls, forget about 60 forget about it. Forget about it, okay? Forget about the 60 what if I just have 10 okay? Would anybody here be happy with 10 brand new solid leads every single day? Would you guys be cool with that? Yes or no? Drop it in the chat.
Most of you guys and just be straight up. Most of you guys can’t get one frequently today. One, you can’t get one lead a day and you’re sitting here and you’re struggling, okay? All you need is freaking insights, man. You can go out here and get at least 10 leads a day. This is like the easiest tool, okay guys, this is what we use to break that barrier. These are the styles that we use. When we were doing cold calling, this was the value ladder. I’ve talked to guys about the value ladder approach. For those of you guys who missed the last row, okay? Now guys, it’s society’s 40% off. I’m never going to do this again. I’ll be straight up with you guys, okay? I did this because people keep asking me about insights and I’m talking to people and some people will go with surprise.
I don’t want to pay $97 and then and have the best prospecting tool in the world. Oh, what do I do? Like, dude, if you don’t take it at 40% off, it’s like how much is 40% of $97 it’s like $58 or something like that. Right. I see. Cause my phone’s going off all the stripe notification. This shit funny. You guys are signing up and taking advantage of it. It’s like 58 bucks. Okay. If you don’t have $58 to pay for the best prospecting tool in the world, I mean just go build a website yourself. Think about how much that’s cost. Yeah. Okay, so guys, you really need to think about this. Okay. Think about if you want to be in the results game, if you want to be in the game where you’re going to be getting leads, where are you going to be getting clients where you’re going to be scheduling demos. We’re going to be going through the value ladder, which I’m going to talk to you guys about the value ladder in just a second and see how quick this shit can escalate. Okay. Who here has taken advantage of the 40% off from now that 30 minutes has passed.
Drop in a me, me, me, me.
Some of you guys like shit. I took advantage of it and I’m not even on this webinar anymore. I’m already cold calling. I’m ready to roll. I’m ready to roll. Tim said is a 40% off monthly, $25 fee side as well? No, it’s just for your insights plan. That’s it guys. Okay. Pretty simple. 40% off your insights plan. I’m cold calling and watching multitasking. Appreciate you bro. Theresa, I appreciate you man. Best Webinar ever. I’m going to keep cold calling. I want it. I want to talk to guys, but one thing really quick. Okay. We’re going to make this webinar a good one. We’re going to do damn telephone here in a second. All right.
Who knows what that is? Go ahead and drop them in the check. Come on people. You seen me do it. Who knows what that is? Value Ladder. That’s right. Pretty simple. Okay, now you ladder. Let’s do this. Okay. Yes. Fort. Now I’m going to give it to you.
You sell them in in society. You do this all freaking day. All Day. You do it and then you get really gangster and you build a call center. You build a team around it like I did and that’s why they call me the o g all right, 21 people doing this shit all day. Do the math people do the math, the k 30% 30% booking ratio. Do the math. Okay, we’re talking about a lot of money here. We’re talking about a lot of money, okay? We’re talking about money that’s got, how much does millions of, I don’t even know shit. 10 Zeros, like seven Zeros. Is that what it is? Six Zeros. Six olds with a at least a one in front of it. It would make it 1 million. Right? Okay, so more than a million dollars in sales by doing this shit. Like think about that. Do the math real quick.
Added up, added up. Okay, here we go. This is it. And once you chill out, I can’t do it. Oh, you’re here. This is exactly what I did. Stop overthinking about it. I did this. I did it right here in front of you. I booked three solid leads out of 10 phone calls. I did this, okay. And then I would do this. Don’t overthink it. Don’t start like drawing like a master plan in your room and like looking for like, where’s Waldo in shit. Don’t do it. Okay. Just do this. This is it. Okay. It’s all good. Come on. Come on my brain even real quick. Okay. Come on right here. I’m right here. Okay. Right over here. Come on spraying it. You get, okay. Here we go. Okay. You’re going to sell insights. You’re going to call them and you’re gonna do this and your pitches.
Hey Dom, I went ahead and I built your free website and gonna be like, wait, wait a second. I thought you said this was free. Well, it’s free, 100% free, but usually done, we charge about four grand for these sites. What we’re doing is we’re not making any money off you. We just gonna charge you 199 bucks. That’s just gonna cover our time for our web developers to hook up your domain name and even popping your logo for you. Which reality takes two seconds to do. Okay? Literally not two seconds. I take that back. Six to 10 minutes. Okay. That’s how long it used to actually take us. Okay. Six to 10 minutes. Okay, so 10 minutes of your time is worth 200 bucks. Okay, so you go there, you sell them the in society. Okay? Plus A, so one 99 a one time fee. Okay, that’s it. You don’t one 99 you pay $97 to dash clicks. That’s the one time activation fee, okay? $49 a month you build them. It comes with your hosting, your SSL certificate, the dragon drop tool, and the builder like it’s all there. Okay? 49 bucks. You saw them that who is ready for the next thing? Who knows what the next thing in the value ladder is? Drop it in the chat. Whoever saw the last webby Manager, by the way, guys, since we got this shit fixed with the eastern, there’s no delay on here. This is amazing.
Yeah. We fixed the internet problems by the way, guys. How’s the voice been doing with this mole on my chest? I sacrifice my good looks for this shit. Did this look good? Can you drop a 303 in the chat? It’s perfect, right? Yeah. People are saying it’s perfect. All right, well we found, I found our solution. We’ll just keep the mold. All right, good. All right. Listings manager, one friend, listings manager, one time fee plus 90 or son. What am I doing here? A one time fee is actually $99 that’s what we used to charge. 900 bucks. Sorry about that. And then it’s one 99 a month. Okay. $99 one time fee. Okay. And this was for listings manager. Okay, sure. Can you tell me guys like Chan, let’s listen to me in your heads and where [inaudible] it’s to get you into 70 plus listings. It’s really simple guys. Okay. It’s the easiest upsell in the world. Okay. That’s all you’ve got to do. Who knows what the next upsell is?
So you can either go the listings manager, old or social media here, okay? Both somewhat of the similar price range. Okay. And then you go right here and then you go here to SEO and then you’re going one k, one k all day one came zero setup fee. Okay, one came on here, you go on here and go here. I’ll see. Oh okay. Then you go up top and you go PPC and do another one k right here, one k and that’s a month. And then you do plus a, you can do a $700 one time fee, $700 one time fee. Alright, so you do this all day, okay? You did this all day. You Go, you can do this all day. You get your bookings, you start selling websites, forget about everything else, okay? Cause right now the problem with you and yes I’m talking to you, is you’re trying to go straight here or you’re trying to go straight here. This is you, okay? You try to go straight there. The problem is in life it doesn’t work that way. You never start off at the highest point. And work your way down. Okay? Just like anything in life, you start off in the bottom. Who’s ever heard of the Drake song? Who knows what the drapes are? It’s called drop it in the chat. Who knows what the Drake Song, the skull
Math on fire today started from the bottom and we’re here. Actually there was listening to that shit on the way over here today and pumped me up. All right, that’s my pump up music in the morning when I dropped the top. Started
From the bottom. Okay. You start right here. Right here. You know why? Cause it’s so freaking easy. E Oh, come on. Don’t ruin this for me. I can’t even spell easy now. It’s easy.
It’s so easy. It’s so easy. It’s so easy. Jimmy said, can you go through the transition of saying it’s free but then charging them? Yeah, 100%. Okay. So what I do once again, and I just said this five minutes ago, I’ll say it again cause I love you guys. Is all you say is there, the website is completely free. I didn’t lie to you. The website’s free. I’m not charging you three grand or four grand to go out and build a 60 page website with all the content and the images and the web device designers that we had to pay build a tote that this shit for you. I’m already invested in this like three grand. I’m not charging you that. I’m charging you 199 bucks just to cover the time to activate the site. That’s it. Okay. And that’s just gonna I’m just gonna go, I’ll hook up your domain into the site. I’ll upload your logo for you and then like everything is there. Okay. It’s done 199 bucks. Okay. And generally better to sell home service businesses SEO before Google outwards. 100% if anybody knows. Okay. What is Chad’s favorite service in life to sell dropped on the chat.
I see. Oh, you know why? Because it’s pretty crazy if you think about it. It’s got the longest retention rate from any other of the marketing services that we have because people were signing up to SEO. Okay. our expectations that we set with them is they don’t see results between three to six months, okay? And it’s normal. That’s how I see oh, is you can’t just a rank number one in the, in the first five days. It doesn’t work like that. Okay? You gotta go, you gotta optimize a website, you got to write content, go out and do keyword research, all that cool stuff, okay. And then he starts shooting up. Okay, so three to six months. So what happens is people stay with you for a minimum of, usually about six months before they cancel any type of SEL. And in that six months, you’re already starting to rank shit.
Shit’s already happening. They’re moving up the ladder, they’re starting to get phone calls, they’re getting excited, right? We’re as paid ads. People expect things to happen instantly, okay? And paid ads unfortunately doesn’t work like that either. It’s the same style of marketing, right? You gotta go out and you gotta optimize, okay? You run campaigns. Some campaigns might flourish right off the bat. Most don’t. They, you need time to optimize, okay. And, and, and like niche down that campaign and make sure that it’s working and wipe away all the bs. It’s not working. Okay. which SEL plan would you use on these insights? Did you can start with the basic if you really want to start small and just get them in or obviously you can go to, into the higher tiers. It depends on how many pages. Re these sites are massive sites, right? So I recommend probably with going with like the plots plan, SEL plus plan, Brenda said, do you charge activation fees separately from monthly auto
Payments or can strike both at one time? Cha Cross as a question for you, can you charge a stripe out of the billing? I’d be straight up with you guys. I used to run love run credit cards. I don’t do that anymore. Do you do, can you charge a stripe payment manually and set it as recurring like one time and or you’ve got to do it separately. The one time fee and the setup fee, the one time fee and the recurring fee activates. Okay. Yeah. So you can offset it. Yeah, I mean in my opinion, the best thing did you want to keep shit simple? Just freaking charge it separately. Just charge them one 99 and then put another one in charge in 49 bucks a month and just make that recurrent. That’s the easiest way you can do it and just use struck.
Okay. Jordan said, can you show us how to close on a demo call real quick? I wish, but I gotta have somebody to close. It’d be pretty awkward. Just sat here and talk to myself. I was hoping to get that guy dumb, but just like any other sales it got folded into tomorrow since similar to SEO with this effect SEO since it’s similar to constantly said no, it does not actually not for local SEO. We’ve ranked a shit ton of these websites. Can you show the value ladder on full screen again so I can read it? Yeah. Can you guys go full screen on that real quick screenshot time, screenshot time, screenshot time, ladies and gents. First level insights. You’re selling them in society. At $199 one time fee, $49 a month. Second step to the value ladder you’re selling them listings manager can $99 one time fee, then charging them $199 a month.
Third step in the value ladder, you’re selling them SEO thousand dollars a month if you want to charge them or set up feet. We usually don’t do that on higher end plants. And a one K if you want to go for step in the value ladder, that’s a, you know, Google ads, PPC, Facebook ads, whatever it is, one k a month. Then for that you charge a setup fee of $700 and get it set up the whole all the ads and all that stuff. Okay. Example wow. Well we can go front face again, an example. Wow with them, with a website, give them the price and go ahead and close by asking them for their CC details. Yeah, that’s pretty much what we did and we would literally show them the value. So the cool thing about insights, and I’ll talk to you guys about psychology really quick, is usually if you’re going out and you’re selling stuff, I’ll use anything. Give me anything. And as an example, like, I don’t know, just fricking what are you? Whatever you guys sold before. Gimme anything. Drop it in the chat.
Nobody sold anything. Cell phones. Okay. Mike said cell phones. Michael, can you give them a cell phone for free before the pain? You, anything? No. Jerelyn said nine 97 course. Can you give them the nine 97 course for free without them paying you no life insurance shit. That person ain’t gonna done before you give that to them. Matt said windows. Can you give them and come and install them a window before they pay you? No Insurance? No. You guys getting the point here. Okay. This is one thing that you can do where you can instantly show them and give them instant gratification before they give you anything. Okay? You’re providing value to them first and then in return they will pay you for their time or your time, whatever it is. Okay? We stash and says, you know, plan, what should you use for these insights? If they bought SEO? Jesus, he guys, you’re asking repetitive questions.
I would go with the plus plan by the second one up. What’s what do you say, Oh, you guys are going in right now. What do you say on the second call after they’ve seen the website? We just went over that pretty much just going through the website. Usually what I’ll do is I’ll go through the website. I’ll make them click through the site. He’s like, this page here. That’s really good. Check this out. Like, go here and there’s like 60 pages here. You like that, you know? You like that, right? Yeah. You make them raise their hand. Okay. Just like I did with you guys, you’re up a 787 it gets your mind moving. Stand up. Raise your hand.
Getting two people to constantly say yes. Okay. Say Yes. You’d like that. Yeah. You like that? You like that? Yeah. You like that? Yeah. Right? Yes. Yes. Yes. Great. You want to give me a credit card? Yeah. Okay. Same concept. Yes. Yes, yes. Just driving through the website, talk about how awesome and mobile responsive it is. Talk about how they can change things on their own without needing a web developer, which is a real nuisance for business owners. They want to go on there on the fly and just tomorrow they want to start doing gutters. Right. They can just go on there and just adequate gutters page. They don’t need a website developer. Okay. Let’s talk about all those different things.
Let’s see. They don’t have a domain name. Do we just make them pay for one separately? Yeah, 100% domain names are set. Okay guys, then go any domain registrars by domain name for like 15 bucks. Let’s see. Got a Roofer at the finish line. Should be sending an invoice Monday. I usually pitch the website at 250 euros with a 38 year old maintenance. Perfect. More supporting question. Which car did you drive today? I drove the Lamborghini today was a good day. I drive Lamborghinis on Webinar days cause I know shit’s going to be boss. Let’s expand this out. Jordan let’s see. Do you think I should switch to activation fee instead of website creation fee? Yeah, 100% activation fee was our key to gold. That was like that word that we use. It just worked perfectly. Is there going to be a place where we can formally see what templates are coming up?
Or request templates for insights? We already have like a really long list. Probably it, trust me, me thought about it. We have it. I think there’s like 150 come with that. We have on our list, we’re just working our way down. Let’s see, Nelson. So the website is normally $4,000 for a six page website, a page. She’s out outright disaster because you’re trying to build our platform. You get it for free and you only have to cover $199 activation fee. So our pitch was, and I’ll talk to you about the psychology fee about that. So the way that we did it when we had our call centers, our pitch was we’re a software company, which you are because they’re logging into your software, which is your white label dash links account. So you are a software company. Okay. And we’re a software company.
We’re local and I always like to call local people first cause they make all the money called local people. They feel comfortable with you. You can talk to them about local restaurants and local sports scenes and stuff like that. Right. You get on that same level with them. Build a rapport. So you go through that, right. And I’m sure we can make a sale. Okay. You just make some sales. If they don’t have a domain name, do we just make them pay for one separately? Yes. SEO, optimize pound. Oh, pound nut euro. Sorry about that. That’s my fault. For charging. Can you guys can you do what you said by using paypal? Yeah. I don’t see why not. You can charge your customers and pay Paul. It’s up to you. Philip Grumby said laugh out loud. Are there are the free three builds, just demo sites or full website bills might be a dumb question. Their full website built, it’s just a light plane. You’re limited to pretty much just building through websites and that’s the only thing you can do. Like this is your time to take advantage guys. And I see a lot of you guys taken advantage cause I have my phone here and stripes going off the chain right now. By the way guys, for those of you guys who are already have your insights plan can you drop a one number one in the chat real quick? Drop a number one in the chat real quick if you haven’t. So site’s already
A lot of you guys.
Cool. Let’s do another poll. Drop a number two in the chat. If you have the $97 basic plan of insights, which majority of you guys have, drop it to a lot of you guys, right? So let me tell you guys, for those of you guys who are dropping twos in the chat now is your freaking time, okay? Take that 40% off coupon code. Jump up to premium right now. Get 40% off and enjoy your next 30 days. Okay? Like you can build custom templates, custom notifications. You can build a massive amount of websites. Okay?
You can build up to 500 websites a month. You can customize everything. You can use the bulk of the book site builder. So the bulk site builder, what we used to do, so a lot of times is sometimes used to describe an excel sheet. The sales rep, you just fill out the excel sheet and at the end of the day we used to just load it in and just build like all 50 websites, websites in one shot. So you can just do that too.
When does it expire? I’m going out of town, May 25th and expires. Look right down there. There’s an expiration date right here. Check it out.
Try it there. Try it there for you. Yeah.
Yeah guys, it’s that simple. Just use insta 40. Like if you drop into two and you’re already an instant site, go upgrade. Okay. The software will not let you lose money. So if you’re in the middle of your billing cycle, the software will automatically calculate the numbers and push it over to your next one. Do. You won’t lose money. Plus you’ll get freaking 40% off. Like go do it. Stop waiting around. Go do that shit. Now. Like the premium plan is where you should be. Okay. Without the premium plan, you can do the custom text message notifications. You can’t build the custom email notifications. You can’t create all of those notification templates, right, for the followup and the sequences and the local and first name and not having a name. And like, you have to have that type of stuff guys. Okay? If you really want to go full force with this, most of you guys, you know, I see guys opening up lot chats with me all the time asking me questions. Like, if you’re serious about your agency money shouldn’t stop you. In fact, money for us, for our agency. Like can you can, can you go go pro here.
We used to have to talk before this mean be tricks for speaking. Mitri said we might need to get a boom mic. So it might mean to get a dual watch, a beat. Just how much is the boom Mike should, it could be 1000 bucks. I said, all right, let’s get it. It’s going to help our business, right? It’s gonna help our business. Let’s get it. Okay. How many times calls have we spoke about like softwares and stuff that we should be getting? Okay. All at the time. All the time. What do I say? It’s going to help our business turn around public camera. We buy stuff all the time. All the time. Yeah. It’s gonna help our business. So why not buy it? So stop being scared to spend money. Okay, let’s go front right here. Bring that in to Daddy. Okay. Right here. Stop being scared of everything.
OK? And forget about in society for a second. Most of you guys are scared to freaking cold call. How the hell are you going to make any money for skip? To speak to somebody that’s like business one oh one you got to speak to somebody to make money. You gotta sell them something, right? How right? You got to get out of your comfort zone. If you want to build the business, you got to get out of your comfort zone. If you want to have an agency, okay, you’ve got to get in the swing of doing things differently and getting out of your comfort zone. Do you think it’s comfortable for me to stand here in front of you guys in front of a couple hundred people and talk to you wasn’t at first and now it’s a lot easier. Alright, come up here and I can start singing. You guys want me to sing a song? Drop a 497 in the chat.
Drop a four 97 in the chat. Hello? Is it leans your looking for? I can see it in here. Come our boys. It’s all about like business and, and everything is all about just getting out of your comfort zone, man. Like with the 10 years that I’ve experienced in my business, I would’ve never thought that I can step on stage and speak to hundreds of people. I never thought that I would do live webinars. I never thought that. How would I have a shit ton of employees? I never thought any of that stuff. I just had to get out of my comfort zone and do it. That’s what you gotta do in life, right? You got to get out of your comfort zone. So for those of you guys who are scared to cold call, do me a favor and be honest. And if you’re not honest with yourself and shit, nobody can help you. I’m just go ahead and drop a five in the chat. If you don’t like cold calling, it’s not your thing. Drop a five in the chat, man. Just be honest. All right? If you really don’t like cold calling and you don’t drop a five in the chat, you’re lying to yourself and you’re not doing your, you’re doing yourself a disjustice if that’s a keyword, if that is a word.
Now guys, how many of you think with insights behind your back, which is a powerful tool and dash clicks behind your back, which is a powerful platform at a company that’s going to fulfill everything for you? Make sure it’s all good. How many guys have a little bit more confidence cold calling now Trump a seven in the chat. Drop a seven in the chat. Yeah, right. It changes things a little bit. Right. That’s why we built these tools. We built these tools because we can take anybody that wasn’t a salesperson and turn them into a sales person. That’s what we did with insights. So we were using, we were doing it for, right. Yeah. 100%. Who’s got some more questions for me? Hit me with some questions and then want some questions. Hit me with some questions. Where did you hire for your call center? If you join the dash accelerator program, which is the recordings actually give you my call center and give you his contact information and everything. It’s a big thing. It’s the big thing getting to me in front of my show. Actually. Cold call. Yeah. You have to just pick up the phone and dial. There’ll be skirt. Don’t be scopes.
What is your opinion on selling two different websites to competitors who are in very similar area? I could care less if I could. I would sell everybody in the area the same website. Okay. It doesn’t matter. Stop overthinking it. Okay. I’m buying insights right now. But can I check out the builder without actually buying a site? Can I check out the builder without Oh, I get what you’re saying. Can you like actually demo it? No. You actually have to buy the website. If you have the agency website already. It’s the same builder, same technology. Okay. But we do have if you go, can we hit the screen real quick? Okay.
I can see it in euro [inaudible]. But if you go right here and you click tutorials right here, this little beautiful tab, this will literally show you everything about the builder. So you can just go there and you can just watch all those cool videos for like a minute or two minutes each. Levana, how likely is it you can upsell plumbers and painters on higher than $1,000 fees for managing campaigns? Very, we’ve got a shit ton of them that we manage. Usually sweet spot for a plumber or painter or those type of guys. Just so you guys know is six 99, so about 700 bucks. And that’s why getting them into the basic plan or getting them into the listings in a website and then, or social media listings in a website, stuff like that. Getting them to that whole thing of like 700 bucks. That’s that sweet spot right there. Do you use insights to create your funnels? No, we don’t. There are two completely different things in society’s websites. Jordan, pretend you’re speaking to a friend. I’m speaking to all my friends. Best way to get over is believing you have something great to offer the person on the phone and it will be a disservice to them if you don’t let them know. Yeah, a hundred percent, hundred percent, man. Best way in over.
If a client wants to add a new offer within their month, is that an additional setup fee for both Facebook and funnels? I’m not sure of the best. It depends. There’s multiple different variations for that. You got gotta open up a live chat for that. It’s your duty to sell and add value to their business. Who is your new hair? All right guys, any other questions that we have? Angel, come on in Bro. Gopro, GoPro walk of fame. Most of you guys like he’s doing the walk of shame. Nah, that’s a walk of fame. It’s like a flock of pain. So we just went through like close to two hours of, we did 10, seven here and that’s just because we’re spinning fire. Okay. so we just went through I just did about 10 cold calls and got about three solid leads out of it, about 30%, just like our call center was in the past.
Who’s excited to do cold calls like after the Washington, it’s like who’s going to go and take massive freaking action? Cause that’s, there’s a thing, we do this stuff because we expect you to get off of this call and go take massive action. Like in a lot of you guys are just like going back to your computers, taking your pants back off and, and literally just going back to playing Xbox like this is supposed to set you up to take and take massive action and get that momentum going so that you can go out. Even if you’re scared and you’ve never done it before, this is literally so fresh in your mind that you could just do it and like, like literally without practicing it just, it’ll just come out. You see how easy it works. Like you don’t have to be cold calls were so easy. There is no reason to up to get scripts. There’s no reason to overthink it. Like just get on the phone, speak like a human, connect with these people and they’re not going to bite you through the phone. At least not through the phone. They’re not going to bite you.
Is there going to be a replay of this? Yeah, there’ll be a replay. It’ll be up on our youtube channel.
So, so drop job. I want to see how many people out of everyone who’s still here are going to take massive action. You’re going to take and do cold calls after they finish this live here. 700 in the chat. If you’re going to say mathematics, if you’re going to take massive
No, 700 700700700 let’s go 700 to wake up. Everybody wake up. Shake it off. What I’m talking about? Wake it up. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. See, that’s what I, that’s that’s what.
We’re going to get you guys to the next level. Going, committing, doing these little things like sending a hundred cause guess what? I know you guys are committed. I know when I get on these calls with you guys, if you guys haven’t taken a call with me that I asked you, hey, how did it go? You tell me. Yeah, I have 10 in the pipeline. I sold five. Why? Because you took massive action after this and literally that’s what we spent two hours for. We’re not jumping in and out. I’m not jumping in here because I’m having fun. I’m jumping in here cause I want to help you guys get to the next level. Cause I know how hard it was when I was at a point where I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have all of this, all of this help. I didn’t have all these resources.
I wish I had Chad when I first started out, which I did it. So you know, now it’s, it’s different. And so that’s why I’m giving back. Cause I know how hard it might be to overthink a lot of this stuff. And, and because of it, you don’t take action and you’re getting stuck in this loop of information because now you think you got to go back and take an entire course on cold calling to go out and place your first call and do exactly what challenges did on the slide. So drop off three, three, three, if you feel me on that. Sure. You guys feel me on that? What? I just said, drop a three, three in the chat. 33 in the check.
Carlos, can you jump on intercom in case anybody opened up? Just swing. Yeah. So maybe I just let him know just by the way, guys, this group going to take some massive
Yeah. Just to throw one thing out there. By the way, guys, if you’re buying your SMS credits while using your coupon just by your SMS credit separately will not let you check out using the coupon code. If you do that. So very simple. If you’re planning on using the 40% off code, all you gotta do is just use the 40% off code on buying your instance sites. Plan checkout, it takes two seconds, then just go back and just buy your SMS credits because the 40% off does not apply to SMS credits anyways, so it’s not gonna do anything, right? So you won’t be able to checkout if you try to buy both of them together by the insights plan first, use the 40% off coupon code checkout, then go back to the insights page, add the SMS plan that you want. Check out separately there. Okay guys,
So we have a question. Why don’t we sell an insight? How do we get them to set up after we cha? How do we get them set up after we charge them activation? You’re talking about the client, so she’s asking, oh, they’re after. After they get set up. Oh, they paid for this for the website. How do they get it?
Is that all you gotta do is just point the domain name over here. Watch this as a video right here I’m seeing, let’s say it’s build their set up custom domain name right here. This is the video that you need to watch. I’ll make a big screen so you can see it. The video is two minutes and 31 seconds. It should technically take you two minutes and 31 seconds. If you’re doing that, that’s all you have to do. You just got to take the domain name of theirs, jump into their c panel just asking for access to their GoDaddy or whatever it is and just point the domain name over to our server. Follow us. Follow that video takes literally two minutes and 31 seconds. Carlos did it like live and was showing you guys how to do it in two minutes and 31 seconds. That’s how easy it is.
I want to ask, is the 40% off for just one month or is it every month for the first month? And for the reason, the matter of the facts that you guys take massive action, take advantage. And, and literally when you’re talking about volume, right? These little numbers, this percentage job isn’t, you know, you’re going to want to take massive action and take advantage of this so that you can go in 10 x what you currently do right now with this, with this opportunity. Cause you’re not going to have a problem with saving money when you have 10, 15 clients paying you x per month, by the way. So that’s just something to think about. Angel Cards. It’s actually angel limonus Angel Ramona’s. Yeah. So my, my inspiration guys, if you guys don’t know anything about me my motivation is Marcus Lamona. So I dunno if you guys know who he is, he’s part of the profit the show. And that’s Kinda who my inspiration is and who I look up to to be one day. Say One
Thing. This fricking banner right here. One right there it is. So splendid. That one right there. That’s something new that we did for you guys. You’d like that three Oh seven in the chat if you like that three Oh seven in the chat. If you like that. That’s
Pretty cool, right? We’re trying to step up our game here. Okay. We’re trying to step it up. We’re doing what? We can. Three oh seven in the chat. Three oh seven in the chat. Ready? They’re ready. They’re ready. All right guys, so this is what we’re going to do. Go ahead and fire off any questions you want. Let’s do some Q and a and that. We did a little bit here and there. Let’s do some Q and a fire off. Any questions you have for me or angel? We’re going to answer them for you. Fire off any questions you have for me and angel, we’re gonna do them for you. Fire off, fire off, fire off.
Nobody’s got questions right? That just means, Chad, when did you start your business? How old were you? I was about 20 years old. It started about 10 years ago. 2009 Matt to, just to clarify, if we upgrade, does it start a new 30 days? Cha Carlos, it doesn’t, right? It does not start a new 30 days. Yeah. All that really does is it will just deduct everything. Like if you’re in the middle of the month, the system will automatically deduct the money that you’ve spent and it will calculate everything and make sure that you’re not paying again for that 15 days. So this system will do it off for you guys’ bare minimum to get started set payment. Yeah. I’m not sure. I don’t get the question bare minimum to get started except payment.
If you’re asking about how much do you have to invest in the getting your first client using, it’s the sites you actually get three free sites with. You know, right now you guys can just go make money with, with the free sites. But there is no bare minimum cause you could just literally go sell it right now with the free account that you guys have. So
Yeah. And you said, what’s your favorite niche? For me, I like painting. That’s why I always use Bobbi, the painter. I don’t know why I just been selling penny shit for a long time. Phil said Dash Con Dashcam Ah, we can’t even get into that right now. Let me, you know what to tell you. Let’s say your poll real quick. Drop it right before you drop anything. Stop. Don’t drop any numbers yet. Hang tight. Okay. Everybody’s gonna start dropping like random numbers and shit. Okay. I want to know really seriously, don’t drop this number if you’re cause then you just play with our emotions and there’s no reason to do that. We get all excited for no reason. OK. Real question for you. If we were to tell you, you are going to, from where ever you are in this world, get on a plane in November, sometime in November, hopefully.
October, November. Yeah. We’re still working it out. We should’ve been said that shit, but whatever, whatever. We’ll let it slide. We want to tell you, you can get on a plane from anywhere you want in the world and come hang out with the [inaudible] team in Miami, Florida party capital m and m come into a really bad ass hotel two day event where we’re going to bring the best speakers in the world. Okay? The best speakers in the world, including myself. Yes, I am one of the best speakers in the world. You’re going to come down and you’re gonna spend two days with us and we’re going to blow your mind and we’re going to change your life completely with about 500 to a thousand other agency owners just like yourself. At the event, we’re going to call dash cone, drop a 767 in the chat. If you are going to join us, seven
Briefly set up to dash con who could get him to show up, do whatever it takes to make it to dash con.
I’m coming to Florida. Someone will buy my plane ticket now moving to Florida. There you go. All right, good. So we know that people want to come. Yeah. All right. Good. Great. Somebody asked what your workout routine was. Angel, I work out routine. Maybe if you want to tell them how many steroids you’re taking.
So it’s called a a lot of rice and chicken and working out at 5:00 AM in the morning before I come to dash,
Diarrhea at 6:00 PM with all that rice and chicken cause that shit, it’ll give you some, that should all give you some cramps. That’s nice. Okay. the golf swing, the golf swing. Yeah. Yeah, I fly from lake worth. Are there any white label videos for clients to manage their website on their own? Yes. Carlos, aren’t you adding that? Yeah, we’re going to be adding that I think probably tomorrow. So once you, once the client gets access to the dashboard and they’re in the web builder section right below it, just like this, right? Like they’ll have all these white labeled videos that they can watch. So yeah, definitely. Well we got to play golf when I come down for Dash Con arose con polio. Chad, you coming how would you adapt prices for Canadian market?
I get that question a lot. Jaron. What I would do is even further regular services also like not just for in society but just everything in general. What I would do is creating a sell sheet, take all of the prices that are in dash place on one row, one column, and then on the second column put your, your Canadian wholesale prices with basically what the exchange rate and then create a third column with what you would sell those services for in retail so that you can, if you do delegate at one point your sales process, you can just give this excel sheet to the people selling on the phone for you. Yep. And they know what to reference so they know what to obviously offer the services.
You know what most of you really don’t know is me and angel are both naked from the waist down right now. And you can’t see that because there was a banner here and that’s why it’s been getting a little awkward every time I get a little closer to him. So when you guys don’t realize this is the real thing that’s happening here and this banner is bad ass, I will say that somebody said, do you do video marketing? No, we do know. That’s what the banners for. Huh. All right guys, I’m going to close it out with this. Okay. There was a banner right here for a reason. We did this two hour lesson for reason. Told you at the beginning
Of this event I am going to sell you something and I was being brutally honest with you guys. Okay? I’m not hiding anything. Okay. We are selling you insta sites because it worked for us and it’s a tool that allowed us to sell millions of dollars worth in digital marketing spend. Okay. Or digital marketing services. So the reason why I’m telling you that I am going to sell you on in society is because I truly believe that you should purchase it because it has changed my life. I would not have any of this stuff if it wasn’t for this one tool, which is in society’s. Okay guys. So I’m even making it easier for you to just tip herself over and get insights. All you gotta do is there’s a banner. Where is it? I think it’s a, it’s gotta be here somewhere where you got to find it.
I think it’s somewhere here. It’s right over here, I think. No, maybe not now. It’s not there. Oh, you. It’s where is you found me? It’s right there. Oh, it’s now disappeared. Oh, here it is. It’s right there. Yeah, it’s right. It’s right here. Okay. It’s right there. We’re giving you a freaking 40% off of insights. We are never going to do this ever again in the history of dash clicks. At least not for the next couple months. That’s for sure. Okay. Never again the history, but at least not for the next couple of months now, but with all seriousness guys, I’m 40% off. InstaSites can we do the math really quick? Somebody to be a mathematician. If you want to be an OGN, you want to get the two 97 plan. 40% off of that is how much somebody do the math for me. So I’m going to do the math for me.
Dropping the chat. How much I don’t think you calculate. Yeah, I’m 40% off of two 97 is what? One 18 one 18 off. One 18 off three 97 one 88 you’re making us have together, Matt. Come on guys. What’s going on here? One 81 thank you. One 78 somebody this these numbers Bro. Alright, it’s about 180 bucks. We don’t want your phone number. It’s about, it’s about 180 bucks. If you want to get BG and get the biggest plan and I’ve all the features and take massive action right now, okay. And you get it right now. This shit’s gonna expire tomorrow. 1159 do not message me. I’m being dead serious. Guys. Do not message me on Facebook. Do not message me on intercom. Do not write in the marketer’s mindset group. Hey, what happened with a coupon attorney? Use it. And if you’re outside of the expiry date, that’s it. It’s vanished. It’s never going to come back. Okay. So you guys took the time. You came here, you showed up live, you gave us your time, we’re giving you something in return. Okay? So make sure 40% off. Okay, how much is the one 97 if you take 40% off of that plan, how much is that mathematicians go for it. Drop dropping in the chat. How much is the plan? The total number, total number are 40% off. 197 is what? What does that leave you with somebody to do the math for me?
Nobody wants to do this. You guys are all as lazy as me. $80 off. One 18 okay, thank you. How much is it now look at this shit. You ready for this? What? 40% off? $97 I think I know what it is. I think it’s $58 right? So you’re telling me for $58 you can go and do this whole thing right here. Right now. Like you can get off of this and you can do this right now for 51 bucks jury businesses, 58 bucks for one in a hundred business. Now if you take that $58, okay, and you sell just one, you get your money back and you still make money. Not only that, it’s pay for the service, the site and you can make some on the hosting cause you’re not going to sell the hosting for 25. You could just sell it three bucks, 35 45 yeah, nothing over 29 bucks and there you go.
Pays for itself. Good. Can I guys, that’s it. All right guys, so I am going to leave because we’ve been on this now for two and a half hours. And it’s been a crazy roller coaster in these last two and a half hours. They think they’re ready yet. I think they’re ready. You guys are ready to go. Take massive action. If you can learn, if you’ve learned anything on this two and a half hour live video, it’s get out of your comfort zone. Start going out and take massive action. These are the tools that we provide and you guys who go out and take that massive action. You can use the 40% off until May 17th which is tomorrow. If you’re watching this live, may 17 2019 at 11:59 PM est, that coupon code will be null and void. It will not work if you try to check out at 12 midnight or the following day or any day after that.
Okay? All you gotta do is you go to insta 40 you’re, you’re sorry. You go to your account, log in and dash quakes, click agency tools in the main menu. Click ins to sites, pick your plan, click checkout. It’ll take you to the checkout page. Drop your coupon code in Insta 40 k hit apply. It’ll take 40% off your entire order. For instance, sites check out. That’s it. That’s it. Okay. Buy Your SMS separately. Okay. Buy Your SMS separately or it will not work. So go get your insights plan first. Apply the 40% off order or probably a 40% off coupon code checkout. Then go back and get your SMS credits. Okay? Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode of marketers mindset by Dash Clicks. It’s me, Angel, Carlos, and be a trace. We’re over and out, guys. We love you guys.

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