How to Set Proper Expectations when You Can’t Guarantee Results for a Campaign
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 02:56 PM

How to Set Proper Expectations when You Can’t Guarantee Results for a Campaign


Knowing how to set and manage client expectations is vital for client retention. Watch this video to learn how to sell your services without making promises.


Mike Levy says, we cannot guarantee results for campaigns. So how do you set proper expectations for new customers?
This is actually one of the most ask questions inside of dashboards is how to actually set proper expectations. Now my rule of thumb and just owning a marketing company for 10 years, I never recommend ever guaranteeing anything because keep in mind the customer will always remember what you guarantee them. So if you’re guaranteeing somebody 20 leads per month and you at the end of the month deliver them 15 leads, they’re gonna come back to you pissed off because you guaranteed than 20 leads and now you’re short five leads, right? Versus doing it the proper way, which is the right way to set expectations is to actually tell the customer and be honest with them. There’s no actual guarantee that we can provide you because there are so many different variables within the campaign.
You’re going to have a different ad copy, you’re going to have different graphics and images and videos in different landing page and we’re going to be targeting different audiences and there are so many different variables within your campaign that is completely different to any other campaigns that we might’ve ran in your industry. Right? So and you might even be targeting different locations as well, which is also another thing that differentiates ad calls and conversions and all that stuff. So you never want to put any guarantee on marketing. The right way to do it is to say, Hey, you know what? We need at least 30 to 60 days to run the campaign, gather in some data, and then we’ll be able to set some type of KPIs for the months moving forward because then we’ll know what our average cost per acquisition is, right? I’ll know that it’s costing me $20 to acquire a new lead or get a new phone call or whatever the case may be.
So you always want to give yourself at least 30 to 60 days to go out, gather the data, and then from the data, because the numbers tell it all right? We can actually give a real amount and we can say, Hey, you know what? Right now it’s the, you know, we’re 45 days into the campaign. It’s costing us $25 to get a a, I get a lead. I think we can definitely get that down over time. Maybe next month we can set some type of KPI and some type of goal to get that number down from 25 to maybe $20 or $22 or whatever that case is. But you’re not guaranteeing them that. That’s just a strategy and the plan of attack that you’re going with. So hopefully that helps.

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