Do These 3 Things & Make Money Faster
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:42 PM

Do These 3 Things & Make Money Faster


Wondering how to make money fast? You don’t need to overcomplicate things. There are three actions you can take to close clients fast and keep them. Watch the video to find out what they are.


What’s going on marketer’s mindset. How are we doing people? Happy Friday. Share a little wisdom with you guys. Let’s get some Facebook pulled up here. How are we doing everybody? Hey, how are we doing or how are we during, tell me a little bit about how we doing guys, if you guys are with me and you can see me and you can hear me here, the one on one in the chat, even if you’re watching the replay, so I don’t want to one in the chat.
Let me get this bad boy open on the side screen here. I want to talk about a little bit of a little quick, quick little three little tips. Oh, alright, cool. Facebook has been really sluggy lately. Let’s get this going. Let’s get this going. What’s going on, Philip? Angel Lael me. Ryan, how are you doing guys? Do me a quick favor if you can hear me and you can see me, just go ahead and drop a one on one in the chat really quick. I just want to make sure everybody’s on the same page. I know beeline did a little update and go, let’s check out the little a delay.
Yeah, we’re still at about like a 30, 32nd delay. Maybe even more than that be live. You need to get your shit straight with your API. Okay. guys, I want to talk to you guys a about three quick tips about how you can make money fast. Most people or that’s like the one thing that they would love to do is a way for you to actually make money but fast. Right? And everybody’s always talking about making money. Everybody’s always talking about getting clients, onboarding new clients. But everybody always overcomplicate things for no reason. There’s really no reason to overcomplicate things. Like every time we do a Webinar, all the questions that we get coming in is, it’s like people like over complicating something that literally should just be super simple. There’s no reason for it to be over complicated. Right? Jared said it’s p d Friday.
That’s right. Matt said live. What’s going on people? Nelson, what’s up? Chat with sub Nelson. How are we doing? We got angel on. Hey everybody. I good. We’ve got a good group of people on here. So I’m going to talk to you guys really quick. First of all, how fire was that Webinar yesterday with me and angel? And if you thought that that was fire, go ahead and drop a fire Emoji in the chat really quick. If you thought that the webinar yesterday was just super fire because let me tell you, some people, we had to go in there and drop some bombs. Okay. And that wasn’t even a bomb. That was like a Hiroshima bomb. That was like a nuclear explosion. Then we just dropped in the DC headquarters. Okay. And in the D C Studios for those of you guys who did not catch the webinar yesterday I think it’s right.
It’s right up there somewhere. Trade up there somewhere. Just scroll up a little bit in newsfeed and you’ll see it. It’s peeling in the announcements and it’ll be there for the next couple of days. And then it’ll also be in the feed. So if you’re watching this video later on in your, on Facebook, it’s somewhere in the news feed and it’s titled something like how to, how to make a shit ton of money using Instagram or how to get a 10. Hi, Di you leads per day automated using Instagram for less than 30 bucks or something like that, right? It’s up. It’s in the feed somewhere. Okay? So we’re going to let a couple of people piling and I want to talk to you guys about three really simple things that you can do right now to go make money and make it faster than you’re currently making it.
So if it’s taking you three weeks to make money or close a deal, it’s going to take you a week or maybe even a day if you’re a boss. Okay. That says we’ll Skype or what’s, that was crazy dog. Don’t forget to watch it. Yeah, dog. Don’t forget what’s going on. That, what’s going on Ryan. How we doing everybody? All right guys, so let’s go through this really quick. Now we got enough people on, I won’t bore you with the deletes. So the number one, and you guys have probably heard me say this before, but I really want to break down the psychology of this and I want it to explain to you how simple this really is. Okay? So please, when I say something, don’t take it and start over complicating it and doing like letting your mind run like 50 different ways and trying to think about like a thousand different ways that you can do this, right?
Just do it the simplest way. That’s usually what makes the most money, right? When you keep things simple, stop over complicating things. Yes, we’re digital marketers. Yes we run agencies. No, we do not need to complicate things. You do not have to be the super technical guy that you think you need to be. You don’t have to be the guy that’s going to go into the backend code of their website and start picking stuff out and finding stuff that you don’t need to do any of that because guess what? You’re going to go and you’re going to view the source of a website. You’re gonna start talking about html and CSS and PHP and how this is built on bootstrap and it should be built on a different platform. Or guess what? The person that you’re speaking to doesn’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
So stop being so technical. Just keep it super simple. Okay guys, this is literally my super simple strategies, three steps that I take to close a client fast and make sure to keep them for as long as I can. Okay. You Ready? It’s really not that hard. The first thing that I do is find an extreme pain point. Okay? Now there’s a difference between a regular pain point and an extreme pain point. Okay. Irregular pain point can be, hey, you know what, your, your posts are. They’re not really, they’re not really that nice on social media. They can definitely be up for it. Right? so if you tell somebody that that’s not like, like if you tell me that, I’m not like, wow, like I’ve got to solve this right now. It’s like, okay, you know, all right, maybe we can do a better job at that.
Or if you go to someone’s website and you’re like, Hey, your website is you know, you’ve got to pick a couple of pictures on here that are outdated or you’ve got some misspellings in your texts. It’s something that needs to be fixed. My mind is a business owner. I’m like, alright, you know, I’ll fix them. You know, when I get some time I’ll fix them. It’s not, it’s not really a high priority for me. Right. or another thing can be like you can be checking out their SEO and you can say, hey, you’re not, you’re not ranking number one for a plumber in Miami, Florida. Guys. Like, all right. Yeah, I know. You know, we’re working on it. We got it. We, you know, we got, maybe we got missed the old guy here or my admin in my office doing my SEO.
Right. we’re working on it, you know, W W we’re going to get there. Okay. it’s, that’s not really neat. These are not like extreme pain points. Okay. What you want to do is you want to get down into the psychology because most of the time through conversation, that person will actually tell you the pain points. You don’t even need to find them, right? Just by having a simple conversation. Okay? what’s going on, Brandon? Christian, Jay, hey everybody. How are we doing? For those of you guys who are by the way, are watching live, just do me a quick favor, Hashtag lives we can get the reach out. For those of you guys who are watching the replay, just hashtag replay don’t be that person that’s lazy. Just do it because it takes one second and you got just used a little fingers and just Hashtag that’s it.
Or replay for watching the replay. So anyways guys, I’m finding an extreme pain point is, is something that makes the heart go boom or the mind go wow. Like it’s like anybody, everybody. You ever heard that like light bulb moment, right? So unless during a sale you don’t provide that light bulb moment, it’s, they’re not going to buy from you, right? It’s going to take, you can tell somebody as long as they want or for as long as you want that their posts are not up to par on their social media or that their website is outdated and they should update their website or that they’re not ranking in Google or that their Facebook campaign can be driving conversions for cheaper maybe, right? You can go through all that. That’s cool. But that’s just gonna cause a longer sales cycle, which basically means it’s going to take you longer to close the deal.
So I want to do a quick poll here for the almost 15 people that are here on live with me in the marketer’s mindset group. Do me a quick favor. Can you drop a number three if you would like to shorten your sales cycle. So instead of it taking you a month to close a deal, it might take you two days or three days or maybe even 24 hours or maybe even instantly, which I’ve done before, right? Just go ahead and drop a number three in the chat really quick. I want to see if you guys if you guys would like that. Let’s see what we got. Let’s see what we got. Nobody would like that. Simona. Thank you, Tim. Thank you.
Yeah guys, think about that really quick. Thinking about your prospecting the whole life cycle. So if you want to make money quicker, change the way that you prospect. What you want to do is start conversations and you can use the whole insta noble Webinar that I did yesterday and literally go out, have conversations, right? That’s a great way to get people on the phone with you where their minds are open and you’re able to speak to them. Okay? So that’s the first step. Okay? Second step is actually having a conversation with that person and digging into the business side of things, speaking to them as a business owner, right? So when I have conversations with people, when I’m on an actual consultation call now in the prospecting phase, I’ll actually ask questions about their business. Say, hey, how long has your business been open for?
I want to know that because I want to know if you’re a new business or I want to have you been up for 10 years, that’ll tell me that. That’ll tell me two different things. Right? I know which way to go with this. Okay. Then I always ask them, what are the biggest struggles within your business? What are you struggling with the most? What’s something that if we can solve for you right now? Well, if I was in genie and I gave you one wish for your business, what would that be? Can you go ahead and tell me what that, what’s the biggest thing that you’re hurting with right now? They’ll tell you what it is. Okay. That’s your responsibility to take that and just maximize that and come up with a solution. Okay. So to be a good business owner, to be good salesperson, you need to be a solutions person.
Okay? You need to come up with solutions fast, instantly. Okay. Phillips at Dash Accelerator, you definitely got a bit of a delay. Yeah, I do. B life sucks. They’re good with this stuff. But anyways, so think about this really quick. So then you ask them that and then you can, I like to dive deeper or sometimes I’ll get into super deep questions if that, if that person becomes open with me, I’ll say, hey, how much are you generating in revenue every month? What would you like your revenue to be? Or are you making money? Are you, is your business profitable? Are you losing money? Right? Because that’s a pain point right there. If they’re losing money or if they’re not making money, guess what? Boop, boop, boop, boop. They feel that shit in their heart. Their mind opens up. So if you can figure out a way for them to stop losing money, isn’t that better than, hey, you’re losing money.
I can help you stop losing money. Just simple. I’m not, I didn’t say anything about the source code of your website needs to be updated to the newest algorithms and proprietary this and that and say anything about that. I just said, you’re losing money. I’ll help you start losing money. Okay. Doesn’t that make you feel some type of way? Would that make you feel some type of way if you are losing money. Okay. Now let’s do a quick poll real quick. While we have people in the group, what do you think is a better solution or what do you think? Yeah, what do you think is a better problem? What do you think makes somebody feel a little bit differently? Right? Or makes that little heartbeat or that mind move, right? Is it a, I’m losing money. It’s a bigger, so that’s a bigger problem to have a or is a bigger problem to have?
Hey, my social media posts they’re just not up to par or I’m not posting frequently enough. What do you think is going to make a business owner take action? A or B? Go ahead and drop in the chat really quick. A or B, what does a business owner going to take action on? Is he going to or he or she going to take action on, Hey, I’m losing money and I need to stop losing money. Or Hey, my social media posts are outdated or not posting frequently enough, I to post more. B, what do you think they actually give a shit about? Is it a or B?
Okay. Is it eight or B? Just go ahead and drop it in the chat. Really quick, guys. A or B. A or B. Awesome. AAA. You know what I realized, actually I’m gonna Start using the book cause the pole in here, the, the comments in B live are actually not updated, but I have Facebook on my side screen and that shits up updated to sometimes Mike drop the 300 in the chat and nobody drops it. I’m like, damn, am I doing a good job with this or should I just walk out right now? And then I look over here and it was like, like 10 of you guys. So, okay, good. So we’re all on the same page. Hey. Right, it makes sense. It’s common sense. I’m not getting technical. I haven’t said anything technical yet. You’re losing money. We’re going to help you stop losing money.
Let’s go through another one. Okay. And there’s, and there’s multiple, multiple, multiple things that they can tell you. They can literally tell you, hey, you know what? I’m a right. Let’s say I’m a restaurant. Okay? My lunch shifts used to be a lot busier, but it’s completely died down. How many times have you heard that from a business or, I used to be busy, but now for some reason I’m not as busy enough. That’s a problem. The heart’s starting to beat their mind. Starting to move. Okay. Do you guys agree with me? Can you drop a three in the chat if you agree with me on that, that that would make you feel some type of way, right?
So most of you guys right now, and I think you guys are starting to understand the concept. Most of you guys, it’s cool to go out and do a consultation and talk about their website and talk about their social media and talk about their Facebook campaigns and their Google ads and the rest CEO and all this crazy technical stuff. But don’t even get there yet until you get the goods. Okay? So the first thing that you need to do okay. Is you need to find their extreme pain point. You need to pick it out of their brain that the only way you can do that is through conversation. Okay? Because I can tell you right now, you can go and you can look at their business online for days and you think you know their pain point because their website might not be responsive and you think that that’s an extreme pain point.
But guess what? News Flash, it’s not, that person just doesn’t give a shit about their website and anything that you say might not matter to them. So why not just go to the source, which is their brain and their heart and ask them what the freaking problem is and what they’re struggling with in their business and come up with a viable solution for that to solve that extreme pain point. It’s like, doesn’t that just make logical sense? Right? So the first thing that you need to do out of this whole life thing, I said there’s three things that you need to do to make money. Facts, okay? The first thing that you need to do is find an extreme pain point. Okay? Are we all on the same page here? You guys get that to go out and find an extreme pain point and start asking questions.
Okay. And I’ll go through some of the questions that I asked for. So you guys if you want and you can write this down or record my voice and listen to me while you sleep. Whatever you want to do, whatever floats your boat. But how long have you been open for it? How many business? How many years have you been, sorry? How many years have you been open for? How many employees do you have within your business? How much money is you’re making? Is Your Business? How much revenue are you doing on a monthly and annual basis? Are you profitable? Are you breaking even or are you losing money? How many employees do you have? I don’t know if I asked that question or not. Okay. Because amount of employees also tells me a big thing. If somebody tells me, I’ve got no employees, they’re a small business.
Somebody says, I’ve got 15 employees, a little bit of a larger business, they got more money to spend. It makes you register things. Okay? So things like that. And then asking them, Hey, what’s the biggest issue you’re having with your business right now? It’s fine. I’ll ask them x. And that’s what you’re there for. You’re there to be a consultant, right? So I’m beating around the Bush, ask them. And sometimes you’ll get drawbacks. People like, you know what? I can’t really share that information. I can’t share my, my, my revenue numbers or I can’t share this secret information. Well, what you should tell them is, how am I going to help you make more money if I don’t know how much money you’re making or how much money you want to make or how much money you’re losing, how can I, how can I effectively actually help you?
Right? And that’s my rebuttal. I tell people, people are like, I don’t want, I can’t tell you how much money I make. That’s secret information, dude. I’m your fucking marketing company. You have to tell me how much money you’re making because I need to help you make more money. And I need to know where my goals are. My KPIs are. So in order to make this whole thing work, I need to know, are you making money? Are you losing money? I need to know what your products are, what your services are that you sell. I need to know what your margins on your products are so I can set proper KPIs. Okay, I need to know all of these things. I am a very analytical person. I need to know these things so I can then take that, dissect that, put it into an excel sheet, come up with KPIs, and then come up with campaigns and strategies.
We can go out and help you make more money. But if I don’t know how much money you’re making, I can’t help you make more money. Okay? So there’s tons of rebuttals for doing different things. All right guys. So the first thing, and we’ve got it, make a, finding an extreme pain point. Go in there and find something that’s tickling their heart, tickling their brain. Okay. That’s the first thing that you need to do. If you can do that, you will be successful. If you can find that. Now there’s many different ways to do it. Everybody’s got their own strategies and tactics. Mine is just being straight up with somebody, just asking them a free questions. Okay? So the first thing because they’ll tell you somebody who’s struggling, somebody who’s in need, somebody who’s dealing with issues, okay? It’s like going to psychiatrist. Okay. Be that, just be there and listen.
So open your ears and let them just vent it. You okay? And take everything in. Okay. I can tell you you’ll find a lot of extreme pain points, but just pick one. Don’t over confuse things. They’re going to tell you that, oh my receptionist quit on me and you know, my payroll is too high. And you know, the, the, I got a leak in my roof and now my wife’s leaving, me and my kids are now getting surgery and like they’re going to come at you with like their whole life story, but that, none of that, a lot of that shit doesn’t matter. Unfortunately. Okay. You need to find the one pain point where you know that you’ve been helped. Okay? Number one, we good with that? Let’s get a number five. Get a number five in the chat if we’re all on the same page here, five in the chat. Real quick guys.
Yeah, makes sense. Even though we know their site sucks. Yeah, no, I agree with you. Okay, awesome. Number five, five, five, five, five. Cool. You guys are on the same page. You understand? Okay. Here’s the next thing we’re going to do. The next thing we’re gonna do is number two. Okay? Very simple. Please do not overcomplicate this. You’re going to hear this and you’d be like, oh my God, this is so confusing. I can ever do this and all. I need to get a consultant. I need to take 38 courses. Just hear me out. It’s not confusing. Guys. Stop overthinking this shit. Okay? Number two is offer the best value packed solution. Okay? So what you’re going to do is you’re going to go back to number one. They’re going to tell you I’m not making enough money, okay? Why are you not making enough money?
Let’s dive a little bit deeper. Okay, let’s get, let’s get a little bit deeper. Okay. And then they’re going to tell you, hey, you know what, I’m, I’m not making any money because I have this lunch shift at my restaurant. And it used to be busy in that. Now it’s not busy anymore. Okay, let’s, let’s go into that. Why is it not busy anymore? Well, you know, we used to, we used to do a lot of advertising on Yelp. And then we, we cut that off and then that, you know, that we cut that off like nine months ago and and then things started slowing down right now. Now we can barely and that we can barely fill up our lunch. And I, that was the biggest profitable time for us within our restaurant, within our business. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding.
You have an issue filling up your lunch spot. That’s why you’re losing money. You just said it yourself. You said you used to make money. We used to be profitable. That was our biggest time. It was lunchtime. And now we’re not doing any advertising anymore because we’re cheap and we decided to shut it off now and I’ll make it anyway. Now we’re actually losing money because we got payroll. We’ve got chefs that are cooking, whipping eggs in the kitchen. Okay? And nobody’s there to eat the eggs. That’s a problem. Okay, well nobody’s here to eat the megs. US. That’s an issue. Okay, so what are we going to do? What would you guys do if somebody said that to you? Go ahead and drop it in the chat below. What would be a solution to the problem? Drop it in the chat below. Don’t be that Weirdo that’s just watching, okay. Engage. Don’t be that Weirdo please.
We engaging people here at dash place. If you’re not engaging, we don’t like it. What would you do with jumping on the chat? What would you do? Nobody here knows what to do. Alright, cool. Well, I’ll tell you what to do and it’s pretty simple. Phillip said, run a special during those lunch times. Angel said, give me the mags. Angel, I got two eggs for you right here, brother. Matt said Facebook ads. Yeah. Facebook ads is a great idea. Okay. And I’ll tell you why Facebook ads is a great idea because I know that restaurants, people like Free Shit, okay? And I can just run a get an appetizer for free with the, the order of any entree type deal, okay? We get a milkshake on the house with the order of any entree or get a free dessert during the Times of 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, which is lunch times, right?
Make sure whatever you do that you’re solving the problem, okay? Because I’m going to tell you what, if you start running dinner specials here, you’re going to run into the same issue. You’re not solving their problems of them not being able to fill up their lunch slot, which is supposedly their biggest slot. And that’s why they’re losing money. They might already be busy for dinner. They don’t need you for that. They’re not losing money because they can’t feed people for dinner. They’re losing money because they can’t feed people for lunch, right? So with Facebook, I know as a marketer and by watching Chad’s marketer’s mindset live videos and by watching all his youtube videos that I can run Facebook ads during this specific time period. Even if I want to, right. I can even help out this. I can run a schedule scheduled Facebook ad during the times, only have, let’s say Monday through Friday if that, those are the days that they’re super slow.
Maybe they’re not. So on the weekends, right. I’m Monday through Friday, their slow sale from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM that’s where they’re struggling. Guess what? Those are the Times that people go to lunch. Okay. What do you think people do when they’re on lunch? Most of the time that they’re on their phones. Okay. Most of the time they are on their phones. So I would literally run an ad from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM that literally says, Hey, we are running a crazy lunch special right now. And Bobby’s mammoth Jama pancakes. Okay. Yes. Bobby Mami Jama pancakes. That’s the name of the restaurant. We’re running a special right now. Bobby’s Mammon, Jama pancakes. Okay. We’re giving a free dessert with the course of any entree or with with the purchase of any entree, okay? You can get your free McFlurry with sprinkles and toppings and you put a nice picture from flurry and get their mouth wet, get them all excited.
Okay. And this is available right now. You can just get directions to our location by clicking the button below. Just fricking send them to them out or something. Do something cool. Set up to your Yelp location or your Google, your Google business location. That’s where the link should go, gentlemen. Okay. That’s what I would do. Okay. It doesn’t need to be crazy budget. We’ve ran Facebook ads where we were converting with that exact strategy. Okay? That exact strategy. And we were converting I think at like 60 cents, 70 cents per conversion of people. Actually you can do the same thing and if you want, you can do like a coupon redemption where they put in their information, which you can do that too. I would definitely recommend that. That’s what we did for this story that I’m telling you here. We actually went out and we did that and I think it was like, it was no more than a dollar. Right? It cost the restaurant no more than a dollar to get that person’s information and then deliver them a coupon.
What do you think is going to happen?
The coupons only available from 12 to 3:00 PM. So if you get there at three Oh five, you can’t use the coupon, guess what time people are going to come to the restaurant. Now when you’re going to run that for 30 days, okay? And you’re not going to be a savage, you’re going to give them a great deal. Okay? So if you missed what I said, the second key to this whole thing is offer the best value packed solution. Offer the best value pack solution. So number one, for the people who are coming on, the first thing that you need to do is find it an extreme pain point. Okay? The next thing that you need to do is offer the best value pack solution, okay? Value packed solution. Okay? You guys all on the same page. Nelson said run ads to a one special. So moma said run a special for lunch. I think we’re all on the same page because good, good. Okay, so we all good with that. We get with one and two. Go ahead and drop a a one and drop a two in the chat and then I’ll tell you what number three is the secret sauce. I’ll tell you what number three is. We’ll do the secret sauce. Go and drop a two in the chat.
Two in the chat or I will bounce out of here and I will leave you with two and then you’re going to be dreaming about number three. You were late. Chad, you’ve left the life and you never called this one. Number three was and I can’t sleep. I need to know what number three is. Please chat. Just let me know. Right? So if you drop a two then I’ll tell you what number three is. I’ll just sit here and wait. I’m just going to hang out. We’re going to get engaging. I’m going to teach you guys if there’s one thing that I’m trying to teach you guys is to be engaging. If you’re not engaging in life, you’re not gonna make any money, okay? And it’s as simple as being engaging on a Facebook live or a post on anything. Like get your name out there, get your face out there. Start communicating with people. Engage with people in this beautiful life of ours.
That Anna Phillips or two. And that’s it to, so Mona said two angels with three angel, you are not listening. Angel says I want three nut to Phillips in true. All right guys, I’ll give you guys number three cause you’ve been good Samaritans to this community, okay? Number three. And you’re going to be like, Chad, this is crazy. I don’t know if I can do this. I’m not as technical and not as technical. I’m not an it guy. I don’t have a degree in Harvard. I still know I can do this. Number three is and go above and beyond to surf. I thought you guys were going to keep shit simple. Number one is find an extreme pain point. I gave you some examples, okay. Number two is offer the best value packed solution. Very simple. Nothing here is technical, nothing here that I said is technical.
Okay. And the number three you’re going to go above and beyond to serve. Okay? What I mean by that is as you’re running your Facebook campaign and you’re solving their extreme pain point, you are going to follow up with them multiple times a week. I’m gonna say Bobby, you sell them the Jam Jama pancakes. I just wanna make sure your conversions are good. I want to make sure that people are coming in and using their coupon code. Okay? You just want to get your feedback. Awesome. Hey Bobby, did you log into your dashboard? You see all the leads that we got? You just want to make sure that everything’s good. Okay, great. Hey Bobby, by the way, I see that people are calling your restaurant because we have call recording on because dash is freaking awesome and you just log into the dashboard and see everything.
And I see that the people who are answering the phone for one are not answering properly and they’re not aware of the coupon that we’re giving out when people are asking about the coupon. So you need to train your staff better. Okay? And number two, I see that this week alone, 78 people called you and you missed 24 of those phone calls. I need somebody to be by the phone to answer those phone calls so we can make sure to convert more leads cause it’s very important, okay? So you can go above and beyond many different ways. If you’re local, you can even walk into the restaurant maybe once every two weeks. See what’s going on. Go in there from 12 to three and hang out for three hours and look around and see if people are coming and using the coupons or see what’s happening, right?
Go above and beyond to serve, okay? Because what’s going to happen is they’re going to feel that right here in their little hearts, okay? They’re gonna feel that, I promise you they’re going to feel that, okay? They’re going to feel if you come and you sit down and sit in the restaurant for two hours and watch people use their coupons or maybe get feedback, okay, give them feedback slips at the freaking restaurant or something. I don’t know. Come up with a referral program. Do something cool. Be Creative, okay. But everything that you do to go above and beyond to serve your customers, they will be lifetime customers. And what that basically means is they are going to pay you for life, which means you’re going to scale your agency faster. So you can go from here and you’re going to go up a step that up and up and up and up and up.
And then I can’t even go any higher and be all the way up here, right? And what’s going to happen is month over month, you’re gonna stack clients. So you’re going to go here or here, here and here, a little value ladder, right? So month one, you’re going to start this whole master plan and you’re going to end up with one customer. And then the next one you’re going to get another customer. And then you’re going to have two customers paying you and then the next customer, you’re going to get three customers and you going to have three customers paying you and then four, five, six and then you’re gonna get to a point where each month, instead of closing one new client close to new clients, okay? Most of you guys are so concerned with closing a thousand clients in two days. That would blow your mind if you could do that.
Trust me cause we’ve done some crazy shit like that. Trust me, you can’t handle that, okay? You can’t handle the heat, okay? Stay in your kitchen, stay in the lane one customer. Don’t make it confusing. Set a goal for yourself. One new customer every single month. Now that one customer is going to pay you a thousand $1,500 a month in service fees. Okay? Next month, double up. Get to make sure the first one is super happy, okay? If the first one is not super happy, you’re going backwards because that one’s going to leave you after 30 days. And in month two you’re going to go out and you’re going to get a client again and you’re just gonna have one client. It mean same situation.  And if you do that same thing again, that person’s gonna leave you. Then you’re going to get into month three and you’re going to get a new client.
You’re just gonna have one client because both of the ones left you previously. You understand what I’m saying here? Okay? Don’t get stuck in the hamster wheel. You guys on the same page here, 78 in the chat. Send me in the chat if you agree with me. Can I get a 78 in the chat? Say Yes. That means yes. 78 okay guys, very simple, very, very simple, okay? That guy, nothing that I said on this live was confusing. Nothing I said on this live you can’t do right now. Nothing. There is nothing that you cannot do that I just stated in this life, okay? This slide has been going on now for 32 minutes, okay? If you cannot find an extreme pain point by just speaking to somebody and having a conversation, you are not meant for business, okay? I’m just going to tell you guys flat out.
If you cannot solve, repeat myself. If you cannot speak to somebody and have a conversation with them, you cannot be a business owner. It is practically impossible, okay? Business is not for you. You should go work at a job or do something, okay? Business is not for you. If you cannot just speak to somebody and have a conversation, okay? You need to have that skill set if you’re going to be a business owner, okay? If you don’t have that skillset yet, I recommend watching more of my videos and level up, okay? The next thing, if you cannot offer a value packed solution, which is literally just coming up with a solution to a problem, which most of you just did right here in the chat, you said run a Facebook ad, okay, great. Then that’s what we’re going to do. What am I going to do?
I’m going to run Facebook ads. Oh, that’s it. I’m a miracle. That’s it. A miracle worker, okay? If you cannot come up with quick solutions and you cannot think quickly on your feet, then business is not for you. You will not succeed in business. Unfortunately, you need to think quick to be a business owner, you need to have quick solutions that be a business owner, okay? Number three, if you cannot go above and beyond for your customers and serve them properly, you will be out of business faster than you even started your business, if that makes any sense at all, okay? So I recommend if you are not planning in your business to go above and beyond to serve your customers, do not start that business at all. You are wasting your time, okay? Now, this is the dead truth guys, and a neat, I want you guys to understand this.
This is the dead truth, okay? If you cannot have a conversation with somebody, you cannot be a business owner. It’s, it’s that simple. Guys, if you can not be an analytical person and have answers and solutions fast, we’re not going to succeed in business. Unfortunately, if you can not go above and beyond to serve your customers, you will not succeed in business. Okay? If you do not have those three traits, it’s very simple. Nothing I said years confusing. You don’t need a Harvard degree. You don’t need to be an it technician. You don’t need to be a coder or developer. You do not need to be marketer of the year. You don’t need to have 10 rewards and 3000 case studies. In order to do this, you need to have three super simple traits. Once you have those super simple traits, you will be successful. I promise you, you just got to put in the hustle behind it and that drive that force and you’ll make it okay? I promise you. So anybody have any questions for me? I’ll do a little Q and. A. I just started the morning, so I figured I’d come in here and drop a quick bomb when you guys and if you have a question, ask me now. If not, I’m going to wait two minutes and have no questions come in. I will leave cause I got shit I gotta do today.
We’ll just make it awkward for the people who are coming in now and watching. They don’t know what’s going on. I’ll just Bob my head, there’s music on you probably just can’t hear it cause they got my Yeti mic.
Tim said hottest industry right now. There’s a lot of industries trending like in of solar is one that’s trending right now. CBD is trending right now, which I personally don’t like CBD because you can’t run ads and shit for it. I still like home services for some reason. I love Bub, the painter style businesses. That’s just me. Robert said, preach. Thank you bro. Max, it didn’t think I’d wake up to this fire today. Sheesh. Thank you. I appreciate that. I guess I’m going to go ahead and get on with my day. I hope this 37 almost minutes is slam packed in, motivates you to accelerate to don’t think that this was just another Friday that I’m going to go out here and make some fucking moves. Okay, guys. Oh, another question came in. Chad does dash accelerator have linkedin outreach sequences in it? Yes. There is a whole method in the dash accelerator that has linkedin outreach in my strategies and my scripts and the whole system. Very, very similar to the [inaudible] one that we did yesterday. There is a whole one on linkedin just for that too. So yes. Tim said, thank you for your time and greet and felt you’re welcome. Thanks guys. Enjoy your Friday, but speak to over the weekend. Enjoy your week.

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