15 Different Industries that DashClicks Prospects & Services
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 04:22 PM

15 Different Industries that DashClicks Prospects & Services


Which industries do you prospect for your agency?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about the different industries that Dashclicks prospect and services and why you should do the same! This video is a highlight from the fifth video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


We also need time to optimize the campaign because it’s going to get better and better and better, right? So very important. If you’re going to run Facebook campaigns, get a good offer. We are going to be going over the 15 secret industries that our agency has been using for 10 years. The secret ones, the ones that we go after like for 10 years. Who wants to hear what those are? Two 22 to 22. Let’s do this. Alright, who wants to know my all time favorite? Who wants to know my all time favorite industry to go after when we are prospecting the one that we think gets a really good amount of results. Really great conversions. All right, let’s go. Let’s go.
Has ever worked with a medical spa before? Drop a three of you. Worked with a medical spa before. All right guys, I’m going to tell you why I love medical spas. Okay? And you know what? Before I go into this, I want to teach you guys two really quick things. Actually, I’ll leave this up to you are the quick things. Okay? one first thing is when you guys are doing paid campaigns, you need to focus on two things. I get a lot of, I get a lot of these questions and that’s why I’m realizing it’s probably a good, good idea to just share this now with you guys. Okay. There is to open up a new one really quick. We’ll get back to this in two seconds.
Ah, whatever. Who knows the difference between search and non search style campaigns? Anybody? Anybody know the difference between search and non search campaigns?
Facebook versus Google? Matthew said, correct? PPC. Yeah. These are both PPC campaigns. I’m going to tell you what the difference is and this is where you think psychologically and you know exactly what to offer a specific industry. Okay? Searched search is something happens. Somebody has an intent to make a purchase. So they go online and they search for something. Okay. Let’s say I’m gonna use a locksmith Smith as an example. Let’s say I am locked out of my house. My intent is to get a locksmith. So where am I going to go when I want to get a locksmith? Can anybody drop in? I’m going to go to Google. I’m not going to go to Facebook and look for a locksmith. I’m going to go to Google and I’m going to type in Locksmith in Miami, Florida and I’m going to find somebody and I’m going to call them. Okay, that’s search. Let’s do another example. Okay. What about a roofing company?
What about a roofing company? What would be a good campaign for a roofing company? Corey said Google. Joseph said Google, Google, Google, and I’ll tell you why. Okay, and not to say that we don’t run really badass campaigns over here on the Facebook side for roofing companies cause we do, but Google is great and I’ll tell you why. Okay. Somebody that needs a roof or needs roof repairs or whatever the situation is, is going to go on Google and search for that. Okay. On Facebook, we don’t know if somebody needs a new roof or not that that data is not provided. We might know somebody owns a home. We might know if they’re older than 40 we might know if they’re the 50% of the income of the population. Top 50% we might know those things, but I don’t know if that person needs a roof.
Right. So that’s why search would be better. Okay. Because somebody who goes and searches for a roofing company in finds you has the intent to buy from you. Okay. They’re not just randomly going and searching for a roofing company on Google and just calling random people for no reason. They need you. There is a need for that service. So they are searching for you. Okay. Non Search. Let’s do a couple examples of that. Non Search is perfect. Let’s say for a medical spa and I’ll tell you why. We ran a medical spa campaign a couple of weeks ago I think or month or two ago whenever it was. We did a botox deal. Okay. Women that want to get botox injections. Okay. What we did is we did a local search, like a 10 mile radius or five mile radius around their location. Okay. And we offered them a promotion.
And when there was other, obviously some other targetings and demographics, but we’re not going to go into that right now. Okay. We offered a promotion. Okay. And we targeted a specific group of people that we think would be good to actually go out and get this deal for. Okay. And we offered a promo. They usually charge one 99 for, I dunno, like to botox injections or something like that. So we charge 99 bucks for one food. None. Okay. We had a deal, we had an offer. Okay. And we took that offer and we presented it to them on a non search campaign. We put that offer on Facebook and we sent the traffic from Facebook to a click funnels landing page. Okay. Which is funnel building. Okay. For those of you guys don’t know what that is, it’s a funnel building. So we send traffic from Facebook to a funnel to get lead information.
Okay. And what do you think happened? People took us up on that offer, right? So campaigns where there’s offers or promotion or you can target a very direct sniper approach. Group of people. Non Search campaigns are the best. Okay. For search people where you can physically think they would actually go out and search for something. Search campaigns. There’s industries that we do both for. It can be great for both. Okay, so we’re going to go, we’re going to go through that right now. Daniel? Yes. The webinar will be available for a rewatch. I’m only in a couple of days. Okay. So if you want to watch it and get the info, watch it now. Eric said like do PPC first for the client and said high intent buyers leads in, mix it up with Facebook ads. There’s a bunch of different scenarios we can do. Guys, we’ll do Q and a at the end.
Okay. But search is once again, somebody physically going and searching. I’m searching for a locksmith. I need to unlock my door to get back in my house. My baby’s in there. Oh my God, it’s an emergency. I’m going to go on Google and I’m going to search it. I’m going to get a locksmith. Okay. I’m not gonna go to Facebook and wait around until an ad pops up for a locksmith. It’s not gonna happen. Okay. So now on search going and actually looking and finding a promo when it’s in your face and you’re like, wow, this is a good fit for me. I do botox injections. This is half the price that I regularly pay and it’s right down the street from my house. I’ll do it. I’ll give them my information. Right. Non Search. Okay. Non Search. Let’s go. Let’s go. Everybody get with that. By the way, everybody good with that? Four 44 if you’re good for four four if you’re good. Okay guys, let’s go back. Medical Spa. I know we just spoke about this, but we’re going to run a little test. What would be a better campaign for a medical spa? Who Offers Botox injections? Hydrafacials and some other stuff. I don’t even know what they offer but they offer a bunch of stuff. Okay. What would be a good campaign for them? William said non search films said Facebook ads. Ryan said Facebook ads. Matthew said built approaches. Eric said Facebook ads. Kelvin. Facebook. Yes. And you know what guys? We actually prefer Facebook ads.
First for this client because the promotions, as long as we have a good offer, okay? If you have a great offer, if your offer is solid, and that’s what people need to understand, if your offer is solid, you’re going to get leads. If you don’t have the solid offer or promotion, you’re not going to get solid leads. And I’ll give you a perfect example of that. If I run a promotion for Botox injections and I’m charging $199 and everywhere else is also charging $199 why is this such a good offer? It’s not a good offer, okay? And what we need to do as marketing agencies, we need to go to these medical spas or go to these actual industries or business owners or whatever it is, and we need to make them understand why they need to give an offer, okay? Because a lot of people are greeting.
They’re like, you know what? I don’t want to do an offer. I don’t want to give a discount, okay? I don’t want to do it. Well, guess what? We ran that medical spot campaign and we generated leads for like two bucks a lead. Okay. And when we ran it, it was $149 sale. Okay. I remember running it for the first time when we ran medical spas. The first time we did this, I even put a screenshot on my personal Facebook page. You can go and you can go to chat. Kodary on Facebook. Friend requests me, I will add you and you can go on my page and see what I posted for this campaign. I think it was like a month ago, I think we were getting leads for like two bucks. Okay. With costs $2 to get somebody to input their information here and they were closing deals.
Okay. Came out to a point where we started the campaign, I think day one with 100 bucks. We got them. So many leads that the receptionist called me and asked me to turn the campaign off. Okay. The receptionist calling asking me to turn the campaign off because they could not handle the volume of people calling in on this crazy offer or promotion. Okay. So that’s why you need to have an irresistible offer. If you’re going to do this, if you’re going to go this route, don’t go that route. If you’re going to do a really crappy offer, you need to have a really good offer and you need to explain to them, you need to explain to the business owners, this is all about project managing, managing expectations. Don’t just go in there and say, hey, we’re gonna run an offer. We’re gonna do a Facebook campaign for radios. All we’re going to 3000 leads for a centerpiece. Don’t do that. Okay? Be Realistic. Set realistic expectations. Make sure you understand and you tell them that if you get a good solid offer, we’re going to run a campaign. We ultimately time to optimize the campaign because it’s going to get better and better and better, right? So very important. If you’re gonna run Facebook campaigns, get a good offer.
Let’s continue. The next one is Google ads. So they might have a list of, I don’t know, like, you know, 10 services that they offer. 10 services. Excuse my handwriting. I don’t care. You got really bad handwriting up. Computer Guy, not a novelist, whatever that is. All right. Google ads, 15 or 10 services. What we did was we created an ad set
For every single service. Okay. And every asset had its own ad. Okay. And if this was botox, this ad that they were seeing was landing on the botox landing page. So it was so precise when somebody was looking for something that they were interested in, we made sure to show them relevant ads and make sure that the landing page is obviously kick ass right. And direct them directly to what they’re looking for. Right. If somebody is looking for botox and I send them to a landing page that had HydraFacials, I wouldn’t convert because now when they were looking for sound, what they were looking for, right? So we do this to right. Split it up and we do split tests. So if they attend different services, we’ll create 10 different assets and we’ll drive traffic to 10 different landing pages. And those guys, the landing pages, it wasn’t like we created like 10 separate websites. It was one website. And that website just had a list of their services and each service had a page on the website. It was just really nicely done and that’s it. We drove traffic to that page. Okay, and it works. Okay. What else can you offer a medical spa? Let me open up a new one of these bad boys. What else can you offer? A medical spa?
So we’ve got Facebook ads, we got Google ads. What else can you offer? A medical spa? Yeah, you’re right guys. SEL. You know why you can offer them SEO? Because for one, they’re a local business and local SEO is a lot easier to get traffic for and to get results for. They get results for a lot quicker because you’re targeting a very small specific location versus going nationwide or worldwide and targeting the world. You’re targeting a little five, you know, here’s your place. This is what you’re targeting. That’s it. You just want to want to speak to the people right here. You want to speak to all those people? Okay. That’s really, that’s your target demographic. Boom, right there. Okay. That’s all you got to do target. Then right SEO, SEO guys, we have like SEO packages and then we have an SEO package for like 350 bucks. Okay. It includes SEO on the website and includes content on a monthly basis and includes local listings, which this is definitely good for a physical brick and mortar medical spot as targeting like a five or 10 mile radius. Why wouldn’t they want to be on Yelp? Why wouldn’t they want to be on Google? My business being local, why would they want to be on these places? Obviously this is perfect for them. Perfect. So perfect. Okay. What other service can we offer them?
How about one more? How about one more funnel funnels? Yes, but funnels is right here. So funnels you usually we, you know, usually connect funnels with a Facebook campaign. Okay. That’s, we usually use funnels for, so yeah, definitely. When we ran that campaign, there was a Facebook ad campaign going into a funnel and on top of that we, you know, we, we did even better because we started grabbing, we started doing remarketing and look alike. Audiences made that even better. Okay. What about this? What about something so simple?
What about social media marketing? What about just posting on their social media pages? What about like not going crazy? What if you just went to a medical spa and you’re like, hey, you guys really busy. You probably don’t have time to post on your social media. I can do it for you. I’ll charge you 399 bucks a month. Start small, three 99 a month. Okay. Charge you 300 and 900 bucks a month and I’ll post on your social media channel and I’ll keep the engagement up. I’ll keep the maintenance up on your social media channels. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ll do it for you. I know you’re busy, okay? Don’t hire a full time person just to post to your social media. We’ll do it for you. 400 bucks a month. Nothing. Okay. Start with something small. If you’re really, if you’re out, if you’re in a situation where you’re like, I got to get a customer tomorrow, right here.
What about listings manager? Let’s say listings. Managers included in SEO. Okay. But let’s just say, ah, let’s just say we call it LM here. Okay? Listings manager. Let’s just say you want to do listings manager. What if you go up to them and you’re like, Hey, I’m going to get your business listed in 70 directories and I’m gonna optimize all your listings and it’s going to cost you one 99 and I’m going to put you everywhere. I’m gonna put you on Google, bing, Yelp. I mean like guys, come on one 99 for a medical spa. It’s nothing. They do one botox injection and they can cover that for the whole month. Okay? Medical Spas. Why is it medical spa? Good high ticket. Yes. Diversified offers. Yeah, but that’s not the main reason.
Why is it good? Any business that has this, come on, I don’t care if I’m spelling it wrong. Whatever. Any business that has recurring clients is a business that you need to go after. And I’ll tell you why guys, because those people that we got into the actual medical spa, they came in there, they paid 99 bucks or one 49 or whatever, whatever the Promo was. They came in there, they got their botox injections. They were all excited, you know, they gave them good service. What do you think happened? Three months later, six months later they came back and they did it again and they didn’t have to pay for an ad or ad spend to do that. They came back and they just got it again. It’s got the one in their got their botox injections, went out to the club. That’s it. Right? Recurring guys, recurring base businesses. Those are the businesses that we love.
That’s why when you, when you mix high ticket and one 99 is not really high ticket or one 49 sounds like a high ticket, but it’s recurring. They do have other high ticket items, like they have this like thing that like suctions all your fat. I think they charge like three grand for it or something. I don’t know what it’s called. Okay, but that’s an upsell. When somebody comes to get a botox, right at one 49 or maybe a HydraFacial for like 500 bucks upsell when somebody comes and you know what? Believe it or not, we actually ran a HydraFacial campaign and we took all the people who took all the people who took all the conversions from the people who bought or we took all the conversion from the people who took the offer from the botox campaign, an ad for them to do a bow, a a HydraFacial campaign, created a look alike audience and ran that as well, and we ran another offer. So that’s what I’m saying, guys, like the, these are the types of clients that you want. Okay. Let’s go over to the next client. We’re going to go through the next one’s a little bit faster now that you guys understand the psychology behind it. Okay, let’s do one that’s completely different. Who has ever worked with a moving company? Anybody ever worked with a moving company?
I guess that, I’ll tell you, I’m moving. Companies are good moving companies are legitimately high ticket, okay. Especially long distance movers. So the local movers, they don’t really make too much money. Okay. They might charge three, four or 500 bucks to do a quick little local move, right? But a long distance mover might charge five grand to move you across the country. Shit, we work with a moving company that goes from [inaudible]. They go from California and Florida to and from Hawaii. If you need to move to Hawaii, they charge you like, I think it’s like 15 grand to move your entire house. If you want to go to Hawaii or come to Hawaii, right? So what do you, what would we do here for a moving company? What do we run? Facebook ads already run Google ads. What do we do? Search campaigns and where do we do non search campaigns? Search campaigns. Guys, come on. Google ads, Google ads. Somebody is going to go and look for moving company to Hawaii. What do you think is going to happen? Right?
Bam. We’re going to display all the ads, best moving company to Hawaii, reliable rates, best service, whatever it is. Add right in front of their face, right at the time that they need the service. Right at the time that this guy’s getting ready to go to Hawaii to chill on the beach. Okay? He’s moving to Hawaii. We’re going to be there. We’re going to be right here, right here is where you’re gonna need us right here in the ad section, okay? Right there in the ad section, but we’ll also be right here on the map section two and we extend the page a little bit. We’ll be here too on search.
That is how you dominate the market, okay? You run a Google ads campaign, you run a listings manager program, which includes the map listings, which is Google, and then you run a search, which is an SEO campaign, okay? You dominate all three. So imagine now if somebody goes and they Google moving company Utah moving to Hawaii, okay. Or something like that. Moving company, they go to Hawaii and they see your ad. You’re right here. They see you in the map listing and they see you on the search. How many chances do you have to actually get that lead? Right, and this is organic. This doesn’t cost any money per click. This is organic. This doesn’t cost any money per click unless you want to run like a local Google ads campaign. What you can do to right here with pay-per-click, you know, pay-per-click moving companies, 20 bucks a click maybe, you know, depending on the location.
I mean we’ve seen clicks for seven, eight bucks all the way to 40 bucks, you know, depends. But you know, we’re running campaign for somebody to move to Hawaii to do like a $15,000 job. Even if they get 30 clicks and they close the job, it’s worth it guys. Cause you know why the people who were searching for them to begin with or moving to Hawaii and that’s what they do. So it’s a perfect connection. Does everybody understand that? Can I get like a 480 480 if you were on the same page as me right now? Four 80 if you’re on Facebook like share, comment, engage, like share, comment, engage. All right, next. We spoke about this a little earlier. Roofing guides. Roofing is this same exact concept as moving. Somebody needs it, they search for it. You’re there, they call you. The only thing that’s stopping them is you being there when they’re searching and you being a nice person and a good salesperson on the phone as the company and closing the deal. That’s it. Okay. Same concept guys. Google wise, Google ads, SEO listings manager.
We do social media posting. Okay. Check any one of these at work. Anyone you want to start them off with? Just social media? Sure. Eric has, does it work with call only ads? Yeah, of course. You can run call only ads on Google, no problem. Listings manager, SEO, Google ads. These are all search style campaigns except probably for this one. This is more of like a maintenance style thing, but the rest of these, they’re all search campaigns. It’s all sorts of campaigns. People going and searching for roofing company because the hurricane just came and wiped out their roof and now they need somebody to come replace their roof and you my friend are going to be at the top of Google right here when we need you. Simple. Okay, let’s go to the next one.
Let’s go to the next one. 493 let’s keep rolling. Four 93 guys, I hope this is helping you because I mean I get so many questions inside of the live chat and it’s all like, what industries do you specialize in? What industries do you recommend? What type of campaigns would you run? Would you run a Facebook campaign for a locksmith? No, we wouldn’t run a Facebook campaign for locksmith. Would you go and look for locksmith on Facebook? No. Come on guys. That’s what I’m saying. This is perfect that we’re doing this next one, which I know we do a lot of.
My name is dawn Za. Anybody ever worked with a realtor or drive? A three three, three. If you ever worked with a realtor. Alright. So for those of you guys, Matthew, Eric, Damien, for those of you guys who have worked with realtors before, what would be a good campaign to offer them first? What would you offer them first? Okay, let’s see if we can figure this out together. What would be a good campaign to offer them first? Right? So when you’re targeting industries, really what you need to do is take a step back and think about the user who’s going to be using the realtor. Okay. Now, if I am in need of a realtor, I’m going to be honest with you. Chances are I’m not going to go and run a Google ads campaign. Okay? And I’ll tell you why. Realtors, there are so many of them. They are oversaturated. They’re all over. Everybody has a real estate license, which means chances are, I’m probably gonna use of my friends or my mom or my sister or brother or uncle or baby daddy or baby Mama. I might use somebody.
I wouldn’t run a Google adwords campaign for a realtor. I’ll be completely honest with you. What I would do is I would help them get first thing in the local area. If somebody was maybe looking for a realtor and wanted one cheap affordable program, okay, I would run, I can do on the social media posting or marketing, whatever you want to call it for them, keep their pages up to date. Okay? Realtor might be busy, might not have time to upload his social media pages, or it might be an elderly realtor and just not good with social media and needs somebody to handle it for him. Okay. And then it would run a Facebook campaign Facebook campaign. Okay. With the funnel driving traffic straight to a funnel. Okay. And on that funnel we’re going to give away a cheat sheet or we’re going to give away, you know, a list of homes so you can get in your area that are off the market that we’re going to give you.
That’s going to be so special. We can get tons of really cool stuff. Okay. You get leads for really cheap. And then that realtor, I mean we’ve, we’ve ran campaigns for brokerages for real estate brokerages. We’re running a couple right now, right? Where their goal is to pick up new realtors. That is definitely something that we can run a Facebook campaign for because guess what? We can target realtors on Facebook and showed them an ad that might say something that might intrigue their interest and then get their information and then call them. Try to get them to sign up with us. Right? The broker just have the money. Joe said. Yeah, I agree with you 100% because appropriators are the ones that are hiring the realtors, but you’d be surprised depending on the location, you get a really good realtor to pay really? Well, we’ve had them trust me. Okay. A realtor that’s doing $5 million a year, $10 million a year in sales, they’re going to pay real well. Okay, let’s go to the next one.
Painters. What would you guys run for this one? Searching on search campaigns. What would you run for this one? Search or non search?
Eric said search. Phillip said search. Jolanda said search. What would you guys run for this search or non search? You guys with me? Come on. Wake up. Joseph. Search Joe. Both Matthew. Search Guy Search. Okay. Search. I don’t know if somebody needs their house painted, unfortunately. Okay. It’s going to be very hard to run a campaign like that once again. Yes, I can target people who own homes. Okay. I can do it, but I don’t know if they want to paint their house. Okay. So it’s not worth it for me to spend all that money to try to see if I can get somebody who might be in my targeting. Right? Search guys. Search. Same thing. L M s m social media posting. Google ads, ga. So simple. Okay. Somebody’s going to look for a painter. They’re going to go to Google and they’re going to search for painting company and they’re in need of a painter right now because their paint is horrible and their wife is yelling at them. And now the need of paint their house and now the guy’s all frustrated and are telling you from experience, cause it just happened to me. Okay, tell me from experience, they’re going to go to Google. Okay, I did this. They’re going to go to Google and they’re going to look for a painting company. They’re going to call five painting companies. Okay? This is where you need to be right here for painter Right here. Get them in the listings, controllers, social media. Help them out. Run a Google ads campaign. Make sure you’re at the top of Google when somebody is searching for you, like literally at the tippy top. Okay. Make sure you’re there. Eric said people won’t be on Facebook searching for painters. Yeah, they won’t. Okay. Facebook is used more for offers or promos or maybe a couple of other things like coaching program, stuff like that. That’s run another one. Let’s try another one. Oh, this is a good one. We love this one. We’ve never ran a campaign for crossfit.
We never ran, not search or non search. Search and answer. It’s what would you do here? Dylan said Facebook ads. Kelvin said Facebook ads. Jalonda said, I’m making one right now. Search. Eric said never tried. Jim. Non Search, Facebook non search both Facebook ads. All right. The first thing that I would do here is definitely Facebook ads straight to a funnel. Okay? That’s the first thing that I’m doing for that, that this is like one of the easiest people or one of the easiest industry to get leads for with gym like that wellness, that fitness, fitness, seven day free trial, seven day or a 14 day free trial. 14 day trial or a one on one session.
Something. Facebook ads. Facebook ads to a funnel come by your local, you’re within a 10 mile radius of our crossfit fitness center. You want to get your abs on one to get those hips right? I want to start flipping tires and doing some crazy Ninja warrior stuff. Come more crossfit gym. Okay. We’re going to give you a 14 day free trial. How many people like Free Shit? Who likes free stuff? Put three. Yeah. Who doesn’t like free stuff? We all do. I like free stuff too, right? So if I was thinking about getting in shape, which we can use Facebook targeting for, right? We know what you like. We know when you like on Facebook, right? If you’re like nutrigrain bars or you’re liking weight watchers or you’re liking stuff like that, we know what you like. You’re, you want to get fit and you’re in that industry.
You’re, you’re ready to go. All right? You want to get them abs, right? You want to get to the beach, Facebook ads through a funnel. Boom. Okay. Facebook ads to a funnel. Okay. Yeah. You can also definitely do social media posting. You can definitely do listings manager. Get them, get them on. Google my business local. Get them into Yelp, get them on bing. Get them in all these different 70 directories that we have on there. Right? That’s it. So easy. You can do SEO, but I wouldn’t do SEO because you can get so much more here. You can do all these first. We get them so much more business. Okay. 5,000 if you’re on the same page as me, people 5,000 drop in the chat right now. Let’s go to the next one. Let’s go to the next one. Ooh. [inaudible] Everybody’s going to be like, Chad, are you serious? I’m just kidding. It’s probably one of the really generic ones.
Oh, modeling. Who’s ever worked with a person that does home remodeling? Anybody out here? Anybody out here? Home modeling. Home remodeling. We work with a home remodeling company. And for that we do Google ads. Definitely good for SEO. L M and we’ll drop it in here. Social media. Okay. Google ads. Search based campaign. Search based campaign. First thing, Google ads. Kitchen renovation, boom, Google ad, and you’re first on the SEO section. Okay. Kitchen remodeling in San Francisco. Boom. You want to be here. Here. You want to be in Yelp, you want to be on the listings. You want to make sure your social media is up to date and maintain. It looks fresh and sexy. This is what you need to do. Google ads, SEO listings, manager, social media. Let’s roll to the next one. Good. I have a written, just so you know if you’re coming on here late. These are the list of industries that we go after in our retail agency. These are them right here. All the ones that I’m showing you. Okay? We don’t really touch what we, obviously we do campaigns for everything, but we don’t go after all of the other ones because we do so well with this. Okay? Yeah. Okay. Let’s keep rolling. All right. We spoke about this.
Locksmiths, I can tell you something right now. Guys are locksmiths or hurting. Locksmiths. Right now we’re hurting and I’ll tell you why. It is almost impossible for them. To get in the local listings. Almost impossible for them because there’s so much spam that’s going on with these locksmith companies. It’s almost impossible for them to get a local listing. And the local listing for locksmiths is honestly when it gets them the most business. Okay? So if you are a legitimate business, Google will do a review on all locksmiths and make sure that they’re a legitimate business. Get their license, get a copy of their business license, right? Yeah. Too much spam, right? Locksmiths. But guess what? If you can get a hold of them and you can find that pain point, we can fix the problem so easy. They’re in need. These guys there are need so much in need, right? Get them into LM locksmiths. Love these two the most. Okay? LM and SEO. Google eyes is too expensive for a locksmith because a locksmith might have like a $50 a hundred dollars $200 job, and their cost per click is crazy. It’s like 40 bucks, 30 bucks, just to too much. There’s no margin, okay? But if you get him, number one, SEO, a hundred percent listings manager, no brainer. Okay? Everybody on the same page. 50002406524 six. Who’s ready for it?
Love this one. Garage door repair.
What’s good for these guys? Searching on search. Drop it in the comments, ladies and gentlemen. Search or non search. I think everybody said search. Yeah, you guys are on the same page. You’re right. Search. Okay. This you can run Google ads for, but if you’re running Google ads for garage door repair, you don’t really want to do too much of the repair side because it might like spring repair, stuff like that. It’s really, they’re not going to make any money off that. Okay, and that’s another thing guys. If you’re going after industries, you need to know the industry that you’re going after, okay? Because when you get on the phone with these guys, if you are the marketing expert and you’re going to be charging them thousands of dollars a month for your services, you need to tell them, hey, you know what Bobby from Bobby’s garage door repair.
Look, I know spring repair is going to get fit for you because the margins aren’t there. Okay? I know most of your jobs and what you’re looking for is garage door replacement and installation because it’s 1500 bucks. It’s $2,000 it’s $4,000 and I know Bobby that you want to get them commercial jobs because I’m commercial jobs can be like 10 garage doors in one. It’s like a 30 grand job, right? So I know what you want Bobby and I’m going to get it for you. Okay? And this is how I’m going to do it. I’m going to run Google ads and I know by using the everybody, write this down, the Google keyword planner tool. Can everybody write that down? Can you drop it in the chat? Google keyword planner tool. Google keyword planner tool. Drop it in the chat. Easiest tool to use guys. Easiest tool to use guys.
Google, Google keyword planner tool. It’s by Google. It will give you an estimated range of what the cost per click is. So you can go there and you can say, Hey, I want to go after garage door repair and I want to go after it in Miami, Florida. I only want my show. I only want my ads to show their Google will say, no problem. Your ads estimated will be about 25 bucks per click per click. You can even put your budget in there like three grand a month and it’ll tell you an estimated how many clicks you’ll get and how much you might convert. Okay? That’s Google keyword planner tool. Okay? Very simple. So you now have the knowledge that Bobby, the garage door does not and you can go up to them and say, hey Bobby, guess what? I’m going to get you some clicks and I’m going to make sure we’re converting because we’re going to build your really good landing page and a really good website.
Okay, really good landing page, really good website and I’m going to get you clicks. Now Google says the clicks are 25 bucks. That’s not how we wrote Bobby. It’s not how we roll Bobby. Oh, we’re going to get them clicks down. Oh we’re going to do it. We’re going to get them clicks down, Bobby, cause you know why we’re really good at what we do and we have proprietary softwares that we integrate into. Your Google adwords campaign that we do budget pacing, bid optimization. We know all the historical data goes straight into our software and based on the conversions, based on the clicks, based on the time of day, based on the locations, based on the ad copy, based on the keywords that are being search. We’re going to take all that data, all that data, all that data. Now we are system, which is a robot is going to do all the calculations and they’re gonna start moving things around automatically.
Okay, and then guess what? Me, Bobby human is going to go in there on top of them and create new ads and start split testing, create remarketing campaigns. I’m going to make sure the bid optimization is working properly. I’m going to start creating a campaign on being for you to cut your costs in half because we know that on being, it’s an elderly demographic who forget to change their browser settings inside their browser and now they’re stuck with being forever and they don’t know how to get to the Google. Now I’m stuck with being, okay, I’m stuck with being forever, primarily 40 to 75 year olds. Okay, but guess what? Guess what Bobby, that’s your demographic forwarded 65 year olds, because those are the guys who own a house most likely with a garage and they’re going to be going to this thing called the search engine and it’s gotta be being, cause they don’t know what the Google is and they’re gonna type in garage door repair. They’re going to click enter and Bobby, I’m gonna make sure you’re at the top of that page. Oh Bobby, I’ll make sure you’re right here. Bobby, right there. I’m going to make sure Bobby’s garage door is right at the top. Okay. And when they click on you, it’s not going to be $25 Bobby. We don’t work like that. We don’t roll like that. We don’t care what Google says. We didn’t get that. Click for 15 and then we’re going to move it over to a being and we’re going to get it for seven. I mean if for half the price we’re going slash the prices in half Bobby, because that’s how good we are. That’s what we do. Okay, who’s with me on the same page?
Let’s go. Let’s go 49 if you’re on the same page, drop it in 49 let’s go. People wake up, wake up. You’re here to learn. You’re here to make it a little bit of money. You’re here to widen your brain. Thank you. 49 let’s roll. What’s the next one? One is the next one. Oh, what is this? What is this new thing that they do now where they put these panels on top of my house and they saved me so much money. It’s called solar. Okay. Who’s ever worked with a solar company search or non search search or non search? I believe it or not guys, we’ve ran both for this and actually performed pretty well. Okay. Because solar is like this new thing and you know, not a lot of people, I mean a lot of people know about it but it’s not like, it’s not like they’re searching for it frequently and they are. I mean, but I don’t know how to explain it but it just works both ways. Okay. So I would actually recommend both. Okay. We’ve ran the Facebook campaigns, we’ve gotten great leads for like come out and do free solar estimate on your house and watch how I save you $397,000 in a month by switching to solar. We’ve done it. Okay, we’ve done it, but you’re going to get a higher, you’re going to get a higher quality lead on search and I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why.
Right here on the non search non search on the non search people, you know they’re home, they’re trying to figure out what their friends are doing for the night, okay. Right. They’re trying to figure out what they should do tonight. They’re trying to figure out what happened or that cool bowling poet party like three days ago. They’re trying to figure it out, right? And then boom, a solar ad pops up, solar ad pops up and it’s like, we’re gonna save you $3 million is here on electricity. Okay, fill out this form right now. We’ll do free estimate come, I’ll give you free x. You get free estimate and give you $933,000 off your solar panels. Okay. Non Search. But the guys who have the intent to search and somebody said that here, Damian buyer intent with search, they know that they want solar panels most likely they’ve previously educated them on selves themselves on how solar can actually help their electricity bill.
Okay, so they are now looking for a solar company. All right. I’m asking you as a trick question. What would you rather, would you rather pay $100 per lead per lead here or would you rather pay $30 a lead here? What would you take a or B? Drop it in the chat a or B, drop it in the chat. Ab people said, hey, yeah, a, I pay for this shit all day because this guy knows what he wants. He’s ready to buy. I don’t need to go through the entire buying cycle here. I can just run a Google adwords campaign. Oh and God bless you. These guys love this because it is. Solar is still a new and up and coming industry that SEO for these guys because I’m in, these guys are selling solar panels for like 30 grand, 50 grand, a hundred grand that crazy prices.
E solar panels, right? SEL SEO. They get one deal, two deals a month and they’re like, oh my God, this is like the craziest thing ever. All right, and what do you charge them? 700 bucks. A thousand bucks. 15 $2,000 a month. All right. To get like a hundred grand worth in business. Okay. No brainer guys right here. Oh, SEL, boom search. Those are the two that I recommend. Like I said, we’ve ran these campaigns before on Facebook. They have worked, they have produced sales and conversions, but I would go with that. That’s just my opinion. All right. What about these guys? Who knows what an AC is? Does anybody know what the abbreviation stands for? Can anybody type it in the chat?
Yeah. Air Conditioning. Air Conditioning, HVAC. Eric, it’s not an accountant. My brother. Yeah guys right here. AC. What’s good for AC search or non search search or not answers? What are we doing? Everybody said search, same thing. Same thing. Just so you guys know, this sounds crazy, but we have a lot of ac customers that we work with. Okay. And we run a lot of Google ads and a lot of SEO. That’s her favorite, right? Ga for Google ads and SEO. These are like the top for AC guys. They’re like in love with Google. They love that thing called the Google. Okay. Google ads. SEO. Okay. Google ads. Surprisingly they like to go after repairs a lot. Sometimes the AC companies, and I’ve learned this by running ac campaign for a long time. Sometimes these industries, they don’t want to go out and replace a whole ac unit.
They would rather do multiple repair jobs throughout the day because it’s cheaper on labor, cheaper on cost, and their margins are a little bit more, right. So if they can knock out five repair jobs in one day versus doing one installation, they’d rather do the repair jobs. Okay. Also, this is a seasonal business. Make sure you’re aware of that on some of the seasonal businesses. I think this was one of the first ones that might be like the biggest seasonal business. Hot or cold temperature, climate changes, rain not rain that will affect these campaigns. Right. And will affect the amount of people searching. If it is hot as hell and everybody’s AC starts breaking boy we’re going to have a lot of people searching for an AC repair costs. Ac repair company, right. That’s it. Google adwords, SEO, Google adwords and SEO and that. Definitely guys, this is like a no brainer. We can add this to every service. Okay. Social media posting and definitely LM but LM is included in SEO. Okay. Everybody on the same page? Four, four or five. This is actually a good one. The next one’s a real good one. The next one is a really good one. We’ve got a lot of these too. We got a lot of these.
All right. Pet boarding. Pet boarding is amazing. Okay. What would be good for pet boarding search or non search search or non search for pet boarding. Let’s see if you guys are on track with me searching on search. So Yolanda said non search. Everybody said both. Matt said both Carl Search, Jane searching on search. Stacy Search Bill. Facebook. What would be good for a pet boarding Ryan said, search pet boarding facility. Pet bottling facility. Both. You guys are ready. I would run a search. I don’t know what else we’re running on search cause I’ll tell you why on an answer. It’s campaign. I can target people who have pets. Okay. I can target people who have their interest in pets. I can target people who like petsmart. I can target people who like Petco. I can target people who like dog leashes. I can target people who have dog leashes and I’m just kidding.
But we can do good targeting and we can find out who these little pet guys are and who has the doggies and the kitties. Okay. We can run ads to them. We can say, hey going on vacation. I want to go out to dinner with you. Love bring your dog on by. We’ll do a little dog sitting for you. Okay. No but guys seriously like non search can actually work really good for these guys. And we ran the campaigns and they’ve, they’ve been good. Okay. However, searches better searches. Better search is better. Okay. Somebody’s looking for a pet door boarding facility, chances are they’re probably going out of town and they’re looking for somebody to watch their pets. Isn’t that what a pet boarding facility is? Usually you need that when he’d go out of town, he’d take your dog somewhere, right? Or your cat. Right? So when did you want to be there when somebody is looking for you? Right? So we usually offer SEO, social media posting LM once again, which is included in SEO. Okay. And then Google ads, the Ga right here all day. G. A. L. K. Okay. Everybody on the same page. We got one more. We got one more. Then we’re gonna do some Q and a and some other cool stuff. Whoa. Well this is actually a really good one.
Awesome. You guys have nuts. Been targeting this bull repair pool repair. So you’re gonna do both because there’s companies that do both, right? Sometimes pool repair companies will also do pool maintenance where they go and they serve as your home and there’ll be no change of chlorine in the pool and take all the weeds and leaves and stuff out, right? They’ll clean it. And then you’ll have the pool maintenance companies, which they also do repair. Okay. Regardless what you want right here is poor pair, okay. Because those poor pair of jobs are expensive. I just did a poor repair job on my house and veteran is expensive. It’s like four grand to repair my pool. A lot of shit going on. Okay. Now what’s you think I did? I went to this thing called the Google, Google ads SEO all day for these guys. Google ads and S. E. O. Okay. Google ads and SEO all day. Good.

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