The Exact BluePrint To Starting A Digital Marketing Agency
Chad Kodary
Oct 20th, 2020 at 12:00 PM

The Exact BluePrint To Starting A Digital Marketing Agency


Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks goes through the exact blueprint you need to start and scale a digital marketing agency in 2020 and beyond. He’ll be going through setting up your agency from ground zero, to prospecting and sales tactics, to even fulfillment and retention strategies…

If you’re a brand new agency, this webinar will unveil the hidden secrets that take over a decade to decode. The questions you have to spend millions of dollars, plus thousands of hours of trial and error to figure out on your own…

If you’re ready to get the roadmap on what actually works and trim out all the fact that doesn’t be sure to show up ready to take notes…

This video will go over “The Exact BluePrint To Starting A Digital Marketing Agency” as well as uncovering the secrets that can help your agency to scale and grow in 2020 and beyond.

Here are some of the points explained in the video…

✅ How to grow and scale your digital marketing agency… (03:20)

✅ How to plan a structure and game plan for your new digital marketing agency… (05:12)

✅ Setting goals for your agency… (11:25)

✅ How to plan presence and branding for your agency… (18:21)

✅ How to plan & process your core offer… (26:08)

✅ What are the easiest services to sell and what are the more advanced services to sell in digital marketing… (36:05)

✅ How to get clients for your digital marketing agency? (39:16)

✅ Difference between organic vs. paid marketing and which you should choose… (43:48)

✅ How you can do sales and sell your offers to the clients… (55:55)

✅ How to plan & structure your contract length… (01:00:55)

✅ How to start fulfilling your client’s requirements… (01:10:16)

✅ How to do project management & communications… (01:13:28)


Hey, guys, there is people from all over the world here, live on this chat. So I want to do something really fun to start it off. Where are you from? Drop it in the chat go. Where are you from in the world? Where are you from in this beautiful world? We got UK, India, Oklahoma city, Memphis, Ireland, Whoa, you guys are going fast. Niagara falls, NYC, Dallas Mumbai, Kentucky, Jacksonville Sacramento, orange County, West Palm beach, Florida, New York, new Orleans, new England, Fort Lauderdale. Wow. We got people here from all over the world. Daytona beach, Naples, a lot of Florida residents, which is cool. Slovakia, Indianapolis. This is I’m about to tear up here. I told Carlos when we jumped on here, I said, Carlos, I’m going to try not to tear up here, but I’m going to get a little tear coming in the eye because this is amazing.

Okay. There’s people literally here gathered agency owners, just like yourself, gathered here from all over the world to come hang out with me for the next hour. Why? While I share my vision while I share my experiences, when I’ve shared, what I’ve learned in the past 11 years of building, building, essentially two monster companies, our retail agency, social agency, and obviously dash clicks. So what I want to do really quick, how many people is this? Your first time ever on a dash six webinar dropping number five in the chat. If this is your first time ever on a dash clicks webinar, where’s all my newbies out. Brandon, Rachel Leo, Joe David [inaudible] Thomas Patrick, Shelley, Miguel, Frank, Zachary, Jeffrey, Chris, Tommy, Jacob, Anthony, Dorian, Victor. Wow. You guys are going like super fast chats going super fast. I’m trying to read. I try to catch up to all of you guys.

Let’s do this for all my new bees that are on here. What I want to do is just present you with the room. So it looks like I’m not looking all over the place. As far as the camera angles. So let’s first hit me with the GoPro really quick, Carlos. So those of you guys know I’m in dusk studios right now. So we’re in the center of the dash cliques office here in our Fort Lauderdale headquarters. So I’m right here in the center. I’m on the right of me. As you can see there is a TV and this is essentially where all of your chats are coming in. So let’s do a quick test really quick. What’s going on marketer’s mindset then dropping number two in the chat. Break the chat, go break the chat, break the chat, break the check, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

That wasn’t so hard. So engagement is really crucial for me because I feed off of engagement. The more comments that you throw in the chat, the more I’ll be able to deliver for you guys. You guys cool with that? Say yes in the chat, say yes in the chat of that to you. All right. I love it. Then let’s go to front face and we have our front face, this camera right here. And then we also have our whiteboard, which I’m going to be doing a lot of today. Okay. This is where we go pee and POC me bottom right hand corner. I’ll be here with you guys as I do some presentations, as I do some drawings, as I share everything. That’s in my crazy mind with you to talk to you today about how to grow and scale your digital marketing agency.

So really quick recap, if you are a brand new agency, you are definitely in the right place. Okay? Today, I’m going to be sharing with you, everything from a to Z, all the core concepts that you need to know to be able to build the foundation of your agency. Not only build a foundation, but to go out and get your first couple of clients, you’re in the right place. Now, if you’ve already had an agency, whether it’s six months, one year, three years, I’m also going to be sharing a lot of golden nuggets that I’ve personally learned throughout the last 11 years of being in the digital marketing space. Speaking to thousands of digital marketing agencies, seeing patterns that are happening in the industry. I’m going to be sharing with you my top tips, my top tactics, my top strategies, the thing that, the things that work the best for me, the things that work the worst for me to make sure that you go, don’t go down that path.

The things that took me the most time, the things that took me, the least amount of time, the successes, the losses, I’m going to literally share it all for you. I’m going to rip off the curtain and we’re going to go full throttle here. And I’m going to share with you everything that has made me and our company successful here in the last 11 years. So if you guys are cool, that really quick, show me some love dropping number three in the chat, say yes, child and the child break the chat for me. Break the chat for me guys. We’re going to get started here in justice. Second.

Boom. Somebody said, all right, I love it. All right, guys. The first thing, by the way, if you see me looking down, I got some handy dandy notes. I usually like winging things today. I said, you know what? This is like a structured business model type play here that we’re doing. I better get a little bit organized for you guys. Okay. When you’ve been doing this for so long, essentially, I could sit here and talk to you guys for days about running a digital marketing agency, how to do it, what you need to the best routes that I can. I can literally sit here for days, but what I want it to do is create a structured game plan for you guys. Okay. So what I want to do is first thing I want to focus on is the engine and that’s right here and that’s your mind.

Okay. now without doing any whiteboard, I’m gonna put my pen down. I want to talk to you guys face to face here. And the first thing that you need to decide if your new agency especially is if this is a right fit for you, if going into the digital marketing space, starting your own digital marketing agency is a good fit for you as an entrepreneur. Okay? What I want you to focus on is first thing is personal expectations. Now there’s a lot of fluff out there on the internet about you know, overnight millionaires and gurus that are running crazy amounts of money. And sure there are people like that. But the majority of agency owners, the majority of people who are building real sustainable longterm businesses that are successful and that don’t turn over after six months or a year and get closed down. That’s the type of route that I’m going to guide you in today. I’m not going to guide you down the path of how do I make as much money as I can in the next 24 hours? Because realistically, it’s all about mindset and personal structure. So if you guys are okay with that, can you drop a one in the chat for me really quick? Let me make sure everybody’s on the same page here right now. When I say,

Hey, engine, we can see if you really take a break

Business. Or if you take a digital marketing agency, which is essentially a business and you strip everything back, just peel back the entire onion, strip it all back. The most important piece is your mind, okay? Because your mind is the engine. That’s essentially going to be moving this massive machine that you’re about to build, right? Your mind is the most powerful thing that you need to run forward. As fast as you can. Your mind is the most powerful thing that you’re going to need to be able to scale. Right? So talking about getting clients that’s mindset too, we’re going to go over that too. There’s going to be a lot of hurdles. It’s going to be a lot of struggles. You’re going to have to fully go out there and hustle really, really hard. This is not. And then for those of you guys who unfortunately think they can do like a, like a two hour work week or like work on their agency, you know, one hour a week, it’s, it’s just not possible.

I don’t think any business. If you don’t give it your all, you’re really not going to be able to have success at it. Not to say that if you’re currently working a full time job, that you can’t start your agency doing that. Right. But to be able to go out and scale your agency into a really good sustainable model, this needs to be your full time career. This needs to be the decision that you need to make right now. So I want you guys to focus on that for a second and think about that and say, Hey, is opening up a digital marketing agency at the right move for me, because I can just tell you guys and shared some experiences. I’ve been doing this for the last 11 years. You know, w w dash six is up to about 50 employees right now.

We’re doing multiple millions of dollars a year in revenue. We also do over seven figures as well in our retail agency, which we barely even focus on anymore. Our main focus is dash clicks, right? Our entire team is on dash clicks. And I’m just going to tell you guys from experience without me working long hours, hustling, busting my butt for the last 11 years and slowly scaling up the business. I wouldn’t be where I am today. So if you guys, once again, if you guys, once again are looking for like a get rich quick thing, this is this unfortunately is not for you as much as I’d love it to be. This isn’t for you. If you are looking how many people out there are looking to build a longterm sustainable business for you, your family, your employees drop a number two in the chat really quick.

If that’s you drop a number two in the chat, if you want something that will last you like, I have a decade later, the business is still running. Still have clients. The engine is still moving. Still moving. Think about how crazy that is. Okay. So on top of that setting personal expectations is the most important thing in mindset. Okay? What you need to do is if you have that in your mind and understand that this is not like a 30 day sprint to try to make as much money as possible, but this is essentially a business that you’re going to be in for a long time. Those people who think that way, their mind shifts, and you start building a better foundation that people who sprint and try to run to the finish line fast as hell without the preparation and without building a proper foundation, the whole business, the whole, the whole infrastructure will literally collapse on you.

Okay? I can tell you from experience. When I started my agency, I was that person I wanted to make as much money as I can in the shortest period of time, not a bad habit to have us as entrepreneurs tend to have that habit. But as long as you set realistic goals and expectations behind that, then you’ll be set up for success. Okay? So that’s the first thing about mindset. Next thing is goals. And I want to talk to you guys about that too, by the way, if at any point I say anything that resonates with you that makes your heart beat a little bit faster. Okay? That makes you be like, Holy moly. This Chad guy is not only good looking, but he’s such a smart person, right? I’m just kidding. But look, if at any point you feel that I want you to do me a favor and drop a number five in the chat and let’s do a quick test.

Really quick dropping number five in the Chuck, right? Yeah. Okay, good. So you guys, you guys are slowly starting to feel me. Now. We’re going to move slowly at a good pace because I want you, I want this information to resonate with you because some of the things I say in here might change your entire life. This might make you go right instead of left, this literally might change your future. So what I want you to do is shut out all distractions, close down, Facebook, get off Instagram, stop looking on Pinterest. Okay. Get off tick talk, focus here with me. Give me one hour of your time and let me show you what it takes to open and scale a real company. Okay. And I’m going to walk you through the process. All right. So let’s go back to goals, setting goals for yourself. Most people who start agencies, they look at other people in Facebook groups, they’re watching YouTube videos and they’re saying, wow, these guys are closing like 20 clients a month.

How can I be like that? Well, chances are, if you’re starting out, realistically, you’re not going to close 20 clients a month. Cause you have you lack experience. Right? And we’re going to talk about experience today and structure as well. But if you don’t have that, how do you expect to propel forward and get to 20, 20 clients a month? Right? So what I recommend you stop doing is looking at the other people around you and focusing on yourself because you, yes, you I’m talking to you or in a different position than everybody else in this room. Okay? You are your own person. You have your own issues, right? That you’re dealing with. You have your own personal issues, whatever it is you I’m talking to, you are a completely different person than the person next to you. Okay. And if there’s somebody sitting next to you put on a mask, okay, that’s all I gotta say about that safety first.

Right? But you are different. Okay? So you need to focus on yourself. The second that you realize that you’re focusing on yourself and you set internal goals, you’re able to catapult yourself a lot faster without failure. What I mean by that is if your goal is to look at the guy who’s been running an agency for five years and saying, Oh, he’s getting 20 clients a month. I’m going to set that as my goal, I can do that. I’m smart. You’re setting yourself up for failure. And what happens is, is your foundation will instantly collapse. If you set yourself up with a goal, that’s actually reachable and you say, Hey, you know what? For the next four weeks, my goal is to close one new client a week. I’m going to work full time. I’m going to bust my button. I’m going to close one client a week, one new client.

That is my goal. Okay? And those clients will continue to stack. Cause I’m going to give them good service, right? I’m going to be the best project manager possible. I’m going to care for my clients. I’m going to give them an awesome dashboard dashboard, which looks amazing. Right? I’m going to do a lot of those really cool things. And I’m going to build a sustainable business, right? That’s the way that you need to think set personal goals. Now, everybody in here, once again is in a different place in life. Some of you guys might already have 30 clients. Cool. Your goals might be a little bit higher. You might be want to close three new clients a week. That’s fine too. As long as those goals are realistic. Okay. Now next one. And last one for mindset. And then we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of all the agency.

Crap, which is why you’re here in the first place. Right? So the most important thing is I’m going to, and there’s two sheets here. I want to show you guys this. Okay. There’s two sheets here. There is a lot of information. I’m about to go over with you today. We’re right here at the top of the first one, literally I’m on the first sentence. Okay. But this is the most important thing. Okay? And it’s tied to mindset. I’m going to teach you a lot of stuff today that will change your life. If there are zero hustle behind you and your mindset is not in the position to give it your, all this will not work. I’m going to put a disclaimer out there and I’m going to say it right here, right now in front of everybody. Okay? Front a hundreds of digital marketing agencies in this chat.

I’m going to say right here, right now, the difference between you and other people might be hustle. If I give two people the exact same frameworks and the same tools and one person succeeds and the other person fails, the only reason is mindset and hustle. There’s no other reason you have everything you need, right? You have everything you need. You’re both the same people. It’s hustle, which is tied to mindset. Drop a five in the chat. If you’re resonating with me, jump a five in the chat. All right, who here? And I want everybody to put your hand up. You’re probably in your room. You might be sitting on the toilet watching me, which is super awkward. Who in here right now, solemnly swears to, after I teach you this to go out and put hustle behind it and to have a clear mindset, five in the chat for me really quick break the chat.

If it’s you break the chat, if it’s you, who here is like Chad, you’re an idiot. Drop a two in the chat. Cause I want to know that too. Cause I might, you know, maybe I don’t know. Okay, cool. No twos yet. Maybe there’ll be one later when I start getting into the nitty gritty. All right, cool. So that was a boring stuff, which is important. Now we’re going to get into the nitty gritty stuff. Somebody said 2.5. I’ll take that. I didn’t get a full two. Okay. I didn’t get a full two. All right, cool. Who’s ready to get into a fight. The chat. We’re about to do some white board. I’m about to go crazy. I’m going to webinar in three months. My energy is super high. I want have to go tone down to get the mindset stuff. The we’re about to go in right now.

Five in the chat, ladies and gentlemen, bring me PNP. Bring me PNP, baby. Here we go. Hey there folks right down here on the right hand side, Chad CEO of dash looks here for you. And what I’d like to present to you today is the beautiful dash clicks platform. Now, for those of you guys who are not familiar with the dash books platform, you can find that by going easily, signing up for a free account and welcome yourself into this beautiful platform that will most likely change your life and your world around you. Now that the pitch is done, let’s go straight into it. Let’s get the whiteboard out. Okay. Let’s have some fun with it. Okay guys. Alright. First and foremost, I want to talk about presence in branding. Okay. I want to talk about presence and branding. We’re going to do a quick poll here in a second. How many of you guys, right? Let’s just say that this is a business even. Yeah,

No, it looks like a house. Okay. You know, it looks really like a house. Okay. Maybe we’ll add some stories to it and now it’s a business. Okay,

Great. How many of you guys before going out and hiring a business will actually look up the business to find information before you make a buying decision dropping. Number three in the chat for me really quick. If that’s you, how many of you guys before you know your, your roof collapses, you need a roofer. How many of you guys go online? If you speak to a roofing company, you go out and literally you research, you look at their reviews, you look at their website, you try to see if they’re real people you look to find for like personal photos and stuff. You go on their social media profiles, right? How many of you guys do that? Three in the chat. The chat is blowing up right now because it’s true. Right? Most people actually make buying decision before they make buying decisions. This happy person who’s ready to give you their credit card.

This is their credit card. Okay. And we’ll call it an Amex card.

This is a cool person. All right, this person is ready to give you money. But before he does that transaction, he is going to look your business up. Okay? The three core things that you want to focus on. If you’re, especially if you’re starting out of business or even if you have your agency already and you don’t have this, these are the three solid things that you need to make sure that this is like below the foundation. This is the dirt under the foundation. You need to make sure that you have these three things. Okay? Number one is you need to make sure your company has any website web site. Okay. Website number one. Okay. How awkward would it be? If you went out trying to sell websites and digital marketing in, you didn’t have a freaking website, right? It just doesn’t make sense. So go out, get yourself a website, go out and get yourself a website. Okay. You can go build a WordPress website. Totally cool. Or if you want, you can go to dash clicks. You can get an agency website. Okay. And in five minutes, this will be checked off. Somebody said Picasso to Chad. Yeah. This, this is like horrible. Right? This is a better check, right? In five minutes, your agents who upsides done great then. Okay. Now listen,

Thanks. Number two.

Listings. How many people go look up a Google business listing. The first thing when you do, when you Google a local business, if I’m Googling Bobby, the plumber, I’m going to Google. I’m typing in Bobby. The plumber guess what’s going to happen. Most likely, if he’s a legitimate business, a Google business listing will pop up and take over the whole right side of the page. First link in the search results will be his website. That is to me. The second I look at that, I’m like, wow, this is a legitimate business. Okay, great. Right. So what you need to do, what you need to do is go get yourself listings. Okay. The easiest thing that you can do is just open up a Google business listing. Okay, go do it. It takes like 15 minutes. Go to Google my, create yourself, a Google, my business listing. If you’re working from your home, putting your address, get the mailer. It’ll come to you like a week or two later, you get a little postcard in the middle of the pin code, dropping the pin code. Once before you activate your listing, you can actually hide your address, but at least you have a Google business listing. Okay? Very, very important. Okay. Last thing, social media,

Meaning show me,

Go create yourself. Social media pages, create yourself a Facebook page and Instagram page or LinkedIn page and a Twitter page. Those are really the foremost valuable, in my opinion, social media networks. I know some people are gonna, you know, make some other stuff in here, but what I’m saying is go do this. So when somebody looks you up, you get a check Mark. Here, you get a check Mark here and you get a check Mark here. These are the three easiest things you can do. And guys, guess what? All of these three things

Can be done within one hour. You can go to dash clicks right now. If don’t have a website 25 page agents who website, it will take you 10 minutes to purchase it and add a domain name to it. And you’re done in it’s active. Your website is done. Second thing, go to Google my business, go create your Google business listing. It’ll take you 15 to 20 minutes to create the profile. Add some photos. Two weeks later, you’ll get a postcard and then it’ll be active. You’ll have a Google business listing three, go create social media profiles. Very simple. Go to Facebook, create a business page, go to Instagram, create a business page, go to LinkedIn, create a business page company page, go to Twitter, create a page business page. All right. Very, very simple. Okay. These are the three core things that every business should have. Okay. Are we past that? Everybody good with that? This isn’t easy stuff here. It’s going to get more advanced as we go up. So for those of you guys already have an agency that are making money, hang with me. Cause I’m about to get advanced on you in a couple of minutes here. Okay. Everybody get with me dropping number five in the chat. If you guys are good with me,

Five in the chat. Cool. All right. Let’s get into some other fun stuff. All right. Next on our list before sales and going down that path, let’s go front face real quick before sales. Okay. What you need to focus on is your core offer core offer. And not only that, you need to focus from your core offer and you need to focus on product knowledge where I see a lot of agencies lacking in the space. And the reason why they can’t sell is because they don’t know enough information about what they’re actually selling. It’s a pattern that I’m seeing in our industry, right? Somebody’s trying to sell Facebook ads. They know nothing about Facebook ads. They don’t know what results should look like. They’ve never ran a Facebook ads campaign. They’ve never worked with a client that had a Facebook ads, right? So how are you going to sell Facebook ads?

How do you know Facebook ads is a good fit for that? Right? So easily, what you can do is go out and do some product knowledge, understand how Facebook ads work. All right. We have tons of videos by the way, for those of you guys who here who here knows about our dash clicks YouTube page, right? Or our marketers mindset group on Facebook. If you guys are in here right now, do me a favor, open up a new tab, go to YouTube, go to DAS, clicks, YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button. We come out with videos weekly. I’ll tons of videos on product knowledge and a bunch of other really cool stuff. All of our webinars go on there too. If anybody needs replays and stuff like that, they all go there a couple of days after. Okay. That’s what you gotta do.

And then go to Facebook, open it up and open up a new tab, go to our markers mindset by docile, his Facebook group joined the free group. And it has over 5,000 agencies in that group that are all talking every day about shit that works and shit that doesn’t work. Right. Very, very simple stuff. Okay. But let’s talk about core offer really quick. Okay. Most people I let’s do a poll really quick. Let’s have some fun with it. Okay. I won’t say this as the expert. Let’s let you guys hear what you guys have to say. Okay. What right now is your core offer? Drop it in the chat. Go ahead. Core offer. Drop it in there.

Facebook ads

Lead gen Facebook ads, website builds website design website building. Rachel said Facebook ads. Leo said, Eric said, SEO boss said social media management. But I want to scale to Facebook ads and PBC. Lyle said Facebook ads, a lead gen. Matt said lead gen. Sean said Facebook and Google ads. Dorian said video. Shelley said, Legion. Matt said Facebook ads. Zach said Facebook ad to Andrew said insights and content. Victor said website, design, SEO, digital marketing, digital advertising. Jill said lead gen Samuel said helping business with cutting edge websites and marketing technology. Daniel said lead generation and funnels. Thomas said Google my business listing. Alright. Let’s it’ll it’ll keep going. We get the point here. Okay. What you guys need to understand is your offers should also be attached to a product. Okay? Little secret for you, your offer your core offers should be attached to a product.

So as an example, for those of you guys, a lot of you guys said lead gen lead gen is cool. I can help generate you. Leads. How, how do you help generate me leads? How are you going to generate new leads? What paid traffic medium. Are you going to use to go generate me? Leads? What? Organic traffic, medium are you going to use to go generate me? Leads, lead generation. Everybody does lead generation. Right? What makes you different? Right. So when I’m talking about a core offer and I’ll walk you guys through my value ladder strategy, bring me PNP real quick,

P and P real quick. Okay. so my, this is what my core value ladder. How many of you guys know what a value ladder is? Drop number five in the chat five in the chat value ladder. Pretty simple. Right? So here’s my core offer. My core offer starts right down here. Okay. This is my core offer. Alright. My core offer is websites, websites. Okay. So those of you guys are like, what the hell did you just write Chad? This pen is not that easy to write with. I’m just throwing that out there. Okay. So websites is my first core offer. My goal is, and once again, we talked about goals before my goal is to close X amount of website deals per day. This is my first stage in my value ladder X amount number. That’s the number one. Okay. X amount. That could be one website. I’ll make like super simple for you. One new website every single week. All right. Proper expectation there. Now, after they buy a website, then they go up to the next part in my value ladder. So number two, and then we go here and we listings, okay. Then we start going a little bit more advanced. We might go to social posting, right. Then we go here and then we go to the more advanced stuff, SEO. Then we’ll go here. And then we do PPC.

Okay. So I bring my Ascension ladder keeps going up and as it keeps going up, my prices go up with it. So things get more expensive as I move up the value ladder when I get to the top is the most expensive stuff. And I’m at the bottom. It’s the least most expensive stuff right now. The reason why I do this and our agency, and the reason why we were able to generate millions of dollars in revenue is because we knew what people wanted. We gave them exactly what they wanted at a great rate. Our core offer was not lead-generation. I know it sounds crazy. That was actually our backend offer. Our backend offer was lead generation, PBC, SEO, things like that. Those were like lead generation services. Our front end offer was the basic stuff that I knew that every single business needed. I knew that I could give it to them fast using our InstaSize technology.

For those of you guys don’t know what InstaSize is in sites, let you go out and build a website in like three seconds. It’s available inside of the dash clicks platform, right? So our whole thing was start with insights. Okay? Seldom and insight. And we used to charge super cheap for insight hundred and $99 for a website. And then you just pay us 49 bucks a month for hosting our whole goal with this. Our whole goal was not to sell lead generation is very hard to sell a new person. Who’s never done business with you and never spoken to you with two or three K offer. That’s the point of a value ladder. That’s why for those of you guys that dropped the five before that said, I know what a value ladder is. There’s a point behind why people use a value ladder.

It actually really works. It’s an Ascension ladder or brings people into your business and then allows you to ascend them up over time. And if once again, if you set proper expectations, you go back to mindset, you set proper expectations and you hustle behind that. You move these people up really, really quick. And I’ll walk you through that process too. How many of you guys want me to show you guys that process dropping number five in the chat for me five in the chat. If you guys want me to show you what I do, cool. First thing I do is I push and I have a front end go out and I sell websites. I get a bunch of people interested in our free website, right? What that is, is pretty cool. We’re going to give you a free website valued at two or $3,000 after when, when you jumped on the phone, you want to activate it.

We charge a one time activation fee of 199 bucks. It’s just to basically set up your domain name, which takes like five minutes to do. And then after that, we just charge you 49 bucks a month. That includes hosting SSL certificate and access to the drag and drop website builder. Very simple, very good offer. How many people right now would pay $200 for a brand new, beautiful mobile responsive website that has back end drop and drop say yes in the chat. Like if you’re a business, if you’re a realtor, if you’re a mortgage broker, if you’re a dentist, if you are a chiropractor, how many people like there’s these companies were paying $2,000, $5,000 for custom websites, right? So my core offer that I’m coming in with, if you look at everything around it, right? If you look at all the pluses around it and I’m not going to draw it in these little circles, but my core offer was affordable affordability, which is what people want.

What do people want? They want things that are affordable. Everybody always wants to save money. They want to get catch a good deal. All right. It was amazing. Okay. The website legitimately looks amazing. And if they have a website, it probably looks 10 times better than their website functions better. Also at the same time too. Okay. And three, the ease of entry is so easy. I mean, it really is. Think about that 200 bucks. What are you charging their credit card? Their first order here. Okay. The first order let’s draw it down. Here is $250. Okay. Now how many people think that they can get somebody to buy a website for $250? Say yes. In the chat. If you think that you can do that. I mean, it’s the easiest thing in the freaking world. Okay. And I’m telling you, because I’ve sold thousands of these websites.

Right. And are in the call center, right? Somebody said, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. How many people don’t think it’s easy saying no in the chat. I wanna hear rebuttals to how many people don’t think it’s easy. All right. Everybody thinks it’s easy. All right. Great. Well, 250 bucks. It’s like the easiest thing in the world. Go out, sell it. How many of these you guys think you can sell a week? If you worked 40 hours a week. Okay. And you’ve devoted all your time to cold calling, to emailing, to posting on social media, to doing whatever type of outreach that you wanted to do. How many of these websites do you think you can sell a week in a 40 hour work week? Drop it in the chat really quick. Drop what number? Realistic number. Don’t say crazy number because you’ll be banned from the zoom channel.

Realistic number. How many you can sell. Okay. So somebody said three day by yourself. Three days, unrealistic. It’s very difficult. Okay. Tom said four or five a week. [inaudible] Said 15 a week. Leo said two week. Adam said three a week. Branded said three a week. Yeah. One a day. Jr said, cool. What if your goal was to just sell two of these, two of these a week start crazy, right? It doesn’t sound too crazy. Right? I just got to get two out of hundreds or thousands of people that I’ll speak with in one week. If I have hustle and determination and I’m going full force, right? Two of these a week. I mean, two people are going to say no to this offer. Chances are, it might be more than that two weeks. How many people in here right now, if you sold two of these every single week would probably wipe out your current job. And this could be your full time job moving forward, drop a yes. In the chat. Drop a yes. In the chat.

Yeah. There’s a bunch of people in here. So literally this right now, which is just the start point, by the way, guys, Kara place. Most of your full time jobs. Okay. Very simple. Very easy, very doable. Right? Then what you do is seven days later, you call them and I know this is getting messy here, but you call them and you try to sell them your listings package. Now, if you realize our essential ladder not only goes from price low to price high, it also goes from easiest to sell to hardest to sell. Because for me to sell a website, like, dude, here’s the website. It’s you like it. Great. You don’t okay. No problem. Right? And then you give a bunch of rebuttals. There’s not really like any crazy tech or anything behind it. Okay. The product knowledge is pretty simple. It’s a freaking website, right?

The next thing is listings listings is pretty simple too. It’s like, Hey, we’re going to put you in 70 plus directory listings. Here’s all the listings. This is what it looks like. It’s super simple. It’s a no brainer. Right? Seven days later, we call them back and say, Hey, congratulations on purchasing your website. We have the special and promo going on, where we get your business listed into about 70 plus directory listings. It’s $199 per month. That’s currently on promo. We usually charge 400 bucks a month for it scrolling up promo right now $199 per month. It’s called this is called an upsell. Okay. It’s 199 bucks a month here. So on my next one, we charge one 99 a month. Now what we start doing is we start adding recurring revenue. So now I have my $49 a month that this person is paying for hosting.

Plus I have my one 99 a month that this person is paying for listings. Okay. See what I’m doing here. I just now created two customers. Hopefully if we up sell both of them. Okay. That would pay me now. Not only my setup fees, but an additional $500 per month. So I just stacked two new customers. Okay. Now sometimes a lot of times what happened is you can go from here all the way up to here. People like now, you know what? I’ll do that. And I’ll go more advanced. Right. And here’s the thing. Okay. I’m going to wipe this clean really quick. Cause this got a little messy and I want this. I want to paint a good picture for you. Okay. What are the easy services to sell and what are the more advanced services to sell? Okay. So probably the easiest service to sell.

If you a beginner is a website. All right. Then after that, the easiest is listings directory listings, right? Then the easiest after that is social posting. I’m just posting on your social media man. Nothing crazy about that. Then here is where we start to get a little bit more advanced. Okay. Then we’re talking about SEO. Now you need to have a lot of product knowledge to figure out what is SEO? How does SEO work? People are going to ask questions. They need the answers to these questions. If they’re going to give you their freaking credit card. Okay? So on the advanced level, SEO is the first hardest to sell. All right. Then we go to Facebook ads. Facebook ads is also difficult to sell because this is not what lead generation services requires paid media ad spend. Right. And requires a lot more than just, Oh, here’s a website. Check it out. This is like a full blown campaign you’re running. Right. And then at the last end of the totem pole,


Ads, all right, which is a little bit more complex than Facebook in my experience. People it’s just my experience. Okay. It’s just more, it’s a little bit more complex, a little harder to sell, right? So if you really look at this, if you’re a beginner, you should be selling this. If you’re an expert, you should be selling this. All right. So this is B for beginner E for expert, because I’m lazy as shit. And I don’t feel like writing the whole word out. So you guys get it right? If you’re a beginner, you sell the left side of this. If you are an expert, you sell the right side. Here’s the cool part. When you’re a beginner, you start moving people up. So you sell a website, then you go and you sell listings and look at these milestones that you hit. Then you sell social media. Then you’re like, wow, I’m tipping over into the advanced. I just sold my first SEO client. Then I sold my first Facebook gods. At first I sold my first Google ads. Right. But you need to have a start point. And that start point, and this is a flag and yes, that actually is a pretty good flag. Okay. And I’m gonna throw that out there. It’s a pretty good fly. How many of you guys think it’s a great flag put yes. In the chat while I drink

It is a good flag. Right? That’s what I thought too. Okay, great. So this is, this should look like your core offers, right? This is beginner to expert level. Okay. Now we’re all on the same page about core offers and product knowledge. Who wants to get into some fun stuff about how to get some clients say drop a five in the chat. Really five in the chat. If you’re like, Oh shit, shout. All right. I got all this. Cool. Really cool bro. Cool story, bro. Show me how to get some clients. Let’s go front face real quick. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to say disclaimer here right now and I’m gonna say it here right now. Even though I just said that I said it again. I’m gonna say it here again. I’m going to say disclaimer here right now. If, if only if you know all of this first and your planned in your foundation is plan only then shall you go out and try to get clients?

If you do not have a core offer, if you do not have a website for your agency, do not have a Google business listing or a Yelp profile, whatever it is. Some directory listings. All right. If you do not have some social media pages, basic stuff, guys, I’m not saying spend a whole week and design a crazy Facebook profile. Like 10 minutes. Go create your Facebook profile. It’s not that serious. Okay. It takes 10 minutes. Go do it. Then if you know your product knowledge, okay? Now your product knowledge and you have your core offer only then shall I allow you to go out and sell to clients? Okay. Everybody say Chad in the chat. If you agree with me, chat in the chat, just chat in the chat. If you agree with me, cause I’m gonna remember your names. Okay? I’m gonna sit right here. Let’s go side cam. All right. We’ll go side cam. Boss. Oh shit. You guys moving way too quick. Mike is SRE Samuel. Daniel, Leo, John Mariano. Jill

Dean Thomas,

Anthony, Frank, Eric, Victor, Robin, Bob, Chad, Patrick Lisle. Eric Kunal. Tracy. Zachary. Patrick, Tom Shelley. Alright, I’m going to you guys. There’s a shit ton of you guys in here. So I’m going to stop right there. But you guys are still going. You get the point. Okay. Let’s go front face really quick. Carlos. All right. Cool. We’re done with that. We ladies and gentlemen are at the bottom of the first sheet. It’s about to go in right now. Here’s some fun stuff. Okay. Ladies and gents. Here’s some fun stuff. Let’s wipe our slate King. Carlos, bring me PNP, please, sir.

Let’s have a little fun with this. How many of you guys are prospecting right now? Say yes. In the chat are saying no in the chat. I want to know who you are. Say. Yeah. Some prospecting or say no, I am not prospecting. All right. Everybody said yes. Cool. All right. Let’s add another fun piece to it. What are sorry? Not what? How are you guys prospecting? Drop it in the chat. How are you reaching people and starting conversations? Drop it in the chat. Rather quick email Facebook, Facebook messenger, cold email, email, LinkedIn calls, LinkedIn and networking. Facebook outreach, Facebook ads, LinkedIn

Cold calling Google business, warm calls.

Facebook ads, voicemail drops, Instagram, friends, referrals.

Cool. So here’s the thing.

No guys, if you look at the right hand panel, which you should be looking at, cause there’s a whole chat system here and if you’re not chatting and then you’re not engaging. And then this right now, this moment between me and you, I’m talking to you. It’s super awkward. Okay. We spoke about the engagement in the front. If you came in late, you’re excused, but you get fit engaged. That’s what brings the fire. Okay. So if that’s you drop it in the chat. Thank you. Okay, cool. What if you strip everything back, there’s only so many freaking things that you can do to start conversations, right? And if you look at the core of it here’s the organic stuff and yes, I wrote this down to be prepared and I’ll read it off to you here. Cold calling email blast. Walk-Ins direct messaging on social media posting in social media groups, SEO, blogging, et cetera. There’s tons of different ways from the organic side to go out and start conversations. Now here’s another thing that I’m going to do. Okay. There is a big line that you never, ever, ever crossed until you are ready for it. There is organic.

And then there

Is P K who knows the difference between organic and paid. What does organic mean? Right? What does organic mean? It’s free.

Free just costs you time. That’s what it costs you. It costs you time, but it’s free. Okay. Posting on social media is free. Cold calling is free. Sending out emails for the most part is free. All of this stuff, the organic side, it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything for it. So guess what? If you are a beginner, this is where I drop you in beginners. You should be doing the free stuff to understand and get good at it. Before you spend your hard earned money running on the paid side, which this cost money. Okay? If you’re doing Facebook ads and you’re running Facebook ads to a funnel to generate traffic, you are paying Mark Zuckerberg to send people to your funnel, to opt in and for you to generate leads. You are paying for that. If you’re running Google ads for your website, you are paying Google to send traffic to your website.

Does everybody understand what I’m doing here? Can you say yes or just drop a five in the chat? We’ll do numbers. Numbers are easier. Get more engagement on number five in the chat. Does everybody understand this? You should only be running paid traffic. I didn’t run paid, dropping until like year five or six in my business. Everything that I did was organic. Everything pretty much it we still do now is a lot of organic. We also do like even for dash clicks, I think like, I think it was like 83% or some shit like that. Last time we checked was like 83% of our traffic comes from organic. Okay. The rest come from paid advertising. Organic is so powerful guys. It’s so powerful. It’s also the quickest way, depending on the types of organic channels that you’re going to go out and get your first couple of clients.

Okay? If you have like under 10 clients, I wouldn’t even look at paid advertising. It’s not worth your time. And that’s my opinion because you’re going to have to spend money, a lot of it to make money. And if you’re not at the stage where you understand how to go out and manage clients, which we’re going to speak about here soon, or go out and do proper project management or understand your workflow structures or your SLPs. And all you’re doing is you’re like, Oh, I just want to get some clients. Let me just throw money at Facebook and see what happens. That’s the worst thing that you can do your foundation. Once again, will snap in half and everything will fall and crumble and you’ll just lose money, right? So do not go the paid route until you do the organic route first and you understand the organic route.

Then once you become an expert at that, then you go and you start running paid ads because this is an advanced strategy. If you’re running paid ads, you actually need to pay a company to run the paid for you, or you need to learn how to do it yourself. And in that case, it’s really tricky because if you’re a beginner and you’re doing it yourself, you’re gonna spend a lot more money in the paid side, wasting money than a professional to actually help you. Okay? So paid ads. Now, if you’re an agency, what I would recommend you do, there’s three options for paid ads. Okay? There’s Facebook ads, which is at the top of the totem pole. It’s my favorite. Then there’s YouTube ads, which is my second favorite way of generating leads. Okay. And then the third one is Google ads. Those are the three channels that you can go out and pay to generate traffic. There’s other channels. Those are my free, those are my three that I like. Okay, everybody understand that? Can we drop a number five in the chat? If you guys are like, Chad, I’m getting this dude, like I’m, I’m resonating with what you’re saying here. This makes sense to me.

All right. Very cool. Good. I’m glad to hear. All right. So here’s what I’ll give you guys. Here’s some quick tips on the prospecting side. Okay. Quick tips on the prospecting side. Fastest way right now, who has no clients put zero in the chat? If you are just starting out, you have zero clients drop a zero in the chat form real quick. Hey, here’s the first thing that you can do to go out and get your first client this week. Okay. And I’m going to draw it and you tell me what it looks like. Okay. And hopefully this doesn’t look like the wrong thing. Cause then that would get super awkward. I’m trying here. People. This is not what you think it is.

This is what we call a telephone. What it does is it transmits signal to another person which rings on the other side of the device. And then that person answers the phone. And then they say hello. And who wants to hear what you’d say? Say yes in the chat. If you want me to tell you what you should say, when this telephone does ring, ring, ring, say yes in the chat, I’ll tell you exactly what you should say. I’m not going to hide it from you, right? Say, Hey, what’s going on? This is Chad. I’m calling from social agency by the way, call local companies. Cause you say this I’m actually not too far away from you. We’re down here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I see you’re couple of miles away from us. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I just built you a brand new, beautiful website.

It’s like 15, 20 pages. It’s got all the content already on there. It’s got a bunch of licensed images on there. It shows a beautiful website, fully mobile responsive, like the whole nine yards. And I know you’re probably wondering why I built it for you for free. We’re just, you know, we’re a local website company. We’re trying to grow our business. And I just had my team build the site for you. So it’s already ready. What’s a good email and phone number that I can send the link to the website to. Okay. They would literally give me the email and the phone number. I go to insights and dash clicks. I put him the information, which takes me 15 seconds, 20, if you’re a slow, okay. I get a brand new website within 30 seconds. They’re doing this whole thing. I send the website and I start closing deal, which we’re going to get to in the closing stage.

We’re not there yet. Okay. That’s the bottom of step two. Okay. Ring, ring, ring. Once again, person answers the phone. I’m going to do another variation for you. Okay. Who was here? Another variation say yes. In the chat. Yes. In the chat. Like this is like straight up what our scripts look like. It’s the easiest shit in the world. And I’ve sold millions of dollars with this exact strip. So anybody can take this right now and go start making money. Okay. Ring, ring, ring. Hey, what’s going on? My name’s Chad. I’m calling from a social agency where a local marketing agency right down the street from you. Look, I’m going to be honest with you. I was just on your website and I thought it could use a revamp. So I had my team go out and build your brand new website. Totally free of charge.

You know, I just want to see if I can send you the link. What’s a good phone number and email too. I can either text you the link or email you the link. So if I text it to, you can also view it on the mobile device because it’s fully mobile responsive to, and we know like 83% of people right now are checking websites on mobile. Right? So this is definitely helped you out too. What’s a good, what’s a good email and phone number for you. Okay, great. Awesome. Got it. Hey, by the way if you do like the website to get it activated what we do is we actually attach a project manager to every single website that we build. We’ll just walk you through the process of how we can activate the site for you. So what’s a good day in time where that person can do a quick 15 minute zoom call with you. Oh Friday at 2:30 PM. Oh, that’s great.

Anybody thinks that you can do that? Did you say yes in the chat say yes. In the chat, if you think that that’s like crazy hard, right? It’s super simple guys. And once you scale that out, the simplicity gets even simpler because it’s just, it’s just such an easy process. Right? And it’s so easy that in the offer, here’s what makes it easy. Go front face real quick, Carlos. Cause I want them to see the face on here. They got to see the face. The offer ladies and gentlemen, the offer is quite astounding. It’s amazing. Okay. It’s one of those offers where you’re like, Holy moly, you just built me a website or are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? You are. Aren’t you. Well, Hey, I like working with people like you, right? It’s a brand new website. I don’t think you heard me.

We just built you a brand new website it’s already done. Where can I send the link to the offer is a strong offer. And then you take that offer and you set a goal behind it of two per week. And that’s how you can easily right now at the lowest level, make yourself 500 bucks a week doing that. Okay. And as you get better, you’ll some more of them. You can sell three, four or five a week. Right? It’s pretty easy. Okay. And then what you do is do a, send those people up. That value ladder that we spoke about before you get them into listings, you get them into social media. Then you go at more advanced. You go SEO, right? You go Facebook ads, you go Google ads, you get them up on the higher tier. You start charging more money. Okay. By the way, I want everybody to stick around to the end because I’m going to do a full blown Q and a session where if anything on here confused you I’m going to go back to an answer your questions.

All right. So that’s what I would do. So here’s the next part of the process? Let me go back to my handy dandy notebook here. I gotta get this off the screen. Cause it really doesn’t look like a phone and it’s making the situation awkward. I’m just throwing that out there. Okay. All right. Cool. How many people thought that looked like a phone? Say yes. If you didn’t and you thought it looked like something else say no, be honest. Okay. Everybody said, no. Alright. This is getting awkward. Okay, cool. Let’s keep going. It is what it is. Somebody said hell no, that wasn’t a phone.

Alright, cool. Let’s go sales. You get them on the phone. You’re pumped up. You’re feeling Wolf of wall street. You’re ready to rock and roll. Your energy levels are through the roof. You’re about to get that credit card, man. You about to get the cash in the bank, man. You bout to get all that money. The Moolah, the happiness, the excitement, the, Oh my God. I just closed the deal. You’re about to get that your Foric is it euphoric moment? We’ll say it’s euphoric. It’s a euphoric moment. Yeah. I’m trying to use big words here. I’m trying to up my vocab, but this is going to be a euphoric moment. Ladies and gentlemen for you. And that’s when you close the deal. Now how many people have experienced what we call this euphoric moment before dropping number two in the chat for me really quick.

How many people have closed a deal, got a credit card. And it was like, Holy shit. This is one of the best feelings in life. Aside from all of the other cool things in life. A lot of people in here, right? It really is guys a great feeling to close a deal, especially if it’s your first couple of deals. And this is a game changer, right? Especially if it’s your first deal, closing your first deal. It doesn’t matter if it’s 250 bucks. What it does is it changes your mindset to be like, Holy crap. I can actually start a business online without practically any revenue or any expenses. Sorry, I just need a computer. And I don’t even need a chair, just a computer and a phone. I’ll stand doing this shit and I can make money. This is a real thing. And if you guys ever like have that moment where you’re like, Oh, this isn’t real, this is crazy.

And then you do it and it comes to life and you’re like, Oh my God, you start shaking. You’re like, this is real. This is actually happening. Oh my God, this is a real thing. Right? How many guys experienced that? Dropping number three in the chat. If that’s you where you’ve had that moment before. Yeah. It’s usually on the lower end. When you start closing your first couple of deals, your deals, right? It start making sense. Okay. So let’s go through the sales process. Here’s some quick golden nuggets for you guys. Okay. How do I do a sale? The process is super simple. Once again, I’m going to try to draw it differently this time. Because last time you got super awkward, this is not working this time either. Right?


Let’s just say that this is another phone. Okay. I’m not going to go into this again with you guys, but it is what it is. Okay. Let’s just say that this is another phone. Okay. You can either do a phone call or you can do what we’re doing right now. This, I think I can get down a little bit better. All right. It’s a computer. There’s like a person on the computer. Right? And then there’s like another person on the computer and this is what we call a zoom meeting. Alright, cool. I think that was a little bit better, right? So you can either do a phone call or you can do a zoom meeting. Now what happens here guys is when you do a zoom meeting, you are looking at the other person, right? Let’s go side camera real quick. Carlos. I want to do something.

All right. When do a quick little test, let me get, let me get in the zone here. Let me get, Oh, let me get in the zone right here real quick. Hey, how you doing today? My name’s Chad from DASA looks like I hope. I hope all is well with you. You know we’ve been doing this for a long time. DAS has been open for about three years now. The core company has been open since 2009. Do you see what’s happening here? Is anybody building rapport with me? Is anybody building rapport with me at all? Cause you physically see me. You see me talking to you, right? Does everybody understand what just happened there? Did everybody have that moment? Cause I had that moment. It was, it was euphoric. Okay. It was another euphoric moment. Okay. Can we go go pro real quick.

Anybody had that moment? Nobody had a moment with me. Let’s go, go pro real quick guys. Remember we talked about an engagement or the GoPros dead. Okay. We can go GoPro. Right? You had a moment. Don’t lie. The moment was there for me and you. What I’m saying is let’s go back P and P really quick. Okay. What I’m saying here, people is when you do personal calls like this, okay. You essentially right off the bat, build better rapport. You can see the other person. All right. It brings your conversion rates way up at any point in time. If you can get somebody on a zoom call, face-to-face sharing their screen or sharing their camera. Alright, do that. Because if you do this, which might be a phone, it takes away that personal touch. It takes away the personal touch. Okay? So always try to do zoom meetings next, most people, and let’s go front facing really quick. How many of you guys are like, Chad, I need a script. How many of you guys want a script right now for a sales script? How many of you guys want my sales script right now? Say yes. In the chat. How many of you guys want my 30 minute sales script? Who the hell is going to read off of a script for 30 minutes?

Somebody said he’s about to sell his. I’m not selling anything at this webinar. Not worry. There’s nothing to sell here. But no, there there’s. No, there’s no. Like I don’t believe in sales scripts. What I do believe in is a framework. You can have a framework and that’s like, okay, well this is how the beginning of the call is going to go. This is how the introductory is going to go. This is where I present my offer. That’s where that, that’s where that is going to go. And here’s my closing framework, but I’m not going to sit here. And a script is like word for word. Can you imagine if I gave you a script, it’d be like an encyclopedia book that you’d have to read off of. There is no script. There’s a framework. Right? How many guys want my framework? Say yes.

In the chat. Say yes in the chat. My sales framework. All right. Well it’s good that you want it, but I’m not selling anything in itself. Maybe on the next one anyways guys. So frameworks, not scripts. Very important. Okay. Let’s talk about contract length really quick. Okay. Let’s talk about contract length. How many people are doing and do not drop it in yet. I’ll do one, two, three, go. So we can get a good poll going on here. How many people either do monthly? So when I say go, not yet, don’t be that person. When I say go, you’ll drop a monthly in the chat. How many people do three month contracts? You’ll say you’ll drop a number three in the chat. Six months contract. You’ll drop a number six in the chat or 12 month contracts. You will drop a number 12 in the chat. Let’s go. One, two, three, go. What are you guys doing? What type of contracts are you doing? All right. We’ve got three, six, 12, 12, three, six, 12, three, six, 12, three, three month to month. Three, zero three, three, three. All right. Cool. Let’s go pee and pee really quick. Carlos. All right. We get the gist. We get the gist. We see a little pattern going on here. All right. Here’s what I’d like to do. Okay. There’s two types of approaches that I like to take.

Alright, cool. There is this approach, which I’m going to paint the picture for you. You’re gonna understand why it looks like this in a second or there is this approach. Everybody knows what this is, right? We just went over this,

This isn’t the value ladder. Oh, value. Alright, whatever value ladder you get the point. Okay. Is the value ladder. And then this is your offers. Okay. Now what you can do here is usually people have three month offers. They’ll have six month offers and they’ll have 12 month offers. So if you are already past that first point in your value ladder, by the way, when you’re selling these websites, the easiest way to get in is month to month cancel at any time statistics show that people cancel their website every seven years. Okay. What size is one of the most stickiest products in the digital marketing space? Little note of love to you. Okay. Start selling a shit ton of websites. You’ll keep more clients because people don’t cancel their websites unless they’re going out of business or found a better product. Okay. And if they do, it’s a bitch to change your website.

Okay. It’s just a headache. All right. Let’s say you’re past a website stage and now you’re moving up to like listings or you’re moving up to social media or SEO, or you’re moving up to these paid campaigns. This is where you want to start structuring contractual deals. Right. And you can have a deal like this. You can do something sweet like this. All right. So let’s just say I’m selling an SEO basic package. All right. We recommend you guys sell an SEL basic package out of dashboards. If you’re using dashboards for fulfillment for $699 a month. Okay. It’s basically double what we charge to do it. So you don’t have to do any work and you get to keep half of the revenue. Okay. So let’s just say that your core, you know, the dots, like the least that you want to charge. Right? So what you want to do is you want to put that price right here. Six 99. Okay. Or actually, sorry. Wrong way.

Cool. All right. I didn’t even know that that was an eraser and it worked. All right. Cool. You want to put that here at the 12 month Mark, because that’s the cheapest that you can get it for. If you go with a longer contract. So during your sales call, you’re like, Hey, I have three options for you. Okay? If you go to the 12 month contract, you get the best rate people. You’ve heard this process before you get the best rate. It’s 600, $900. And this is everything that you get, right? You get bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Or if you want, we can do a six month contract. Okay. It will be a little bit more expensive, obviously, because you’re not dedicating that time for us. And you get the exact same thing, same stuff. Or if you want to just kind of try us out, right.

It would be a little bit more expensive once again. Right? So you see what we’re doing here? How we’re structuring deals. This would be like the most simplistic way to structure a sales deal, to push people to higher end contracts. Okay. Higher end contracts. Let me tell you guys a quick note here this six months, this is the winter. Almost everybody that we had. We’ve actually split, tested this. We started off in our agency doing 12 month contracts, only 12 month contracts. Okay. And then a lot of people didn’t take it. We started doing six month contracts, right? And then we’ve split tested six months in three months. Okay. Six months was always the majority of the winter. It’s just a sweet spot. It’s not too much time. It’s not too Lisa. At the time you get a good deal. Especially if you start structuring stuff like this, right?

So you can do that. That’s another way that you can structure essentially a deal. Another way that you can structure a good deal is tearing out your core offers in a different way. Right? So you can tear out your offers and you can do what we call upsells and down sells. Right? So same approach here, by the way, right? And this is after you sell a website is after you get somebody in the door, right? So you have the same thing here. So what you want to do is you can structure deals where it’s like, Hey, I have packages, right? You’re creating packages. Now. You’re like the 18 tee of the world, right? Where you have packages, you can bundle, right. We call them little bundles. You bundle your phone with your internet and your cable. And you get a better deal. Even though if you don’t use your phone, it’s still cheaper than getting it without it. Right. Does that make sense? Say five in the chat. If that’s making sense right now, five in the chat. If any of this is making sense. Yeah. I hope it is. I’m actually sharing this cause there’s a shit ton of you on here. So the retention rate here is great. What I’m saying is tear out your offers. So you might want to have a $1,000 offer. You might want to here have a $2,000 a month offer and you can price this over what you want and be creative and package it. And here you have your $500 offer, right? And this includes a, B and C. This includes

A, B, C, D E F. This includes a, B, C, B S

The DF, whatever you get the point, this includes more, right? So basically your package, as you go higher includes more items, right? So this is called packaging. And what you want to do always is offer your middle tier package, right? And if somebody is like, Hey, I can’t afford that. That’s too expensive. Then you do, what’s called a down, sell, and you down sell. You’re like, Hey, that’s not a problem. We have a lower end package that might be a better fit for you. It’s 500 bucks a month. It’s half the price. This is a good starter package for you. How many people will see things? Like if you go on websites and you’re looking at subscription plans, they have like, like basic pro platinum, right? It’s the same concept here. This is your basic, your pro and your platinum plan. Right? And guess what, if you offer this plan, they’re like, yeah, but can we do anything to get a little bit faster, maybe pick up traction faster.

Like, Hey, by the way, we have an actual better plan for you, right? Sometimes if you call like 18 T or, you know, w there’s people from all over the world, but if you call, let’s say your phone company right there, your internet coming, it’s easy internet. It’s better example. You’re like, Hey, we have this plan. This gives you good, steady internet. Right? You’ll get like a hundred megabytes or however the hell it works, you get a hundred megabytes. But if you are looking for something faster, that’s more reliable. That’ll get you working faster. You save some time, you paint the whole picture for them. This deal right here, this gets you 500 megabytes.


I don’t know if there’s a good deal or not, but I’m just giving you an example. Okay. Does everybody understand core structures of sales? Can we drop a five in the chat really quick. Cool.

Last thing. I’m going to say

Sales, and we’re going to keep going. We’re going to have some fun because we’re about to get into fulfillment. Like I, hopefully this changes your life. I’m hoping. Okay. We’re almost done here. So hang tight. Carlos was looking at me like Mo you are going over. You said an hour. I did say an hour, but you guys called me over delivering. If I take just a little bit more of your time, say a three in the chat, say three in the chat. If you guys want me to over deliver, if not, we’ll cut it off right now. And I’ll just let you go. I’ll leave you guys with this. Okay. So let me say hell. Yes. All right. So I’ll stick with you. So here’s what you also want to do. Whatever route they decide to go,


Try to get a credit card at the end of the call and take that first payment right there over the phone and run that credit card. If you, even, if you can always try to do that because the second you hang up, cause you can see at the end of the call, you can say, Hey, awesome. You’re ready to go. They’re like, yeah, you know what? Let’s go forward with a thousand plan and be like, great. What I’m going to do is I’m going to send you over the contract. In the meantime, I want to move a little bit faster to get this in place for you. Let me go ahead and get your first month started. We’ll get you get, you checked out for your first month and I’m going to start assigning all the work to my team right here, right now, when we get off the call with you so we can get this kickstarted.

And then that contract essentially would just solidify the deal for obviously the following months. What you want to do is get the credit card while you’re on the phone. Because a lot of times, and you’ve, might’ve not experienced is if you leave the phone, dude, they’re going to speak to their wife, their grandma, their kids, their spouse, like shit. That deal like you might, 30% of your deals might be lost. If this happens, they start thinking about it. They crashed their car. Like they get a flat tire. Anything in the world could happen from stopping them from filling out the contract and getting to this, which is the credit card payment. But if you get the credit card payment, they have to pretty much sign the contract you’re already started. It would be super awkward for them to give you a payment and then not sign the contract and move forward. Right. It just doesn’t make any sense. All right, let’s go to fulfillment really quick.

Cool. Let’s go to fulfillment really quick. All right. Fulfillment. I’m not going to go too deep into fulfillment because most of you guys should be fulfilling with dash clicks. If you’re not, it’s going to save you so much time and really allow you to just propel your agency to the next level. But I’m going to go over the core four things. So when you’re dealing with fulfillment, the first thing that you need to do, by the way I see some of you guys are asking questions, I’m going do a full blown Q and a at the end of this. So hang tight. We’re almost there probably like five, 10 minutes away. And then I’m going to do some Q and a okay. But fulfillment. First thing onboarding go front face real quick. I don’t need to draw this out. I’m just going to, I’m going to talk to you people.

Cause this is something that you need to know. Onboarding is the most crucial thing. We’ve realized that in dashed legs, getting the most information you can upfront will literally speed up your project. The fastest you can. Okay? If you’re not using DAS clicks, you’ll have to manually go out and get this information. Do a phone call with the person. Try to grab all the information. If you’re using dash clicks, the pros obviously is we have an automated onboarding process. You can just send that onboarding straight to your customer. It’s a digital form. They click on it, the link in their email, it’s all white label. That’s cut all your branding. They go, they log into their own client dashboard with their company and all their information and all of your branding. They fill out an onboarding document online. This is not a PDF. This is like a virtual form that they fill out online.

We guide them through the onboarding process to collect all the necessary assets that we need for our team to go out and do the work, right? If you’re not using dashboards. So you manually go out and you do all that stuff. You just get some onboarding documents, make sure you get all the information you need to go out and start the project. Okay. The second thing is set up in maintenance, set up and maintenance. This, it just gets split up, especially on anything outside of like a website pretty much because the website is like a one time thing and you’re done. Okay. But on like Facebook campaigns on SEO campaigns, there’s set up where you section off your tasks. You’re doing all the setup tasks first. Okay. You’re setting up your Facebook ads manager. You’re setting up this, you’re creating all of the content. Your, you have your assets.

You’re creating the assets for the ads. You’re doing all the setup stuff, right. Then you turn the campaign on. And then now you’re in maintenance mode. So every month after that is maintenance, you’re optimizing, right? You need to split that down the middle and structure those two things. So make sure your setups get done really, really quick. And you have a way to do that here at dash six, we’ve really optimized our backend fulfillment team. We’ve actually split up our team recently in the last couple of weeks, we’re we’re doing, we have a setups team and we have a maintenance, so we can literally get a bunch of orders and just literally knock them out really, really fast. Right? So we’ve, we’re, we’re slowly bringing our time to create campaigns down. Our goal is 24 hours to get a campaign. How many people would like that?

You order something in dash clicks and bam, 24 hours. It’s done. Your whole is built out, ready to go. Right? That’d be beautiful. That’s our goal right now. It’s not that fast. A couple of days, to be honest with you. But yeah, that’s our goal, right? Lasting reporting. Reporting is gonna save you a shit ton of time because what do clients always want? Hey, what’s going on my campaign. Hey, am I getting conversions? Hey, how much money did I spend? Hey, what am I like? Hey, this that like, all they have to do is ask questions. I’m using dots clicks. You have a full blown reporting platform for your client. So it literally saves you so much time. Okay. Saves you so much time. You don’t need to physically report or let me go to the next thing. Project management and communication. Here’s some gold for you. I’m going to run through this really quick calls. You should be having calls with your customer once a week, every week, you should be having your calls with your customer. Okay? You should have weekly calls and touch points. And I’m looking at my sheet here because I drew out some fire for you guys. I want to make sure I do it right. Okay. This is what your calls should look like. Here we go. P and P really quick.

All right. So actually we’re good. You want me to go PNP? Sorry. opportunity, optimizations and goals.

So op board tunity up to immunizations and goals. Okay.

Okay. Opportunity, optimizations and goals. What does this mean when I’m on a call with a client every week? I want to talk about the first thing I want to bring up is opportunities. I want to say, Hey, these are all of the opportunities that we found for your business because I can easily upsell from there, right? Or if I’m working on a campaign, I can say here’s all the opportunities that we found that we can optimize in your campaign, right? So you want to first start out with opportunities and walk them through the opportunities. Then you want to walk through optimizations of how you’re actually going to do those optimizations, right? And then you’re going to set goals, right? And that’s pretty simple. It’s like, Hey, right now we’re at $25 a lead. We found some opportunities where we see that in your campaign, the age groups in your campaign, essentially we can target.

We can knock out the age group of 30 to 45 because those people aren’t working. And if we do that, most likely we do those optimizations. Right? Most likely we can set a goal to go from $25 a lead to maybe $21 a lead. That’s what we’re hoping to get done here in the next week or so. Right? So what hap what do you think this does? Right? If you do this every single week opportunities, optimizations goals, and by the way, the data analytics team can help you with this. They can help you give you these things on what you should be doing, right? If you’re fulfilling with us, what this basically does is it shows the customer that you actually give a shit, okay? You’re actually always looking for ways to optimize as a business owner. What do we want? We want to propel forward as fast as possible, right?

We want to move as fast as possible. We want to make as much money as possible. We want to grow our business as fast as possible, right? What do we have to do? Always look for opportunities. Always optimize, always set goals and try to hit those goals. And if you, my friends are aligned with your customers. This will said, man, this is going to be a life changer for you. Even let me tell you something. Even if your campaign’s below out of the water and I’m talking about shit, blow out of the water. Even if your, your campaigns are so shitty and they do not work, which happens, this is normal. It’s marketing, right? You run a campaign sometimes there’s new. Good, right? When you look for the opportunities of where to go and optimize, you go out and you optimize and you set some goals. And then you circle back to this weekly or monthly. Usually I recommend weekly. If you’re doing this with your customers, okay, this will show a sense of urgency of you always trying to push the business forward. And if I was paying somebody to do my marketing, that’s the type of person that I want on my team. Somebody that will always push me forward. You guys agree with me, drop a five in the chat for me really quick five in the chat.

Amazing. I want to do guys. And then there’s there’s billing. Okay? Which you have once you scale up, you have a whole billing department, they do your accounting. They run all the credit cards. They do collections for people who are outdated payments and stuff like that. That’s pretty simple stuff. We’re not going to get into that because most of you guys don’t need to focus on that right now. You should be the one who’s running the credit cards. That’s what you need to do. Go out and run some cards. Alright. I want to do a quick thing here before we do Q and a. Alright. And here’s what I’d like to do. How many people have heard of our dash elite program? Can you drop a number two in the chat for me really quick, drop it. Number two in the chat for me really quick, if you’ve heard of our dash elite program.

Cool. So we’re, we’re almost up to I think we’re about like over 90 something people. So we’re almost at about a hundred people inside of our dash elite program. For those of you who have not heard of our dash elite program, essentially what it is is it’s myself working in a small group environment with agency owners just like yourself. And what I do is basically stuff like this, but it’s like daily of figuring out what you need to do to actually go out and scale your agency, right. There is a Slack channel. Whereas anybody in Daschle that’s in here. Can you say me in the chat if you’re in dash delete. Yeah, there you go. Meet me. All right. Cool. We have some know some people in dashboard in here, right? So essentially what it is is there’s a Slack channel. We do weekly phone calls, accountability calls you have access to all of our courses.

You get all of our tools in dash clicks for free. It’s really just next level, like personalized coaching. That’s really what it is. It’s coaching, mentorship. And then we give you our ecosystem of our fulfillment team or tools, a bunch of really cool stuff. Right. would any of you guys be interested clay just joined Daschle tonight? Welcome, welcome clay. You’re definitely in the right place there. Would any of you guys be interested in working directly with me and having me kind of hold your hand through this whole process for the next six to 12 months? Just say in the chat, if that’s you cool. So here’s what I’d like to do. Okay. And it’s not anything crazy, but what I’d like to do is I’m going to throw up a Bitly link. Go ahead and schedule a call with us.

And we’ll walk you through the program. We’ll tell you a little bit about it. So it’s pretty simple. It’s HTTPS, it’s basically Bitly bit dot Lee slash Chad partner. Okay. It’s bit dot Lee in somebody from our team will drop that in the chat here as well. So that way those of you guys were lazy shit. You can just copy and paste and go over there. And it’s just a small application. We asked you like five questions. It’s pretty simple to take you five seconds to see if you’re a good fit there it is in the chat. Right. so just go ahead and click on that link or copy and paste that link. Open it up in a new tab what’s going to happen is it’s going to schedule a 30 minute phone call with somebody from our dash elite sales team.

And they’re going to see one, if it’s a good program and if it’s a good fit for you, if it is great we’ll give you some offers. We have tons of different payment structures. We’ll try to find a way to work with you. If we really see that you’re really interested in coming into the program. So if it’s a payment thing that’s holding you back, don’t let that hold you back. Okay. the best thing to do is just go there, schedule a call and have a chat with us. And during the chat, we’ll also give you your you’re going to be speaking to essentially one of two people, right? And we have two people on our dash elite team that take these calls every single day. And these people that are also agency owners like yourself agency owners that are doing over six figures a year that have also been through our dash elite program and are now part of our dash elite team.

Right? So what’s cool about it is you can actually speak to people who went through our program. When you booked this call, you can ask them for their personal feedback and then you can talk to them about their agency and what they did in their agency and how they scaled and how they get clients and the processes that they use. You can just pick their brain. It’s a 30 minute phone call. And at the end of it, if you, if it’s not a good fit, then no hard feelings. It is what it is. That’s cool too, right. But if it is a good fit for you, then they’ll give you some offers and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for you. Somebody asks how much it is. The best thing to do is just see if it’s a good fit for you.

And then we’ll give you, there’s a bar there’s like four or five different payment options that we have. And there’s to just go through the call first, see if it’s a good fit. I wouldn’t worry about price, see if it’s a good fit. Okay. And if it’s a good fit, then they’ll talk to you about pricing and stuff like that. Right. So that’s the link essentially. It’s also in the chat. So you just go to bit dot Lee slash Chad partner, essentially. That’s like, kind of like me and you partnering up, even though I’m not really a partner in your business I’m really the one pushing you and propelling you. So if you enjoy this webinar, imagine doing stuff like this daily, or maybe we’re not doing live webinars and stuff. Every day, we do this once a week, private in the private group, right.

Where there’s close to, you know, probably about like 30, 40 people will show up to these calls, right? On average, about 30 people will show up to the live call. So it’s a nice small group environment where you can really just, just ask the questions, get that, that support that you need to really point you in the right direction. Cause that’s really what it’s about and making sure that your mindset, which is the first thing that we spoke about is 100% on point every single day. I think also the most cool, the coolest thing is our Slack channel. It’s a hundred agencies that went through the program that are all in there chatting every single day. Right. They’re talking about when you can go in there and fire questions and you’ll get like 30 agencies, that’ll respond to your question within a couple of minutes, right.

So you’ll never get stuck. We call it like the unstuck chat channel. Right. So any questions that you have, so what I’m going to do is I’ll leave that at the bottom here. So Carlos is going to lead that banner. If anybody decides, while we going through Q and a just open up a new tab, you can leave the zoom open, just open up a new tab and you can fill that out while you’re listening to this. So for those people who have questions about today’s webinar go ahead and drop your questions in the chat. Start firing off. I’m going to spend the next 10 minutes on Q and a. All right. So Leo asks, Hey, chat will be the best way for me to find e-commerce startups to sell websites to. I was planning on running Facebook ads for eCommerce businesses with dash six yet.

So here’s the thing, e-commerce, it’s not like you can get like a list a lot of the times, times it’s not like you can get a list a lot of times to, to like you gotta like [inaudible] or lead character, like any of these scraping platforms to go and get it like a lead list. Those are like mainly like actual physical businesses e-commerce is, are a little bit different, right? So eCommerce is tricky. E-Commerce is probably one of the ones that I would tell you to run Facebook ads and try to generate leads through like a funnel, right? That’s what most of the people who are doing eCommerce doing, and th the offer that they’re selling is Facebook ads paid advertising, right? So that would probably be the best fit if you’re going e-comm, if you’re doing any other niche, literally, then you should be doing cold calling.

You should be emailing. You should be doing all that stuff. Dorian said, Hey, Chad, would you be open to reviewing a very short proposal? Potentially double your current marker is to have this? No, probably not, especially not on here. Where can we find the contracts you were talking about? So all the contracts that we were talking about, like, if you’re looking for like physical contracts, those are all inside of like our paid programs and stuff like that. We saved that for people in Daschle how do we build a, an eCommerce site? So right now we don’t have e-commerce insights available. However it is something that’s going to be coming soon. So hang tight, hang on to your panties. Hey Chad, thanks for the session. I love the model. What do you do if effective clients already have a pretty good website?

How would you recommend to approach this? So if somebody has got a good site, say, Hey, let me build you this other site that’s already built and use that as a lead generation tool. You know, how many businesses have multiple websites that target may be multiple different areas. Use it as that, use it as a gen tool, right? Start doing some SEO rank for a local city, right? You can give tons of different ideas. Does dash flicks have contract templates? Yeah, those are the, all the contract templates and stuff like that. Those are all inside of Dasha elite. And I believe they’re inside of dash accelerator and dash day as well, which you can find if you go into your dash flex account and you click education, you’ll see a couple of our courses there. They’re in those courses too. Can you build a funnel for us to go with our agency website?

Yeah. If you want, what’s cool about DAS fix is you can actually go out and buy services for your agency. So if you don’t have a website, my recommendation is go right now to dash clicks, get an agency website. It’s like 300 something bucks and you’re done with it. You don’t have to spend any time on it. You’re completely done. Right? So that’s what I would recommend you do for an agency website. If you need a funnel, the best thing to do is literally just go buy a funnel from the store. You can get a two step funnel from baskets for 500 bucks. And it includes copy and graphics and it includes everything. So it’s really, it’s really good. What’s the best vertical when selling sites. I love good question, David. I love home services. Plumbers, painters roofers, solar guys, locksmiths. I love home services. They answer the phone really, really quick. Most of the time it’s small family sized businesses. Right. and you can sell them really quick. They all need sites and home services. Also, it doesn’t, it’s not like brick and mortar where it’s like, Oh, I need a plumber. Let me go to the plumbing shop and get myself a plumber. Right. It’s not like a restaurant or something like that. They need to be found online. And that’s where the website comes into play. So they really need you more than anybody. Yeah.


Let’s see, what else we got? I have a music artist interested in YouTube ads for his music. I want to use Udacity for fulfillment. How would that work? Pretty simple. You just go in purchase a YouTube Google and YouTube. Basic plan is probably what I’d recommend starting out with. And we’ll basically probably a good strategy is to take some of his music videos and we’ll do all the research and find other musicians that have similar style music and we’ll play their video right before that video plays so they can get some traction and send them to subscribe to the YouTube channel. So that’s what I would do. Quick strategy, obviously, there’s, we’ll help you with strategy and stuff like that too. What our insur why are the install reports pain now? I’m not sure I got that question.

If you want to rephrase it and ask it, I’ll jump in and help you. Shelly H I would love to see insight for shipping and logistics and maritime companies. Okay. Awesome. Best thing to do is if you want like a, have you seen it, it’s a site and it’s not on the list, open up the live chat, little chat bubble on the bottom right side. And your dash six accounts say, Hey, I really wish we had this template and they’ll add it to the list. And our team will, we’ll build it out once we get to it.

Mmm. Mmm.

What program has the scripts for your fronters? A dash day? One is probably one of our best courses and obviously Dash Elite too. Which dash day can be purchased inside of the dash clicks your education center dash flicks. Do you recommend do you have recommendations for where to get YouTube ads made? Yeah, we do YouTube ads. So you can are you, if you’re talking about like the, the, the video itself you can use a local company that we use to do videos. Their name is L a media group. They’re based in Hollywood, Florida. They’re really, really great. I’m very good friends with the company owner. His name is Lee, Ron Cohen, so you can look them up L a media group. And just tell them chat from dash sent you the hook you up. Are we going to have insights available for dining and restaurants?

We actually do have a, I believe a restaurant into site template. I think that’s already there. If not, once again, open up a chat bubble and we’ll hopefully get one created for you. Let’s see what else we’ve got his district project manager available to join us for weekly client meetings. Unfortunately not were fully white labeled. We never speak to clients. But we will work with you to tell you what to say and maybe give you some reports and stuff if you need. It’s all good. Make sure that you’re well equipped. How clear would you say you can scale from mom and pops biz to a bigger, more established biz? If you’re talking about agency you, you should be able to hit a six figure agency within one year if you’re hustling and that’s just being realistic, that’s setting realistic expectations.

Alright. Victor said insights question marks. So insights is our website building tool. If you go into your dashboards account, but agents who tools click insights there’s free versions of it that you can kind of play around with and test out and use it. Let’s see, with 30 good cold call con conversations per day, how many websites were seasoned sales person be able to sell? So if you have, if you’re, if you’re saying 30 conversations, the first thing, the goal that you should set is out of these conversations. How many can I turn into schedule appointments for me to be able to do my pitch right out of those 30? I would say maybe like a good, like three to five, I think is pretty good. That’ll say yes. Out of those three to five, you should be selling like 25, 20 to 25%.

My opinion is what you should be selling. I mean, these offers the offers really good. There’s dash flicks have a slide deck template. We don’t, unfortunately I meant a prospect, a clients, prospect claims. I’m not sure if you can, cause it’s just that there’s a bunch of questions coming in. Just rephrase that question and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll get through it. Sorry about that. One is the dashboard going mobile it’s something that we’ve already been working on and it should be coming out soon. There’s just a lot of work. So I would say probably within like two months, maybe something like that. When can we do insights on a mobile platform, same thing there Leo said, is it a good idea to optimize social media pages for my agency? And what’s the best way to do it when getting started? I don’t know about optimizing your social media pages. I mean, I’ll be honest with you just create a basic social media page. That’s all you need. It’s not a service that we offer, like the creation of social media pages, but we can do the social media posting for you if that’s what you looking for. Martin said, thanks for all the value you give. We really appreciate it. Thank you. What other questions we got?

Oh, no,

Like another, like two or three minutes here, by the way, guys. If for some reason you have any hesitation, if you’re like, I would like to work with chat once again, just schedule a call. It doesn’t cost you anything it’s free. You’ll probably get even more information than you would get from this webinar out of that call. Cause you’re speaking to somebody who went through the program and somebody who’s already done this and they’ll give you like their real life experiences, not just me here, trying to sell you in any way, shape or form. Like, they’ll tell you what they did, how they did it. Like they’ll go through the process with you and help you out. So that’s, that’s what I recommend doing. Like, just schedule a call and see if it’s a good fit. If not, there’s there’s, you didn’t lose anything.

It’s a half hour of your time is a monthly charge where you tell them $49 and you can show and you charge us $25. Yes. Correct. That’s for hosting SSL certificate and access to the drag and drop builder class. What are your thoughts on buying digital marketing leads from or Thumbtack? I would not use them. I’ve never used them before. So I can’t even give you an honest opinion on that. But I’m sure that like using some tech and they probably get spread out between like 10 different people. So then you’re going to be like, people are just going to be like price hunting, and you’re going to work your way to the bottom with pricing. I wouldn’t do that. Somebody said I missed a 50% coupon and you’re gonna be doing that again soon. No, that was like a onetime thing that we might not never ever do again, though.

We lost a lot of money on that. I’ll be upfront with you guys. That was a crazy deal. It’s not coming again soon. So be realistic. Thank you for the webinars that are going to focus on a specific niche or just go after any industry. A lot of people will say niche down. If you’re a brand new agency, I’ll say it right here and I’ll be up front with you, just go on and get clients. Once you get like your first 10, 15, 20 clients. And you can maybe niche down from there, but just go get clients, get the revenue coming in. If you’re using dash elite, especially we can service any niche. So it’s not like you’re going to get stuck from a fulfillment standpoint, trying to figure out how to service these guys. It’s just, you got to know your sales side on the front end, that’s it?

Right. what does email blasting and how much we don’t, we don’t do email blasting Eric, unfortunately. But if you’re going to do email blasting, there’s tons of different like email softwares and stuff that you can use to send mass emails and try to pick up some clients like that. So guys, I’m gonna wrap it up here. What I want you guys to do is once again we’ll leave this open for 30 seconds. Go ahead and schedule the call. I might personally jump on the call with you. I’ve been doing that lately. I’ve been jumping on dash elite calls. So if you schedule a call, there’s a chance that I might actually be on the call with you for 30 minutes. One-On-One if I’m not on there, don’t be discouraged in any way, shape or form. You’re going to be on there with somebody amazing, regardless. But Hey, thank you guys so much for your time. Super excited. Hopefully this provided a lot of value for you and your business. Hopefully picked up some golden nuggets and I look forward to seeing you on the next webinar. We’re going to try to do this monthly and bigger and better. I look forward to you to hopefully seeing you on this call and seeing you inside of Dash Elite. Thanks guys. Have a good one.


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