How to Get in the Closing Deals Mindset with Alex Shlinsky
Chad Kodary
Sep 12th, 2019 at 07:10 PM

How to Get in the Closing Deals Mindset with Alex Shlinsky


Learn the exact strategies on how to be in the “closing deals” business so you can scale your agency.


What’s going on? Instagram and Facebook. How are we doing people? I’m here live with Alex Schwinn Ski. Um, in about two seconds I’m going to pull you guys up on my side screen so we can make an official. But um, Facebook official Hashtag Facebook official [inaudible] live. Oh Yeah, look, let me get this bad boy up. Oh my God. Amazing. Amazing. All right, cool. And some people pile in and uh, I got my boy Alex in here and Alex, just so you know, there’s probably about a 32nd delay here. So when you’re doing the weird movements, you won’t see the weird move until about 30 seconds later. I’ve never used these. We’ll start doing them together. Know that there’s a delay, right? Just like every other thing, you know, just use it every time I’m here. So what’s cool is, and I’m going to show you this, I know, it’s crazy.
So, and coming from, you’ve got a front screen right here. Then we got the side screen, which is right here. Ah. Then we got the GoPro, which is right there up top. And then we got the TV, the touchscreen TV, which we’re going to be doing some really cool stuff on. So guys, we’re going to have about 30 minutes where we’re going to unload some massive value guys, a massive value guys, massive value bombs on you guys. And you’re going to be like, Chad, um, I’m don’t know if I’m ready for it, but chances are you are, you just gotta let it in and absorb the information. So let’s have some fun. Alex, tell them a little bit about who you are, what you do, what you do now, what you’ve done in the past. I want to know everything about you. I kind of do already, maybe got awkward last time we spoke as we do all the same shit, but tell them, I tell them a little bit about yourself, what you do, introduce yourself, get them all excited that see it if that Facebook you see there.
Um, first and foremost, I’ve done like, I dunno, 5,000 Facebook lives. I’ve done a couple in it, in a few people’s offices, Jeff Miller and a couple of people. This is the dopest office I’ve ever been in in terms of Facebook live action there. 11 lit up, Yo. So it’s pretty dope. So if you don’t know me, first and foremost, welcome, I’m not really sure. Which camera do you use? Usually I’m like looking at like one, like very distinct camera. So like there’s like 40 here and a bunch of lights. But anyways, uh, yeah. My name is Alex Lynskey. I run a coaching program called prospecting on demand. It’s on my shirt. It’s very pretty and everything. I think you can even see it in four k. I mean it was just dope. Dope. Yeah. So I also run a marketing agency called sky social media. We focus on attorneys only, specifically personal injury attorneys. Uh, basically what I do is I teach entrepreneurs, mostly agency owners, several other coaches and consultants as well on how to build out a factive longterm relationships with their clients, create effective systems for growth. Remove yourself as what we would call the freelancer from your business and build a business that’s an asset. A lot of people have businesses that are actually just a freelance job. Um, what I like to do is build businesses that can work without you. And that’s essentially what we’re here to talk about.
All right. So I’m going to fire out, we’re gonna do some rapid fire questions. I’m gonna fire off some questions that are like, so just so you know, everybody in our group is all agency owners. They all share the same mindset, share the same goals. They all do the same thing and want the same in return.
Right? So I think one thing that everybody wants to know is your journey has been so long. First of all, how long have you been doing the agency thing for? So here’s the, here’s the shortened version of it. I was in school at UCF in Orlando, which it makes it awkward cause I was up there too. Lots of similarities between both of us. Um, so I went to school at UCF in 2010 and my next door neighbor, uh, who I so into younger Joe, um, was a attorney and I needed some side cash. Uh, so I spoke to him about potentially working with him while I was out in school and he mentioned that Facebook had just released business pages at that time. This is before ads even came out on Facebook. And he was like, I think it’s going to be important in the future to have a, you know, ongoing presence on Facebook.
He was obviously right and he paid me 1000 bucks a month to post frame on Facebook once a day. And so just straight up social media posts. So not even ads, not even ads. And then also a constant contact email once a week. So my like consistent daily, uh, job was go on NH TSA, which is the national highway traffic safety administration and post about car recalls and like, you know, freak in a air bags that don’t, you know, open up some random shit, random stuff. Uh, I ended up not even realizing that social media marketing or digital marketing was a thing until four years later after I already had five clients. Cause I asked him when I was in school if he had any new referrals. So guys, this is a really valuable tip. If you work with anyone in the dentistry space or the legal space, they went to school specifically for that requirement in that job they probably have really close connections with people that they went to school with even if it was 10 or 20 years ago.
Wait, wait, hold on one second. So are you saying that likeminded people hang out a hundred percent my dude that I just want to make sure that we’re all on the same page. I know that’s like completely mind blowing and some people are like, cause we had a whole thing we got to slow down the mind blowing information. It’s funny because yesterday we did a live episode of first line episode for a Dash University program and the whole thing was it’s $1 you can get it a, this isn’t a sales pitch. So one of the major things that I want light in the Bible is talking about like communication and just starting a conversation with somebody, right? Like everybody’s like so stressed out about like how to gain like 50,000 clients in amount of 24 hours when you just get one client and just go out and start conversations.
So basically you said that you knew somebody that was an attorney and you just went and asked him if he needed help and he said yes. Yep. And then he paid you 1000 bucks a month and then from that that ended, you ended up landing you five more clients. I’m assuming it’s probably about a thousand bucks a month. Exactly. Right. So that’s five k a month just from one person. I’m starting one conversation from one person. It does actually get you in bed. So I asked him like, do you still connect with anyone that you went to law school with? And he was like, you know, I was actually in a fraternity at my law school and I’m boys with like 20 people, including five attorneys in Florida, connecting me with all of them, easiest sell my life. I didn’t even have to sell it. He’s like, oh, Lloyd sent you.
Yeah, we’re good. Here’s 1000 bucks posts from me. So at that time, I still think my entrepreneurial brain was really new. I really did not identify and recognize the opportunity. I was really focused on school. I just wanted to achieve what I wanted to achieve at UCF. And then from there, see what I can create. A long story short, what I wanted to do at UCF was to become a clinical psychologist. Ended up not wanting to do that and I ended up working for the Miami Dolphins. So I ended up working for the Miami Dolphins after school because I’m a huge sports fan. Loved the dolphins. Actually when I’m here this weekend to watch the dolphins game with my dad, we’re going to get killed this week. But that’s okay. We’re terrible. See definitely the worst team in the NFL. But that’s all right. So when I went to the dolphins, you know, for a long time in my life, and I know Chad, you’ll agree with this, a lot of people would say like, you can do anything you set your mind to, right?
You can be an attorney and you can be a psychologist and you can be a doctor. And I was so tired of hearing that same old trope like, no, I can’t, I can’t jump off a roof and fly. I can’t become an astronaut. I can’t become a math whiz. None of those things I’m capable of. And I really didn’t believe in it. Uh, but when I was back at square one after school had ended, I still had the five clients still didn’t even know what your marketing or social media marketing was. This is 2014 now. Uh, I started working for the Miami dolphins cause I called them every day for 60 days in a row. And I would hear every objection, Hey, he’s not in the office now. Hey, we’re not available. Hey, he’s not interested in Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Until finally the front desk lady is like, okay, I’ll patch you through.
And his name was Jason Jenkins, who still works in Miami, dolphins, the PR director. And uh, during that, like elevator music between the whole where it’s like, dude, dude, dude, dude. I’m like, Oh my God, I’ve been waiting for this moment for two months. I have no idea what to say at all. He picks up the phone. Jason Jenkins, Miami Dolphins, PR Department. How can I help you? Hi Jason. Jason. I am, I’m, my name’s Alex. I’m fam dolphin. I left. I’ve, um, media me. He’s like, yeah, you see on Sunday your your credentials. And that was it. And I was Miami Dolphins credential meeting where I couldn’t believe it. And you’re saying that the money’s in the follow up. Money’s in the follow up 100%. So my person just saying my persistence won me that opportunity. Uh, I worked for the dolphins for about six months and from that is how I figured out digital marketing.
I also worked for the UFC at that same time doing journalism. And I met someone at an event here in Hollywood, Florida at hardrock, um, for world series of fighting and he was using a Twitter application I hadn’t seen before and it was called tweetdeck. I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but it’s like multiple twitters at once. And I sparked a conversation. He said to me, I am a social media manager and those words for the first time had created what my side hustle was for the last five years. And I’m like, Holy Shit, that’s what I do. I do this for side hustling for attorneys, but I’m trying to become like, you know, Miami Dolphins guy like media member 100%. And he’s like, yeah, that’s not gonna happen. He’s like, just, you’re not gonna make a Tspn. You’re not going to do this right.
It’s just not going to work. Why don’t you consider just like diving full force into social media marketing? And I didn’t even consider it. He gave me his card and then I go full force. I bought Dave Brogan Mozer Six k success course, thousand bucks, shout at the day of great guy. Really changed my life and changed a lot of other people’s lives. Um, watch that cha did that. And then about a month after that, this guy that I met at this event called me up and he’s like, Yo, uh, I just got hired by Razorfish, which is a massive media company in Seattle. And he’s like, I need to give away my five sports social media marketing clients. So he just gave me a business of five and a half thousand dollars recurring revenue. So I had five attorneys, I had five digital marketing clients, quit working for the dolphins, quit working for UFC and now suddenly I have a six figure business like that. An incident like what just happened?
I want to ask you some questions. It’s crazy. I want to ask some questions cause I know these people. First of all guys, if you’re alive when you’re watching and you do two things for me, one drop is seven 86 in the chat to make sure that you are even here and alive and you’re on the same page. Cause if we could trust people with jumped through this camera and shake the shit out of you to make sure that you’re here with us. So seven 86 if that’s the first number that I said, drop it in the chat. Okay. That’s the first thing that you need to do and I know where live on my personal page and then we are also live on the marketer’s mindset Facebook groups. We split up our audience a little bit. It’s open. Okay. The second thing I want to ask is what was your biggest hurdle throughout the last, or getting to like your first, let’s say 10 k month. What were the, what if you could go rewind back five years or whatever, however long back you want to rewind back like before you hit your first 10 k a month in recurring revenue, like what would you tell yourself?
Yeah, so the biggest obstacle I had when I started was just a massive ignorance. Just like I was I’m in the mindset of like I’m like a really smart person. I believe in myself. I feel like Superman sometimes, like especially my ego, inflated a lot, just being real. After I got the Miami Dolphins Opportunity, I got that from doing nothing other than just being persistent. Like literally my childhood dream of working for the Miami Dolphins. All I had to do was just call them and call them and call them and be willing to hear no more times than they were willing to say no. Right? So from that I kind of felt like, not godlike, but that if I’m being real like, oh yeah, now you know, I’m perfect. I can’t, I can’t mess this up. What ended up happening was I kind of was gifted my first $10,000 business because I created that [inaudible] with the attorneys, created the opportunities with the social media marketing for, you know, um, sports companies.
But as soon as identified that I’m not indispensable to them, meaning they could leave me at any time. We left on a quick trip, this is before our honeymoon, but we left on a quick trip for like two weeks and I gave a couple of my interns, I had some interns from Indiana University and U M and UCF and I gave them some of the rules to just post on Facebook and we lost four clients just like that. And I realized that the biggest obstacle I had was that I had created a freelance job with me being the requirement to be successful. Like I’m the one that has to make the posts. I’m the one that does all the hats. I was doing everything. So I didn’t realize that until it slapped me right in the face where it’s like, oh like these people will not just continually pay me for subpar work. Like I have to put in effort into this. And that was like the massive transition that I needed to be able to execute more efficiently. And, and the funniest part of this is that I spent the next year with Shira who is my wife and also my business partner. We spent the next year building out system. Sure is a maestro of organization and system development and we put out like all of our process for here’s the content that we do, our five day calendar, here’s how you set it up for a whole month. Like the calendar, our calendar Convo, we use that.
So we set this whole thing up. It was amazing. We hired a couple people and then we went on a honeymoon for a month. We’re like, we’re not going to work at all on this honeymoon. We’re going to build a real business. We left with about a 12 and a half thousand dollars business per month. We came back to about $2,000 we lost everything and it was like, I was so frustrated because I thought I learned the mistake from like the year prior with the interns and stuff and I thought I brought on the right people. I brought in some good friends of mine. Um, not that they’re not capable of it, it just was, I was picking the wrong people with the wrong processes and systems. So I realized then that we really need to double down on focusing on creating a business. And not just creating a freelance company because we can’t just keep doing freelance work forever.
It’s going to burn us out. It’s going to frustrate us, it’s gonna create anxiety. And it was starting to create tension in our personal relationship, which can never be superseded like personal relationship has to be number one. Um, and then the business comes second. So that was like the main catalyst to me becoming like the systems guy focusing on what are we missing here? Like what’s the obvious process and the biggest thing by far tracking and that 80, 20, so many people come to me and they’re telling me like what obstacles they have and they take no time to identify what they’ve dealt with before to learn how to overcome it. They’re just like, oh, I’m still stuck in the same spot. I think what a lot of it, where a lot of agencies fails is they have, they have absolutely no system, no protocol, no nothing.
They’re just like shooting bullets money either. Not even for like reviewing, right? Like a lot of people ask me where, and this is some real value. I’m going to share. A lot of people ask me like, Alex, I feel so lost in clarity and I, and if guys, if you feel that you’re lost in clarity, throw seven in the comments below. This is gonna help you allow for real quick. This is going to be super, super valuable. Um, Talia have what’s up bro? Um, so this is going to be very, very legit. When Sharon, I were struggling to identify what we needed to do first. Cause there’s always seemingly like, I don’t know, 500,000 things to do in your life and in your business at all times. It’s never like, Oh yeah, I’m done. I don’t have to do anything. It just doesn’t happen that way.
There’s always something to do. I got to get the groceries, I gotta get, I gotta do this, I gotta feed the baby, I gotta do it. And then all the other business stuff, right? So what we identified was five specific questions that allowed us to create clarity and I’ll name them for you. And they’re really, really solid. Number one is what took my energy. Now in the frame, it depends on how often you do it. We recommend our clients to do it weekly. If you are really successful already as a business owner, every month is really effective and this is how you 80 20 and share. And I do this every single month. So we say very simply what took my energy this month, right? And we just write down everything, a massive brain dump, everything business and personal so we can identify it and just let it be.
A lot of people let all these emotional thoughts go in their head and they don’t take any time to journal it or put it down creates massive anxiety inside of themselves because they are kind of taking a week or a month or even a year of anxiousness, frustration, difficulty and they’re mushing it together into like one feeling and that Yup rushes people, right? It absolutely crushes people. It destroys your soul and they want to quit their entrepreneurship opportunities and move on. So number one question, what took your energy this week or this month? The next question at just as important is what non CEO activities did I do this month? Now if you’re not the CEO, it’s whatever your role is. So if you’re the COO, COO ads guy, non ads guy thing, did I do this month? Okay, the next question is what can be delegated based on what took my energy and what role things that I didn’t do that were outside of my role?
What can be delegated? You cannot delegate anything if you do not have a system for the delegation. So thus the fourth question is what systems do I need? The final question is based on what took my energy based on what non roles I did based on the systems that I need and based on what can be delegated, what can I stop doing? You might identify that there is a shit load of things that you are doing that are completely irrelevant. They have no purpose or any reason whatsoever in your business and you can’t really stop it. Those are the five questions to clarity. I do this with Shira every single month. It is the single most valuable exercise to create clarity. Anytime I work with someone in terms of their concern about what to do next and how to do it, create clarity on what the goal is, clarity over ambiguity, and then write down these five questions.
And I shared it at the mastermind at Rob’s, but it’s such a powerful model. So for those of you guys who just, uh, swallowed that fire, um, that was amazing. Swallow the fire. Um, but legitimately guys are going gonna and I agree with you with everything you said. I actually just said, we just launched our marketers mindset podcast, um, literally a couple of days ago and the second podcast that I did, the second or third podcast, and there’s only three of them out right now, but one of the last two podcasts that I did was, um, stop wearing all the hats or your business will fit 100%. And literally what I spoke about was some of the touch points that you had about how you have to like take delegate, create a system, create a process. Like, if you don’t do that, you’re going to be flat out on your ass faster than you think it’s going to be horrible.
Right. And that’s why I struggled though when I told you that I had those two, like kind of a serendipity moments where I realized, okay, I need more systems, but then I still failed it when we went about a year later to on our honeymoon, we still lost our clients. It was like we already, but we delegated it. I don’t get it. Yup. We missed the key piece in between it. And that’s what that third and fourth question is, right? Like what? Uh, what do I need to delegate? You can’t delegate without having the systems to delegate it. We just delegated it to a person like, hey, just do it right. You can do it. But without any sort of guidelines, process, procedure, system, it’s like going to a restaurant, hiring a chef and just being like, oh, don’t worry about our famous meatball recipe. Just do it.
Right. And then people come to the, the restaurant, they’re like, yeah, these are good, but this is not a Framus meatballs. The thing, this means balls and I want the model. That’s what we were missing. And I didn’t realize it until it kind of slapped me in the face. And my goal is slapping you in the face virtually, uh, to tell you this cause I think it’s such a valuable piece of, uh, of information to really get clarity on. I love it. I love it. Um, I think for those of you guys and a lot, I think a lot of people when you’re talking about like getting clients, right, cause I know we’re on that topic. Um, I think the most, the biggest struggle that people have is just lending the first, the first client. Cause usually it’s as an agency owner, you’ll know this like landing your first client unleashes sometimes the fucking doors to Narnia percent, right? It’s like, it’s like, oh my God, I got my client, I understand
that I have to call him. I understand what I have to do now to serve as him. I understand what I need, I need to do to actually go out and get that client. Like I understand now. And then I can maybe take that and do it again and get my second client. And then when you get that second client you’re like, holy fuck, this is like the real deal. Holy, I got two clients, I’m making $300 a month. This is getting serious. And I’m like, you go on, like you do it again and again and again. You’re like, damn, I’m getting good at this. Right. And then you slowly refine your process. You build your systems. But like what was like, I know you talked about like getting your first climb and that that’s different obviously cause that was maybe your friend or somebody that you knew my actionable action. Exactly. What would you, what would you recommend? Like if somebody doesn’t have any clients and they have an agent who has a lot of people on here, which had that in there, in that hot seat, what’s the number one thing you would tell them to do right now? Like literally stop what they’re doing and do this right now to pick up your first client.
Yeah. So the first thing I would say is probably something that most people wouldn’t expect, but I think it’s critical. I think the actual battle is not getting your first client. The actual battle is your own self. It’s your own mindset. It’s disbelief. It’s imposter syndrome. It’s, can I do this? Is Am I offering the right thing? I’m scared to look stupid, right? So like a lot of people would come to me in no matter where they’re at in their business, specifically knew where people in terms of like, oh, I’m scared to get on a call and make an offer. If they say no and I’m like, okay, let’s work this out. Like you’re allowing the word fear, right? To stop you from taking action. So let’s break it down and see if we can come up with something that makes sense. So I will challenge everyone to do exactly this.
If you feel anxiety or fear or frustration or imposter syndrome, do exactly this model. Okay? So you are afraid of getting on a call because you look stupid. Let’s say you look stupid on a call. What happens next? Get off the call. You feel shitty about yourself, you try to learn from it and you get on the next call and then hopefully you won’t look as stupid. Right. That’s very true. It stupid. [inaudible] and I like it. So I’ll tell you guys my stupidest sales story. This is hilarious and very, very true. So when I was in, uh, just after I graduated college, here was one year behind me. So I had a year of building the business.
Yes, sure. First and foremost, can we get, can we get hit the GoPro real quick? Can we get press for Shira? Cause his wife is actually in the house here in the studio and this is his wife, his business partner. Let’s get like a huge raise. The roof moment for Shira for killing it with Alex is wanting to get that out
100% so, so after, during this year, what I was trying to do now is I was going door to door cause I’m like a very personable person and I know attorneys have no interest in getting on the phone with you, but if I walk in, you’re forced, right? So I walked into someone’s office, um, I forgot his name actually, and he was like, Hey, I don’t have the time for this, but I like your goal. I like your audacity. Come back tomorrow at 12. I’ll be like, fuck yeah, awesome. So I go back home, get ready for the meeting the next day. This is a personal injury attorney. So I walk into his office and I sit down and he’s like, really get these paper, which is like, this is weird. Well, what year are we in right now? Reading a newspaper? And I’m like, hey bro. Uh, I didn’t say, hey bro, but I didn’t say that.
I was like, Hey, like I’m here. Like, can we chat to get, hold on. It’s like literally reading the newspaper. He does one of the classic like movie lines, like pulls the little like leaf down, looks over it with his nose, right? Like, give me a minute, flips it back up and I’m just standing there like, okay, well this is awkward. Finally puts it down. I give him my pitch. I feel 100% confident. I just crushed it. I’m 100% confident. I don’t exactly remember the price. I think it was either 25 or 5,000 so 2,500 or 5,000 I can’t remember what the offer exactly what was monthly or like just a one month thing. It was monthly. It was monthly. Cause now this was the first time we were offering ads, right? Cause I had graduated, I learned about ads and I was trying to do it.
I had a couple other people that could do ads for me. I don’t want to do personal injury, PPC ads because this guy was running a billboard. It’s was like, dude, if you’re running a billboard you can get just, you can get like actually tracked results from ads and you already are paying for it. It’s a no brainer. So I go through my whole spiel and he’s like, man I love you. I love your audacity, I love your passion. I love your fire, I want to work with you. But here’s the deal. We’re going to work on my terms right now. He takes the frame, he controls everything. I’m still very new at sales. So if now I would like stop it, you are not going to work on your terms. I wasn’t prepared to do that. I wasn’t ready. So I’m like, okay, sure.
Well what’s your terms? So he goes, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m not gonna pay you for this first month. You’re going to run the ads. Okay, you’re going to run the ads for us. If we land even one client, I’m going to double your payment for next, for this next month. I’m going to double it to show, to showcase that like, Hey, I’m serious about this, but you got to prove it first. I’m like, okay, appreciate the offer. Fair. Here’s what I want to say. Let’s just turn the tables here. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s add came in here because I got into a car accident, right? And I told you, hey, like I only want to pay you if you win my case. Would you do that? He’s like, that’s exactly what we do. I’m like, Oh God. Oh God, can I go home?
Can I go home? I’m such a dipshit. That’s a hit. Like literally on the billboard. It says, don’t pay us unless we win. Like, Oh my God, well obviously now all my positioning’s gone. I look like an idiot. Obviously I don’t know anything about his niche, personal injury attorneys, the very commonly do this model and that’s why he was offering it to me. So I looked like an idiot. Right? And I tell this story to people because when I get on calls with them, they’re like, dude, you’re so good at sales ball ball. I’m like, I’m good at it because I’ve made so many fucking mistakes. I’ve looked like a dipshit. So many. How many cold calls do you think you’ve made in your career? So it’s really funny question you asked that. So I’m really not a big fan of cold calls. Um, I did cold walking, Angel Sod.
I’d done a lot of cold walk-ins. So I did right before we went to rob Quinn’s mastermind, I did a cold call session with my partner Brian. And we were like, if we could book appointment, we would not have to eat a hot wing. But if we couldn’t book the appointment, we had to eat the hottest hot wing from, um, buffalo wild wings, which is a really funny video. We’re gonna do it again. Um, it was just punishing for me, so I don’t know if I actually want to do it again. So he wants me to do it with shots. I don’t think I can handle that. So, um, so when I was starting my business, anytime I would cold call someone, they would get angry, like really fast and I, and I’m a pretty emotional person. Um, and if I was coaching myself, it’d be like, Hey, don’t be a bitch.
But also I’m a bitch. So like if I’m being real about it, I’d be like, okay, um, you know, maybe I should try else. So I started sending out an email with an offer, which I would end up calling a prospecting offer when I started coaching, which is an offer to make someone, to get them on a call. So like, Hey, can I do a competitor’s analysis for you? I would love to help you even if they don’t answer, I call the next day and say, hey, did you see the email I sent you? This is what I ended up calling warm calls. And that kind of became like my IP in my model and I just do warm calls a lot. I don’t do the warm calls as much anymore because we’re not really focused on the agency growth. More so in the coaching program. But when I do, like in my program on Tuesday for example, we have a set up appointment setting.
So like we, I will call for you to show like it doesn’t matter if you get yelled at right at the end of one of the videos that I did in the hot wings. Some guys like get me, you don’t get number. I’m like number for what? Like I don’t know what you’re talking. Okay, you’re mad. Uh, let’s buy. What else am I supposed to do? Like am I supposed to be other 5,000 am I supposed to get all in my feelings? So like, I know you asked about the, the first client thing. And I think really the base of the first client is overcoming your own emotional instability of like, I’m not good enough. I don’t feel capable of this. I’m scared. Like that’s totally normal. It’s just like a human being emotion. Just overcome it and walk through it. Because anytime you walk through uncomfort in your life, 99% of the time life’s greatest treasures on the other side.
And if it’s not, then you’ll learn from it. And you go from there. This is not the a death scenario. Like you’re not going to call someone and spontaneously combust. If you look like an idiot idiot, you’re going to go home and you’re going to watch Netflix and you’re going to drink a beer and feel shitty about it and then you’re gonna learn from it. And that’s it. So specifically what to do if you don’t have a client yet. I think the obvious, um, and some people really forget about this, right? Like utilize your current network more than anything. I think that’s the obvious network is your net worth. A lot of people don’t even think about this, but there’s a decent amount of like pretty religious people in the world today and they have like they go to church or they go to, um, they go to temple, they go to like religious events, they go to community events.
Those are amazing ways to create connections with people to baseline it on, Hey, I’m new will you bet on me with me. Right? People love tell people who are looking to help themselves. The reason Lloyd, my first client ever, when my next door neighbor wanted to work with me is not because he just knew that Facebook would work. He knew I wanted to do something. He knew I couldn’t have enough money to be able to go to school by myself and he wanted to bet on me with me and that was really impactful for me. It was like, thank you so much for believing in me and allowing me to show you what I can do. Right. I think a lot of people get stuck because they’re brand new and they’re trying to go to people like a med spa or attorney that has never heard of you.
You have no proof, no case studies, nothing. And you’re trying to go cold in there. Like you can absolutely be super talented and super capable of not, I wouldn’t say manipulating, but uh, creating influence into someone to say, Hey, I’m brand new to this, but I’ll still pay you 1,015, 2000. It’s hard though. I mean it’s a lot harder than the [inaudible]. That’s why dash pigs are so important where it’s like, I have the proof for you now. Go fucking sell it. That’s literally why we’re here. But the, but the idea is right. Like if you’re brand new, you have to work with people that want to help themselves. This is one of my favorite stories. I love this story. It’s from Chris Rock. So Chris Walk Driving in La on the classic highway, I forgot what it is, us one or whatever it is. He’s driving on a highway and his car breaks down, pulls over to the road.
This is a famous comedian, Chris rock gets out of his car waving down cars, waiving down cars, right? No one stops. No one gives a shit. They don’t care. It’s Chris Rock. They don’t care that these on the side of the road, everyone’s busy. He’s like, well shit, I gotta do this myself. Now throws the car into neutral, starts pushing the car. What happens? Cars start pulling back. Why? Because people like to help people who want to help themselves, right? He’s not just sitting there asking for what people would call a handout, right? And it was very like a super, like a controversial term, but he’s literally pushed in the car himself. People see that and they understand the stress. Like, well what if I was pushing that car? I’d hope someone would, would, would pull up behind me. Right? I remember a couple of years ago, Sharon, I, our tire exploding lower on the car on the side of the road.
Someone pulled up behind us like, Hey, do you need help? I’m like, yeah, I don’t know how to lift the Jack Cause I’m an idiot and not a man. So help me, but it was like, thank you man. Thank you for helping us. Right? Like it’s, it’s really important, um, to start with your network. If not, I would say better than cold calling is going in person, like getting out of the computer and just going into the real world and creating those opportunities. It’s insane. Very valuable. Last question I have for you before we wrap up, um, what do you think about desk? Let’s about the concept. I know you came here and we’re going to meet today. We’re gonna talk about that stuff after. So tell us what you think is, I like to get other business owners and especially agency owners. I want to give you solid process about what you think about Dash, fix the process and stuff like that.
Just tell me your thoughts. Love it. So the way that I grew my agency was I knew for a fact I was not capable of running ads. So I actually bought a course, a nine 97 course for ads, been there, done that, started the course and I’m like, oh nope. Can’t do this. This is not my skill. I don’t know what he’s saying. This is over my head. The ad sets and the things and just too much. Right? I couldn’t do it and I was like, if I can’t do this, but I can really sell and I can get people to want to buy from me, I have to find someone that can provide. So I ended up finding a company doesn’t need to be named on this cause we were talking about dash clerks, but I worked with another company and they did great for me, right?
Every single client that I work with, there’s really two major options to grow an agency. You can start from scratch, build out your own slps and standard operating procedures for fulfillment and hire your own team. That’s going to take time. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes. You’re going to lose clients from it. Let’s just be real [inaudible]. I can tell you that 100% it’s going to happen no matter what you do. Or you can find a company that identified that. There’s a lot of space in digital marketing for people to productize and sell. Even if you just want to do it as a side hustle, have five, six, seven clients and know that the fulfillment has done. That’s what dash cliques is for. That’s why I’m here today cause I work with about 500 agency owners and now I would say 90% of them want to outsource it because they want to do what I teach, which is prospecting and sales.
So Zoe on the front end, exactly when I tell them, hey, dash cliques is a company that can offer these services for you. You can make a actually very nice margin on it and ensure that your clients are satisfied. It’s a no brainer and having a miracle platform inside this crazy. Look at this. All the screen’s going to go bad on me and I was working. Look at this. It’s absolutely beautiful. All right guys. Once again, this has been Alex joints. Get Out. What’s working they find if they want to find you. Yeah, easiest way is Lynskey s. C. H. L. I. N. S. K. Y. I have a free group also high ticket sales systems for entrepreneurs. Pretty bad ass and I’m happy to help you out during your girls. Follow Alex, thank you guys for joining us on a quick marketer’s mindset up and so we’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye.

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