Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 on Autopilot
Chad Kodary
Aug 9th, 2019 at 02:19 PM

Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 on Autopilot


What struggles do you have getting clients for your digital marketing agency?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks walks you through the beginners’ solutions to getting clients for your marketing agency in 2019 and beyond! This is the first video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.
Here are some of the topics discussed in this video:

  • Top 3 prospecting tactics to generate clients on autopilot (10:57)
  • How to catapult your close rate during a live sales call (18:26)
  • How to retain clients so they stay for life and pay you forever (33:47)
  • A closer look inside of DashClicks (Free Agency Software) and how it all works (48:57)
  • Plus much more!


It’s alive. Whew. What’s going on everybody? What’s going on? Everybody? Whew. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Who’s ready for episode two as marketers, mindset by dash clicks. Today we got a little special holiday spirit for you guys. We’re going to let some people load up in here. Guys, if you can hear me, do me a favor. Drop a one in the chat if you can hear me perfectly. Go ahead and drop one. Yeah, one, one, one, one. But let’s get some ones in the chat. People. Woo. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Who’s ready to learn? Who’s ready to win some gifts? Who’s ready to get some swag? Who’s ready to skyrocket in agency? Guys, if you can hear me, go ahead and press one in the chat. Go to press one in the chat if you can hear me, guys, let’s get a quick one in the chat.
Amazing guys. Amazing guys. All right, we’re gonna let people pile in a little bit. Everybody is always late. For some reason, you’re always late. Rule number one of opening an agency. Always be on time. Make sure that you’re on time. So we’re going to let a couple people join in here, you guys a and then we’re going to start the Webinar guys. Today we’re going to be talking about the exact path that I took to grow a wildly profitable seven figure digital marketing agency and how you can too, even if you’re starting at sub zero. Okay guys, so for those of you guys starting with zero clients, $0 million Z row, I’m gonna teach you how to make $1 million. So hang tight, hang tight. Who wants to hear it? Get guys, I need some action here. I need to get some action here. I’m going to also pull up Facebook. I’m going to get Facebook in here. Hold on Carlos. Hold on. Mr Carlos, who’s having a merry little Christmas? We got people alive.
Carlos said if I sing, we will lose followers. Carlos is wrong. Put her one. If you want to hear me say and prove Carlos wrong, drop a one in the chat. Jump up one in the chat. All right guys. Here we go. Here we go. Here. Adrian, drop the one in the chat. [inaudible] Live to a Christmas. What holiday is it? What’s that holiday where people wear the hats and their stockings and gifts and trees and all that cool stuff. What? Holidays that Carlos, one of those holidays, right? I think it’s Kwanzaa. All right. What’s going on guys? Let’s rest. Roll. Let’s roll. Let’s guys do me one favor. Can we get the GoPro? Is it GoPro One? Let’s hit a behind the scenes. Let’s get behind the scenes. What’s going on everybody? It is the 24th. It is Christmas Eve. Today I’m going to be giving you guys more than milk and cookies.
Today I’m going to be showing you guys a lot of really cool stuff, so hang tight and let’s get this show on the road. Who’s ready to get started? Who’s ready to get started? Drop a two in the chat. If you’re ready for me to drop some knowledge, people drop it in the chat. Let’s go a two in the chat. Tu Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu Tu. What’s going on? Everybody drop a two in the chat. Merry Christmas guys. Happy holidays. Happy Kwanzaa. All right, here we go. Here we go. Here we go on. Let’s go p and p. Let’s go p and p. Guys, guys, don’t forget me. I’m down here in the bottom right hand corner. You see me right here. Can’t forget about me. We’re going to make the picture big for you guys because today we’re going to be doing a presentation that is going to show you guys literally not only the story of my life, which is, I mean not cool but I think it’s pretty cool cause it’s me, but it’s also going to show you guys exactly how I started my agency from day one all the way until 10 years later to where I am today.
What I did in between the money that we’ve generated for our agency, how we’ve generated that money for our agency and everything along the lines and in between. Who wants to hear that? If you want to hear that, drop the three in the chat right now. Drop a three in the chat. We need engagement. We need to get this shit live. Drop a three in the chat, drop a three in the chat. Here we go. Now guys, I know we’re probably not going to have a lot of live viewers on here cause obviously it’s Christmas. Christmas Eve people are out, people are with their families, people are shopping, people are getting bagels from Einsteins for their family. People are decorating their trees. But guess what guys, you guys took the time to show up here today. So I’m going to give you guys tons and tons and tons of value.
Okay guys, not only that, we’ve got a bunch of swag bag giveaways, we got free gifts that we’re going to be giving out. And on top of that, if you stay till the very end, I got something special for you. Okay? So hang tight, hang tight and stay right. Here we go. Here we go. Alright guys. This Webinar is called the exact path that I took to grow a wildly profitable seven figure digital marketing agency and how you can too, even if you’re starting at completely sub-zero guys, okay? And that means you have $0 million. You have zero employees, you have zero office space, you have zero knowledge of marketing. You had zero everything. I’m going to bring you from zero to 100 real quick. So here we go guys. Okay. Now guys, if you’re on this train, this exclusive ride training, who’s going to cover four steps? Okay? The first step that it’s going to cover is how to make your prospects and offer they can’t refuse so they can to you with credit card in hand. Who wants to see how you can get somebody to go from not wanting your service to coming to you with their credit card in hand? If you want to see that, drop a five in the chat right now. Drop a five in the chat.
Here we go. Here we go. To how to consistently generate high ticket leads and swiftly close the sale. And I’m talking about quick, all right? Three how to be in the results, getting business versus plowing through your customers and getting stuck in a hamster wheel who is sick of being stuck in a hamster or who’s sick of getting clients. And having them leave and getting clients and having them leave. Who is sick of that? I’m sick of that. So I’m going to show you how to not do that. Okay? Would you like to see how to not do that? Here we go for how to 10 x your operations with insane momentum in sales in revenue. I’m going to teach her not only how to get the clients. So I’m gonna teach you how to scale and Tedx that chip. Who’s ready for it? Here we go.
Now guys, before we get started for one, please have a laser focus on one of another teacher here. Okay? It really has real implications for your business. So do me a favor, get everything else away, okay. Focus. The reason why you signed up for this training. So don’t shortage yourself. Okay? Close all the tabs. I want your full focus right here, okay? And turn off your phones. Give yourself the time you need to discover these game changing strategies. Guys. Game changing to create and scale your very own marketing agency. Turn off your phones, close out all of your tabs. Get your notepad away. I’m going to have the replay guys. For those of you guys watching this on my personal page, it will be there after we go live. For those of you guys inside of Dash Clicks, it’s going to be inside of the dashboards platform.
We’re going to be emailing you guys a link today with the replay link. So do me a favor. Do not take notes, put your notebooks aside. I want you to focus right here with me, okay? Take everything in. Okay? Forget about the notes for a second. Let’s go. Let’s go. So who is this Webinar for? So just so you know, you’re in the right place and your time will obviously be well spent. Okay? Anyone who makes a living providing a high touch service. So freelancers at t you, website developers, graphic designers, marketers, sales representatives, if you are a service provider or any of any kind, okay? This is for you. If you currently have a digital marketing agency and you want to serve more clients each month and make more sales, well guys, this is absolutely for you, okay? If you’re just starting an agency, which most of you are, if you’re just starting an agency, you don’t want to jump through all the hoops or waste time and money on strategies that don’t work.
You want the exact end-to-end blueprint. So you’ll be off to the races from day one. Now if that is you guys, you are definitely in the right place. Have I made anybody who’s watching this or any one of these people, you guys, if anyone of these people are you, can you drop a 10 in the chat for me? Please drop a 10 in the chat for me. If any one of these is you guys amazing. Let’s role this is even for you if you don’t have an agency yet, but thinking about it, this training is just what you need to get started, okay? Guys, you want to be told exactly what to do, how to do it so you can start your own agency with as much momentum as possible, guys, okay? Now, if you’re one of those people, it’s absolutely critical that you stay until the end.
So here’s my promise. You if you stay all the way until the end. If you make it through the whole way through this training, we’ll be giving away not only some free swag bags at the end, but I’m going to be giving you guys an offer that you cannot refuse. Okay? It’s access to crazy, crazy new feature that we’re launching inside of Dash Clicks. I can’t tell you what it is now obviously, because they want you to stay until the end. Well, if you stay until the end, you might get some free fat swag bags. You’re going to have a crazy offer that we’re going to be giving you guys, which is a new feature inside of Dash Clicks and you’re going to be learning tons of free knowledge. So who’s ready to start? Guys? Drop a one. If you’re ready to start, drop a one in the chat if you’re ready to start guys.
Woo. Here we go. Now I know a lot of you guys, and this is like more of like a webinar style, right? I might not be whipping out the pen and drawing on the Whiteboard, but this is going to be providing tons of value guys. So I know a lot, a lot of times with these webinars people like to do like storytelling and stuff. I’m not going to do too much story telling. Most of you guys already know who I am. Okay. We have way too much important stuff to talk about. Okay. But I do think if I’m going to have the audacity to ask you to spend time with me on this training, that at the very least, should I tell you maybe a little bit about who I am and why I’m worth listening to. Okay. So my name is Chad Kadarian.
I’m the founder of a marketing agency called social agency. That’s my team behind me. Not only am I the owner and founder of social agency, I’m also the owner and founder of Dash Clicks, which is a software platform for agencies to be able to scale their agency. Okay. Now guys, we’ve been knee deep in this Morgan game for nine years. Okay. Who’s been in the marketing industry that’s watching this from more than nine years. If you’ve been in the marketing industry firm for more than nine years, go ahead and drop a one in the chat. Drop a one in the chat. [inaudible]
All right, good guys. In 2017 alone, we did 1.2 $3 million in sales and we’re on track to doubling this number in 2018 and most of this is based on recurring revenue guys, recurring business people who are paying us to service their accounts on a monthly basis. When it be cool if you had something just like this. Now I’m endlessly proud of that, but enough about me. Let’s talk about you and what you came here to do, guys. Okay. Now here’s what’s up with the digital marketing agency space. Right now, according to Forrester, digital marketing spending, the u s alone will near $120 billion by 2021 guys. Now, I don’t know about, but I’m pumped up about an industry that’s so prosperous. Does anybody pumped up about marketing industry? Right? Who thinks that this is amazing, right? $120 billion just in the U S it’s insane, okay? But here’s a critical problem. Most digital marketing agencies are not participating in that wealth.
In fact, they’re struggling to drive leads and close clients. They flat out don’t get enough. New businesses sustain themselves and they end up flat out out of business before they even take off. Now guys, I know tons of people, especially on the inside of dash clicks that they just started an agency. Listen up closely, guys, this is for you. Okay, so here’s a question. Why are so few people getting paid? Well, in an industry that’s clearly right for wild profits. Now, I’ve obviously done tons of research on this. I spoken extensively at events as smoking with people as smoking to [inaudible] just like yourself, okay? And here’s what I found. The agency owners who are not participating in the wealth that’s circulating in the digital marketing sphere, I’m making four critical mistakes and I want you guys to tell me if I’m on the money or not.
Okay? Critical mistake number one, you don’t know exactly what to sell, okay? Meaning that you don’t know how to package your services in such a way that people come to you with credit card in hand. Okay? Critical mistake number two, you struggled to find a steady stream of the right people to present your offer to and when you do find those people, you failed to close the sale. I see this happen all of the time. Okay? Critical mistake number three, you fear that you won’t be able to get results for your clients or when you’re busy servicing your existing clients, marketing and sales, take a back seat.
Critical mistake number four. You don’t know how to scale your operations, so there’s forward momentum and an increase in sales every single month without the time-sucking and turbulence that comes along with growing a service based business. Guys, if you agree with me on these four things, can you drop a one in the chat? Can you drop a one in the chat if you agree with me? Okay. Now, if you agree with me that these are major problems for you and I’m sure you do. Okay. Here’s what we come to. A turning point. If you can fix these problems, you’ll very well be on your way to a profitable marketing agency. If you can fix these four problems, okay? One that easily commands high dollar clients. Guys, I’m talking about big clients. 2000 a month, 3000 a month, $5,000 a month, every single month. Now, that’s truly transformational, okay? It really is.
Okay. I know it’s doable because I did it and I’ll walk you through all four steps right here, right now. Who wants to see these four steps? Guys, drop a 15 in the chat if you want me to hear these. If you want me to tell you guys these four steps, these are the exact steps that I took to hit seven figures. Who wants to hear this? Who would like to hear this? Well, I’d like to hear this, Carlos. Maybe I should sing a song to wake people up. Carlos, what song do you want me to sing? Well, it’s along. I gotta wake up people. I got to wake up. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Step number one. Who’s ready? Step number one, how to make your prospects an offer they can’t refuse, so they come to you with credit card in hand. Wouldn’t it be really cool if you had 10 people lined up and only did is pull their credit card out and they’re like, here, take my money.
Let’s sign up. Well that’d be cool. That’d be really cool. I think it’s pretty cool. We do it all the time. Okay, so when I serve in my audience, so many people told me that they struggled with what to sell. Sure. You know where your expertise is. Perhaps you’re a web designer, a copywriter, graphic designer, funnel builder. You know what you’re good at, but how do you package it in a way that sells like gangbusters? Guys, how do you do that? Okay. Because we all know it’s not just about a skill and an expertise in something, that doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to transform that into sales. Okay? You can be the best web designer in the world. It doesn’t mean you’re going to go out tomorrow and close 10 website deals. Okay? Unfortunately, the world does not work like that. Okay. Guys, but before we get started on how to package your irresistible offer, I want there to be no confusion about what I mean when I say offer.
Okay? Here’s what an offer entails. It’s your core service. It’s your price, it’s your extras, right? What will you offer? What will you do to make it a little bit more valuable? Your delivery details? How will your services be delivered? If you’re a copywriter, perhaps you don’t want to present your copy in a Google doc. Maybe you want to do like a wire frame where sales paid for the copy that you wrote. Write your external transformations. This is tangible results, guys, tangible results for you. Offer your internal transformations, the intangible results for your offer. How will your clients feel when they achieve their ideal result? Right? How does a person actually physically feel once you get them results? Okay, now I know. Now that I know who your offer entails. Here’s the key to making sure command sales, okay guys, the key is you need to be outcome driven.
If you’re not outcome driven, I still away go peace out. That shit’s not gonna work okay? You can’t charge a premium price if you don’t deliver premium results. Okay? It’s super simple. You need to give your customers a complete and total transformation in end to end experience that they can go from absolutely dreadful situation to a dream like situation. Okay? That’s what they need. They’re in a shitty situation. You need to bring them into an amazing situation. That’s how you keep clients. Okay? Does everybody agree with me? Can you drop a five in the chat if you agree with me so far on some of these things that I’m talking about? I want to make sure that I’m on the same page as you guys. Okay? Five, five, five, five. Good. Now the question becomes how do you identify the golden outcome, the one that people will pay.
Big, big, big, big, big bucks for how do you do it? How do you do it? Okay. Start your audience. Guys. Who Do you want to serve? Is there a specific niche that you specialize in? Only niches. Okay. Dive deeper into their pain points. Guys’ pain points. I don’t know. You guys hear me talk about pain points all of the time. Okay, dive deeper into their pain points. Here’s something interesting. Okay, well here’s the interesting thing. People will actually pay more to ease their pain than they would to have your solution. Okay? And then when you guys were thinking that sounds funny, right? You might be thinking ease or pain in having my solution. Is that the same thing? Well, you’re right. It is logically, but binding decisions guys are less logical and more emotional guys. So whoever you guys have learned about sales psychology, you should know that finding your prospects pain point and communicating that language of pain is the single most powerful sales tool that you’ll ever have in your entire life.
Guys, it’s very simple. Pain triggers. Action in sales is all about getting people to take a specific action. Do you agree with me guys? Drop a five in the chat. If you agree with me, let’s get some engagement. Go. Let’s go. Who agrees with me on that? Now here’s some examples of find some pain points. You know, you guys were like, Oh Chad, what are you talking about? How do you find these pain points? No cause no, I was ready. How do you do it? Right? I’m going to teach you guys how to do it. Example number one, a restaurant owner is struggling with filling up seats during his slow times of 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM pain. Example number two, it dentist is having trouble finding new patients that want teeth cleanings. Paint example number three, a painter is struggling with not having enough commercial jobs.
Paint unveil the solution. Guys, you know who you serve. You know what their pain points are. You know what they’re good at. Spell out the results in vivid detail. So there will be no question about the value that you’re about to provide to these people. Okay guys, here’s some examples of unveiling the solutions because I can’t me the example physically give you the solution too, right? I told you here, I’m here to provide value for your people. Guys, I’m servicing the community here. Okay guys. Example number one for restaurant owners struggling to fill up seats during his slow times of two and 6:00 PM pain solution. Create a Facebook campaign with a coupon that brings people to the restaurant only from the hours of 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM right? Crazy example number two, if a dentist is having trouble finding new patients that want teeth cleanings solution, creating an SEO campaign, focusing on the keyword ranking teeth cleanings and their local city. Example number three, if a painter is struggling with not getting enough commercial jobs, paint solution, create a Google adwords campaign targeting searches for people looking for commercial painter guys, there is a solution to every problem. If you can’t find the solution, then you need to be in the solution getting
Business n need to go out and do some research. If not, you can just message us on dash clicks and we’ll help you out. Okay? now if you can do these three things, the question of what service to sell and how to make your package irresistible becomes abundantly clear. Okay, guys. Step number two, how to consistently generate high ticket leads and swiftly close the sale. Who’s ready for step number two? Guys? Who is ready for step number two? Guys, drop a nine in the chat if you’re ready for step number two, nine in the chat. Let’s go. I want to make sure nobody’s sleeping here. Drop a nine in the chat. Magna challenge go. Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah. Justin says night. Aaron says nine. Awesome. Okay. How to swiftly generate high ticket sales and swiftly close to sale consistently.
Here we go. Here’s the thing. To lay the groundwork for an agency that has a potential to scale to seven figures, you can’t just have leads that trickle in. Unfortunately that does not work. Okay? And you certainly can’t afford to only be closing one or two sales per month. You need to be closing all month like clockwork. Guys who wants to close all month or who wants to close deals all month long like clockwork? Clockwork. I do it. I do it all the time. You want to know how he wants to know how I do that guys? Because the hard truth is if you are not making sales, unfortunately you don’t have a business, okay? You can be creating all of these awesome things. You can be speaking to a hundred people a week. You can have the best looking website, you can have the best looking funnels and campaigns.
You can be generating hundreds of leads a week. But if you’re not closing deals, guys, you’re stuck at zero, okay? And I’m going to help you guys cause I can’t have my community stuck at zero. It hurts, okay? Especially during the holiday seasons. Okay? So I’m going to be providing you guys with a couple of little gifts right before Christmas. So start on packing people. Here we go. Now [inaudible] that may sound like a big demand, but don’t worry, it’s absolutely doable if you have a proven action plan to get those hot leads flowing in consistently and converting them, okay guys, [inaudible] how to generate high ticket leads. Here we go. Guys, who wants to know how I generate high ticket leads? You guys want to know that? Drop a yes exclamation point in the chat caps capitol. Yes. Exclamation point in the chat right now, and I’m gonna show you how to do this.
Aaron, you’re not following directions. I said capital, okay? Okay. Justin? Yes. Matthew. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. CSCS. All right, here we go guys. I’m going to show you guys how I generate high ticket sales, okay? Now I scaled my agency to over seven figures in sales by using these exact sales tactics to generate leads. Now most of you guys are probably going to see these in Mueller, Google. It’s what everybody else’s thing to do, right? Well, I did it and it works and we generated over seven figures in sales. So just trust me, this works. You just gotta do it, okay? On foot traffic. Now for those of you guys who want episode one of marketers mindset last week, you saw me talk about a couple of these different things on foot traffic, okay? This is how I catapulted my agency from $0 million to over six figures in a couple of months.
Okay guys, that right there on foot traffic. Get off of your butt. Okay. Walk into places and start speaking to people. It’s the easiest. Sure. Fire away. Just start generating leads and close deals. Okay? Facebook campaigns, guys, for those of you who are not running Facebook campaigns, I don’t know what you’re doing. Okay. I have no clue what you’re doing. This is like the easiest way to generate leads and close deals. We do it all the time and it works amazing. Okay guys, Facebook campaigns do it. Okay. And not only that guys, before I even go any further, just to all of you guys know, we’re running a 50% off everything in our store today. It’s gone from the 24th to the first at night at the night Est. Okay guys, so you use coupon code 2019 coupon code 2019 yeah. At your checkout. Just go Pitt store, add whatever you want to the court.
You use 2019 at checkout. Carlos, can I ask you for a favor? Is there any way you can get grab water? Sorry, I’m choking out and I can’t move cause I’m in the zone. Yeah, that’s fine. Facebook campaigns guy. So if you’re not running Facebook campaigns, guys, guess what? We can run Facebook campaign for you. A lot of you guys have already purchased Facebook campaigns from us. If you want us to run a Facebook campaign for you to end, it would be do they do it? You guys go to the store, check out at a funnel to your cart. The basic funnel at a basic Facebook ads campaign. Use 2019 a checkout. Get 50% off. Start generating leads. So that simple [inaudible] cold calling. I went over this in episode two. Aaron episode one last week. Cold calling. This is the easiest way after these two, okay, this was going in order of easiness to hardness.
Okay? Easiness. [inaudible] Pick up the phone and start calling. Start dialing. Who’s heard that? Okay. Tons of movies and all those of you guys who’ve seen like wolf of Wall Street, boiler room, all these like crazy movies. Pick up the phone and start dialing. Make a hundred calls a day because guess what guys? One of these guys are going to pick up the phone and end up paying you two grand a month. It’s two red times, 12 months. Who doesn’t matter for me? Two Grand Times. 12 months traveling in the chat. Come on. Smart people. Two Grand Times 12 how much was that to raise? Nine 1220 4,000 thank you Justin. 24 grain. Now I want you to ask yourself a question. Is it worth it for you? Forget about it one day. What about you call the whole week and you make a hundred calls a day and you end up making 500 calls a week? Wouldn’t it be cool if you can just do that and close the deal for 24 grand?
Like I can pay you two grand a month for a couple of different services. That’d be awesome. We do it all the time. It works. Okay guys, so go do it. Thank you Carlos. Appreciate that. Who thinks that they can do that? Drop a six in the chat if you think that you can do that. Six, six, six, six, six. Okay. Yeah, so I’m talking about guys. What about if you amplify the cold calling and you opened a call center? I’ve spoken about that one in episode one of marketer’s mindset last week. [inaudible] Okay. By the way, for those of you guys who are missing these lies, live episodes, may God be with you. You’re losing tons of knowledge. Okay? Call center. You take this method and you amplify it and you turn it into a corner. You do the same thing and he 10 it.
Okay? Can you turn it into a call center? I’m actually in the room right now where our call center used to be called this. Can you go in? They hit the GoPro for me. Guys, check this out. This is our costing and you’ll probably see some cubicles. I’m over on this side. We had 13 seats in this call center. Okay. We’ve been doing call centers for like three or four years straight. 13 people filled out the whole room. I was doing cold calling and then a 10 x to cold calling and I turned it into a call center.
Who thinks that they can do that? It’s not hard. Trust me. You can do it. You can do anything you want guys. Okay, last one is referrals. Guys, do all this stuff. Start generating leads. Drop him into Dashchle lakes. Let us serve as the clients where you start getting results and guess what happens? These people just Kinda send you to other people. Referrals. Just like amplify your business. It’s so easy guys. Okay, so viz or the steps on how we generate tickets in social agents. Who, which is our retail agency. That’s exactly what we do. We’re not hiding anything. You know a lot of you guys might do like linkedin prospecting. That’s great. It works. You know a lot of you guys might be like privately, Facebook messaging people. Cool. It works. A lot of you guys might be sending out cold emails. Maybe Mike and Alina might might work. This is what we do and we hit seven figures, so that works for us. So if you want to do it, that’s how you do it. Okay guys, here’s an example of Facebook lead generation. These are actually one of the campaigns that we ran. This campaign was running from April 1st to July 8th, 2018 so that was this year we generated 260 leads 25, a $25 71 cents per lead. We spent like five brain, almost a little over five grand.
Guess what guys? Yeah, 206 people that we spoke to that were completely warmed up on the phone call when we were calling them. We’ve probably turned this 206 leads to a hundred grand in sales spend five grand guys, how do you how do you do that anywhere else? Working at just dropping five grain and somebody gives you back a hundred. Okay. Do it. It works. Okay. Do it. Cold calling. Here’s some results from a call center. This is from looks like February 1st to the end of it. This is all February. This is 2018. It’s, this is this year. Okay. Check this out. Look how many connects we had. You know, we, this is our friend list, so we would have painting. We made 4,000, 452 calls to painters in that month. Totally. We made 2100 calls to telling people locksmiths made 1100 calls.
Who locked them as plumbers? Six 87 med spa four oh nine. Yeah guys. I mean just look at this. Okay. This was all call center. This was some results from our call center guys. We were banging out calls. Okay. Step number three, how to be in the results. Getting business versus plowing through customers and getting stuck in a hamster wheel. Guys who feel sometimes, and this was, this might be for those of you guys who have had an agency or I’ve had clients who has had clients in the past and they’ve left them and you feel like you’re getting a new client. They left. You go out and get a new client, they leave, you got another new client. They leave. Who feels like that? Has that ever happened? Anybody? Guys drop a seven in the chat if that’s happened to you, [inaudible] drop a seven in that chat. Justin says yes, seven in the chat. If that’s happening before guys, it has, okay, it’s happened to us all the time, okay?
And now guys, I cannot emphasize this enough. If you don’t get results for your clients, you’ll be one of those who struggle and scrape your way through and have nothing to show for, and that’s just can being completely honest with you guys, okay? If you cannot deliver, you’ll be stressed, fearful all the time, and your client relationship will wear you down and more importantly, you will be out of business fast, okay? If you cannot get results for your clients, they will not pay you. It’s that simple, okay guys, no, I don’t want that for you. I don’t want you to have, I want you to have an insanely profitable business. One that creates a kind of impact that matches your bank account, okay guys, what’s that? Who wants a crazy business? Who wants a six figure business? Put your hand up. Put your hand up. Put your hand up. Drop it. Yes. Choppy. Yes. Put your hand up. Well, it’s a six figure business. If you’re not putting your hand up, you need to leave the Webinar because this isn’t, this Webinar is not for you, okay? If you don’t want to go out and excel in business, okay? This webinar’s not for you guys. Yes, yes, yes. Justin says, yes. Damien says, yes. Who else? Guys? Who else wants a six figure business? How about a seven figure business? Ethan says, yes. Who else? Guys? Matthew says yes. Aaron says, yes.
Let’s talk about how you can get the best results for your clients, guys. Okay. First, understand you don’t need to be the biggest or most experienced expert in the business, okay? I know a lot of people talk about that and they’re like, oh, go find your niche and become the boss in your niche. Right? That’s great. I mean, you can do that, but you don’t need to do that. We didn’t do that. We serve all niches. Okay? You don’t need to have a big team to provide excellent services. You do need to be obsessed with giving clients a return on their investment, guys. Okay? If somebody’s giving you 1000 bucks plus a thousand in ad spend, give you two great, they pay two grand a month, you better damn sure be getting them more than two grand a month. More than four grand a month back in revenue, okay?
And you need to set those standards when you first sent signed them up. You need to have those expectations set, okay guys. So if you’re signing clients up, you need to figure out that metric of what they’re looking for as far as an ROI. And you need to then at that point, before you sign them up, figure out if it’s a good client for you. Because I’ll tell you right now guys, I’ve had tons of clients that’s like, yeah, I’ll give you 100 bucks in ad spin, but I want to sell 50 grand. Like, okay, you’re not a good client for us. Thank you for your time and have a great day. Okay? You need to find clients that understand the expectations. And you know what guys, if they don’t understand the expectations, try to explain it to them, okay? Cause if you can get that down pack before you start month one and they’re understanding what the expectations are that are going to be lifelong customers, okay?
As long as you’re providing good results. Okay guys, now, incidentally, we’ve already covered the one thing that your results depend on. Can you guess what it is? Guys? It’s your offer. It’s your offer guys, okay? Now you’ve already seen how to create an offer that will send your prospects into a buying frenzy, okay? But there’s a catch, a critical distinction that you need to know, okay? Wow. In your clients with above and beyond. Outcome is not just about the offer, but how you deliver that offer. Okay guys, so we created something that’s called the rule of four. This is what we follow here in our agency. And this was what I would recommend that you follow to in your agency cell. Go out and make sales, do whatever you gotta do. Run Facebook campaigns for your agency, do cold calling, get referrals, walk into places the linkedin prospect.
And do whatever it is and you need to do to get sales onboard the customer and during this process set proper expectations. Actually set proper expectations here, but revisit those expectations here, making sure you’re getting all of the information during the onboarding document to get the best campaign possible. Make sure you’re communicating with these people and building a report here during the onboarding process. Okay, fulfillment. Make sure you actually fulfill the order, makes you fulfilled they bottled website and a Facebook campaign makes you giving them the best damn website and the best possible Facebook campaign before you even start, okay? Make sure you are delivering the results on fulfillment and I’m not going to sit here and try to sell dash clicks, but you guys are probably all in dash clicks already. That’s [inaudible] Dot com fulfill all your orders and make sure that your clients are satisfied. Okay guys, next it’s service service your clients, okay? Most of the services that we sell or on a recurring basis service your clients, okay. And Dash Clicks. We’ll service your clients too. They’ll do that for you. We’ll make sure that we provide you guys monthly reports, make sure that we provide you guys the best in class technology where your clients can log in and see everything that’s happening. Make sure that we send your clients daily, minute wise, weekly, whatever it is, notifications, what’s happening on their account. All white label and branded under your agency.
It’s not hard guys. [inaudible] Sell, onboard, fulfill service. Very simple. The rule of four, learn it, screenshot it. Here we go. Now guys, whoops. Come with that and get all the time. When it comes to servicing clients, Chad, I hit my revenue goal last month, but this month because I’m focused on client delivery and not as much sales. Okay, Chad, how do I keep generating leads every month while still having time to deliver results for my clients? Great questions and it brings me to the final steps of this process guys. Step number four, how to 10 x your operations with insane momentum in sales and revenue wants also know how to get, go from one client to a thousand clients. Pretty cool. I mean, we can get it. Who wants to know how to do that, wants to know how to do that. Dropping. Yes. Exclamation point. Dropping. Yes.
Yeah. Who said gimme the sauce? Chad? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Justin said, give me the sauce, Chad. Yes, I do. Aaron said yes. Justin. Yes. Yes. Matthew said yes. Who wants that? Guys had actually 10 x your operations. That’d be pretty cool, right? If you can got to walk from one to a thousand customers, wouldn’t that be awesome? Let me show you how to do it. That’s great. Let me show you how to do it. Yeah. Three steps that triggered the growth of my agency. Okay guys, I’m going to walk you through this. Some personal shit here. Okay. This is very personal stuff. I shouldn’t be sharing this with the public, but I’m going to do it because I love you and I want you to learn, okay, so this is probably all of the that I went through and what you should do. Who wants to hear that?
It wasn’t saved about a million dollars in r and d right now I’m about to give it to you. Who wants to do that? Well, that’d be cool. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Here we go. Here we go. First step, I decided to open up a small office and turn this into a local business. Okay. I work for about three or four years inside of my parents house. Okay. This office that you guys are seeing right here is not a big office. This is literally enough for about three people. Three people could sit in that office, okay? And I opened up a little, and this wasn’t even my office, I shared an office with a good buddy of mine, okay. And he had this big open space and I had this little corner on the side, but I was like, you know what?
I want it to be a boss and I want it to do this the right way. I want it to have a place where I can invite customers overs for a meeting. So I said, screw it. I pulled the trigger and I was like, dude, let me rent out this space. You’re not using it. You don’t have nobody sitting here. Let me just rent it out from you. Okay. And I rented it out and I decided to open up a small office and turn into a local business instead of number two to free myself so I can delegate my tasks. I hired my first employee, her name is Angie. That’s a picture of her right there in the office. Okay. My first employee. Okay. Step number three, I created a simple process using a project management system called teamwork. Okay. The market is great. You guys can use it.
It’ll help you keep you guys organized. Okay. Now I was ready to actually scale my business. These were honestly the, I know they sound my minute small, but these were honestly the things that allowed me to actually go out and scale my business. We go from the 10 or 15 or 20 clients that I had, whatever it was at the time, to actually hit a thousand clients. Okay? No. At the beginning of 2000 and fell team 15 I felt like I was still missing something. Okay. He says huge office space. It’s not mine. Okay. How was fun? This company’s called Mattawan or media and they’re based out of Colorado. They were honestly my inspiration. I want it to be just like them. Okay. Big Office. Lots of employees. Awesome work. Okay, so I basically studied their business model and reverse engineer what they were doing and how they were doing it.
What I realized next guys changed my life forever. Who wants to hear this? Life changing moment? Okay, who wants to hear this? Life changing moment? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Who has a here, this life changing moment. If you want to hear this life changing moment, I want you to drop in the chat your favorite Christmas song. Drop in the chat in your favorite Christmas song. If you want to hear this life changing moment. First person drop it. I’ll start. Who wants to hear that? Christmas and cheese jingle bells and Aaron said Jingle Bells. Who else? Okay.
You know you’ve got to build that momentum up guys. Right? All right, here we go. Here we recurring revenue, recurring revenue. Guys, this basically means they were signing people up for service and charging them on a monthly basis, just like your cell phone bill or your cable provider. Right. All these elements had one thing in common. They were all needed. Okay, you need these things right, and you had to pay monthly for them in order to keep the service going. The process was simple. Find the customer, make a sale, service them monthly and get paid monthly. That was the model that they were using a huge company. Okay. Okay. That was a model that they were using recurring revenue. Okay. So I changed my business model. I started offering services in which people would pay me monthly for it. I stopped selling the one off services, like graphic design and business cards and designing Facebook pages and doing stuff like that.
I stopped doing all that crap. Okay. This is what I started doing. Search engine optimization. This guys, and a lot of you guys are like really into like Facebook ads and stuff like that and that’s cool. We do a lot of Facebook ads and it works okay. But SEO guys, [inaudible], s c o guys. Sorry guys. I’m still a little sick getting over my cold. For most of you guys who were on episode one, you know that I lost my voice completely after that episode and I’m probably going to lose it again today. I feel it coming, but SCO guys, SEO is a powerful service. Google ad words [inaudible] managing Google ad words, accounts, social media management, and this can be Facebook ads, posting on their Facebook and Twitter pages recurring. Okay. Website maintenance. Having them pay you on a monthly basis to maintain the website. Here’s something common here guys. [inaudible]
Who’s ready to see what my next three years look like? After I moved into that office, he wants to see some money numbers. I feel like I’m dying here. Carlos, my throat’s on fire. You want to see that? Give me the money. Give him the money. They said yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Alright, let’s compare to compare with the stats from the previous three years. 2012 78 K and sales. This is like after I started picking up a little bit. Okay. I started in 2009 2002 in 2009, 2012 I barely made shit. I don’t think I made anything. Okay. s cause I had no prospects. I had nothing, okay? I learned nothing. Okay. And I didn’t go to school. I didn’t go to college just for most of you guys know I didn’t take classes. I learned, I educated myself online alone. Okay.
2012 eight it came cane sales, 2013 97 cane sales, 2000 1,442 cane sales. Cute numbers. Alright. It’s going up every single year. Pretty cute, right? Here’s the stats for the last three years after we changed the recurring based business model, okay. Who wants to see those numbers? Drop it. Yes. In the chat right now, if you want to see those numbers, I’m not going to give them away for free. I need some engagement here. People dropping yes in the chat if you want to see these numbers dropping yes. In the chat. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Everybody always wants to see the numbers. So 2015 588 Kane sales look at that jumped. Wow. What is that like four x five x, right? Probably more than that. 2016 817 Kane sales, 2017 1.2 $3 million in sales. Pretty cute, right guys. You see what happened when I switched to a recurring business model over heroes, having people paying me for one off services and I was delivering the goods and that I’d probably never see them again and I’d have to scramble to go out every single day to find new customers here. These people were paying me monthly on a service. So what happened is I just kept stacking and stacking and stacking, making sure I’m providing good service, but stacking in, stacking in, stacking. And this was what a recurring base business model does for you guys. [inaudible]
My team was like woo, hey that’s my team was like your Carlos in the back. Cause I was like where the hell am I [inaudible] this is what my team was like, okay, if you guys want happy teammates, like this is an old picture. Just when happy teammates like this put yes in the chat. Dropping yes in the chat right now from you guys dropping. Yes in the chat. You wanna to build a team. You want to have happy employees. You want to be happy, you want to have a happy Christmas. You want to, yeah. All everybody’s excited. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here we go. By the way guys, I forgot to mention one really important thing. I also made it on the front page of the Miami Herald, which I’m just going to throw in there cause I think it’s cool shit. Okay. I thought it was cool.
That’s me. Front page, Miami business section. Mass worthy. Pretty cool. Next, let’s recap guys. Total stats for nine years. 2009 eight grand in sales, 2010 18 cane sales, 2011 24 cane sales, 200012782000 1397 2014 one 40 to 2015 five 88 2016 eight 17 2017 one [inaudible] two, three milky. Tell us, see what happened there guys. You see what happened right in between 2014 and 15 so for the, my company Social Agency has done 3 million, right over $3 million in sales and that’s how I count in 2018 okay. There’s a shot from quickbooks just to prove it. Here’s a crazy part. In the last three years alone, when my company switched to a recurring base business model, we did 2 million, $785,000 in sales, I’ll say probably like 85% of the sales out of the whole nine years. That averages two, 9,283 Niger and $28,000 a year. Nobody knows you here. Okay? Who thinks that they can do that? So I basically had what I always dreamed of and growing business, I was making money. I was my own boss. I had thousands of customers at full time employees and had a big office space. I had my dream car, which is a Lamborghini that I just purchased last week. For those of you guys who follow me on my Facebook page, I have my dream Wifi. Had everything that I wanted. So after all this, I’ll be honest with you guys, I didn’t feel fulfilled. I really didn’t.
And I know it sounds weird. You’re like, man, this guy has everything right. I don’t think I did. I really didn’t feel fulfilled. Okay. I always dreamed to have all these nice things and honestly, I just wasn’t fulfilled. Okay. After all the hard work, after everything I’d been through in the past nine years to build this all up to where it is now, I felt like I had a mini empire, but for what I just honestly, I didn’t understand guys well, I realized was that I heard already surpassed my goals without even knowing. There’s a picture of me at the Lamborghini dealership last week. Over the last couple of years, I built a process that was so easy to manage and highly profitable. My process was so good. I literally put myself out of a job. I went to my office every day and had literally nothing to do.
Trust me, guys, this isn’t a bad thing, okay? It was simply the results of making the four shifts that I just walked you guys through. Now, this isn’t fluff are untested ideas, guys, okay? This is practical information that I used to grow my seven figure plus digital marketing agency, okay, so why did you show up today on this Webinar? Why are you here? Now? I don’t know why you showed up today, but it’s most likely one of these two things. One, you either want to start an agency and you don’t know where or how to get started, or two, you already have an agency and you want to make more sales with predictability down to a dollar and day, guys, okay? Now, if that’s why you showed up, take a moment to consider what if you could, what if you could create service packages that are so in tune with what your target customer wants that they will pay you without a moments of hesitation? Okay? What if you had powerless full systems that problem more of the right people into your door and gave you all the tools to deliver mindblowing results for them? What have you had an entire team to help you grow into staying this profitable powerhouse of a business guys? Right? Cool. You Bet. Who would want that dropping? Yes. In dropping us in the chat. Exclamation point. Yes. If that’s something that you want.
Oh yeah. Yes. Oh yeah. Yes. We got Abby joined. Mike Join. What’s going on guys? Who wants that? You guys want that guys? You’ve seen the results. You’ve seen the numbers. Okay. And the results are not because I’m smarter. I’m not smarter than you guys. Okay guys. And it’s not because I have no resources at my disposal. You saw, I started probably where most of you are just starting right now. It was zero. I had nothing. Okay guys, but simply because I have a formula that works, one that has been years in the making guys nine years to be exact and continues to serve my business to this day. Okay? So the obvious question is how do you get the system set up and running so you can start seeing results quickly like this? Okay, well you’ve got some options. Option number one. You can go and do what most people do, which is go out in a loan or keep using the same strategies that don’t work the time, suck the stress, defeat that they can continue to be your story.
That can continue, right? That can be your story if that’s what you guys want. No problem. Option number two, you can choose to build a digital marketing agency that reaches crazy income levels and as in measurable impact on the people you serve because guess what guys? Your clients will be taking action. They will be seeing the results that you promised. They will become fierce advocates of what you have to offer. This is how you have a dang good time running an agency that transforms your life in the lives of your clients. Okay? Does everybody agree with me on this? Can you drop a hell’s yes in the chat with a z at the end of the hills? Hells yes. Exclamation point at the chart. If you agree with me, can I get some wealth people? Do you guys agree with me on these? Go on and drop some rough. Who agrees with me on this housing? Yes. Hells yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. We got love inside of the Webinar. Awesome. Now, at this point, you probably think that I’m going to try to sell you something, right?
Well, not I believe in pure value guys. Okay? I’m not going to tell you anything. I’m not gonna sell you a course, okay? I’m not going to sell you these training guides are tutorials. I’m not going to sell you any of that stuff. This is the reason why I started dash clicks. Okay? For those of you guys who don’t know what dash clicks is, a screenshot of the dashboard, okay, guys, beautiful dashboard. Okay. One platform, one platform log into one platform. Proven processes. Guys, nine years of proven processes that our agency went through. Multiple Solutions, multiple solutions that you can offer your clients. Tons of different, okay. We have the best in class technology for agencies and it’s only going to get better. We have a certified production team where Google certified. We’re Google partners. Okay, guys, we’ve been, we’ve been at this for years. Okay?
Free education, which is huge. Free education, jump into our education center. Watch videos, jump in on a weekly live broadcast like this. I’m teaching you this for free. I didn’t ask you for a dollar, okay? Branded client dashboards. Your clients can log into your dashboards, all white labeled under your agency’s brand. Everything that we do is completely white, labeled everything from a to z Ninja style support. Okay? And that’s support from our marketing team inside of the live chat, inside of Dash Clicks. Okay? Weekly broadcast just like this. And we’re going to be doing this multiple times a week, not just once a week, multiple times a week, guys, okay? Okay. Downloadable documents plus so much more guys. All this for free. Oh this for free. You just go to Dash Luke’s dot com and you create an account. We don’t ask you for a credit card number.
We don’t ask you to pay us anything. You get everything here for free. Hey guys, dash or we can use Google dash clicks. It’s probably the first link cause we’re so damn good at SEO. Okay. Now. How would your life change you guys? If you could charge more for services if you know exactly what softwares do you use and how to use them? Yeah. I had an entire team working for you so you can enjoy life and worry about high level tasks. You never had to worry about losing clients because your services and processes were perfected. You can make enough money to support yourself and your family without being stressed, which is probably the biggest ones for some of you guys. How would your life change if you had that? Guys, can I get a hells yes inside the chat police. How would your life change if you had all this stuff, guys?
How would it change? It would put it, I mean, it changed my life. I’ll be completely honest with you. Saw I just showed you changed my life. Well, this change your life. Yes, yes, yes. Hells yes. How’s? Yes Bro. Yeah, it would guys. Okay, so there you have it guys. You’re ready to create and scale your wildly profitable digital marketing agency or are you, you should be. Okay. Now the beginning of this training, I made you guys a promise and I’m gonna keep my promises. Okay, well let’s give away some free swag bags. But first, before we do that, I also told you I had something for you that you couldn’t refuse. Who Remembers me saying that at the beginning of this chat? Who remembers me saying I had something for you that you could not refuse? You guys remember saying me that you remember, remember, remember Matt says, I remember put, I remember in the chat if you remember that. I remember that at the beginning of this.
I’m sure you do, guys, go agency had a website that was also integrated with dashboards. What if your agency had a website that was integrated with Ashley’s? Now, I know a lot of you guys have been asking me for this. A lot of you guys had been asking me for this feature. What if everything was sinked to one ecosystem? What if your website and everything inside of it with sinked one ecosystem? I feel like Steve Jobs like too and like this little like Carlos, Carl, Carl’s. Can we get the GoPro action? Let’s get some GoPro action.
What if everything was sinked into one ecosystem? Okay. All right. Let’s go back to the big picture. I just want them to see the behind the scenes. I’ll do a little dance. What if it was saying to one ecosystem guys? Okay, shit. What if your website look like that? What if your website it look like that? What if it looked like that? Okay. What if it looked like that? I mean, would you just look at it? What if it looked like that guys? Shit, actually wonderful look like this guys. What if your website look like this?
Yeah, I want you think you can convert a lot better. Holy Moly. What does it look like that guys, what is your agency website look like? This? What about a corporate website? Look at this guys. Cool. What if it looked like this guy’s looking at all this services, man, let’s hit up the services pages. What a fear. What’s your website look like that you can guys, what if it had [inaudible] on the services that dash cliques had to offer fully integrated inside of your website? What if it had all the technology the dash looks at to offer fully integrated into your website. Oh white labeled with your logo, your contact information, fully editable after to on our web builder platform forums. Call to actions, proven methods that we built. What if you had that? But if you can also just click the client login and it will take them, you know, take your customers to log into your dashboard.
Hm. What if you had it? I think it’d be pretty cool, right? I mean that’s just my thought. Well you have that. Okay. Okay. I think you’d be pretty bad ass. Anyone want access to this? Okay. Is there anyone who want access to this? Guys, if you want access to this, drop it 24 for the 24th Christmas drop in 24 if you want access to this, drop it 24 if you want access to this right now, drop a (242) 042-0420 four they said that is sexy. Where could I get all this? Yup. Yup. 24 24 24 guys, this website is valued at $6,500 that’s how much it cost us to build this templated system. Okay? It’d be a little even more than that with images, with content, with graphic designers paying our content team, professional copywriters that go on write sales copy. This is probably like a 25 page websites.
I’m like that fully integrated into dash cliffs, right? Who wants it? Anyone want it guys? We’re doing preorders for a limited time only. Okay. This feature is going to be released on February 1st, 2019 okay. You’re going to be able to log into dash clicks, your agency profile inside of Dash Clicks. Click the button and everything that’s inside of your agency profiles. Automatically going to create your very own agency website within about five seconds. Come on, set guys. John the 25 in the chat if you, let’s go guys, who wants it? I do. I do. I do. Yes. Yes. 25 25 guys, this is a month away. About a month away guys, you’re going to have this. Okay. Want to be cool?
The regular price guys will be a one time fee of 499 bucks plus $25 per month after that. Okay, but because you’ve [inaudible] I am guys to listen to what I had to say and to take the time on Christmas on New Year’s for whatever you want to call it during the holiday season to listen to what I had to say. Anyone in preorders this feature today? Well pay one time fee of $249 plus $25 a month after that, that’s 50% off. Forget about the 50% off. You don’t got to pay like six or seven grand to do it all and it’s integrated into dashboards. Okay, let’s recap guys. It’s $249 is a one time fee. 250 bucks is what you pay for this website, okay? Then $25 a month after that. Okay. Which includes a sexy as hell prebuilt agency website as you can agree with me. Hosting an SSL certificate, which alone and that’s a sales were different costs about a hundred bucks a year and a hosting for good hosting costs about $10 a month, okay?
To build an agency website will cost you, you saw about six or seven grand to do it the right way like that, okay? And access to our web builder platform where after the website is done, you just log into dash clicks, you click a button and you have full editable, editable drag and drop capabilities to edit this entire website, full drag and drop capabilities to edit the entire website after it goes live, which means you can add pages, you can do anything you want. Okay? Now to make this deal even sexier, anybody who preorders this within the next 15 minutes, I’m also throwing in a free swag bag. Now those of you guys are probably wondering, well, how do I preorder? How do I get this? Guys? It’s really simple and it’s live right now on the dashboard. Okay, well we’ll be alive. All you gotta do is log into your dashboard.
Click this store link in the main menu, select the service called agency website on the left sidebar could be at the car button, checkout using any major credit card and you’ll get the agents who website. Okay. Carlos is pushing this update live right now. Guys. This is going to be live within the next couple of minutes. Okay. Before we go into Q and a on just Q and a in general, does anybody have any questions on this while we’re pushing live? Alan said, how is it integrated in what way? Very good question Alan. So if you actually log into dash clicks, all you need to do is just go to your agency profile and we’re going to have the little form is pretty much there. You just fill out all your agency information, right? Your logo, whatever you put inside of Dash Clicks, your contact information, your social media links will eventually be there, right?
Your phone numbers, your address, if you have a physical address pretty much anything that you have inside of the actual dash clicks platform, you just click a button and it automatically syncs over into your website and creates the entire website for you. And even after the website is live, you can always update it from Dash Clicks, right? So if tomorrow you change your phone number or you make a change to your logo or you move business addresses, right? You just go into dash clicks, you push a button and Bam changes for me. Not only that guys, but you can also log into dash clicks into our web builder platform. You can log into the web builder platform and you can actually make changes guys into drag and drop editor. Okay? So you can drag, you don’t need to be a coder, you don’t need to be a web developer.
You can take anything you want. You can drag it here and you can drag it here. You can make the website real, completely different. You can change colors, you can change graphics content, you can do whatever you want. It’s fully customizable. But we built a website and that’s already working. Okay. It’s a proven website. It’s got proven sales copy. Okay. It’s got proven CPAs and call to actions. It’s fully responsive. Works on any desktop, mobile, tablet pretty much works on anything guys. Fully responsive. Okay. Justin said, could we purchase SEO services now and wait until two one to use it? Yes, you can do that. Justin. You can preorder services and that after you preorder, once our team sends you the onboarding docs to fill out, you can just let them know that you want to hold it. Justin also asked if I already paid for website content, can we submit it to you for integrated site or will dash weeks create all the pics and copy from scratch?
Guys, everything is already created so it’s a templated website that’s going to look just like that and it’s going to come with all of the sales. Copy is going to come with all of the graphics. It’s going to come with everything prebuilt. You don’t need to change anything. If you want to change something, you can easily log into the dashboard and change it right there from the drag and drop template. Okay guys, Carlos said that he just made the website live or just push you up there. He lives. So Carlos, do they need to log out of their platform or no? You’re going to log out, log back in? Nope. You don’t even need to log out guys. Go ahead and go to the store. Go to the store, guys. I’m going to show you guys how to do it.
Sure you guys had to do it. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, whoa. Let’s go through it together really quick. All right guys, let’s go through it together really quick. You’re going to go here, you’re going to go to store and you’re going to see agents who website preorder on the left rail, $25 a month plus $249 setup fee. This is a preorder, will be available until February 1st, 2018 after February 1st, 2018 the regular rate will be $25 per month plus four 99 set up fee. Okay, guys, all you do is you click add to cart. If you’ve already ordered from us in the past for your agency, you can actually select an existing company and your agency will be here. If this was your first time ordering anything for your agency for Dash Lakes, all you gotta do is go right here and create new company dropping your agency name and your email address that you used with dash clicks. Click at the cart. For the sake of the speed of this, I’m just going to click the company that’s already in there. Add to cart, okay? Then once it’s added to cart, you click view cart. Okay? We got a bunch of test orders in here, okay? But all you do is you’ve got to proceed to checkout. You don’t need to put in any coupon code. You don’t need to do anything. This is discounted guys, okay? It’s already discounted.
Well, we’re going to do guys is let’s give everybody five minutes to put in their orders for the agency website. Then after that we’re going to do some Q and A’s and I’m going to be giving out some swag bags to guys. Okay? So if you have any questions, take the next five minutes to ask me any questions that you have. Okay guys, five minutes, any questions that you have? The timer starts right now guys. Anybody who orders the agency website right now, go ahead, log into your dashboard, put the order in and come back to this chat and say, I did it. Say I did it. $250 guys for a $7,000 website. Okay. Fully integrated with dash clicks, SSL certificate, drag and drop website capabilities, SSL certificate, all the copy included, all the graphics included integrated into dashboard so your client can click a button and log in, log into your dashboard. Everything is already done for you on February 1st you’re just going to have to push a button to activate it and it will be done. In fact, we’re probably gonna push that button for you.
Make your life even easier, make your life even easier. Guys, anybody have any questions for me? While this time was ticking down on the agency website. And then we’re gonna jump into some Q and A’s and we’re going to jump into some swag bag giveaways. Any questions for me guys? Mike says, do we get access today or do we have to wait until February? You have to wait until February 1st. That’s when it’s going to be live. Susan asks, can we do blogs on the site? Yes, Susan, you can do bombs on the site. It’s going to have a full blog integrated in there. We will not be writing blogs for you guys. Obviously you guys can write your own blogs, but the capabilities of having everything is there. Awesome. Well ordered. First Agency name connection, putting an order. Congratulations. Mammary and Linda. Chris, let us just mark that down.
We’re going to send them a swipe back too, guys, a couple minutes to place your orders. We’re gonna fire out as free swag back to you and you’re going to get the 50% off discount off the agency website. It’s $249 a one time fee plus 25 bucks a month. So what you’re paying for is the $249 it’s a one time fee and it’s done and that all you do is you pay 25 bucks a month and you get your hosting, your SSL certificate, access to the drag and drop website editor inside of Dash Clicks and pretty much everything that goes with it. Susan says, I’m in four 49 media, marble funnels. Congratulations, all of you guys. I’m sending you guys swag bags.
Any other questions, guys? Guys, if you’re hesitating and you’re thinking about this and I’m just going to be brutally honest with you guys, you’re not going to get a website like that anywhere, okay? You’re not going to get a website like that anywhere. Okay? We, it took us literally three months to design that website and I personally designed it myself. Okay. I put my effort, I wrote all the copy for the website. I worked with my graphic design team to actually create all of the graphics. Okay? I get all every single page, one by one. I built this website for you guys. I’m giving you a $7,000 website for 250 bucks. You’ve got less than two minutes. If you want to get a free swag bag with the website guys, all you gotta do is log into dash clicks, go to the store and the main menu, click on agency website. Preorder.
Checkout takes two minutes guys, two minutes. Anybody else have questions? Anybody else have questions in regards to that? Let’s see. Let’s see if we got some questions here. I did it. I did it. I did it. All right, we got cool. Awesome guys, congratulations for agency in the box members. If our closers are pushing three month contracts to prospects, how we go about selling that, I’m going to answer that in a second. Just ordered awesome guys. 51 seconds and then we’re going to jump over to some Q and a and some swag bag giveaways. We’re going to be giving away a couple of swag bags. Get your agency website now guys, go get it now. 250 bucks.
So the deal of a lifetime, Matthew says he just ordered, Justin said done Monroe media. Justin, congratulations. Okay. Done. We’ve got another one. It too. No, one eight. Hi Guys, for those of you who did not purchase yet, you can obviously still purchase. But unfortunately you won’t get a swag bag with that purchase. Anybody who orders who stopped those orders. No, we’re not starting again. Let me get out of this thing. Let’s get out of this. Let’s gain out of this and let’s do some Q and A’s. Let’s do some Q and A’s cause I know we’ve got a lot of Q and A’s. We’ve got some swag bag giveaways. We’ve got to do a lot of really cool stuff here guys. Okay. Justin said, Chad, you can literally charge four to five k for this insane. Yeah, I agree with you, but we’re not, we want you guys to have value.
You know, 250 bucks for like a 25 page agency website that’s fully integrated into a dashboard with hosting on a drag and drop website builder with an SSL certificate with proven sales copy, proven graphics, fully responsive on tablets, mobile devices, desktop man. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that guys. Okay. You can still order your agency websites. You can preorder all the way until February 1st guys, the price will be available at $249. For those of you guys who took the time to order it now I think more orders are still coming in for those of you guys who took the time to order it. Now we’re going to send you guys a swag bag. In fact, I’ll make it even sweeter. Anybody who orders all the way until the end of this Webinar, we’re going to, we’re going to send you guys some swag bags out too.
Okay. We’ll extend it cause I know we had to push live for you guys and that took a couple of minutes. So we’ll push it all the way until the end. Let’s get some Q and a going. Guys, I know we had a couple of questions here. He says if the clothes are pushing three month contracts to pause prospects, how would you go about selling on a recurring monthly basis? How would you go about selling a contract? Good question. Justin what I would do if I was selling on a recurring based business model I would do a minimum of three months or minimum of six months. Those are usually the sweet spots. We used to do two year contracts, then we started doing one year contracts and we started doing six month contracts. Then we started doing three month contracts and then we went back up to six month contracts.
So for us, our sweet spot was that six months. However, guys, if you’ve got somebody that wants to sign up just drop down, get them to sign up and use a three month contract, send them over a contract and get the ball rolling guys. Okay. we got another question here. Do you usually suggest a purchase content marketing for SEO Services? Justin’s a great question. Content marketing is actually included in all of the SEO packages. So if you’re inside of the store, you’ll see that content is actually included in every single one of the SEO plants. So you do not need to purchase this separately. It’s already included. Alright, so did you save you some money? I’m going to swing back over here. I know we had some more questions here. What platforms can marketing agencies used to thrive online dash clicks?
Mike said, I’m cutting my hair. Give me about 30 minutes while I can get the bag. Mike, you’re always late, man. Come on. Get with the program like [inaudible] Chris says done. Purchased. Mike asked when will the chat Bot integration be out coming soon guys coming soon. We don’t have an exact date for it, but we’re working on it. Mike said, do we, did we get access now or do we have to wait until February? I think I already answered that. I’m just going to be going live February 1st. Got Is. Okay. So you gotta log into your store. Dumb question time. Does dashboards provide invoice templates for agencies? I’m not at the moment. Justin. We don’t, I’m pretty cool feature though. We can add it to the feature list where you squeeze it in whenever we have some time. All right, let’s give away a couple of swag bags.
I’m going to give you a couple swag bags. I like to always ask random questions. For swag bags, giveaways. So the first thing I’m going to do is I think what I’m going to start doing is I’m going to ask questions that I went over in the previous episode. So for those of you guys who are actually engaging and watching our content, I’m gonna Provide you guys a little bit more value. Okay. First one to answer this question right, gets a free swag bag in episode one of marketer’s mindset. What were the three prospecting tactics that I showed you guys how to do three? There was three of them. Who Remembers what they are?
Cold calling walk-ins and cold calling walk-ins and Facebook ads. Damien phone. Damian, what’s the name of your agency? Damian. Joseph. Cause if you can write that down. Damien, what’s your name? Your agency. Okay. And what size t shirt are you? Honest marketer is the name of the agency. Size of the tee shirt is a medium bone. Got a swag bag thrown out to you. Alright guys, in episode one of Marketer’s mindset, you got it, brother Damon said thank you. You got it man. In episode one of Marketer’s mindset. Let me think of a cool question to ask you guys. Okay. In episode one of Marketer’s mindset, what prop did I use in the middle to engage with customers across? You can go full screen here if you want. You can get out money, gun, boom. Justin Monroe Johnson Agency name is, I believe Monroe media. What size tee-shirt shirt or Justin? I think you’ve got a couple of swag bag, man. You’re going to have swag bags for life.
Justin, what’s your agency name? Had like three now. A XL for Justin and it’s Monroe media. Tommy, what question can I ask? Tommy joined us. What’s going on, Tom? Tommy, tell me why don’t you get in here? Why don’t we get Tommy here? Why don’t we get Tommy in here? Tommy, let’s give away swag back together, man. Let’s do it, man. Let’s do it. Let’s give away swag back together. Carlos can gonna go full screen and let’s get off the Webinar. Yeah, we’ve got a couple of given away. I’ve got my Santa Hat on, homie. See it? I liked the blue guys. Well, let’s, we guys don’t know. This is Tommy. Tommy pretty much deals with a lot of stuff here. You probably spoken to him and he’s inside of slack. He’s handling you guys helped me guys down in the billing department.
I’m managing projects pretty much doing a lot of different stuff. Tommy. can you think of a clever question that you can ask? He’d be anything in the world that we’re going to ask these people and whoever’s the first one to answer it right is going to get a swag bag. That’s fine, that’s fine. And this is related to any products or anything? It can be products. It can be movie related. It can be anything that you want. Okay? Anything you want to ask you to do. But before you ask the people guys, remember guys, if you’re purchasing your agency website, we’re going to be going off here in a couple of minutes. Go out and purchase your agency website. Now we’re going to fire off a free swag back to you. Maybe we should show them what’s included in the swag bag before we give all this stuff away. Why don’t you grab some stuff over here. Let’s show him what, what actually comes to the people like let’s this swag back. What is this thing called swag. What is this thing called? Swagger.
Well, what is this thing called swagger, by the way, guys, for those Oh, could that are not in the live webinars or we’re broadcasting live in zoom too. We also had Instagram here. Instagram capped out in an hour. I’m answering you guys and unfortunately you can’t win any prizes if you’re live on Facebook. T can it be a little tricky? I’m actually reading off all the zoom comments, so just make sure for the next episode that you actually are alive in zoom and you’re not actually just on Facebook. Okay? So if you don’t have to dash clicks gout, go into dash, click sign up, and we send out registration links a couple of days before we go live. Tommy, why don’t you show them what’s inside of these swags. So very first thing you’ve got is definitely the swag bag stuffing. Maybe let me put it on for this.
Let me do a little modeling shoot. We’re going to put this swagger, the swagger of the bag. Hello. All right, Santa’s swagged up. And then what else we got? Well, I like to start with, oh, he’s talking about this tee shirt. I’m already modeling it, man. I’ll be wearing, this is a tee shirt. What does it say on the bag? Why don’t you read it in our minds? What if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. Guys, I would have vacation man. Man. Motivation man. Motivation t shirt right here. Right in the swag bag. The next important thing is what else we got right there. You know why? Cause your mouse is going to be moving around over here. Oh there we go. Home. Oh there we go. So I’m not as pat. We’re going to send you guys out a tee shirt. We’re going to send you guys out of bag.
We’re going to send you guys out a metal dash cliques pen so you can start writing in the style guys. Okay guys. So for those of you guys who have not got a dash cliques swag bag, for those of you guys who have not purchased your agency website, go to the store now get your website guys, we’re going to be doing a little bit more. Ethan said, what is the link? Ethan once you sign up to dash clicks we actually send out a registration if you don’t have a dash clicks account, let’s get this keyboard on. Qubole if you don’t have the dash to cal, you just go I’m register for a dash clicks account. Yeah. And I got my question. Oh, you got your question? What is the only thing? Yes, because we’ll need to move forward with your account. Okay. The only thing, the one thing for us to work on your account and let it ride.
Payment onboarding. Boom. Aaron. Oh boy. It’s onboarding payment to technically cause we got to pay them. Yeah, but we’ll, we’ll give you that. Okay. Onboarding agents. Who you from what t-shirts size. Are you all [inaudible] eh, [inaudible] Aaron, I guess move this a little bit, Aaron. Demer. I’m from Canada. Whew. He’s a large and it’s deemer media. D. I. E. M. E r media. Mazel Tov, Aaron. Let’s do one more. I feel, I feel lovely. I mean it’s Christmas. We got the spirits going. We’ve given out how many swag bags we gave out already. A ton of Carla’s cause at a ton between all of you guys. You’re welcome Aaron. Between a lot of you guys guys, by the way, I want to throw one thing out before we give away another swag bag. For those of you guys who are taking action and actually purchasing these websites and actually dropping your clients into dash clicks, I promise you guys, we are going to revolutionize the way that marketing works.
Okay? We are going to change the entire game and we’re going to help you guys scale your agency. I want everybody hitting the six figure mark. I want everybody hitting the seven figure mark. Okay guys, so just roll with me. Okay, keep going with the punches guys. I’m telling you guys, aside from just the crazy technology that we come out, our service is going to be insane. That already is insane. It’s only gonna get better. We’re hiring how many people? I think we hired four people last week alone and we, we got more coming in. Yeah, we’ve got more coming in. Last week we hired four people. We hired two Facebook ad experts. We hired a new developer and we hired a an admin and project manager is going to be helping you guys as well. And we got the other one coming in and we got another one coming in next week that’s starting.
Yes. Damien said hells yes. All right, let’s, why don’t we out, let’s do a trivia question. Let’s do, let’s do a trivia question guys. Let’s do a trivia question. Let’s do something with movements. You know what? He can only get Christmas movies. Christmas movies are not my specialty. Not your specialty gear when you need him. Yeah, yeah. We’ll get, we’ll get you. All right guys. I’ll throw out a question. What is the number one? What’s alright? Let’s see if they can just [inaudible]. Yes. This is more of like a guessing. You’ve gotta be lucky to witness all here. What is my favorite movie? And that was a broad question, but I’ll throw, I’ll start throwing out some hints. Don’t say anything cause I got the lab on. You’re gonna whisper in my ear. They’re all going to hear what’s my favorite movie? Let’s see if you guys can guess. Pulp Fiction. Nope. Let’s get a little guessing spree going for warm up the audience and then I’ll start giving you guys some hits. Star Wars. No. Great. Okay.
What is my favorite movie? Who wants a swag bag? T-Shirts, bag, mouse pads. Pens. What is my favorite movie? I wonder if the one that I’m thinking, the one that you’re thinking probably it’s the wallpaper that we have on our computer monitor here. Right? Lilo in stage? No, the Shawshank redemption. No. All right. Let me give you guys a little hint. I’ll throw in a little hint. Alright. Yeah. It starts with, yeah. Yeah, it starts with duck. It starts narrowed it. Yeah. Let’s get, can we hit the GoPro real quick? I can hit him with the line. Okay. Get with the line from the movie they liked you want to end with the line? What’s the line? A small line that you’ve got to give him a little taste.
No, pick up the phone and start dialing guys right there. The good, the bad and the arguing on Wall Street. Damien. Joseph, there we go. Damien. Joseph, Damien, one, two swag bags. Damian, we’re doubling you up. Give one to a friend. Exactly. Give one to a friend. Guys, I’m going to give you guys another five more minutes. Not even probably about three more minutes before I close out this live session. Anybody who purchases an agency website during that time is going to get a swag bag also if you’re watching the replay, okay? First and foremost, if you’re watching the slide hashtag live, you’re watching the replay hashtag replay just so we can see what’s going on. But aside from that guys if you are actually watching the live video right now, your chance to get a swag bag and get 50% off right now at the agency website. If you do not watch a live video, you didn’t get a chance. It’s okay. Unfortunately we’re not going to send you out a swag bag cause you didn’t show up to watch for the value, but we’re still going to give you guys 50% off all the way until February 1st. February 1st or price for the agency website is going up to four 99. It’s doubling.
So No, I’m talking about the website. Are we doing the website deal now? The agency website deals right now, the agency website deals right now, 50% off all the way until February 1st for your agency website. Also guys, another piece of knowledge didn’t drop out yet in case you haven’t seen my emails and my many chatbots. Okay. right now we’re doing 50% up. By the way. I see Aaron said, by the way, sign up. My Agency is Errand deemer not actually Dean Remedia just realized that. No worries. We’ll change that for you. We’ll help you out and, and don’t worry about that. All right boys, I’m gonna get back to you off. Go ahead man guys. Okay guys. And then obviously I say Justin said, appreciate it. No problem guys. Yeah, so right now on top of that it’s not obviously available with the purchase of the Ames who website, but we are running 50% of all services except for website designs.
Okay. What’d you say Carlos on? We’ll turn the screen on. We’re running 50% off. Our website design services. Okay guys, not all website designers. I’m losing my mind. And we actually are, we’re running 50% off off the agency website and then we’re running 50% off. So if you go into the actual dashboards account and it’s gonna be huge red bar at the top it says, it says use code 2019 to actually check out. So any services that you purchased today, if you want to purchase Facebook ads for your agency, if you want to purchase Facebook ads for your customers, if you want to purchase SEO for your agency to add along with the website that you’re going to get, you can purchase anything right here. Right now, that coupon, a 2019 is expiring on January 1st at midnight, e s t. Okay guys, January 1st at midnight, e s t and that’s for 50% off anything in the store excluding website designs.
Okay. Now if you want to get your agency website, that deal is going to be good at 249 bucks plus $25 which will include your first month of service. It’s going be good all the way until February 1st, 2019 at February 1st, 2019 at midnight. That price is going to change from $249 to $499. Okay guys, so get it now 50% off. Also, the people who preorder the website are going to get it before everybody else. Okay guys, so preorder your website. Now let’s see if I have any other questions. Any other questions? Any other questions, guys? I’m probably one of the most important thing. Casey said you guys are crushing it. Love you guys. Great job in the platform. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much guys. Happy holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Hanukkah. Happy new years. If I don’t see you guys before New Year’s, we’re running tons of promotions inside of Dash Clicks.
We are here to service you and educate you guys. So happy holidays from the Dash Gleick’s team. I hope you guys enjoyed everything. I’ll be got tons of value if you got some value, show some love in the comments. So we can get some more engagement. Hit the share button inside of your actual Facebook. If you’re watching this on Facebook show some love guys. We’re trying to reach as many people as we can. Get as much engagement as possible. The more comments you leave, the more times you hit the like button, the more times you hit the share button. It shows us love. That helps us out and we’re going to want to do these things even more and more and more. So if you haven’t done it already, hit the like button. Hit the love button, whatever you want to hit, drop a comment into the chat and then click the share button. We’ll see you guys next time for episode three of marketers mindset, once you’ll most likely be after the new year’s over and out, have a good one guys.

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