3 DashClicks Automation Software That Will Improve Your Agency’s Sales
DashClicks Team
Jul 27th, 2022 at 12:19 PM

3 DashClicks Automation Software That Will Improve Your Agency’s Sales

Gone are the days when automation sounded like a luxury for businesses. Automation has transitioned from a luxury for larger enterprises to a necessity, so even small companies are rapidly implementing it to stay agile and competitive.

In this article, we will discuss how you can increase your digital agency’s sales by using three popular DashClicks automation tools, i.e., Deals, Contact & Inbound apps.

But, first, let’s discuss what process automation means and the benefits of adopting it.

What Is Automation?

The dictionary meaning of automation is a technique, operating system, or method of managing a process using automatic tools to mitigate human intervention.

In simpler words, automation is using software applications to automate business processes so that we can minimize the need for the human workforce.

Through business automation, we can replace labor-intensive business processes saving time and effort.

What Is Automation Software?

Automation software is applications developed to handle menial and repetitive tasks usually handled by humans. So, it minimizes human input, providing us with more time to do jobs requiring logic, critical thinking, and creativity. Automation software is used in multiple industries.

Sales Automation Software

When you automate your sales process, you split sales into a few simple steps and automate these tasks using a software program. You can automate tasks such as lead capturing, email marketing, deal or sales pipeline, and contact management.

Here are some of the best sales automation software to help increase your agency’s sales –

1. Using the Deals App

Sales pipeline management can be a big hassle for startups and agencies. You need to keep a tab on actions taken on leads, their position in the funnel, and the strategy you need to convert them. You may quickly lose leads if you don’t manage them properly. The Deals application is a powerful tool that the DashClicks’ white-label platform offers.

This app helps you create a variety of sales pipelines so that you can visualize your sales funnel and path to closing deals. It will also allow you to track deals.

You can break this journey into many steps using the Deals App. It comes in handy while managing tasks and tracking performance at different stages. It will also help you identify the salesperson accountable for a lost lead.

You can watch this video to learn how to use this app.

How to Access the Deals App?

You can easily access the Deals App from the DashClicks dashboard. Login to your DashClicks accounts, go to the app drawer in the top right corner and find the Deals icon.

Open the App Drawer

Click on the Deals Icon

Go to the Deals app >>Click on the My Deals tab to navigate the app.

On this page, you’ll be able to see your latest sales pipeline and your active deals.

Deals App - Sales Pipeline & Active Deals

Can you see some solid color lines here in the first row? It suggests the stage of the pipeline your deal is in.

Here is the list view of your different deal stages –

Deals Stages

When you click on a specific stage, you will see an expanded view of the individual deals available. Using the search field, you can also search for a particular deal by name.

You can easily export this deal using the Export button into a CSV file.

Click on the “+ New Deal” button next in the menu to create a new deal.

Using its user-friendly menu, you can easily add, edit, or reorder a sales pipeline.

Add, Edit, or Reorder a Sales Pipeline

Deal Automation

Deal automation is the most incredible feature of this application. For each new deal, you can automate the most repetitive and tiring tasks the salespeople are assigned while working on a pipeline. These tasks include sending follow-up emails, text messages, and reminders. Manual execution of these monotonous and tedious tasks may lead to human errors.

You and your team can save time by utilizing the Deal Automations feature. Here are four related automation offered by DashClicks. Click on each link to know more about them.

You can automate reporting through the reporting tab. To keep the record, you can utilize automation logs.

2. Using the Contacts App

Adding profiles of individual and business contacts helps you integrate valuable information that you can use in your campaigns, notifications, and templates.

Similar to the Deals app, you can access the Contacts app from the app drawer icon of the dashboard.

Click on the Contacts Icon

Here is how you can navigate the Contacts app. Enter the details of people, businesses, and filters, in this app for better contact management.

You can use “+ New Person” to add new people and “+ New Business” to list new businesses in the app. The contact preview looks like the following screenshot.

List a New Business and See the Preview

The app has several features, but the four most prominent features are:

The Contacts app automates contact management and saves you a lot of time and hassle.

3. Using the Inbound App

The Inbound application is a blessing for digital agencies as it helps them become the sales rockstar. With a focus on lead generation, this app will help you set up and integrate campaigns.

If you use various third-party platforms, the Inbound app will help you create new campaigns in the app. The app allows you to assign sales representatives to new leads, further streamlining the sales process. The app will send automated notifications to your teams with the updates on those leads, so the teams can better track their performance and take the most appropriate course of action.

It also makes adding fresh leads to your sales pipeline a cakewalk. The reporting feature of the inbound app helps you track and record the details of the phone calls. The app will notify you about fresh leads if a form submission happens.

You can watch this video to learn how to use the Inbound app.

Accessing the Inbound App

You can easily access the unbound app through the app drawer available in the menu.

Click on the App Drawer

You can easily track your leads from the My Lead page. The dashboard looks something like this:

Track Your Leads from the My Lead page

If you choose “Phone Call preview,” you can listen to calls or messages. If you select “form submission,” it will provide you with all the form responses the user provides. You can easily customize your Inbound app by clicking on the “Customizing the Inbound App” tab.

You can also see a campaign overview in the Inbound app and get the details such as the date it was created, the number of leads generated so far, integration type, and notifications.

Create a new campaign by clicking on the “+ New Campaign” button.

Here are some campaign types you can create in the Inbound app.

You can use the reporting feature to get breakdowns of campaign performance. You can use the following filters:

  • Phone calls
  • Form submissions
  • Total leads
  • Leads by date
  • The lead count per sales representative

The app allows you to filter by leads, integrations, or sales reps. So, it brings all your leads-related information to your fingertips, and your team can significantly benefit from it.

Final Words

DashClicks’ white-label platform provides you with an unmatched marketing and sales ecosystem through which you can run campaigns, track the performance of your sales team, optimize your campaigns, and ultimately boost your sales. It also helps you in customer retention and increasing brand value. DashClicks’ Deals, Contact & Inbound apps can be a game changer for your agency’s sales performance.

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