How to Manage Client Communication
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 02:34 PM

How to Manage Client Communication


Effective client communication is important for maintaining your revenue flow. But how often should you reach out to them? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Watch to find out.


So Bill is basically asking how do I manage client communications and what are, what’s the frequency that I should be contacting my clients after I sign them up for my services?
So the answer to that Bill is usually what I recommend doing is contacting your clients at least once a week and having some type of touchpoint or delivery factor that you can provide to them. Right? So whether it’s even something small as saying, Hey, you know, we made these changes to this campaign or saying, hey, you know, I’ll just check the traffic and sets on your ad campaign that we’re running and it looks like we got 10 conversions this week. Just having some type of touch point. You definitely want to do that at least once a week. And then at the end of their billing cycle, you want to have what’s called a monthly reporting session where you can take the report from their actual metrics, from everything that’s happening in their campaign and give them an update. And then also set expectations is what they can plan to maybe receive next month or sensitive type of goals. Where we’d like to actually do for the following month. So in a short answer to that, it’s definitely do weekly touch points. And then at the end of the month, do once a month, like a whole reporting thing, which it lasts for like maybe even 10 15 minutes. It can be a quick call. So hopefully that helps.

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